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Author Topic: My new Shonen - ASTRAL  (Read 229 times)

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My new Shonen - ASTRAL
« on: November 12, 2017, 04:03:23 PM »
Hey guys, so I’m starting my new Shonen adventure - ASTRAL. I’ve put about 3 years worth of time into creating this story and I’m hoping it’ll pay off. I just wanted to share the first piece of lore with you all - I’ll be posting a lot more on here as the time goes on and I get closer to the first issue release date, currently aimed for mid 2018 as we put the finishing touches on the art side of things. So, let me know what you think! :) the goal is to create a fantastic Manga that touches on darker themes, invokes your emotions and makes you tied to the characters all set in a cyber-Punkish, diverse and expansive world rich with lore all while maintaining the classic Shonen feel and, of course, badass fight scenes that make the hairs on your arms stand up. Thanks for taking the time to read ??

-The Astral Team


Nearly 600 years ago, in an age where Monsters and Beasts ruled the world and humanity was on the brink of extinction, one man took the fate of the world into his own hands. He became one with the monsters, transfusing their Blood into his own body - and gaining a power unlike anything the world had never seen. This man, the First Hunter, traveled the World protecting humanity from the monsters at their doors. But it quickly became apparent that he could not stem the tide on his own - he needed heirs, humans willing to sacrifice their humanity for the greater good and thus, the Hunters Guild was born. Humans that were injected with the Blood of the Beasts via Transfusion, that gave them strength, speed and endurance of godly proportions. As more Hunters were born, the tide of the war began to change - Hunters of extraordinary talent and strength, leagues above anyone else of their ilk - dubbed Astral Hunters due to their power rivaling that of Gods - emerged, and humanity was once again the dominate race. But, as always, humanity could not help but show its roots.
With the stemming of the Monsters humanity instead turned their attention to their own selfish desires - power, wealth, lust. These traits once forgotten re-emerged, only now, stronger than ever. Individual nations began to breed and spawn their own private Hunters Guilds, not as tools to save humanity, but instead as private militarized units built to serve the needs and wants of their nation. And as Nations began to have their own means of protection, they had no further need of the Astral Hunters - and instead, began to fear them for their power. The Astral Hunters, who began to see Humanity for what it truly was, started The Court - a new monarchy meant to keep humanity in check. But the 7 Nations would not give up their power so easily. They banded together, and the Astral Hunt began. The once - protectors of humanity were hunted down, one by one, their souls stolen from their mortal shells and harvested as a means to create the ultimate weapon. In agreement, each Nation was given a single Astral Spirit, which could be placed within an individual to create an Astral Host. These Hosts were means of incredible weaponry for each Nation. The age of the Astral Hunters had seemingly ended - and the age of the 7 Great Nations had begun. But All was not as it seemed - for in the shadows, a darkness stirred. And a chain of events that would soon change the world forever was about to be set in motion... and its up to the most unlikely person, a boy, to stop it.

Astral will follow the foibles of Protagonist Asuko Soren, an untalented boy who is, unbeknownst to him, an Astral Host - and the Host Of the most powerful Astral Huntress, Lucia. Asuko will give whatever it takes to become the next Guardian of his Hunter City, Gaiza. But how far will he have to go, and what is he willing to sacrifice to get there? He will need to learn not only how to control and master the power within him, but also learn what it truly means to be a Hunter, and how much that word truly means to him.


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Re: My new Shonen - ASTRAL
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2017, 12:02:14 PM »
This sounds awesome! I will definitely read it!