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Author Topic: Fate/Grand Order  (Read 655 times)

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Fate/Grand Order
« on: July 23, 2017, 01:41:02 AM »
I can't be the only one obsessed with this game right now can I? All my coworkers just started playing and they got me hooked into it since I love the Fate franchise (you can even see it in my art).

If you're playing... share your SSR 5* Servants!

I got Jeanne D'arc on my first roll attempt lmao so I stuck with her. Rockin Jeanne and Gilgamesh right now but I'm hoping to score Nero, Artorius and Mordred soon. I tried running Lancelot but his deck is tragic, he has only a single quick card but he also has Eternal Arms Mastery... I guess it fits his back story.