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Author Topic: (Paid comission) Artist here, looking for something paid, not collaboration.  (Read 396 times)

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Offline MatsumotoTrix

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Looking for anything really, character design, colored pages, manga chapters, concept art...

I've worked on a few mangas already this last year, none of them really went forward because of the writer's personal issues... But I have the experience and I can deliver.

The only manga I can really show is PageTurner, which was my first. My art has improved a lot since. You can read it at my DeviantArt


Offline Rocketship_Sails

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Hello, I'm a writer looking for a serious and dedicated manga artist that has imagination. I had one for the past 4 months but she couldn't continue because of her job. I have Volume 1 finished for my manga (written in screenplay format because I cant draw at all lol). I have 2 questions.

1. How mnay pages can you complete in a wekk?
2. Are you comfortable with a larger project? (my story translates roughly between 200-250 manga pages)

I can send you a link to my personal work, just contact me!