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Author Topic: The Manimal's Halloween Rock Down  (Read 1408 times)

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The Manimal's Halloween Rock Down
« on: October 24, 2017, 05:08:21 PM »
Time to do another gimmicky and silly Manimal thing! The Halloween week rock down 7 on 7, whatever name you wanna call it. I post 7 cool songs by a cool band that fit the season for the next 7 days. You don't really care, but I do it anyway for fun. Because we gotta get seasonal somehow, if it's Halloween then it's time to rock. But not...like death metal...no no, good stuff by Manimal's estimation.

Let's begin...

Day 1

My Last Words
  • By my estimation the most bad ass thrash song of all time is here. A full speed finale to Peace Sells, "My Last Words" does not let up once it gets started. Beginning with a very cool figure on the intro, things quickly get wild. Fast paced, hard rocking, the verses led by the bassline. Dave sings off a desperate game of Russian Roulette, a shot away from death. One to crank.

Train Of Consequences
  • My favorite Megadeth song, Youthanasia is a great record with lots of catchy melodies and riffs. This chuggy song has a great groove and...well if you never warmed up to Dave's vocals his "loaf pitching" style on the chorus won't change your mind now, but this song is rad regardless! Listen to Marty's smooth solo! Megadeth where easily able to fit into the alt scene of the 90's, a lot better then Metallica would. It was in the 90's when Dave finally out did his old bandmates.


The Skull Beneath The Skin
  • Megadeth's debut sounds pretty poor but man do the songs rip. With a fierce technical style of riffing and an angry snarl, Dave was out for revenge. This song tells the bloody tale of Megadeth's mascot character Vic Rattlehead. Good stuff. 


The Conjuring
  • Dave is scared of this song. Lyrically a tale of black magic, which is something Dave takes very seriously. The track is riff heavy, with plenty of change-ups. The tap harmonics in the beginning are my favorite part, a great song for the season. Along with Good Mourning/Black Friday, this is one track you will never hear Megadeth play again.

  • The chorus of this song was my ringtone from 2014 to a few months ago when I changed it to the chorus of "Dirty Boots". By far the most catchy of Megadeth's songs, it rides a solid chugging rhythm with some cool leads all around. But it's all about that chorus...

Ashes In Your Mouth
  • Picking just one song to showcase from Countdown To Extinction is no easy game. But the all out finale, Ashes In Your Mouth stands as one remarkable jam. Another song with multiple sections of juicy riffs, and a brilliant harmony solo! Dave and Marty trade off until it suddenly breaks into this video game sounding lead out of nowhere, it's really the most stunning moment on the record. Awesome stuff.

Tornado Of Souls
  • If you ask me what the best metal solo of all time is...I would say Crazy Train...but next up would be Marty's stunning lead on Tornado Of Souls! The smoothness, the mastery, and the scale jumping combined with melodic brilliance. The rest of the song is one of the better put together on Rust In Peace, lots of great riffs and an overall cool structure that takes it easily to 5 minutes. But it's all build up to 3:09!
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The Manimal's Halloween Rock Down (Day 2)
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 08:27:47 AM »
Day 2

Creatures Of The Night
  • KISS welcome in their heaviest album with the thunderous drums of Eric Carr, exploding across your speakers as the slow chug of the title track plods along. Paul sounds fierce, with new energy, commanding out to the listener. Creatures is one of KISS' most on point openers, with a cool melodic guitar bridge and a faster style of soloing never seen in the Ace era. Creatures marks the beginning of KISS' third chapter.

  • KISS unmasked in 1983, and throughout the decade Paul would emerge as the driving force of the band. Dancing along in the music videos, KISS fit in perfectly with the glammy rock scene they had helped inspire, but the album's didn't match up thanks in part to a lazy Gene Simmons. This changed with Revenge, the first KISS album to open with a Gene song, and a damn good one. Unholy is a well written heavy track with one of Bruce's most memorable leads, and an awesome demotic performance from Gene.


  • Ace Frehley penned Parasite rips it up on KISS' second and most rock n' roll album, Hotter Then Hell. With a slimy riff, excellent drum groove and badass bridge. Ace's solo is killer, he rips it up all over this album. In such a raw and fiery element, the song is a great example of early KISS. Even if the album doesn't have good production the performances shine through.


I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)
  • KISS where playing catch-up by the time they got to their second non-make up album Animalize. But with one hella awesome opener, the record catches your attention right away. An urgent track with the classic chug and Paul Stanley command. It features one of the best bridges in a KISS song that gives way to Mark St. John's vomit of guitar note solo, which while a bit over the top is still very cool. In his prime Paul was one of rock's best voices.

Almost Human
  • Love Gun is KISS' cartoon character album, which is why I love it so much. It's Meet The Beatles but with the KISS characters, everyone has a song and everyone is in their element. Gene goes full demon with the oddly groovy and cool Almost Human. There are a lot of cool features like his bassline, the gong, the oddly high background vocals and Ace's ripping backwards guitar solo. An interesting song in the band's 70's discography.

  • On Psycho Circus the grunge elements from the band's previous album slipped in, creating some heavier and darker moments like the big slow stomper Within. Once more this is demon Gene with a massive sounding riff and menacing beat. It has a cool change-up into the solo and is just...a really cool song!

Rocket Ride
  • Four glorious minutes of classic KISS gold. Ace is full space with his flanger boosted guitars, blasting off with a wicked solo. Like much of the band's work it's a big rock song about the narrator's cock. This time it's galactic. "GRAB A HOLD OF MY ROCKET!" Ace screams before the solo. It's a silly innuendo but wow does it ever work to great effect. The production of the studio side of Alive II is great, with an awesome live band ending to finish.
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The Manimal's Halloween Rock Down (Day 3)
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2017, 08:39:23 AM »
Day 3

Dream Warriors
  • Of course no Halloween themed list of any kind can be complete without the best 80's horror movie song of all time, Dream Warriors! A fantastic, just straight up cool track with great riffs, a flying chorus and fun semi "spooky"
     feel. Man, I just love this song. WE'RE THE DREAM WARRIORS! *Dream War-rrriors* WE AIN'T GONNA DREAM NO MORE! This has been one of my top favorite songs ever since 2007. A pre-KISS classic for me!

Into The Fire
  • Also featured in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3, this fine cut from Tooth And Nail has great acoustic verses and rocking choruses. It sounds a bit like "Don't Fear The Reaper", with some 80's keyboards in the back to aid it. One of the silliest YouTube comments I saw on a video of it was, "this is the song we cranked when I drove to my coke dealers' house and blasted his head off with a shotgun". I am certain it was not real, but now I can't help but think of that comment whenever I hear the song.


The Hunter
  • George Lynch was a fine guitar player with a great ability to create riffs cool enough to drive the entire song. His playing is great on this track, a bit of a slower and shinier feel. It's a catchy song as always. Dokken where a weird band in the hair metal era as they never had a good image, and though their music fits in with the scene in terms of production they are not quite as glam as your, Motley Crues or Poisons. They where so much better then those bands on every level.


Kiss Of Death
  • The band's best (and last good) album Back For The Attack rips in with the longer and deadlier "Kiss Of Death". The album begins with these meatier songs, running a minute or 2 longer then the average track on the previous albums. It's all good stuff with some more of those epic Don Dokken vocals.

Just Got Lucky
  • BOBOBO. DUH NUH, NUH, NUH. One of the band's better known songs rips in with an instantly grabbing melodic guitar passage, played smoothly to perfection. The rhythm playing is really solid on this track and in general it has all the right elements that made Dokken good.

Burning Like A Flame
  • "Don't cha know that it's ouuuuuur love that's burning, burning like a flame". How many songs have used this metaphor? Our love is burning hot, burning love, like a candle, burning, passion, you know all that nonsense. But it's all good here. BEWARE CHEESY VIDEO OVERLOAD.

Will The Sun Rise
  • Under Lock And Key ends with a softer song about nuclear winter. It's a really solid song, the drums are a little too 80's on much of their albums, but the tunes where good as always. You can always sing along with a Dokken song really easily.
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The Manimal's Halloween Rock Down (Day 4)
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2017, 09:13:02 AM »
Day 4

Where Eagles Dare
  • This song has a perfect intro, dropping in on feedback, with a very bass heavy sound. I AIN'T NO GOD DAMN SON OF A BITCH! I don't know what "you better think about" is thinking about, but this song is fantastic.


Teenagers From Mars
  • WE DON'T CARE! Literally they do not care. This song highlights the Misfits power very well with it's simple but effective power chord progressions, Danzig's melodies are on point and catchy, it's a fast blast of great punk! Of the different recordings this one is good for the speed while the other is good for the over powering bassline.

Astro Zombies
  • I feel like if anyone who wears a Misfits shirt and doesn't know them actually listened to a song like this...they would be even happier to own that shirt. Astro Zombies once more shows all that's great about the band, from Danzig's powerful voice to the Johnny Ramone gone mad guitar stylings.


Die, Die My Darling
  • Metallica's cover may be more well known, but you can't beat the original. The best part is the fricking SOS guitar pinging in the back, which gives the track a unique quality. The guitars sound gross on this track, it's awesome. The composition to is a little more refined.

Death Comes Ripping
  • Misfits do hardcore punk, with a faster tempo and more raw and intense sound, Death Comes Ripping is less on the catchy singalong melodies from before, and more on shear aggression and speed that hardcore offers. The band where able to do this quite well.

Last Caress
  • Another classic moment, with Danzig's "shock" lyrics and the chord progression of Blitzkrieg Bop. I've saw someone take this song as being about an abortionist...which is an interesting reading. There is so little to say on all these tracks...it's just awesome stuff man.

We Are 138
  • If you ask me there is no better Misfits song then fricking WE ARE 138! WE ARE 138! WE AAAAREE 133300000008! What does it mean? I dunno but this 1:38 minute long song rocks to all hell, it's the perfect blast of powerful catchy punk. Listen to those amazing down picked guitars and the...simply...stunning...lead. WE ARE DIRTY APE!

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The Manimal's Halloween Rock Down (Day 5)
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2017, 05:23:50 PM »
Day 5

The Number Of The Beast
  • I had to begin with the most obvious choice. It's not Halloween until you listen to SIX! SIX SIX! THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST! One of the band's better known and awesome songs, with a really unique drum beat and fantastic set of spooky lyrics. An epic moment, followed by an even more epic moment (Run To The Hills) on the record!


The Wicker Man
  • Maiden weren't messing around when Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith returned. Going through the 90's virtually unknown, The Wicker Man is a fiery return into the 2000's with a sharp to the point tune, catchy riffs and general awesome rocking. Unfortunately it's one of the only too the point and well paced songs of Iron Maiden's, awesome but a little over the top run of 2000's albums.

The Evil That Men Do
  • Listen to this song twice and you'll be singing along. With great melodies, Maiden's Seventh Son album is full of awesome catchy tunes. The Evil That Men Do is one of the best tunes, Bruce sounds awesome as ever here before he went to far on the following two records.


2 Minutes To Midnight
  • Again highlighting the band's great ability to make awesome rock songs with simple effective riffs. The lyrics are great, melodies fantastic and a chorus you don' forget. The middle is awesome as well, with Nicko's splashing china.

Infinite Dreams
  • One of the band's best moments, a proggy song with a lot of parts in just 6 minutes. The drum parts are even catchy, with story telling lyrics and basically all the classic Maiden elements in one go. A fine song.

The Trooper
  • How can you not put The Trooper when you talk about Maiden? Everyone who knows rock knows this song...because it's fricking fantastic. The classic guitar harmonies, ripping trade off solo, awesome verses and vocals,
     there is not a bad thing about this track. As perfect as Iron Maiden ever got...besides the next one...

Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • I believe this is the band's greatest song. One of the best metal songs ever as well. It rides the dynamics and is one of the best album closers there is. Bruce sings of a man being executed, he goes through all the emotions until the dramatic end. When the narrator dies the instrumental kicks in, Bruce only returning to shout HEY EH EH, EH EHHH! HALLOWED BE THY NAME! This song is just too good.

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The Manimal's Halloween Rock Down (Day 6)
« Reply #5 on: October 29, 2017, 07:20:35 PM »
Day 6

(He's Back) The Man Behind The Mask
  • The great cheesy Halloween song from Alice Cooper, featured in the fun cheesy Friday The 13th : Jason Lives. Where Dokken's Dream Warriors could be about anything this song doesn't hide that it's a full on Jason song, down to the chichichi hahaha. It was actually my favorite song of all time for a bit in 2007, listen to that bass! A good fun song.


Teenage Frankenstein
  • Also in Jason Lives is another sort of Jason song featured on Constrictor. He's got a head made of rock, listen to those keybaords! This is more Alice's cheesy era, versus his rock n' roll old stuff, and it is before his sound was too overproduced with the album Trash.

Halo Of Flies
  • When Alice Cooper was a band they where fantastic, and Halo Of Flies is a killer cut from the album...Killer. A fantastic rock album with lots of dynamics and cool tunes like this one!


Cold Ethyl
  • It's hard to find working links for Alice songs, this one might not work either. But Cold Ethyl is a fun cowbell rock song about necrophilia. Good times? Eh dunno about that but the song is fun.

Under My Wheels
  • The hard driving, instantly jiving jam that openers Killer. A high energy rocker with lots of cool bits!

Welcome To My Nightmare
  • Alice gets smooth on his fantastic record's title track, a very spooky and cool album that had tons of creativity. Right before his solo career got a whole lot less interesting.

Hello Hooray
  • A great tune from Billion Dollar Babies, fun rock and great vocals from Alice also! He has a lot of albums but that early stuff, with a healthy dose of 80's, is what you need for Halloween jams from the man!