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Author Topic: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short  (Read 1184 times)

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"The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« on: December 04, 2017, 01:08:50 PM »
This was an idea I was working on before I disappeared. It was originally intended to be a wacky series involving Lego and myself, but I scrapped the idea and went the short story route instead. Shout out to Lego for assisting me with this one. I figured the least I could do to pay him back was actually finishing this project. Didn't want his efforts going to waste.

This will be spit into parts. The second part is currently being worked on and it will be finished soon. I'll try to have this completed within a reasonable time frame. But for now, without further ado, here is part one The Strand of Truth everybody.

The Strand of Truth Part One
    There was once a legend that was seldom spread across the internet. A legend so unusually pointless that even those who specialized in scouring the web for meaningless internet trivia did not care for it.
Although most things on the internet were voided of meaning, this particular legend was so disinteresting that when it’s tale was first told, it was immediately brushed off as a terrible joke, and diminished as quickly as an ant thrown into the burning sun.
To be more precise, the number of google searches related to this legend was approximately fifty-two. Yes, it was that bad.
However, as boring as this legend was perceived it was still undoubtedly true…
Far away in a land that nobody never bothered looking for, was a giant cathedral isolated in the middle of desolate wasteland.
It was an odd sight to behold, mainly due to the fact that it was really a cathedral in the middle of nowhere. It was black with a shade of rusted grey. The center tower, which was extremely tall, stood firm despite of cracks in its crumbling structure, and adjacent on both sides were smaller towers that were still just as tall. The cathedral had an eerie presence about it— scary almost. Still, it was more random than anything.
So was this old, broken-down cathedral the legend that no one cared for? Of course not! Who cares about a stupid cathedral anyway!? Like an overused rpg cliché, the real legend was inside, and it was just as random as the cathedral itself.
Inside, at the very end of unnecessarily long hallway, resting in the hands of a old, giant maiden statue that looked looked like it would crumble at any given moment, was a item that radiated a glow of pure uselessness.
It was known as “The Strand of Truth…”
Yes, that’s right. Inside of a pointless, black cathedral, was a strand of golden hair that shone a circular outline of glowing white. While it was very appealing to look at for a few seconds, it really didn’t have nothing else interesting going for it.
Still, even though it seemed void of any practical purposes what’s so ever, there was still a rumor that, while seemingly absurd, was interesting enough to cause someone to care for just a couple of seconds.
It has been said that whoever possessed the “Strand of Truth” would gain the power of absolute hair immortality. In less absurd terms, it meant that whoever cared enough to acquire it would be blessed with long lasting, forever rejuvenating hair. There have been other mysteries that the Strand of Truth contained, but no one cared long enough to speculate.
For years the Strand of Truth went unexplored. Overshadowed by legends that were more worthy of one’s time, the Strand of Truth remained in the halls of the abandoned cathedral, collecting more dust than an attic full of old newspaper.
That is, until one day, a man who could never find anything more constructive to do with his life, decided to search for the forgotten legend.
That man’s name was Fronomenal. And he was a mangaraider.
Fronomenal treaded through the wasteland on his white sneakers, wiping away the sweat that poured down on his brown forehead from the exhausting heat. Despite the burning temperature, Fro was fully clothed— Rocking a black T shirt under a black and white leather jacket that he really needed to take off soon, and torturing his lower body with a pair of white jeans. The real victim in all of this, however, was his incredibly large afro, which had absorbed more heat waves than Fro had hoped for. Even his hair pick, which rested in the center of his hair, had developed a sizzling sting during the course of the journey.
Fro peered ahead with his squinting brown eyes, covering his forehead with his right arm in an attempt to block the mischievous rays of the sun. Since he had traveling the barren land for what seemed hours, he had hoped that the cathedral would be close by now. But with the combination of the burning sun and his own dehydration clouding his good sense of judgement, he wasn’t really sure where he was anymore.
Still, he didn’t lose focus. His face was relaxed and his demeanor was calm. He was only concerned with one thing and one thing only— “The Strand of Truth.”
Being a member of Mangaraiders, a community where aspiring manga artist and writers come together to share their work with one another, you would think a guy like Fro would have more constructive things to do such as: working on a new story or participating in a community workshop. But no. Instead of spending his time productively in a place often called his second home, Fro would rather waste his time scouring the globe for pointless things to do— like the adventure he’s on right now.
Besides, Fro kind of sucks at writing anyway…
“Jesus, it’s hot!” he sighed, trying to maintain his composure.
Unzipping his Jacket, he reached for a water bottle from his left inside pocket. He leaned his head back, opened his mouth wide and held the bottle over his lips, expecting a surge of refreshing water to slide down his dry throat.

Unfortunately, not a drop was spilt. He had already drunk all of it.


Fro kicked the bottle viciously in frustration and watched as it flew off into the distance. For a second, he almost regretted doing so, considering that he had a lot more ground to cover, and he may have gotten lucky and ran into a random puddle of muddy water. But, it no longer mattered— for he saw something ahead that possibly looked like his destination.

“Is that…”

It was. With his blurry vision suddenly becoming clear, he saw it— the figure of a black tower looming in the distance. While it was hard to see at first, there was no mistaking it. The black cathedral that Fro had been searching for was just up ahead.

Excited and relieved, Fro burst out into a excited run, completely ignoring the grogginess he had been feeling throughout his journey. The cathedral was quite a ways away, and it would’ve took a normal person at least another twenty minutes to reach it. Fro on the other hand, was beyond normal. Dashing at an incredible speed, he arrived on the front steps of the cathedral before a minute had passed.

“So this is it, huh?”

He had already seen pictures of it through images he browsed on the internet, but seeing it up close was completely dumbfounding.

His eyes slowly widened as he examined the magnificent structure. While the random factor was still apparent, it was regardless, a beautiful piece of architecture. However, he didn’t spend too much time marveling at it. Turning his attention toward the ornate patterned doors in front of him, he pressed his hands on the firm, black wood, slowly pushed the creaky doors open and made his way inside.

As he walked inside, Fro whistled, impressed by the cathedral’s interior design. Black marble floors with a squared pattern. Rows of thick, old, yet sturdy black columns aligned on both sides. And the grey maiden statue, which was at the very end, complimented even more so with its simple aesthetic. The only thing missing, however, was the typical assortment of benches found in normal cathedrals. While the hallway was already uncomfortably long and spacious, the absence of the benches made it even more so.

But all this quickly became irrelevant to Fro the moment he fixed his sight on the glowing light at the end of the hall.

“There it is!”

Despite being unable to make it out clearly, Fro could tell that the brilliant white light at the end of the hall was indeed the Strand of Truth. The light it shone excited him.  Not wasting another second, he began to make a dash for the golden strand, but quickly halted his advance when a felt a presence lurking behind him.


Turning his head to the right, he spotted in his peripheral what appeared to be a bolt of lightning rapidly approaching him. He managed to sidestep to his left, barely dodging the strike. In the next instant the ground shook as the bolt of lightning struck the ground with a loud smack, turning the area of smooth marble into a miniature crater.

“Damn that was a close!” Fro said slightly relieved. A second later and he would have been a melted puddle of hair strands.

“Now who the hell-”

Before he could finish asking himself the question of just who in the world would attack him, the sight of the his attacker suddenly appearing before him cut off him by surprise. He pulled on his afro, both confused and frustrated.

“Dawg, you gotta be kidding me…”

Gracefully descending from the air above before him was a dark skinned man adorned in a black pea coat with a white trim, that overlapped the white collared shirt and black trousers he was wearing underneath. Upon landing, the familiar faced individual adjusted his orange colored spectacles and greeted Fro with a smirk that Fro wasn’t very happy to see. His arch rival Legomaestro had just appeared before him and knowing their historic past, he knew a massive headache was going to nag at him soon.

“Sup Baldy.” Lego snickered.

“Lego, why dawg? Why are you here?

“Don’t play dumb with me Frono! You know why I am here.”

“I really don’t, homie…”

Lego stomped the ground. “Yes you do!

Fro shook his head, genuinely confused. “Yeah, I really don’t…”

Lego groaned. He felt as if Fro was just trolling him at this point. Like a child throwing a tantrum he pointed towards the strand of truth and motioned Fro to look at it.

“That!” Lego shouted. “That’s what I’m here for! You’re here for the same reason are you not?”

“I mean yeah, but like… I still don’t exactly get WHY you’re here for the Strand of truth.”

“What? Are you kidding me, Frono?” Lego pointed his finger at his shiny bald head that gleamed as if on cue. “Look at me, Fro. I’m freaking bald for crying out loud! I have every reason to be here right now.”

A bubble of laughter was beginning to swell up and burst out inside Fro, and he was trying his best to hold it back. The Legomaestero he once knew was not standing before him. The Lego he once knew had an afro that was just as enormous as his. Hell, they often debated on who had the better afro. And now that Lego was a shell of his former self, Fro kind of felt bad for his former afro compadre. Still it was funny though, so he couldn’t help laughing at him.

“Aye Lego, I’m not gonna lie, ever since you went bald you’ve been kinda trash.” He said laughing hysterically.

“How dare you laugh at my pain!” Lego growled. “You don’t know what it’s like to be bald, Fro!”

“I’ve been bald before….”

“Huh? For real dude? Do you have the pictures?”

“Yeah, but I’m not showing you.”

“What!? Hmph whatever. I could care less.”

 Lego materialized a black femto katana in his right hand and swung it to his right. The force of the swing generated a wave of wind that decimated a nearby column. Lego’s expression seemed almost murderous.

“Ever since I went bald I’ve been made into a running joke. Baldomaestro they called me. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I took pride in my afro, and now that’s it’s gone I’m a shell of my former self. That’s why I’m here, Fro. I’m here to reclaim the glory of my former self. To show the world that I, Legomaestro, am not a joke and that I have the greatest afro in the universe!

Fronomenal yawned, not very touched by Lego’s speech.

“That’s it?”

“Well yeah…” Lego said sounding a little insecure. “I spent a lot of time preparing that speech you know…”

“I’m sure you did.”

“Well, why are you here then? You certainly don’t need long lasting hair rejuvenation.”

“Well, I’m only here because I had nothing better to do. And to be perfectly honest, I feel a little inclined to let you have the strand of truth after hearing your little sob story. However…”

Fro doffed his leather jacket and tossed it to the side. He readied a kung fu like stance.

“You’d be a fool if you thought I’ll just let you just take the strand of truth without me beating your face in.”

Lego smiled and readied his own stance in response.

“Heh. I didn’t expect you to.”

A intense silence filled the room. A silence only understood by warriors who were ready to do battle. The aura of power that emanated from the two rivals generated a breeze of energy inside the room. Sparks of electricity circled around Lego’s sword. Fro cracked his knuckles, ready to throw down.

The stage was set. A battle of epic pointless proportions was about to commence. 



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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2017, 11:35:52 AM »
Aha! I almost forgot about the Bald Lego Sub-arc. Can't wait to read the next part of this admittedly pointless tale!

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF

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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2017, 03:41:52 PM »
Yeah I honestly thought Lego was committed to the whole being bald thing. Didn't know it was a one off type of deal. Bald Lego actually looks better in my head for some reason.

And yeah I'm currently working on the second part. It's basically an over the top fight scene, so I'm taking my time with it. Hopefully the final product is an enjoyable read for ya, and Lego too, if he's still around the forum to read it.

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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2017, 04:30:43 PM »
Oh he's around. Very much doubt he'll ever truly part with the place.not as long as I'm around at least to drag him back.

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF

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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #4 on: December 14, 2017, 09:17:50 PM »
I still exist. Under duress. In a dark cave somewhere being taken care of by my latest yandere nekomimi waifu.

Don't send help.

And yes, the baldness was an unfortunate event that is better left forgotten. It's always fun to see MR Canon though so more power to you man - (but the strand is MINE)

Keep it up!

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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #5 on: December 15, 2017, 09:56:19 PM »
MR stories give me liiiife~
Somehow I missed the Bald!Lego arc, but then again, I don't think I actually read through all of everything. I kind of skimmed through some of the shorter stories and gathered my information from there. I will be adding this to my mental filing cabinet.

Thanks for the fun little read, and I hope to see part two soon!

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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #6 on: December 18, 2017, 08:02:57 AM »
@Lego: I'm one hundred percent sending help lol. Thanks man, I'll keep at it for sure.

@MahluaandMilk: I only read a little of that thread where the Bald Lego incident took place, but as soon as I saw Lego was bald and it was actually canon, I knew I had to cash in on the opportunity to make light of it in a story. Hence the birth of this one lol. Thanks for reading part one by the way.

The fight scene is proving to be a tough one to write. I'm trying to figure out if I should explain every little move our characters make or leave some of it to the imagination of the readers and only focus on the big moments.

I'll figure something out eventually. I'll work on it today with some Dystopic blades on a background tab for inspiration.


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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #7 on: December 26, 2017, 07:42:07 PM »
So here's part two of The Strand of Truth. I'll admit, I wasn't too pleased with how this turned out. There's was a lot I wanted to with this, but none of it translated well on paper, and in of fear making it longer than it already was, I settled for a more manageable scene to write.

It's pretty long, and I'm sure it's full of choppy moments. But I do hope you guys enjoy the conclusion of this pointless tale. There will be an additional bonus chapter following the events of the aftermath, so be on the lookout for that as well.

The Strand of Truth Part Two

Fro made the first move, as he always did whenever him and Lego fought one another.

He dashed straight at Lego not wanting to waste too much time with a staring contest. Lego seemed to agree, charging forward as well with his sword in front. The two met in the middle of the cathedral, fist for sword. Lego swung his sword downwards at Fro. Fro caught Lego’s sword with his hands and gripped it tight. A power struggle ensued, the force of their intense struggle cracked the marble cathedral floors beneath their feet.

They two smiled at one another. A couple seconds in and they both knew that this fight was going to be a good one. Fro ended the struggle with a swift kick Lego’s chest, pushing him a few feet back. As Lego skidded backwards, Fro followed suit with a series of mid-air spin kicks. Lego bobbed and weaved each kick with relative ease and retaliated with a kick of his own to Fro’s face.

The kick sent Fro reeling a couple meters back. Lego dashed right along Fro’s left with a vertical swing follow up aimed at his shoulder. Fro shifts to the right dodging the blade, and counters with a sweep of Lego’s ankles, causing him to stumble to the ground. Lego catches himself and springs back, just in time to avoid the heel kick that came crashing down on the marble floor.

In the next instant there was a collision of fist and swords forming a rhythmic dance of violence. A punch in the face here and a stab and a slash there. The two combatants traded blows all around the cathedral, their bodies resembling after images of their previous actions, their movements too fast for the human eye to keep track. However, in the middle of the untraceable brawl, Fro is seen tumbling into the air after a kick to the chin courtesy of Lego. 

Lego, in hot pursuit, teleported right in front of Fro and delivered an overhead kick dead center on Fro’s head. Fro crashed into the ground with a loud smack. Lego immediately followed up with a downwards lunge of his katana in an attempt to impale his rival. Fortunately at the last second, Fro spun on his head bboy style, evading the strike stylishly. Then he propped up from the ground and drop kicked Lego dead in the face, sending Lego flying.

As Lego spiraled backwards, Fro stormed towards Lego and grabbed ahold of Lego’s foot before Lego could recover and land. Then, still holding onto Lego’s foot, Fro repeatedly slammed Lego onto the ground like a ragdoll for a few seconds. On the last slam, Lego’s body bounced off the ground, and as this happened Fro went for a knee strike to Lego’s midsection. However, Lego grabbed Fro’s knee and used it as a crutch to flip up and over behind Fro. As Fro began to turn, Lego slashed at Fro’s left, but Fro stopped the strike with a single finger. Surprised, Lego jumped a few meters back, returning the battle to a neutral state.

Lego spat out some blood. “Hehe. You know Fro, it’s been awhile since we fought like this.” Lego said grinning.

Fro wiped his mouth. “Yeah,” Fro agreed with a grin of his own. “Last time we fought like this was back in Mortal Combat.”

“Ah, Mortal Combat. Oh how I miss those days. Remember when I sliced one of your clones arms off and slapped you in the face with it?”

“Yeah I remember that. That’s was pretty funny. Almost as funny as that time when I ripped off your pants and exposed you for wearing pink nyan cat underwear.”

“You promised that we would never talk about that again.”

“Yeah, and you promised me that my afro will never be as big as yours and look how’s that working out.”

“Bastard! Stop mocking me!”

 Lego dashed at Fro with a surge of electricity surrounding him. Fro leans to the left expecting another slash, but was quickly surprised by a swift palm of electricity driven into his rib on his right.
Ooof! A boom sound followed by the sound of Fro crashing into a wall on the left of the cathedral. In the next instant, Lego appears before the now wall stuck Fro and bashes his face in with a rapid flurries of left and rights.

“Take this and this! And this and that!” Lego screamed maniacally as he continued his onslaught.

The cathedral walls began to crumble more and more the longer continued his relentless assault. The beating seemed endless, but Fro managed to catch Lego’s fist in his palms.

“Get off me!”

Smack! Fro delivered a headbutt on the bridge of Lego’s nose and pushed him back with a kick to his stomach. Lego flew back, but he recovered almost instantly and prepared another charge. However, his advance was interrupted by a rope of hair wrapping itself around his ankle.

“What the—”
Lego looked ahead and noticed a tendril of hair extending itself out of Fro’s palm. He tries to shake free, but it was too late. He felt himself slowly getting pulled against his will.

“We going around the world now, Lego!” Fro cheered.

Woosh! A tug and a spin and Lego was now helplessly whirled around the cathedral, lasso style. Fro twirls and twirls his hair lasso faster by the second, each spin extending the length of his lasso.


The lasso extends itself so much that Lego’s body was skidding along the walls of the cathedral, leaving a trail of cracked brick behind him. Pillars in his path were destroyed as well, falling one by one to the human bulldozer that was Lego.

However, this sequence wouldn’t last for long, as Lego, visibly annoyed, had different plans in mind.
He grabbed a hold of the rope wrapped around his ankle and gripped it tight. Suddenly, electricity sparks from his hand and spreads onto Fro’s lasso like emerging wildfire, cackling as it quickly slithers its way down. As much as he loved twirling Lego around like ameatuer cowboy, Fro knew holdiing on would be fatal at this point. He cuts off the hair tendrils from his palm and jumps back a safe enough distance from the now electrocuted hair lasso, watching it squirm like a dying worm.

“That was close.” Fro sighed. A second closer and he would’ve been fried shishkabob for sure. However, a new problem was now of concern.

“Where did he go?”

Fro looked towards the ceiling where Lego had just been and was greeted with nothing. He knew Lego to be fast, but to vanish out of thin air was still surprising to see. Fro scratched his head, somewhat annoyed and confused at the same time.

“Lego, let’s not do this,” Fro’s voice echoed. “Fight me like a man. Not like a pussy cat!”

More nothing. Fro bit his lip, feeling a little worried at this point. He wasn’t in the mood for sneak attacks. Especially from a sneaky humanoid cat like Lego.

“Yo where is this du-”

“Spear…” a familiar voice whispered from a distance.

Fro heard the subtle utterance of the word and was on high alert. He knew it was Lego’s voice, but the word spear... He’s heard Lego use that word before. His eyes lit up with fear. The feeling of possible defeat suddenly crept up on him. And as Fro turned his head, his apprehension was confirmed

It was coming fast. Too fast.

Swish! Fro’s shifts to the right on instinct, and felt a flash of lightning grazing his cheek as it flew past him. The blast creates an explosion upon impact that blows Fro away with the force of a violent whirlwind. Fro lands flat on his face after a brief a spiral in the air.

From the outside in, the cathedral’s structure begins to crumble even more thanks to impact of the blast. Debris from the ceiling and the walls fall onto ground, creating a mess of destroyed architecture.

Fro sluggishly rises to his feet and wipes the gushing of blood from the cut on his cheek with his hand. The smoke behind him clears and he turns to observe the aftermath. The cathedral was certainly a mess, but he was surprised that the maiden statue and the Strand of Truth somehow remained untouched. Of course, he didn’t have much time to ponder on the possibility. He had still Lego to deal with, who, in the air above, appeared to be amounting his next assault.

“Son of a bitch…” Fro cursed quietly.

With Lego’s hand raised above his head, a ball of of lightning sparked and crackled in Lego’s palm. It stretches and retracts in short spurts, slowly forming itself into a icicle like shape. It appears small at first, but it’s length elongates into a least a foot long, completing it’s form. Lego’s face contorts into a twisted smile.

“You should run…”

“I should, shouldn’t I?”

“Like, now.”

“Can I get a three second head start?”

Lego lowered his hand, signaling his response.


Woosh! The spear is shot down like a blistering torpedo. Despite being prepared this time, Fro barely manages to jump out of the way in time. The spear meets the ground and an explosion of rubble and smoke flares up upon their meeting. Fro lands safely around a corner of the cathedral.

“I swear I hate that move.”

Fro looks up and his eyes rolled with dismay. Lego was prepping two lightning spears this time. Each one looking deadlier than the last.


Double woosh! The lightning spears shot off and spun around one another as they came down. Fro flips back and leaps into the air, watching the spears pierce through the ground and explode from the air above. He looks ahead and notices five more lightning spears rotating around Lego.


Even as Lego announced his attack, Fro had already zoomed out of sight. From the tips of his fingers, he shot out a web of hair to his right and slung himself to the cathedral walls. Upon landing, he darts across the walls at top speed, evading the lightning spears that were tailing him. The spears pierced through the walls and collided with the desert sands outside. Large chunks of the cathedral’s structure breaks off and fall to the outside ground with a loud thud.

Inside, the cat mouse and game between Fro and Lego’s spears picked up in speed. Lego didn’t let up on his assault, chugging as many spears as he possibly could at Fro. Fro dashed around the cathedral dodging every spear that came his way. He twisted and and turned at every angle imangible. He ducked at just the right moments. His body was ghost-like, appearing and disappearing every other second.

Suddenly there was a brief pause in Lego’s volley. Fro appears in the middle of the cathedral and uses the opportunity to catch a breath. He thought about finally finally mounting a counterattack, but the sight above him forced to think otherwise.

“This guy…”

Spears galore. At least a hundred of them, all aligned horizontally behind Lego in rows of ten. Lego waves his hand down and the spears pointed downwards accordingly, each one hovering up and down with anticipation of destroying their target. Fro sighed. He had already convinced himself that he wasn’t dodging this one.
Lego grinned, an assurance of victory hidden beneath it.


The spears all rained down at once like a volley of arrows. Fro stood still, not even bothering to escape potential defeat. In the next instant, a flash of dark blue electricity followed by a thunderous explosion engulfed the area where Fro had been standing. The cathedral rumbled as smoke enveloped the entire room.

Lego couldn’t help but to chuckle like a cringey anime villain at his handiwork. “Didn’t even have to use a thousand.” He thought to himself. He descended down and stared at diminishing smoke for a little bit before turning his attention the strand of truth, which surprisingly still remained unharmed in the midst of the chaos.

“Finally… It’s mine!”

Lego walked towards the strand with an exaggerated smile and an amble pep in his step. Nothing could stop him now he thought. He was sure of it. Even if he hadn’t outright killed Fro (Which he would never do to a bro, he would assure you) he was sure that Fro would at least be unconscious long enough for him to claim his prize.
Still, even as he was now of arms reach of the glorious strand of truth, a hint of doubt nagged at him. His smile faded. A frown of paranoia took its place. For some peculiar reason, he felt the battle wasn’t over just yet. He turned around.

“Fro doesn’t just lose that easily…”

Lego materializes a femto kantana in his right hand and readies his sword stance. His eyes were sharp with focus as he waited for the smoke to finally dissipate. And as it did, he inches forward with careful steps, knowing full well that Fro can bust out with a sneak attack of his own.

However, as the smoke clears, Lego was not staring at Fro, but what resembled a igloo styled dome made completely of hair strands taking Fro’s place instead. Lego stops, taking note of the sight. “That thing, huh?” Lego muttered. It wasn’t the first time he had seen Fro’s hair dome. It was one of Fro’s many defensive powers, he remembered, and he wasn’t too surprised to see it now.

Suddenly, the dome shatters into shards of dead hair scattered about. From it emerges Fro striking a pose with his right hand held out high above his head, and in that hand lightning was forming. It extended and retracted itself in sporadic burst, slowly morphing into a familiar icicle like shape. Lego gritted his teeth. His move was being stolen right in front of his very eyes.

“What the hell Frono?! Since when did you learn how to use my move?”

“Since the day we first met.” Fro replied in a casual tone, as if it was obvious.

“But I never showed you how to do it!”

“Didn’t have to,” The streak of lightning finally formed into a full length lightning spear. “I just knew how to do it.”

“But how?”

“Damn I never told you, did I Lego? I can copy a person’s powers and their techniques. It’s my ‘Power of Imitation’ ability.

“Power of Imitation?”

“Yup. Whenever I steal a strand of a person’s hair, albeit from the hair on their head or their skin, I can take take that strand and the dna it contains and infuse it into my body. From there, my blood cells deciphers the dna and then copies it contents into my bloodstream, allowing me to convert my energy into the power I stole.”
Lego scoffed. “Hah! Well that’s cool and all, but just because you copied my powers doesn’t mean that you can use them as good as me.”

“You’re right, I can’t. My imitations will never be as good as the original. And to be honest, I hate stealing people powers. I find it kinda lame, which is why I rarely use this power to begin with…”

Fro extends his left arm out and slowly raises it up. As this happens, millions of tiny hair strands surrounding the cathedral float up from the ground and form a large circle of glowing white. In seconds, Lego was completely surrounded by a myriad of shining white hair strands.


 Fro snaps his fingers and in the next instant, the glowing white hair strands quickly morph into a infinite number of lighting spears. Lego spun on his heels in a circle, locking eyes with every spear that hovered around him. He was flabbergasted. His eyes were shot with the reflection of pending defeat.

“I gotta do what I gotta do to win sometimes. Ain’t that right Lego?”

Mocking Lego, Fro pointed his fingers downwards. The spears shift in response, ready to rain hell on the terrified Lego.


Boom! A flash of blue followed by a massive explosion was all that could be seen afterwards. The entire cathedral had been blown to smithereens. A puffy cloud of smoke engulfs the area and then spreads out across the desert. Pieces of blacks rubble were scattered the desert sand. Nothing had been left. Except…
The smoke fades, revealing the survivors of the ordeal. Lego was laying face down on the ground a beaten mess. He was unconscious, or at least appeared to be. Fro on the other hand been dusting off his clothes with a relaxed demeanor about him. And once again, the strand of truth and the maiden statue that held it remained intact. Not a single crack in its structure.

“Damn thing must be made of titanium.”

Whatever it was made of no longer mattered to Fro. He made his way towards his prize and steps over Lego’s body along the way. Before continuing on, he stops and cast a quick glance at the lifeless Lego. He smirks, an assurance that he had finally won. However, as he turned his attention back to the subject at hand, he felt the grip of Lego’s hand clutching on his ankle.

“It’s… mine…” Lego whispered as he painfully lifts up his head.

Fro titled his head to the right. Staring at Lego through his peripheral.

“Give it up Lego, it’s ov-”

Bang! Fro was cut off by the sudden feeling of a bullet piercing through his chest. His eyes were stuck in a daze. Everything around him freezes for a second. He turns and sees a green cat faced figure dressed similarly to Lego in front of him. It was holding a glock aimed at the area where Fro was shot.


“Long time no see, buddy.”

Fro flops to the ground with an over dramatic fall. Lego snickers at the sight, and gets up the moment Fro collapsed. He wipes at his mouth and looks over the motionless Fro with a satisfied grin. He then turns to Legoc, the feline half of his soul, who was now pointing his gloc at him.

“Thanks…” Legoh murmured with a little shame in his voice.

“Hmph. You seriously couldn’t handle this by yourself?”

Legoh didn’t respond. He simply stared.

“You were being extremely lazy during this fight.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. Don’t play dumb with me. You slayed Coryn freaking Sken for god’s sake! And a punk like
Fro is giving you trouble!?”

“Fro just caught me off guard is all. Wasn’t expecting him to turn my own move against me.”

'Hmph, whatever. Do me a favor and don’t ever call me for something like this again, got it?”

With that, Legoc’s figure dissolves into a flashing ball of light that shoves itself inside of Lego’s body. Lego’s figure shines white for a second, a signal that the two souls were once again whole. After this, Lego takes one last look at Fro making sure that he was down for good this time, and then teleports in front of the maiden statue.

“The strand of truth…” Lego stood in awe of the truth’s miraculous, yet pointless glow. “Your  secrets are now mine!”

Lego snacthes the strand of truth from the stone hands of the maiden statue and raises it proudly in the air. His face beams with glee as he bust out into a ridiculous pose. He remained like this at least ten seconds, expecting some sort of grand spirit to rise from out of the strand and acknowledge his victory.


And yet, nothing happens. Lego simply just stood there looking stupid with a pointless glowing hair strand in his hand.

“HUH? What gives man?”

Lego waves the strand of truth around in circles as if to trigger some sort of activation. He pulls on it, twists it, even tossed on the ground and stomped on it a couple of times. Nothing worked however, and he was beginning to feel that he just got duped.

“Gah! You gotta be kidding me. All that for nothing?”

Suddenly a light bulb flashes in his head.

“Maybe I should eat it?”

He figured that maybe the powers of the strand of truth can only be digested, and upon its consumption a swelling  of divine energy would bubble inside Lego and transfer it’s powers to his head, blessing him with a new beautiful and luscious afro. To be fair, it looked a lot better in his head.

He dangles the strand of truth over his mouth and slowly guides it into the depths of his throat. However, just before the strand teases it’s glow on the tip of Lego’s tounge,  the strand of Truth emits an harsh pinging sound of flashing brilliant white, which alarms Lego to reel back away from it. Then, shining even brighter than before, the strand of truth slowly floats up into the air, a pillar of light emerging as it ascends. Suddenly, it stops and another flash of light bursts, but this times it’s blinding. Lego crossed his arms over his face to protect his vision from the blinding rays of white that submerged the vicinity. Seconds later the light fades and Lego uncrossed him arms and looks ahead with blinking eyes in anticipation of some angel or divine spirit waiting to reward him with his expected prize.. Unfortunately,  he didn’t get an angel or some divine spirit. What he got was a fifty foot, four legged chimera shaped monster of oozing blackness glaring at Lego with it’s menacing red pupils.

Lego facepalms. “NO, NO NO! Anything but this man!”

The beast roars a thunderous howl that creates ripples in the sky. It inches forward, it’s red pupils glowing a crimson red. Two triangled shaped tails from it’s rear slapped themselves against the monster’s legs. Lego normally would ready his sword at a time this, but he was too busy drowning himself in a pool of his own disappointment.

“ARRRGHHH! I should’ve known this was going to happen.

“Oh wow, so that what it looks like when it’s activated.” A voiced chimed over Lego’s shoulder.

Lego turned and see Fronomenal gazing at the monster with glassy eyes.

“What the- Fro!?” Lego exclaimed. “Aren’t you supposed to be dead- I mean unconscious right now???”

“Wait, you really tried to kill me earlier? Damn Lego, I thought we were homies?”

“We are- I mean… I didn’t mean to-” Lego shakes his head in fustration. “Gah! Dammit that doesn’t matter right now! What matters is that The Strand of Truth is actually some stupid monster thing that’s getting ready to kill us!

“I knew that.

“What?” Lego eyes froze with disbelief. “You knew this was going to happen!?

“Yeah. I came here to kill it. Which is also why I was holding back during our fight. Didn’t wanna waste too much unnecessary energy, ya feel me?

The casualness of Fro responses left Lego in a state of frozen stupor. Fro raised a brow, concerned for his friend.

“You good, Lego?”



Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well uh,” Fro began with his hand stroking his chin. “Two reasons: One, I thought you were smart enough to eventually realize that strand of truth wasn’t actually real, but I guess you weren’t. And two, even though I wasn’t in the mood for an extra fight, I couldn’t resist punching you in the face for old times sake, so I played along.

Lego responded with a very blank, yet murderous look at Fro.

“I so want to kill you right now.”

“You’re gonna have to wait in line behind that thing, first.”

The two turned their attention to the black beast which was now only a few feet away from where they were standing. The beast stands on its hind legs and lets out a thundering howl that shakes the desert to its very core. Lego shook his head, wondering how in the world he let himself get involved in this mess. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he notices Fro extending out his arm with a balled fist, an invite for a friendly dap.

“Team Fromaestro?” Fro asked with a smile.

Lego frowned at the invite, still a little disappointed about the ordeal. But an inevitable smile crept out of him. He dapped.

“MaestroFro still sounds better.” 

As the two dapped, the beast made it’s move. It lunges forward and swipes it front claws horizontally at the two raiders. Fro and Lego flipped backwards in opposite directions, avoiding the strike and retreated to a safe enough distance to create some breathing room.

“So how you wanna end this one?” Fro asked Lego, while still keeping his eyes fixated on the threat in front of them.

Lego materialized  a machete coated in pure black in his right hand. “As quick as humanly possible. I think I’ve wasted enough time for one day.”

“Huh, well in that case I’ll go first!”

Fro dashed towards the beast, a trail of sand flares up as he did so. Lego followed suit with his machete digging into the sand. The black beast roars as they neared upon it and charges forwards with one of its claws coming down on the both of them. As this happened, Fro side steps to the right and begins circling around the beast rapidly, confusing it. Meanwhile, Lego had used Fro’s distraction to his advantage. He leapt up and lands on the beast’s left leg and hacks away at it’s flesh with his machete. Globs of black ooze resembling blood gushes out as Lego continues to propel upwards along the beast’s body with his machete digging into it’s skin.

The beast could only screech as Lego hacked  his way to the top of it’s leg. It retaliates with another swipe, but Lego flips over the beast’s claws and landed on the other side of monster’s body. Upon landing, he leaps into the air and flips over right in front of the beast’s face and drove his machete right into its forehead.


The beast screams in pain as it reels back. Lego pulls his machete out from the beast’s flesh and pushes himself off with a kick, landing on the ground a good distance away from it. The beast shakes off the damage it received and glares at Lego with a vengeful expression. It crouches, preparing for a major leap, but before it could spring off, it felt its tails being tugged on by a tight grip. It turns and head and sees Fro pulling on the tips of its tails.

“You weren't going anywhere, were you?”

With amazing strength, Fro pulls back on the monster’s tails and starts swinging the monster around in circles. As he spun, a massive whirlwind of sand and wind accumulates into a rapid cyclone. Suddenly Fro stops and launches the beast towards Lego. Lego materializes a femto katana in his free hand and crossed his blades. Then, he clicked on his heels and jumps forward, spinning sideways with his blades forming a crescent.


The beast flies past Lego with a dual crescent of steel depriving it of one of its front legs. It skids to a stop, it’s chopped leg flopping to the ground with a loud thud next to it. He tries to stand, but the absence of one its limbs made it a struggle. Fro and Lego watched on and then turned to one another. There was a silence between the two, but that silence was followed by affirming nods. Not a word needed to be spoken. They both knew what was coming next.

The two stood by side by side and raised their neighboring hands into the air. Then, their hands next to one another, lightning formed in their palms with sporadic burst of electricity shooting out into the air. The lightning condenses into a gigantic bubble of electricity that eventually forms into a extremely long lighting spear. With it’s form complete, the two rivals announced their attack in unison.


The spear shoots off at an unseeable speed. The beast tries to move out of harm’s way, but it was too late. In the next instant, the area surrounding the beast had exploded, a shockwave rumbled the entire desert. As smoke rises and clears, the beast was nowhere to be seen, leaving only a crater dispersed sand in its place.

Lego put away his blades and let out and relieved sigh. The battle was finally over, but his saddened eyes gave away his disappointment for it’s ending. His dream of retaining his long lost afro had ended in failure, and his only show for it was the scrapes and bruises he suffered for wasting his time. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turns and notices Fro holding out his palm with a glowing strand of hair nestled in it.


“Take it.”

“What is it?”

“A cure for your depression. If you’re really that desperate to get your afro back then this bad boy should do the trick.”

“This isn’t a troll, right? “Lego asked with skeptical expression. “This isn’t going to be something stupid in disguise?”

Fro smacked his lips. “Cmon Lego, be serious. I think we’ve wasted enough of each other’s time today. Take it.”

Lego, although still a little skeptical, accepted Fro’s gift. He takes the strand of hair from Fro and balls it up in his fist.


“Don’t mention it.”

Fro patted Lego on his shoulders again and walks off with his hands in his pockets. Lego called out to him.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“I gotta go collect something.”

“Collect something? Collect what?”

Fro, still walking off, waved his hand as if he was brushing off the question. “I’ll tell you later someday. I don’t feel
like explaining it right now.”

“And just when is later, Fro? It’s a been a while now since you’ve visited MR. Are you ever coming back?

“I still gotta a lot of things take care of out here. But I’ll come back. Eventually…”

Fro stops and turns around with a thumbs up and a really corny smile.

“See ya around, Lego.”

And with that Fro vanished into a cloud of smoke and was gone. Lego had wanted to chase after him with more questions to ask, but decided against it. Fro had disappeared from MR before and had always returned shortly after, so Lego figured that he will see his rival again one day.

“Well, at least I got something out of all this craziness.”

Lego opened up his hand and stared at the strand of hair that was given to him. He placed it on top of his shiny head and waited for something to happen. And to his surprise, something did happen. With a loud poof, the strand of hair evaporated into a cloud smoke. Lego, excited, reached for the top his head with his hand expecting to slide his fingers through the naps of his new afro. But what he felt wasn’t hair. It was something else. Something more embarrassing.

“What the-”

Lego pulled down the object that was atop of his head. A pair of pink nyan cat patterned underwear was wrapped around his hand. He clenched it tight, his body shaking with bubbling aggression.  He screamed.




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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #8 on: December 26, 2017, 07:58:24 PM »
Ah yes. More mindless MRverse stories!

Keep a watch on what tense you're using--you switched between past and present quite a few times (which is an incredibly common thing to happen in early drafts for some reason.)

Other than that, I'm looking forward to the bonus chapter. Will Lego ever see the end of his trollish problems?

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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #9 on: December 26, 2017, 08:41:52 PM »
Yeah switching between tenses is something I often overlook. I often forget that something like that, as small as it may seem, can really throw the reader off. I'll be on the lookout for those in the future.

But thanks for reading Mahluaand! Hopefully this bonus chapter will be an enjoyable read as well. I have a certain twist/major reveal planned for this one, but I'll let the writing speak for itself.


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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #10 on: December 26, 2017, 11:42:35 PM »
Poor Lego just can't catch a break today.

As Mahlua has already pointed out, lot of tense changes. I recommend picking the one that you like the most, and sticking to it for each story you write. Don't even think about the other one.

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF

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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #11 on: December 27, 2017, 09:07:13 PM »
Thanks Coryn. I think I was so focused on the pacing and avoiding choppy sentences that I completely ignored maintaining a consistent tense throughout the scene. I'll admit, I'm still rather lacking in the fundamentals department.


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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #12 on: December 30, 2017, 11:39:53 AM »
Man go hug a porcupine dammit. You can't have done that to me! It's a matter of hair or death!

Also I didn't wear pink nyan panties wtf. They were blue animated nyan shorts. Get your facts straight!

Haha it was cool to see your abilities there Fro. And nice uptake on canon stuff and all. I think the tense changed a little? Interesting nonetheless, and good to see you around. Cheers!

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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
« Reply #13 on: January 02, 2018, 12:20:36 PM »
Lmao I glad you enjoyed it Lego! Sorry I did you like that. I promise I'll make it up to ya someday. ;)

So here it is ladies and gentleman, the bonus chapter and somewhat epilogue to this wacky tale. However, it's bit more serious compared to the previous chapters, so be prepared for that.

Consider this as a setup for future MR Canons and a long awaited origin story I plan to write soon. I got a buttload of ideas swirling inside my head, but those will come in due time. Enjoy!

Deep Into Darkness

The dark web was a realm of the internet that not many dared set foot upon. It was a world beyond the bounds of the normal internet, hidden in a miasma of code and data that no ordinary web surfer could just stumble upon. Not many knew about its dark secrets and unseen evils to begin with. And the ones who did either didn't live long enough to tell the tales of existence, or decided that it was better to remain silent in fear of an unseen force punishing them for unveiling its mysteries.

And yet, even in its veil of darkness, there were still those who confided in its shadows, living peacefully in an otherwise twisted world.

On a high cliff composed of black rock sat a rather old looking man with his eyes closed. He was a wrinkled mess, his cheeks were flabby and his lips were pale with a slight greyness. The top of his head was bald, leaving only a remnant of gray hair flowing from his sides all the way down to the back of his neck. His arms were snugly hidden in the confines of his large dark green robe, which had an outline of gold along its edges, and a gold ouroboros symbol sewn on the back of his robe. He wore brown trousers that were cut off at the ankles, and wore no shoes, leaving one to believe that this old man was simply just a wandering nomad.

The air around him was thick with a foggy mist that enveloped the entire area. The sky above was black with an unusual shade of purple. The very atmosphere surrounding him seemed glitchy, flashes of what seemed like pixels of code faded in and out of the space around him. The eerie mist made it impossible to see beyond all this, but it could be easily assumed that the area beyond him was nothing but sheer blackness.

The old man sat with his legs crossed and his head down. He appeared to be resting, but he wasn’t. His eyes remained closed out of habit. He was very much awake, well aware of the mist that brushed against his skin. He was accustomed to this mist. He was accustomed to this environment.  His face was voided of any expression, but it was clear that he was at peace.

Suddenly, the mist at the edge of the cliff  swirled and then dispersed. Following this was a pulsating vibration of energy that slowly took form of what appeared to be a portal of rippling purple and swirling white. Once formed, a afro haired silhouette came into view, slowly revealing a young man emerging from the portal with a black and white leather jacket slung over his right shoulder. The stoic expression of the old man had been broken, a gentle smile had took its place.

“Yo.” Fronomenal greeted the old man as he approached him. His black shirt and white jeans were stained and slightly ripped, and he himself was a little bruised up.

“Ah, you’ve finally returned.” The old man said with a very deep, yet ecstatic sounding voice. “Although, you’ve arrived a little later than expected.”

Fronomenal sat next to the old man, letting out a relaxing sigh as he did so. “I would’ve came back sooner, but there were some things I wanted to check out first. So, did you see it?”

“Yes, I did. And I was very entertained. Your friend Lego jumping into the mix was pleasant surprise, and the battle between you two did not disappoint.

Fro let out a faint smile. “Yeah, Lego sure does know how to get in my way. But fighting him again was kinda fun. Brought back a lot of memories, ya know?”

“However, it would’ve been nice to see you use that hidden power of yours. It’s been ages since I’ve seen you fight with such a desperate spirit.”

Fro scratched his afro, seemingly annoyed by the old man’s remark. “Wasn’t really necessary. Would’ve been a waste of energy, considering that I still had to deal with that black monster thing. Besides, it’s not all that special anyways.

The old man chuckled at Fro’s response. “A power that rivals that of a god is ‘not all that special?’ Quite the humble statement.

A couple seconds of silence ensued. Fro then stuck his hand out towards the old man, as if expecting something.

“My payment?”

The old man took out his boney right arm from underneath his robe and held it out in front of him. He slides it to the right, and as he did this, a  blue holographic interface appeared.

“Should be coming any second.”

The old man scrolls through the interface, swiping up and down and taping on the digital screen with his frail pointer finger. A couple swipes and a final tap later, the holographic screen flashes a bright blue and then quickly dissolves into a stack of money that drops into the old man’s palm. He hands the money over to Fro.

“Five thousand bucks for such a silly job.” Fro said as took the money from the old man and began counting it. “People on the internet be caring about the weirdest stuff sometimes.”

“Although he didn’t say much in his request, the client did mention that he needed that creature removed in order to use that cathedral and the surrounding area as a base of operations.

“Base of operations sounds shady. Then again, most of your clients are pretty shady. Too bad me and Lego blew that blew that cathedral to pieces, though. Hope that didn’t affect the payout.

“It didn’t. However, to think that word of my services have somehow reached the ears of those outside of this cruel realm. In all my years I would’ve never considered the possibility.

Fro stuffed the stack of money into the depths of his large afro.“Well, it’s not that surprising. This is the internet we’re talking about.”

“A good point.”

The two continued to sit in silence. Fro pulled out a smartphone from his pants pocket and began fidgeting with it out of boredom. The old man remained motionless with that same stoic expression on his face. As time passed, Fro’s face slowly darkened. He pressed his lips and stared into sky with wandering eyes. Something had been bothering him and it was bothering him hard. He put his phone away and broke the silence.

“Hey,” Fro began, his eyes still fixated on the dark sky above him. “So like… have you heard anything? About… you know…”

The old man lifted up his head. “Unfortunately, I have not.”

“Oh… I see.”

Fro shifted into a fetal position and buried his face into his hands. A heavy groan had escaped him. The old man turned his head and stared at Fro with his closed eyes.

“It’s been almost four years now since that women betrayed you, Fro. And yet, you still continue to search for her?”

Fro removed his hands from his face and shot a serious glare at the old man. “Of course I’m still searching for her! Why shouldn’t I be?”

“I never said you shouldn’t be searching for her. I am simply questioning your motive for doing so. It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken about this subject.”

Fro looked away from the old man with a look of disheartenment. He didn’t know how to respond.

“Do you still believe that she exists in your world?”

“I know she does. I’m sure of it.”

“But how can you be so sure?”

“I don’t know. I just got a gut feeling that she’s out there somewhere.”

“I see... And does your heart still burn with the fire of revenge?”

“It’s deeper than revenge…”


Fro leaned back  and once again returned his gaze to the sky above him. His eyes were sharp with focus as his face stiffened from deep thought. He balled up his fist, shaking with a festering rage.

“I just wanna know why… Why did she turn her back on me… On us… On our family… We had a bond, and she severed it. For years I tried to figure out why, but I could never come to an answer. That’s why I’m searching for her. I need that answer. I need that closure.

“And suppose you do find her and she provides you the closure you so desperately seek. What then?”

“To be honest, I’m not sure. I haven’t thought that far.”

“I see…”

The old man removed his other hand from under his robe and held it out in front of him. Then, a spiral of purple energy formed in his palm, slowly morphing into a silhouette of a blade. Suddenly, the forming blade glowed a brilliant purple, and a second later it’s form was complete. In the old man’s palm was a katana of dark, purple colored steel, with a gold plated guard and a simple black hilt. The old man waved his hand to the left, and reactively, the sword gilded towards Fro, hovering in front of him.

“What’s this? Fro asked, marveling at the blade with questioning eyes.

“It’s a gift.”

“A gift for what exactly?”

“For personally assisting me of course. Out of all my agents who complete contracts on my behalf, you’re the only one to have direct contact with me. And while that is because of my own doing, you could have easily ceased your dealings with me and never visited me again, but you didn’t. And for that, I am grateful.”

“Yeah, I’m still not understanding…”

“Then let’s put it this way then: For thousands of years I’ve been a rather lonely old man, living amongst the wicked in this distorted realm. I once never knew the feeling of having company, and then you appeared, providing me the company I’ve always yearned for. In a way, even though our interactions with one another have been strictly business, I for some reason feel a closeness between us. Foolish, I know, but please accept this gift as an expression of my gratitude.”

Fro grabbed onto the hilt of the blade and felt a disturbing pulse of energy seeping out of it. His hand trembled. The blade was tainted with an evil aura that Fro knew better to reject. However, as suspicious and dangerous as it appeared to be, Fro was a sucker for cool looking stuff. Especially if it was free.

“Does it have a name?” Fro asked as he stared into the blade’s reflection of himself.

“Broken Enigma is it’s name.”

“Broken Enigma? Sounds pretty dope. Does it do anything special?”

“That is for you to discover on your own…”

“ I hate it when you hide stuff from me. Whatever, I’ll take it.”

Fro stood up and took a good look at his new sword. He had never been much of a swordsman, since he much more preferred his fists as a weapon. But then again, slashing his through his foes samurai style looked pretty cool in his head, and he always open to trying out new things.

“Thanks.” Fro said swinging the sword to his side. “Although, I feel like I should be the one expressing some sort of gratitude. I mean, you are the reason I’m even alive right now. I still haven’t paid you back for that.”

“There’s no need. Your continuing assistance is gratitude enough for me. 

A grin had crept out of Fro as he turned away from the old man. He walked towards the end of the cliff and stuck out his hand. In the next instant, a portal appeared before him and he began to walk into it. Suddenly, the old man spoke.

“Before you go, I must warn you of a impending force that will soon threaten your world.”

Fro froze in place upon hearing the old man’s words. “If it’s those 4kids punks, trust me, I’m not worried.”

“ Unfortunately, it is not the individuals you speak of. The ones I speak of are of an entirely different entity of evil. One that should not be taken lightly.”

Fro tilted his head to the left, staring at the old man through his peripheral. “And just who are these guys?”

“I am not certain. For some reason my eyes do not allow me to see them clearly. However, they do exist, and they will be mobilizing soon. Call it a gut feeling, if you will.”

“Will they target MR?”

It’s a possibility, but I am uncertain of that as well.

Fro let out a disappointed sigh. “You know, for a guy who calls himself ‘The Observer,’ who knows about everything that there is to exist, you sure don’t know a whole lot sometimes. Starting to feel like you’ve just been lying to me this whole time.”

“While I do possess the ability to see things beyond my own realm, there are still things even my ancient eyes cannot see. I am still an aging old man after all. Surely you understand.”

“Yeah,” Fro whispered with a sound of disappointment. “I understand. Completely…”

Fro stepped inside of the portal and vanished, the portal vanishing right along with him.The old man was now once again alone in his home, but Fronomenal’s presence had pleased him, leaving a persiting smile on his face. He raised his head and gazed upon the sky above him.

“I wonder… Just how deep will that boy plunge himself into the darkness of his own heart, in order to find that glimmer of light he so desperately seeks…”





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Re: "The Strand of Truth" An MR Short
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Katanas make the world go round. Especially if they're cursed. I've been playing Demon Blade Muramasa on Vita and it really tingled my mind in terms of coming up with cool names for blades and stuff. And oh an awesome webtoon called Knight Run. Quintessential sci-fi sword fighting manhwa, that one is. So good.

Interesting end-note chapter, although I do resent being tricked for something that only cost 5,000 bucks. Dammit what was the contract? And who is said girl? Well, time will tell I suppose.