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Author Topic: A Fragment of Old History  (Read 284 times)

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A Fragment of Old History
« on: November 16, 2017, 12:38:49 AM »
A rusted blade, a broken shield, a shattered spear, all things to make one feel doomed in a world of war but the eve of battle is the worst. War was never something I wanted to pursue for my kingdom. My father told me as the prince it was my duty to protect the kingdom, it was the same excuse he gave me when he sent me of to learn the craft of the sword. Duty is a volatile excuse men use to justify their actions against the light, duty is what causes men to leave everything they’ve ever cared for in pursuit of some godforsaken sense of honor.
           I am Kal’thus Areamith, Son of the HighLord Vorren Areamith Guardian king of the Kingdom of Havera, the hand of Jorren.
           “The war is coming for you,” a voice from the hall leading away from my quarters echoed. Then I saw him come strolling in. He was a  young man around my age, with short brown hair, and an unforgettable set of transparent blue eyes.
           “Not now Darion, every time you turn up something bad is around the corner,” I replied turning back to my scrolls that lay on the table. Darion was my closest friend, He was a young mage that lived at the Korinthian Spire at the heart of the city.
It was rare to have people worshiping different Jeneye in a city, but Havera was the exception. The people of Havera worshiped the Jeneye Jorren the All Father, also known as the god of light, but the denizens the dwelled at the Korinthian Spire worshiped the Jeneye Malarock the Arcane Sovereign. From what I remember of the story there was a war between the two Factions, over the span of a century the war had destroyed much of Havera’s lands, and claimed all but a small number of the surviving Korinthic magi. At the apex of the war the two Jeneye stepped in to stop the slaughter. In respect to their gods the Pact of Enairethah was formed. The high king of Havera, Enairethah had offered the remaining Korinthic magi sanctuary within the city. Together the two factions mended the city and raised the Korinthian Spire to bind us as one kingdom, and ever seince our two kinds have to lived together in harmony.
“Call it an innocent sense of curiosity that gets us in trouble,” Darion defended
I mocked him replying, “Innocent? I don’t know the Castle maidens see peaking in on their bathing hour innocent”
“The cute one doesn’t seem to mind,” he said rolling his eyes.
“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get the guards to let you in here, I’ve asked them not to let people in this early?” I turned back
“Aw Kal’thus, and here I thought you knew me better then that,” He mocked as a shock went through the air. In an instant he was on the other side of the table looking straight at me.
Ignoring him I spoke, “You know? I remember Grandmaster Grom warning you not to be doing that”
“Ah what does he know? He thinks that just because no one else in the world can do it, that it’s dangerous,” He chuckled quickly snatching the map I had been looking at, “Truth is I think Malarock may just like me more”
“Give me that I'm in the middle of something.” I said as I tried to grab my map back.
“Le’me guess, you noticed the lights in the sky off to the southwest?”
“Um, yeah. Did you notice them?”
“A day or so ago. Kept me from seeing the stars over there.”
“You want to go check it out? Just quickly tonight?”
“Well you took the bait easier then I thought you would, and here I thought we’d have to be here all day to bring it up,”
“You didn’t bait me into that! I was just about to tell you about abit ago and ask you the same thing,” I yelled trying to cover up my pride.
“Suuuuure Kal’thus, just like that one time you were setting of the traps to protect me right?” Laughing I tried to throw a book at him, but to no surprise he simple ported out of the way, “So what do you have planned for today? I was thinking we could run down to the Cathedral graveyard today?”
“A few things today, and are you still looking for the catacombs?”
“I'm telling you, the journal’s onto something,”
“You don’t even know who’s it is, for all you know it could have just been a crazed beggar,”
“About that, I was looking through some of the passages and I'm starting to think it may be Adeptian, does your father know anything about the Adepts?
“He knows the same as everyone. “We praise the Seven for protecting us, the Heretics who would wish our ends. And went to war for our own sake, wrought an end to their reign, and gave us their lands”, just like in the Prayer to the Jeneye. But since you asked I have to go see him in a bit and you could ask him yourself,”
He immediately laughed, and replied, “You know I think the Bishop of Jorren may know a bit more. I mean there’s no reason to bother him right,” and laughed nervously again.
“Well then I guess I’ll see you later then,” I said waving him off
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, hear you,” he said and with a blue light was gone from my room in an instant. It would be best not to keep my father waiting. As I left I marked on the map when I had measured the lights to be hoping that Darion and I would be able to find the source of the lights later tonight.

My father wasn’t a violent man by any means, but he controlled the largest force of men in the entirety of the western empires, possibly in the entire world. Nonetheless I made haste to see his request. Naturally before I entered I listened to make sure I wouldn’t be interrupting anything truly important. Not to much surprise my father was discussing the war, but unexpectedly I heard a voice that I would recognize across a battleground. This particular voice belonged to the younger brother of Areamith family: Keric’thur.
“What do you mean they’re gone?” My father said in disbelief
“I couldn’t explain it to you Vorren. We had been tracking them for 3 months from Drazamirin all the way to the Southern plains of Vergoz, and then nothing. No footpaths, no trails, and no news of their presence anywhere.” Keric replied
My father raised his voice, “Ten thousand demons… a FIFTH of South Reven’s forces just gone nowhere to be found”
“I wish we were that fortunate. Three other Packs reported they’re targets evaporated as well. Realistically we’re looking at forty thousand unaccounted for,” Keric sighed with a sense of regret in his voice.
“Jorren help us, Forty thousand of those…things at the ready,” My father gasped
“I’ll get a missive to the Demari Crusade at Valenare. If anyone one would know about those Sargust worshiping bastards it would be them,”
“I thought you disapproved of them Keric?”
“Their methods brother,”
“They’ve freed three kingdoms of Sargust’s taint,”
“And dozens of villages have been crushed beneath them on their so called Crusade. For the sake of the Jeneye Vorren look around, you know as well as I do that if it weren’t for Jorren claiming this city as pure they’d be here questioning you and killing your people.” Keric cried out
“I must have faith Keric, do not take me for a fool. The light of Jorren will dwindle just as the day fades, and we will need the strength of even the cruelest of us to survive until his dawn’s light returns us to power,”
“Speaking of fools, I feel one has heard enough,”
“And by this you mean?” my father questioned
“It seems in your time at war you have forgotten the way of the insignificant. I'm talking about the shadow at the door that’s been listening to us for the past minuet or so. Usually I would have brought it up sooner but your son does have a discernable shape. I figured I wouldn’t hurt to hear such things. Best come in now Kal’thus,” Keric said with by the looks of it nothing less then a smirk on his face.
In my haste to listen in I had forgotten to conceal myself. Of course Keric was a master of subtlety, no doubt if it wasn’t my shadow it would have been my breathing he had heard, or a change in the air. Even in shame a prince must be confident.
“You’ve only now seen me? It has been five days since I started trailing you, but I do have to ask about the bar maiden.” I lied as I entered
“How could you?... It was a one-night thing. Did she say something? Who was it who told you?” He asked in befuddlement
“You did just now,” I said laughing. At the look on Keric’s face as he realized He had just been duped
“If you two are finished for now I do have something to discuss,”
“Yes my lord,” Keric and I replied in unison
“Now then, thankfully Kal’thus overheard my concerns about South Reven’s forces there’s no need to repeat myself.
To be honest I'm afraid about what Sargust is planning, and I am not about to stand around twiddling my thumbs waiting for his Damned followers to finally attack. I want to get them to flinch; the only way I think I could get that to happen is if I hit them hard. The way I see it is Sargust is a proud Jeneye, and wont stand to have one of his chapel’s razed. Now we know there’s only ten thousand demons we can find at the moment if we take those out Sargust will start to get nervous maybe even reveal where he’s been keeping his force’s. After we’ve done significant damage there we withdraw and wait to see what he does. After the smoke clears we lead a large amount of our men to the closest Sargustian Chapel: Merith point 5000 kilometers due south.
“But it’s a child’s temple what makes you think he even cares about it?” I asked
“I’ve been having my spies keep an eye on it. They’ve noticed that every few months or so they light their lighthouse beacon, but no one ever seems to arrive. We’ve been thinking it may be an Attendance ritual, much like our own Dawnbreaker ceremony. Where we douse every light in the city to shroud the city in the darkness of night before Jorren arrives. Sargust is making appearances there for some reason but at the moment I couldn’t tell you what. ” Keric answered quickly
My father continued, “If we strike there slowly, I believe Sargust will send a large chunk of his remaining forces. I doubt he would send them all. But we can only pray for such luck. When they arrive we could take out as many as we can to thin out their numbers. If all else fails we would have at least made a large enough impact in their numbers to please The All Father himself, and grant us sanctuary when we pass unto the Void, and I will have died knowing I made him proud before my passing,”
“But with your father’s men and mine, a few thousand mindless demons should be no problem,” Keric assured
With all this talk of “Their” war I began to wonder, “So what does this have to do with me?” I questioned
“Well my son there comes a day when all princes need to fight along side his men both for their, and your own sake.  I figured if you were to start anywhere a battle worth remembering would be the best to begin your legend. You would be in no real danger of course Keric would be with you, I would lead you myself but the men need me. And to tell you the truth Keric is ten times the warrior I am. No one else would be better suited for keeping you safe,” My father spoke as he gestured toward Keric whom took a small bow.
“So when is this going to take place?” I pondered.
“I’m going to send some of my men out in the morning they’re going to find the remaining ten thousand demons. They’ll let me know when the best time to strike will be. From that we’ll move in, and destroy them. From my guess it shouldn’t take more then three weeks to decide we’ll have until then to relax.
“It will be a trivial war, no need to fret to much over it,” my father assured. After that I decided I would have to ask my father if I could go out with Darion tonight to investigate the lights.
“Father? If you wouldn’t mind I have a few things to ask you, not that the talk of battle isn’t interesting I was just hoping you could answer a few things for me,” \
“But of course Kal’thus,” my father replied. He then turned toward Keric, “that will be all for now, feel free to return to whatever it is you wish to do,” He said. Keric took a bow and walked out of the room, “Now what is it you wish to ask me?”
“Darion has been running across a few artifacts recently, he seems to be under the impression that they have something to do with the Adepts. Is there anything you could tell me about them? Strictly for knowledge’s sake of course.” I asked
“If you were anyone else I would say I know no more then everyone else, there’s no need to frighten the towns folk with stories of monsters. I do suppose if you are going to be king there is a lesson to be learned from their stories,” he said striding over to his throne.
“The Adepts were an ancient race, for thousands perhaps millions of years they ruled over our kind, the Tori, and the humans as well. The Adepts were powerfully fearsome beasts; they could tap into the power of all seven planes simultaneously, as where we can only tap into one for our entire lifespan. They controlled our kind relentlessly and when we stepped out of line they destroyed the irritant. It continued this way until Sargust, a lone man stood up to one of them. Inevitably he lost and was severally injured in the battle, but he was able to do considerable damage to the Adept. This act of bravery inspired others to see that the adepts could be beaten. Six other Tori stood with him. These seven Tori would become gods after defeating all the Adpets, The Seven Jeneye:
Sargust the Demon lord
Vulkara Leader of the Valkerie
Slynara the Earthmother
Vezziel the Planestrider
Jorren the All Father
Malarock the Arcane Sovereign
And Garra The Lost God of Time
“Each one a god of the Plane they rule. And this is the story of how the Jeneye came to be. Rebels at first but gods in their resilience,” My father said preaching to his own choir, “Is that all you want to know?”
           “So long as it doesn’t come with a speech as well I was hoping that Darion and I could go and investigate some lights in the sky that we’ve been noticing tonight. They aren’t that far away, just a bit outside the city walls in the forests to the south,” I asked
           “Well it would not be wise for me to let my son out so late, and so far away. Though I heard that the guard of section three has been falling asleep on the job lately. Perhaps I should do something about that some day,” he said with a large grin on his face
           “Thank you my lord,” I said bowing
           “Now go the day is young and there is much you should be doing,” He said waving me off.
           And so I left to enjoy the rest of the Sunlight