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Author Topic: my manga need an artist  (Read 286 times)

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my manga need an artist
« on: August 20, 2017, 05:22:36 PM »
The is a story of a boy named tashirogi yanamo who's dream in life is to become the next dragon champion but he must first graduate. Tashiro tashiro u got to get up or  you're going to be late I'm so sleepy but if I wanna achieve my goal I have to I have to graduate comimg mom tashirogo greets his mom as he comes down the stair breakfast is on the table but before she gets a glimpse of him he runs out of the door as he's on his to his way to dark arts academy as he's on his way he grabs the weekly paper and rips out the colliesium section only as he looks through it he sees this months champion  then he thinks to himself   this is the same guy since 6 months ago tashirogi know well that the champion changes all the time since he keeps up with the all the battles and champions even so today is a special day for tashirogi  for one he graduates today and he also get to no his magical type in the world of of dragon champions there are 4 types of magical classes the conjurer the mystery type the spirit type the elemental type. While tashirogi was on his way to dark arts academy he met up with his childhood friends nihara morabooshi and morayama nakami They've been friends since they were in diapers there always together no matter what  as they arrive at dark arts they head towards there home room and they see the graduation banner and are excited for the up coming week  as they walk into the room Mr  takamia says today u will be learning ur type today we will begin in one hour u are free to do what ever u want until then nihara goes to see her other friends tashirogi and moriyama head to the cafeteria and sees koya they stare at each other with glances koya turns away and leaves moriyama  says so u guys still at it huh tashirogi yea we are what he said to me that day was a declaration of war what he said to me was so u wanna be a champion of dragons huh no I will become dragon champion what's so funny don't u get it we all want to become champions he told me I won't loose someone like u when we leave here and we still have the same goal then maybe I'll acknowledge you until then don't even think of calling me ur equal. Ever since then I've been trying to beat him Evey spar we've had got canceled moriyama says he probably want to fight u to oh crap that's the bell we better get back for the type assessment every one take ur seats now we will choose by random who goes first and please step up koya tatamaki sit still while eye put the type finder on ur head now release energy and u are as the class looks in awe and elementalist congrats tashirogi step up now release energy into here and u are oh god impressive conjurer the class once again a bigger shock and aweas Mr takamiya. Says now I will be explaining what each type does an elementalist can either use fire water earth air and other elements. Conjures depending on what the conjure up are all different some may creat weapons other can call spirits like wolves dragon or raise the dead to make them fight for u there are other things they can do but its to large a variety to say all of them when there are 100 more powers for them next will be going over mystery type magic which can be anything as close to teleporting shape shifting or even being to turn invisible  or telekenesis next and final is spirit magic is very powerful u have the ability to make tress plants anything that has life energy can be used even if it has died u can recover the spirit and it will stay with u forever and do as u say the next is ur choice one week from now there will an end of the year fight u can choose to enter ur choice only two of u fine two weeks from now tashiro yamano koyo tatamaki will face of at the end of the year festival  as they stare at each other they both say with intense faces I will become dragon champion koyo says the only person that can give me a fight  tashirogi says u will acknowledge me koyo says ur determination yes ur strength no just cuzz I said he the only doesn't mean ur a challenge better come strong ik I will says tashirogi koyo hope so as they both walk away they say I won't loose.

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Re: my manga need an artist
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2017, 05:50:01 PM »
Welcome Sagmm^^
regretfully I was unable to properly read you post due to it being such a tight wall of text ^^ Kept loosing my place and the pace was far to quick to truly understand^^

it will help your chances to not only find a willing artist but also help other viewers understand and give feed back^^
here are some suggestions

1. What is the title of your story?

2. what type of story is it?

3. If your giving us a Summary it will help if you list all characters that will be features as well as any special details such as this one is a half demon or a flying fox in human form ect

4. if your just going to give us a story section its best to level with the audience your lore of your world so we can follow along

5. this may be a bit bias but after each period go ahead and press the enter key to free up a line^^
It helps readers keep their place and not accidentally lose their spot^^

hope this helps^^
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Re: my manga need an artist
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2017, 04:41:33 PM »
its an ok plot, you should work on the plot. i hope you find an artist

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Re: my manga need an artist
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2017, 06:52:41 PM »

Just from the get go, what do you aim for with this series? You looking to make it big in Japan or is it just a fun project? (Just curious as all  :sheep: :sheep:)

From what I can tell so far this is sort of a summary and a chapter blended together.

Action makes a lot of good points

The best thing to do for this is to just make a simple summary (like what you'd see on the back of a book or in a description) explaining who the character is, what he aims to do and how he's gonna do it. After that you can add in chapters as this'll show any interested artists how the story will flow as well as your skill level.

Its pretty generic (I can't talk as the first thing I posted on here was a fantasy series about dragon riders that can combine their mounts with other dragons...) so you may want to think of a USP for it (Unique Selling Point). Of course generic series do become successful but that's usually due to good writing which we can't really determine right now.

I say this to everyone who joins MR for artists (well, to those I notice) that it'll be difficult finding one, but it's not impossible. The three steps to increase your chances are 1. Post a lot of written content, this helps you improves but also might catch the eye of an eager artist. 2. Make friends, this will increase your chances as people tend to work with people they know. 3. Stick around. Far too many guys and gals post "I want an artist" then leave 2 weeks later. Stick around and you will gain so much more than you would leaving.

If you haven't already we would love to give you a proper MR welcome so go ahead and intro yourself in the Welcome Centre

Oh, and if you need any help PM me and I'll see what I can do  :D

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