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Author Topic: Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]  (Read 644 times)

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Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]
« on: August 01, 2017, 11:56:42 AM »
Writers Novel Marathon Workshop 

Forever in Our Dreams
Estimate of Total Words: 9600
Part 1
Part 1
Word Count: 1089

“Sasha dear” Glossy red lips addressed, a smirk forming on the girl's doll-like face. Her hair gleaming of a lavender shade under the sun's illuminating rays.
Her ruby red eyes danced as she looked over the starring boy, his icy blue eyes completely intrigued by her glory.
     “You like it here, don't you?” She murmured softly, keeping perfect eye contact with her spectator, as she continued with her words “You know, you could stay here forever if you wanted to.”
Her porcelain skin glowing with excitement as she laid out her trade “All it takes is giving up your soul.”

The simple, yet meaningful words “I accept” escaped swollen, chapped lips.
Thus a contract was born.
      This place? Sasha thought, as he gazed upon the outlook, the rushing river matching his peering crystal blue eyes. The sky was painted like Amethyst, not quite night nor day.
Why does it look so familiar? he questioned, a feeling of familiarity rushing through him, as if he’d been there countless times before. He attempted to grasp his situation, but had little luck, he couldn't even remember how he had gotten there in the first place.
      He turned his head to face a large willow tree, it’s leaves a dark purple which blurred into an ocean turquoise as they reached for the surface. The willows leaves glowed like a lantern, serving as a dim, radiating light. Even the grass beneath Sasha's feet seemed to sparkle under the mallow sky, which was coated in clusters of shimmering stars. A faded sun lay in the distance, emitting gentle violet rays across the breathtaking sky.

     “Sasha Grimssley” Mrs. Bryer uttered, a look of disappointment forming on her already saddened face as she looked towards her napping student. She couldn’t help but be a little confused, Sasha was usually the ideal student, he never slept during her class.

    Sasha immediately shot up, his eyes blinking open at the realization that he had dozed off during class. He listened carefully as Miss. Bryer continued addressing him “Please Sasha, stay awake during class”
He noticed that her voice was cloaked in sadness, she usually talked in a peppy, sarcastic sort of way, but today she sounded different, like someone had killed her puppy, and she wasn’t the only one that looked upset, the atmosphere of the entire classroom felt like it was covered in a gloomy fog.
Oh right He remembered, mom warned me that one of my classmates took her own life over the weekend.

Miss. Bryer was still looking at Sasha, anxiously awaiting an apology.
“Sorry Miss…it won’t happen again” Sasha said glumly, making sure not to look into Miss. Bryers doleful grey eyes.
She sighed “Please Sasha, just get some more sleep at night.”
He huffed to himself But I get eight hours of sleep every night…..But he didn’t dare say his thoughts out loud, there was no reason to get into a pointless argument with his dejected teacher.

“Did something happen?” Addison whispered to Sasha, concern filling her silvery voice. She knew Sasha quite well by now, they had been good friends for the past two years and the two had always been next door neighbors. So she could tell that something was off about him, which she found concerning. She understood that Sasha lived a very cushioned life, so she was under the impression that nothing could ever faze him.
“Not that I can think of” He mumbled quietly, as he messed with his smooth blond hair.   
Addison clutched onto her right sleeve, with her left hand, playing with her oversized hoodies fabric.

Sasha watched as Addison opened her mouth, he could tell that she was about to say something but then she stopped. He waited a moment for her to remember her words, and then listened as she murmured “I’m sorry that I kept you up on the phone last night with my problems..I really didn’t mean to trouble you” 
Sasha listened to her apology like he always did, by now, he was use to her constant fretting and apologies. He wasn’t bothered by her tendency to share all her issues with him, but that didn’t mean he cared about them either. He usually just threw the same easy responses at her, never making any real promises and never actually trying to solve her problems. He said in a comforting tone, “Don’t worry Addison, you didn’t bother me at all, I’m always happy to talk to you when you need it” A cheerful smile, pasted on his pleasant face.

Addison tried to keep eye contact with Sasha’s lucid blue eyes, but she couldn’t help but look down at the ground, her amber orbs stricken with hurt.
That’s not what I wanted you to say She thought, as she clenched her hoodie harder. It hurt knowing that he wasn’t bothered at all by what she was going through, sometimes she wondered if he even cared at all.

“Can you two please try and cut the chit chat?” Miss. Bryer warned.

Addison nodded her head in embarrassment, her face almost as red in colour, as her scarlet hair. She looked over to Sasha and desperately wanted to apologize to him. If she hadn't started talking to him, then they wouldn't have gotten scolded. But he didn't seem affected by the warning at all.
It must be nice she imagined, not being bothered by anything.
Before she had a chance to continue her train of thought. Miss. Bryer interrupted “I'll hand back your history tests now, and then how about we call it a day? I know this must be hard on all of you...”
Addison winced at the mention of the world test.
Oh no she flinched, remembering how horribly wrong taking the test had gone, it had been a series a multiple guess instead of multiple choice.
Please be a forty! Please be a forty! She chanted again and again inside her head, her legs shaking in anticipation. When the paper finally landed on her cluttered desk, she hastily flipped it over, revealing a flopping twenty-seven percent which was followed by stupidly drawn sad face.
“Dammit!” She groaned, glaring daggers at the grainy sheet of paper.

Sasha grinned proudly after taking a look at his test score, it wasn’t perfect, but that’s to be expected, considering he barely studied for it. He turned his head to face Addison, wondering how she did. But before he had the chance to question how she managed, she asked him first.
    “How did you do Sasha?”

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Re: Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2017, 09:22:44 PM »

Part 2

Part 2
Word Count: 1007

Sasha announced to her happily with a beaming smile stretched across his face “I got a ninety-six!”
“So Mr Perfect strikes again” A new voice piped in, it belonged to Todd, a newer addition to their group who seemed to get along with Sasha perfectly in a playful sort of manner. 
“Hey! Todd! Don’t call me that!” Sasha protested, directing a pouty face in Todd’s direction.
“Aww! You don’t like your nickname?” Todd teased.
Sasha huffed back “That’s not my nickname.”
Addison watched as the two boys casually picked on each other, her attention turning to Sasha’s test which lay right in the open, opposed to hers, which she had already tucked away deep under her notebooks.
Everything comes so easily to Sasha She sighed, her gaze shifting away from the test.

A grin formed on Todd’s freckled face as he elbowed Sasha’s side and chuckled “So Sasha? Thoughts on the suicide?

“That it’s not something you should be excited about” Sasha replied coolly, though truthfully, he wasn’t bothered by Todd’s attempt to make light of the suicide. The way he saw it was that he didn’t even recognize the girl's name when his parents told him what had happened to her, so he didn’t have the right to tell himself that he cared.

“Suicide….?” Addison questioned, feeling a chill run through her as the word parted her tongue, “What suicide?” she repeated, grabbing the fabric on her sleeve.
“Seriously?! You haven't heard!? Do you live under a rock or something? It’s all over the news!” Todd exclaimed.
Addison shook her head slowly, choking her sleave before she squeaked “Is it….someone I would know?”
“I seriously doubt it. I mean, it already feels like I don't know anyone ever since I started high school, and like, she is- was super shy, I legit needed to look her up online” Todd rambled on, until he finally got to the point, asking Addison lightly “Does the name Charlotte Taine mean anything to you?”
Charlotte Taine Addison processed, the name ringing in her head on repeat. It felt as if a new weight had landed on her shoulders, slowly working to flatten her on the inside. She could almost feel her heart being crushed, as Charlotte Taine’s distressed face crossed her mind, Charlotte’s distant dark eyes begging her to stop, to just call it a day.
Addison clenched her fists so hard that it hurt, allowing her sweaters fabric to slip away. She forced herself to hold back tears, but that didn’t stop her from shaking, a subtle rattle could be heard as she fidgeted in her chair.

“So does it” Todd asked, somehow oblivious to her current state.

She didn’t reply right away, only stared at him, frozen in place, even her shaking seemed to cease over time. She just looked at him blankly, trying desperately to forget, to zone out her memories, to shut out the terrible things she had done.
“No” She lied, moments after the question was asked, pulling herself together the best she could manage. The name Charlotte Taine meant more to her then she wanted to remember.
“The name Charlotte Taine” means nothing to me” She stated.

Sasha could tell by the way her voices pitch rose, when she spoke, that she was lying, her voice always got like that when she wasn't speaking the truth. Though, he didn't dare to point it out, partly because he didn't want to pry where he shouldn't and partly because he didn't want to deal with the aftermath of her emotions.

Finally the familiar ring of the school’s bell could be heard across the campus, signaling that the school day was finally at its end.
Miss. Byer attempted to talk over the commotion of all her students tucking away their books.
 “Make sure you get your tests signed for tomorrow” she instructed, only being heard by a few listening ears.

Todd was the first to say goodbye, walking backwards while he waved and shouted “I've got Swim team today so bye bye, I'll see you losers tomorrow morning in science”
Sasha nodded him off, waving him a quick goodbye, while Addison packed up her books and some trinkets she had laid across her messy desk.

Sasha shoved some books in his bag,
 but his work space was a lot neater than Addison’s mess of a desk. Once he was ready to go he groaned lightly to Addison “So what are we going to do today?”
              “Nothing” she muttered much more aggressively than her usual tone of voice.
           Sasha was taken by surprise by the harsh way she had spoken to him, but decided to shrug it off, it's probably just one of her weird mood swings He decided.
           So he asked “What do you mean nothing? Don't you wanna play video games or make fun of reality tv or something?”
          She shook her head, opening her mouth to speak, closing it, and then opening it again as soon as she remembered her words “Sorry Sasha, I can't hang out today, there is something that I need to take care of.”
          “Don't do anything stupid” he muttered, finding it silly that he actually had to give her a warning.
         There was no point in trying to guess what she was up too, and it wasn't worth the effort trying to hound it out of her, when he already knew she wouldn't talk, so, he had no choice but to accept that she wasn't coming over.
           Sasha found the walk home to be boring without his train-wreck redhead for a best friend. Even though he didn't care for all her pointless rants, her dramatics, and her waterworks, he still enjoyed her company on a good day. There was a reason they were friends, they had fun together, shared plenty of pointless memories and cases of the giggles. Plus, she made his life more interesting, convinced him to try new things.
Especially new foods he winced, remembering fries in spaghetti.
        Unlike him, Addison was a generally caring person, though he recalled, she hasn't always been nice.

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Re: Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2017, 09:26:51 PM »

Part 3
Part 3
Word Count: 955
  Sasha finally reached his house after a very long and uneventful walk home. He looked up ahead to see that his mother was waiting for him at the doorstep, her curly night black hair swaying lightly in the slight spring breeze. She kept her heavy hair tied up in a loose ponytail to the side and her hair had a wiry texture, which was the complete opposite of her son’s smooth, sheen hair.
   She smiled slightly as soon as she spotted Sasha, waving to him slowly as she watched him unlock the the white fence’s wooden latch.
   “How was school today?” She greeted, concern laced in her caring tone.
“Fine” Sasha put simply, attempting to make it through the doorway without being bombarded by her usual routine.
“So are you okay” She asked, with a worried look covering her round face “I know the thing that your classmate did to herself must be hard for you to understand but-.”
While taking off his shoes, Sasha sighed honestly, “It didn’t really bother me, mom, you don’t need to worry about me so much” 
“Seriously? Sash, we can talk about it if you’d like, I’ll even sign you up for therapy if it’ll help” She fretted, worrying that he might only be pretending to be strong when deep down he was hurting.

Therapy, really? Isn’t that going a little far…? Sasha asked himself, a tad confused, considering, that he probably wouldn’t have even realized that Charlotte was missing if his parents hadn’t told him about her suicide in the first place. So why should it matter? He wondered, feeling that his life hadn’t changed much. It had been just an average day of school for him, the only thing that he considered eventful that day was Addison’s weird mood swing, the rest didn’t disturb him.
So he told his mother calmly “That really won’t be necessary” making sure to look directly into her caramel coloured eyes as he spoke, hoping that she’d trust that he was being sincere, he couldn't understand why, but he really didn’t want her to worry about him, it just didn’t feel right to him.
His mom nodded her head, reluctantly accepting his words, sometimes it was hard for her to face how tough her boy really was. He’s always been this way, huh? She reminded herself, remembering that even as a kid, Sasha had been quite mature for his age.

“Oh! Sash is home?” His dad spoke, breaking into the conversation with his cheerful voice.
“Hi dad” Sasha replied, as he neatly placed his bag by the entranceway and walked to the living room where his dad was sitting.
 Their living room was a cosy space and the design allowed for a lot of light to come in through two large windows. It had a typical design, a circular coffee table standing in the middle, surrounded by a sofa, a loveseat which was positioned in front of the windows and then a sofa chair that’s back faced the entrance to their dining room.
“Got any homework today?” Sasha’s dad asked enthusiastically, taking the time to look up from the book he was currently reading.
“Not really, just a couple of math questions, nothing exactly urgent” Sasha answered. If I bother to do them He thought to himself.
“So where’s Addison today?” Sasha’s dad asked, a smirk forming on his chubby face which seemed to make him look younger than he really was.
“She’s not coming today”

“Oh? Did the two of you get into a fight or something?”

“No. Well. I don’t think so. She just didn’t want to hang out today” Sasha explained, he wasn’t sure what was up with Addison, but whatever it was, he was sure that she’d figure it out eventually only to get hung up over something else shortly after.

“If you saay it’s only that, or maybe the two of you got into a lovers quarrel!” Sasha’s dad teased, awaiting a reaction from his boy in suspense.

“So what’s for dinner?” Sasha asked, purposely ignoring his dad’s stupid comment.

Sasha’s mom giggled to herself quietly as she listened to her husband's disappointed sigh, she pointed out “Oh honey, by now you should know that our dear son here won’t be so easily embarrassed by his silly papa” “He’s waay too mature for that” She chimed in.
My parents are waay too loud. Sasha groaned, but by now he was use to their accentrics, he usually just tried his best to just ignore them when they started to get too out of hand.

“So what’s for dinner” he repeated.

“Oh I made Pasta, it’s on the stove, feel free to take it to your room tonight, we aren’t going to bother with a family dinner.” Sasha’s mom explained.

Sasha just nodded, sometimes they ate together as a family, other times they didn’t. Either way, it didn’t matter to him. He was quick to leave his parents behind in the living room, rushing to fill his plate with his mom’s home cooked meal, he hadn’t realized how hungry he was until now he came face to face with the dish.
He generally liked his mom's cooking, she had a couple of good recipes up her sleeve, but he found that his meals sometimes lacked diversity, meaning his mom always repeated the same meals, though they tasted good, he found himself getting more and more bored of them as time went on.
Once his plate was full, he grabbed himself a fork and started making his way upstairs towards his bedroom. Where he slowly ate his meal, making sure to take small bites, not wanting to make a mess of his desk by woofing it down and dirtying his workspace.
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Re: Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2017, 10:16:26 AM »
Part: 4
Word Count: 979

Part 4
When he was finished eating his pasta, he moved towards his bed, allowing himself to fall, sinking into the soft sheets. He stared at his ceiling, debating what he should do next, usually, Addison was around to entertain him. Too bad she’s being overdramatic about something today he thought, missing his friend's company.

He wasn't in the mood to start his homework but wasn't up to playing video games by himself either.
Dammit, He sighed, realizing that he really had nothing to do. He didn't have many hobbies and wasn't the type to have a long term goal that he could just pick up whenever he got the opportunity.

Though, he admired people like that, the sort of person that decided that they were going to accomplice something and didn't stop at anything until they reached their goal. He felt that people like that had a purpose in life, while he simply just carried on with his days, not amounting to anything.

These were the sorts of thoughts that he tried to keep at the back of his mind, he didn't like thinking about his place in the world. He always came to the same conclusion, that he didn't mean anything to the universe, no one's going to remember me, in the end, he admitted to himself, I'm just going to disappear over the course of time and it'll be like I never existed. It scared him, just thinking about it.

He felt like he had a lot going for him, for instance, smarts, looks, money and that was only naming a few examples, but he knew that he lacked initiative, he didn't have anything to aim for.
It wasn't fair He admitted. Understanding that he was born into a privileged life where everything had been handed to him, he knew that a lot of people didn't have the leisure to say I'm bored, but he did, and there he was complaining about it. It was trivial, really, some people had deadly diseases to worry about, while others were forced to work long hours without rest so that they'd have a meal on their table. While he just lay on his bed, complaining about being bored.

Sasha focused more on his chalky ceiling, trying to put his thoughts to rest. Nothing good can come out of worrying he told himself.
He didn't expect to feel his eyelids closing so early in the evening, normally he stayed up a lot later, but he didn’t bother to fight it, allowing sleep to take it’s hold on him.

He found himself surrounded by a cloud of mist, which seemed to be fading as his awareness developed. It didn’t take him long to figure out that he was in the same place as before. The same violet colour covered the brilliant sky and the same vibrant willow tree stood tall before him.
Am I dreaming? He asked himself, continuing to scan the landscape, confused as to why he was having the same dream twice in a row. This time he tested his footing, taking a cautious step forward. It didn’t feel like he was in a dream, walking felt like it normally did to him, or at least how he remembered it to be, but he told himself It could just be the effects of the dream.

But he still found it strange that all his senses were working perfectly, they weren’t hazy or disoriented like his dreams normally were, instead, he could see and feel everything clearly. In the distance lay a sparkling meadow, covered mostly in glowing blue irises and some ruby red poppies, their petals started to dance around him as he walked through the dazzling field. He couldn’t help but wonder, How long does this place stretch out?

He felt that the place felt somewhat unnatural, but it wasn't in a scary way, it was more of how he’d imagine the types of fantasy worlds he read about as a kid to be like. He was never much of a nature person but even he couldn’t deny that he found the landscape thrilling, desperately wanting to discover more. He continued walking, enjoying the way the wind brushed against his pale skin.

He looked into the distance to see the beginning of a cluster of surging waterfalls, which poured down from a mountain that was coated in an arrangement of colourful gemstones. The stone's colors reflected onto the pouring water, making the waterfalls look like raining stained glass.

The trail he walked on felt oddly familiar as if he already walked those same steps many times before. But that’s impossible He huffed. Telling himself If I’ve been here before, I’d obviously remember it. It wasn’t the sort of place that could be easily forgotten, it was too odd and complex for him to have even seen photos of in on the internet. Still, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had been there before.

His feet seemed to have a mind of their own as they carried him forward, a branch cracked, causing Sasha to turn his head, only to find that there was nothing there.

After taking a closer look at the pools of water beneath the falls he realized that it wasn’t just the gemstones that reflected into the pools, but the glow of the stars that sprinkled light on the shimmering body of water.
He took a moment to take in the spectacular view and then took brisk steps towards the water's surface. Dipping his hand into the cool water, curious to see how it would feel. The cold water was a bit of a shock at first, but as his hand got used to the temperature, he was able to focus on the flowing current and could feel the water rushing through his fingers. It’s nice He thought, debating if he should try and connect with nature more often.
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Re: Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2017, 09:01:24 AM »

Part: 5
Word Count: 1502

Part 5
He could hear the soft rustle of grass cracking behind him and wondered if it could be a small animal, but before he had the chance to turn around, he heard a timid voice say his name.


Sasha tensed at the mention of his name and slowly crept his head around, reminding himself that it was just a dream.
Just because a voice I don’t recognize knows my name doesn’t mean I should freak out, it’s normal after all, I am only dreaming. He comforted himself.
In back of him stood a small framed boy, with wavy raven hair that touched his tense shoulders. His face was slightly dirty, smudged with dirt and mud.
Sasha stared into big beady black eyes, his heart racing at the sight.
He looks so sad and empty Shasha thought, caught by the darkness of the boy's hollow eyes. It hurt Sasha to look into them, even though the boy shouldn’t have meant anything to him, his gaze felt like it was clenching Sasha’s, cold heart.
The boy muttered in a raspy voice “You shouldn’t be here.” his fists shaking as he spoke.
Sasha looked at him with a mixture of confusion and grief in his expression. So many questions raced through his mind, What does he mean by that? Who is he? Why does he know my name? And why does it hurt so much to look at him?
The boy gritted his teeth, avoiding Sasha’s eyes as he looked to the ground. This isn’t right he thought as his breathing grew heavy. He knew that Sasha shouldn’t be there, nothing good could come out of that for either of them, he needed Sasha gone, out of this dreadful place. 
With haste the boy launched himself forward, grabbing onto Sasha’s tense shoulder, he flinched the moment he felt Sasha under his grip, not wanting to remember everything that Sasha meant to him, he revealed a slim dagger.
With shaking hands he edged the blade forward eyeing Sasha’s defenceless neck. With a quick, swift movement he swiped his dagger across Sasha’s exposed neck, slicing through skin. He didn’t want to do it, because deep down, he didn’t want Sasha to leave him, not again.  Seeing Sasha again hurt enough, but saying goodbye again was far more painful.
“I’m sorry” He whimpered as crimson blood splattered his trembling face

Sasha shot up, gasping for air, quickly realizing that he was back in his bedroom, lying on his bed. His body was covered in a thick layer of sweat, but more importantly there wasn’t a gaping hole in his throat, not even a scratch.
Was it just a dream? He wondered, the boy's broken expression not leaving his mind.

Chapter 2
“I had the most amazing dream ever!” Addison raved, homeroom hadn’t started yet, so the classroom was chirping with conversation.

“Lucky you” Sasha muttered, his eyes heavy with tiredness, he hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep after his nightmare last night.

“Ah? Didn’t sleep well or something?” Todd asked, with slight concern added in his voice.
Sasha nodded, groaning, “Ya. Something like that.”

Addison looked him over realizing that his hair was out of place and that his posture was slumped. She asked, “Are you alright?” Her eyes big with concern for her friend.

“I’m fine” Sasha replied with a forced smile, in order to change the focus of the conversation he asked “So? What was so great about your dream Addison?”

Addison was happy to have the chance to go into detail about the dream she had last night because it had really put her in a better mood. She smiled as she spoke “It’s going to be a little hard to explain, but I’ll give it a shot! It all started when I met this girl, she was young but mature looking at the same time if that makes any sense...she really reminded me of one of those porcelain dolls you sometimes see in antique shops”

“Creeeeepy, you sure this wasn’t a nightmare?” Tom pipped in.

“No. It wasn’t like that” Addison responded, continuing with her phrase “She was more of like someone that I’d look up too, a saviour maybe, I’m not sure why but her presence made me feel safe, for just a moment I was able to forget all about my worries when I stood beside her. I guess she just kinda told me what I wanted to hear, but that’s not all.”

Sasha rolled his eyes but edged her to continue “Then what else happened?”
   “Well, she took me to a beautiful world, where she introduced me to some really nice people and we spent the night playing games, exploring and just generally having a good time...it felt like I was a kid again, really.” Her excitement dropped as she murmured “I know it was just a dream..but that was the most fun  I’ve had in a long while”
   “So let me get this straight, the reason you’re in such a good mood is that you played childish games in a dream?” Todd questioned sarcastically.
“But...it all felt so real...like I was really there..” Addison defended, continuing “It was really mesmerizing, like how I’d describe heaven maybe. It’s hard to put into words, but even the sky itself felt magical, it was like I was in one of those fantasy worlds I’ve always imagined as a kid, the water was crystal clear, while the sky was like, umm….a purple kinda color and I remember there being a glowing sun, but at the same time stars in the sky, weird huh?”
Her story started to catch Sasha’s attention when he recognized the place she was describing as the same place he had visited in his dream the previous night. 
“That place you’re describing…” Sasha interrupted, “I’ve been there before, well, I mean, I dreamt about the same place last night!”

Todd huffed, “You two had the same dream? That’s all kinds of creepy  ..”
But Sasha and Addison both ignored his comment, too focused on trying to puzzle together what was going on. Addison was shocked to hear that Sasha had the same dream as her, but at the same time she was curious, she didn’t think that he needed that sort of shelter, so she questioned Was it just a weird coincidence? Or does it mean something? Most of all, she wondered why he didn’t seem thrilled by the idea of a perfect world where they wouldn’t need to worry about anything and could just enjoy themselves.

She wanted to know more, to learn what Sasha had seen, so she asked “So did you meet her too? The black haired girl”

“Black haired girl? Doesn’t ring a bell, but, there was a black haired boy.” Sasha replied. He debated referring to the boy as a psychopath, maybe insane,  or completely nuts,  but he couldn't, not after seeing his big empty eyes. Even though he could clearly remember the boy slitting his throat out of nowhere, he didn’t feel any hate towards the boy, instead he felt emotions that he couldn’t describe. They were new to him, which made him want to learn more, but at the same time he didn’t want to hurt anymore and even imagining the boys abandoned gaze made him feel more pain inside then he was used to.
What is it about him?
Sasha asked, as he dug his hands into his fine sandy tinted hair.

“Black haired boy? Can you be more specific? Maybe I saw him too” Addison asked, intent on learning more.
Sasha responded “Lets see, his hair was a little curly, he was probably a head shorter then me and he had these big black or at least dark grey eyes.”

Todd joked “Wow you seem really hung up over this guy, was he at least pretty?”

“I wouldn’t really describe him as pretty, I mean maybe he could pull off a tragic sort of pretty, but when you say pretty it makes me think more in a feminine sort of way and well, he wasn’t overly girly or anything.” Sasha rambled.
“Geez. You aren’t suppose to take my gay jokes seriously” Todd huffed, a pretend sulk planted on his face.

“Oh,” Sasha replied, a bit of a blush forming on his cheeks as soon as he processed what Todd was implying.

“Guess I’m too tired to understand humour right now,” Sasha said, attempting to save himself from more teasing.
Addison nodded, agreeing with his reasoning, but she still had a major question on her mind, “If we both had the same dream, then why do I feel perfectly rested while you’re trying not to pass out on your desk?” she asked.

“I didn’t actually get a full night's sleep, instead, I woke up way too early and just couldn’t go back to bed no matter how hard I tried after that dream” Sasha replied, purposely leaving out the bit about getting his neck slit open, not wanting to freak out his friends.

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Re: Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]
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Part 6
Word Count: 1938

Part 6

“I guess that makes sense” Addison replied, taking a moment to push away a strand of hair that was blocking her face.

“Hey Sasha,” Addison asked “If you had the chance to escape your life, would you….?” her amber eyes desperate for an answer.

Sasha was confused by her sudden question, not understanding what she was getting at, or where she was coming from with her random question. He didn't bother to mask the confusion in his voice as he responded to her “Why would I need to do that?”

“That's kinda random, isn't it?” Todd questioned, feeling out of the loop.

Addison sighed “I guess you two just wouldn't understand, you have such easy lives.”

Todd sneered “You don't exactly have the right to call our lives easy” as a glare formed on his usually cheerful face, he continued his scolding “Especially when you have no idea what goes on in our personal lives”

Sasha was shocked by Todd’s sudden outburst, his friend wasn't exactly the type to complain and definitely not the type to get angry over something trivial like Addison. He was usually just cracking jokes and messing around, it wasn’t like him to pick a fight.

Sasha tried to calm Todd down by saying “Hey man, calm down, she probably didn’t mean anything offensive with that comment, you know how she is.”

Addison hissed “What do you mean?? You know how she is? I don’t get upset over nothing!! You two might think I’m overdramatic b-but I’ve got reason to be!”

This isn’t good Sasha thought, at the realization of that he had put Addison in a pissy mood and Todd wasn’t making any effort to help and fix up the situation, instead, Todd’s earthy eyes were glaring at Addison.

Sasha attempted to calm things down, not liking that Addison was pissed at him. “You’re right. I don’t know what you’re going through, so it’s hard for me to put myself in your shoes. I’m very sorry that I took your feelings lightly.”

"Hey! Don’t just give into her! Come on! She should be the one apologizing to us. She has no right to judge us when she knows nothing.”

But she’s right…..well about me at least, Sasha thought. Realizing how defensive Todd was being, it was like Addison had really struck a chord with him or something.

Before their argument could carry on, their science teacher entered the classroom, with the intention of starting class the old man barked “Cut the chit-chat, we’ve got a lot to go over”

Which left Sasha to his own thoughts, he was glad that his teacher had stepped in, because it gave his friends a chance to cool their heads. He was still curious about their little conflict, it was completely out of the ordinary. Sure, he expected that from Addison, but not from Todd, Todd would’ve normally brushed off a comment like that as if it was nothing, but after that clash, Sasha could see that Todd was an edge about something.
Whatever, it’s Todd’s business and not mine. Sasha told himself, remembering another detail in their conversation that was weird, what did Addison mean when she asked about escaping life. Not only was it a weird question, but he felt like he should know what it meant, like the answer was somewhere in the back of his mind, but he just couldn’t remember it no matter how hard he tried and this bothered him.

Sasha lay his head on his desk, friends are so confusing he sighed, allowing his heavy eyelids to finally close, not even bothering to fight his need for some sleep.

This time, it didn’t surprise Sasha that he was in the same dream again, at this point he was expecting it. It still raised some important questions though, like, how long he was going to have the same dream? If it meant something? What Addison had to do with it? And who was the boy? He wondered if he’d see the black haired boy again, He probably knows something Sasha thought, judging by his actions, he definitely needed to know something. Sasha remembered what the boy had said to him, you shouldn’t be here, so Sasha that meant the boy must have a reason why he didn't want Sasha to be there, which could lead him to some more answers.

So he decided that his first course of action should be to locate the black haired boy, which was easier said than done. The glowing landscape stretched far off into the distance, so Sasha had a lot of ground to cover. He even doubted the possibility of finding the boy, it'd be like finding a needle in a haystack he sighed, stomping on a patch of glittering wildflowers in frustration.

He felt like he was walking endlessly, as he turned his head side to side, attempting to locate a mop of black hair. He kept his ears attentive, waiting to hear a crackle or stomping of footsteps. He didn't have anything better to do but look around and hope that he could get some answers, or at least wake up.
Wait He told himself, suddenly stopping his movements, he realized I just need to die to wake up...an idea popping in his mind so let's test this, I just have to find a way to die.
He promptly looked around in search of the perfect place to kill himself, it's just a dream….so I should be able to do this, he convinced himself, eyeing a high cliff in the distance which framed one of the waterfalls.

His footsteps felt like they were becoming heavier every step he took, as if he was only registering bit by bit what he was about to do. It’s only a dream He repeated to himself, developing a rhythm as he quickened his pace.

When he reached the bottom of the cliff, his heart race increased under its massive shadow, intimidating  he huffed, reaching for one of the cracks with burning conviction.

The cliff had a nice steep incline in the center, but on the left side, it went up gradually, allowing Sasha to scale it, using cracks and chips as footholds, some bits near the side were slippery due to splashing water from the falls, but Sasha was able to maintain his strong hold on the crystal-like stone.
His shaking hands clinging to the rock as he pushed himself to climb higher, he could feel an intense wind blowing through his fine hair, chilling his porcelain skin. Drops of water from the waterfall, splattered his left side, as the gap between him and the summit grew smaller.

By the time he reached the top, his entire body was shaking, he could hear the sound of his teeth grinding together over the crashing water beneath him.

The view was breathtaking, it looked different when he stood up high. It seemed larger, like it stretched out forever and the landscapes glow illuminated the clearing, many different sparkling colours mixed together, making the forestry landscape look like glossy ornaments coated in a blazing galaxy skin.

The cliffs drop was intimidating to Sasha and the risen hairs on his arms were proof of that. He didn't like the feeling he got while standing on the edge, it was overpowering. I can do this He told himself, eyeing the clutter of rocks which lay below him. He wasn't certain how to go about killing himself, would a jump work? Or would that only break my legs? Maybe if I try going head first..he debated, his legs timidly shaking, while he tried to picture his options.

It was no use though, his legs felt like lead, they were completely frozen in place. It was stupid thinking that he’d be able to make a jump like that, it felt too real for him to just treat it like a dream. There was no way that he could muster up enough courage to take his own life, he was too afraid of dying, even though he knew that he’d wake up right after, the threat still clung to him like leftover puddles after a rainy day.

Curious black eyes observed from a safe distance, hiding behind a webby tree trunk. His expression was a mix of confusion and sadness, as he watched Sasha wait at the edge of the cliff, wondering if he’d go through with it.
He could feel his heart sinking as he gazed at Sasha’s prominent features, his beady blue eyes had actual life in them, he missed that, the way Sasha’s eyes use to always shine, they used to be filled with so much ambition and power he remembered.

Stop that
he scolded himself, forget about him, this is not the Sasha I use to know. He reminded himself, clenching his fist relentlessly.

“Cato, dear, this sure is a strange turn of events, huh?” a voice, Cato recognized as Karmil instigated.

He tensed at the sound of her artificial voice, a shiver running through his spine as he leapt into action, ditching his hiding spot for a more open spot, not wanting to be cornered during battle.

He glared at her, taking in her dolly appearance, he hated her blood red eyes most of all. They looked at him, the same way a predator looks at its prey. They were filled with bloodlust, hungry for their next meal.

She faked a whine “Ah Cato, dear, you’re so mean, why is it always violence with you?”

“It's not nice to play with your food!” he snarled, pulling out his skinny blade from his blood soaked cloak. He stood on the palms of him feet, ready to move while he waited for an indication that the smaller framed girl would make her move.

But she remained still and relaxed, her long black hair swaying in the breeze. “But what fun would that be, Cato, dear.” she asked, a smirk planted on her pretty face.

He growled harshly “What are you playing at? Bringing Sasha here, didn't you have a deal?”

“Oh, we’re just as confused as you are. He didn't get here through regular methods, him being here is an abnormality, but isn't that interesting? I guess it really is impossible to escape this little game?”

“If you lay a hand on him..”

“You'll what?”

Cato stared at her blankly, unable to come up with a threat.

“That's right, you're powerless, you can't do anything, huh? It must hurt, not being able to protect the one person you were willing to sacrifice everything for.”

Cato launched himself in her direction, his blood boiling with anger as he swiftly slashed his dagger through her throat, he could feel her skin tearing as he forced his blade deeper, his weight causing her to fall backwards as he tumbled on top of her. He continued to force the dagger deeper, putting all his weight into the cut. Ignoring the feeling of her warm blood spraying his skin. Eventually the dagger hit her spinal chord, which was too sturdy for him to cut through, so he removed it, allowing her blood to splash his face as he tore it out.

“Don’t you dare go near Sasha...or I'll chop you into so many *censored*in pieces that you won't ever be able to reattach them again”

A childish laughter could be heard across the clearing, coming from Karmil’s nearly severed head as it dangled on the forest floor, crimson blood leaking out which formed a scarlet puddle. She giggled “Oh dear, you know it doesn't work that way. I can just simply regenerate if I need to.”
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Re: Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]
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Part 7
Word Count: 1062
Part 7
Cato glared at her confident expression, annoyed by her lack of agony. He wanted her to hurt, he wanted to hear her pained cries, he wished that she would suffer the same way she made him suffer. But he knew that she wouldn't give him that satisfaction, any hope of revenge had been killed off long ago.

He reached into his pack, pulling out a bundle of wooden stakes, which he had carved beforehand. The best he could do was restrain her for a bit, before she had the strength to reattach her destroyed neck.

One by one he nailed the wooden stakes into her clothes, trying his best to ignore her pleasant smile. When his job was complete, he returned to hiding in the shadows, hoping to put some distance between the two of them.

She wasn't strong nor fast, but her regeneration made her a competent opponent, it was an impossible battle, no matter what he did he couldn't rid himself of her. He had no choice but to treat her with caution. He only had one life while she had limitless chances, so one mistake from him and she'd be the winner of their little game.

Chapter 3
   Sasha lay at the edge of the cliff, his back resting on the crystal surface. The old man must not mind me sleeping in class he sighed, remembering that he was still in science class. I'm going to have so much catching up to do he grimly thought with a frown forming on his face.

He jumped when he heard a tumble beneath him, peering over the cliff's border to see if he could locate where the sound was coming from.

But the landscape was too vast for him to pinpoint the single movement he had heard. He sighed, defeated.

In a last ditch effort, he attempted to call out , hoping that someone would come and explain things to him.


“Someone, anyone!”

“Where even am I?!”

“Is anyone around?”

“C’mon answer me”

He was about to give up and just mope around endlessly  until he finally just woke up from the dream, but then a quiet voice caught his attention.


He tried to detect where the voice was coming from but had little luck, it was too dim and sudden for him to react in time.

“Who's there?” Sasha asked, even though he could tell that the voice belonged to the same boy from before, he wanted an introduction, so that he'd have an idea of who the boy was.

The boy peeked his head from out of the underbrush, his face was drenched in a red layer of what looked to Sasha, like blood. An expressionless gaze masked the boys face and his eyes were staring blankly into the distance.

Trying his best to hide his shock over the boy's blood sullied state, Sasha brushed a hand through his hair and gave the boy a cheerful smile, not wanting to drive him away.

“T-The names Sasha, but I guess you already know that, huh?” Sasha mentioned, trying to make conversation.

The boy’s eyes widened at the introduction, taking a small step back before he nodded his head and replied sheepishly “Cato..M-My name is Cato.”

“Cato, huh? That's a sharp sounding name”

Bombarding Cato with questions didn't seem like the best way for Sasha to start things off, the boy already seemed on edge, so he didn't want to make him more nervous than he already was. 

"Thanks." Cato shrugged, trying to keep up his unreadable face, trying his best to hide his emotions from Sasha.

He didn't exactly know what persuaded him to show his face to Sasha, but it was better that he got to him first, before Kamil had a chance to deceive Sasha's view on this world.

Judging by Sasha's confusion, it looked like Kamil was telling the truth when she said that he wasn't getting there through regular methods, so it seemed pointless to give the boy a warning, telling him not to come back. Instead he'd need to explain things the best he could, to keep Sasha from falling for the same traps as before.

"So.." Cato struggled with his words, "Y-You asked where you were, right...?"
He was trying his best to come up with a way to explain the situation without sounding completely crazy.

"Maybe you should wash off before you start talking" Sasha suggested,  pointing to his blood soaked skin.

Cato winced, the moment he remembered that he was still drenched in Kamil's blood, he didn't have the chance to wash it off before he heard Sasha's calls.

He looked to the ground in a failed attempt to hide his appearance from Sasha's staring eyes. At the realization that he probably looked like a complete mess, not only was he soaked in blood, but his hair was a mess, it was knotted and small twigs were caught in his curls. His clothes were dirty, covered in a mix of mud and rips. Up until now, he couldn't remember the last time he had been self conscious about his appearance, then again, Sasha was the only person that made him want to take care of the way he looked.

“You can wash up upstream and then we can talk.” Sasha murmured calmly.

Cato nodded his head slowly, brushing his sleeve against his face, trying his best to remove the dry blood.

When the pair reached a calmer point of the running river, Cato bent down and splashed the shimmering water against his olive skin, rubbing his cheeks in order to remove the stains. The cold water seemed to be numbing his face as he continued to scrub, but he ignored the chill, bent on cleaning his face.

His messy hair came next, he dipped his head into the rushing water. Grimacing when his head hit the water, as a stroke of pain shot through him, causing his head to ring. He ran his fingers through his shaggy hair, trying to smooth it out and remove any leftover sticks or leaves in the process.

He pulled his hair out of the cool water, allowing it to drip down his back and dampen his clothing. This is stupid  He thought. He had more important things to take care of, but instead he was fretting over the way he looked in Sasha’s presence.
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Re: Forever in Our Dreams [Novel Marathon Workshop]
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Part 8
Word Count: 1115
RS Day #23
Part 8
He bit his lip in frustration, wishing that he could just bury all his silly feelings.

With the intention of not delaying things any further, Cato advised “L-Let's get to the point” making it a point to look into Sasha’s eyes, so that he was forced to continue with the conversation.

Sasha nodded his head, wanting to give Cato a chance to answer his questions without causing the boy to cower. He couldn't understand why, but for some reason the boys tendencies seemed to reside with him. The way he spoke softly made Sasha instinctively treat him gently, with care, which he wouldn't normally do with someone he just met.

“S-So this place, let's start by saying that it is not some sort of paradise, so don't believe any lies that Kamil may tell you.”

“Kamil?” Sasha questioned, not recognizing the name which left his tongue.

“O-Oh right, sorry, I should probably explain who and what Kamil is..or would you rather know what this place is?” Cato asked, not sure which direction to take with his explanation, he had never been very good at getting information across.

Sasha didn't need to think too hard to decide on his answer. He was more interested in learning what this dream world he kept stumbling upon was, rather, than finding out who this Kamil person that Cato mentioned was. Sure, he was curious, but the dream worlds meaning took priority.

“Can you tell me what this place is first?” Sasha asked.

“S-Sure that's doable.” Cato murmured, his dull eyes focused on Sasha as he continued “This place is a-”

“Dammit Sasha! Wake up already! Class is finished.” Todd nagged, as he tugged on Sasha’s white collared shirt.

Sasha’s eyes popped open, his thoughts still focused on what Cato was about to say. Dammit He thought, I just had to wake up at the worst possible moment! 

He rested his head against the desk, forcing his eyes to close, trying desperately to fall back asleep. He wanted to know what Cato was about to tell him, to learn more about his situation and he felt terrible, just leaving Cato there.

With attitude, Todd huffed “Look man, you can't just sleep here, there's a class after!”

Sasha wanted to argue with him, but he saw that his friend had a point. Acknowledging his defeat, he forced himself up from his chair, taking the time to pack up the textbooks that he hadn't touched.

“I can't believe you slept through the entire class! Like, seriously man, get more sleep or something” exclaimed Todd.

Sasha nodded his head in response, still upset that his dream had been cut short it was finally getting interesting he complained to himself, remembering the timid way Cato spoke to him, a shy smile forming on his face over the memory.

Kamil lay in a pool of her own ruby red blood, her previously white dress was now drenched in cherry red. She cold smell a metallic scent in the air, as she continued the process of restoring her neck to its regular state.

“Now now, Kamil, that looks uncomfortable” a sly voice beamed, as it's owner approached the restrained girl.

She sighed “It’s been awhile Dagon”

“Yes, it has” Dagon replied, his toned figure towering over her tiny form.

“I didn't think these types of games interested you” Kamil murmured, while she reconnected the the blood vessels in her neck.

Dagon grinned “You know that I've always had my sights on that Cato boy. What a tragedy, really, I can't help but feel sorry for the kid.” A frown appearing on his narrow face.

“I can never tell if you're being serious or not.” Kamil groaned, she was just beginning to repair the tissue on her neck.

“You’re so cruel, I'm being sincere when I say that I pity him.” he whined,

“I don't quite understand how you can feel anything towards humans, they're so below us, I hope you aren't growing soft now, Dagon.”

“Says the girl stuck to the ground” he huffed, slanting the inner half of his eyebrows mischievously. 

“Why yo-”

“Anyways, I'm definitely not growing soft, Cato’s a special case, I couldn't care less about the rest of these low life's.” he reassured her, 

“It’s true that his circumstances are different, but doesn't that just make crushing him more fun?”

“I'm far more interested in destroying Sasha” Dagon stated with a devious smile.

The cafeteria was bustling with conversation, but Addison was too focused on sketching in her notepad to notice. She wasn’t up to talking to Sasha, especially after his comment concerning her earlier. So, she focused on moving her pen across the paper, making sure to add texture to the hair. She wanted to do her subject justice, but she wasn’t sure if she was getting the face right, she couldn’t quite capture the girl's beauty in her art. It’s hard trying to picture her in my head, it’d be so much easier if she was just standing here. Addison groaned.

She tried again to picture the girls face in mind, remembering large eyes which were framed by prominent eyelashes, bright red lips which matched ruby eyes. She said her name was Kamil Addison recalled, deciding to write the girl’s name under her drawing, in an attempt to make it more obvious that the drawing was actually of Kamil.

She was caught off guard when she noticed that Sasha was peering over her shoulder, his eyes locked on her drawing. She quickly slammed her notebook shut, not wanting him to see it before she was happy with it herself.

Kamil? Sasha asked himself, knowing that the name on her notebook sounded familiar, Oh wait! He remembered as it hit him, Cato had mentioned the name before when they had talked. He said something about not listening to her lies Sasha recalled, then wondering what reason Addison had drawing the girl, she seemed like bad news to him.

Curiosity won him over so he questioned “Kamil? Who’s that?”

Addison looked at Sasha weirdly, surprised by the fact that he had taken an interest in her artwork. I guess that’s a start she acknowledged, believing that Sasha was trying to make it up to her by taking on interest in her work.

“It’s the name of the girl I mentioned this morning, the one that I met in my dream, I figured that I’d try drawing her, but it’s not working out the way I wanted it too”

Oh right, she did mention something like that, huh? Sasha realized, remembering their conversation in the morning, he hadn’t really cared much at the time, but now she was starting to interest him.
RS Day #23
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