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Continue on posting EMerge?

no,  you can't write worth a flip
I want to read just the whole darn thing, and if you were to stop.  Life stops for me
I need pictures to read.

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Renamed it to EMerged.  Going back and forth on the titles atm.  they are both copyrighted now though. Still editing and i know my English teachers are rolling in their graves.  Thanks again for reading.  take the poll please.  Your responses will help guide me also.

Best throw out some tags.  Drama, tragedy, suspense, ships(relationship aka romance), fantasy, magic, monsters, spirits,  comedy, mystery, etc...

Prologue: Reunion Part 1


Prologue: Reunion Part 1
In the distance the light begin to spill over the mountains.  The snow caps on the tall peaks were painted in pink and orange hues with the morning light.  The forest before the mountain filled with many types of trees was lush and thick.  The meadows filled with a sea of wildflowers.  The vista was truly magnificent, but if you were to experience this spectacular view for the first time you would soon become uncertain of the world.  There was no sound, not even the wind blew, and there was no sign of life.  In fact nothing living could exist here naturally.  This was the Fade Realm, an area that exists between both dreamstate and reality.  The Fade Realm was a  painter’s canvas with infinite colors and the brush strokes knew no limits. 

There were two ways one could enter the Fade Realm and both required magic to achieve.  You could meditate yourself into a semi conscious state using your body as lock point and project yourself in the Fade. However, you will be limited in the things you can do, mostly meetings, interact with non conjured items, and the instant creation of things.  The second was harder to achieve and required the person to be a stronger wielder of magic to successfully cross over physically using a doorway.  This method allowed for travel, meetings, it was the only way to bring items or live things into the fade, and the Fade Realm allowed the amplification of magic needed for stronger spells.  You couldn’t create things from thought as the other method.  However, you could interact with things created by someone projected in the Fade Realm. 
Miles away from the mountain in the middle of a flowered field a flame erupted, it was a sign someone was projecting oneself into the Fade Realm.  The flamed died down and a man was there.  His head was shaved with the exception of a black braided side knot held in place by a leather strap.  He was dressed in a dark blue robe tied with a white cord.  At the bottom of the robe there was golden trim.  A moment after his arrival the ground shifted from wild flowers to a polished stone floor and a polished marble table materialized covered in runes shaped like a crescent moon joined by five chairs .  Four of the chairs were of equal size while the fifth was bigger in size and was flanked by two of the smaller chairs on each side.  The man looked at the table and when he was satisfied the flames surrounded him again and he left the Fade Realm.  Just as quick as he was gone a plain looking door appeared and the same man stepped through it.  This time he carried a large book and a sword in a black sheath.  The only thing notable about the sword was the black polished stone attached to the hilt.  The man laid the book and sword on the table.  He turned and walked back through the door and when he returned he was carrying a black glaive.  The door shut and vanished.  The war glaive was taller than him, solid black with the exception of the silver and gold runes engraved into it.  The glaive was called Witch Devil due to its master proficiency in handling the weapon.  Those who have seen him wield the glaive has described it as a bewitching experience while watching the devil hewn men as he danced around the battlefield.  He walked over to the table leaning the glaive on the chair.  He waved his hand over the book and a green mist enveloped it.   The mist dissipated and the book was no longer there. He open his robe and hid the sword in the excess fabric.
Another flame flared and a beautiful woman with tanned caramel skin  appeared behind another chair next to the one Witch Devil was propped up against.  Her garments were cut in a way to tease a man’s eye.  Her dress was a dark blue silk. The neckline plunged daringly low, a silver chain with a cut green stone hung from her neck nestled between her cleavage. Her hair was pulled into a braided ponytail with golden chains weaved through it.  Around the hem of her dress flames seemed to dance around casting embers upward, as they traveled upwards they faded out.  “Ah Lizbeth I am glad you are here,” the man said as he sat down.
They both were maguses.  Two of the four eternal beings that walked the lands of Gawraith, their world.  They all possessed enormous magical abilities. In ancient times they were considered deities. Other times they just walked away and let the world take it's natural course.  The maguses watched empires fall and rise.  The world was their playground.  They were kings and queens, tyrants at times,   they were bitter rivals over the course of their many lifetimes, and at many times they have tried to kill each other.  But when you can live eternally barring an unnatural death mindsets can change.  The Maguses over the course of their many lifetimes laughed, cried, fought, destroyed, created, loved, made mistakes, and evolved.  They did not even remember where they came from with the exception of Lizbeth who had a remarkable photographic memory.  None of them knew why they were the only ones who had such unrestricted access to the magic in the world.  Only Lizbeth could remember her age.
“Clyden I told you I would come.  The others, I am not sure,” Lizbeth responded in a neutral tone. She looked around and took in the landscape.  “Why did you pick this setting and five chairs when there is only four of us,” she asked inquisitively.
“I will tell you once the others arrive,” Clyden replied.
“Very well.  I will wait,” Lizbeth said as she waved her hand and the world shifted, “But I prefer here.”  They were no longer outside, but inside a building seeming to have no ceiling.  All that remain was the table and chairs Clyden initially created.  There were white columns emitting light thicker than four men stretched out hand in hand and the lighted columns seemed to blend into the darkness as you looked up. There were rows of book cases stretching as far as the eye could see.  In the Fade Realm one can almost create any object you can imagine. You could create living creatures also they just would not be alive and would disappear shortly after creation.  Inanimate objects lasted till someone willed them away.
“This seems like you Lizbeth,” Clyden said looking at the endless rows of books.
“Ah you think so?  This is my library.  It is the only place I can keep all my books,” Lizbeth said matter of factly as she pointed to her massive collection.
“You have quite the collection,” Clyden was saying, but two flames flared up and a man and woman appeared in unison. “Ah welcome Servan and Malve,” Clyden said to the new arrivals. Servan stood in a black rob.  His face veiled.  Malve was in a black dress much more modest than the one Lizbeth wore.  Her hair was black, cut short with the sides shaved off completely “I am glad you all are,” he began to say, but Clyden was interrupted by Malve.
“We haven’t met altogether for a century.  Just get to the point Clyden,” Malve demanded impatiently.
“I agree with her,” added Servan as he and Malve sat down.  He sat down crossing his arms.
Clyden stood up and cleared his voice.  “Very well then,” Clyden said as he waved his hand a green mist appeared to surround his fingers and traveled to the middle of the table.  The book he brought in earlier appeared and for a moment the other three magus were struck with surprise.  The book was thick and bounded in black leather.  It had no decorative features and even though the book was huge, it’s weight was next to nothing.
“A compendium?  Where did you find it Clyden,” Lizbeth asked excitedly.
“Where I found it is of no importance. It is the book’s owner, whom it belonged to that is what is important,” Clyden said as he pushed the book over to Malve. Clyden calculated this move out ahead of time.  Magic left traces of residue and it could be traced back to the magus that cast the spell unless concealed properly.  Clyden knew Malve had the greatest emotional connection to the owner of the book and he would rely on those feelings.  Malve would immediately fall in line and she would become his ally in what needed to be done. 
“It is his, it belonged to Varoosh,” Malve said as she picked up the book.  For a moment, a hint of pain was in her voice.  Malve opened the book, but the first page was blank.  She turned the next page and it was blank also. Malve opened the compendium to the middle and it was blank. The entirety of the book was blank. She closed the book and pulled it into an embrace.  Varoosh never could do things the simple way, you had sealed it, Malve thought to herself.  Malve laid the book back on the table.  Lizbeth motioned for Servan to hand her the compendium.
Varoosh was once one of the maguses.  No, he was more like a brother, a friend, husband, and a king to them.  He was strongest of them all.  He was the person that bonded them together.  He went missing almost 400 years ago while looking for another land not part of their world, Gawraith.  The aftermath of the failed experiment left the remaining four maguses in a coma for three hundred years in the Fade Realm.  When they awaken the world was changed.  They were legends.  Magic users were all, but extinct and could do little more than parlor tricks.  The animals whom relied on magic such as dragons, phoenixes, or sphinxes became feral and were used in stories to scare children.  New monsters roamed the lands.  Things were much different when they awoke.
 Once they were family now they were strangers with each other, each  magus went their own way, becoming estranged with each other.  Clyden often bothered them all in his obsessive quests to bring Varoosh back.  He was unable to let Varoosh go.  It lead to bitter feelings between Servan and him.   
“As you all can see the book is sealed and will not open.  I think it wouldn't open for Varoosh even if he was here himself,” Clyden announced pointing at the book. 
“You have a theory to open it,” Servan stated.
It was Lizbeth who offered an answer, “The book is under a compound lock. Knowing Varoosh, I would say it can only be open if all four of us were to agree to open it.” Her mind was always the quicker of theirs.  Varoosh had once said ‘Lizbeth name should be knowledge.’ She was by far the most verse in arcane knowledge among them.
“Wait you said it wouldn't open for Varoosh either,” Servan said taking the book. “What are you after,” he asked, taking the book from Lizbeth.  Servan turned the book over in his hands, tracing his fingers along the leather binding.
Clyden took a deep breath.  This is the moment he had prepared for the last ten years.  His voice was timid as he spoke, “We can bring him back.  I think the retrieval spell is in the compendium.  I have tried for ten years to open the book.  I have came up with new ways to unlock many things,” Clyden  pointed at the book, “This book will not open for me.  I think he used the Eye of Bane,” Clyden said as he pulled from his robes an ordinary looking sword, it rasped against the the metal portion of the sheath. On the sword’s hilt was a black polished stone.  He laid the sword down on the table with its sheath. “It is going to take the five of us to bring him back.”
“His sword!  Where did you find it at,” Malve asked.  She never, no none of them ever thought they would see Bane again.  Varoosh didn’t even have Bane with him the day he vanished.  Bane looked as normal as a plan sword could present, but Malve knew well the potential power this sword had.  The sword itself appeared to be dormant because the runes normally engraved into a magus focal thaumaturgy were hidden.  Each of the maguses had their own focal thaumaturges, items imbued with their magical and life essences. Magic was wild and hard to handle, it is like swimming up a tall waterfall trying to control it without the proper tools.  Many practitioners drowned or burned out failing to do so.  A magus with a focal thaumaturgy was a path allowing you to walk up and around the waterfall instead of swim.   The focals also allowed them to channel more magic than they could safely handle.  Clyden had his glaive, Lizbeth the green stone around her neck, Servan was his robes, and Malve’s was unknown.
Bane was deadly sharp, but two things made this weapon special.  One was the ability for the weapon to morph into the needs of it's master.  Each of the maguses at the table have witnessed Varoosh change the sword at whim.  Sometimes it was a bow, another time it was a spear, once daggers, and a mace.  Bane would augment itself to fit the fighting style of Varoosh and he wielded it with deadly precision.  The second and most important thing about bane was the black polished stone, the Eye of Bane, on the hilt.  The stone was the only one known to all of them.  The Eye of Bane acted as a magical capacitor storing magic and the essence of the sword’s master or other maguses.
Servan stood up angrily at the sight of the sword and tossed the book on the table. “Bring him back.  He abandon us!  Why should we bring him back? We slept for three hundred years because of what he did,” his voiced heated as he pounded his left hand on the table.
“Servan what he was doing was experimental.  Varoosh was trying to find a place to where we could banish Revlaman.  I do not think he would have went forth with it if he knew it would send us to slumber for three centuries,” Malve said touching his hand.  It was like watching a tornado vanish before it could make landfall as Servan’s anger subsided.
“Anyways it doesn't matter. You said it would take five of us and there are only four maguses left.  We want ever know,”  Servan said as he sat back down. 
Clyden picked the sword back up by the blade.  “To answer your questions on where I found the sword.  I found it in Loudas.  It hung on the wall as decoration in the King’s castle,” he told the story as he moved  the sword hilt in front of Lizbeth she reached out and touched the stone.  Her eyes widen with surprised.  Clyden placed his right index finger over his mouth imploring her to be silent and continued with his story.  “Imagine my surprise when I saw it on the wall,” moving the hilt to Servan he touched the stone and the same recognition flashed in his eyes, Servan lowered his veil and there for just a brief moment, emotion was in his eyes,  “If it wasn't for the Eye I wouldn't of ever found it.  The sword was gifted to me for service rendered for healing young Prince Danyais,” he said moving the sword hilt towards Malve.  Malve reached out tentatively, a slight tremble in her fingers. “If we were to,” he didn't have time to finish his statement as she touched the stone.
“Infuse our essences also,” Malve injected suddenly as a bright light surrounded her.  The Eye of Bane glowed molten red. Varoosh was there, his essence and life force still imbued in the stone.  This was the closet she has been to him in four centuries.  It ached and shredded her heart to the core she didn't have a body to embrace.  Tears welled up and traveled down her cheeks.  “He is alive,” she said in shock.  Despair has held her prisoner for the hundred years since Malve woke up in the Fade fissured instantly.  Hope began to seep through the cracks.  The light around her dimmed a little.  Malve grabbed the stone with both hands.  Malve wore a look of desperate determination on her face.  The light around her grew stronger and the Eye of Bane went from molten red to white blue.  Runes not visible before on the blade lit up pulsating between red and white as they were engraved back onto the metal blade and handle.  Malve forced more of her essence into the Eye of Bane.  The light shown from behind her eyes.  When she opened her mouth to gasp in air the light spilled from it.  Malve couldn't hear any noise at all with the exception of a the loud river in her head.  Malve knew her magic was flowing into the eye and she could feel the Eye of Bane drinking in the essence of her life.  The river wasn't loud enough.  I don't care I will give it all if it brings him back, more, I can give more, Malve screamed in her head.  The disparity shattered and hope washed over Malve.
“Stop her Clyden,” Lizbeth order.   She must of judge Clyden to slow in his actions, “Servan break the connection.”
Servan grabbed Malve shoulders trying to push her away and she didn't move.  Servan turned his attention to her hands clutching the stone and grabbed them.  He somehow managed to weaken Malve’s grip or she lost the will to hold on, but her hands withdrew from the Eye of Bane.  Malve swayed and fell into her chair.  “Malve are you ok,” Servan asked.

Prologue: Reunion Part 2

Prologue: Reunion Part 2
It was a moment longer before Malve spoke, “I am fine, help me to stand I must finish the binding.”  Servan looked as if he wanted to protest, but the look Malve showed them all quelled any meager  protests they could manage.  Glaring at Clyden, Servan took the sword from Clyden.  Servan held it out near Malve.  She took the palm of her hand and placed it on the edge blade.  With a quick downward motion she sliced open the palm of her hand.  Malve’s blood still held the glow of the magic just coursing through her moments before.  Her blood was white as it escaped from the cut, turning to bright red when it touched the surface of the table.  Malve placed the hand with gash to the stone.  When she removed her hand the stone absorbed the blood like sands in a desert with water.  It was done.  The slash in her hand mended instantly.  She sat down heavily and sighed.   Malve was bonded to the Eye of Bane and she could feel Varoosh.
One by one the remaining maguses picked up the sword and poured their  essences into Bane repeating what Malve did.  Clyden was the last to go.  Immediately after his blood was absorbed by the stone.  A small slit lit up on the cover of the compendium not there before.  It was the key hole, the release for the compound lock holding all the secrets to Varoosh’s magic.  They all sat there in tired silence.
Servan broke the silence, “Do you think he will look the same? It has been 400 years.”  The hostilities in his demeanor earlier seem to vanish at the notion he was about to get his friend back.
“I think Varoosh is going to berate us about how long it took us to get him back,” Lizbeth said back to Servan before turning her gaze to Malve.  “But we may have to wait another hundred years to see him once he gets back, eh Malve,” she teased jokingly to her friend. 
Malve’s face turned red, she cast her eyes down, and though was embarrassed said in retort, “150 years minimum.”  For a brief instant there was silence and then all four of them erupted in rare laughter.
It was Clyden bringing their intention back to the matter at hand.  “Shall we open it?  Malve should you like to open the lock,” Clyden asked Malve offering her the sword.
“No it should be you.  It shames me, but you are the one who never gave up of all of us.  It should be you Clyden.  Besides, I will be somewhat satisfied with my 150 years,” Malve said with a small grin.  The others nodded their heads in agreement while smiling at what she said.
“Very well then,” Clyden said.  Servan stood and picked up the compendium and carried it over to Clyden laying it front of him.  The others got up from their chairs and all stood behind Clyden.  One by one they placed a hand on Clyden’s shoulder.  Clyden took Bane and turned the point of the sword towards the slit in the book.  The light in the slit grew brighter as Bane approached closer.  When the sword tip reached the slit sparks erupted and lightning arched up the blade stopping at the cross guard.  Clyden pushed the sword in further it was as if the book absorbed the sword.  The pages on the side turned to a blueish white color.  There was never wind in the Fade Realm, but the book roared as a storm.  Bane’s entire blade now rested in the book, yet it didn’t extend out the back of the book. The compendium took the rest of the sword only leaving the Eye of Bane on the outside of the book. It looks like a knob to a door Clyden thought.  In reflex to his thought he grabbed the stone and twisted it as if opening a door.  The storm raging a moment before instantly vanished.  The pages ceased to be blueish white. The book’s black leather cover changed.  It was no longer blank.  The corners of the compendium was decorated in gold leaf.  The leather lifted up and it moved as if breathing.  When looking at the cover at moments it seemed like textured, animated pictures appeared in the leather.  A dragon flying across the sky.  A bird landing in a tree.  Children running through a field. 
“I never seen anything like this before,” Lizbeth spoke.  “The way the cover changes.  It is amazing.  When did Varoosh create such a thing?”
“Well let us ask him,” Clyden said as he pulled Bane from the book.  The sword's blade was no longer a dull color, but it was polished and gleamed brightly.  “Servan the scabbard if you would please.”
Bane radiated with new life. The runes were now clearly visible.  Servan slid Bane into the scabbard and golden runes appeared on the leather.  At the top of the scabbard there was a grouping of runes he never seen before.  Servan took note of this and asked Lizbeth, “Do you know what this says Lizbeth?” 
She took the sword from Servan and looked at the sheath.  I never seen these before.  What could it mean?  Are these letters? Something new, Lizbeth thought in rapid succession.  “I have never seen these before.  Another question for Varoosh when he is back,” Lizbeth concluded to the rest.
With that statement Clyden opened the book and was visibly relieved when he saw words on the first page.  What he didn’t expect was to see all five of their names.  Malve Hartswood, Servan Arlaman, Lizbeth Ratoval, Clyden Dergoz, and Varoosh Sanche written in gold letters.  He turned the next page and it was blank.  Clyden turned another page and it was blank also.  He opened it randomly choosing a place well into the middle of the book and yet another blank page stared back at him.  With disgust he sat down in his chair and pushed the book away.  “It must be locked still,” Clyden said defeatedly.
Each of them picked up the book and turned the the blank pages.  Lizbeth tried to lift the mood as she said, “Clyden something did happen.  Maybe there is another lock that we do not know about.  Look the first page isn’t blank anymore.”
“Maybe what ever this is the final lock,” Servan said pointing to the seven runes no one ever seen before.
Malve took the book in her hands while the others theorized what to do next. The cover of the book changed forms again.  This time it was a ship at sea. Why does the cover of the book change randomly?  What are you trying to tell us Varoosh, Malve asked herself.  The cover of the book shifted again and for a moment Malve swore it was a image of her with a hand touching her cheek.  Something tugged at her memory, but before she could delve any further the cover of the book shifted again this time it was a stream.  She opened the book to the first page.  Malve touched each person's name with her finger and when she got to Varoosh’s name she touched it fondly and absentmindedly said his name out loud, “Varoosh.” A light emitted from the book pages violently and blinded all around it.  Malve dropped the book out of reflex.  The compendium reacted to her; Varoosh’s name in the book turned black. 
When her vision returned she saw Clyden holding the book.  He was flipping the pages frantically.  “What did you did you do?  The pages are full now,” Clyden said excitedly. The others got out of there chairs and surrounded him, pressing him from the sides trying to get as close to the book as possible.
Malve tried to remember exactly what she did. “I was just looking at the cover then I opened it.  I was touching Varoosh’s name and said it then the bright light happen,” Malve recounted to them.
Lizbeth took the book from Clyden’s hands.  Lizbeth touched Servan’s name and said “Servan.”  The same bright light occurred.  This time Lizbeth was ready for it, she had turned her head away.  The other’s didn't anticipate this and were rubbing the sight back into their eyes with the fingers of their hands. 
“A little warning,” Servan started to say.
“Clyden,” Lizbeth said. The same bright light appeared and groans from her counterparts ensued.  “Oh I am sorry, but I know how the book works.”
“We know how it works now,” Servan said.  “Can you tell me how to make my eyes work properly again?”
“Sorry,” Lizbeth said sullenly.
Clyden took the book from Lizbeth hastily laying it down in front of him.  He touched Varoosh’s name.  “Turn away now,” warning them, “Varoosh,” Clyden said.  The bright light flashed once more.  This time everyone was ready for it.  Clyden began to turn the pages.  The pages were written in Varoosh’s hand.  Clyden continued to turn the pages.  It was like a diary, a collective of Varoosh’s life and memories.  As he skimmed from page to page Clyden recognized some of the stories.  Clyden skipped about half the thickness of the book and spells started to show up.  On the page was a spell to turn ice into fire. He turned the next page.
“This is the spell I helped with to make an egg hatch instantly,” Lizbeth said. Clyden turned another page.
“This spell turns one’s tongue black for a month for speaking falsely,” Servan said.  The others looked at him with befuddlement. “Well it was meant for Malve.” Malve expression was rifed with surprise. “What? It was during that time when Varoosh wanted to know how you felt about him.  You were giving him mixed signals.”  Malve face started to become indignant.  Servan quickly assisted in turning the page.
As they turned the pages containing simple spells and others spells were complex.  There were ones they worked on together, some they never seen before. They kept flipping the pages in search of the only spell that matter right now.  They had to been there for hours now flipping pages and it seemed as if the compendium pages were endless.  Lizbeth at some point theorized the compendium collected every spell Varoosh ever cast and it also took the moments important to him which explained all the stories in the beginning. She wonder if their names were also volumes in this book and therefore somehow the book managed to horde all of their memories and spells.  It was something to be checked on later after they located what they seeked. 
Finally after hours of searching Clyden turned the page and found what they sought.  “This is it,” Clyden announced.  On the page was a diagram of giant circle with four little circles drawn on the outside. Lines extended from three of the four circles to a fifth circle on the inside of the giant circle and it contained Varoosh’s name.  Each of their names was written in a circle. Varoosh’s handwriting dotted the page randomly with notes and instructions.
Lizbeth took the book from Clyden’s hands.  She study the spell intently looking at it.  Something sparked in her mind. In front of Lizbeth appeared an inkwell and quill. Lizbeth copied the pages from the book exactly even though she had a photographic memory.  Lizbeth  pulled a pin from her hair and laid it on the page in the book as a marker. “This spell of summoning isn’t complete or isn’t right.  Something is off with it,” Lizbeth told her friends.
“What do you mean,” Servan asked.
“Just a moment,” Lizbeth said.  She was flipping back to the first page.  She touched her name, “Lizbeth,” she said without giving warning again.  In unison her friends griped. “Sorry, I forgot,” she apologized.  She held the compendium and to started to flip pages.  “It is like I thought some how this compendium has manage to rip from us our thoughts and the memories that impacted our lives the most. Fascinating.  I can’t wait to ask Varoosh how this is possible.”
“Focus Lizbeth,” Malve said pointedly.  “You said something is off about the summoning spell. What is it?”
“Ah yes just give me a moment,  the summoning spell was missing the catalysts needed.  I helped him, inadvertently of course with this,”  Lizbeth said flipping the pages as fast as she could.  “I am quite certain on what is needed, but I just want to be sure.  It was just a theory mind you when I helped Varoosh with this.  Ah there it is,” Lizbeth said glancing at the page as a flame flared around her and she left the Fade Realm.  The book she was holding felled with a thud to the table.  The remaining three looked at each other confused as to Lizbeth's sudden departure. 
Before any of them could voice a question a a plan oak door appeared.  The joints on the door cracked as it opened.  Several large sacks were thrown through the door. “That’s the salt.” Lizbeth could be heard from the other side Strong magic users can come and go to the Fade Realm, but it took a door to bring anything into the Fade.
“Lizbeth,” Clyden said as he was walking towards the door.  Lizbeth step through the door and the door vanished.  Not even a few seconds later another door appeared and this door was grander.  It was plated in gold and carved in the door was the image of a dragon.  Lizbeth opened the golden door and the sun spilled in.  Lizbeth ran through the door.  The three remaing in the Fade Realm walked towards the door.  A giant bone was heaved through the door, it was a colossal sunbleached vertebrae of a dragon.  It clunkily rolled before falling over.
Lizbeth ran through the door covered in soot slamming the door as flames tried to leak through the closing crack.  She wiped the soot from her shoulders.  Malve helped her dust it from her hair.  The door closed and vanished.  “Well that is everything we need,”  Lizbeth said clapping the dust from her hands.
“Everything,” Servan asked tilting the dragon vertebrae on it’s side.  It came up to his hip. 
“Oh can you grind the bone to the consistency of flour, you have to do it without the use of magic also,”  Lizbeth asked of Servan.  Servan looked at her questionly.   
Clyden took note of Servan’s expression, “I will help you with the grinding Servan,” Clyden said. The door Clyden enter into the Fade the first time appeared.  Clyden step through it.  Servan vanished from the fade, the bone felled over, and another door appeared Servan walked through it.  Servan went over to the dragon bone and tilted the vertebrae back on it’s side and kicked it.  The dragon bone rolled through the door Clyden created. “This is the Kingdom of Loudas,” you could faintly hear Clyden explaining to Servan before the door closed.

Prologue: Reunion Part 3

Prologue: Reunion Part 3   
“Is there anything I can help with,” Malve asked Lizbeth.
“Yes before you step out I need you to draw the circles on the ground. We will use it as template to lay the dragon bone dust over it,” Lizbeth instructed as she handed the parchment she copied before to Malve.
“Ok,” Malve replied.  She study the parchment closely.  Malve looked at one of the tall columns and visualized a winding staircase leading up one of them.  It manifested and she ascended them.  When she reached the top she looked down at the floor.  “Lizbeth you are in the way,” she told her.  Lizbeth didn’t respond, she was sitting in her chair at the table, holding the compendium, and lost to it’s vast wealth it contained. “Lizbeth,” Malve said again.  With no response Malve sighed and she deconstructed the table in front of her and still didn’t get Lizbeth’s attention. A wry smile crossed Malve’s face and the chairs vanished. 
“Hey,”  Lizbeth squealed as she fell to the floor. She stood up rubbing her rear end. “Why did you do that for?”
“You never will change.  Lizbeth I did ask twice for you to move,” Malve said suppressing her laughter.
“Oh sorry.  At least put the chairs back Malve,”Lizbeth asked of Malve with an apologetic embarrassed tone.
“Ok,” Malve said.  Three chairs materialized followed by a red chaise lounge. Lizbeth beamed with delight “Consider that my apology.” 
“Oh and can you make me a night shroud about three times the size of the book,”  Lizbeth requested as she jumped into the chaise and proceeded to make herself comfortable.  The night shroud cloth appeared and it dropped onto Lizbeth head, “Hey!”  Night shroud cloth has the ability to absorb all light if the source of the light was behind it.
Malve smiled at Lizbeth who was protesting covered up by the shroud.  The two of them once were like sisters.  The endless adventures the two of them shared.  Malve would have to read her volume in the compendium to relive those adventures.  Lizbeth would drag her to the far reaches of the land in search of her books or Malve would drag her to some hidden or lost city for exploration.  A pain of guilt showed on her face.  They all were once like family.  When Varoosh vanished it all changed.  She pulled away from her friends.  In truth they all pulled away from each other. Clyden and Servan fought with each other constantly.  Mainly due to Clyden’s relentless search for how to bring Varoosh back. Servan wanted to move on and forget Varoosh.  While Clyden was annoyingly in search of him and constantly beseeching the other maguses for help.   When they all gave up he never did.  It was painful to be around Clyden.  Varoosh, Clyden found you.  He looked for you for 110 years and found you, Malve thought to herself guiltily for not helping Clyden over the years.  Malve silently thanked Clyden in her head for giving them back hope.  They were all going to be a family again.
“Exactly as it is shown Malve.  No mistakes,” the tone of Lizbeth words were laced with caution. 
“It will be as you say, I have done this before” Malve assured her.   Now the room was cleared of obstructions Malve had enough room to work.  Malve visualized the outline of the larger circle in her mind and it slowly began to appear.  One could conjure something as complex as a dragon instantly in the fade, but when it came to powerful magical rituals it could take hours to just lay a diagram.  After a while the large circle was done.  She looked at the parchment to get the locations of the smaller circles attached along the edge of the larger circle.  The smaller circles would have rested at the north, south, east, and west points on a compass.  They appeared in tandem one after the other until all four circles were perfectly spaced. With a fifth small circled centered in the middle of the larger circle.   Next the lines were drawn connecting all the smaller circles on the outside to the inner circle except for the circle resting at the north point. Below the northern circle on the parchment were summoning runes drawn, covering half of the circle.  The runes began to appeared on the floor.  Malve worked diligently, making sure it was correct.  When she was satisfied she descended the winding staircase down the column.  Walked over to the chaise lounge and moved Lizbeth legs.  She sat down sighing, “Finished.”
“Took you long enough,”  Lizbeth said sternly.
“Well you could of did all this before you projected yourself out the first time you know,” Malve answered back.  A person entering the Fade physically couldn’t manipulate things at whim as someone projected in and they would have to wait several days before they can project themselves back in. Malve was the only one left projected in so she would wait till the last moments to enter physically in case they needed anything else conjured.
“I did not think about that.  Besides I had to do important research,”  Lizbeth said surreptitiously.
“Research,” Malve said.  Something in the way Lizbeth had said ‘important research’ raised flags inside her.  Malve looked at the night shroud cloth and moment of clarity registry in her.  “You book rat you have been using the shroud to cover up the light as you switch from person to person in the book,” Malve accused Lizbeth as she leaned over to try and see the page Lizbeth was reading.  Lizbeth closed the book with her finger still marking the page.  “What are you up,” she demanded.
“Book rat,” Lizbeth said trying to sound indignant. “It is research,” She said hiding her face behind the book.
Malve knew Lizbeth all too well.  She knew Lizbeth was smiling behind the book.  She pulled at the large compendium and for a moment Malve saw the smile.  Now she knew something was up.  “Let me see this ‘research’,” Malve said reaching for the book again. 
“No,” Lizbeth said panicking now.  Lizbeth was trying to sit up now, but before she could shackles suddenly appeared around her wrists and feet.  A solid bar pop up around her waist securing Lizbeth to the chaise.  She dropped the book.
Malve picked the compendium up and open it.  Malve started to read it.  The book was set to her volume.  Malve looked daggers at Lizbeth before asking “What were you researching?”
“I can’t remember,” Lizbeth feigned forgetfully.
“Your memory is perfect Lizbeth,” Malve touted back.
Lizbeth smiled devilishly then began to recite teasingly what she was reading in the book from memory, “‘I do not know when I noticed Varoosh’s strong shoulders...His eyes are like fire rubies...His lips were soft and sweet.”
“Enough,” Malve said loudly leaping on top of her and covering her mouth.  Malve was completely red in the face.  Lizbeth was laughing.  “I ought to leave you locked up like that,”  Malve threatened her as she returned to where she was sitting at in the chair.
“I am happy for you though,  we have all missed him” Lizbeth said to Malve soothing the mood.  “You are about to get Varoosh’s soft lips back,” she laughed.  Malve shooked her head and she laughed like she hasn’t in a long time.
“Do not think you will get away so easily,” Malve said laughing menacingly as she started to tickle her sides in revenge for the teasing.  The restraints on Lizbeth prevented her from escaping.  Lizbeth tried to twist and fend of Malve as much as possible, but it was useless.
A door appeared and Servan walked through it.  Servan carried a sack over his right shoulder.  It was the dragon bone dust needed for the spell.  “It was nice of King, do you think his son will like the” Servan trailed off from saying.   Servan came to a complete stop, still in the doorway with his jaw dropped.  He was astounded at what he was seeing.  Malve was on top of Lizbeth who was wearing shackles and with some sort of metal ban over her waist strapping her to a chaise lounge.  The two women looked at Servan.  In an instance the restraints on Lizbeth vanished.  Both of them sat meekly in the chaise now.
“Hey go on in,” Clyden said pushing Servan from the back into the room completely.  Servan stumbled a little.  Lizbeth and Malve couldn’t contain their laughter any longer.  “What is so funny,” Clyden asked with a puzzled looked on his face. 
“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you,” Servan said with a smile looking over his shoulder at Clyden.
“What,” Clyden asked again. The two women laughed again.
“Let me see the bone dust,” Lizbeth said still laughing, standing up, and walking towards Servan.  He laid the sack of bone dust down on the ground.  Lizbeth put her hand inside of it and checked to see how fine the powder was.  If one didn't know this was dragon bone dust, it could have been mistaken for flour in a baker’s kitchen.  “Yes this is perfect,” Lizbeth said pulling her hand from the bag.  It was covered in white dust.  She blew on her hand channeling a little magic into her breath.  It mixed with the dust on her hand flying into the air and the dust sparked making crackling noises. “Yes indeed, this is just right,” she said excitedly.
Clyden notice the ritual diagram was already laid out on the floor for the summoning. They must of did it while we were gone, Clyden thought.  He saw the parchment Lizbeth copied the spell from in the book laying on the chaise.  Clyden walked over to pick it up so he could verify if everything was correct.  It was not that Clyden did not trust their work.  He knew it was already perfectly laid out right.  It was just when dealing with magic one always checked and rechecked before starting, but when in the Fade working with magic one checked, rechecked,and then rechecked some more.  The last time they attempted a ritual of this caliber.  The four of them slept for 300 years and Varoosh went missing.  So after Clyden was satisfied with the thoroughness of the ritual diagram he handed the parchment to Servan.  Servan was just as meticulous as he walked along the circles looking at each one glancing at the parchment constantly for reference.
“Alright, It is done right. The salts are to make up all the circles.  The dragon bone dust will be the lines and the runes,”  Servan announced.
“Me and Malve will do the salts.  You and Lizbeth can handle the runes and lines,” Cylden said.  Picking up one of the sacks of salts Lizbeth brought earlier.  Servan and Lizbeth shook their heads in agreement.  They all set out to do their tasks uttering a fixture spell over the dusts and salts making them a permettant as the stone on the floor in case the wind picked up from the spell being cast.  Magic was strict when it came to the rules of the spell a gust of wind could ruin the whole spell or worse.  It is why they first started to work magic in the Fade Realm to limit the uncalculated risks in the real world.  Clyden once had a spell ruined by a bird landing in the spell diagram.
“Be sure you do it right,”  Lizbeth warned them.  The warning was more for her then them.  She knew if she felt anxious and excited about seeing their friend again, they all had to feel same.  Lizbeth did not want to make a small mistake due to impatience.  The ritual diagram created in the Fade began to be covered by the salts and bone dusts.  Clyden and Malve opened the final bag of salt and was working on the south circle.  Lizbeth was just finishing up the runes.  Servan was already done with the lines.  Each one of them were clapping the residual dust from their hands.  Lizbeth walked over to the column stairs Malve created earlier.  She climbed them, at the top she looked down on the entirety of the project.  “It is done.  Malve if you will please,” Lizbeth said to her. 
Malve burst into flame then a door appeared and she stepped through.  Malve closed the door and it vanished.  Lizbeth was descending the stairs.  “Let us begin then,” Malve said, you could hear the tempered excitement in her voice.
“It is going to work,” Clyden said.  “Lizbeth if you will please.”
“The summon is quite straightforward.  Bane is the key and is the only focal needed.  I think it is why Varoosh sealed the compendium with it because he knew all five of our essences would have to be used to open it and therefore all five would be used again in the summoning,”  Lizbeth lecture.  The others nodded their head in agreement.  She continued “Bane is to go into the middle circle.  The spell will not activate till we all stand in our designated circles.”  Lizbeth walked over to the circle at what she designated to be the south.  “Servan this one is yours,” she then pointed to the circle to the right, “That is yours Malve and you have the one across from Servan, Clyden.”  Clyden walked over to the circle with no line connecting it to the middle circle. The others walked to their circles.  Lizbeth walked over to a column Bane leaned against.  Lizbeth picked up the sword looking at the unreadable runes one more time on the scabbard and drew the sword.  Lizbeth laid Bane in the middle of the circle making sure the point of the sword would face Clyden. “When I start the incantation, First you Malve will step in.  Servan I will point at you then you will follow.  I will go next.  Clyden you will be last when I signal you,” Lizbeth finished saying waiting to see if any of her friends had any questions.  When no one asked she continued, “When it is done we all will finish by saying his name together and Malve will get her 150 years.”  The joke made everyone smile, though Malve smiled and blushed.
“Let’s get to it then,” Clyden said.
“Yes,” Servan agreed.
“Please work,” Malve said standing next to her circle.  The other’s walked to their assigned circles, standing just behind them.
They all looked at each other.  Each nodding, signalling to Lizbeth they were ready.  Lizbeth closed her eyes imagining the flow of time and then a book where the pages began to turn, but the book never ran out of pages.  This was her method of tapping into the essence of her magic.  The green stone around her neck lit up vibrantly.  An aura of green light surrounder her body.  She opened her eyes and looked at her friends.  Each of them were surrounded by an aura of light.  Servan’s aura was yellow, Malve’s was white, and Clyden’s was orange. “From what was taken should be given back,” Lizbeth began pointing at Malve. Malve step into her circle and it turned white.  “Distant matters not, all time is brief, but a moment to walk one step,” Lizbeth motioned for Servan to step into his circle.  It turned yellow.  “Bonded we four call forth what was misplaced,”  She said as she enter her circle turning her’s green.  “Lost and returned it shall be, the distant matters not, now take one step,” she said queuing Clyden to step in.  Lizbeth raised her hand signaling the others.  They all said Varoosh’s name together. 
Columns of light matching the color of each circle shot.  Bane in the middle circle raised into the air held by an unknown force.  Clyden looked at the sword.  Bane’s point faced the floor now.  The stone on the hilt was an angry red.  The same color of Varoosh’s aura, it matched the color of blood.  The sword began to spin, slow at first then it became unnaturally fast.  The lines connected to his friend’s circle began to light up then traveling from their circles to the inner one.  The dragon dust sparkled in colors of yellow, white, and green.  Upon reaching the circle containing Bane the circle lit up in equal amounts of yellow, white, green, and orange.  A column of red light shot from the center now.  In the red column bolts of red lightning arc and crackle.  Clyden waited in eager anticipation. 
Bane stop spinning in an instant and was violently thrusted downwards to the floor.  It pierced the stone easily sinking half way into the stone floor.  The entire Fade Realm shook violently.  Lizbeth fell over; she was supported by the column of green light surrounding her.  She touched it.  A wall of light?  This can’t be,  Lizbeth frantically thought as she placed both her hands on the green light feeling around it.  Malve was trapped inside it, but what scared her the most was she could not feel her magic.  Lizbeth looked at the others seeing each of them were feeling their surrounding light prisons, sharing her same concerns.  Lizbeth looked at Clyden and was about to speak.  A door manifested behind Clyden.  “Look,” Lizbeth raised her voice, pointing to the area the new door appeared in.
Servan was touching the light of his walls.  He heard Lizbeth shouting something about a door.  Servan saw she was pointing behind Clyden.  Servan looked and saw the door she was talking about.  “Is it Varoosh?  Is he home,” Servan asked eagerly optimistic. 

Prologue: Reunion Part 4
VOTE!!! and see next post for Reunion part 4
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EMerge continuation since i exceeded the word count in the first post.  Please read and let me know if you all like it or not.

Prologue: Reunion Part 4

Prologue: Reunion Part 4
The door open and no light spilled through from the other side.  A person cloaked in shadow stepped through, no he was the darkness in the doorway.  A dark ominous shadow crawled over his body in a baptism of darkness concealing him.  The door vanished.  He walked over to the circle, more like he floated over the stone floor.  “It took you all long enough to figure this out,” a man's voice whispered, it sounded like it was twisted with madness.
“Who are you,”  Clyden demanded still pushing on his light barrier. 
The shadow formed stop.  The fog dissipated collating at the feet of the intruder revealing an gnarled grotesque man.  His skin was robbed of pigment, he was as pale as the ash of a long dead fire.  His left face hideously deformed.  His eyes were milk white with blindness.  The man ribs were exposed as if he had nothing to eat for months.  Black veins could be seen beneath his thin skin.  He had a gnarled walking stick with runes carved into it, being clutched by boney fingers.  His eyes went black and he spoke, “Who I am,” this time it was a different voice.  Fear gripped them all, it paralyzed their very souls.  The eyes returned to the grey white hues, “Master you must not show yourself.  They are not worthy of your voice,” the man said in the first voice they heard, “this one is not worthy of your presence and I fear I will fail you if you do.”  His eyes turned black again, “Silence the next is ready as we speak.  You have served your purpose,” the man said in the voice they all feared.  The left hand of the man smoulder at the tips of the fingers.  A hiss was heard and his fingers began to crumble to ash continuing all the way up his arm till it was gone stopping just at the shoulder.
“Revlaman,” Malve said.  Her right hand was covering her mouth.  The fear as palpable as the water in the sea and just as vast.
“So you do remember me my love.  Malve I have waited four hundred years to see you,”  Revlaman said ominously floating towards Malve’s light column prison.
“You are not him, Rev,” Servan started to say.
“You are not worthy to say his name,” the man screamed at Servan with fury and pain from his arm being burnt off.  His eyes pale white again.  He glared at Servan with murderous intent and he dropped the gnarled walking stick.  He produced a disk about the size of a small plate from somewhere and  he breathed on it and runes lit up.  He vehemently tossed it at Servan.  The disk impacted into the yellow column of light disintegrating and being absorbed into it.  The column began to turned red starting at the top.  All eyes were transfixed on Servan and his column.  “Oh my,” it was Revlaman speaking this time his eyes were black.  “I would say your goodbyes now if I were you all.”
Lizbeth screamed, “NOOOOO!!! Stop, please stop,” she begged falling to her knees.  The tears were flowing, a torrential down pour from her eyes.  Lizbeth was touching the green gem around her neck wishing for an ounce of magic she was cut off from now.  Red lightning started to arc from the center column surrounding Bane to the parts of Servan’s column turned red.  It hummed and crackled like mini thunder. The column was half yellow from the bottom, and red at the top.  The red light marched on with a slow pace downwards.  All whom were trapped in the columns of lights now grasped the situation.  “Rev,” Lizbeth began to beg again.
The eyes flashed back to milk white.  “Not worthy,” in madness the emaciated man screamed.  Another disk appeared. He blew on it the runes activating it.  Lizbeth clutched her hand to heart. 
“Me Revlaman, me.  You old piece of dried udder leather,” Servan defiantly yelled.
Revlaman's vessel looked with hatred at Servan.  His eyes turning black. 
“Very well then,” Revlaman said tossing the disk at Servan’s column.  It struck as before.  The pieces disintegrated.  The pace of the red light increased.  The air was congested with sounds of fear, pleas for mercy, and vows of revenge.  Revlaman stood listening to it all and soaking it up as if the bitter amalgamation of emotions nourished him.  Servan laid down in his cell, the light was almost to him.  “What no more words for me Servan,” he mocked.
“Shut up all of you,”  Servan yelled in a calm stern voice.  His friends in their light prisons fell silent.  He was laying on his back looking at the approaching crimson light.  Servan turned his face to see Malve kneeling, her head pressed against the invisible wall. Their eyes locked “Malve, I am sorry that I let us all go away.  I could of tried harder to keep us all together.  I abandon us.  I was selfish,” he talked calmly.
“NO! Servan, I could of tried also.  We all could've tried harder,”  Malve sobbed pounding her light cell with her fists.
“Clyden although me and you always fought.  No I am just sorry,” Servan said to Clyden.  He couldn’t see Clyden, but Servan could hear him pounding on the walls to his prison.  Servan was calm, unimaginable brave since he knew his time was over.  Servan did not want his friends to remember him as weak, for ever how long they all had left. The hairs on his body stood up. “Lizbeth, I wish I could of been one,” Servan was struck with a red lightning bolt to his chest.  He screamed and all of his friends screamed with him. Instinctively Servan raised his hand to his chest.  Another bolt struck him in his raised hand as the red light.  Servan’s hand vaporized and his voice was in agony as he sat up out of reaction and his head entered the red zone.  Another bolt struck his cheek and his jaw was stolen from his body.  Servan crumpled and ceased to move.  The light surrounding him vanished in unison with Servan’s life passing from his body.
The three remaining friends cried, screamed, sobbed, and they baptized Revlaman with agonizing promises of revenge.  To Revlaman it was a beautiful scene.  “Yes!  Yes!  Give me more,” Revlaman said basking in their indignation. Revlaman stretched out thin fingers and the gnarled walking stick moved instantly to his outstretched hand.  He floated over to Servan and poked him with the stick.  “Servan I thought we would have more time to talk, I feel cheated.”
“How are you here,”  Lizbeth asked.  Lizbeth's face was puffy from the tears.  Her voice wavered.
“Ah curious and know-it-all Lizbeth,” Revalman goaded her.  He floated over to her.  Revlaman knew Lizbeth’s curiosity was her greatest pride.  The shadow mist began to stir around him.  It concealed everything except his face.  “Would you like to know curious Lizbeth?”
If he tells us maybe we can figure out how to stop him, Lizbeth mind was racing with theories, speculations, and ideas.  She looked at her friends.  Both of them were on their knees.  They already given up or were in shock. Lizbeth tried to will them on in her mind.  “Y-yes,” Lizbeth hesitantly answered him.
Revlaman moved in closer.  He leaned over to her barrier. Lizbeth locked eyes with him.  The fog surrounding him thinned out.  Her eyes widen in a fearful surprise briefly.  Floating in front of him were six of the disks used on Servan’s column. Revlaman uttered a simple, “No.” All the disks impacted her column, she did not even have time to scream as the red light encompass all her green column in less time than a person could take a breath.  Multiple bolts arc to her body from head to waist and Lizbeth’s upper half of her body vanished along with the column of light.  Her lower legs still attached to her waist fell over twitching violently.  Lizbeth Ratoval was no more.
Malve and Clyden were both still in shock from watching Servan die, neither of them notice the interaction between Revlaman and Lizbeth until a red light flashed.  Malve looked at where her friend was.  Lizbeth’s legs were twitching, they slowed, and stopped.  Malve screamed with all her anguish, “NOOOOOOOO!!!”  With Malve’s scream, it brought Clyden back to his senses.  His friend Servan was dead.  Clyden glanced over to Malve.  She was still screaming frantically clawing at the invisible wall.  “Lizbeth,” Malve cried.  “Clyden he killed Lizbeth!”
“Lizbeth,” Clyden asked as he turned and looked at where she was imprisoned.  All he saw was her legs.  White hot anger enraged in his heart as he yelled.
“HAHAHA!!! Now you all have an idea how I screamed in my mind for 200 years after you all imprisoned me,” Revlaman gloated.  His smile revealed a mouth of rotted teeth.  “You all should of killed me.  It was a mistake when you all decided to imprison me.”
“They all wanted you dead, but I begged them for mercy for you,”  Malve said.
“You?  I didn’t know you could be so cruel my love,”  Revlaman replied to her, floating towards her.  “My mind broke and mended itself.  It has been a vicious cycle.  Do you know that when you are forced into such a situation, you can learn things.  I found out how to leave my body.  Only my mind, it only took me a 100 years to figure that out.”
“Please if you ever loved me stop this,” Malve said calmly trying to sound sincere.
“‘Loved,’” Revlaman snarled back at her.  “Loved is past tense.  It means love no longer exists.  There is no past tense for me.  I still love you Malve.  I would have spared you if you would have saw our love wasn’t a thing of the past.”  Revlaman produced another disk in his hands he blew on it and the runes activated, glowing white.  He tossed it gently in the air and it floated in front of him.  “Now my love you must suffer the anguish of watching everyone you care about die.  It is only a shame you will never see Varoosh’s face when I kill him after he is summoned.” 
“Summoned,”  Clyden asked, it never occurred to Clyden this was not anything other than a trap once Revlaman appeared.
Revlaman turned his eyes from Malve and focused on him.  Revlaman moved towards him laughing, “I guess we all have you to thank for this.  Clyden do tell me, why did it take you so long to get to this point.  I found the book,” he gestured to the compendium laying on the chaise chair Malve made for Lizbeth earlier, “almost 200 years ago.  I made some alterations to it.  It was never Varoosh’s compound lock.  Why would he lock the book when he needed you all to get back,” Revlaman boasted to them both loudly.  “I thought about putting it in Lizbeth’s path, but she would have been suspicious of such a book falling into her lap and I couldn’t take the chance of her seeing through the trap.  I had a good laugh when you didn’t even question finding Bane stuck on some castle’s wall.  It just happened to be in the same corridor as the sick-poisoned-by-my-followers two year old future King of Loudas resided in.”
Clyden looked down thinking to himself this was all his fault and he killed his friends.  He wanted to die, death was the only escape from the guilt.  “Malve I am so sorry,”  Clyden said in a low tone. 
Revlaman smiled viciously.  As if he just read Clyden’s thoughts he ripped into him saying, “It is your fault Clyden.  You performed the part I set out for you magnificently.  I used your persistence against you all because none of them believed in your mission to bring Varoosh back.  I believed in you.  I knew you were right,” Revlaman’s voice grew louder with anger.  “I just didn’t think it would take you a hundred years to get to this point.  All the conversations I wanted to have with you all,”  he paused momentarily.  “I blame you,”  he struck Clyden’s column of light with the gnarled walking stick.  “Four hundred years I have waited for this.  This moment is holy to me.  When all of you are dead Varoosh will be summoned back.   You see your lives are part of the catalysts needed to bring him home in this version of the spell,” he laughed and his faced beamed with cruelty.  “I did say I made changes.  Forgive me for being so talkative.  You see I haven’t had the opportunity to entertain anyone for a while.  I hope it is to your liking,” he cackled maniacally. The disk floating in the air around Revlaman moved towards Clyden’s column. 
“No please don’t,” Malve begged yet again.  She was on both knees her face touching the floor.
Revlaman looked at her as she begged.  He waited for Malve to make eye contact and then forced the disk into the pillar of light.  The red light began from the top conquering the orange light at a slow deadly march.  Malve saw this and wailed in her white prison.  “YES! That is what I have waited for.  All of this is your fault.  If my heart wasn’t betrayed by you then none of this would've happened,”  Revlaman preached in a justified tone.  Revlaman looked at one of the chairs.  He uttered a fetching spell and the chair floated across the room settling in front of Malve’s column.  She turned her back to Revlaman n as he sat in the chair.  Whimpers mixed with sobbing gasps for air were the only sounds Malve made.
Revlaman thought Clyden was broken.  Thought, after he told the story of how he killed his friends Clyden would accept death.  Moments ago Clyden would have gladly welcomed death.  However, Revlaman inadvertently told him how to escape.  Magic is wild and unpredictable, it needs rules to make it work properly, and once those rules are established for whatever the magic spell is to do they become laws and must be obeyed.  It is true one of Clyden’s forte is healing and Clyden did save the prince’s life working with his extensive knowledge of potions.  Clyden took a particular interest in poisons and how to nullify their effects.  The poison used on Prince Danyais he manage to isolate it.  Once he found out the poison was sourced from a local plant, Clyden conducted studies on it.  He even figured out how to make a potion that could stop the heart with it and an antidote to neutralize the poison only if the heart was stopped by it.  In short the poison would kill him and the antidote will bring him back.  He looked at the red light light creeping slowly to him.  Clyden gauged the timings in his head.  If I take it too late I will die from the lightning and if I take it too early and if he turns and notices I am dead while unconscious, Clyden plotted the different outcomes out.  Clyden would also have to sell his death to Revlaman in order to not seem suspicious.  Clyden opened up his robe and in a small dark vial was the poison that would stop his heart and next to it was a clear one containing the antidote to save him.
“Do not worry my dear. I do not intend to make you suffer as you did me when you locked me away,” Revlaman said to Malve trying to sound gentle on her impending death.
“You still are locked away,” Malve said her back still towards him.
“With your beloved Varoosh’s death I will be free from this prison you all cursed me to.  I felt my bonds weaken with each of their deaths tonight,”  Revlaman said.  Six disks appeared floating around him.  “It will be quick.”
Clyden looked at Revlaman’s back.  He saw the six disks floating aimlessly around him.  With two of the disks they all witnessed how quickly it killed Servan. Clyden didn’t notice how many was used on Lizbeth, but she was gone so quick.  It had to be more than two, Clyden rationalized.  He had to act now.  Clyden pulled the cork stopper from the dark vial and swallowed thinking he would have to do something about the taste if he lived through this.  He would need to wait for the dizziness to start before he would take the antidote. 
Malve turned back around to face the man she hated.  Her legs were crossed.  Malve leaned on the invisible wall looking at Clyden’s orange column as it slowly turned red.  Lightning started to arc from the center towards his column.  Malve had no tears left to cry.  No more words seemed to come to mind.  Malve was ready for it to be over.  She looked at Clyden.
Clyden saw Malve was looking at him he started to scream and wail pleadingly, “Please give me time, Revlaman please have mercy, just give me time.”  Revlaman didn’t even respond he just looked at Malve.  Clyden was dizzy and he leaned against the confines of his prison.  His legs buckled and he sat down.  Malve watched Clyden raise his hands to his face.   Clyden slowly laid down the same way Servan did trying to stall the inevitable.
The red light consumed half of Clyden’s orange column.  Malve readjusted herself so she could face Revlaman.   “How did you escape  Revlaman,” Malve asked him.  She looked at the withered man before her.
“Where you not listening earlier,” Revlaman sounded annoyed.
“I didn't quite follow everything you said.  I was preoccupied with other things,”  Malve said looking at where her friends once stood.  A tear streamed down her face.
“I understand,” Revlaman said placing a hand trying to touch her through the white lighted barrier.  “It must be a lot to take in after not seeing me for 400 years.”  Revlaman looked over to the body of Servan casting another fetching spell, Servan’s corpse lifted up the arms and legs dangling.  Revlaman hurled it at Malve.  The corpse hit the barrier with force.  Malve could hear the bones in Servan’s body crack.  She pulled her knees up to chest and found the tears to cry into them.
“Please just kill me now,”  Malve begged for release from this nightmare.  She wanted to escape to endless sleep.  Malve looked over towards Clyden.  The red thunderous light was getting closer to him. 
Revlaman turned to look at Clyden.  Seeing the red light was almost finished with it’s murderous march he returned his attention back at Malve and said, “It shall not be long now my love.”
Clyden knew he was about to die.  He could feel his heart slowing.  He saw the light and  knew it was going to kill him.   I must of misjudged the poison.  I will get it right next time, Clyden laughed at himself.  He knew his thought process was slowing.  He felt sluggish.  There was something important to do.  It was detrimental if he did not do it.  Clyden could feel the hair on his body being pulled towards the red lightning arcing in front of his face now.  He could feel reverberations of the lightning.  He let out a last scream of despair, it was a wail of hate, it was a prayer for mercy, the scream was of hope, and when it was done Clyden was dead.
Malve looked over at Clyden when she heard him scream.  The red light vanished in unison when it concluded.  She didn’t even have the words anymore.  Her heart was broken, turned to ash by this evil monster sitting in a chair looking at her with black eyes.  Revlaman just looked at her with a smile on his face.  “You are right this was all my fault.  If I would have chosen you over Varoosh then none of this would have happen,” Malve stated calmly.
“It is too late now Malve,” Revlaman began to say.
“I know that,” Malve said with animosity in her voice.  It was her last will of resistance embolden her with the vestige of anger she had left.  Revlaman recoiled a little.
“Hahaha, that is the Malve I remember,” Revlaman said leaning forward from the chair pressing his cheek to the white light.
Malve crawled the little ways to where Revlaman’s cheek was pressed against her invisible wall.  “Do not do it quick.  My punishment should be drawn out,”  Malve said to him.  Revlaman sat back stunned at what he just heard from her.  Revlaman looked like he wanted to argue with her or plea with her to let him end it quick, but he said nothing.  Revlaman just shook his head.
All of the disks floating around Revlaman dropped to the ground breaking with the exception of one. Revlaman took the disk in his bony fingers, kissed it and then blew on the disk.  The runes turned white. “Very well my love.  I was unable to give you happiness, but this I can do,” Revlaman said as he pressed it against the white column of white.  The white light began to turn red at the top of Malve’s column as it has done for her friends.
Malve stood up looking at the red light above her head.  She looked at Revlaman.  “Do not look away,” Malve demanded of him.  She wanted Revlaman to see her eyes and face vividly.  Revlaman shook his head in agreement granting her last wish.  She visualized how Servan was blown apart at the face with the red lightning and how her friend’s entire body from the waist up was taken in an instant.  “When it comes I will look up and hope it takes my face and you will never see it again,”  Malve said vengefully.  Malve knew he was hoping to preserve some part of her to look at over the years.  Revlaman grimaced in frustration.
Ba-dump, ba-dump, it was a heartbeat.  Clyden eyes opened slowly and he could hear faint noises.  He could tell someone was talking.  Who is talking, he asked himself.  Am I dead, Clyden asked himself.  He remember he was going to die.  I did die and he was sure of it.  Clyden’s eyes focused on the chaise lounge.  Laying on chaise was the giant compendium he found.  The book, it was a trap and with that one thought it all came flooding back to him.  Everything washed over his conscious quicker than a breath.  So much pain and anguish and Clyden really did wish he was dead.  Clyden blinked his eyes and his gaze shifted to what was laying next to the book on the chaise.  It was Witch Devil, his glaive.  He turned his head.  In a chair sat Revlaman with his back to him.  He was alive and his plan worked.  In front of Revlaman a column of white light was slowly turning red.  Clyden looked at Revlaman’s back with untold anger.  He rolled over to his side.  Clyden reached for his magic and was relieved he could feel it again.  Clyden silently began to whisper a fetching spell as he crouched to his feet.  The heat in his heart would vaporize iron.  A dragon would have not dare stand in the inferno of his fiery judgement and in one silent motion Clyden lept in the air being carried by a speed spell.
Malve looked at Revlaman’s hideous face. A tear formed in her right eye and traveled down her cheek.  Revlaman looked at her and smiled in amusement.  He must of thought it was her last tear of despair or regret.  Revlaman was sure he broken her completely.  Until he saw Malve’s facial expression change from resigned despair to hope.  A smile formed on Malve’s lips.  She was not looking at Revlaman.  He whipped his body around at an unnatural speed.
Revlaman was able to see Clyden’s glaive, the runes on it lit up as if fire spilled out of them.  Witch Devil flew towards him deadly intent on collecting his soul.  “Revlaman,”  Clyden screamed loudly just as his hands griped the haft.  Clyden put as much righteous hatred and force as he could into the strike.  The black blade sunk into Revlaman with ease pushing it’s way out through his back with the momentum of the trust pushing into the red and white column of light.  The column cracked and shattered in a rain of red and white sparks.
Clyden held onto the glaive looking into Revlaman’s eyes.  Blood oozed from his mouth.  With a groan Revlaman’s eyes closed and he died.   Clyden sighed closing his eyes.  For a brief moment, Clyden thought with bitter remorse of Lizbeth and Servan.  He was relieved his plan worked.  He opened his eyes.  Revlaman’s body started to disintegrate as hot ash fell to the floor.  The relief he felt just a moment before became as the ash of Revlaman falling to the floor now.  The glaive that render righteous punishment to Revlaman, punctured through him and the prison containing Malve.  What Clyden didn’t anticipate was it would also claim the life of Malve, Witch Devil was embedded into her chest.


Prologue: Smart and Brave...Also.

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Prologue: Smart and Brave...Also.  Part 1
Prologue: Smart and Brave...Also.  Part 1

A woman sat reading to her child on a bed.  She was adorn in a green silk nightgown.  On her head was a crown made of of little entwined roses.  The leaves of the rose were small chips of emeralds and the petals of the flower were rubies.  The crown had small Dragon Claws wrapping around the rose stems with flakes of black amethyst making up the talons.  She was exquisitely beautiful and her eyes a fierce blue.  She is the Dragon’s Rose, Queen Sarinah Erin Loudas, and wife to King Danyais.  The queen’s hair was long and blonde with strong hints of red. 
Queen Sarinah’s strawberry blonde hair was being tending to fondly by the child standing in the bed behind her.   The child she read to was her daughter Crown Princess Arinah.  They were in Arinah’s room.  The princess’  bed was was big enough to sleep two people; Arinah’s bed was draped in sheer pastel green and pink fabrics.  There were miniature furnishings designed in regards to the princess’ height.  A small dark purple chaise lounge with a matching larger one sat along a wall.  There was a small table accompanied by a chairs off in another corner.  Thick rugs with ornamental designs covered most of the floor.  Tapestries designed with floral patterns, animals, or depictions of Arinah’s favorite stories hung on the walls.  A fireplace was built into the wall across from Arinah’s bed.  To the left and right of the fireplace hung two banners with her family’s crest on them, the Crystal Dragon clutching a rose.  Princess Arinah’s room used to belong to her father.
Arinah’s favorite thing about the room, by far, was the ceiling.  Her father, King Danyais, told her the ceiling was enchanted by some magus along time ago called Servan.  It was done as a thank you to her grandfather King Ledan for assisting him in some task with a dragon.  If Arinah did not see the ceiling every night when she slept then she would have not believed her father about the dragon.  When her room was dark and night was outside the ceiling would light up with the stars and moons, an exact copy of the sky’s above Castle Rose Claw.  The moons even came out in sync with their predecessors in the sky.  Sometimes, Arinah would see white streaks falling faster than she could blink and gone just as quick.  Arinah was told they were called falling stars by her mother.. 
It was a room fit for a princess with one exception.  There was a collection of practice wooden swords on a wooden stand in the corner.  The swords, going from the left to right, were smaller and got larger.  The were Arinah’s practice swords and just like her miniature furnishings they were made for her from year to year so she could get use to the size and weight as she practiced with them.  Arinah’s father managed to learn woodworking just to make them for her since she asked her father to let her learn the sword.  Arinah wanted to be like him.  Arinah even kept the broken swords in a chest under her bed as keepsakes.  Her grandmother, Baroness Zarinah and her mother was against notion of her taken up swordplay at first, but Sarinah like Arinah’s father did not have the will to deny their daughter’s request.  Often when they read fairy tales together, Arinah switched the genders of the princes and the princesses so she could imagine she was rescuing the gentleman in distress.  Arinah’s grandmother, Baroness Zarinah complained about how rough her hands was from sword practice all the time.
Arinah counted the brush strokes as her mother read, “99, 100”  Arinah paused.  “Mother what comes after 100,”  the Princess asked of her mother.
Sarinah smiled at her daughter.  “101 my dearest Ari,” she said using the nickname they all called Arinah.  It was her husband's fault Arinah would be doomed to just being known as Ari.  The Queen’s mother, Baroness Zarinah, harped about also and refused to call her Ari out of stubbornness.  Sarinah took the brush from Ari.  Ari’s hair was fiery red.  “Your turn to read,”  Sarinah said handing her the book.  Ari jumped to the floor, her tiny feet barely making no sound other then when they clapped on the bare areas with no rugs.  Ari pushed a small stool, it made wooden scraping sounds on the stone floor till Ari had it over the rugs.  She guided the stool to in front of her bed.  Sarinah put one leg on each side of the stool and Ari nestled herself between her mother’s legs.  Her mother started to brush Ari’s red hair.  Little Ari began to read sounding out words as she went along and getting help, raising the book above her head, for her mom when the words were to big or complicated.
“Mother, was father like the prince in this story when you met him,” Ari asked her mother tilting her head back.  Her mom appeared upside down in her vision. 
“Your father when I first met him,” Sarinah was chuckling, “was more like an ogre,” the Queen told her daughter.
“He was green and ugly?  Did you kiss him and make him better,”  Ari asked being serious.  Her mother laughed and relishing in Ari’s innocence scooped her into her arms pulling her back up on her bed.  “Mother I can’t wait for you to have my brother,” Ari said from out of nowhere, her tiny arms squeezing hard. 
The queen took her daughter by the shoulders pushing her at arm's length.  She looked at her daughter.  Only a few knew of the Queen’s pregnancy and they only learned of it a few days ago along with Sarinah.  “Did someone tell you that you would be getting a brother,” Sarinah asked her daughter.
“Yes it was grandfather in my dream,” Ari said sitting back down on the stool waiting for her hair to be brush.
“What did you say,” Sarinah question.  Ari was a still a baby and not even walking when old King Ledan died.  “How do you know the man in your dream was you grandfather,” Sarinah asked.  Before Ari could answer, a scream for help was heard outside of Ari’s room in the hall.  What was that, Queen Sarinah thought fearfully.  Moments later, the door to Ari’s room was flung opened.  A maid, it was Cina, the Queen’s personal handmaiden and best friend, darted into the room slamming the door behind her.  Cina latched the door lock and picked up a thick plank of wood.  Cina placed the wooden plank over the door between the two steel bars embedded into the stone wall to reinforce the door.  “Cina, what is going on,” Sarinah asked of Cina.
“My Queen there are intruders in the castle,” Cina told the queen, fear was in her voice.
“Intruders,” Sarinah repeated back, stunned at what she was hearing.  They were being attacked.
“Yes, I did not see how many. There was a man in robe and behind him I saw at least ten men.  Some of their faces were painted to help stay hidden in the shadows; I saw swords on their hips,” Cina explained further in depth.  People were not permitted swords this section of the castle unless you are part of the King's or Queen’s Guard.  Sarinah did not believe Cina would mistake the King’s Guard for anything other than what they were.
The queen looked at Ari’s eyes, the fear was tangible on little Ari’s face.  The queen touched her stomach and then Ari’s precious cheeks.  Sarinah moved decisively to the banner hanging to the left of the fireplace and she pulled it from the wall, behind the banner was a glass window.  Sarinha picked up a candle stick with her right hand, the hot wax spilling on her hand.  She drew the candle stick and smashed the glass, clearing the jagged remaining glass with the candlestick. There was a recess built into the stone wall containing a crossbow and a sword, but it was the rope she sought.  Sarinah pulled on the rope, it offered some resistance at first.  Sarinah pulled at the rope again and a bell rang loudly.  Sarinah continued to pull until she felt someone tugging from the other end of the rope.  It was a small comfort for her to know the bell tower guardsman was there.  Sarinah stop pulling on it.  The guardsman on the other end continued to sound the warning bell in the northern battlement.  Soon guardsmen will come for them.  Someone knocked on the door.
Shouts of “For the king”, “The Dragon forward”, “The Blood is in danger”, and other things she couldn’t hear clearly erupted.  Several crossbow bolts pierced the door.  Sarinah and Cina backed away to the middle of the room.  Sarinah took her daughter, kissing Ari’s cheeks, and placed Ari under her bed.  “Baby this is just a game, you have to stay quiet, and under the bed.  It is how you win,” Sarinah told Ari.  The fear wanted to drive Sarinah to tears, but her mother’s instinct, the furious protective rage wanted to burn the rock walls of her child’s room to molten lava.
Sarinah stood up and turned around.  There was Cina standing holding the crossbow, a bolt was already loaded into it.  Cina already had the sword belt fastened around her waist.  The sword and belt looked out of place on Cina who was dressed in her maid uniform a plain blue dress with an apron marked with the Crystal Dragon of house Loudas.  “Take this my Queen,” Cina said offering the crossbow to Sarinah.  Queen Sarinah Erin Loudas’ face became like steal as she drew the sword instead.

Prologue: Smart and Brave...Also.  Part 2
Prologue: Smart and Brave...also Part 2

 A company of twenty men rode single file on horseback on what used to be a path in a wooded forests.  The overgrowth took the path at least four seasons ago.  The forest smelt of rotted and humid vegetation.  Birds chirped of their presence, warning the entire forest of the intruders.  This forest was ancient, the trees gigantic and stood taller than any castle.  Giant pine cones the size of cats laid on the ground.  The men wore armored black steel, all of them uniformed in their appearance with swords and shields.  On the shields was a Crystal Dragon clutching a rose.  However one man wasn’t armored as the others.  He was an exception.  He rode in the middle of the formation.  His armor was polished, gilded in gold.
On his head sat a war crown concealing his dirty blond hair, it was a metal steel cap covering his head.  It offered protection as much as semblance. The steel cap was plated with gold and green gems were attached to it matching the King’s dark green eyes.  On his armor there was an engraved image of dragon clutching a rose.   It was the standard of his house and his kingdom.   His face was unshaven and after travel for twelve days it was the start of a proper beard.  He found it irritating yet it vexed him because he kept plucking at the stubble with his fingers lately.  He was High King Danyais Hathat Loudas, master of Castle Rose Claw, Ruler of all Loudas.  His family’s castle was centralized in Loudas for well over 600 years.  The capital City of Dragon Crest sprung up around Castle Rose Claw.  The kingdom of Loudas is one of the four great kingdoms.
Even though they all knew there was a storm from the sounds of thunder and the flashes of light managing to penetrate the fortress of the trees.  The canopy of the trees was so thick the rain seemed to be just a drizzle, the sounds of the thunder muffled by it as if being gagged.  The trees barely swayed to the wind and it was only at the tops where they barely moved.
“My King,” the man who rode in front of him spoke up.
   “Yes Zander,” King Danyais replied back to Zander.  Zander was one of his closest friends.  Growing up Zander was skinny and gainly.  In fact he looked out of place in the armor.  His hair was sandy brown and his eyes matched.  Zander’s entire existence to some the nobles seemed out of place.  He wasn't noble born.  In fact Zander was the son of one the cooks in the kitchen.  On his cheek was a tattoed line.  The line was the mark of a servant bounded to a noble house.  The firstborn of every generation were born to servitude, a line was added for each generation till after seven lines amassed.  Their families would be granted freedom at such time.  When Danyais was young he didn't know of social standings.  As a young prince, Danyais did not understand the cultural doctrines or any of the complicated rights and wrongs of their world.  To him, Zander was a friend whom took blame and a beating for Danyais and his other friend Elhanan for stolen sweet pies from the kitchen.  From that sweet act of cruelty a friendship was born.
   The three of them ran rampant throughout the castle getting into all sorts of trouble.  Zander often was punished and they were not.  It was during those time when King Danyais learned of the class system and his friend, Zander, was a slave.  None of it matter to Danyais even though it was a concern of Zander’s when they got caught.  The King, Danyais father issued a creed throughout the castle Rose Claw, if Zander was with the Prince when mischief struck he was to be pardon along with Danyais.  With his new found immunity Zander, Elhanan, and Danyais set out on a reign of terror.  It did not end until Zander's mom Zumi, much like the head executioner showed no mercy to his friend.  Zumi, in her judicial righteousness, punished the entire castle by not making anything sweet for an entire month.  Not even the King, his father had the nerve to invade the kitchen when he found out the Queen and his mother-in-law sided with Zumi.  It became known as the “Sweets Revenge” incident.  The entire castle began to monitor Zander’s upbringing.  Danyais fater, King Ledan even made sure Zander was tutored and educated alongside of his son.  Though he still got into trouble.
Later in their friendship Zander proved to be brave when he stepped between Danyais and a poisonous assassin's blade.  For weeks after the failed attack Zander was sick.  The attempt left a small scar on his right arm.  'I just tripped trying to get away,' Zander often told the story as such.  Even though the King made his mind up to never treat Zander as a servant long before the assassination attempt.  It gave him precedent to set his family free and raised to nobility.  Zander's mom Zumi stayed in the kitchens though and it took the staff months to stop calling her Lady Zumi.  King Danyais still didn't give up on the notion Lady Zumi would one day retire to the village he rewarded Zander with.  If such a day did come Danyais would make many visits to the village for her sweet pies.  Zander did not know who his father was.  Some noble no doubt who took advantage of Zumi.  Danyais’ daughter, Ari called him uncle and loved the stories of their youth.
“Are you sure he is here,” Zander ask pushing a branch from out the way of his face.
   “Yes, my father granted this entire forest to him,” Danyais assured his friend.
   “The stories of this place.  It is curse they say.  Are we even sure he can help us.  No one has even heard of this man,”  Zander replied.  Danyais thought he heard Zander mutter something about poison and smiled.  Zander often joke when times were stressful or when doing something he did not find enjoyable, if the assassin's poison was more lethal or if he didn't trip he would have peace.  Danyais smiled inwardly, he knew his friend's heart. 
   “Yes he is real.  My father told me of him before he died,” Danyais said.
   “No offense, but your father was how old when he died and he wasn’t in his right mind either.  Though his story does explain the strange attraction poison has for you,”  Zander curtly stated.
   “Sixty was how old my father was and he told me many times that you were at fault for his nerves,” King Danyais laughed, remembering the many times they have gotten into trouble.  “Besides, the story he told me was verified by previous King’s guardsmen and some of their sons who are with us right now,”  Danyais answered his friend back wondering where this line of questioning was going.
   “Are you sure their fathers’ minds worked right also and how old would this that make this so called magus than?  Are we even looking for someone alive,”  Zander concluded his argument.
   They continued to ride deeper into the forest.  Small talk filter between the trees from the twenty men.  The man at the front of the formation raised his hand in a fist, the motion was copied by each man behind him.  Soon all talk stop, the horse's well trained by the war stables became quiet at the signal of the fist in the air.  King Danyais kicked his horse in the side and traveled to the front.  Zander followed.  “My King,”  Wendell, the man said pointing to a giant tree near the top up a hill.  It was bigger than any of the surrounding trees, twice as thick.  Danyais looked at the tree and was puzzled.  Besides the tree humongous size he didn't see why Wendell stopped them.  He was about to ask Wendell what was it he wanted him to see.  “Look closely at the base of the tree towards the middle,”  he instructed Danyais. 
The wind moved a plant at the base of the tree and through the wind stirred branches he saw a light from the bottom of the tree.  “It’s a door,” King Danyais said in awe.  There was a door, it was made to look as part of the tree.  It was almost perfectly hidden if the light didn't give it away, they would have never seen it.  He looked at the tree closely now and could see what he thought was a door.  “Guess that is why you are the scout Wendell.  I wished I had your eyes,”  Danyais said while touching the man's shoulder.  Wendell beamed with pride. Danyais pulled on the reins of his horse turning to face his companions.  “From here I go alone,”  he announced.  The men protested strongly, but quietly.  They did not want to alert anyone they were there.
“Well if you do not come back, I will tell Ari about how you met her mom.  The real story,”  Zander threaten him.
   Danyais eyes widen, “You wouldn't,” the king said in an unkinglike voice.  “Guess I best come back then.  I couldn't have the queen kill my best friend now,”  Danyais smiled spurring the horse forward.   
“She might just dig your corpse up after all and murder you all over again along with me.  It is supposedly only you that knows the story.  I have kept my mouth shut,” Zander checkmated him with his final remark.  Danyais just smiled and kicked his horse to move up the hill.  He heard Zander issuing orders to the men.   The men fanned out and secured the hill.  About halfway towards the giant tree the ground started to give way.  His horse's hooves sank into the mud.  Danyais unmounted not wanting to endanger his horse.  He tied it to the foliage.  Danyais continued on up the hill on foot.  Soon, he was out of breath.  The hill was a green muddy fortress.  It was a labor to climb.  Danyais slipped falling forward when his hand hit the ground gave way and his face submerged momentarily into green mud.  He pushed himself back up and wiped his face and hands with his black traveling cape.
“Are you ok Majesty,” Zander yelled from somewhere not caring if they alerted anyone now since they had the hill secured.
   Danyais turned back around to face the bottom of the hill where his men took up positions, he told them “I am fine just the ground is not favorable.”  He wasn’t sure, however he thought he heard laughter from multiple sources.  He turned back around and plowed ahead up the hill. The closer he got to the tree Danyais saw features carved into the tree. The features were done in such a way a person could not tell from a distance.  There were windows cut into the tree, but with no glass to reflect.  Moss hung in front of the lower cut windows obscuring them altogether.  He tilted his head looking further up the tree and notice a thick branch broken.  What would have been smaller branches for this tree, but in truth the branches were the size of three or four year old saplings grew from the broken branch.  Where the branch looked to be broken a faint trail of smoke leaked from it.  Danyais notice other branches where the smoke was faintly escaping.  It was an old trick Wendell taught him when he was younger.  If you build a fire in the hollow of tree or at the base of tree with a lot of leaves.  The smoke gets dispersed as it hits the branches and leaves making it harder to be spotted.  As he got closer he passed another tree.  He looked at the tree in surprise there was a horse.  It was housed in a stable carved into the tree.  He passed another tree and there were pigs  living in the shadow of the tree.  Chickens ran and clucked darting into another tree behind moss.  He could see the door leading to them.  He turned around and looked at his men at the bottom the hill.  None of them could see what he saw.  The layout of this settlement was done in perfect concealment.  He looked at the ground and saw the paths cut into the ground from continuous use all leading back to the door at the larger tree.
   Danyais arrived at the door.  He looked at it a moment and he knew it was there, but it was even hard to see it.  He touched the door, feeling for a handle.  “A knock is what a civilized person would do when coming to a person's home,” a raised voice said from behind the door.
            Danyais was startled only for a moment.  “I am King...” Danyais was interrupted from saying who he was.
   “So that is why you stand out so much in that golden armor of yours, though it is not as gaudy as before,” the voice curtly said with sarcasm.
   Danyais looked down at his the armor he was wearing.  The hill mauled him as he ascended it in green mud and grime.  His boots was caked in mud up to his knees.  Danyais could make out the head of the dragon on his breastplate the rest of it was buried below green mud.  His gauntlets were just as green.  His black cape was ruined.  Danyais was in a position he wasn't used to.  He felt a mixture of both embarrassment and annoyance.  He hoped it didn't sound in his voice when he spoke, “I have come in search of a pow…”
   “Uncivilized,” the voice responded back cutting off his words again.
   “Pardon me,” Danyais responded.  There was a long moment of silence.  Uncivilized is keeping your king outside waiting, he thought at being annoyed by just a voice.  There was a long silence.  Danyais  knocked on the door.
   “Enter, the handle is at the top, and wipe your feet” the voice said.  He scraped his boots against the ground the best he could and felt for the handle, of course it was covered in moss to hide it effectively.  The door swung open and the light not being repressed any more spilt out along with strong smells of herbs and cooked meat.  Danyais crouched down stepping through the door.  He was in awe as he enter the tree.  It is a house carved inside of the tree, Danyais marvel as his eyes darted back and forth looking at everything.  It was spacious enough for several people and the tree was hollowed out to include several floors.  A staircase cascaded up the inside of the tree.  The wood was all polished from use and oils.  Danyais looked around.  The floors higher up were carved in half circles spirals to match the aesthetics of the staircase.
           On the second floor he saw a book cases carved into the tree filled with books. There were plants drying or dried in batches hanging all around.  Glass jars filled with different color of liquids where being heated by flames.  They made bubbling sounds.  There was a scent of pipe smoke faintly in the air.  Books and scrolls laid on tables, chairs, and some were stacked to the sides of the stairs in such a way one can still traverse the stairs if need to.  There was a man sitting with his back facing him in a hooded robe.  He had a pipe in his hand.  “What do you want,”  the man asked turning to face him lowering his hood.  The man appeared to be younger than Danyais.  His black hair was long and unkempt. 
   “I am in search of a Magus, Your master perhaps,” Danyais said to the younger man.
   “There are no servants here,  you look nothing like your father,” the man amusedly said standing up walking over to Danyais inspecting him.
   “My f-fa-father,” Danyais asked bewilder.  Before he could follow up with a question the man forged on with the conversation.
   “Your father wasn’t green was he,” the man asked motioning to a mirror.
Danyais walked over to the mirror and looked at his reflection.  He already knew his breastplate was stain green with mud, but now Danyais saw his face.   This is what the men were laughing about, Danyais thought and no doubt Zander issued an order for the men to be quiet and not alert him about his green stained face. 
“I inadvertently saved your life once,”  the man said.  Danyais turned to face him.  A small clay jar with a wax seal was tossed at him.  Danyais snagged it out of the air quickly.  “I guess I can save you from a green face now.  This jar contains a soap, it will cut through the staining properties of the mud.  Use it the next time you bathe,” he explained.
“I thank you, but how does one inadvertently save a life.  I have a friend you should talk to,” Danyais said smiling.  This was the man he was looking for.  Not many outside of a few trusted king’s guard or the royal family knew about the attempt on his life when he was just a toddler. “Clyden,” Danyais asked still not sure if it was him.  Danyais wonder how he was still so young.  The person he sought should of been at least in his seventies, old, and frail. The man before him did not even present a day over thirty.
Sensing the curiosity in the king and the endless questions to come with those curiosities Clyden spoke up rudely, “I know you must have questions, but know this.  I will not answer any of them.  I could spend a thousand lifetimes and you wouldn't even understand.  Will you stop wasting my time now and tell me what you want?”
Danyais was at lost for words.  This man was crude at best.  The manner at which he talked to him infuriated him.  If Clyden addressed him like this in the halls of his castle the servants would beg for the honor to take his life.  He gripped his sword hilt, knuckles turning white from the pressure.  He bit the insides of his cheek to calm down.  “It has to deal with vrollocs.  We only thought vrollocs were legends, but there is a dread horde marching on my northern kingdom.  To make matters worse eight months ago a storm razed the entire southern portion of Loudas.  The dead from the storm was unimaginable and the recovery efforts we had to postpone, but.”
“The living take precedence,” Clyden finished saying.  Danyais just had the words plucked from his mouth it was a saying his father taught him.
“Can you read minds,” Danyais  questioned him.
“Who do you think taught it to your father?  Read minds,”  Clyden said laughing.  “What about Sukkan, can they not help?”  Sukkan was another one of the four great kingdoms.  It was position from Loudas northern borders all the way to almost the entirety of the southern border.
“My emissaries have returned with non favorable replies, asking how can such 'legendary' creatures be,” Danyais said.
“They do not believe you?  Why have you not sent a body of a vrolloc to them?  It would be hard for them to say legendary at the least.  Why did you not go yourself or send your Queen? Such an action would have showed the seriousness of your of request.  It also would have made sure Sukkan wouldn't of denied a monarch who came to ask for help,” Clyden said in a matter of fact perturbed nature. “Nevermind I am not your advisor.”
Danyais was dumb founded at the rapid succession of diplomatic solutions offered by Clyden in a matter of moments.  The king was committing all the conversation to memory for future use.  How could King Ledan allow such a man like this to not be at his side.  He wanted Clyden's aid in the coming counterattack.  “Will you help us?”
“No,” Clyden’s answered bluntly, without even a thought of consideration.
“If it is gold I will pay,”  Danyais counter with what most men want.
“No,” Clyden said again just as bluntly as before.
“Then name it and if it is reasonable I will give it,” The King said earnestly. 
“No I will not give aid to Loudas ever again,” Clyden said.  Danyais looked dejectedly into Clyden's eyes.  There was a heated firmness in his words.  “But I will get you back to Rose Claw tonight, It is all I can do,”  Clyden said.  Danyais eyes widen and they would have dropped to the polished floor if they were not firmly sitted in their sockets.


Prologue: Smart and Brave...Also.  Part 3

Prologue: Smart and Brave...Also. Part 3

Wendell and others study the surroundings, admiring how everything was hidden. Wendell must of walked down the hill a dozen times trying to see if he could spot with his own eyes the stables, pig pin, and chicken coup after knowing the truth.  Giving up, he walked over to Danyais.  “My King, I am ashamed. I had no idea this was all up here,” Wendell said as he looked at the surroundings.  The twenty men gathered around the front of the giant tree.
Danyais looked at his men.  Some of them fared better than he did coming up the hill others had green arms, faces partially green, and some like Danyais had entire faces turned green.  Their armors and shields stained to the point where it looked like a painter was mad at them with the green mud.  They all shared in King’s Danyais’ muddy fate now with the exception of Zander.  Some of the men tossed mud at Zander who managed to remain remarkably clean.  Zander countered by edging his horse closer to the King using  Danyais as a shield.  “It is your turn to stand in front of the assassins’ mud balls my King,” Zander announced loudly while smirking.  Danyais laughed and so did several of the other men.  The mud projectiles ceased.
The men went quiet when the door to the tree opened.  Clyden stepped out door.  Some of the King’s Guard tried to angle their heads so they could catch a glimpse of the interior of the tree before Clyden closed the door behind him.  He had a large sack on his shoulder.  The men watched Clyden wearily in case he meant harm to the king. “Take this, send it to Sukkan,” Clyden said eyeing the king, but handing the sack to Zander.  Zander opened the sack peering into it.  Inside the sack there was a giant skull.  The skull looked like it belonged to a dog's, but it had a horn and the teeth were longer than any dog he has ever seen.  It was the skull of just one of the types of vrollocs.  “Be careful of the teeth they can still poison and kill,” He warned.
“Here you best hold this King Danyais,” Zander said handing him the sack.  Some of the men who knew of the story of the poisoned assassin's blade laughed.  The others who did not glared with killing intent or incredulous looks.  Danyais was one of those who laughed.
“Are you sure you will not help,”  Danyais asked Clyden again.
 “Is this all of your men,” Clyden asked ignoring the question Danyais asked walking towards the chicken coup carved into one of the large trees.  “I will take eighteen of you back to Rose Claw, the other two will be taken back to River Tarrow when I return.”  River Tarrow was town only two hours away from the capital city of Loudas, Dragon Crest.  Dragon Crest was the largest city in the kingdom.  The King’s castle, Rose Claw, was eventually swallowed by Dragon Crest as it increased in size over hundreds of years.  Dragon Crest’s massive walls, or the thorn wall as it was called, encircled the entire city.  The guards now looked at Clyden like he was insane, some even moved closer to their King.  “Is the room near your old room when you were a babe still not in use,”  He asked of King Danyais. 
“My father order the room to never be used,” Danyais answered back.  Danyais had a momentary memory of when he was kid trying to open the door Clyden spoke of, but it was locked from the inside.  His father caught him and it was one of the few times he was scolded harshly.  The room Clyden spoke of was the room he occupied when he saved the Danyais almost 30 years ago.  King Danyais’ father, King Ledan gifted the room to Clyden like the same way he did Clyden’s forest.
“Good then we can go now.  Choose two men to stay with the horses,”  Clyden said.  The two who were to stay behind sat on their horses the others were carrying their saddles and sundries.   Clyden walked over to the chicken coup.  “Ready,” he asked one more time. 
“I like my eggs runny,” someone amongst the gathered men joked.
Even Clyden laughed at the joke.  The other men joined in, but their laughter was cut short when Clyden’s hand glowed orange and he touched the the tree to the right of the door of the chicken coup.  The orange light from his hand seemed to transfer to the bark of the tree and orange outline of a door glowed then faded.  Clyden pulled on the door resembling the bark of the tree and it opened up into a dark room.  Clyden looked at the expressions of the men's faces and it was his turn to laugh at them as he walked through the door.  “This is called the Fade Realm,”  Clyden explained from the other side of the door as he picked up a torch just on the inside of the door and it flared to heated life.  He laughed again as their expression changed again with the lighting of the torch.
“That's real magic,” Zander said awestruck.   
“Come on do not wait to long or the defensive seals will kill you the moment you step through the door,”  Clyden urged them. 
“I should stay with the horses,” Zander said, too apprehensive to enter the fade realm after hearing Clyden’s warning.  They were all were hesitant.  It was King Danyais who muster the courage to step through first.  The other men seeing their king advance before them now crowded the door to see who would follow after him. 
“Can someone shut the door,” Clyden asked after all the men stepped through door into the Fade Realm.
“Are you sure,” someone asked weakly.
The door closed.  It was always unnaturally silent in the fade realm.  Some of the men took out torches from their supplies and struck flint to light them.  Others surrounded King Danyais with hand's on swords, half drawn.  “Nothing lives in the Fade Realm that isn't conjured or brought in,” Clyden told them in order to try to soothe their uneasiness.   “Come on,” he said to them as he walked.  They came to a wall stretching as far as the light allowed them to see. The wall had a vast amount of doors built into it and the doors continued just as far as the wall stretched.  Some of the doors were plain, Danyais spotted a door seeming to be made of gold, and there was one that looked like ice.  Clyden walked to one of the plain doors and opened it before leaving the Fade Realm, he placed the torch to the right of the new door.  He exited into the other room.  They followed Clyden into the the newer room. 
The room was large.  It was void of all furnishings.  Only a thick layer of dust coated the floor.  There was another door.  Next to it two torches lit up as Clyden approached the door.  Danyais was able to see the room clearly now. On the door was a lock Danyais never seen the likes of before. There was a handle in the middle and it connected to four rounded metal bars pushed into the sides of the door frame at four locations.  A thick lock prevented the handle from turning.  There was a window looking out and to the right of the window another door if open would lead to nowhere.  Danyais looked out the window and he could see a familiar river.  It was the the Tarrow river.  The river ran to the North of Dragon Crest.  Danyais could not fathom the notion of how they traveled so far in mere moments.  A twelve day journey done in the breath of a song, his mind flooded with endless possibilities.  King Danyais thought of instant trade and military tactics. 
A metallic sound drew Danyais attention.  He saw the four bars to the lock groan and move in unison. Clyden pushed on the door and the door open.  The hinges on it cried out for oiled, creaking loudly.  There was a maid passing by in the hallway.  She saw Clyden a stranger in part of the castle kept secure due to it being the Royal Nursery, coming from a room that has never been open before, a room full of men, men who carried green shields, men armed with swords, men with painted green faces, and concealed in shadows.  She darted off running screaming for help.
The maid moved quicker than Clyden expected.  As she fled down the hall she knocked torches from their mounts.  As they fell to the stone floor they sparked from the impact.  Many of the torches went out making the corridor dark.  “Smart girl,” Clyden admire her quick mind.  “King Danyais, you should come quickly,” Clyden said peering back into the room they just traveled into.  Clyden saw Danyais looking out the window.  A door slammed shut somewhere along the corridor
Danyais turned and walked towards Clyden.  “Why what is wrong,” Danyais asked stepping into the hallway.  As if to answer his question, the warning bells sounded loudly. 
The men with Danyais were the best of the king’s guards.  Saddles, bedrolls, or what ever you could not kill a man with was dropped to the stone floor.  “Form up,” Wendell order.  Five men pushed in front of the king swords drawn and muddy shields raised, five more took up flanking positions.  The remaining eight ventured out front of the containment box they made for the king, weapons in hand.
Clyden was impressed with their efficient movements and decisive response.  “I think we are the reason for the alarm,” Clyden said to Danyais.
“I am sure we are.  This hall leads to my daughter's room.  She must be scared let us go see her,” Danyais said.  He tried to move between the five guards in front of him.  They closed ranks preventing Danyais from moving forward.  “Let me pass,”  he said.  The men refused his request, making the formation tighter.
“Till the alarm has been canceled my King, you must stay behind us.  Even if we are the cause,”  Wendell said to Danyais.  Danyais was about to protest. “For for the blood,”  Wendell said loudly.
The men responded as one voice, “We stand!!!”  The men would follow any order the king would give.  Their loyalty was as absolute as the wind in the air and always there.  But when the alarm sounds in Rose Claw, The King’s Guard first order they always obeyed was  would do what was necessary to save the royal family.  The monarch first even if it meant trussing Danyais up like a chicken and carrying him away.  Only on a battlefield did the King’s Guard allow for any danger to even get remotely close.
Danyais knew the resolve in their words.  Many of his guards had a Dragon talon tattooed around their necks.  Those men’s fathers refused the freedom after their fathers were 7th generation King Guards swearing even the lives of their future families to the throne.
Wendell pointed his sword down the hall saying, “They dragon’s egg lies this way.”  The dragon's egg was code for Crown Princess Arinah.  The protection and retrieval of the royal heir was almost as high of a priority as the safety of the king.  Even though Clyden knew this was a false alarm, he could feel the intensity of the men as the moved stealthily in the poorly lit corridor. 
They came to a door near the bend in the hall.  The door was painted pink with fairy tales murals.  Danyais knocked on the door lightly.  Several crossbow bolts struck around his hand and one missing his head barely.  They pierced the Princess’s door with impacted thuds.   A moment later a clear blue bubble formed around the king, shrinking to match the contours of Danyais body.  Another volley of bolts impacted shields his men raised in defense. Danyais eyes tracked a single bolt in what seemed like slow motion to him.  The bolt found its way through a gap in the shielded formation and struck him in the face.  Danyais felt a minuscule amount of pressure where the bolt hit, the blue light surrounding him rippled like a stone tossed into calm waters.  The bolt splintered on impact.  Danyais locked eyes with Clyden and with one look he thanked the Magus for saving his life.
Shouts of battle cries erupted from behind them in the dark.  “The blood is in danger,”  the newcomers bellowed out in a dangerous fervor, their boots scraping the stone floor as they rushed to beat back the men near their princess’ door. 
The men who traveled with Danyais yelled back with the same passion their own cries of “defend the blood”, “the Dragon forward”, and “for the King.”  Some of the men in the King’s company shouted for their approaching comrades to stop while some prepared with grim resolve of the possibility they would be killing fathers, brothers, and friends soon, or they would be killed by them.
Clyden stepped forward speaking in a language none would understand.  Those who looked at him saw an orange aura surrounding him.  When he finished the spell a powerful wind whipped through the hallway knocking all who was in it down to the ground.  The king still wrapped in the protective blue bubble was lifted by unseen hands and floated over to the guardsmen just rushing them.  Gasps could be heard as they obtained visual recognition of their king.

Prologue: Smart and Brave...Also.  Part 4
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Prologue: Smart and Brave...also Part 4


Prologue: Smart and Brave...Part 4

After the tips of the crossbow bolts punctured through Ari’s door, chaos ensued outside Arinah’s door.  They could hear men shouting at each other.  It abruptly went quiet when there was sound like a powerful wind rushing behind the door.  For a fearful second, Sarinah thought the door was going to be ripped from it’s hinges.  Cina stood in front of the queen aiming the crossbow at the entrance to the room offering whatever protection her body could afford to her queen.
The warning bells stopped.  With a sigh Cina accidental loose a bolt.  It impacted the door digging it's it's way about halfway through the door.  “Sorry my queen,” Cina said frantically attempting to load another bolt.
“You in there stand down,” a muffled voice was heard through the door.
“Enter and you will lay down eternally,”  Sarinah shouted back fiercely.
The voice spoke up loudly, “What is this song that I hear now?  The melody that plays in my soul now, it is like a tune I once heard and teases me into remembering it's existence.  Am I dreaming is my life now a song.” 
Sarinah knew these words being spoken.  Only she and the man who spoke it were the only ones who knew of this poem.  The words was the poem her husband composed and recited to her the night he proposed.  “Danyais? It's the King,”  Sarinah said as she moved quickly to open the door.  With sword in hand still she opened the door and saw her husband standing there.  His armor was dirty and he smelt of horse.  His face was painted in an olive green tone.  There was at least forty of the King's Guard in the hall.  They knelt as they saw their Queen standing in the doorway.  Tears of relief released traveling down Sarinah’s face, the sword dropped to the stone floor with a clang as she jumped into her husband's arms knocking both of them to the ground.
Danyais embraced his wife.  He didn't care who was around to witness this tender moment or if they judge it unkingly.  He felt his wife's warm tears on his cheeks.  “Our sudden arrival must of stressed everyone out.  I am sorry Rina,”  Danyais said using her pet name he called her when they were alone.  Danyais and his queen sat on the floor embracing one another for a while.  “I am sorry my rose,”  Danyais apologized again, whispering into his wife's ear.
Clyden watched as the King and Queen sat on the floor embracing each other.  He was weary.  It has been so long since Clyden used magic.  In fact he should not use magic at all without Witch Devil, his war glaive in his hands.  It is extremely dangerous for an magic user to use magic after not using it for any length of time, but to go nearly 30 years without even touching it was unheard of and dangerous.  If Clyden did not have all of his eternal experience he would have burnt out his essence or worse, died.  He wanted to sit down, however Clyden saw there was no way to push past the mass of guards now crowding the hallway near the Princess’s door.  Clyden walked towards the pink door some of the guardsmen he traveled to Rose Claw with parted for him. After seeing a chaise lounge in the room he walked into it.  There was a maid still standing in the room holding a crossbow. 
Cina looked at it him.  She didn’t know who he was. Cina raised the crossbow aiming it at him.  “It is ok,” Clyden said, injecting as much sympathy as possible in his voice.  He cover his mouth as if he was about to cough, Clyden was uttering one more spell in his hand, it was a quick spell to put someone to sleep who was in shock.  Clyden opened his hand and multiple colorful tendrils extended from his hand crossing the space between him and Cina.  Only those who had an affinity to work with magic would have been able to see this spell.   Relief and worry was slowly melting away from Cina’s face.  “It is ok,” he said one more time moving closer to her.  Cina looked at him her eyes fluttering and then they closed.  The crossbow dropped to the floor near the bed, and Clyden moved quickly to catch Cina as her knees buckled under her.  Clyden held onto Cina and moved to lay her on the bed.  The state of this woman’s nerves along with all the people in the castle was his fault, Clyden berated himself.
Clyden felt weaker from before, but now since he casted the spell on Cina he felt exhausted.  Clyden position a pillow under Cina’s head and then walked to the chaise lounge letting out a long sigh as he sat down.  From the chair, he looked around the room and back out into the corridor.  The King and Queen were still in an embrace.  They were taking turns talking into each other’s ears.  Some of the guards in the hall were pulling back, bowing to Danyais and Sarinah whom did not even notice.  Clyden eyed the fireplace, to the left there was a recess in the wall with broken shards of glass on the stone floor.  A banner laid on the floor.  He looked at the rugs on the floor.  Then notice a little arm sticking out from under the bed.  A tiny hand grasping the loaded crossbow, dragging it under the bed covertly.   Clyden berated himself, dammit it is the princess and we all forgotten about her.  Everyone forgot, except for the maid, it was why Cina stood guard even though she knew the king and queen was outside the door.  She would have not stand down till Queen Sarinah or the king told her it was ok if Clyden did not put her to sleep.
Clyden stood up walked closer to the bed and knelt to the floor lying down on his stomach.  He peered under the bed.  Clyden saw a little girl clutching the crossbow aiming it at him the best she could.  Tears were in her eyes, but Arinah did not make even a noise.  It was like looking at a cornered animal.  Clyden felt a pain of guilt about his contribution to this girl's tears.  “Hello,” Clyden said.  Ari did not answer back.  “My name is Clyden I am friend of your father’s.  He is here outside in the hall do you want to see him,” he said reaching gingerly for her.
“Lies, my father said he would be gone for a month and it has only been twelve days,” Ari said with a royal fierceness.
“Ah he was gone, but I brought him back using magic,” Clyden said.  Ari looked at him skeptically.  Looking at the edge of the princess’s bed Clyden picked at the beadwork from the bedding.  He laid three crystal beads on the ground making sure Ari could see them.  He blew on them and the beads glowed brightly.  Clyden spoke a spell and the beads floated from the ground towards Ari in a circular motion.  Clyden was able to see her clearly now.  Half of her body was hidden behind stuff animals.  Arinah’s red hair had some webs in it.
“How did you do that,” Ari asked.  She reached for the beads of light, but as her hand approached them they dashed away from her like flies being swatted at.
“It is my magic.  Now I told you who I was. Tell me who you are little one,” Clyden said.
Ari did not say anything for a while then she spoke, “My mother told me to stay here and be quiet so I could win the game.”
“The game is already over and you won.  You played it splendidly,” Clyden said.
Ari’s brow furrowed as she contemplated what Clyden was telling her.  “My name is Princess Arinah Lizbeth Malve Loudas,” Ari told him.  Clyden was immensely surprised at the Princess’s full name.  There was a moment of pain, guilt, and anger.  Ari must of saw it on his face as she asked him, “Are you ok?”
“That is a beautiful, powerful, and wise name you have there,” Clyden said to her.  He reached his hand out and she took it.  She came out from under the bed. “I knew a Lizbeth once and she was the smartest person I have ever known.  I also knew a Malve and she was strong and brave.  Both of them were the most beautiful women I have ever seen,” Clyden said as he picked the webs from her long red hair.  He motioned over his shoulder with his hand, “Your parents are in the hall.”
Ari looked to her door and saw her mother hugging her father  She ran to them.  As Ari got closer she saw other guards who faces were partially green or all green.  When she saw her dad’s face it was completely green from the mud King Danyais felled in ascending Clyden’s hill.  “Mother you have to kiss father quick he is turning into an ogre.  The others are going to have to wait in line,” Ari said loudly.  Ari’s mother laughed so hard as the princess was enveloped by her parents embraced.
Clyden was standing outside the door to empty room he used to bring King Danyais and his men through to Rose Claw.  The king was holding his daughter and Ari was still trying to kiss the ogre away from him.  “Did you curse my father Magus,” Ari said looking at Clyden menacingly.
The king started to speak up, but Clyden smiling wickedly spoke first, “Aye I did and if you want to break the spell you have to be a good princess.”
“Clyden I might not bathe for weeks now,” Danyais joked before adopting a more serious tone.  “Are you sure?  Will you not change your mind,”  Danyais asked of him yet again. Danyais set down Ari and she walked the little distance over to Clyden tugging on his robe.
“My answer is no,” Clyden said as he looked down into Ari’s green eyes.
“I will be smart and brave just like your friends.  Pretty also,” Ari told him.  Clyden smiled at her touching her hair.
“They would have loved that,” Clyden said back to the princess.   He looked at Danyais, “Your Majesty just take the vrolloc skull and send it to Sukkan. It should be enough.”
“I will,” Danyais said looking at the man holding the sack.  When they left Clyden’s forest it was Zander holding the bag and now it was in someone else’s possession. “Wait where is Zander,” he asked.
The man holding the sack spoke up nervously, “Majesty, Zander said you would understand and switched out with me.  He stayed with the horses.”
Clyden stood in the barren room set aside for him by the previous king. Rose Claw, the entire castle was awake and buzzing with the news of King Danyais’ magical returned with a magus.  Before he made his escape, guardsmen turned away servants claiming they had to change bedding or clean the ceilings in rooms suddenly.  Clyden wanted to make his escape quick.  He twisted the lever and all four rounded bar pushed into the walls locking the door at four points.  Clyden turned around looking at the door he brought Danyais and his guards through.  He only now had one more task to do.  Clyden had to send the remaining two men to River Tarrow with all the horses left behind in his forest.  He walked to the door along  the east wall.  Smart and brave, Clyden thought of  little Ari and she was brave during the whole situation he caused.  Clyden thought he should of asked who named Ari.  If he ever saw Danyais again he would have to ask.  He was about to enter the door back to his forest then he paused.  He glanced over to another wooden door nestled into the north wall to the right of window. 
The northern door would take him to Lizbeth’s library.  Clyden turned a portion of Lizbeth’s library into a mausoleum enshrining his dead friends there.  Clyden casted a spell on his friends bodies putting them into eternal resting state free of decay or the ravages of time.  Lizbeth's library was also the place where he abandoned his magic.  Witch Devil was enshrined there also, more like forgotten.
Clyden shook his head trying to rid himself of the nightmarish images of Malve dieing at his hands.  After striking down the vessel of Revlaman, when Clyden saw what he done to Malve he casted every single restorative spell he knew.  Clyden used forbidden magics, he chanted out spells to even stop time in a person's body.  There is no spell to bring a pulse back though.  Those images haunted him.  Clyden could not save any of them.  The flood of guilt opened back up for him and his friends were clear as day in his mind’s eye.  Malve was there, but then she faded away be replaced by someone else.  It was Princess Arinah Lizbeth Malve Loudas.  “Old kings are the worse,” Clyden said talking about the memory of Danyais father, King Ledan.
“My Lord, are you sure we should be doing this,” Porter, a king's guardsman yelled up the staircase at Zander.
“Porter it is fine,” Zander yelled from somewhere above.  Shortly, after King Danyais and his guard left Zander curiously invaded Clyden’s dwelling.  Zander was like a kid at play.  He climbed the stairs yelling about all the stuff he saw as he went back to Porter.  Describing everything he deemed interesting since Porter did not want to venture up further into the tree out of cautious respect for Clyden.  “Ari has to see this, she always wanted a treehouse.  Porter you have to come up and see this.”
“See what,” Clyden said standing behind Porter.  He  turned around startled.  Porter did not even notice when Clyden enter.  Cyden stood in front of him with annoyance written on his face.  Clyden held in his right hand a black glaive.  Porter saw the silver and gold runes etched into Witch Devil.  The weapon was dangerous, but it made him nervous to see Clyden hold it.  “I am glad I took the wards down before I left or you two would be dead.”  Clyden looked over at his glass jars, some still holding experiments boiling over low flames.  “You all didn’t touch anything,” Clyden raised his voice making sure it would travel up stairs.  A head peeked over the ledge.
“Porter you were suppose to give the signal,”  Zander said.  Porter started to caw like a crow.
“You must be Zander.  Come your King awaits you,” Clyden said stepping back outside to walk over to the stable.  Porter followed him and Zander shortly after.
“So did the King say anything else,” Zander asked.
“You mean did he ‘understand’,” Clyden said back smirking.  “I think he will want to tell you himself.”
“Oh well. Maybe I will have peace,” Zander said.  Clyden tossed him a long rope.  “What is this for?”
   “It is to tie the horses together,” Porter said taking the rope from him.  Porter started to tie the horses together.
   “Help me to clear this,” Clyden said while moving stuff to outside the stable.   Zander saw the war glaive leaning on the gate as he approached the stables.  “She is called Witch Devil.  I wouldn’t touch her if I was you.  She hasn’t had anyone to play with in nearly thirty years,” he answered back as if he read his mind.
   “Is it alive,” Zander asked.
   “No it is just a glaive in anyone’s hands save mine.  I just do not want you to touch her,” Clyden said.  They all continued their work in silence.
   Zander notice another horse was saddle.  Clyden walked over and slide Witch Devil into a special harness made to hold her.  “You mean to aid us after all,”  Zander asked.  You could hear the relief in Zander’s voice.
   “No, but there is a little girl and I mean to see grow up ‘smart and brave’,” Clyden said and after a moment added, “‘Pretty also’.”

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Completed, VOTE!!! posting TBD
EMerge Volume 1 Chapters 1 - 4
Completed, VOTE!!! posting TBD
EMerge Volume 2 Chapters 5 - 10
Completed, VOTE!!! posting TBD
EMerge Volume 3 Chapters 11 - 14
Completed, VOTE!!! posting TBD
EMerge Volume  4, 5, and 6
Editing.  "Poison me now"

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Re: Rsan
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2017, 05:12:39 PM »
Can't wait for more  ;D

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« Reply #5 on: October 22, 2017, 01:50:58 AM »
...not a bump just condensed all of Reunion down to two parts.
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Re: Rsan
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2017, 09:42:22 AM »
Its fine. Keep up the good work. Its a pretty long one. haha

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Re: EMerge
« Reply #7 on: October 24, 2017, 09:34:37 PM »
Its fine. Keep up the good work. Its a pretty long one. haha

Thank you.  I am glad that you enjoy it.  Oh it is long.  I just finished writing Volume 5 and well into vol 6 now. so that puts me at 29ish chapters written.  I am debating about even if i should continue to post them up.
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Re: EMerge
« Reply #8 on: October 26, 2017, 09:07:35 PM »
Renamed the story and condensed Prologue Reunion down from five parts to two.

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Re: EMerge
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Uploaded Part 1 of 3 of into the woods. VOTE. Poll is in first post

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Re: EMerge
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uploaded part 2 to Prologue: Smart, Brave...Also.  Vote in the poll please

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Re: EMerge
« Reply #11 on: November 03, 2017, 12:12:42 PM »
Split reunion back up into multiple parts as requested.  Also made some changes to it to fix some plot holes.

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Re: EMerge
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uploaded part 3.  Vote people or this may be the last part of the story i upload.

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Re: EMerge
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Prologue: Smart and Brave...Part 4
posted up.  Please vote