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Author Topic: Forming a Team For Serious Manga Venture(Writers!)  (Read 147 times)

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Forming a Team For Serious Manga Venture(Writers!)
« on: September 30, 2017, 05:21:18 PM »
Hello everyone. Team5Divine here reaching out in search of a few select talents interested in taking up a huge venture. We are attempting to not just make a manga but a marketable franchise. Currently there are two of us: a writer and an artist. I am an avid writer and have been doing so for years. Was elected the best writer in my graduating class and even edited the valedictorian's speech. Also wrote a blog for University of Pennsylvania and took a few game design courses some of which focused on storytelling world building and mythology and game writing. The artist is a very professional and skill individual. She has worked on several novels and manga projects in the past. She is also familiar with working in groups big and small alike. She is currently our character artist but she is also skilled at perspectives and background artistry too should we find another person more skilled. Currently we are looking to fill these positions:
Co writer/Editor: Will help and assist with plot and character development, research important info in terms of mythology sources and culture to use in the plot and world building and help spot and correct plot continuity issues.
Environmental Artist: Will be in charge of drawing the manga's environments and settings as well as backgrounds around the characters. Will work closely with the character artist to make sure perspectives and angles flow together. Also will draw concept arts and posters for the promotional period.
Translator: Japanese Spanish and Chinese in particular. The first two are mainly to allow for more readers thus a bigger and broader following and fan base to form. Chinese is important as the manga is set in ancient china and is wuxia and kungfu based so a Chinese translator can help a lot with names of characters locations and techniques.
Graphic Designer: Odd to some but overall important to the team and the future of the franchise. Initially will provide support where needed to the team but as the series gains ground and has established a base and following this individual is in charge of merchandise design. Hats t shirts hoodies posters etc. Also web designers or those who're very good and skilled with creating and managing web pages you are also welcomed to apply!!

If you are interested please feel free to contact me here or preferably via email at team5divinegmail. This will be my focus this weekend so I will be constantly looking and posting here as well as other mediums too. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a job post but rather a collaboration. We are looking to build something great and do this because of a common interest and passion. If we work hard and smart yes this will be profitable for us but we have to get there first. Still I personally will be making investments in the team when and where I can such as helping to get certain programs or tools I feel may be helpful for the artists or helping with travel and costs for when we go to network or market at events and conventions like comicon dragon con sakura matsuri etc. We are looking for not just a team but passionate individuals who want to make and be apart of something great but help and fight to make it great because they feel it has the potential or they want to really express their artistic prowess and creativity. So if this sounds like you then please do contact me asap!! Look forward to hearing from you all!!