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Author Topic: Unnamed Shounen Series  (Read 187 times)

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Unnamed Shounen Series
« on: December 04, 2017, 10:11:14 PM »
Chapters 1 and 2
Kin is seen sitting at a bar with a bowl of ramen. Several empty bowls sit stacked up next to her along with a near empty glass of juice.
She slurps up a mouthful of noodles.
She picks up the bowl and drinks down the broth.
She slams down the bowl on the bar and gives a contented sigh.
Zoom out to show that Kin is surrounded by amazed on lookers. Tom is sitting next to her.
Man: What kind of stomach does she have?
Woman: I wish I could eat so much and look like that!
Kin: I’m still hungry. One more!
Tom: Kin, you’ve already eaten through our bonus from the last job.
Kin: Oh? Are you sure you didn’t drink through it?
Close up on the many empty beer mugs in front of Tom.
Kin: So one more, right?
Tom hangs his head in defeat.
Tom: Go for it.
Kin picks up her glass and drinks the last of her juice.
Kin: One more bowl of ramen and another glass of juice, please!
Cut to Kin and Tom walking through the city streets.
Kin: That was a good meal!
Tom: When you can put away beer like that, then you’re an adult.
Kin: I’m not old enough to drink though, and alcohol is gross.
Kin and Tom arrive at the village gates, where five more mercenaries await. There are guards and farmers lying dead on the ground around them.
Kin: Huh? Weren’t you guys waiting at camp?
Kin looks down at one of the corpses.
Kin: What?
Tom: Go back to camp, Kin. You’re too soft for this job.
Kin sighs.
Kin: I was hoping you guys turned down that noble’s job.
Tom: Too much money on the line. Sorry, kid.
Kin smirks.
Kin: I’m sorry. I kind of liked you guys.
Mercenary#1: What are you--
Kin: I never showed you what’s under this cloak, did I?
Kin unfastens her cloak. A sudden gust of wind blows it away.
Close up on the kanji on the back of Kin’s haori.
Tom: Storm? Then you’re…!
Mercenary#2: Idiot! You’re that disowned heir of the Storm King Fist! You think we’d be scared of someone so weak?
Kin: You know, of all the people who assumed I was disowned for being weak…
Kin is suddenly kneeing Mercenary#2 in the face, sending him flying backwards and through village gates. He lands on the ground and rolls limply to a stop.
Kin:...only two got away without a beating!
Another mercenary tries to punch Kin in the face.
Kin dodges and punches him in the stomach.
He coughs up blood and collapses.
Another mercenary appears behind Kin with his axe raised overhead.
Kin spins around and heel kicks him in the side, sending him flying away.
Two more mercenaries appear next to Kin, one on each side, with pistols drawn.
Kin smacks the guns aside, causing the bullets to miss.
Kin grabs the men by the arms and slams them into each other. She drops them to the ground.
A gun appears, held to the back of Kin’s head.
Tom: Not bad, kid. You didn’t even use any elements. But you’re young and careless. You dodged those bullets earlier, so I guess this is goodbye.
Tom fires the gun.
Kin collapses to the ground.
Tom: Guess I’ll just burn this place by myself.
Tom turns away, only to see Kin standing in front of him.
Kin: I dodged the bullets the same way you swat away a mosquito. They’re annoying, not harmful. Well, mosquitoes carry fatal diseases, so maybe that’s not the best analogy.
Tom: You...
Kin: So, are you going to fight me?
Tom: I won’t go down as easily as--
Kin punches Tom in the chest.
Tom coughs up blood.
Lightning erupts from Kin’s fist, sending Tom flying backwards. He flies through the gate and slides to a halt.  He lies on the ground.
Kin walks up to him.
Tom: You’re a real monster. Heh, if you didn’t have that conscience on you, you could make a lot of money.
Kin: I do fine as it is.
Tom’s eyes close as he dies.
The village mayor walks up.
Mayor: What’s going on here!?
Kin: These mercenaries were hired by your lord to punish you for the recent lack of tribute. I stopped them.
Mayor: The harvest this year just isn’t as good as last year’s. We’ve done our best!
Kin: I know. Send a message to the Howling Wolves to protect you. For now, you should make sure your guards and anybody else who knows how to fight are on high alert.
Mayor: Thank you. We can never repay you.
Kin: If I did things for payment, I would have helped them! See ya!
Kin runs out the village gates.
Chapter 2
Kin walks up to a building with a picture of a howling wolf above the door.
Kin walks into the building.
Kin: I’m home!
Mira is dusting. She turns and bows to Kin.
Mira: Welcome home, Kin!
Kin smiles.
Kin: Jin keeps saying not to dress like that.
Mira: It’s a maid’s duty to please her master’s hidden desires.
Kin: I’ll just head into the dining room.
Kin walks into the dining room.
Kin: I’m back!
Jin, Kayla, and Alan are sitting at a table eating.
Jin: Kin, I didn’t hear you come in!
Kin: I said “I’m home!”
Kayla: You should say it louder, Kin!
Jin: In any case, we just sent out Edward and Isaac to protect a village. Your work?
Kin: Yeah, that mercenary group turned out to be scum.
Jin places a plate with three steaks stacked on top of each other in front of Kin.
Kin: Oh, a snack! Thanks!
Mira comes into the room and hugs Jin.
Mira: I finished cleaning, Master!
Jin: Mira, you’re not the maid!
Alan: Come on, Jin, we all know you love it.
Jin: I do not!
Jin pushes Mira away.
Jin: Let’s raise a toast to Kin! For showing again that a ragtag bunch of misfits like us can make a difference!
SFX: Knock knock!
Mira: I’ll get it!
Mira walks out of the dining room.
Mira(off-panel): AAAAAH!
Jin: Mira!
The door bursts open. Kazato walks through the open doors.
Kin: Kazato!
Kazato: Do we know each other?
Kin: We’ve fought before!
Kazato: Do you remember every bee you’ve swatted away? I don’t. But I do remember the bees’ nest. The lord you thwarted recently is a close friend of my lord.
Jin: What did you do to Mira!?
Kazato: I squashed a bug.
Jin rushes at Kazato.
Jin draws his sword and slashes at Kazato.
Kazato catches the sword bare handed.
Kazato knees Jin in the stomach.
Jin loses his grip on his sword.
Kazato punches Jin away.
Kazato examines Jin’s sword.
Kazato: This is a nice sword. It is wasted on you.
Kin is suddenly behind Kazato and elbowing him in the back. Kazato goes flying forward. Alan draws his sword and swings at Kazato in midair. Kazato draws his sword and cuts right through Alan’s sword.
Kazato crashes through the dining room wall.
Kazato stands and dusts himself up.
Kazato: You’ve certainly improved since our last bout. I would have remembered you if you hit like that.
Kin: Everybody, stay back. None of you are strong enough to fight Kazato!
Kazato: Don’t let one good his go to your head.
Kazato appears in front of Kin and slashes down at her.
Kin catches his sword bare handed. Kin goes to knee Kazato in the stomach. Kazato uses his own knee to block. A shockwave blasts out from their clash, sending the table flying.
Kin headbutts Kazato in the chest.
Kazato takes one hand off his sword and stops grabs Kin by the back of the neck, then throws her away.
Kazato notices the back of Kin’s coat.
Kazato: You’re the outcast.
Kin: No kidding.
Kin launches forward and tries to kick Kazato in the side of the head. Kazato ducks under the kick and stabs up at Kin. Kin twists to avoid the sword, but gets a small cut on her back.
Jin stabs Kazato in the back.
Kazato’s eyes widen in surprise.
Kin smirks.
A flaming aura appears around Kazato, forcing Jin and Kin away.
Kazato: You have earned the right to gaze upon my flames.
Kin: You sick?  You were stronger last time!
Kazato hits Kin in the back of the neck with the hilt of his sword, knocking her unconscious.
Black panel.
Kin awakens. Jin is leaning over her. Alan and Kayla are dead.
Jin: This is your fault. You knew that samurai. If you had done some research and thought for a second, this wouldn’t have happened.
Kin: I was just trying to help…
Jin scowls and walks away.
Kin: Why did he spare us? What game are you playing, Kazato?