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Author Topic: Magika Boy Ch.1 A BL Manga By KittenKayde  (Read 4304 times)

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Magika Boy Ch.1 A BL Manga By KittenKayde
« on: December 23, 2017, 03:19:25 PM »
Hiro is a seventeen year old boy in his third year of highschool. He is 6” and has spiky black hair, blue eyes and glasses. And he is in love with a manga character…
“Oh Soma-Chan, I wish you were real” thought Hiro on his way to school. “ Nobody can even come close to how perfect you are” While Hiro was walking and thinking he wasn’t paying attention and slammed right into something.” Ow! Watch it geek!” shouted the something Hiro bumped into. Hiro looked up to see Tomaki Somakashi, the schools most popular guy,with medium length blonde hair and dazzling green eyes it was no wonder why, but he was also much shorter than Hiro at only 5”6, Yet here Hiro was sitting on the ground looking up at him .” I...I’m sorry” stamered Hiro. “tch..whatever” Tomaki sneered as he walked off. “ What an asshole ugh!” Hiro thought as he continued his walk. Hiro sat through a boring day at school just like any other. When the day was done Hiro couldn’t wait to get to the nearest comic book store to get a new copy of Watashi wa Soma-Chan!! He rushed down the street determined to be the first one to get the new copy. He finally made it to the store when he went inside he was shocked. There were so many people in line to by the copy. He just had to get one even if he wasn’t first. While in the line waiting he saw Tomaki enter the store. “What is he doing here? He can’t be a fan...could he?” Tomaki found his way to the back of the store. Hiro couldn’t help but be curious so he followed him. Hiro watched as Tomaki went into the back room.” What?! Does he work here?! No way!?” Hiro snuck into the back room after Tomaki but had lost him. He went to open the only door in the hall.”He has to be in there…” Hiro opened the door only to find a beautiful woman standing in a cosplay of Soma-Chan facing the wall.” So...Soma-Chan?!?!” Shocked Hiro yelled. The woman turned around shocked and Hiro gasped. “To...Tomaki?! What are you doing in a dress?! Why do you look like Soma-Chan?!” Hiro couldn’t take it all in at once and fainted.
  Hiro slowly opened his eyes. Still a bit disorientated. Tomaki was leaning over him with a worried yet irritated look on his face. Hiro looked and his heart leapt. There she was his Soma-Chan looking down at him with worry in her eyes. All at once his feelings got the best of him and he grabbed Tomaki and kissed him. ‘W...what the *bleep* are you d..doing?! A flustered Tomaki yelled as he pushed Hiro away. Hiro finally came to his senses. “ Oh...My...God. I am so sorry, I thought you were Soma-Chan.” Hiro said blushing fiercly. “Wait why are you in a dress anyway?! Tomaki blushed and grumbled” it’s none of your business” *click* a flash of like shocked Tomaki. He looked over at Hiro’s smirking face. “What did you just do?! Asked Tomaki Hiro snickered” I just took a picture of you, tell me why you are in this dress or this is going all over school.” “w...wait, okay, I’ll tell you…” Tomaki sighed. “ The truth is, I am a huge fan of Magika girls, sometimes i come here and dress up as one” admitted Tomaki. “What about the people in the store?” asked Hiro. “It’s okay i know the owner, now you know, so don’t tell anybody got it?!” Hiro stood up and pased back and forth thinking” wow, the coolest guy in my school is a crossdresser….he is kinda cute like this though…” he glanced over at Tomaki kneeling on the floor, blushing and pouting. “Wait! What the hell am I thinking, he is a guy!” Hiro slapped the sides of his face to shake the thought out of his mind. “I’m going to go home now.” Hiro began to leave. “ w...wait!!” Shouted Tomaki grabbing onto Hiro’s arm. “Promise you won’t tell anybody…” Hiro looked down at the short guy blushing and nervously looking away. His heart beat loudly. “Ugh why does he look so cute” Before Hiro could shake the thought away again his mouth opened.”I think I’ll decide what i do with this picture and with you cutie.” smirked Hiro and he walked out leaving a shocked and completely red Tomaki behind.

    Later that night Hiro tossed and turned”ughhhh!!! Why did I say that! I called him cute!!!”
“I’m just going to forget today ever happened and go to sleep….ughhhhh! I can’t get him out of my head what is this?!” Hiro didn’t sleep at all that night.
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Re: Magika Boy Ch.1 A BL Manga By KittenKayde
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2017, 05:38:32 PM »
Hey there! Before posting more of your work you should introduce yourself in the welcome center so that other members can get a chance to know you better.

As far as the story goes, you should break up the text so that its easier to read instead of having a huge block of text. One long paragraph can be hard on the eyes and it throws off the flow of the passage for the reader.