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Author Topic: The Unknown World  (Read 2728 times)

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The Unknown World
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:13:28 AM »
so here is Chapter one of my story im trying to make it as unique as possible so please any feedback would help!

im still not quite sure on the name it might change but who knows :D

Chapter 1
Rain pouring down on an empty street, thunder crashing louder with each flash of lightning, even though it was midday the dark clouds the covered the sky blocked almost all the light that you could barely see in front of you with the rain. As he was getting closer to home he could see a child walking towards him holding a ball, “poor kid, must of got caught in the rain” Dansiles thought to himself, as he walked by the young boy the child slipped and the ball bounced onto the road, Dansiles turned around after hearing the boy slip, “are you alright” he asked with a little concern in his voice “I’m fine” he replied, the boy held out his hand to be helped up, Dansiles reached out to help the little boy up he looked at the boy’s face he couldn’t make it out because of the rain but he was sure he saw what looked to be like an evil smirk.

He grabbed the boys hand and immediately felt his hand burning like it was on fire “ARGHHHHH” Dansiles screaming in pain as he pulled his hand back looking at it to try and find the source of the burning, even with all this rain he could feel the burning sensation start to travel up on his right arm. Dansiles now screaming even louder pulled of the sleeve to the see the top of his arm where the burning sensation had stopped, it was then something started to appear on his shoulder

The pain getting more intense as the burn mark on his shoulder started to manifest more and more he couldn’t take it anymore and blacked out from the pain.

Dansiles eyes started to open, his vision blurry but he could definitely see sunlight, putting his hands about his eyes to block the sun he started to look around. All around him was fields and dirt, this was not the place he remembers collapsing before, he then felt his memory beginning to come back, he remembered the boy, the rain, the burning feeling on his shoulder, he quickly looking on his shoulder and there a scar clear as day the shape of an arrow pointing downward.

“what the hell is this” he asks himself worryingly, he places his hand on the burn on his shoulder but feels no pain, in fact it was almost as if the burn wasn’t there, the skins was a smooth as a new-born’s behind 

Dansiles starts to regain his composure and starts to look around him, fields as far as the eye could see and a dirt road that stretched just as long “I need some answers” he thought to himself, “ I’m going to have to find a town, maybe somewhere close has a phone I could………” just before he could finish his thought, the sounds of someone or something was running in his direction,  he turned around and his face turned as white as a ghost, there, running towards was a wolf almost as big as him. As the wolf got closer he finally worked up the strength to run and took off in the other direction, not that it would do any good the wolf was at least twice as fast as him and caught up pouncing past him clawing his right arm “urghhh” Dansiles moaned as he fell to one knee, looking up at the who’s eyes were as red as blood, the wolf began slowly walking to him, then that walk turned into a slight jog until it ended up into a full charge heading for him. He closed his eyes waiting for it to end as he knew the was little he could do to stop it from happening

“SHIELD!!”  he opens his eyes as he hears the voice shout towards him, he looks to his left he sees a tall man in what looks like plate armour. “don’t just sit there, get out of there you idiot!”  the unknown man shouts at him, he turns back around and sees himself face to face with the wolf, but something was blocking it, some sort of barrier, Dansiles takes this chance and starts moving backwards away from the wolf.

The unknown man suddenly pulls out two massive swords and dives towards the wolf, Dansiles watch as he could barely catch the swords swing before the head of the wolf flew into the air landing at the man’s feet.

Dansiles was at a loss for words, one moment he was accepting his death, the other he was saved by some unknown hero.

“what are you doing this far out of town, without even so much of a dagger!, do you want to get yourself killed!” he yells at Dansiles

“im sorry” Dansiles replies

the man lets out a long sigh, “its fine… long as you’re not dead…..your cuts will heal but here let me bandage you up a bit”, the man takes  out a set of bandages from his pouch and begins to apply first aid to Dansiles arm.

“thank you for saving me”  Dansiles said in a warming voice

“ it’s no problem your just lucky I took a job to hunt down this wolf otherwise it would of added another traveller to its kill list”  he replied

“my names Dansiles by the way but please call me Dan”

“The names Vikoa but you can call me vik “

“ nice to meet you “Dansiles said holding his hand for a hand shake

Vik took his hand “so where are you heading?” vik questioned

“I’m looking for the closest town from here………I blacked out when I was close to home but when I woke up I was here, if I could get to a phone I could call one of my friends to pick me up” Dansiles replied but as he finished his sentence he could see a confused look on Vik’s face

“what’s wrong?” Dansiles asked

“what’s a phone?” Vik replied

“you don’t know what a phone is, it’s a device that allows you call anyone from anywhere surly you have heard of it”, Dansiles was surprised at the fact that this man did not know what a phone was.

“I don’t think I have ever come across anything like that is all my years of travelling around the whole  of Slane” Vik replied confusingly

“Slane” dansiles rubbed his head

“yes Slane the kingdom we live In, did that wolf hit you on the head or something” vik laughed

Dansiles eyes widened “p….p…..please tell me Slane is somewhere in Europe” , Dansiles began to worry

“Europe? I don’t think we have a place called that,  Slane is the western Kingdom of the country of Magtheria” 

Dansiles faces goes as white as snow as he fall backwards on to the ground

“Dan! Is everything ok?” vik yelled worryingly

“i…..i can’t……..go……home”

“I get the feeling you’re not from around here “ vik said as he held his hand out to help dan up.

“you got that right” dan replied

“come on ill help you get to a town and you can tell me everything”

The two men walk off onto the road and head for the closest town.
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