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Author Topic: Workshop--add in your own adventure!  (Read 488 times)

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Workshop--add in your own adventure!
« on: June 26, 2017, 07:47:35 PM »
The tale starts on a dreadfully chilly December...

Margaret and Todd Nelson were two of the many juvenile kids in the world. They picked fights, jumped innocent elderly people, buried helpless kids in the snow, and stole  from the town’s countless stores. They’d get caught in these crimes, but unfortunately they had always avoided the shackles thanks to wealthy, spoiling parents.

   Things went queer when Christmas drew near, the snow falling upon the children's hometown in thick white flakes, quickly blanketing the streets and sidewalks in white heavy sheets. Using their Polaris snowmobiles, Margaret and Todd glided along the thick snow, heading home after a day of ambushing helpless kids and burying them within deep chilling mounds. These efficient and pricey snowmobiles were gifts from their parents. The two child riders gripped the gas handles tight, going full speed, heading towards the front gates of their parents’ mansion while spouting a mist of white powder in their wake.

   The siblings wanted an early sleep for their Christmas morning, when they would travel down the spiral staircase and into the spacious decorated fireplace, to witness the many boxes of presents piled up against the tall tinsel-coated pine tree. Margaret and Todd had always salvaged everything each year, well, save for the stockings nailed to the top of the fireplace, because they were filled to the brim with coal.
Their parents always belittled Kringle’s message by giving their kids presents themselves. They always spoiled them with a mountain of gifts, and each year it made the kids grow ever so rotten.

It was past nighttime, and the Nelson household was as quiet as the gentle winter breeze.

   Margaret awoke at midnight from a strong aroma of hot chocolate chip cookies. She threw up her blankets, swung her legs out of bed, and bolted down the stairs, following the sweet smell trail. The smell lead her to the fireplace, illuminated by dozens of red and white lights coiled around the great family pine tree. There were no cookies, and Margaret spotted with absolute horror the gifts from her parents were crushed by large fragments of coal. A huge hand grasped her mouth, then in one fell swoop she was overpowered and forced to see blackness.

   Another pattering of feet came down the stairs. Todd froze at the very bottom step, staring at the burly man in black jacket, pants and boots, a long raven beard, and carrying a squirming duffle bag over one shoulder. His eyes were blank white and accusing.

   Mr. Nelson awoke to a cut off scream, and immediately raced down the stairs. The fireplace was filled with coal, and he caught only the slightest glimpse of a large figure exiting the open door. Mr. Nelson bolted out of the house after it.

   He froze. A carriage, pulled by dozens of black horses and stags and piled with hundreds of kicking and screaming duffel bags, flew off into the moonless night sky.

They say this tale took place on the first christmas night where Kringle’s southern pole brother started his tradition; takeing every bad child to his workshop, to be fixed of their troubling behaviors like broken toys.

This summer, learn your lesson my mischievous children, before the winter deadline approaches. You’ll either get presents or a summer getting fixed in a cold workshop.
   ---fun time! Read below!

Say that you were one of the children captured by the south pole santa's--aka Atnas's--bag, where you are brought to his horrible south pole workshop, to be fixed by his grotesque elves. What happens? How do you, or your characters escape? What's in this workshop? Who's in it? How will you escape and be able to enjoy the summer?

You can use my characters, or add in your own, or add both. Anything! A fun activity in my opinion! Haha
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