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Author Topic: A World For The Speedster God.  (Read 134 times)

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A World For The Speedster God.
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:38:41 PM »
So as part of creating a bigger story, I got an idea to write about one of the gods in my story as a side story.


A young reckless god, bored of his lifestyle sets out on an adventure in a new world.

This has undergone some reviews and edits but seeing as its a work in progress it still needs some changes. Let me know what you think.


Somewhere in the void of creation; the vast parts where nothing existed with nothing to be seen but the dim lights of worlds (universes) several millions of light years away stood two beings hovering in the void of nothingness.
One lamenting and pleading in a childish manner
“You have been around longer than I have and surely you must know how it is to feel unfulfilled and discontent. Please help me like the good friend you are.
The yellow silhouette listened but gave no reply. In attempt to pursue his desire as persistent as he is: “Erhh… even if you can’t help as a friend; do it as a watcher, or as a brother like the mortals would say.”

And the other, resisting his friend; though thoughtful, kind and understanding among other qualities saw no other end to this conversation than to rather give in, because if he didn’t this; this worrisome god will follow him to the ends of creation relentlessly and effortlessly.
“Sigh, fine. If thou have decided to be so stubborn about it, I shall fulfill your desire. But fair warning reckless friend of mine; thou ought to be careful of what he wishes for, even if thou art a god, for consequences pay no heed to status.”

Overjoyed in hearing his wishes approved, he breaks out in the excitement
“Thank you big brother, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.”

Turning to his right side, glancing through the lights far out in the void;
“Another troublesome one is about to be born.”

Deep in the void but not far off from where they stood, a light appeared out of nowhere and started to expand gradually and slowly taking a spiral shape.

A new universe had been born, a universe, a world full of beings capable of reaching the ends of the world in the blink of an eye; a world full of speedsters.

“There you have it. The deed is done, but thou hopes and expects you can handle the consequences, oh reckless little brother of mine.”

Hurriedly bowing on one knee in the void of space as the swift god he is, the reckless little brother in question lets out a tone, one he rarely lets out, clear and firm, filled with confidence, bent on seeing his universe through to the end no matter what;
“I, as the god of speed bow to you the god of imagination and creation and on behalf of the other gods seeing and hearing this; the god of gods Adromeda, the elder god-guardian, the gods of old and all gods in creation vow to be held solely responsible for the happenings in this new world of mine.”

Hearing his conviction and determination the god of imagination was pleased;
“Very well little god, be gone to your new world and enjoy, find what you so wish to discover.”

With a smirk, the little god sped off into this new world exploring the countless planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies.
Observing this new world; planet by planet, solar system by solar system and galaxy by galaxy he became knowledgeable of every single existence in this new found universe and was revered as the overlord of every celestial body he visited.

A joureny of a thousand miles begins with a single step.