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Author Topic: To Hyrule and Back Again - Zelda + Attack on Titan crossover  (Read 3377 times)

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This is the thread for my longfic, THaBA. It's around 30 chapters right now but I'm going to rewrite the first act of part 1, and then post those rewritten chapters here as I do so. Then, I'll post the rest of the story.

Will eventually look into paying an artist here to create a long-running manga adaptation as partners.

Without further ado, here is the prologue to the story. It is a flash-forwards to a certain part of the story I haven't written yet (but I have planned out).


Link's Point of View

...and, the disheartening fact that time now works against me, instead of with me, makes me question whether or not time is a sickness, ever corrupting one's mind into thinking in a fallacious manner, or if it is an inevitable burden, reminding one of their inescapable death.

I used to think of it as something far from a mere concept, no, it was something glorious that I could control in some cases. If I felt like going to the past, I could place the blade of evil's bane back in its pedestal, or, more recently, I could play the Song of Time.

But it was still limited; however, that limited control I had on time was all I needed to achieve my goals.

But the simplest of goals, of needs, of desperate desires, is what is so far out of reach it has forever altered my perception on time. The need I'd never thought would be the one out of grasp, the need I always took for granted, and the one that typically would be taken for granted - to be at home, to have a life similar to the one before I was woken up and told I was the world's only hope.

All I want to do is return to my house in the forest, to sleep in every day, to not have some deathly moon reminding me of the burden of time; to see Saria, to see Zelda, to see Malon, Ruto, Darunia, Impa, and even Mido. To possibly see Skull Kid, finding him playing his flute on that stump in the Lost Woods, and maybe - just maybe - see Happy Mask Salesman, amidst his travels.

Looks like that isn't happening.
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Re: To Hyrule and Back Again - Zelda + Attack on Titan crossover
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 08:17:43 PM »
To Hyrule and Back Again
Part 1: Annie's Return

1 - New World

Link's Point of View

Ah... this. This all seems familiar.

Parting ways with someone you've felt like you've known forever in the blink of an eye.

I, and my fairy companion, Tatl, have gone our separate paths. At least I've almost gone my separate path - back to Hyrule.

Currently underneath the Clock Tower in South Clock Town, I take a good look at my surroundings before I officially leave Termina. I'm going to miss this place, I really am - but I really want to return to Hyrule, and take a break from all of this adventuring. Who knows, maybe I'll come back to Termina again to see how things are going.

But I don't know if I'll even be able to return at all, I think, as I stumbled upon this world by a mere accident, tracking down the creature that robbed me of my horse, Epona, and my precious Ocarina of Time…

...and I ended up saving this world in the process.

So I walk towards the large metal door I entered Termina from and attempt to force it open; it doesn't move. I try again a few more times, but no luck. I consider my options. Is there another way to Hyrule? Or maybe I can pry this door open with something other than my hands…

My thoughts are interrupted by a low sound emitting from my left hand. I look at my hand to see the Triforce glowing. That's odd…

This only happens when another being that holds a piece of the Triforce is near…

Suddenly, the metal door slides open and behind it lies a dark, twisted hallway. There's a sparkling light at the end of said hallway. I hop back onto Epona, pat her on the side, and slowly move forward. Withered bricks with vines crawling through them dominate my surroundings; the atmosphere is gloomy, the air is chilly, and it's very dark. Reminds me of the Shadow Temple.

Once I reach the end of the hall I realize what the sparkling light is - a floating torch. There's a torch floating in midair in front of me. I'm initially confused when an idea hits me: the Lens of Truth. Maybe it's an invisible being...

I shuffle through my bag of items and find the lens. I bring it to my eye and see it.

It's a stalfos covered in golden armor, looking down at the ground solemnly. In its right hand is the torch, and its left… the Ocarina of Time.

I immediately shuffle through my items bag and find my ocarina lying at the very bottom. What the hell?

I look back up without the Lens of Truth and see the stalfos glaring straight at me; I flinch, then unsheathe my Gilded Sword. The stalfos does nothing but peer at me for several moments.

Then, I rise the Lens of Truth to see if the stalfos would look any different, and once it's aligned… I see it. I see me, as an adult, in the same golden armor the stalfos was wearing. Tears are rolling down my adult face, and my face is filled with scars. I remove the Lens to see the same stalfos wearing the same armor, and when I look through it again I see the adult version of myself, still crying.

What the hell is going on? I think.

I close my eyes. I convince myself I'm in some sort of dream. After rubbing my eyes for a few seconds I open them, and see yet another peculiar sight.

In front of me is a wolf. Its fur is glowing yellow, and it's looking up at me from below. It does not seem aggressive; it simply gazes at me until I close my eyes once again.

This hallway is giving me some crazy hallucinations, I think.

I open my eyes and look at the entity in front of me with my Lens of Truth. I see me - I see the child form of myself. He has the Gilded Sword like I do, but a green flame-like substance is radiating off of it. There's a scar on his forehead, too. He glares at me as I stare back - I'm completely confused, still convinced I'm in a dream. I entered this hallway intending to find my way back to Hyrule but instead found… this, at the end of this strange hallway.

I remove the Lens to see myself disappear. I then notice blackness, all around me. Nothingness as far as the eye can see. Epona is seemingly unaffected, yet my heart is pounding against my chest. What is happening to me?

"Go, Link," I hear a voice say. "Go to the new world."

I shut my eyes tight, praying that this is merely a dream. I scream, scream my lungs out, and then…

I'm in a field.

I'm lying down on green, lush grass, in the middle of a field. Epona's standing up a bit behind me, still unaffected. A giant forest is out in the distance, the sun is hanging overhead, and there's no sight of those different versions of me anywhere. It's actually kinda peaceful.

I stand up and look to the sky. It's light blue, just like Hyrule was in the morning; there's no giant, terrifying moon, ready to crash down on the Earth as well.

"Where am I?" I ask.

Suddenly, the sound of a giant's footsteps resonates from behind, and I quickly turn around. At first, I see nothing, but then some kind of monster abruptly appears from behind a hill and charges at me. It looks like a humanoid, without skin, and with shaggy, blonde hair. What the hell is that?!

I immediately hop onto Epona and she almost instantly she takes off, and we begin riding away from the monster, towards the forest ahead of us.

This took place a day before Annie fought Eren in Stohess. Why she was outside the walls and why she was chasing Link is unknown.

Mikasa's Point of View



I glare at the look of horror upon the titan's face as she descends towards the ground. Wherever she was escaping to, wherever she was going to take Eren…

Doesn't matter now. She's gone.. . .

Eren's still out cold after the battle with Annie. Armin went to some kind of meeting with Levi and Jean. The others, well, I don't know. I'm currently in a small room somewhere Ehrmich district a few hours after Eren fought Annie in Stohess.

He looks so… peaceful, I think. After nearly killing himself trying to take the Female Titan down… He finally gets to rest.

Knowing his personality, though, he'll want to get back into the action as soon as possible. For now, at least, we get to rest.

After a few more minutes of sleeping Eren's eyes finally open. I'm sitting in a chair by his bed, exhausted, but willing to stay by his side while he heals. He looks around the room, then to me.

"Where did everybody go?"

"Armin and Jean went to a meeting with Levi or something… They had to get questioned about what happened in Stohess."

He almost replies, but hesitates for a moment.

"Then, he asks, "What happened to Annie?"

"She's still in that crystal, locked up underground somewhere in this district…"

"This district?"

"Ehrmich, it's southwest of Stohess."

"Well then… She's not dead?"

"I don't know, why?" I bluntly ask in response. He's seemingly concerned about that monster's well-being for some reason.

He doesn't still have feelings for her, does he? No, not after this…

"I know what you're thinking, Mikasa. No, I'm not in love with her or whatever, yes, I know she killed people."

I open my mouth to speak but he continues talking.

"It's not that I love her, or even like her for that matter, but… I didn't want to kill her. I didn't want to believe she was the Female Titan, and that she caused all of that death, I just wanted to… I wanted to continue seeing her for that one girl that taught me how to fight back in military school. That's all I really remember about her, anyway, up until now. She seemed…"

"...misunderstood... But why do you care?"

"If I answer that I know you'll end up throwing a fit."

Before he can reply, I continue, "You should get more rest. I'm going to get more food, do you need anything?"

"No thanks, I'm fine.". . .

Out on the streets of District Ehrmich, the citizens are just now learning about Annie. Newspapers with articles about the two titans in Stohess are being sold by the second. Faint looks of horror span the entirety of the streets, and some people are even contemplating to move further away.

"Titans? That far into the walls? What the hell is going on?! How did they get in without breaking the outer walls?" an angry man asks amidst the crowd of people roaming the streets.

"It wasn't regular titans, it was the 'shifters.' Y'know, the titan-humans? Yeah. Two of them were fighting over there," another man tells him.

"That's blasphemy! I never believed in that shifter nonsense in the first place!"

The Scout Regiment must be under fire right now… After all, it was our plan to bring Annie close into the walls in order to capture her…

I just hope they don't try to take custody of Eren again. His public image is bad enough, so the government could execute him with little repercussions…

As I walk around the district, trying to find a place to get some decent food, a hand grabs my shoulder. I instinctively jerk away and turn around to see Armin with a concerned look upon his face.

"Armin? What is it?" I ask.

Out of breath, he sputters out, "It's Annie!"

"What? What about her? Did she escape the crystal?"

"Just... Come see for yourself!"

He clutches my wrist and begins leading me through the district until we approach a stairwell leading underground. We walk down into it, and for about fifteen minutes, we continually travel downwards.

"Mikasa, Armin, have any of you seen Levi?" Hanji asks me out of nowhere from behind. I turn around to see her at the top of our current stairwell, with a look of worry on her face.

"No, sorry," I say, as Armin shakes his head as well.

"Dammit," she says under her breath.

Eventually we reach the room where Annie is being held. She's still in her crystal, and there are chains secured all around it. The room is dimly lit; there are a few other scouts in the room, watching over her; and nothing seems out of ordinary. That is, until I take a closer look at the crystal.

Engraved into the crystal are the words "Die Mikasa".

Well, I'll be damned, I think.

Thus sparks the first events that happen just as Link finds himself in a new universe - the Attack on Titan universe, that is. And as Annie comes back, stronger than ever, he may be the only one able to stop her.

A/N: There's the first chapter. The timeline is kinda confusing, even after I rewrote it, but oh well. Also, the first few chapters are short in comparison to the other chapters.
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Re: To Hyrule and Back Again - Zelda + Attack on Titan crossover
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2017, 08:25:59 PM »
2 - Gone Girl

Link's Point of View

40 minutes after his arrival

How? How are you supposed to kill this thing? I think.

My fire arrows do nothing, I can't reach my bag of masks, and the giant has some kind of regenerative ability. Epona is barely outrunning the giant, and is continually getting more exhausted, so I don't know how much longer I can run from this thing.

I'm currently in a forest, a humongous one at that; the trees are very tall, many times taller than the giant chasing me. It's a dense forest, too, as I have to alter my course every other minute due to the many trees in my way. The giant chasing me dodges the trees with ease; it's very fit and fast for a skinless monster, I've noticed.

"What do you want with me?!" I scream at it. No response.

The monster's green eyes glare at me from above as I barely dodge its hand, reaching for me. I manage to slice part of its finger off, but it regrows in a matter of minutes. I'm low on mana, and I'm not sure if this new world I'm in has any to spare, so I know to use as little as possible.

Maybe I could hookshot one of these trees and fly away… No, then what would happen to Epona?

The Fierce Deity Mask isn't an option, either… I can't reach for it, and if tried to grab it right now I'd fall off my horse. Damn, this isn't looking good…

Suddenly, an idea comes to mind: ice arrows.

I can shoot the monster's feet to make it fall, its knees to keep it down, and its eyes to temporarily blind it. It's the only plan I can think of right now, so I go ahead and test it out.

I take aim to its left foot. I release the drawstring and let the ice arrow fly. Flawless shot. A layer of ice forms around the monster's foot and it trips onto the forest floor. Nice. I then stop Epona and turn her around to finish the job: I shoot both of its knees before it can get back up, and then one of its eyes. I then aim to its only remaining eye when I realize I have no mana left to create ice arrows. *censored*.

Oh well, I think. I turn Epona around and continue riding away. The giant doesn't pursue me any longer. Just before it's out of sight, I turn around and look to it.

What a strange creature.. . .

I traverse this new universe I've found myself in. I ride with my horse, Epona, all around the land, finding more forests, ponds, random wildlife, and even more of those giant monsters. Every once in awhile I'll stumble upon one of them, wandering about, and I then promptly change my course when I see one. Unlike the first one I met, they're all masculine, and are mostly disinterested in me, unless I get too close. It's a very mundane world compared to what I'm used to.

There are no Hylians, no Zoras, no other races that are smart enough to talk or nice enough to not try to eat me. None of the animals talk, nor do the giant monsters. Everything feels like it's… abandoned. There's not a soul anywhere near, but it feels like there should be. It's very lonely.

Why am I here? I think.

It feels particularly odd to not have some central problem looming over me. Ever since that morning in Kokiri Forest when I was suddenly woken up and told I was the world's only hope, all I've done is… solve problems. Defeated evil. Saved the world. Now, I don't have that feeling that I need to be doing something important…

Eventually, amidst travelling about this new world, I find a wall. A very tall one, at that. It's out in the distance; it's curved, and has a giant hole near the middle. I assume the wall was created to keep out these giant monsters, but an incident happened to where the wall was somehow breached. That's a shame, I think. If I had gotten here sooner I could've done something about it…

I decide to get a closer look at the wall. I ride towards it and just how tall it is becomes more clear; I'd guess it's about fifty meters high. Damn. I ride to the hole in the wall, avoiding the giants as much as possible, and notice that there was once some kind of wooden gate where the hole was made.

How was this wall even breached? I think. These monsters, with the exception of the first one I met, don't seem like they could've destroyed the gate to this wall. They barely even care about attacking me, much less tearing down a wooden gate.

The mystery surrounding this world fascinates me, and I almost want to further explore inside the wall. However, it starts to rain, so I decide to find some shelter, and take refuge under a certain tree to the right of the hole in the wall. I eat one of the many apples growing on the tree and play some songs on my ocarina. I don't play the Song of Storms; I'd rather lie down and listen to the sound of raindrops falling than go get myself into trouble like I usually do.

This isn't so bad, I think. I don't have any worries. There are no problems to be fixed and no lives I have to save. It's just… me, and this new world that I can do whatever I want in.

I think… I think I might stay here for a while.

I eventually drift off into sleep, and wake up to see the rain gone and the sun shining from above. I smile. For the first time in a while, I haven't woken up due to a nightmare, nor woken up to someone telling me to help them, nor woken up relieved I didn't die in my sleep. No, I've woken up from a good sleep, ready to take on a brave new world.

Around this time is when Annie, the Female Titan, is fighting Eren, in Stohess. After chasing Link the day before she went back inside the walls where she continued with her daily life until Eren showed up to fight her.

Eren's Point of View

later that day


"Eren, please, come back! Just come back so we can talk about this, okay? You're not well! Just please… no more!"

I awaken.

Those voices… Was that a dream? I don't even recognize them. Hm.

I'm in a room, with nobody else in it; I still feel weak, and once I try to get out of bed I suddenly remember that I just recently fought Annie.

Dammit… Where did everybody go?

I then recall talking to Mikasa a bit earlier, and then she left to get some food or something. She hasn't returned. Where the hell is she?

*censored* it, I think. I can't get out of bed because my body's still all jacked up from the fight, and nobody's here to talk to me. Might as well sleep.

I doze off once again and find myself in the middle of a fight. I'm on the streets of Shiganshina, fighting some random kids that I'm very angry at for some reason. There's three of them, and one of me, but despite that, I continue punching them and try to sway them away; eventually, they knock me down and start kicking me, though.

"Why are you defending this heretic, you idiot?" one asks. I turn around to see the heretic they're referring to: Armin. He's nervously clutching a book a few meters away, anxiously watching the fight.

"B-because! He's my friend and I'm not gonna let you goddamn bastards make fun of him!" I yell in response.

"Good for you, you're wrong!" another says. He looks down at me with a nasty glare, and before I can get back on my feet he lands an excruciating kick on my chest.

"Armin…" I sputter out. "…"

I've lost to these bastards, I think. Unless Armin runs, they'll take his book and beat him up, too, and on top of all that, I'll probably be in a *censored* ton of trouble when I get home. Damn…

Suddenly, I hear a voice.


Mikasa. Yes, Mikasa's here!

"Eren!" she calls out. "Eren! Eren, wake up!"


"Eren, come on, wake up already!"

I open my eyes and realize I was dreaming and see Mikasa and Armin standing by my bed, desperately trying to wake me up. A look of worry is on both of their faces.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"It's Annie!" Armin replies. "She-she's gone!". . .

As we walk throughout the district, we talk about what happened with Annie while I was asleep. It's very crowded, probably due to my fight in Stohess, and everyone looks either worried or scared. I honestly don't blame them.

"So, did she escape, or did someone let her out?" I ask.

"I'm not really sure," Armin replies. "It's complicated. It's like… she vanished. One second, she was trapped in her crystal, the other, she was gone."

"I can confirm," Mikasa says.

"So nobody knows where she is?"

"Nope," Armin says. "I guess we'll have to go through the trouble of finding her and beating her all over again."

"That sucks," I tell him.

Whilst walking I happen to hear a conversation between two military policemen talking about Stohess. I stop for a moment to listen.

"If you ask me, the Survey Corps should just disband. It's not like they even achieved anything before today, and now they've destroyed a district and countless lives."

"I agree," says the other - a girl. "Why were those lives lost? To kill one titan? No. That's bull*censored*."

I turn around and glare at them. They initially don't notice. Mikasa and Armin turn around and try to get me to continue walking, but I refuse. I try to form a fist in my right hand, but my grip is still really weak.

The man notices me. "The hell you looking at, kid?"

"Do you know what the Survey Corps' sacrificed? Do you even know what they've done so far for humanity?"

"Eren, it's not worth it," Mikasa tells me, pulling on my arm.

"Yeah!" he replies. "They go outside the walls and get killed, and come back with like five people left. Rinse and repeat. What have they done so far, kid? Nothing! Nothing but cause death! Now get out of here!"

I attempt to punch him, but Mikasa forces me backward. Her grip's too strong. She eventually pulls me back until I can no longer see those two damned MPs.

"What the hell, Mikasa?! Why'd you do that?"

"Because we don't have time for your temper tantrums. If they wanna criticize the Survey Corps, let them, it doesn't affect you."

Dammit… I guess she's right. Still, she can't just tell me what to do all the time! Who does she think she is?


"So, what exactly happened?" I ask. "I know you said she disappeared or whatever, but what was happening before and after?"

"Let's see…" Mikasa thinks for a moment.

Mikasa's Point of View

I glare at the message Annie left for me carved into the crystal.

"It's probably because you prevented her from escaping, Mikasa," Hanji tells me. "Calm down, she can't do anything."

"Then how did that message appear if she 'can't do anything?' The only possible explanation is that she did it from within the crystal. She carved the message with her ability."

"But she's passed out! And she's not in titan form! How could that be possible?" Hanji questions.

Erwin stands up from the bench and strolls over to Annie. He stares at her face, then at the message.

"She's right," he says. "It's the only way. That material can't be broken or even dented, so she's the only one that could've done it."

"Are you telling me Annie can use the hardening ability even when she's not in titan form?" asks Armin.

Erwin turns his head to him. "That's my guess."

Suddenly, something in the corner of my eye catches my attention. Movement. I quickly spin my head around to see nothing out of the ordinary. I turn back around to Annie. Except she's not there, only the crystal.

"Where did she go?!" I yell.

All the other scouts in the room are looking away, just as I was - they're just as surprised as I am.

"What the hell just happened?"

Eren's Point of View

"So she just disappeared in the one moment nobody was looking?" I ask as we reach the stairs that lead into where Annie was held.

"No, something else happened, I'm sure of it. We didn't all just randomly look away at the same time, something caused it. It felt like something was moving in the corner of my eye, and I'm guessing that happened to everyone else, too."

"Yeah, I felt that too," Armin says.

"So, she did that? She made you all look away, and then, what, teleported out?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, Eren," Mikasa tells me.

"Crazy *censored*," I say under my breath.

We make our way down the long stairway until we approach a hallway, that leads to yet another stairway. We pass by a ton of scouts and even some military policemen, and we also see Hanji, who asks us where Levi is. After a while, I ask Mikasa another question.

"You said she left you a 'message,' right?" I ask. Mikasa looks to me.


"What'd it say?"

"'Die Mikasa.'"

"Damn. She probably hates you, doesn't she?"

"Not as much as I hate her," she bluntly replies. I remember back in military school, before any of this happened, and when I didn't know Annie was a titan - she was my friend, and I thought she was cool. Mikasa hated her and hated it when I hung out with her. I never knew why, and always argued with her about it.

I guess her hatred is justified now, though.

After a while, we finally reach the room with Annie's crystal. Nobody else is in the room but us, and despite that, the atmosphere feels tense. I notice the message carved into Annie's crystal: Die Mikasa.

"Why was I brought here, again?" I ask, studying the crystal.

"We thought you'd want to see it for yourself," Armin replies. "And besides, you probably needed to get back on your feet."

"What he needed was more time to heal," Mikasa suddenly interrupts.

"I'm fine," I say.

The three of us stay in the room for a bit, talking about the entire Annie situation, and, eventually, Armin leaves. Before he does, though, I mention how we're going to find Annie again, but both Mikasa and Armin simply reply "We'll figure it out."

Then, it's just me and Mikasa in the room. She initially doesn't speak but when I ask her about Annie again she interrupts me.



"Do you know why Annie wanted to take you away?" she asks, sitting in the corner of the room.

"No, why?"

"It's just… She's probably going to do the same thing again, right? She went through all of the trouble back on that forest expedition, just to capture you… Have you ever wondered why?"

"Where are you going with this, Mikasa?"

"What if… We just let things go? What if we didn't go after her, only made sure she didn't come back? We brought her into Stohess to capture her but we only made things worse, Eren. Even you know that."

"Are you saying we need to let her loose and allow her to cause even more death?"

"No, I'm just saying maybe we should take it a little more easily. We constantly train for battle and plan out how we're going to capture Annie or defeat the Colossal or whatever, but why can't we forget about all of that, at least for now?"

"I'm not going to rest until she's gone, Mikasa. You should know that better than anyone, so what the hell are you talking about? Of course we're going to try to capture her again! Of course we'll plan it all out, track her down, and yes, I'll risk my life for all of that!"

"See! It's that, it's that right there! I want you to stop risking your life so much, Eren. It's just like Jean said, you really are like a suicidal maniac sometimes."

"Like hell I will! My whole life is dedicated to this, Mikasa! It's why I'm here! If you think I'm just going to drop everything I care about, then you're wrong!"

"But you're doing the same to me, Eren," she says. I walk towards her, over from the crystal.


"By doing what you do, you're making me have the possibility of losing what I care about, why I'm here. Do you not see that?"

"Oh. OH. So this is what it's about? You don't want me to fight for your sake? That's bull*censored*!"

"Okay, okay, calm down, Eren."

"Answer this, Mikasa: Why am I all you care about? Why do you insist on keeping me safe? Why do you treat me like some child that doesn't know what they're doing, all the damn time?"

"Are you turning this into one of those conversations. Eren?"

"Don't pin this on me! You started it! Look, every time I ask you about this you either change the subject or give me the same damn response every time. So I'm going to end it. Stop! Stop treating me like your inferior! Stop having your entire life revolve around me! I don't want it! You've followed me everywhere ever since that day five years ago, even when you could've had a better life! You had a chance to join the military police, but you instead followed me to the Scouts! Whom you hate!"

"Stop it, Eren."

"Only when you stop. I am not your responsibility, and I don't want to be. I mean no offense and I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but please, no more of the nonsense."

"It's not nonsense."

"But it is! Can you not see? Are you so blinded by your desire to protect me that you haven't stopped to think whether you've done more harm than you have helped? Why, Mikasa, why? Why do you do this?"

"You want a real answer? Fine," she bluntly tells me.

"Remember the night you gave me this scarf?" she asks. She holds up her red scarf.

"On that night is when everything I had ever loved was taken from me in an instant. My mother and father were both killed, right before my eyes. In the blink of an eye, I lost all I cared about. And when those men kidnapped me, as I laid there in that cabin, listening to the disgusting things that would happen to me, I learned something: the world is cruel. I hated everything. I didn't want to continue living. That's when you showed up. You taught me the most valuable lesson I've ever been given - fight to live, or die. And then you took me in, without hesitation... The night I lost everything, you were there, protecting me from the harsh world I wasn't yet accustomed to. The night I lost everything, you were there, holding out your hand, telling me, 'let's go home.' Eren, the night I lost everything, you were there to give me this scarf when I said it was cold; at that moment, I realized the world was not only cruel, but also astonishingly beautiful. You were there for me, so I have to be there for you. You're the only family I have left, and I'd do anything to make sure that family stays alive."

I… I guess she's right…

"Eren, know this: know that I will do anything it takes to spend another day with you. Know that you're the one that I care about the most, that the possibility of losing you is what keep me moving forward. It's what wakes me up in the morning and keeps me up at night. I know you think I'm clingy, obsessive, controlling, and whatnot, but if that's what it takes to keep you alive then so be it."

She stands up, and leaves without saying another word.

I'm a total jerk, I think.

And thus, Eren learns why Mikasa does what she does, and he later returns to his room that night, thinking about what she said. Mikasa, on the other hand, meets a certain boy garbed in green that night; that boy would change her, as well as Eren's, life forever.

A/N: I just realized there's a swear filter. Welp, there are a decent amount of bad words, so you'll have to guess which word is being used when it says *censored*
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Re: To Hyrule and Back Again - Zelda + Attack on Titan crossover
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3 - Confrontations

Link's Point of View

I stare down at my Goron Mask under the oak tree I slept by last night.

I used this thing all the time in Termina. Damn, was it useful.

I contemplate using it to investigate the giant wall, stretching across the horizon. Maybe I could grab some of my items and use my Goron Mask to roll inside the wall and see if there are any survivors in there…

If I could be back in a few days, Epona would be fine, and so would my items. I don't think there are any other people outside these walls and I'm also fairly certain the giants don't care about my items, so, I think I'm alright. I go ahead and grab my bow, some arrows, my ocarina, my hookshot, my sword and shield, as well as a couple of deku nuts.

I stare at the wall for a moment. A strong wind blows from the left as I prepare myself, and the sun is halfway visible from the horizon in front of me. I look to Epona. She's as calm as ever. I look to the sky, as it gradually gets lighter and lighter, and then to the ground, with its grass as green as Hyrule Field's. I feel a rush of adrenaline and finally place the Goron Mask on my face, and in just a few seconds I take the form of a Goron.

I check my pockets to see if my items are still there, look back at my horse one last time, and then, I'm off. I roll forwards, gaining speed by the second, and make my way towards the giant wall; a giant almost trips over me as I barely dodge its feet. They see me roll on by, contemplating whether or not to pursue me, but decide not to once they see how fast I am. Eventually, I make it to the wall. I exit my Goron form and look upwards.

It's still so much taller up close, I think.

My hookshot is aimed near the middle of the wall, and once the hook-button is pushed, the golden hook shoots upwards, as far as it can go, until it eventually latches onto part of the wall. Then, my body is sent up the wall, and before I fall back down I hookshot the very top of the wall when I then fly to the top.

That's a tall-ass wall… It took two hookshot lengths to climb it. Holy *censored*, I think. I look downwards and get chills when I realize how high off the ground I am.

An abandoned town is on the other side of the wall. The giant monsters are roaming around in the city, and most of the buildings are demolished. The destruction doesn't look that recent, either. At the northern edge of the town is another wall, and another hole, meaning that there was another breach. What the hell?

However, it seems that this city is a small part of what seems to be a larger arrangement; the walls around this city are in a D shape, and is protruding off of another wall that's possibly surrounding an even larger settlement. Interesting.

Sitting down with my legs dangling off the top of the wall, I take out my ocarina. I decide to play Saria's Song - a song I haven't played in a while. When I tried it in Termina, it didn't work; thus, I wasn't able to talk to Saria at all. Maybe it works differently in this world.

The tune is played flawlessly, and once it's done I stand up. I hear nothing for a moment, then a soft voice comes from behind.


I whirl around to see Saria, with her green hair, and joyful, comforting smile. I-I can see her! I can see her physical form!

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" she calmly asks, standing atop the wall right along with me. The giant monsters are crowded around the area below, gazing up at us.

"S-saria… I'm sorry, I-I couldn't reach you after I left, I-"

"It's okay, Link," she tells me in a reassuring manner. "I'm just glad to see you again…"

"Where are you?" she asks.

"I'm not exactly sure, to be honest… Not Hyrule, for sure…"

She chuckles. "You're quite the explorer, aren't you?"

I notice a purplish tint in her eyes. "Yeah, I guess you're right… How are you? How is Hyrule?"

"I'm okay, but Hyrule is a little weird right now… It's fine, though, just… return to Hyrule whenever you can, okay? I-I've got to go," she says, looking behind herself. "I'll-I'll see you later, Link, okay? Bye…"

"Bye, Saria…"

And she disappears with a gust of wind. I smile.

My focus returns to the new world, and I start walking along the wall, gazing down into the abandoned city. It reeks of death and tragedy; whatever must've happened here long ago was probably a disaster. The city gives off a sense of mystery as well, piquing my interest as to whether or not the people here escaped, and if they did, where they escaped to.

Abruptly, a body on the wall comes into view. I immediately rush towards it; it's a man, who's wearing a green cape and has black hair. He's lying down on his stomach; blood can be seen from the side of his face. I stand over him for a moment before he suddenly jerks upward.

H-he's alive?!

The man rises to his feet when I notice how short he is; he has narrow-looking eyes that are also tinted green, for some reason. He looks to me in confusion.

"Wha-where the hell am I?" he asks himself. "Annie… How did…"

"Uh, are you okay?" I ask. He shoots a glare at me with his greenish eyes.

"You, kid, what the *censored* are you doing on top of the wall? I can't tell if I'm in Ehrmich, Mitras, whatever… But either way she did this… Somehow."

He looks over the wall to see the torn-down, abandoned city. A look of terror appears on his face.

"Shiganshina?" he asks. "No, no, that can't be right… She couldn't have taken me this far…"

The man holds his forehead in pain for a moment. "*censored*, this headache. Agh…"

"Do you need help?" I ask.

"No!" he shouts, unsheathing dual swords from some kind of canisters on his waist. He then starts pacing toward me, and I then begin to back away.

"You did this, didn't you? You brought me here! You caused everything!" he begins shouting. He slashes at me suddenly, and I manage to jump backward to dodge it. He steps forward for another strike, but again, I dodge, this time by rolling underneath it.

"I don't think you're well, dude…" I say. He's clearly lost his mind.

"Me? Not well? Bull*censored*! I'm Captain Levi of the Survey Corps, who the hell do you think you are?"

He continually pursues me, and I keep backing away from him, when I reach into my pocket and remember something. I clutch a deku nut in my right hand, and just before he steps in for another strike I hurl it right into his face and sprint in the other direction, further up the wall…

Whilst running, I remember I have a Goron Mask, and promptly turn into a Goron and begin rolling forward. I speed along the top of this giant wall, towards what I'm hoping to be a large civilization. That Levi guy - I'll call him Narrow Eyes - doesn't pursue me any longer.

Link begins making his way to the inner wall, unbeknownst of what lies ahead. Eager for adventure, he finds himself entangled with many people from the moment he arrives, for better or worse.

Mikasa's Point of View

I gaze outward at the field below from atop the District Ehrmich wall. The field in front of me is seemingly called Zingi Field; its grass is lush and green and it spans from the southern edge of Ehrmich all the way to a small village in the middle of Wall Rose.

It's been a few hours since that argument I had with Eren. I'm still angry at him, but despite that, I'm getting worried for leaving him when he's still hazy from the battle with Annie. Oh well, I think. I stand up, ready to leave and find a bite to eat, when a certain someone swings into view on their ODM gear.

It's none other than Levi, with a bruised face and angry expression. He lands atop the wall, beside me, and instantly begins speaking.

"Mikasa, I need to inform you of s-someone to look out for," he tells me.

"What? Levi, are you okay?" I ask. He looks distraught and disoriented, and his eyes have this vibrant, green tint, and they're bloodshot, as well.

"No, I'm not okay, I-I… I was in… Shiganshina, and, I, um…"

"Shiganshina? What the hell? You're kidding, right? Is something wrong with you?"

"I-I don't know, I know I was there somehow, I-I woke up after seeing Annie and saw this kid, h-he was wearing green, a-and I'm sure he did all this to me," he sputters out.

What in the world is going on with Levi? He's usually silent and reserved, but now it's like he can't talk fast enough. Damn…

"Did Annie do something to you?" I ask.

"No. Yes. I don't know… But I know that kid. The kid. He, he-he was involved in it, see," he tries to stutter out. I can barely understand him…

Annie must have done something to him, that's the only possible explanation. Thinking he's in Shiganshina, seeing some sort of kid…

"He's wearing green, with a g-green pointy hat, and has a sword… He's dangerous, if y-you see him, report to me…"

And then, he flies off of the wall without saying another word. Humanity's Strongest Soldier, now a gibbering mess, is spouting nonsense about some sort of hallucination he's having… Strange.. . .

A few hours later, I'm dining at a restaurant in Ehrmich called Soup Palace with Connie, Sasha, and Armin. Connie and Sasha arrived in Ehrmich much later than the rest of us and hadn't had any food since the day before, so naturally, they're starving. It's a very busy restaurant, and is one of the nicer ones in this district; we were given free service for being in the military, too.

"Where's Eren?" asks Armin from across the table. We're sitting in a booth - I'm with Sasha, and Armin's with Connie.

"I don't know," I reply. "And, also, have any of you guys heard from Levi?"

"No, but we were told to look out for some kid who was on top of the wall from Mike, he said it's Levi's order," Connie says.

"Yeah, the kid… He came up to me, looked like he'd lost his mind, trying to tell me he was in Shiganshina and saw some kid and told me to look for him."

"Shiganshina?" Sasha asks. "Isn't that, like, the outermost district? The one the Colossal Titan broke through?"

"Yeah, it's the one Armin and I are from. No one's been there in five years, so of course Levi wouldn't be there… But, it worries me. He mentioned that he saw Annie before he woke up in Shiganshina…"

"What are you implying?" Armin questions.

"That Annie had to do with it somehow. What she did, I don't know, it's just speculation at this point."

A certain figure catches my attention from the corner of my eye amidst the conversation. I turn my head to see a boy garbed in green, sitting at a table alone… He has a green, pointy hat, and a literal sword on his back. He perfectly matches up with Levi's description.

I blink a few times, thinking that I'm hallucinating like Levi was, but the kid is still there.

That's him, I think. The one Levi saw, apparently…

"Guys," I say. "Look over there."

I point to the boy sitting alone at a booth with a bowl of soup. The three stare at him for a moment, when they realize it.

"That's that kid Levi was talking about… right?" Connie says.

"Him?" Sasha interrupts. "He's so tiny, and cute! What could he have possibly done?"

"Sasha, if you've learned anything from our past encounters with the Female Titan, it's that looks can be deceiving. Hold on, I'm going to go talk to him," I tell the three. I can tell the boy's already noticed all of us looking at him, and is probably suspicious by now…

I begin pacing towards him through the restaurant, and he notices me, and puts his hand in his pocket as if he's preparing himself for the worst. He has a sword and a shield, worn-out boots, and even a bow on his back. Who is this kid? I think. His feet can't even touch the floor because he's so short, yet everything else about him screams that he's a full-blown adult.

I plant my palms on the booth table aggressively and ask, "Who are you?"

He looks up at me confusingly, but doesn't seem scared or defensive.

"Uh… Why do you need to know?" he questions in return, looking back down at his soup.

"Answer my question, boy. Who are you?"

He sighs as if he's annoyed and then rolls his eyes. "You answer my question, and I'll answer yours."

"Dammit, kid! Look, I'm not taking any bull*censored* right now, and I need to know why my captain was telling me he saw you on top of a wall and that you harmed him in some way. Speak up! I don't have time for this!"

"If you don't have time for this, why are you even over here? It's just wasting your time, right?"

Nope. I've had enough of this. I grab his arm and pull him out of the booth. "Let me go!" he shrieks. He pulls on my arm with all his strength, but my grip doesn't budge.

Just as I'm about to scold the kid, I feel a peculiar rumble seep through my legs. I stop for a moment, look throughout the restaurant, and see nothing strange happening. Then, it happens again, but this time, it's harder, and also louder. The entire restaurant goes silent for a second.

What… What was that?

The boy in green stops tugging at my arm and begins looking all around in suspicion, just as I am. Again, a rumble seeps through my legs and a loud crashing noise is heard from outside the restaurant - at this point, everybody is silent once more. It stops for about thirty seconds.

Before anybody gets comfortable again, though, the roof of the building implodes, and a pink titan comes crashing down. Chunks of wood and stone are sent flying downwards as I see Annie, the Female Titan, trying to get back on her feet from within the now-demolished restaurant. The titan then runs away, and I hear a peculiar screech in the distance - Eren's titan screech. When the realization comes that Eren is fighting Annie once again, this time in a different district, only one thought comes to mind:

Oh, no.

The Female Titan appears once again after she lost against Eren in Stohess, just a couple hours after Link had arrived in District Ehrmich. Link, being the hero you all know well, does what he's best at once the situation starts to unfold.

A/N: I seriously considered altering a part of this chapter when rewriting - I would have Link meet Levi on the wall of Ehrmich rather than Shiganshina, because it wouldn't be as confusing. There's a strange explanation as to how Levi got to Shiganshina, but it's way, way later, and it would just be better if they met on Wall Rose, or one of the extended district walls. - my website

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Re: To Hyrule and Back Again - Zelda + Attack on Titan crossover
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A/N: This is the latest chapter I've rewritten. I will continue to rewrite through chapter 9 or 10 and post it here.
If you want to continue reading go to my page in my signature.

4 - The Dinner Incident

Link's Point of View

I've been travelling for a while now. As a Goron, I roll through the inside of a second wall, one that's not breached. I pass by many villages with lots of people as I roll northward to see just how big this civilization is. I eventually see yet another wall, and a small town residing just outside the wall. I exit my Goron form before anybody can see me; I've decided to not be seen as a Goron just yet, just in case beings like that aren't normal in this world.

There are… people here, I think. An entire civilization residing inside these walls…

Yet another world that has a giant problem looming over it…

No, I think, I won't get involved this time. I need… I want… to go home.

As I approach the city, I gaze off to the right of me; just above the horizon is what looks like a small fortress. Off to the left is the beginnings of some type of city, a large one at that; I had passed by several villages on my way here, but all of them had been fairly small.

A sign is planted directly in front of the entrance to the town: "Ehrmich Exterior".

I guess the wall up ahead is Ehrmich, and this town is its exterior…

A few minutes after walking about in the town, someone abruptly snatches my ocarina away from my hand. I quickly turn around to see some random guy and a few others, all glaring at me. I step back for a moment and take a defensive position.

"Who the hell are you people?" I aggressively ask.

"What the hell kind of get-up is that? What the hell is this? Those are the real questions, kid," the guy holding my ocarina says sarcastically. He's big, buff, and looks stupid. His followers are more or less the same.

I sigh. "If you give it back within ten seconds I won't hurt any of you."

They're all taken aback, and then, they start laughing.

"A-are you serious?! Is that a joke? No, but for real, what is this? Some kind of old instrument or some *censored*?"

"Five seconds."

"What're you gonna do? I was just messin' with you. Come on, lighten up, ya dick!"

I pace forward, grab my Mirror Shield from my back, and promptly slap the man with its metallic exterior. He goes stumbling backwards, and I grab my ocarina back from him. Typical dumbass, I think.

"H-hey! You! What the hell, you knocked him out!" one of the man's followers yell at me as I continue into the city.

That knocked him out? Damn. And I went easy on him. Seems people here are weaker than I thought.. . .

I'm thirteen years old, I think. I just realized that. I spent a pretty long time in Termina, so without a doubt my birthday's already passed. Holy *censored*.

I traverse the city. Many citizens travel about, talking amongst one another, either on foot, on a horse, or in a carriage. The buildings are densely-packed, too; it's as alive as Hyrule Castle Town, I've noticed. There are restaurants, shops, houses, and lots of guards. There's a certain charm this city gives off that I've never felt before.

The children carelessly run about. The adults mind their business, such as reading a newspaper, talking with each other, or shopping. Wagons filled with supplies pass by me every so often. It's as if there are no giant monsters just outside the walls. As if there's no problem at all. Interesting.

None of these people seem to be worrying about the giants - called titans, as I've heard - but why? They broke through the first wall, so I assume they could break through the second anytime now... What would they do then, huddle inside the third wall?

The wall out in the distance becomes bigger and bigger as I near the entrance. I start to form a good idea of how this civilization's walls are structured; it's composed of three circular walls, with one inside another, and a few smaller walls extended off of each one. That's just my guess, though, so I'm not entirely sure.

Whilst walking I spot some kind of golden coin lying on the sidewalk. I reach down, pick it up, and gaze at it. I guess this is the currency around here, I think. Upon putting it in my pocket I feel a firm tap on my right shoulder. After spinning around quickly, a policeman of sorts is standing in front of me.

"Are you lost, kid?" he asks. He has blond hair, is wearing an orange uniform, and has the same gear Narrow Eyes had on…

"Uh, no, I'm fine," I reply.

"How old are you?"

"Thirteen, my birthday was not too long ago."

"Ah, well then, you need a good belated birthday dinner, right? Here, son, have some of my cash, it should be enough to get you a nice meal at one of those top-notch Ehrmich restaurants."

"Wha… Thanks, mister," I say to him, holding out my two hands. He pulls out a small bag and pours a ton of golden coins into my hands.

"When you get up to the gate up there, tell 'em Hannes sent you, aight? Have a good one, and take it easy, kid."

He turns around and continues on with his policeman business. What a nice guy, I think.

I'll try to take it easy.

I make my way to the gate and find myself in an even bigger town. Another D-shaped, walled-off city it is, just like that initial city I stumbled upon… It's overwhelming. It's massive. It's exciting.

I'm getting the same feeling when I had ventured to Hyrule Field for the first time. There was Death Mountain looming in the distance, the giant Hyrule Castle at the edge of the field, as well… Everything seemed massive. I was hesitant yet intrigued. At that time, I was ignorant of the world and learned everything through experiences, both good and bad. Now, I'm equipped with all sorts of knowledge on how the world works, not to mention some fighting skills.

A building stands before me. Delicious aromas are exerting from the doorway. A sign hangs overhead: Soup Palace.

The hell's soup? I think.

Guess I'll find out.

I walk inside and I'm immediately seated by an employee. The interior is very busy, and is built with premium, dark wood, and it's pretty damn crowded as well. After being explained the concept of "soup" by the waitress I order "green pea soup," and then wait for my food. I'm sitting in a booth all to myself; despite being alone, I don't feel lonely. For now, I guess, I'd rather be alone, at least for enough time to gather my thoughts.

However, a bit after receiving my soup, I notice a certain group of people eyeballing me from across the restaurant. They're looking to me with curiosity, and are seemingly talking about me. The hell's their problem?

I try to ignore, but once I do, I see a person from that group get up and start walking towards me. She's a girl, with black hair, and a sharp glare; also, she has the same gear Levi had - what does that stuff even do? I clutch a deku nut from my pocket to prepare for the worst. She firmly plants her hands on the table and looks to me.

"Who are you?" she asks. What the hell? What even…

"Uh… Why do you need to know?" I ask in return. I look down to my soup.

"Answer my question, boy. Who are you?"

I sigh, roll my eyes, and reply, "You answer my question, and I'll answer yours."

"Dammit, kid! Look, I'm not taking any bull*censored* right now, and I need to know why my captain was telling me he saw you on top of a wall and that you harmed him in some way. Speak up! I don't have time for this!"

Woah, girl, chill.

"If you don't have time for this, why are you even over here? It's just wasting your time, right?" I ask her.

A furious look appears on her face and she jerks me out of the booth. I try to resist, but she's clearly stronger than me.

"Let me go!" I shriek, tugging at her arm, but to no avail.

I stop for a moment after I feel a slight tremor in my leg. I look up to the girl, who's also confused, and then to the other customers. Then, it happens again - this time, much louder. What's happening? I think.

A crashing noise is heard from the outside, and moments later the roof comes crumbling downward. The entire damn thing falls on top of the other half of the restaurant. Many people are instantly killed. And if that's not enough, one of those titans caused it.

A giant, pink titan, who had seemingly fallen on top of the restaurant, gets back onto its feet. I quickly notice it's the same one I encountered when I first entered this world - what the hell? How did that one get inside the walls?

A hear a loud screech just as the pink titan begins running away. The black-haired girl doesn't let go of my wrist, even after seeing the giant monster; instead, she stands there in complete disbelief for several moments.

"Lady, wake up! Let go of me! Hurry up!" I continually tell her.

"Eren…" she says under her breath.


She turns her head to me.

"No, I'm getting you out of here before anything else happens," she tells me, as I notice that we're the only ones alive in the entire restaurant. Or, at the very least, the only ones who haven't escaped.

"Nope! I'm fine, thanks! Now, if you could kindly let go of me I'll be on my way, yes?"

She thinks for a moment. "Fine, do whatever you want, kid."

The girl sprints forward out of nowhere; I follow suit. We stand at the entrance to the half-demolished Soup Palace when we see quite the interesting sight: two titans, fighting in this city. One's the female-looking-one I encountered before, and the other's a black-haired buff one I haven't seen. Both seem intelligent.

Some kind of hook shoots out of the girl's gear and she's sent flying forward. Her gear allows her to fly through the air, latching onto buildings until she lands onto the closest rooftop to the titan battle. That's some hookshot-looking stuff right there, I think. Hookshot gear!

Excited and intrigued, I also hookshot my way into battle, ready to take on a brand new threat.

Mikasa's Point of View


I thought we were done with Annie… but, despite that, here she is, fighting it out with Eren.

Enormous amounts of people are fleeing in all directions. The military police are desperately trying to control the chaos, but to no avail. It's… frightening. It's Stohess all over again. I can already tell even more death will take place here. Connie, Sasha, and Armin… I don't even know if they're alive…

There goes my hopes of a peaceful life once again…

I push my feelings to the side and focus on the task at hand. My ODM gear allows me to fly to the building closest to Eren pretty quickly, and once I do so, I stop for a moment. Eren, in his titan form, notices me.

Once his titan face looks to me Annie lands a nasty strike across his face, and he's sent backward into a two-story building. He gets up in time, though, but not quick enough; Annie kicks him in the chest, and, as Eren stumbles backward, she punches him in the face.

"Dammit, Annie!" I yell. My ODM hook latches onto her neck and I go flying forwards just before she finishes off Eren. My blades slice through her neck, but her skin quickly hardens to prevent further damage. As I land on the opposite building, and see Eren's crippled titan form on the ground, the realization of how dire the situation is kicks in.

There are currently no other Scouts in this district, except for me and the other handful at that restaurant… They're either still in Stohess, or in Mitras, explaining to the royal government about Annie…

It's up to me, I think. Levi isn't here and Eren's already been beaten.

"I'LL TEAR YOU APART, ANNIE!" I yell, charging off of the rooftop and towards her. We clash once again, and I, not letting her get to Eren while he's injured, relentlessly slice her skin but continually meet the same fate: her crystallization technique stopping me from inflicting any damage. This isn't going well. I need to focus on Eren…

Annie looks to my exhausted figure on one of the many rooftops of Ehrmich. I return the glare. Then, she suddenly shifts her focus back to Eren, in his crippled titan form, and she begins sprinting for him.

"EREN!" I yell. She isn't going to touch him… I'll kill her! I'll make sure of it…

The ODM latch zooms through the air and digs itself into a bell tower; then, my body is thrusted through the air, towards the pink titan. She notices this, and grabs a chunk of a building and hurls it towards me. I barely dodge, and end up falling to the ground, and she turns back around and starts running for Eren again.

However, the moment she continues running, her titan form falls to the ground. She rises to her feet immediately; confused, I run forward to get a better view to see her trying to swat a dark figure off of her body.

What the hell is that? I think.

She successfully sways the dark figure away and it flies toward my direction, and lands a few meters in front of me. It's a boy, wearing green clothes, with a green, pointy hat.

Him… From the restaurant… What the hell is he doing here?!

"What?! Why-where-what the hell are you doing?! Get out of here!" I tell the boy as he gets back onto his feet.

"Apologies, but I'm gonna have to decline your request, I don't think you can take this thing yourself. Cool?"

"What? No! How'd you even - why are you - JUST GET AWAY FROM HERE!"

The boy ignores my last statement and charges back forwards to Annie just as she's healing up from his… attack. He's thrown into the air by some kind of golden contraption, and he unsheathes some golden sword, then continues slicing, easily dodging Annie's titan arms. He doesn't, however, seem to know anything about the titan's weak point…

What is this? I think. Who is this kid, why is he fighting like this and where the hell did he come from?

I… I can't get distracted. I have to save Eren first.

While the Female Titan is distracted, I begin making my way back to Eren, after fighting it out with Annie for a bit. We had slowly made our way across the district, as I was trying to lure her away from Eren while he healed, but it ended up working against me. Now, though, I have a chance. I can do it, I think.

I spot Eren in his human form atop a roof, his body steaming. Did Annie put him there or something? Dammit…

"Eren!" I yell, landing beside him. He's unconscious. I open his eyes to see his pupils both green, and dilated… just like Levi's.

"No, no, no no no!" I say, trembling with fear. I turn around and see nothing but the city; where did Annie go? I only hear the screams and commotion of citizens trying to escape the district, but no Female Titan…

The tension is killing me. I'm not in control of this situation, and I don't know where Annie is. Eren's knocked out and has the same green eyes that Levi had earlier. On top of that, I have one set of blades left. Please, please, something turn this around.


I'd like to see you try…

A few moments later, an arm reaches for me from behind, and I barely dodge underneath it. I turn to see the Female Titan again, with no sight of that kid. She reaches for me again, but when I try to jump over her arm I'm hit in the legs; I let out a screech and fall back down to the rooftop. I catch Eren's terrified gaze; he's awake, his eyes are still green, and he can't move by the looks of it.

No! No! I have to… I must save Eren…

I try to rise to my feet but to no avail. My eyes return to Annie to see she's exiting her titan form. The realization that I've lost hits me hard when Annie lands onto the roof and begins walking towards me; she glares down at my damaged body, smirking…

My legs are writhing in pain. Eren is unable to move. Annie is unscathed, ready to kill, and that kid from earlier is probably dead.

*censored* it… Just *censored* it… I think, glaring at Annie with rage. She forms a crystal over her fist and strikes my head. My vision starts to get blurry. I hear her muttering under her breath, and then she strikes me with her crystallized foot.

Eren… I'm sorry… I couldn't do anything about it this time…

I barely manage to turn my aching head to see Annie looking down at Eren. She starts to reach for him when an arrow flies from behind. She hits the arrow out of midair with her crystallized fist and stares at something from behind.

Wait… Is that…?

She yells something, and someone from behind yells something back.

Oh. I know exactly what's going on…

A green figure appears out of nowhere, and it forces Annie off the edge of the roof. The two clash as they fall to the ground, and I realize that it's the kid, still alive, still trying to take on Annie.

 Annie has beaten Mikasa and Eren. The whereabouts of Levi, Erwin, and all other Scouts are unknown. However, a certain boy garbed in green may just be able to turn the situation around.
Where are Sasha, Connie, and Armin? What's with Eren's green eyes? Is Link going to be able to beat Annie? Find out in the next chapters of To Hyrule and Back Again. - my website