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Summer Season 2017 : First Impression Reviews & Discussion

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Summer's here and the time is right for racing, fighting and dancing in the streets once more. We got the sum anime coming in like, something. I don't know maybe nothing. We'll see once more it's the same old thing in the same ol' place. This is the thread to talk about the shows, if there is anything to discuss, who knows not me.

Which Yui pic would you consider average/neutral? :hmm:

The third one. She's all like, "meh okay". Could be a mild interest or, yaaa whatever.

First one is physical harm, second is plz, forth is I'm content with this, fifth is I really like this thing and sixth is peak human achievement. So Onara Gorou only basically. Also it's hard to find reaction pics that aren't gifs and I didn't feel like screen shoting or cropping other pictures.

I'm going to hop on board with this Manimal. I hope you don't mind. I'm going to also add some predictions before I watch an episode of a show. Here's 2 I'll watch today.

KAKERGURUI EPISODE 1 Predictions:-The animation will become more exaggerated during intense moments. Extreme shading, ridiculous facial expressions complete with eyes bulging (Its MAPPA after all :P).
-Its about gambling. So the first big game they all compete in will be Poker. Its the most cliched gambling game, so I'd be surprised if they didn't wheel it out first.
-The first episode will be a flash forward. Then episode 2 will probably start at the beginning of the year.
-The main character will be trying to gain her Fathers approval, to become heir to his fortune.
Netzesou Trap EPISODE 1 Predictions:-The main character will experience her first kiss/sexual experience in the first episode.
-She will show signs of being bisexual or a lesbian, but resist these. Possibly due to parents who're more conservative and disapprove of homophobia.
-Her relationship with her best friend will be explored in the first episode.
-Some yuri will probably be shown to hook in those perv's in the first episode :P

Oh I mind. Oh my God do I ever mind. My mind, I mind. I so mind. My mind. You'll find NTR to have a more unique set-up then most yuri. Also Kakergurui, I skimmed and, just wait 'till you see those faces dude.

So New Game 2, cool awesome. Opens with Yagami sporting red panties, nice another colour besides white for once, and again New Game ecchi is ADVANCED. Like the Michael Bay camera orbit around her as she gets up, the way her shirt rises and falls, this is seriously science. New Game has the best bop bop shots in anime. and it's also just a really great show so, it doesn't even need those moments but it has them and it's advanced. Like actual art. I'm not joking by the way, those scenes are literally impressive on an animation and movement level.

Aho Girl is 11 minutes and it's actually really amusing. A school based comedy about literally the dumbest girl of all time, she is like a monkey eating bananas and in general being a doofus. There is a dude who needs to take care of her, he is all harsh and somehow doesn't flinch when he has to wake her up and she's underwear clad. He is not a real boy.

I thought it was whatever but then bro Ippo punches her in the face and she flies back and I was like...wtf, that just happened. It's a reversal on the childhood friend trope, so the dude is the tsundere this time. That's something different atleast and there was some wild banana jokes. A typical groping scene but the set-up and jokes around it, like the turn around and bribe scene made it. Silly stuff but it should be fun to keep up with, lots of actually solid jokes.

Also Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Desh*ta. is pretty hardcore, it goes in. By technical definitions it's not hentai because you don't see the taco and ding dong but to say it's borderline wouldn't be the half of it. You gotta know what cha getting into here, it's gonna be wild.


Netzesou Trap is only a 9 minute show! WTF! Why, why do you grant us with more blessed yrui only to give it this treatment? Oh well, there is the dramatic set-up but I doubt there will be enough time to really care for the cast, the episode just ends randomly, I was like no, no way. *Sigh* will be an okay show anyway, some moments and what could be a very interesting dynamic, but now I have doubts given the length. NTR is not an amazing manga but if Citrus gets this treatment when it's adapted I will fight. NTR is like the yuri supplement before Citrus.


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