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Author Topic: "Pieces" Completed Story  (Read 839 times)

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"Pieces" Completed Story
« on: July 26, 2017, 02:55:20 PM »
Hey, I just decided to write this today for some reason. I'm not in the best of moods with work, so I decided to write a strange story about Legos. It's complete, and I was wondering what anybody thinks of it. If the writing is good, or the flow is okay, that sort of thing. I'd really appreciate it.

It's not that long, don't let the font scare you lol

Leggo my Eggo (Not a previous title suggestion)

Also, if you have not read the story, click on the "spoiler" tab and read before scrolling down at the posts, Major spoiler warning below!

Thank you all who take the time to read it!


“I’m sorry Mr. Elix, your time here is finished.”


The big boss George Morgan let out a long, exaggerated sigh. His elbows were resting on his black marble desk, fingers intertwined. “I’m afraid so.” He said.

“I don’t understand,”  Elix said, “I’ve done all you’ve asked for as an employee, plus ten times more. I’ve come up with new ideas at the meetings, some of which we used…”

Morgan waved his hand. “ It’s a tough world out there, Mr. Elix. We need something new every month, or we’re left behind. It’s a fast-paced world, an advanced world. All employees must be constantly projecting ideas for this company, and you haven’t come up with anything for the past two weeks.”

“That’s hardly any time at all--” Elix began.

Big Moragn leaned forward. His jaw was square, face chiseled; His eyes were beady like a mole’s, with a gross cowlick wet on his wide forehead. “Is it now? I believe differently, Mister Elix. Get out of here.”

Elix left the Lego company building, angry. He knew there wasn’t any reason at all to his release; Big boss man Morgan just didn’t like him, and that was that.

Still though, something inside himself stopped him in his tracks, something that he couldn’t fully comprehend as to why it was there; an itch, a small itch of curiosity. He began to go into thought; let’s see, what did I do that could have possibly given Morgan the advantage he needed to fire me?

Elix decided to go back inside and find out. As he was heading back the way he had come,towards the main entrance of the company building, a memory sparked into his curious mind like a lighted firecracker. It was his suspicion that made him think of it, as when he had first encountered this memory he had no reason to consider it as anything unordinary.

He had been walking down the hall of the lego company. He decided to take a walk after his lunch ended quite early. He still had about five minutes left before he got back to work. He headed towards the models. The models were all the life-sized sculptures made entirely out of lego pieces, to test and see how the colors looked and what could be improved of the shapes of the pieces.

They were amazing as usual; as he walked down the rows and rows of them, bright colors caught his eyes. A tyrannosaurus rex, about twenty seven feet tall, loomed over him, its numerous teeth out and open, and each made entirely out of hundreds of legos. From every muscle on its neck along its back, to the swerve of its tail, thousands more lego pieces completed it all.

Many more dinosaurs stood frozen behind it, caught in a natural act, so to speak; the long necks eating lego leaves from lego trees, and behind them on lego boats were sculpted vikings, eyes and wild facial expressions stunningly in depth for being made out of a children’s toy. Their helmets and cloaks really caught Elix’s eye, too.

He travelled around, and saw many characters in their respected places. He saw Batman and Robin,  Superman and Bizarro, the Justice league, all standing in perfect posture, all lego; He saw Harry Potter fighting Voldemort, and then on the other spectrum he came upon the anime characters. This was his favorite section; he loved anime. He saw Naruto, friendly face smiling as he waved to the visitors. Beside him was Hinata, all shy and innocent in her purple sweatshirt. Then he saw the Thousand Sunny ahead, and Monkey D. Luffy was--

Footsteps clamped against  the tile floor up ahead. Elix glanced over towards the Makeshift building of the Fairy Tail Guild headquarters, and saw a moving figure coming his way, carrying a box. This folllowed with another person behind him, carrying another.

“I still don’t see how the hell we’ll know which ones have already been done,” the person in the back said. “They don’t look any different.” It was a man’s voice. A familiar voice.

“I’ve been keeping track,” Said the person walking in the front. A woman. “ It won’t start unless he commands it.”

Elix had considered hiding then, but the minute he decided maybe it was a good thing to do so, it was too late.

“So which one of these is next--”

They stopped abruptly upon seeing him. Elix realized it was Eliza Banbery, assistant manager of the company, along with Ben Champagne, assistant, assistant manager…

They were both silent.

“Mister Elix,” Eliza said, her voice shaking off surprise. “ Funny running into you here.”

“Yeah,” Elix said. “It is.”

Eliza was something of a bland beauty, as Elix liked to call it. Her dress was bland; gray suit coat, gray skirt and shoes. But her thighs were fit and curvaceous, and her face smooth, showing a beautiful complexion under thin glasses and long chestnut hair.

“Welp,” Elix said, “ I was just taking a look around.” He nervously looked around, pretending to admire the sculptures he already saw. “ I still can’t believe we closed this off to the public. We made a lot of money from the exhibitions.”
“Yeah,” Eliza said. “But Morgan has bigger plans, ones that will make the company even more money. So closing it off for now will be worth it.” She brushed past him, and Elix caught a whiff of her perfume. “And Mister Elix,” she said, “I believe your break is over.”

Ben had given him a sharp look as he followed her. He was dressed in similar fashion; gray suit jacket and pants. His hair was dark but gray on the tips and the back of his head. He made heavier footfalls as he walked along  the tile floor.

Elix had left then, scared of the consequences. He knew Morgan was giving him the looks, the irritation and the nagging at him for every little thing he was doing.

But now that he was fired... Game on, Morgan. Let’s see what you’re up to.

Elix entered through the security without complaint. The guards simply didn’t know of his release, and accepted his card. He crept down the hall in a quick pace, cautious for any wandering eyes of his former coworkers.

He found the doorway that lead into the scale model room. The lego exhibit. Carefully, like a burglar, Elix went from sculpture to sculpture, taking brief pauses behind one to get a look around. He needed to see if Eliza or Ben were going to be walking by again, and this time, he was going to follow them.

Twenty minutes ticked by. Elix went from lego sculpture to lego sculpture, heading towards the anime section, where he had last seen them walking with boxes in their hands. When he found Naruto and Hinata, along with the rest of the main cast Sasuke and Sakura, and all the others standing there in ninja poses, he made a beeline towards them. He was out in the open, so he needed to be quick.

“Hey!” A voice called.

Sh*t. He hid behind the still form of the Sakura model. He peered out.

It was Ben, he was heading right towards him--

And stopped abruptly and bent down. Elix then saw Eliza striding behind him.

“I found one,” Ben said. He picked something small off the floor and held it up and showed it to Eliza. It was rather small, like a lego piece.

“That’s definitely it,” she said. “Come on, Morgan’s waiting.” They went back the way they came. “You got sharp eyes,” her voice grew into an echo as they disappeared.

Elix took no time to hesitate. He followed after them, as silent and swift as he could be. The two of them took a sharp turn towards the the Justice League section, walking down a narrow path with  scale models strange to Elix around them. He never took the time to view everything in this room, especially here. It was the most boring part. He was a geek; He loved seeing the heroes and villains of comics and manga, not boring regular models of people, the early works by Lego builders done long ago.

There were rows of scale people models  as Elix crept by. The florescent lighting above made the business and farmer attired sculptures move and glimmer off light. He saw Eliza and Ben take a sharp turn towards a wall and then then stopping. Eliza pressed some buttons, and suddenly there was a click and she opened a white door.

To his absolute luck, they didn’t close it. Maybe Ben was distracted or something, but the fool didn’t close the door that needed to be locked. Elix gave it a minute though. He was growing more and more anxious. What if they found him? What would they do? Would Morgan have him arrested? This seemed very secretive. And at the same time he was nervous and excited.

He shook his head, and made the decision that he shouldn’t care. He went over towards the door and slipped inside.

The lighting was very dim, and a room stretched out a long narrow hallway, its path only faintly illuminated by white circular lights installed in the ceiling. Elix crept his way down, looking to his left and right. When he made it towards the other end of the hallway, he saw a big glass window to his right, and through it he saw Eliza, Ben, and Morgan down below. There were also others too; lab technicians or something. They were fixing up some huge machine, built up around an inclined table...with a man strapped to it tight,. It was like a medieval device of some sort. The man strapped there was calm, relaxed, and dressed in a black suit unbefitting him.

“Have you really proved it?” Morgan asked Eliza. “Can they be rebuilt perfectly without death?”

“Yes,” Eliza answered. “We just had some of our builders finish rebuilding the first two, and it was a success. They’re still alive.”

“Show them to me,” Morgan said.

Eliza called out in a low voice at darkness beyond the machine and the table. Four men, two each wheeling in handcarts, came into the light. Elix’s heart sank. His eyes widened with terror.

Scale models. Heads that were made of straight sharp angles, of hundreds of pieces that appeared glued together, but moved around. The first was of a man, the other a woman. They gave off loud muffles, unable to move their closed lips. They were dressed in blocky formal wear, just like the man on the table who looked oblivious to everything.

“Excellent,” Morgan said. He stepped over and inspected them closely, unafraid. The live squirming models were tied up, so their arms weren’t able to move. “How are the animal models?”

“They were the ones that led us to doing this,” Eliza said. “The dogs have been moving around no problem for weeks.”

“Excellent. We’ll have an exhibit sooner than I thought.” he smiled. “How many inmates from the state prison do we have left?”

“Fifty or so, is what they allowed us. They both have life sentences. No parole.”


Elix couldn’t breathe. He just watched the squirming blocky figures. They looked as if they had been all broken down into pieces and then rebuilt…

“ If we have an uneven number of women and men, we’ll go rainbow with some partners, and make a ballroom full of different kinds of couples. The audience will love it.” Morgen went into a thought, before he asked, “The back section looking good?”

“Yeah,” Ben replied this time. “The ballroom is being worked on. We’ll use the failures by the entrance here to fill in the background. They can be the audience watching the dancers.”

“Only one thing,” Morgan said, scrutinizing the male blocky model. “Their will. How will you make them dance?”

“They’re already trying to do so, sir.” Eliza explained. “We took some pieces of vital memories out of their heads before breaking them. All they know how to do is dance. All they want to do is dance.”

She walked over to the machine. “This machine brainwashes them before it physically breaks their cells into physical blocks. And they’re quite easy to rebuild, since the pieces are just like our lego pieces. Nothing of their mind gets damaged because it's their outer body-- thanks to a safe breaking down of particles-- is reduced to pieces.” She  walked over to a box, the same box Elix had seen her carry a while ago. She pulled out a small piece, the same kind of piece Ben had picked up near the anime section of the scale models.

Elix felt very sick. The piece seemed to be jiggling between her thumb and forefinger. It was alive.

“Well then, what are we waiting for?” Morgan looked at the machine eagerly, at the inmate tied to the table, then at Eliza. “Let’s get this one broken down, and rebuilt good as new like humpty dumpty. And move on to the next. I want this exhibit done and ready for the public as fast as possible.”

He gave a  sharp command to the technicians, and they scrambled to the machines. Pressing buttons and flipping switches, one of them flipped up one switch and the machine flared to life, blue lights flashing. Two large needles slowly emerged from both sides of the machine as well as of the inmate strapped to the table.

The man seemed not to care, his pale expression vacant of any emotion entirely. He must be drugged.

“ Sterilize the proximity,” Eliza commanded.

More frantic typing of buttons from the technicians, and suddenly the needles shot a wave of invisible energy, with a loud, “Thonk!” a scream of gears grinding and machine labor. The waves hovered over and around the inclined table like heat. The figure of the man looked blurred and skewed in the waves.

“Now break apart,” Morgan commanded.

In a loud zipping sound, a burst of  yellow static shock emitted from the needles, and with unbelieving eyes Elix saw the man clouded in a spume of dark red. Blood.

“Absorbing sequence on,” said one of the technicians.

The red plume just floated there, unable to move from the energy waves.

“It’s absorbing!”

Slowly, Elix was able to see it. The red of blood was being vacuumed up by small angular-shaped pieces of flesh. Hundreds of small pieces, the colors of skin, clothing and hair, were clearly visible, and floated in space. The man was gone, replaced by this terror.

“Shutting off the waves,” said the technician.

The waves of energy immediately dispersed, evaporating into nothing. The pieces fell to the floor, numerous small thuds.

“ Get the custodians to collect the pieces,” Eliza said. “ Make sure every piece is found. Otherwise the man won’t be able to move.”

The technicians said. “I’ve already asked them to come, before the procession started,” said one of the technicians.

“Then where are they?”

Elix had seen enough of this madness. He turned to run--

But jumped back at the sight of two men in custodial uniforms. They’re just custodians, they can’t be that much a part of the conspiracy…

...he thought until they grabbed him. He put much of a fight, flailing his legs and biting a burly custodian in one of his  thick hairy forearms. The man screamed, and in retaliation he sent a hard blow to Elix’s jaw.

And blackness reigned.

-- -- --

“Welcome, James Elix.”

Elix opened his eyes, and saw the rectangular window up above him, where only a few minutes ago, he had looked down from. He saw the forms of Morgan, Eliza, and Ben standing around him.

“What are you doing?” Elix said sharply. “You’re making Legos out of people? Are you nuts?”

“Not necessarily,” Morgan said calmly. “You see, Elix, what we’re doing is a revolution. Through advanced quantum technology, we have been able to split apart a human being alive! Think of the future this will bring!”

“What future? You’re literally going to make these things dance around like one of those animatronics in Disneyland!”

Morgan furrowed his brows, frowning. “So you’ve heard that much, huh? I should have known. I should have fired you sooner. You  were always snooping around the exhibit. This project is so precious to me that anyone who even came at a threatening radius innocently and unaware were kicked to the curb.” He glared at Eliza, then back at Elix. “But of course, not you, Mr. Elix. You see, Eliza here thought you should be given a chance. You worked hard for your job after all.” He turned back to Eliza. “Now you see what you have done?”

Eliza looked down, silent.

“Idiotic, I say.” Morgan spat on the ground. “Be lucky you’re not the one strapped up.” He turned sharply to the technicians. “Start the machine.”

“Wait,” Elix said frantically. He felt something tied around his neck, and then he looked down and noticed he was wearing a suit and tie. No, no, no no! “Please,” he said. “I won’t tell anyone! I swear!”

“You see those sculptures by this entrance, Elix? The ones in suits and farmer wear? They said the exact same thing. Hell, I’d even let one go, until one of my custodians heard them blabber to their buddies what he promised to conceal. Now their both dead.”

The swirling invisible energy blurred Elix’s vision. It was hot. He felt himself boiling.

“Breaking apart,” said the technician. “Now.”

The static shock came in a flash, and Elix felt his entire body was caught in a net of wire, like clay, and broken apart.
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Re: "Pieces" Completed Story
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2017, 03:09:55 PM »
I'll just say this. Within five minutes of reading, a man goes from being fired to being a Legos sculpture.

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Re: "Pieces" Completed Story
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2017, 03:57:02 PM »
LMAO!!! Hahahaha  :clapping: :tongue:
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Re: "Pieces" Completed Story
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2017, 08:53:18 AM »
Oh gawd that was horrific. I wish I didn't read Forlorn's spoiler, but it was a good read all the same. I don't even know whether to call this sci-fi or something else. Seems so uniquely wacky and horrifying at the same time, like something out of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

Nice one Coldmiser.

And hehe also the title interested me.

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Re: "Pieces" Completed Story
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2017, 08:29:53 PM »
Thanks Lego! Encouraging as always!  ;D Yeah looking at it now it upsets me that there's a spoiler right at the bottom, it kind of takes the interest away from the story. I'll have to write a warning on my original post.
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