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Author Topic: IronTitans: Robot Fighting Champions (Manga Series)  (Read 37 times)

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IronTitans: Robot Fighting Champions (Manga Series)
« on: November 12, 2017, 01:35:38 PM »
Hello All....

My name is Johnny Smith. I am the creative director of SVA Games & SVA Inc. I'm also the creator of IronTitans: Robot Fighting Champions.  SVA is a startup transmedia team who's core team has been together for almost four years now. Our team members have worked on IPs such as Voltron, Transformers, Skyrim, Sniper 3, TMNT, and more.

10 years ago, the world was first introduced to the IronTitans - advanced robots built to be integrated into modern society.
The IronTitans found a place in Ares City. With their help, Ares became a beacon of cultural and technological innovation. 
Doctors. Engineers. Outsiders. Fighters. The IronTitans have found a place in almost every part of Ares life. But nothing compares to the IronTitans’ most renowned spectacle: the Robot Fighting Championship. 
Now, as something sinister awakens in the city, the new era calls for a new hero. The new world needs the IronTitans.

We are correctly developing the comic series and manga series along with our first RPG video game beginning with the Genesis story arc. Genesis is the very beginning of the IronTitans story and we have gathered a team of artist for throughout the entertainment industry. IronTitans has captured the attention of Anime/Manga publishers such as Viz Media and Crunchyroll and we are due to launch the comic book series and video game this spring 2018.

We are seeking a few writers to join us in writing the Genesis manga which will diver into the deeper stories of IronTitans, particularly the underground world and the story of the IronTitan technology creators, Dr. Takahashi & Dr. Gurov.

The comic book series is being written and illustrated by Keoni Chavez (Electronic Arts/Atari) & Dan Khanna (Transformers). The IronTitans: Genesis comic series is the main series for fans and gamers and will be presented to IDW, Image, and Darkhorse comic book publishers.

The IronTitans: Genesis manga will be either self-published or published by Viz Media.

This is a post-payment opportunity as we are preparing to meet with Viz Media for a third time to solidify a large seed investment and begin work on the IronTitans anime series.

If you are interested in joining us, please know that we are seeking writers for the long-term and that payments for writing will be made once we secure our first set of seed investments (valued at over $3 million).

You can visit our website here:

Please submit the following:
- resume
- 3 writing examples
- 3 references 

email us at svagamesincPLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL
Only serious inquiries contact us please.