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Author Topic: [COLLAB] CO ARTIST NEEDED  (Read 699 times)

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« on: November 11, 2017, 08:21:52 AM »
Hello all,I am working on a project with another writer,where I am drawing and I'm looking for another artist who would be interested in joining us to work on the project.if you want more information or art examples please pm me or comment.cant wait to hear from you ^^

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« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2017, 07:53:51 AM »
Edit with the Docs app
Make tweaks, leave comments, and share with others to edit at the same time.
Chapter One
Page One(1)
Panel One
A wide angle shot.
Full page.
Focused in a pub or bar like setting.

Ruth Thought Bubble Below:
“These two could become quite useful… What to do… What to do…?”
New Page(2)
Panel One
A small top frame to the left that looks like a square.
It focuses on the wanted poster.
The bounty on this man is worth $1.6 million. He is wanted dead or alive basically.
Panel Two
A side right frame on the top of the page.
Shows Elaine looking at the poster.
She looks troubled. 
Elaine Thought Bubble Below
“I can’t fight him with with my magic…!”
Panel Three
A left frame that takes up half the bottom page.
Shows Ruth walking towards Elaine.
Her stride and the air around her radiates confidence, remember that.
Ruth Thought Bubble
“They’ll do for pawns…”
Panel Four
A right frame that shows Ruth grabbing Kisho by his collar.
In this one, Ruth still seems confident but she also doesn’t show much interest in anything else but these two.
New Page(3)
Panel One
A top frame that takes up half the page.

Ruth’s Thought Bubble
“If she doesn’t comply it’ll be hard to find another pawn with healing magic…”
Panel Two
A bottom half frame that’s to the left.
Dialogue incorporated.
Shows Elaine turning around to face Ruth and Kisho.
Elaine: I’m a little busy…!
Ruth: I know
Panel Three
A bottom half frame to the right.
Dialogue incorporated.
Ruth still seems calm in this frame, her expression shouldn’t really change.
Ruth: Me and this… guy can help you with that guy…
Elaine: Seriously!?
Elaine Thought Bubble
“Lucky!~ Super lucky!~”
New Page(4)
Panel One
Let’s make this a transitional frame. The transitional frame will put the scene in Ruth’s room.
Let’s make this a top large frame if possible.
Should include some awkward silence.

Panel Two
A side left panel suggested here that should focus on Ruth breaking the ice first.
Dialogue incorporated.
Ruth: “I’m Ruth Haynes”
Panel Three & Four
The last two panels should focus on Kisho and Elaine’s introductions.
Though the dialogue can be kept as simple as Panel Two, thought bubbles can be added - verify all thought bubbles before incorporating them.
New Page(5)
Panel One
A side left panel - medium size.
Focuses on Ruth’s face mainly.
Ruth: “Though, we agreed to help you capture this man…”
Panel Two & Three
Given an extra panel for this one, might need another one but just let me know if you become confused about anything or if something seems off.
These panels will focus on Ruth picking up the paper and studying it closely to be frank.
Ruth: “I can give you my share in exchange for your…”
Ruth: “Loyalty”
By the time Ruth says “Loyalty,” she should be looking at Elaine and in this case, Elaine should seem interested.
Panel Four - Six
Given extra panel room for this scene.
Should focus on Elaine and Kisho now seeming disinterested in what Ruth has to offer if she is not willing to pay a heavy price.
Elaine: My loyalty comes at a high price
Kisho: As does mine
For the Elaine and Kisho panel, I would suggest using two small frames as close ups. If you are confused about the positioning then please let me know and I can show you.
The last panel, Panel Six, should focus on Ruth beginning to lay out what she’s willing to give them.
Ruth: I will give you all that you desire. Money. Booze. Everything and all things will be given to you in exchange for your absolute loyalty
New Page(6)
Panel One
I would go with a large top frame here.
Should focus on Elaine and Kisho considering Ruth’s offer.
Elaine’s Thought Bubble
“Anything…? Even the Queen’s crown that’s been passed down for generations?”
Kisho’s Thought Bubble
“Booze… All the booze I can drink…”
Panel Two - Four
For this, I’ve given some wiggle room in the frame area.
In this area, I want both Kisho and Elaine to readily accept the offer thus tying them to Ruth.
Elaine + Kisho: Shall we get started then?