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Author Topic: Free Commission Collaboration for my Manga!  (Read 450 times)

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Free Commission Collaboration for my Manga!
« on: December 17, 2017, 03:16:18 PM »
I am looking to collaborate with a manga writer to create this manga, in which I might want it to be published.

Genres of this manga are: Thriller, Psychological Thriller and Horror. I must note that these Genres are for this manga and not what I'm focusing on.

The title of the manga I'm working on is called The Unknown. Here is a brief summary:

Mark Grace is a world renowned detective, with little known past background, who has covered high profile cases from mass killings to serial rapists. He has always solved a case, no matter how difficult it is. But, that soon changed, when a case is presented that has baffled the Police Department and the Government: 200 killings within a month and rising, the culprit is never identified. Mark, responsible for carrying out the case, then realises that these killings are the result of something beyond human, something that he is very familiar of.

That is the summary of the manga storyline. If any writer who is free commission and wants to collaborate on this manga, please let me know.

I also happen to want a manga artist who can be able to illustrate the manga. Traditional or Digital is fine, but I want an artist who create a gritty, black and white, almost Sin City theme style for this project.

Artists and Writers can contact me via my email at any time. It is on my profile.

Many Thanks,