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Author Topic: Hybrids (Story Idea, need help to develop it)  (Read 35 times)

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Hybrids (Story Idea, need help to develop it)
« on: November 28, 2017, 04:13:20 PM »
This is an idea under process, I want to write a novel and hopefully draw it afterwards.

Synopsis: Angel, a woman that was said to be the bearer of justice, the will of god, even so, she long disappeared from the kingdom of Tartarus during the Red War that occured from the year 674A.V to 677A.V, with the empire failing to defend itself, falling under the kingship of Leonard Asylum. Peace, the feeling of being safe, all of that vanished with the Tartarus kingdom's hero, Angel


After the Red War that had been named as such because of the unforgettable bloodbath that was created, citizens seeing their family and friends die, unable to save them, powerless against the invasion of the new king, Leonard Asylum.

Hundreds of citizens had manage to get in the capital city within the kingdom, it was less dangerous than in the contours, if not dangerous at all.


Butterfly effect: Occurring when a person's cell are transformed after an emotional breakdown, thus, opening the door to an amount of power. The ability to gain a new found power.

Aura: There are four category of Auras; Plus, Minus, Equinox and Phoenix. An Aura is when one control their soul to the fullest and their dreams are unshakable.

Plus: A type of aura that enhance the physical strenght of a person, such as power upgrades and high jumps.

Minus: A type of Aura that enhance the mental strenght of a person, for example, telepathy to a certain extent and decipher an amount of information at incredible speed.

Equinox: A type of Aura that give an element base ability to the user, fire, water, wind and earth.

Phoenix: A type of Aura where one is gifted with a completely different ability than the Equinox, invinsiblity, acids, ect.