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Author Topic: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)  (Read 1376 times)

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
« Reply #15 on: June 05, 2018, 07:42:55 AM »
Chapter 11 : Roadblock

Back in the guest room inside Alinna's house , everyone in the room except for Atramille and Myra is in a state of stone-shocked .

Atramille : ... is that you , milady ?

Myna a.k.a Libra : It is me ... went through without much complications . I even have someone back there on standby in case we need more assistance . Now , I would like to have a conversation with the people who sent me the invitation .

Atramille : Understood .

Joshua (Thought) : T-... the person she was referring to ... is a ghost of my idol ? Or an impersonator ? Which of which ?

Atramille (Puzzled) : ... Monsieur ?

Myna a.k.a Libra : Leave the remainder of this issue to me . *Seats herself in front of Joshua* I presume you requested my presence to be here with you . But my 'sister' there mentioned that the invitation was made by two person . Do you know where the other person may be ?

Joshua : *Snaps out of his current state* Ah , y-yeah . She's righ- ... *Looks around for Alinna*

... Alinna's nowhere to be found and so as Danny and Skynn ...

Joshua (Thought) : *Screams internally* She left me alone when I needed her the most !

Myna a.k.a Libra : I presume that the lady that was behind you just a moment ago was the other person in question . I'm afraid that she had left this room in a hurry ...

Joshua : It's because after hearing that 'you' are dead for quite some time , she thinks that you're an actual ghost ...

Just outside the guest room , Alinna is seem crouched near the door , seemingly trembling in fear with both hands on the back of her head , pressing her head down closer to her knees . For some unknown reason , she mustered her courage and placed her ear against the door to eavesdrop on their conversation .

Myna a.k.a Libra : I don't know who is this "Miss Myna" you speak of . I can assure you that I'm not a ghost .

Joshua : Impersonator you are then (Good heavens , I'd die in pure joy if I knew my idol still lives) . If that's the case , who am I talking to right now if you're not "Miss Myna" ?

Myna a.k.a Libra : I don't have a name myself ... if you need a name just as much as Ron wanted to know , it's Libra , after one of the twelve start signs you know of .

Joshua : Okay ,  "Libra" , time to get straight to the point . Just what did you do to cause Ron insufferable pain ? Why is it that just by the sight of your companion there enough to make him go insane ? What is she *points at Atramille* doing in my friend's house in the first place ?

Libra : I wanted to know myself as to what we did wrong . Throughout our time of activity , we've never encountered a case this severe . He didn't behave out of the ordinary when he was with us in our place nor did he told and showed us signs of one . Even her initial findings and further encounters and direct involvements suggests that Ron's behaving normally , aside from his refusal to further accept our services and ignored her presence altogether . Since we do not have answers ourselves , perhaps you and your friend do ? We'd be glad to listen to whatever you had in mind .

Joshua : Hey there . That last line , that's mine ...

Upon hearing the last line , Alinna snapped in anger and stomped her way into the room , confronting her for giving such nonchalant response to a dire issue Joshua is trying to show in an enraged manner , only to be stopped in her track by Danny , Skynn , who were outside the guest house and Atramille . It soon became a chaotic , unintelligible mess as Alinna raged on at Libra's way of responding . Joshua , being the most composed "human" person in the room currently , is seen trying to keep it cool and serious in front of Libra and Atramille , all flustered and panicky . He let's out a big sigh and planted his face onto his palm in disappointment as the scene unfolds right in front of him .

Alinna : How f***ing dare you take this in such carefree and lightly manner , huh ?!

Libra : We weren't ! I'm only inquiring-

Aliina : 'Inquiring' what MORE ?! You think we invited you here just so you can gain more "INFORMATION" to further push whatever agenda you had in "SECRECY" ? Just how much more damage do you want Ron to suffer before you're satisfied ?!

Libra : I wasn-

Joshua : *Screams his lungs out* SETTLE DOWN !!!

A roaring scream made by Joshua rattled everyone out of the ensuing conflict , causing immediate silence among the conflicting parties .

Joshua : Alinna , didn't I tell you to let me do the talk for now ?!

Alinna : I know ! But-

Joshua : I know that ! But for a mature and intelligent person like you , I can't believe you lambasted like a little girl ! And I thought I was the immature , dumb one among the group . Now you see why I decided to take your place in the discussion ?

Alinna (Embarrassed) : ... sorry .

Joshua : Good ! And as for you guests , remember that both of us invited you into this discussion to give us answers , not to question us . It's been made clear that it wasn't us who triggered Ron's mental breakdown - it's you all . Got it ?

Libra : ... understood .

Joshua : Excellent ! *Takes deep breath* Now please , can you ladies kindly remain all poised and pretty and get this discussion going again ?

*Everyone seats themselves down calmly*

Skynn : ... uh , excuse me but may I say something here ?

Joshua : Yes ?

Skynn : *Points at Atramille* That lady there ... I think I've seen her in my dream .

Danny : "That lady" you kept bragging about to everyone during work ?

Skynn :*Closely examines Atramille's appearance* ... yeah , that's her ! The lady by the counter in a seemingly bland but calming white room .

Libra : Was this person one of the many who came for our service ?

Atramille : *Examines Skynn* ... yes .

Joshua : Wait , what are you guys getting at this time ?

Libra : Perhaps I can justify everything and prove our innocence by using him as an example . If you don't mind ? And also , I hope that from this point onward , whatever we speak of should be kept a secret from others , could you all do that only favor for me ? This is the only favor I would like you all to uphold for us .

Skynn : U-umm ...

Danny & Joshua : O ... kay ?

Alinna (Dubious) : Why should we though ?

Joshua : *Whispers* Alinna , as nonsensical it is to you , it's best if we just play along . Will you ?

Alinna (Uneasy) : *Whispers* ... alright .

Libra : Thank you for agreeing to our request . *Looks at Skynn* Did you perhaps remember having had a golden card in your possession before ?

Skynn : Yes . Wait ... what ? How did you know I had it ?

Libra : We're the one who offered that golden card to you , you were invited to our place to be cared and treated for the current issues in life . I know it's not right to ask you this but could you tell them your life before you received the golden card ?

Skynn : Alright then .

20-30 minutes of storytelling later ...

Alinna : ... that was amazing that you're still breathing after all that , Mr. Skynn .

Danny : Right ? I still don't believe that he'd be able to get pass that and still lives to tell the tale . Talk about hell , he still bore those scars on his body ...

Joshua : And I thought the people working in the same department of the company like me and Alinna had it hard ...

Danny : It still doesn't explain the sudden shift in his life to a bedazzling positive though .

Libra : I can assure you he wasn't lying to you . That's the result of our service . We only offer those whose life is literally at wits' end and the kind our 'seeker' would seek out .

Joshua : 'Seeker' ?

Libra : She's the one of materializes the card within' this person's presence , the same can be said for Ron .

Joshua : Then , could you bring her down here and-

Libra : I'm afraid that would be impossible to do . It's ... complicated .

Joshua (Disappointed) : The hell ...

Libra : I had the gist that you might seek her audience in this discussion . That's why I've prepared a workaround to this ... *Closes eyes*

Alinna : *Flinches* Don't tell me ...

Joshua (Thought) : Don't wimp out on me again ...

After a short moment of stillness and silence , a jet black-haired feminine figure , dressed in a Victorian-Gothic style dress appeared next to Atramille , seemingly embracing her in a graceful manner . Her appearance is so sudden that it's as if she'd just appeared in the next frame of a film , catching all but Atramille and Libra by surprise .

Libra : *Opens eyes* ... and here she is . Kindly introduce yourself to them , please .

Jet black-haired lady : *Curtsy and bows* Aundlexia Warwinn el Fortuna graciously greets you all .

Joshua (Thought) : ... did my eyes deceived me , or did that exquisite being just popped out of thin air ?! *Looks at Alinna , looking all pale and stiff* ... there she goes ...

Skynn : I~ guess I'll take my leave now . Duty calls ...

Danny : WOW ! HOLY S*** ! You're right ! Would you look at the time , I've got to get my much needed naptime for tomorrow ! BYE !

Joshua : Wait , guys ! WA-

And so they've left the building in a hurry , leaving Joshua and his currently out cold friend Alinna behind ...

Libra : Did I do something wrong here ?

Joshua : Well ... everything ... ?

Libra (Puzzled) : How so ?

Joshua : *Ahem* Nevermind that . So , why did you bring her here ? Is she the 'seeker' ?

Libra : No . She serves as a mediator that will relay your message to the 'seeker' and back .

Joshua : O ... kay . So , do I just ... talk ?

Aundlexia : Yes . It may take a short bit of time to get to the 'seeker' , but it'll be barely noticeable of a delay .

Joshua : Okay ... first thing's first . After hearing Skynn's past life and his involvement with you and that place that it helped him get through it and start a fresh new life , why doesn't it work on Ron ?

Aundlexia : "... I'm still trying to figure out why from where I am currently ..."

Joshua : Then can you tell me what problem Ron has currently or in the past that is affecting him right now ?

Aundlexia : "... hadn't Atramille told you what she 'senses' in him , milady ?"

Libra : Not that I'm aware of . Well , Atramille ?

Atramille : Walls of dark crystals , crudely erected in layers ... it cocoons him like a mask .

Joshua (Confused) : Wuh ... ?

Libra : It's how she sees it from her view .

Joshua : ... give me one moment , please .

Libra : Sure .

Joshua then got up and makes his way to Alinna and whispers close to her ears in an attempt to snap her out of her state of shock .

Joshua : Alinna ~ , I'm going to touc-

A blinding swift swing lands on the side of Joshua face with tremendous force , it corkscrewed him away from Alinna , launching him against the wall with a bone-shattering impact before slumping down to the ground , startling Libra , Atramille and Aundlexia . No longer unconscious , Alinna lets off a deathly leer at Joshua who is all bruised up and bloodied from the strike .

Alinna : Oh , you're still alive ?

Joshua : Thank god I am because I need your help .

Alinna : Need my help in landing a finishing blow on your uncouth presence ?

Joshua : Not that ! Just look behind you !

Alinna (Terrified) : What are you tal-... *Caught a sight of Aundlexia* Heeek !!! *Backs herself against the wall* It's ... it's ... *slowly turning pale and losing consciousness*

Joshua : ALRIGHT ! TIME FOR ME TO FEEL THOSE WONDERFUL BOD-OublURGH !!! *Gets punched by Alinna , again*

Alinna : DIE !

And so the repeating cycle of Alinna on the verge of fainting from the sight of Aundlexia and Joshua getting beaten up senselessly by her for his ... 'actions' continues for a while ...

Joshua : *Covered in bruises and bandages* There , better now ?

Alinna (Nervous): *Blindfolded* Y-you better make sure that that ... 'thing' is doesn't come for me !

Joshua : Of course she wouldn't ... you would , wouldn't you ?

Alinna (Terrified) : Guh !!!

Aundlexia : No , I won't . Why would I-

Joshua : There ! Happy now ?

Alinna : *Spastic nodding*

Joshua : Good ! Now , Atramille , care to repeat what you said the last time for her what you see in Ron ?

Atramille : Walls of dark crystals , crudely erected in layers ... it cocoons him like a mask .

Joshua : Now , do you know what it means , Alinna ?

Alinna : *Recomposes herself* ... dark crystals ... layers ... a mask ... I think I get it .

Alinna : It has got to do with his past that had grown over his old self to form a new one . This new persona seems to be just a facade he's being wearing on to go on with his daily life for as long as it's on , solidifying into something like obsidian , very hard but very brittle and it's adding in layer as time passes by . Due to the mineral's dark-toned property and how long has it been growing onto him , it probably has build itself up into something that of a fortress around him .

Joshua : You might want to break it up into more understandable clarification before you begin laying down your opinion .

Alinna : Okay . Obsidian is a extremely hard crystal-like mineral , so that paints the picture of what it takes to get through him and what it represents in life ... ignorance , denial and stubbornness , to name the ones that came up in mind .

Atramille : Does that explain the reason for his eagerness to leave our place ?

Alinna : You mean getting out of your presence ?

Atramille : That maybe and from where we originally belong , where Monsieur Skynn had been into once before . I believe the moment I sent him to the place to have a talk with Libra to deal with the issue he's experiencing . Almost at the end of it , he had that response that indicates to me that he just wants it done and he said that he "wanted it the way it was before and be done with it" .

Alinna : Then yes , that explains it even more clearly , along with what we also had experienced before with him on opening up to his issue .

Libra : What about the rest ?

Alinna : The deep blackness of the mineral in question *attempts to point at the direction of Aundlexia* like that hair on ... whoever that person is ... probably symbolizes the kind of history , a past ... his past .

Libra : Aundlexia ?

Aundlexia : Why does she fear me so much though ?

Joshua : It's probably the way you make your grand entry to this place , but let's talk about that later . Is there more ?

Alinna : *Recomposes herself* The layers and it's crudeness is up to debate though , but I personally believe it has to do with the degree and type of defense he had up in retaliation to the amount of time he feels like he's on the verge of getting penetrated by an attack , much like a fortress or a bunker , but done either by an inexperienced person or erected out of desperation . The cocoon probably explains the kind of fortress he had erected to keep whatever that is inside safe . Coupled with the dark property of obsidian , or "dark crystal" , it's probably pitch black in there - no light and most probably no sound as well .

Joshua : And the "mask" ?

Alinna : A facade , the facade that he's being wearing all the while , hiding the real face behind it . That explain a whole lot about him , don't you think ? Kind of like split personality ...

Joshua : Aye ... indeed .

Libra : Eventhough this sounds like the kind of answers we'd probably be looking for and I'm truly grateful for it , unfortunately it doesn't explain what made him go through all of that effort to create all of that .

Alinna (Frustrated) : You're right ... tch !

The constant chattering made from the discussion ended in a silence as the ambient sound of night crickets fills the room . Everyone in the room starting wearing the expression and posture that of a defeated person but none had it more pronounced than Alinna and Joshua , who is now more worried than ever for Ron's state of health , both mentally and physically . Completely helpless , he slowly slips closer towards death's door right before their own eyes , Atramille can't help but to get more worried as well as she tried her best to figure out what to do to make things better for all ... until she remembered something . She reached into her bloodied apron to pull out pieces of crumpled-looking papers she had taken from Ron's house and placed it in from of them on the table .

Atramille : Perhaps these might help ?

Joshua : What are these ? Letters ? Layla , his sister ?

Alinna : *Pulls up blindfold* Let me read those letters for a while ...

Joshua : Just how much secrets he hid from his friends . I don't really blame him if he does so since we're not his family member , but ... damn it , I don't even know if he had one to begin with . Now , his whole life is one big secret in itself !

Atramille : In case if you need to know , all of these letters had the same underlying written 'message' . It is as if he's replying to a same letter he'd received .

Joshua : Did you find more them ? Or any return letters ?

Atramille : Unfortunately no .

Joshua : *Further examines the letter with Alinna* ... weird . All of these letter were written not long apart from each other and they're all rather old letters , dating back to several months , even years . I get the feeling that her letters did not reach him somehow ... . 'Seeker' , can you track down the missing letters ?

Aundlexia : "Inanimate objects holds no life souls . Impossible ..."

Libra : I guess that's the extent of what we could contribute on our part ...

Joshua : Well , darn ... *faces towards Alinna* you're awfully quiet and totally fixated on the letters itself . Something tells me that ...

Alinna (Serious) : *Looks up towards everyone else in the room* ... yes , I do . Hear me out ...

To be continued ...
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
« Reply #16 on: June 05, 2018, 07:44:46 AM »
Chapter 12 : Discovery

In a closet room of a bedroom where Ron was , he is seen curled up in a corner , looking all messed up both externally and internally from his sickly , bruised-eyed facial expression he's wearing , muttering silently to himself as he slowly lowers his head onto his knees . The scene afterwards pans away from him and place its focus on the other side of the door . Alinna is seen by the door , having a concerned expression as she looked at the door .

Alinna (Thought) : He's awfully quiet now ... I hope that it's a good sign ... *turns around , revealing Aundlexia and Atramille behind her* because with this ... 'thing' decides to watch over you because of Joshua , as much as I wanted to get the hell out of here and away from this 'thing' , I can't leave you with 'it' and let 'it' make things bad again .

A hour ago , in front of the main staircase in main hall not far from the guest room . Atramille , Aundlexia and Libra is seen at the bottom of the staircase seemingly having a discussion among themselves with Alinna eavesdropping in their discussion from the second floor above them .

Atramille : Are you leaving , milady ?

Libra : Yes , I can't remain here for long , I can sense the discord happening in the links ...

Aundlexia : I'm sorry to ask this but , what are we to do with her ?

Libra : You meant the lady we talked to just now ?

Atramille : Yes . It seems like she doesn't trust us at all when she revealed her plans .

Libra : ... what do you see in her ?

Atramille : ... it's difficult to describe ... all I could see are lots of seemingly translucent , silky-like draperies . My apologies ...

Libra : No apologies needed . At the very least we know that proving our innocence and non-malicious intents isn't enough to convince her .

Aundlexia : What do propose us to do before you leave and without your presence here , milady ?

Libra : ...

Back in the room where Alinna is ...

Alinna (Thought) : *Clenches fist and grits her teeth while having an angered expression* Asking them to be here to watch over Ron ?! You know full well that you're the reason Ron became like that ! Joshua , why did you suggested this in the first place in their favor ?!

Aundlexia : *Whispers to Atramille* Is she ...

Atramille : *Nods* ... let's keep our distance and not bother her for the time being and stay on duty .

Close to two hours ago , In the guest room ...

Joshua : "Further investigation into Ron's closely hidden secret , without his consent" huh ? I'm not liking this ...

Alinna : It's like we have any other choice . He's like a ticking time bomb that had already started it's countdown . If we don't know how to diffuse it right , we may end up prematurely detonating it .

Joshua : Yeah , yeah , I get it . Tell us your plan .

Alinna : I need to do three things . First thing is to pay his sister a visit at the hospital to get a better understanding of Ron's past life . Upturning Ron's house to dig out for more clues would be the next thing for me to do . Until help arrives , I'll watch over Ron here in my house .

Joshua : ... neat , but I have a better solution to all of that .

Alinna : What would that be ?

Joshua : Instead of you handling all of them , why not let them work with us ?

Alinna : *Startled* Wha- , THEM ?! NO !

Joshua : Why not ? I mean , they're also had that intention to set things straight and fix this problem at hand too , right ?

Alinna : Bu-... wh-... . How can you believe all of these 'things' had said and done ?

Joshua : Well , they did help create a breakthrough , didn't they ? Look , I get your point in distrusting them on the get go . I know your history with such people - I can relate too . But don't you think it's unfair that after relinquishing all their findings , having to bring their superior for us and have them open up to their 'shady' activities to us and go to such extent to prove their innocence to us , only to dispose them like some disposable cellphone ?

Alinna : *Lowers head in guilt* ...

Joshua : *Sigh* Have some optimism , will you ? No wonder you're so uptight when things get serious , just like the struggles of the buttons holding you- Eurrgh !!! *Gets jab on the throat by Alinna*

Back at the room where Alinna is ...

Alinna (Thought) : *Slightly blushes and annoyed* ... my suit fits me just fine , okay ?! Damn you , 'Pervo-donna' ...

Atramille : Sorry to disturb you but allow us to watch over Ron in your stead . I'd recommend that you take some sleep in order to gain some stamina required to do what must be done the sun rises .

Alinna : *Leers at Atramille in distrust* ...

Atramille : I understand your distrust for us after all of the incident we have caused that leads to such outcome and we are here to make things right again . As of now , we now know how to handle things better and we owe that to you and Monsieur Joshua . For that , we thank you for it *Bows in gratitude* ...

Alinna (Dubious) : ... fine . But what about your ... companion there ?

Atramille : She will be here as a 'beacon' for our seeker to keep a watchful sight of Ron , Mademoiselle Alinna .

Alinna (Dubious) : ... are you sure ?

Atramille and Aundlexia : Have some optimism , Mademoiselle Alinna .

Alinna (Aggravated) : Tch ! Fine ! I'll go to bed then ! *Stomps her way out of the room*

Aundlexia : ... "He is shining unusually bright ... it's not a good sign to me ."

Atramille (Uneasy) : ...

The scene zooms out of Alinna's house and towards the view of the night sky that slowly turns into a sunny noon that gradually lowers down , slowly revealing a rather large , white building with several bands lavender white stripes that stretches around the overhanging walls that separates floors , with a large red cross mounted right at the center front of it . An unlit red sign of the hospital name , "Feuller General Hospital" is seen mounted in the front overhang , with a large parking lot right in front of the building , some of the lots of which are occupied . Several small trees dots throughout the parking lot symmetrically , with hedges serving as a 'wall' , filling the void in-between the trees , all planted for aesthetic purpose . Alinna is seen entering the building along with several random civilians and patients going in and out of the same entrance and makes her way towards the receptionist's counter .

Alinna : Excuse me .

Receptionist : How may I help you , madam ?

Alinna : I've heard that one of my friend's sister is hospitalized here . May I know which ward is one of my friend's sister currently placed in ?

Receptionist : Okay . May I know your friend's sister's name ?

Alinna : Layla . Only Layla .

Receptionist : Alright , give me a moment while I search for her whereabouts .

Alinna (Thought) : Joshua ... I hope nothing goes wrong with other groups ...

Meanwhile roughly around the same time in front of Ron's house , recently abandoned by it's owner . Right at the front door of the house , Danny and Atramille are seen standing by it .

Atramille : *Observes Danny intently* ...

Danny : *Opens door into Ron's house* Uh ... is there anything on my face , pretty lady ?

Atramille : ... allow me to assure you that she is not going to haunt your life .

Danny : Heh ? What are you talking about ?

Atramille : *Walks into Ron's house* I'm referring to what happened last night that made you flee swiftly .

Danny : Oh ... (I'm very sure the girl she's referring to is a ghost ... don't tell me this lady here is a ghost too .)

Atramille : Are you going to help me to look for more leads ?

Danny : Ah , yes ! *Rushes in*

And so the thorough dig for more leads begins . Unlike what Atramille did the first time , everything that was in the house is not spared from the examination and search . Everything gets either upturned , unraveled , opened and emptied out , slowly turning the house into a chaotic mess that goes on for hours . In the midst of the search , Danny tried to have a conversation with Atramille .

Danny : Say ... you're his personal maid ?

Atramille : I was to an extent . It's just a cover-up for me to ensure that the duties I was given goes smoothly . I do , however , kept his house clean and organized on a daily basis .

Danny : Then , you're a maid still but not his ?

Atramille : Yes .

Danny : But your outfit seems rather ... high-fashioned , compared to the maids that was in Alinna's house .

Atramille : *Looks at her own outfit* ... am I ?

Danny : Well yeah . It's like you're a maid from another era ... are you ? Are you and her ...

Atramille : If we were what you presume us to be , we wouldn't bask ourselves under any light source brighter than the moonlight .

Danny : Ah , right'o ... you got a point there . But how does she suddenly appear in the room without first getting through the door in the first place ? It's not like she could hide anywhere else before we were in there .

Atramille : ... it's magic .

Danny : Then , how about-

Atramille : A look-alike . *Resumes searching*

Danny : ... but I haven't finished what I'm trying to say there .

Atramille : I've made an instant deduction of whom you're speaking of .

Danny :*Taken aback* ... are you ... analytically genius or mind-reading me ?

Several minutes later , back at Feuller General Hospital reception center ...

Receptionist : *Waves for Alinna* Madam , I've got something for you .

Alinna : You've found her ?

Receptionist : Well ... yes , but ...

Alinna : "But" ?

Receptionist : Miss Layla was warded here on the 6th ward of the intensive care unit , Room 3045 .

Alinna : "Was" ? What happened to her ? Did she move elsewhere ? Is she still here ?

Receptionist : *Turned her monitor towards Alinna* Based on what's being shown on the screen , ...

Back inside Ron's house ...

As they had more light conversations among each other until dusk arrives , Danny stumbles upon a picture frame on his desk that was once found flat on the same table by Atramille . Inside it rests a picture , seemingly old and slightly washed out in color as if it was taken a long time ago . In the picture , two kids , a girl and a boy , all covered in grime and superficial scrape marks all over their exposed bodies , smiling in front with an unknown elderly lady right behind and between them smiling along warmly , accompanied with the background of a shabby but rather large single story house with flower shrubbery encompassing it .

Atramille : *Spots Danny looking at the picture* ... I've already inspected that . There's nothing out of the ordinary about it .

Danny : *Sigh* ... ma'am , you don't know the importance and value of pictures like this .

Atramille : Did I ? *Takes another look at the picture* ... I still don't see what you've mentioned in them ...

Danny : *Tsk* *Tsk* *Tsk* ... a picture like this hold memories of that moment in time . Of course I'm not talking about pictures of foods and selfies , it's picture like this . It's 'age' , how it's been well cared for by being place in this picture frame ... it must've hold some great importance and value to the bearer of said picture .

Atramille (Piqued) : ... interesting . This I must know of ...

Danny : Aye , everyone should in this day and age . Youngsters ... they don't seem to treasure the value of it .

Atramille : So , what value does this picture has to him ?

Danny : Well , it's just a whim of mine . This little boy here , that's Ronny boy , for sure ... but this little girl ... that might be his little sister , Layla .

Atramille : Shall we hold on to it as one of the possible leads ? I personally find it useful and informative as well .

*Knocking sound on the front door*

Atramille : I'll attend to the guest by the door .

Atramille makes her way towards the door and opens it to be greeted by a tidy-looking , black-haired lady in her 30's , dressed in a pleated blouse and jeans .

Lady : Uh ... ah , who are you ?

Atramille : *Bows* Evening , mademoiselle . I'm a personal maid of this household that belonged to Monsieur Ron .

Lady : Huh ? I-is that so ... . So , are you Ron E. Stuperd's maidservant ?

Atramille : That is correct .

Lady : *Lets out a big sigh of relief* Finally , I've found her brother's whereabouts ...

Atramille : Pardon ?

Lady : Ah , I am a nurse of Feuller General Hospital who was in charge of taking care of the Miss Layla .

Danny (Thought) : *Overhears the conversation* "Feuller General Hospital" ? That's where Alinna is currently at right now to look for Ronny's sister , Layla ...

Atramille : Miss Layla , Ron's sister ?

Layla's Nurse : Yes ... uh , is he here ?

Atramille : Currently he's not in his home . May I know your reason to be looking for him ?

Layla's Nurse : I need to deliver an important message to him ...

The scene splits into three places , one where Atramille is by the door with the nurse , the second where Danny is , in the middle of search for more leads and the last one where Alinna is , in front of the counter , reading what has being displayed on the monitor shown by the receptionist . Aside from Atramille , Danny and Alinna had a grossly disbelieving expression worn on their face .

"Miss Layla , Ron E. Stuperd's biological sister , has succumbed to Leukemia several months ago and the hospital officials are still awaiting his biological brother to actually visit her before going through necessary procedures ."

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