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Author Topic: Need a manga co-artist(for background, shading, and polishing)(Free)  (Read 289 times)

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I and a talented artist(Okababe) are making a manga. He's good at drawing, but not good at background or shading. If anybody is interested, PM me or post down below.

The story is about a loner, Katashi, that had a extremely dark past. His home is not any better. One day, a unknown disease infects 35 percent of the population, and renders them zombies. As the zombie apocalypse unfolds, Katashi receives an app on his phone. The phone keeps track of his skills and achievements. By killing zombies and successfully completing missions, Katashi can buy weapons and side skills. He can buy power and control. Everything is with-in his reach. But of course, this app can get even deeper...

Note: if you want to see pictures of the manga, please send a PM of your gmail.
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Re: Need a manga co-artist(for background, shading, and polishing)
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Plz edit your thread title and add [Paid] or [Free]