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Author Topic: my sister the demon/ goddess online comic and free soundtrack  (Read 1773 times)

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my sister the demon/ goddess online comic and free soundtrack
« on: January 12, 2008, 11:07:08 AM »
Just sharing my manga. The My Sister series I created is a work of love! I have four series I hope to complete by 2010. The first My Sister the Demon is done the second My Sister the Goddess comes out this February. The story starts off simple to ease you into my world of Withes and demons and as the series progresses gets more complicated. At the same time it is a coming of age story for our heroines. the three sisters who are also witches. Check it out and I hope you enjoy meting Arabella, Delia and Cecil.

Also when I release My Sister the Goddess in Feb. I am releasing an original soundtrack I composed. It will be free for the first month then available over at lulu.com


Tony Diana
My Sister the Demon/Goddess online comic