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Author Topic: found one (should we delete these kind of posts?)  (Read 2410 times)

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found one (should we delete these kind of posts?)
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:58:47 PM »
 hello fellow manga raiders,
 i really love the forum and want to contribute something more then half done sketches and the commun welcome messages on the forum.

 i  hope to start an 4 panel comedy manga with someone and post it on the forum.
note: the art may not be great at the start, but dont worry i will do my best to make every issue better then the last one.

pm me if you are interested.

kind regards eukocar..  (i have read this is polite to do)
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Re: found one (should we delete these kind of posts?)
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2017, 03:12:47 AM »
Hello, I would love to work with you on a four panel comedy. I haven't wrote much pure comedy but here are some sample of comedic scenes I have written.

Class starts and I take notes immersed in the teacher's lecture. Before I know it a bell rings and Hana and Kazu are standing behind me. I turn my head around to face them, "Oh, hi guys."

Kazu grins at me holding her arms behind her back. "Hey Ryou-kun, you ready for lunch?"

I smile kindly at Kazu, "Sure that sounds nice."

"Yay!" the childish girl cheers, pumping her fists in the air. "Here. Try some of mine." Kazu pulls out a bento box from her backpack. "I've been taking cooking classes and my instructor says I'm the most original cook he's ever met!"

The food looks and smells really good so I figure it should taste nice as well. "Okay sure." I pick up the chopsticks lying in the middle of the box and place the food in my mouth. Suddenly it feels as though my tongue has been coated with slime, slime which is struggling to ooze it's way down my throat.

I feel my breakfast start to rise up from my stomach. I gulp it back down before Hana and Kazu can see any unnecessary waste. But unfortunately the poisonous bento is still ripping my taste buds apart. I try to swallow but it's useless. I puff out my cheeks keeping the food from oblivion stored in them.

Kazu cocks her head innocently, "What's the matter, Ryou-kun? Aren't you gonna swallow it?"

What should I do? One on hand if I tell her the truth, about how record breaking awful her cooking is I have a feeling she won't take it too well. But on the other hand if I lied, she'll think her cooking is actually good and probably end up always making me lunch. It is a lose-lose situation.

Before I can make my decision, the bento proves itself the victor as it abruptly slides itself into my digestive system. My tongue suddenly tingles with this wretched sensation. Oh gosh, the after taste is even worse!

Kazu bats her brown eyes at me, "So did you like it, Ryou-kun?"

I hesitate as I avoid direct eye contact with the fatal cook. "Uh yeah. It was good." No! Why did I lie? I guess it just came out.

Kazu claps her hands together, "Yippy! Okay then from now on, I'll always make your lunch for you!"

Oh no. Well, that's what I get for lying I guess. As the bell rings, signaling the end of lunch, I notice Hana walking back into the classroom. She left the class so quietly I didn't even notice her. She probably already knows about Kazu's cooking. Why didn't she tell me?!

"Give me your money and I'll make this quick," A bald man with a lengthy pink beard demanded as he placed his previously lifted leg down.

"I'm not...giving you..*censored*..." The nearly unconscious inn keeper said as he fell out of the now smashed wall.

"I see, you're one of those stubborn types," The robber inquired rubbing his pink beard. "Guys, we'll have to do this the hard way."

The brown haired man suddenly stood up with one hand on his pants, "Listen buddy, how about you just leave? Unless, you want me to show you what a North Ovala Academy graduate can do!"

"Did he say he graduated from an Ovala Academy?!" The dark haired woman asked in shock. "Those places are horrible. They train kids into mindless child soldiers!" Everyone else in the inn aside from the two about to brawl silently nodded in agreement.

"Go ahead," The bald man said with a malevolent smirk.

"Okay, you asked for it," The brown haired man said with confidence. He pulled his fist back and shouted, "Water Punch!" His fist was immediately covered in water as it shot forward.

The robber simply caught the attack. All of a sudden he bursted into laughter while everyone else in the inn gasped. "Oh man, what a clown!"

"What are you talking about? Why is everyone staring at me?" The graduate asked perplexed as he looked around the inn.

"Your pants, Mr. Valentine."

The man's eyes slowly traveled to his pants already having an idea of what had happened. Sure enough his suspicion was confirmed when his eyes met his pants wrapped around his ankles, revealing his white underwear with pink hearts decorated all around it. "Damn it," The embarrassed man sighed. "And I was trying so hard to prevent this too..."

"Wait a minute, that was the only reason you wanted to sit with me, wasn't it?!" The mother realized. "I thought you were just trying to be friendly!"

"Listen, can we discuss this after the guy who's trying to rob us is gone?"

"Depends, can you learn what a belt is?"

"I just forgot to bring one with me okay!"

A kunai was then launched at the half naked man, slicing through his underwear causing it to fall off his body and to the floor. "There we go," The bearded man said with satisfaction. I couldn't take your seriously with that lousy excuse of fashion sense."

"Have you no decency?!" The dark haired woman criticized the now butt naked man as she covered her baby's eyes. "For shame!"

"That one wasn't my fault!" The brown haired man defended himself.

Of course I would be writing in a manga script format should you choose to work with me. I'm sure I can still manage to get the humor across pretty well though. And thank you forbtaking the tie to read this.
"You don't die for your friends. You live for them!"-Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

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Re: found one (should we delete these kind of posts?)
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2017, 12:10:21 PM »
thanks for taking interest in the position dmaster, i am sorry to tell you that the position is already taken.

sorry for the late reply :blush:
i can do an commision if you want dont be afraid to pm me :D.