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Author Topic: Powder Puff Delinquents (WIP)  (Read 316 times)

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Powder Puff Delinquents (WIP)
« on: October 13, 2017, 12:44:21 AM »
So this is an idea I've cooked up and I'm wondering what people think of it. The basic premis is first and a rough of the first scene is after. I don't have much experience writing in a screenplay format, nor do I have experience writing for manga (I don't really have experience of any kind) so if anyone has any tips on how I might fix it up and make it better, I'd be very appreciative.

Also I can't draw anything (not even stick figures) so I will be looking for an artist to colab with on the whole project. If you happen to be an artist and this seems like a project you'd like to bring to life, and I don't seem too annoying, then please feel free to message me. I'd love to meet new people to work on stories with.

To give a long tl;dr, it's a shonen style story that centers around a group of junior high kids participating in several games of powder puff football for charity all summer. The kicker is that one team is comprised of all star female athletes while the other are a group of delinquent boys and one "top of the class" boy. Needless to say, they are slaughtered every game. Oh, and did I mention the boys are forced to wear frilly dresses when they play?

The basic plot is a group of boys, 10 delinquents with varying personalities and rap sheets, and 1 top student who thought he was volunteering for charity work as a resume booster, are conscripted by their school to help out a large scale charity group for women's health all summer by substituting one of the teams in powder puff football matchs. While they are of course upset by this, there is nothing they can do to get out of it, though a few try their best. Even the girls they are facing, each of them a top athlete, don't want them there, and force them to wear humiliating dresses in their first game. Of course the boys think that playing against girls, be they athletes, won't be so hard, but they are summarily crushed by the superior players in their first match.
Everyday the girls train hard, practicing their various sports as well as team drills, while the boys routinely blow it off. However, over time the boys become more popular with the spectators, who turn out in record numbers to enjoy the ridiculous spectacle. This gets most of the boys to enjoy themselves a little more, enjoying the spotlight that's been placed on them despite their clothes. This angers the girls even more, who feel they aren't being taken seriously in an event that is supposed to showcase them.
Eventually the boys figure this out, and realize the damage they are doing. It wasn't their fault they were forced to play against them in dresses, but they understand that it's detracting too much attention from the true purpose of the charity events. A respect builds between the two groups as they learn more about each other, and by the final match the boys find a way bring the attention back where it should have been.

That's the overall arc of the story, rough for now but I feel like there is a promising story here, one of equality, steryotypes, marginalization, and the inequality in how society views women's athletics. All under the guise of an excuse to draw good looking young men in over the top frilly dresses playing flag football. Lol

Edit 10/14: Now with names!!! (Thanks Fortis Scriptor) Oh, and a couple new scenes I guess. Once again this is a first draft, so it's more of a play by play, scene for scene thing. I'll be adding in more dialogue as well as narration by the protagonist SHIRO once I have more of it fleshed out. For now this is more of me playing with setting and characters to see how it goes and what comes of it. Any tips or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Crowds of people enjoy table games, food, and brochures at this charity even for women’s health and safety. They are all headed by workers and volunteers wearing pint shirts and all smiling. As various parts of the event are shown an announcer’s voice plays over the images, with cheering at appropriate times.

??Give it up once again for our amazing girls. They sure are something folks. And now, we have a slight change from previous years. Some of you might be wondering why there are only half the usual players this year. Well, for those that don’t know there were some troubles in recruiting this year. But don’t fret, because thanks to a generous group of junior high students we have our full roster. Please give it up for the blue team!

At first they are just back lit silhouettes as the team takes the field; eleven heads among a mass of strange looking clothes. It isn’t long, however, before it becomes apparent who they are and what they are wearing. Frilly skirts, tops, and shoes adorn each and every team member, all boys, and all of whom have a mixture of rage, fear, embarrassment, and humiliation plastered on their faces. A blue belt with three flags hangs down, adorning each of them over their dresses.

??I bet this looks strange. In fact I know this looks strange. Let the record show, none of us agreed to this. We were all forced, volunteered against our will to participate in this humiliation. Well, everyone except me.

Hones in on a face shot of SHIRO, an average looking boy, slightly androgynous, with a look of shock on his face as if he wasn’t certain where he was or what was going on.

??I volunteered for this. This was my choice. I had said “it shouldn’t be so bad”.


??Hut, hut, hike!
Its mid-day and a mass of students leave the large junior high school excited for summer vacation. All except a handful, which are the targets of the PRINCIPAL’s words.

??Listen up now students. I know your all upset to be held in past school hours, but you know why you’re –

SHOT OF HALL OUTSIDE CLASSROOM 3-C’s DOOR, the homeroom for detention
A few muffled bangs escape the closed door as the sounds of adolescent conversations continue despite the PRINCIPAL’s sporadic calls for order.

??I said listen up. I won’t have – now stop cut that out at once – there will be no tolerance for

INSIDE CLASSROOM, CLOSE UP ON TEXT BOOK AGAINST WALL, eventually panning out the principal the class.
A bang resounds from a book being flung at the board. It barely misses the PRINCIPAL as it slides down the wall, landing on the floor with another thud. The PRINCIPAL is an unassuming middle aged man, average height with a tie and cleanly cut hair.

??Hey, watch where you throw things. You could really hurt someone –

Once again he’s cut short, but this time it’s by the petite woman wearing small glasses standing to the left of him; the homeroom TEACHER for detention.


The screech is enough to silence the ten male students, who stare shocked at the unassuming petite female young woman, who in an entirely different, delicate manner continues while smiling.

??That’s enough now students. The principal requires your attention.

A few of the boys smirk at each other, but without a further incident they all take their seats.

??Very good. Principal, if you would continue.

The PRINCIPAL also stares dumfounded and a bit worried at the woman, but eventually clears his throat to regain composure. During his speaking it starts with a centered shot of him, but as he speaks shots of the boys show.

??Ahem, yes of course.

The first shot of the boys is TAIKI, a struggling academic student. His hair hangs in an unkempt mess, but other than that is a rather attractive young man. He looks uncomfortable in his chair, facing forward but looking down and to the side he’s a little withdrawn into his own thoughts.

??Now, you all know why you’re here. I don’t think I have to go over rap sheets or report cards.

Next shot is of KOUKI and MASARU. KOUKI is in the background to the side, draped in a depressing shadow, almost looming over his desk. Peeking out from his lap is what looks like an innocent stuffed animal, some kind of small mammal, who also shares his air of dread. In the foreground is MASARU, the pretty boy, with golden hair and a tall physic. He has a smirk on his face as if trying to impress a girl. That’s his default look, and he stares forward without ever really being present.

??If I did I’d fear we’d be here all day.

Third is an upper side shot of three boys, SOTA, YAMATO, and KICHIRO. They all sit next to each other with SOTA in the middle. He’s the stereotypical delinquent; tall, muscular, and with a grizzled face, he smirks at the PRINCIPAL like something is humorous while lounging with his feet up. YAMATO to the right is a quiet kid, looking to the side with his head on his hand, appearing to be on the verge of falling asleep. KICHIRO to the left is a small kid, looking a year or two younger despite being the same age as everyone else. His attention is far away from the classroom as he fiddles with a paper football, readying to flick it at the head in front of him.

??Let’s just say you’ve all taken far more from society than you’ve given.

Following them is RYOUICHI, RIKU, and HIKARU. They sit jagged in the middle of class. HIKARU in the back is wearing a large coat, despite it being summer, that almost seems to swallow him. Only his hair and eyes are really visible. RYOUICHI sits to side, looking forward with a thin confident smile, arms crossed, and eyes like he’s studying the principal as he speaks. RIKU is on the opposite side from him, arms crossed on the desk with head down in them. He’s not sleeping, just disrespectful.

??Well that ends this summer.

Last is NORI, a taller boy with short hair who stares bored out the window with his arm on the table and chin resting in his hand. His eyes are half open and glazed over as he stares at the few students lingering on the edge of campus.

??This summer vacation you all are going to be volunteers in a community service program.

NORI glares at the principal, but otherwise doesn’t move. The rest of the class erupts in shouts, jeers, and threats as the more boisterous and outspoken students show their anger.

??You can’t do this. That’s not fair. We didn’t agree to that. You can’t force us to do anything.

The PRINCIPAL steps back slightly, looking nervous, but the petite woman steps forward and clears her throat.


Once again the ear shattering screech is enough to quell the students. Once finished she returns to her cute voice and stance, smiling the whole time. Her eyes are still invisible behind the glasses.

??This will be good for all of you. You’re third years after all. Soon you’ll be out in the real world. You need to grow up a little and learn to put others before yourselves.

NORI’s glare turns to a scowl at this, and he resumes looking disinterested out the window.

??In addition, if you put in the effort this summer, you may find you’ll have way more fun than vandalism or loitering could offer.

She ends still smiling sweetly.
SOTA stands up, slamming a fist onto the desk. During his speech a few of the students smile or nod in agreement.

??So what, cleaning trash on the side of the road is somehow going to improve our chances at being anything more? Don’t feed us that crap. You know as well as us we’re nothing more than we are, and we’ll never be more.

RYOUICHI chimes in.

??You can’t take the one time of year we have to look forward to.
??Shut up and let them finish.

RIKU moans with his head still buried in his folded arms, not lifting it to speak.

??They’ve already decided this with our parents. There’s no point in arguing.
??What? So you already know what’s happening? Then why don’t you leave?

RIKU, finally lifts his head, letting it fall back onto his neck with his eyes still closed.

??Because this meeting is mandatory, idiot. And of course I don’t know what’s happening, which is why you should let them finish rather than running your mouth.

He ends turning around and glaring at SOTA, who becomes more furious at his rudeness.
Before any fights start, the PRINCIPAL cuts in, becoming more enthused, near beaming, as he talks about what they will be doing without ever actually saying it.

??Now, now students, listen up. I know this news is upsetting, but I urge you to take pride. What you will participating in is an honor. A tradition that we are grateful, no lucky, no blessed to be apart of. A one of kind, once in a lifetime chance normally reserved for the elite, that we are not even worthy to take part in, yet we’ve been graciously offered. What you boys will be doing will inspire generations the world over.
??Well what is it then?

Before he can answer, a knock sounds at the door and it slides open, revealing the number one third year student, SHIRO. A scrawny kid virtually always carrying a few books in hand, he shuffles into class bowing.

??I'm terribly sorry for my tardiness, principal. Please forgive me.

NORI shifts slightly to get a better look, surprise in his eyes when he recognizes who it is.

??Shiro, glad you made it. You’re just in time. Please take a seat. I was just about to reveal what you all volunteered for.
??Yes sir.

At the same time the class moans together.

??We didn’t volunteer.

As SHIRO takes a seat, a few whispers catch his attention, as well as a few wary, stupefied, or even angry looks. He pretends not to notice them.

??Isn’t that the number one student? He volunteered for this? What kind of a wet blanket do you have to be?

??Now where was I. Ah, yes, the big reveal. I’ll tell you students it’s so exciting I can hardly contain myself. If I had this opportunity when I was your age, I’d have volunteered in a heartbeat.
??A bit much sir.
??Just thinking about how much fun you’ll have this summer, why it makes me –
??Get on with it!
??Ahem, yes. Well, for this summer, you will be participating with a charity that supports breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and sexual assault awareness.

A few of the boys perk up at the word “breast”, particularly MASARU and RYOUICHI

??That doesn’t sound so bad.
??Exactly, that’s thinking positive.
??What’s the catch?
??Catch? The catch is that tragically the planned entertainment has run into a bit of trouble with manning, or “personing” rather. So to avoid canceling it all together you’ve all been volunteered as fill ins for the entertainment. Didn’t I tell you it was exciting?

Silence from the class.

??Perhaps you should be more specific sir.
??Ah, yes of course.
??You’re crazier than I gave you credit for sir. What are you thinking, we can’t entertain people. What do you expect us to do, form a band or dance to pop? We’re delinquents not idols.
??No, not as idols, as athletes; in a sport where speed, strength, and determination are showcased in a brutal display of ability and skill in front of audiences who will look on in admiration and shower you with praise.

The more he described it the more it earned eager looks from the more athletic boys: SOTA, YAMATO, RYOUICHI, KICHIRO, and RIKU. Whilst garnering looks of dread from those not so enthused by sports: TAIKI, KOUKI, MASARU, HIKARU, and SHIRO, whose particular look goes from silent confidence to horrified worry. NORI has yet to look back from the window.

??I’m talking of course about Powder Puff Football!

Silence from the class. After a pause one student raises his hand.

??Like football (soccer)?
??Not football (soccer), American football.

Images of grizzled manly men in pads and helmets, locking arms and tackling in tests of strength, pass through the class’ collective mind.
Cheering erupts from the more boisterous boys as they all discuss how manly they are, showing off their muscles and boasting about their athletic prowess and how many girls they’ll impress. Those less enthused shrink away at the prospect of participating in such an aggressive sport. SHIRO in particular looks as if he just watched his dog get run over by a car.
The PRINCIPAL stands proud at the front of the class, self-congratulating at the reactions of his students. That is until SHIRO quietly and timidly sneaks up to him.

??Um, sir. When I agreed to volunteer for charity work this summer, I wasn’t expecting being thrown into such an (he gulps nervously) aggressive sport.

The PRINCIPAL chuckles, then places a hand on SHIRO’s shoulder.

??Don’t worry, it’s not real American football, its “powder puff football”. It’s a girl sport.

Immediately the class stops, the silence hanging a moment before erupting all over again into angry shouts and threats.

??What do you mean girls? Just what kind of man do you take me for? I can’t get chicks playing a chick game.

The PRINCIPAL starts trying to calm everyone as they get more and more rowdy, but the focus hones in on SHIRO, his expression one of shock as it sinks in just what he volunteered for

??My name is Shiro, third year class B and top student with perfect test scores. I’ve always gotten top scores, all the while participating in extracurriculars, like mathletes or chess club. I could’ve taken this summer off. I’m already on track to my top picked high school and the most prestigious colleges, but I had nothing better to do this summer. So when I heard they needed one more volunteer for a large scale charity group for the entire summer, I thought “charity work doesn’t seem like a bad time.”
??Turns out it was much worse.
A large field in a recreation park with adults and kids of all types playing, lounging, and walking in the background, while in the foreground are a number of workers wearing pink setting up tents, stalls, tables, and stands in preparation for the event. It takes up a rather large area in the center of the park, with beautiful landscaping and houses surrounding it, obviously a higher end neighborhood.
Standing around doing nothing are seven of the eleven boys. Notably missing the troublemakers SOUTA, KICHIRO, YAMATO, and RIKU. The boys loiter as if they are wall flowers at a school dance, none of the certain what their supposed to do and slightly fearful of what might happen to them. The only real exception is MASARU, who is performing his usual ritual of glancing at girls with a cool and confident smile while standing in a manner that is noteably similar to male models in magazines. RYOUICHI appears confident in posture, but his eyes shift nervously at everyone, as if he were expecting an attacker to rush him at any moment. TAIKI and KOUKI stand next to each other, almost using the taller boys as a sort of cover, while HIKARU stands a couple paces away with his usual out-of-season coat. NORI stands with his hands in his pockets, looking disinterested in everything. SHIRO is about the only normal looking junior high schooler, standing in the middle still looking as stunned as in the classroom.

??You know guys, this might not be so bad after all. It’s a beautiful day, and the scenery is simply breathtaking.

He beams at a couple of girl workers, who giggle and whisper things to each other as they pass by.

??Scenery, right. You mind toning it down there Casanova? Some of us would rather watch rats eat garbage than watch you “admire scenery”.
??What, it’s not my fault I was born with such an attractive personality.
??Personality my ass.

He sighs, then glances down to SHIRO.

??Hey SHIRO,

SHIRO jumps a little, startled by the address.

??You alright there? You look like a kid that’s been told Santa doesn’t exist.

SHIRO looks behind him a moment, then quickly faces forward with eyes to the ground.

??Yeah, I’m fine.
??Nori, you know this weirdo?
??From primary school.

NORI glances once more to SHIRO then returns to his disinterested demeanor.

??Just what are you all doing here?

The boys all look to the source at the same time. A young woman, tall with an athletic physic, stands off to the side stretching her arms before putting both hands on hips looking irritated. Her name is Noa, and she’s wearing running shorts and a tank top. Thin streaks of sweat are visible on her forehead, as if just finishing a run, yet shows no other signs of being winded.

??You’re supposed to be getting ready, not standing around like a bunch of oafs.

The insult stings MASARU, who glares back. The rest seem little affected, instead mostly confused as to who she is and what they should be getting ready for.
She stares at them a moment, as if studying each one carefully. When she opens her mouth ready to insult them more, another girl, shorter and lithe, runs up behind her; this one very noticeably out of breath and panting between phrases.

??Noa…this is cruel…and unusual….Not even my track instructor runs us this ragged.

NOA turns around, as if forgetting the boys even exist.

??Megumi, good, you finally made it. Remember to keep walking with your arms up.

Giving a frustrated look, MEGUMI stands straight with hands over head, sweat pouring down her head.

??Yeah, I know what to do. I’ve been running longer than you have.

Not far behind are the rest of the girls, each looking as distinct from the other as the boys do. Some appear ready to collapse at any moment, while others seem barely winded, encouraging the others to keep going.

??C’mon, you can make it. Just a little farther. I-I can’t. Don’t give me that, push through it.

When they reach NOA and MEGUMI, they are all panting, half of them collapsing onto their backs with smiles. One of the girls, Junko, an aggressive looking girl, congratulates one of the smaller ones, standing over her with an angry looking smile on her face.

??See, I told you you would make it. Way to not quit, or pass out on me.

JUNKO chuckles at that last comment, but its cut short when NOA speaks up.

??There’s no reason to be rude, Junko. She did a great job, everyone did.

JUNKO rolls her eyes.

??Isn’t that what I said?

Finally they notice the group of boys, all silently staring awkwardly with a mix of confusion, fear, and attraction. Immediately JUNKO turns and folds her arms, a real angry look on her face. Her presence overpowers the other girls with a mixture of intimidation and eagerness.

??So these are the boys, eh? Hmph, I thought we would be going up against a challenge. Guess I had my hopes up for nothing.

The rest of the girls gain their bearings, as near instantly they all stop panting, in fact they all now appear perfectly fine. They stare, even NOA, as if the boys are their competitors, enemies they must engage in battle. After a moment NOA turns back around to address the girls.

??Alright, that’s enough lollygagging. Time to head back.

In unison the girls moan disdainfully. One of the girls, AKIKO, speaks up.

??You’re kidding, we just ran ten kilometers. Can’t we break a little longer?
??We have to get back.

She side eyes the boys menacingly, who haven’t moved a muscle in the background.

??There are things we need to discuss.

AKIKO groans, but smiles wryly at the end, an unspoken understanding between them. Helping each other up, they start back in the direction they just came at a jogging pace. NOA is the last to leave.

To be serious, you guys are going to want to work out a little bit. It would be disappointing not to break a sweat at this weekend’s game.

With that she runs off, at more than a jogging pace to catch up. The boys watch as the group disappears out of the park before finally moving. MASARU is the first to speak, looking proud of himself.

??Did you see the way that short, pretty one looked at me. She was totally wants me.
??Wants you to stop gawking at her, maybe.
??Why you little…

RYOUICHI, smiling at his own one liner, avoids MASARU’s angry shove, winking at him as he does. They continue play fighting while the rest keep staring, as if waiting for the girls to return.

??What do you suppose she meant? Getting ready for what?
??I don’t know exactly. Probably for the match this weekend.
??Are we playing this weekend?
You know as much as I do.
Getting off the bus nothing was explained other than where the hotel and the park are. I guess we all assumed we’d be getting more information when we go here. Speaking of, has anyone seen Souta and the others.
??Probably getting into trouble, like always.
??So long as their shenanigans don’t affect me, I couldn’t care less.

With this NORI turns and starts in the direction of the hotel. The others follow soon after, even MASARU and RYOUICHI. SHIRO watches them for a moment, contemplating.

Couldn’t care less? I guess it has been a while, hasn’t it Nori. Ugh, this summer is going to be awful. At least it can’t get any worse.

??Man! This really bites.

All eleven girls lounge around the room, some in the night wear, some in regular clothes.

Did you see those weasels? Ugh, I don’t want to spend all summer competing against weaklings.

AKIKO sags into the couch, looking depressed.

What a waste of time. I can’t believe the charity thought THIS would be a good fix. I doubt any of them have competed in anything in their whole life.

MEGUMI looks angrily at one of the charities brochures before tossing it aside.

??Not true, I bet they’ve competed in who’s the biggest loser.

SUZU looks proud at her own joke.

??Or who can fart the loudest.
Or who can break the most laws. I heard they’re a bunch a delinquents from some middle grade junior high school, forced to do this by their parents or something.

Sitting in a lounge chair sideways, she pathetically throws crumpled pieces of brochure into a nearby trash can, mostly missing.

Oh, hey, that means they have something in common with you, Junko. If you play your cards right, maybe you can get one of them to marry you.
??Why you little…

JUNKO’s eyes flare with rage, and right as she turns to give SUZU a piece of her mind, a large crumpled paper ball flies just past her face and lands perfectly in the trash can. Startled, she stops and looks at where the ball came from. KASUMI smirks on the other side of the room.

??Seriously though, they might as well have recruited convicts from juvie. At least they work out.

The odd image conjured by MEGUMI of muscled boys in orange jumpsuits working out in the yard earns her odd looks by pretty much everyone.

??You have a weird idea of juvie.
??So what are we going to do about it?

NOA cuts in, earning everyone’s attention instantly. When no one responds at first, HANAE, her best friend, speaks up

??What can we do? It’s out of our control.

HANAE sits comfortably at a table with KAEDE and YUI. KAEDE seems to be too shy to speak up, not looking any of them in the eyes, and YUI, who looks about a year older than the rest of them, looks content just smiling and listening.

??Is it?

NOA looks around at the rest of the girls, dead serious. They all quietly look around the room, then back to her.

Uh, yeah, it’s not like we can just tell them to leave. I’m sure they don’t want to be here either. What boy would?

She lounges back in her chair, seemingly content with letting the prior insult pass.

??Couldn’t we get them to quit though?

The question seems to puzzle everyone. HANAE and the others at the table look slightly worried at where this conversation is going.

What if we humiliate them so bad at this weekend’s game, that they all quit right then and there?

?Then who would be compete against?

AYAME sits on the floor next to TSUBAKI, who is sitting in the traditional karate fashion; both are showing very little emotions.
??Each other of course

Everyone looks around confused. NOA continues, becoming more excited as she continues her pitch.

Think about it, who says we HAVE to have eleven people to a team? This isn’t a regulated game, its powder puff football. People play it for fun; there are no rules on team counts.
??But, um, wouldn’t we have uneven teams.

She speaks barely loud enough for everyone to hear, blushing the entire time.

??One of us can sit out each game. It’s a small price to pay to be rid of those boys.
??But even if it was possible, how would we do it?
Oh, leave that to me. I have a plan so humiliating; I bet they’ll quit before even taking the field.

NOA’s smirks menacingly, an evil twinkle in her eye. JUNKO smirks

??Uh oh, she’s got that look in her eye.
I don’t know if this is a good idea NOA. You don’t want to be doing anything that could jeopardize your future.
??It's not like that, trust me. My plan is totally innocent, and totally foolproof.
??Well, are you going to spill it or not?
Okay, but it’s going to take all of us working extra hard for the next three days to get it done. You with me?

The entire room nods in agreement, even YUI and KAEDE.

??Alright, here’s the plan.

Images of crowds of families enjoying themselves, playing street games, eat good looking food, listening to people pass out brochures and collect signatures, and of course donating money. In the center of the event is an open section of the field marked with small plastic orange cones for the flag football game, with stands and chairs on all sides. Currently, however, children are playing their own games on the green.

The morning of the big day came and went faster than we could’ve hoped for. Honestly we all couldn’t wait for the whole day to be over. The past few nights felt like weeks, bored out of our minds in an uptight town. Souta and his gang nearly got in trouble, but somehow they managed to skate by. His group was always causing trouble. Hardly any of us saw Riku the entire time, and we wondered if he’d even show up on Saturday. But with the principal’s warning…

Flashback of PRINCIPAL talking to the bus of boys.

Now if any of you should try and ditch or otherwise skip out on your obligations, you can just forget about returning to school come fall.

Come out of flashback into a small tent, barely large enough for the eleven boys. They all nervously await the signal to head to the field.

There was no way of knowing if the threat was hollow, but none of us, not even Riku, wanted to take that chance.
??Man, I can’t believe we have to play some dumb game for girls. Do I look like a girl?
??Do you really want an answer?

SOUTA growls at RIKU.

??Yeah, it’s pretty lame, but look at the bright side. The free food ain’t half bad.

KICHIRO gobbles a plate of food from the event as he talks, bits of it spitting out.

??How uncouth.
??Hey, you want couth, go to a movie.
??That doesn’t even make sense.
All I’m sayin’ is, it ain’t fare for them to have to go up against us. What were they thinking, pitting us guys against a bunch a girls?

KICHIRO nods earnestly in agreement, while RYOUICHI, TAIKI, and KOUKI give slight nods.

??Did any of you manage to see the girls other than that first time?

MASARU asks uncharacteristically serious.

??Not all of us are pervs like you.

??Who are you calling a perv?

He gets animatedly angry for a moment, but calms right down to a serious, almost grim demeanor.

??No, I mean did anyone see them training? They were amazing, tough, determined.

Flashes of the girls at all hours running, training, practicing, each of them looking winded, but none of them tired.

Wow, I never thought I’d hear you talk about girls in a way that ascribes them some actual humanity, well done.

??Just who do you think I am. What kind of a guy wouldn’t…

MASARU once again becomes lively, angrily shouting at RYOUICHI who simply shrugs it all off.

??What’s wrong? I was merely complimenting you.

??He’s right.

NORI says in a low tone while looking out the tent flap. Everyone stops and affords him their attention.

??They’re more than girls, they’re athletes. If anyone is at a disadvantage its us.
Speak for yourself. I ain’t plannin’ on losing to a bunch girls, even if its unfair. In fact, because their athletes, that just means I won’t have to go easy on ‘em like I was plannin’ on doing.

Just then NOA bursts through the tent flap, so sudden even NORI is caught off guard, she’s followed by HANAE, MEGUMI, and JUNKO, who immediately demand space with their presence alone, pushing the boys to the other side of the tent, packed like sardines. NOA waits a moment, asserting her dominance through sheer will before speaking, in a even assertive tone.
There’s been a problem with the uniforms; someone lost them in transit. As such we’ve been forced to improvise, and after discussing it with the charity committee, we have come to a solution.
The other three girls toss into the space between them several black garment bags, all stifling chuckles through closed smiles. NOA keeps her rigid bearing.
??I know you may not want to, and I also know you were forced to participate in this.

RYOUICHI, not one to be easily intimidated, grabs one of the bags immediately and opens it. His face instantly changes to a mix and confusion and dread as he witnesses a pink frilly dress, with all the classic accoutrements that adorn such Lolita fashions.

??This has to be a joke. A terrible, sick, perverted joke. Hey, it’d be perfect for you Masaru.
??Just what’s that supposed to me…

He leans over, but stops cold when he sees what’s in the bag. He shouts loudly.


The rest of the boys lean over, and upon spying the contents, all share in this reaction.

??Well what do you know, it even has your name on it.
??That’s not funny RYOU…

RYOUICHI shows him the label. Once again MASARU reacts badly.

??This isn’t a joke. We are all in the same predicament you are.
??This is normally what you guys wear when you play?
It is in powder puff football. We all wear these because adds to the frivolity and joy of the game.

She says this without an air of deception in the slightest. She even manages an adorably cute smile.

??You are scary good at lying.
You were supposed to wear simple, cheap tuxedos to match our dresses, but since they’ve been lost this is the best we can do.

NOA never once lets her pocker face slip, meanwhile JUNKO is having trouble keeping up the rouse.

??So is NOA.
??Why can’t we just wear our street clothes?
Well you see, its tradition for each team to have a theme when they compete. And when I heard about the misfortune of losing all those uniforms, I thought of all of those people who would be devastate if we couldn’t follow this tradition. Many of the people who come were powder puff players themselves, so I just know they would be devastated. So I took the liberty of designing and tailoring you an entirely new theme. Now everyone will be happy.
HANAE hit every note perfectly as she told her story. Looking sad when she needed to, then cheering right up with a beaming smile that anyone who witnessed it would be hard pressed not to mimic.
??You too HANAE?
??Did it have to be such a girly theme?
??You don’t like it?

HANAE starts crying, on cue, and the boys all quickly try to cheer her up.

??No, I didn’t mean to offend. They’re really nice.
??I acquired everyone’s measurements, so they should all fit perfectly.

In the blink of an eye she’s right back to her usual beaming self.

That was fast.
I know this seems unusual, and I’m sorry to have to put you through this, but you must remember this is a charity event. People out there paid money to come and support women’s health, and we have a duty to show our gratitude for their generosity by putting on a great game.
??But did it have to be so girly?

HANAE starts crying again with MEGUMI comforting her in the background, while JUNKO finally speaks up.

Look here fellas, you can either suck up your pride and egos, put on the uniforms, and go out there to play some football, or you can stay in here and forfeit. It’s your choice.

??All we ask is that you remember why you’re here and who you’re doing this for.

With this the four girls exit, leaving the boys largely speechless and clutching their garment bags.
The girls run away from the boys tent, unable to stifle their laughs any longer.

??Who knew you were so good at lying Hanae?
??A girl’s gotta have her skills.
??Do you really think they’ll forfeit?
??Are you kidding? What guy in their right mind would wear those ridiculous things?
??Hey, I worked hard on those.
??No offense HANAE.

A modest crowd is gathered around the green where the football game is going to take place. A disembodied voice booms over the P.A. system

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the annual Powder Puff Football game. Let’s give it up for our girl athletes as they take the field.
As the announcer introduces each athlete, they run onto the field in their own characteristic way.
First up, our amazing gymnast, winning national championships in both Balance beam and Floor exercise as well as earning second place in the Uneven Bars, let’s hear it for Hanae.
Next up many of you know as the spiraling sniper, for she’s deadly with a softball. Softball’s national championship’s MVP, give it up for KASUMI.
Coming up is an Olympic hopeful at just fourteen. She may not look like much, but her elegance and grace are unmatched on the ice, Here she is Kaede.
Following her is tough girl, who grew up to be a top competitor despite the odds.

Quick look to JUNKO at the side. MEGUMI and SUZU snicker behind her.

??Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?
She’s carried her team all the way to the nationals in hockey, and is an avid roller derby champion, the demon of the rink, JUNKO
Our next girl is a martial arts prodigy, attaining the highest levels in Karate, Judo, and Jujitsu, at just eleven years old, she moved on to study over five other martial arts, in her hopes to one day be an MMA contender. Give it up for TSUBAKI.
Now it’s time for our speed demon. This girl has broken the record for hundred meter dash not only for the girls league, but for the men’s as well. I don’t think there’s a single peer that can match this quick footed teen. Cheer now for MEGUMI
Look again to the girls in their lineup off the field awaiting their introduction.
??Are you sure your plan worked, Noa?
??Of course I’m sure. There’s no way they’re still here.


Next up is another all-star player, winning the national championship and earning MVP for her team, all while finishing the game with a sprained wrist. The determined, the skillful, AKIKO
Following is a girl I can’t even believe. To list everything she’s accomplished would take way too long, but here it goes: expert and winner of many national titles including Archery, Marksmanship, horseback riding, fencing, and is an acclaimed cellist invited to play with the Philharmonic Orchestra. I can hardly believe it but its all true, AYAME.
Now, this next girl needs no introduction. You know her from last year’s summer Olympic games as one of the youngest swimmers ever to compete. The one, the only, Yui.
And last, but certainly not least, a titan in the world of both ballet and tennis, she’s been interview in magazines, and offered to participate in the Paris Opera Ballet and many more. She’s both graceful on her feet and deadly with a racket, let’s hear it for SUZU.
Give it up once again for our amazing girls. They sure are something folks. And now, we have a slight change from previous years. Some of you might be wondering …

As the last announcement echoes to cheering, images of the boys faces are shown as they wait to take the field. All of them are nervous, with sweet pouring down their faces. A few are adjusting their clothes and necks when they hear the announcer reach their que, and they head out, ready for whatever comes.

NOA (V.O.)
??See, what’d I tell you, there was no chance they’d…
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Re: Powder Puff Delinquents (WIP)
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Before I start reading the story which seems like it could be hilarious, to give you some help with names.

This is good for dummy names and final ones if you find something you like.  :thumbsup: