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Author Topic: [Novel Marathon]- Just Talk About It!  (Read 347 times)

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[Novel Marathon]- Just Talk About It!
« on: August 01, 2017, 03:37:32 PM »
As per the recommendations of Operative13  :hmm: Hope you enjoy this b@stard comedy!

Link to my portfolio  :hmm:

Part 1

"O my dear father, restoration hang thy cure in my hug, and let this embrace repair those violent harms that my two stepmothers have in thy reverence made!"


Flailing like a child jumped up on too many sweets, the old man swung too and from in his chair. His long wispy beard would dip in and out of his tomato soup, brown teeth would clack together as if his mouth were a maraca, liver-spotted forehead reflecting the blinkering light bulbs that were placed in fire-hazardous positions around the house.

Beside him was his concerned son, stunted of height and muscle. His thin arms tried to hold his father in place whilst using a soft voice to soothe the mood.

"Oh dear father, I can no longer keep it to myself." The son sighed "I must ask... ever since the divorce, you're not really happy are you?"

The old man stood up in an explosion of stuttering and soup "Nonsense Andy! I just want some bloody cocaine!"

"So it is the drug debt that concerns you." Andy shook his head, soft brown hair fluttering in the breeze coming from the rat holes in the wall "£10,000 is a lot of money. How dare my two mothers run away with it! How dare they!"

A gentle tear rolled down his dirty face, like an angry scientist punching his way through a flat-earth society. Poverty was all Andy knew in his life, that and how to hide drugs in certain body cavities on demand. Now that they were sinking deeper and deeper into the black hole of debt, something needed to be done about it.

"My dear Andy." The father said, squeezing his shoulder "Our problems have grown to such an unmanageable point that I can no longer afford my cocaine. There's only one thing you can do."

"You don't mean..."

"Yes Andy." The father grinned "I want you to become a gigolo."

Throwing off his father's hand, Andy would not stoop so low as to prostitute himself to others. He had dreams. He had talent. His nose was rather cute. No, it was time that Andy took matters into his own hands the only way he knew how. The Student Council. 

Its been two hours since Karen had arrived at the daily assembly for the Student Council, yet neither the head nor the deputy were in sight. The early morning light beamed through the large coloured windows of Marlowe cafe, painting a messy rainbow onto the unoccupied stage towering over the tables and seats in front of it.

Not many students had turned up to be honest. Whether it was the 7am time slot or the lack of actual commitment, Karen couldn't tell. Not even the treasurer, which she was deputy to, had bothered turning up for the past week alone. Only a few useless Council Cabinet members and a handful of Subject Heads sat scattered amongst the seating; Livian Asquith of the secretive Tea Society, Marcus Lincoln of the destructive Rugby Fraternity, Oliver Bumswick of the elitist Horse Riding Club, and Sarah Jones of the stoic Computer Guild. To name but a few.

Karen rubbed her half-lidded panda eyes, darkened because of lack of sleep though she'll tell you it's because she's actually dead inside. She was a pale white, with long, dry black hair and dark green eyes. She wore a standard blue uniform but with a skirt that reached her ankles rather than the typical knees.

Her boredom did not subside even when Paddy, her dimwitted dwarf of a friend, came in with a typical goofy smile. Even as Karen tapped Paddy's hand to the table and played five finger fillet, her boredom did not leave. Even as Paddy started going on about her ridiculous stories, Karen grew more restless.

"...And so they paid me £50 to climb up the big oak tree in the University fields!" Paddy blubbered on like the ugly potato she was.

Karen sighed and paused her abusive game "Paddy, they only wanted to see your knickers from below the tree."

"Aha, I knew that." She tapped her head "I was real cunning, right! I took my knickers off before I climbed!"

"Paddy, I would say you have the intelligence of a five year old, but it would be insulting to children to compare them to you."

Resuming her five finger fillet, Karen did wonder how much longer she'd have to endure the company of others. Just the other day she had to put up with the Council debate over whether clapping at celebrations was discriminating those who had no hands.

It wasn't like she had noble intentions herself however. Karen was here only for the small salary that was in the job description. £1000 a year. Not much, but Karen had ambitions. She had plans...

"Good morning everyone." Mitchell, the Deputy Head announced as he walked to the stage.

Big plans. So big that Karen didn't pay much attention when she accidentally stuck the knife into the table, with Paddy's hand in the way of the blade. Karen just needed to seize whatever opportunity the Council threw her way.

"In the absence of our Head Victoria Violet Virginia Worthington, I've decided to chair this meeting." He said to an unenthusiastic round of applause.

Mitchell was a man of average height, with stylish black hair and a slight Irish accent. His teeth were unnaturally white and his smile somewhat dazed. He looked as if he belonged on a gambling commercial, Karen thought.

"Now recent statistics show that on our university grounds, 1 in 30 people have been a victim of abuse, according to this latest survey." He said with controlled energy and a well timed raise of his hand "Thus the other 29 must be abusers and should be punished. Agreed?"

Everyone in the hall shrugged.

"Excellent. Motion carried. Now onto our next topic, we have a new position opening up on the Cabinet today; Woman's Officer."

Karen leaned forward. She already knew this was happening, but it hasn't been announced yet who was chosen for the new role. The lucky individual would get £3000 a year as their salary, a step up from her deputy role. She had the advantage of being the required gender, so she beat half the possible candidates already to getting the job.

Mitchell continued "This job requires a caring individual. One with passion and determination to bring change. To challenge some of society's outdated attitudes. Someone who is ultimately selfless."

"And I wrote a damn good resume to get that appearance." Karen grinned to herself

"I would now like to announce our new Woman's Officer... Andy Boorman!"

A small woman of soft brown hair approached the stage and bowed before the group "Thank you for choosing me."

"ANDY?!?" Karen blurted out, realising she had all eyes on her "Ahem... what is Andy short for?"

"Uh, um..." the short girl twiddled her thumbs "Andrew?"

Barely holding her contempt, Karen sneered "That's a boy's name."

"And something that our Council supports." Mitchell interrupted "Especially for a girl as beautiful as Andrew."

He's fallen for her.

Karen couldn't believe it but she could see. The Deputy Head praised Andy, directed his body language towards her, he even gave his subtle lick of the lips. It wouldn't be a wild guess to assume Mitchell gave the title to Andy on the basis of expecting 'something' in return.

"Bloody hell. What a creep." Karen rolled her eyes.

"My hand..." Paddy whimpered as she had done for the past ten minutes.

That money should be Karen's. Of course she didn't deserve it, nobody on this Council deserves anything for the lack of either effort or quality they put into their job. But for Karen, the world doesn't work the way of fair game or karma. It's only by being the most magnificent bastard out of a pack of prats will someone then come out on top. And that's what Karen will have to do.
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Re: Workshop- Just Talk About It!
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2017, 02:31:48 AM »
Ok this is the second time I noticed a "workshop" in story development board.

This is exactly a workshop or are you trying to develop a story idea ?

We do have a defferent board for Workshops and If you are trying to create a workshop then you need to add more details about it.