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Author Topic: Story of Satan  (Read 1118 times)

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Story of Satan
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:06:00 AM »
So your here to know about Satan ?

Let's Start with his parents well hmm you think Satan have parents ? Well not really he was created by the purest of black Orb that is the rarest of any Orb in this whole universe that is why he is different.
I didn't mention it in the previous chapters but angels had no gender only Lucifer is an exception All angels are created by Elemental Orbs and pure energy. Well Satan is exceptional too cause the Orb he was created from holds the most purest Dark and evil energy so to balance his excitens Lucifer had to be born. Well let's talk about that some other time shall we now it's focus on Satan. So he appeared as a little kid. Start living in heaven. From th beginning he (I am saying he cause it's looks odd if I say it) showed extreme talent and knowledge about different things then especially Black Magic. That gain him the title of the Black book of Magic. There was no dark magic in the universe he didn't know. That was the starting of his adventure. As you know Satan is Lucifer's counterpart so as Lucifer was born and was raised by God from childhood to adulthood so was Satan. When he was just a little kid he discovered a planet where people have same vibes as he do. That was the Dark Angels planet.

 Satan asked the almighty what is the reason of there excitens ? The almighty replied "where there's light there is Darkness". They are the balance between of the Angels, Gardian Angels. Then Satan asked why do so ? Almighty replied my child there is needs to be balanced excitens of every being or they will Parrish in no time. One last Question. Can I visit here from time to time I feel like I can learn more if I stay here. The almighty replied My child heaven is your home. But if you truly wish to visit this planet in search of knowledge I don't have any reason to stop you. Satan replied Thank you oh Almighty.

From then on he learned the darkness of his heart feelings like hatred, Anger, Jealousy, Griff etc negative feelings theater he wouldn't have learned in Heaven his home. Then he realized why are there no negative feelings in heaven ? does that mean heaven is incomplete ?

Satan went to the the almighty and asked. Almighty please tell me is heaven incomplete ? With an interesting kind of laughing voice Almighty replied what are you referring to Satan ? What did you feel is not complete here ?
Satan replied I have learned every negative emotions from the dark angels world I also learned there here are happiness too so happiness and sadness, negative and positive can excited together right ? But I Never would have learned it here in heaven. Because those feelings doesn't excited here not even a single bit (he is talking about the negative feelings). The almighty said I am glad you learned something new but heaven don't need negative feelings cause it have a  counterpart. It's a place called Hell.

You will find even more negative emotions that you learned from the Dark Angels world if you wanna visit I can grant you access to the place. Thank you almighty I am glad I saw the place hell and now I feel complete. Almighty said I am glad you Learn them. Someday I shall appoint you to the this place to maintain them. Your the only one right now who is curious and knowledgeable enough to do it. Satan replied I would be glad to.  Almighty said for now learn more and more, there's no limits to knowing something new . Also I have a job for you.

 You can call it your 1st Trial as the leader of the Angels.(that's right he was the original leader if all angels Long before Lucifer). The almighty said so I want you to teach all the Angels about this feeling's you have learned and see who adapt them and who ignores them. think of it as an experiment I am sure you also wanna know don't you. Satan replied Almighty did you read my mind or something I was thinking the same thing. That's how feelings was born in Angels and that's the reason Lucifer was born. Without realizing Satan helped Almighty to create Lucifer. So back to the experiment Satan gathered everyone around and said it's the wish of the almighty and my order to you I shall teach you about emotions but your Free to accept or ignore it.

The results where unexpected then expected 90% of them accepted this feelings and 10% didn't. This 10% later become almighty's most trusted Angels or Guardian Angels to be honest they didn't have any emotions no happiness no sadness they only believed in 1 thing and one thing only that Almighty there createor if the order is from Almighty that is a must do they will not or should I say don't have that option in them to deny that's how they were build and there's only a few of them.

So Satan noticed those 10% and knew rightaway it's not possible to teach them. Even if I teach them they will only Learn cause the almighty said so not because they wanted to. Even though Satan did his best to teach them. And they learned it but as Satan expected it was due Almighty's orders. So Satan grew up learning many things eventually he got the most important roles like protecting and taking care of The Spring of Life then maintening Hell(not an easy job I will let you know) there was an Odd job he was assigned to once it's one of the important job but really funny if you imagine Satan do it that job was entertainment of heaven he was in charge of it. And surprisingly really good too. Several light years past Satan and Lucifer is the bestest friend they did everything together they understand each other and never hide anything from each other.

After after sometime Satan's and Lucifer's disagreement with almighty event happens. Satan was astonished to see Earth. The planet he saw when he was little it was the opposite of that planet (Dark angels planet (sorry couldn't think of a name for the planet yet)) so as he was stroling around the he saw strange things like Plants, Dinosaurs, Insicts etc kinds he never saw or heard about in heaven or hell one any other places.

As he done scouting the planet he said to Lucifer that he was going out for work then left Earth. He arrived in heaven seeing those 2 Human wondering around here and there soon the almighty appears before them telling to them what is forbidden here and where not to go.
(Just like angels humans also didn't have any shapes and sizes or gender).

The 1st forbidden place was a garden where different kinds of fruits grow in Golden trees
Trees maybe the same but fruits are not. different kinds of fruits have different effects some are eternal some will vanish before you know it just like cotton candy. So what do you think Satan did ?

He lured the humans to absorb the fruits not just any fruit tho it was called the fruit of lust absorbing them means permanent or eternal change in there appearen. That's how Human being got there shapes and gender (speaking of gender Satan could transfrom himself into a beautiful maiden that could fool anyone who see him as a girl and never suspect a thing) (you should be thanking Satan for what he done or there wouldn't be any male or female in human kind ) so the Almighty came to them and said you have broken the one thing I told you not to do. For that you are not acceptable in heaven you are banished. Go to Earth and live there that's your punishment make your own race and serve me pray to me for forgiveness I shall grant you access in heaven once more. if you refrain from doing the mistakes you did here and don't do it in Earth I shall forgive you. Satan in mind (I feel sorry for Lucifer but it was to be done I want Almighty to understand no matter how many chances you give them they won't change ).

That was the start of humanity to live in Earth. Well not quite the start cause you remember those humans from before the failed experiments. Well they are our beloved neanderthal what we believe to be an ancesistor of human,(your not wrong human scientists not wrong at all).

As Lucifer use his wish to create a world for fellow fallen and ancient Earthlings also called the Dark world/Spirit world. Lucifer choose Satan to be 2nd in command. By doing so he did the right thing but Satan had other plans.

It was unusual but Satan but he fall in love with a human girl and would see here every now and then changing his apparence as a young boy who learns philosophy near the area the girl live. Even Lucifer didn't know of it but leter found out. Then he was happy and mad(Lucifer I mean) Lucifer said I am your best friend and you didn't tell me ??? I do not like humans that doesn't mean you have to also you could have told me. (Tho Lucifer too had secrets that Satan knew but never asked or mentioned) so he just keept quiet and and said sorry then Lucifer Clam down and said you can do whatever you want it's your eternal life.

After that Satan start living in Earth with that girl and didn't return to the spirit world after that.

After that Lucifer loose his body in the battle of the fallen Human and Angel. Then Lucifer too start living in the human World.

Back to Satan as I said he had other plans and that plan was to takeover the spirit world and rule over it with Lucifer gone it's easy as taking candy from a baby. After he took over the Dark world changed greatly well it was not a bad change. So he is still the current ruler of the spirit world.

This is the 3rd chapter of  Rise of the fallen Angels
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