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Author Topic: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)  (Read 5605 times)

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
« Reply #15 on: June 05, 2018, 07:42:55 AM »
Chapter 12 : Initiative

This afternoon in the lobby of Feuller General Hospital . A close shot view of Alinna shocked face as she is in the middle of reading what had been displayed on the monitor after being shown by the receptionists at the reception counter . After an inaudible conversation between her and the receptionist , she dragged her way out of the hospital . She had a visibly blank yet heavy expression worn on her face and what seemed to be partially dried up tears that had once trickled down her cheeks can still be seen as she exited the building and left the scene .

Alinna (Thought) : ... I can't believe it , Ron . I ... can't ... . How ... just how am I going to ... *Slumps*

An outside view of the window of Alinna's house under the basking moonlight of the night that slowly zooms into the interior of the guest room , Alinna and Atramille is seen seated opposite of each other on their respective couches , looking dejected .

What is supposed to be a meeting to report on the progress and findings from the investigations being made on the same day never happened as both Alinna and Atramille is seen seated opposite of each other , not making any eye contact ... or rather Alinna did not as she had her head lowered facing the ground completely defeated as she avoids looking at and supposedly , initiating the supposed discussion with Atramille , who had her mildly saddened eyes on her , in hopes that she would get the meeting started . The silence and heavy atmosphere as the result from the situation caught Joshua by surprise the moment he entered into the room and had visual contact with the both of them .

*Sound of the front door opening*

Joshua : Sorry that I'm la- ... -te . What the hell with this suffocating atmosphere ... ?

Alinna (Gloomy) : ...

Joshua (Thought) : *Takes a peek at Alinna* I don't think I'd be asking for a why from her ...

Atramille : You came , monsieur Joshua .

Joshua : (And she's unusually composed ...) Drop the honorifics , please . Explain to me what is going on that I do not know of ? Why is she like that now ?

Atramille : I'm not sure myself . When I arrived here not long ago , she was already in such a state , the same as well with Danny when he brought me here . I'm still waiting for her to begin the discussion she had planned for it to happen at this kind of time .

Joshua : Hmm ... . Okay . Since she's not going to , I will then . Now , any developments so far ?

Atramille : Yes . I have news that came from someone who had an affiliation with-

Without any warning , Alinna snaps into a fit of rage , flipping the table in front her towards Atramille , nearly hitting her , followed up with an onslaught of beration over her tone of speech and insensitivity . The sudden act of aggression interrupted her conversation , forcing her to distance herself away out of the impact zone and from Alinna . Caught by surprise , Joshua immediately restrained Alinna out of fear that she might go after Atramille again .

Joshua : (Such raging strength ...) C-calm down now , Alinna ! Remember th-

Alinna : I don't f***ing care ! I had enough of them bringing in more bad omens than it should already ! I want them and their devilishly cold attitudes out of my house , NOW !

Still having a tight hold on Alinna's aggressive moves , Joshua signals Atramille to leave the premise . Hesitant , she makes her way out , making a wide girth around Joshua and Alinna . Aundlexia , was just about to enter the room to find out what's going on but was taken along by Atramille outside , stunning her in a state of shock . Outside , they waited for several minutes for Joshua to meet up with them . A loud scream in anger can be heard from inside made by Alinna just as Joshua makes his way out of her house .

Several minutes later , at the frontyard of Alinna's house . A large marble statue stood in the middle of a driveway made of cobblestones that encircles around it , surrounded by well-maintained hedges that formed a natural divider that can be easily mistaken for the kind front yard a palace would have .

Joshua : *Exits the building , walking towards Atramille and Aundlexia* Damn it ... nothing's going to get solved if it continues on like this ...

Atramille (Regretful) : *Bowed down along with Aundlexia* Our deepest apologies for what we both had caused . We never meant fo-

Joshua : *Gestures a 'pass' sign* No need to apologize for that . Alinna had problems in life herself and whatever that happened that we don't know of may have affected her badly ... let's leave it at that , okay ?

Aundlexia : You seem rather ... calm .

Joshua : If I tell you that really I am , then I'm a really REALLY bad liar . *Sigh* I'd rather put all differences aside in order to get this issue at hand resolved and see that my usual Ron returns back ... well , not "that" Ron I knew back when he began working in that sh*tty company though but the Ron that I had never knew of that I should be identifying him as . I'm sure Alinna's looking forward to see that side of Ron ... how about you two ?

Atramille : As long as it brings a closure to the current issue at hand , we'd be glad .

Joshua : Excellent ! Now , let's resume this meeting , shall we ?

Atramille : *Nods* As I was about to state before , I have news that came from someone who claimed to be the caretaker of Ron's little sister , Layla .

An hour and a half ago , in front of Ron's house ...

Atramille (Shocked) : Layla ? Ron's little sister ... had passed away ?

Layla's Nurse : *Nods , saddened* And it's been several months already . We're still waiting for her brother to give her a proper burial . That worries me *shakes head* no , a good number of us involved are worried , even the CEO himself . I've been looking for him way before her passing just to get him to pay her just one visit before it's too late and it was really difficult , like REALLY difficult . I had no lead whatsoever when I took up on this task ! I kind of wonder if he'd even received her letters up to her death that she'd asked me to deliver all the while ...

Atramille : A letter from his sister ? I've been searching his entire house for about a week now and I couldn't find the letters you speak of .

Layla's Nurse (Shocked) : What ? What happened to them then ?!

Atramille : That's what we're here trying to look for . Where exactly did you deliver her letters to ?

Back in front of Alinna's house ...

Joshua : "Hoff's Advertising Agency" ... *Head dangles lifelessly , feeling defeated*  ... great ... *deep sigh*

Atramille : Have I ...

Joshua : No , not your fault . Rather ... *Lets out a big sigh of frustration* ... why didn't he give her his home address instead ?

Atramille : Are you perhaps ... saying that it was Ron's fault ?

Joshua : *Waves hand* No , I wouldn't ! Still ! ... god , I wish it wasn't his fault at all but ... f*** ! *Clenches fist , grits teeth* I can't believe it ...

Atramille : Danny also said and felt the same thing as you do while he brought me here . He also requested that I show you this ... *hands over the picture frame with a picture in it to Joshua*

Joshua took and looked at the picture for some time before he had his attention focused onto the little girl and then at Ron when he was young before a saddened expression starts to show as if he was reminded of something in his life before he regained back his composure .

Atramille : Joshua ?

Joshua : *Clears throat* You can have it back ... *Hands over the picture frame with a picture in it back to Aundlexia instead of Atramille*

Atramille : Did you find anything that may help in this case from that picture ?

Joshua : *Paused for a moment* ... nothing that we know of , I think .

Aundlexia : Permission to speak .

Joshua : Go ahead .

Aundlexia : *Shows and points at the little girl in the picture for Joshua* This little girl in this picture ... I remember her .

Joshua : You knew her ?

Aundlexia : Yes , she was one of my patrons for clarity in life .

Joshua (Perplexed) : Wuh ? Ah ... ?

Atramille : It's one of several services we offer .

Aundlexia : The patrons that were sent to me are the kind who're already walking into the afterlife and I'm in charge of offering means to give them much needed rest and enlightenment so that they wouldn't end up restless when it's time to cross over . So , it's rather natural that the patrons I've attended to tend to be lost , depressed , sorrowful , defeated ... but her ... it's very dire .

Joshua : How dire was it ?

An isolated series of scenes of a whitewashed room with wind chimes chiming softly . Layla is seen seated on a white bed in the middle of the room , seemingly absent-minded , surrounded by several dozens ornate , large , pictureless picture frame hung on all faces of the walls , with some lying flat on floor . Aundlexia is seen observing her from a safe distance wearing a solemn expression , as if she understands her just from the body language and facial expression alone . She then approaches Layla in an attempt at offering her service like she is entrusted to do , comforting her in a warm embrace and listening to her grievance .

Aundlexia : She muttered to herself these lines repeatedly while I'm behind her - "Where are you ?" , "Please come back ..." , "Let's be together again ..." , "Just the two of us ..." . She gazes as if she was in a trance , a longing gaze , longing for papa . When I began offering my consultation , she bemoans on giving up on everything , even living on with such mortifying resolution , devoid of any traces of doubt for such decision about papa that is always out of her reach , no matter how hard she tried . All I could do is to ease her soul ... *Lowers head* I've given her my comforting warmth in an attempt to free her from all her emotional suffering and encouraged her to not give up in writing one more letter for papa as if it's her last words before she leaves to join the river of souls above . I can only pray that she does so ...

Joshua : *Pauses for a moment to absorb all of what Aundlexia had spoken* ... had a change of mind now , Alinna ?

Alinna : *Doubtful and hesitant facial expression and body language* ...

Aundlexia (Startled) : How long were you behind us ?

Joshua : Not long after I started the discussion with you two . *Looks at Alinna with a serious expression* So ?

Alinna : But how-

Joshua : I don't ... but it happened , right ? Possibilities , actions and unforeseen consequences ... have you forgotten that you yourself taught me to put that into consideration , Alinna ? So , can you please put aside any form of personal disagreement until we resolved Ron's issue before it's too late ?

Alinna : ... *nods* ... let's resume this discussion inside .

And thus they walked back into Alinna's house and towards the guest room to resume further discussions .

Thirty minutes later , in the guest room of Alinna's house ...

Alinna : *Seated on a couch with face firmly planted on her palm , letting out a deep , long sigh* ... great ...

Aundlexia : You too ?

Joshua : We're both work buddies of the same company . So that's a "We're so f***ed" moment for us ...

Alinna (Gloomy) : ... if only I hadn't resigned at that time ... if only . *Clenches fist*

Joshua : There , there now . Don't go putting that blame on your own shoulder ...

Alinna (Frustrated) : *Deep sigh* But how can I not , especially with such an unexpected turn of event ? Have you forgotten the goal we had that I had a crucial role in ?

Joshua : Oh ... right .

Alinna : *Sigh* With time already not on our side , we can no longer wait for another eligible candidate to come and work in that department just to execute that plan ... great ...

Atramille : ... pardon me for breaking into your conversations , but what candidate and plan do you speak of ?

Alinna : *Gazes towards Joshua , doubting heavily* ...

Joshua : *Waves a go ahead sign* Go ahead and tell them ! I've got to go and prep myself for tomorrow . I beg of you to put aside all of that hatred and work alongside with them , please .

Alinna : Alright !

Joshua : *Leaves room and whispers to self* ... not that it matters if it were to reinitiate again ... *sigh* .

Alinna : *Sigh* Okay ... we both had planned ... well ... for a strike .

Atramille : A "strike" ?

Alinna : Yes ... well , sort of . The goal is to gain the upperhand in court on the multiple counts of mistreatment and indirect abuses on all of the employees in the same department as the both of us , both former and current , caused by one person - the sectional chief manager .

Aundlexia : How sure are you that this person you're going after is the right person ?

Alinna : According to a lot of stories from older , former employees I've talked to and from first hand experiences , he is . Through and through . He's gone full scummy the moment he was promoted to his current position . Irresponsible , unscrupulous , uncouth , heartless , zero humility , empathy and apathy , the lists goes on . And to make it worse , he's sly as hell or he won't be holding that position at all after all of the scummy moves he's being pulling . The "Pièce de Résistance" ? He overworks his employees all day long and stripping them of their pre-requisite day-offs on back-to-back major projects and once it's done , he took all the credits for all our work and kept all of the rewards , reputations and recognition all to himself when it's supposed to be FOR the department . The result ? The first mass resignation a month after his promotion ... and it's still ongoing as we speak .

Aundlexia : How cruel ...

Alinna : *Clenching fist , holding back anger* It's beyond cruel . We had people who worked under him taking their own lives because their personal life's gone f***ed from that . Imagine that ... . That's why we've decided to try and gather solid evidences to back-up claims of his criminal acts , evidences that can only be obtained by getting through him first .

Aundlexia : Are you planning on ... an espionage ?

Alinna : You could say so . I've got to thank my big sister for that ; it's her plan to begin with after all . She wanted means to blackmail the company for its past incident with one of her company she owned that nearly tarnished her reputation and finance permanently . So she asked me for a favor in return for something "special" . She knew I need means to go independent and free from the grasp of my parents hold on my freedom so she figured this could be a start since almost no work experience is required to apply for the company ... that struck me as questionable .

Aundlexia : Questionable ? How so ?

Alinna : Don't you find it odd that a company that does advertising doesn't need any academic qualifications whatsoever ? And yet is able to complete a lot of large scale projects being offered to them within just a month ? To makes things more questionable , the high amount lay-offs at the same time ? That's why I took up on her offer , even though I can simply make her look for someone else to do her 'dirty' job . *Shakes head* ... it didn't take long to find out why and discovered a hole that I could exploit not long after that .

Aundlexia : A "hole" ? Are you talking about ... weakness ?

Alinna : Yes . He's a big-time womanizer and a heavy drinker *irked and shivered by the thought of it* . The moment he made his move on me , I knew that was the opening I'm looking for . Got him completely stoned once and began digging out any information needed to make an official lawsuit against the company . All seems to be running smoothly ... until he had a sudden flip in personality .

Aundlexia : That doesn't seem to be a problem , as long as-

Alinna : "My cover's not blown" ? He literally gave me a cold shoulder and ignored me openly , not even a glimpse or even a word , on the very next day . He no longer drinks , flirts and had his paranoia meter bumped up to ludicrous level judging from his constant watch over everybody's "questionable" actions and conversations happening in the department . *Shakes head in disappointment* THAT'S the sign that my covers blown wide open . I believe during the time he realized that he's being spied upon he knew who I was as well , hence why he didn't gave me the booting . I don't know myself how he found out about all of that's related to me and the plans ... but regardless , it's impossible to continue with the plan ever since and considering the rumors being spread around over the span of nearly more than a decade , recruiting someone to take my place is just not possible anymore ... *sigh*

Aundlexia : But what about the evidences you've gathered from your last attempt ? Wasn't what you've gathered then good enough ?

Alinna : *Shakes head in disappointment* While they're somewhat credible , they aren't strong enough to give an advantage . Let me remind you that I'm going against a well-known , global company . But I still believe that he may be hiding something somewhere ... but then again , Joshua was right about the fate of this plan after his unexpected change of personality . *Lowers head , defeated*

Aundlexia : Oh ...

Alinna : *Deep sigh* Your response ... hmph , no surprises there ... *Turns head towards Atramille* And you're awfully quiet all the while ...

Atramille : *Unresponsive for a moment* ... about your plan ...

A week later , inside the Planning and Development Department of Hoff's Advertising Agency , Joshua is seen working as usual alongside with other 'half-dead' staff in their respective work cubicle , seemingly irked about something as he is currently deep in thought .

A short flashback of a day after the meeting Joshua last attended , in front of Alinna's front door late evening where he stood . Alinna's personal butler , with his palm up denied Joshua an entry beyond the front door .

Joshua : But why ? I'm needed in this discussion and I need to be in the know !

Bulter : I'm sorry , sir , but my master insists that she'd rather not have anyone know about what she's doing at the moment . She had left me a message for you in case if you do return to pay my master and her guests a visit again ...

Back in the office ...

Joshua (Thought) : "Be prepared" ... for what ?! Arrgh ~ *Scratches head viciously , disheveling his once tidy hair* my innate human curiosity is itching my brains to the point of- !!! *Interrupted by a commotion happening in his department* ... huh ? What's happening ?

A choir of woos , whistles and suppressed cheer of rejoice rhyming along in harmony throughout the office . The staffs are seen standing up in the occasion , with their gazes all towards the front desk where the sectional chief is located . Out of curiosity , Joshua stood up at took a peek at what everyone's looking at from the confines of the cubicle wall . Standing in front of the desk facing the sectional chief , in a state of utter shock of disbelief , a back profile lady in a rather form-fitting work suit that accentuates her curves , partially covered by her lightly wavy blonde hair so glossy , sunlight bouncing off it made her shine like an angel that's all to familiar to a certain someone .

Joshua (Shocked) : You've got to be kidding me !

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 13 : Breakthrough

In the lobby of the Hoff's Advertising Agency ...

Male office worker 1 : *Sigh* ... man , working nearly everyday turns me into a white sheet of paper ...

Male office worker 2 : *Pats male office worker 1's shoulder* Life of an adult ... I feel you , bro .

Male office worker 1 : Ah ... Onii-sama ... (Writer's note : Literally , he spoke in Japanese)

Male office worker 2 : *Moans lightly and caresses Male Office Worker 1's cheeks* ... yes , brother ... ?

Female office worker (Disgusted) : *Backs away a few steps* Eww ... just get a room and bang each other right now , will you ?

Male office worker 1 : I'd welcome a three-piece with you , honey-pot ...

Female office worker : *Brings out a nut-cracker from her purse* ... you sure ?

Male office worker 1 : *Pouts* Bububu ... joy-killer !

Male office worker 2 : Say , spotted any walking dead on your way in ?

Male office worker 1 : Nope .

Female office worker : Me too . Sucks to be in their shoes though ... lucky for us .

Male office worker 1 : Yyyup . Still kinda wish we could do something for them ...

As they had their conversation while waiting for the elevator to come down , a mysterious lady with a wavy blonde hair , dressed in a common , form-fitting work suit greets them from behind ...

Mysterious lady : Pardon for interrupting in your conversation . I've overheard you mentioning a place called 'Planning and Development Department' (Writer's note : PD Department , in short) . Could you offer me directions to the place in question ?

Male office worker 1 & 2 (Mesmerized) : ...

Female office worker : *Stares at them unamused before answering to the mysterious lady's request* Take this elevator up to floor 12 . The whole department's located on that floor .

Mysterious lady : *Bows* Many thanks for the guidance , mademoiselle . *Enters the opened elevator and being sent up*

Female office worker : "Mademoiselle" ?

Male office worker 1 : ... Onii-san , I ...

Male office worker 2 : Yee , my brother , I feel you too . My body's very ready to blow ...

Female office worker : *Brings out a nut-cracker from her purse , face turned sinister dark* You apes in heat forgot about me already ?

In front of the section chief's desk inside the Planning and Development Department of Hoff's Advertising Agency , the section chief is seen laying with a handheld device with both of his legs placed in front of his desk , indulging himself to some game .

Ron's boss : ... eergh , this goddamn level boss is tuff' as f*** ! Just drop DEAD ALREADY !... *caught glimpses of a shadow casting in front of him as he shook his handheld device* ... what now ? Can't you tell that I'm f***ing BUSY HERE ?

??? : I would like a grant to a job here .

Ron's boss (Thought) : Hurrm ? A girl's voice ?

A sight of a lady with a wavy blonde hair , dressed in a form-fitting work suit welcomes his vision as he lowered his handheld device to find out who was it . Her bright but rather imposing presence threw him off balance upon proper visual contact , falling off from his chair while launching the handheld device up onto the ceiling , breaking it in the process . Flustered , he tried to get up , only to stumble back down in a clumsy manner , a hasteful urgency to attend to the lady standing in front of her . A choir of woos , whistles and suppressed cheer of rejoice rhyming along in harmony throughout the office the moment their concentration were broken caused by the section chief's loud accident . Some even crept closer in order to get a better view of the lady before them . All but one , Joshua , had a different reaction to the scene at play , clearly shocked by what's he's seeing for himself .

Ron's boss (Flustered) : Ahh ... uhh ... *Ahem* one second , if you don't mind . *Recomposes self , taking a deep breath and seats himself back on his chair* ... okay *brings out an application form* , I need to fill up this application for you first . So , let's start by letting me know your name *winked in a perverted manner* ...

As he looks up to get a good look at her face , she reveals herself to him and to the staffs in the department , including Joshua (And you , the readers) to be-

Mysterious lady : Atramille de Surquouis .

Joshua (Thought) : *Screams internally* No f***ing way !!!

The scene pans out of the building and towards the sky while reversing the time back to a week ago at night , panning back down and zooming into the guest room of Alinna's house , where Alinna , Atramille and Aundlexia is seen having a discussion .

Atramille : Allow me to partake in your plan .

Alinna : Didn't I tell you that the plan is already d- ... wait , what ? You're telling me you're planning to-

Atramille : Yes .

Alinna : Hang on there , just a second ! Really ? You ? Taking on MY role ?

Atramille : Yes .

Alinna : Do you have any working experience , like working as a clerk ?

Atramille : No , but I'd would like you to teach me how and I'll be glad to learn from you .

Alinna : Wait , how am- , I mean it would take a lot of- no , it's just- ! Just how- ! *shakes head violently* You're asking for the impossible here ! Are you out of your f***ing mind ?!

Atramille : I can understand that upon considering all the factors in order for me to take your place and reinitiating the plan again in an unforgiving small window of time , but after much consideration , I believe it's the only way to obtain Ron's letter from him . I can also understand your reasoning and reluctancy in getting me involved in your plans , but I sincerely beg for your guidance , teachings and most importantly your faith and trust in me in getting it done .

Aundlexia : You can trust her in anything memory related . It's her role and her job for a long time now .

Alinna : Wha- wuh ? What jo- ... urgh ... *looks up at the ceiling , contemplating* (ah , Joshua ... help me . I can't deal with crazy anymore ...)

Aundlexia : Well ?

Alinna : Argh ! FINE ! We'll begin whenever you're ready , okay ?

Atramille : *Nods* As you wish .

Back inside the Planning and Development Department of Hoff's Advertising Agency in the present time ...

Ron's Boss : Alright , all filled up for you - you're in ! *Points at an unoccupied cubicle right in front of him* You can take the cubicle right th-

Atramille : I appreciate your kindness but I had my eyes on a vacant spot as I made my way in here . I'll take my leave now ... *shakes his hand , bows and leaves in a gentle , elegant manner *

Ron's boss (Flustered) : *In a daze and whispers to self* ... ah , her hands and that smile ... that CURVES ! Thank the heavens for answering my needs ... *places both palm on his cheeks*

The gazes of the staffs in the department still fixated at Atramille , tracking her movements in all forms of manner that can be classified as curious , indecent and intrigued as she makes her way to the back and into an empty cubicle that once housed a former staff , Alinna . As she makes her way there , she made a close pass by Joshua , clearly still not out of shock , pulls out a letter and stealthily snugged it into a gap his suit . Joshua snaps out the moment he felt her hand coursed across his body and upon regaining back his senses , sees a letter within his suit . Upon pulling out , he discovers that the letter was written for him by Alinna . Discreetly , he hid himself in his cubicle and read it from within , out of the section chief's presence and sight .

A series of scene depicting a series of activities over the course of a week . Alinna is seen offering Atramille lessons , etiquettes and required skills and experiences needed for a clerk . From operating common machineries found in any offices including the computer , handling projects and paperwork , basic office etiquette and terminologies and dressing up like one , to name a few , with every scene , Alinna is seen either having a disbelief or shocked expression worn on her face .

"... you owe me my sanity . It was your idea to let them help out on Ron's issues . My head's all mushed up , trying wrap my head around all of their nonsensical shenanigans without you around ...

Now it's your turn . I want you to keep your watchful eyes on whatever she does , assist her if needed to . I'm still very doubtful that she is going to pull it off with just a week of "training" ... she might screw up eventually ...

Joshua : *Takes a peek at Atramille inside her cubicle , as she is typing on her computer in a rather professional manner* I don't think so ... she's working just like any experienced office clerk would . What the hell ... *Resumes reading the letter*

"Anyways , you know how the plan goes . We need that f***er to take the 'bait' . You know what you're supposed to do as well , so do whatever you can to get him to take- "

Joshua was then interrupted by a conversation happening nearby , just loud enough for him to make out what is spoken by the conversing party . Upon taking a peek at the direction where the conversation's being made , he sees his section chief , much to his total disbelief , flirting with Atramille in a very perverted and coy manner before offering her something he couldn't identify . Having a hunch that he might think what Alinna might thought of , he reads the rest of the letter ...

"If successful , I want you to confront and talk to her about our next stage of the plan ... not that it'll happen , right ? I don't ."

Joshua (Thought) : *In a state of disbelief and slightly terrified* ... Alinna ... hate to tell you this ... he took the bait . I ... my sanity ... I can feel it disappearing .

Dusk , in the lobby of Hoff's Advertising Agency , Atramille is seen standing outside waiting for someone . A familiar female office worker is seen at a distance approaching her .

Female office worker : Ah , it's you again !

Atramille : Greetings to you again , mademoiselle .

Female office worker : Ah , "mademoiselle" again ...

Atramille : My apologies . I didn't know that it-

Female Office Worker : Nononono , it's fine . It's just that the last time such honorific was ever used was hundreds and hundreds of years ago and it does not even originate from this continent at all .

Atramille : It was ... weird ?

Female office worker : Yuh-huh~ , very . Anyways , who are you waiting for ?

Atramille : *Points at the direction of someone screaming at distance behind her* I'm waiting for him .

Female office worker : Oh him ... YOU ! Stay away , Perv-O-Donna ! I have enough of yo-

Joshua : Gee , Genna ! I already told you that I'm sorry for tak- *Gets choked by Genna*

Genna (Enraged) : *Face flushes in red* Don't even mention it ! *Shakes Joshua violently followed by a close-up glare* Don't . EVEN !

Joshua : Guh , suh-gwee ... worghnt !

Atramille : Is something a matter ?

Genna : Ah , no , not really ! *Releases Joshua from his grasp , dropping him flat on the ground* . Say , you've got business with him ?

Atramille : To be more accurate , I've been instructed by Alinna to work alongside him on the plan .

Genna : Plan ? *Pauses and recall something in her memory* "That" plan ? I thought it she'd long abandoned that ship .

Joshua : *Gags and coughs for a moment* ... I thought so too , but she volunteered , much to my surprise .

Atramille : For the plan to reinitiate , it only needed another willing volunteer to take her place , am I correct ?

Joshua : Well ... yeah , but I never expected someone like you to volunteer !

Genna : I don't see anything wrong with that . I mean , your "comrades" were drooling insatiably upon seeing her the first time , so I'm sure that s***head would too .

Joshua : Okay ! First of all , we're not perverts . We just have fe- I mean abnormal level in taste and passion for our interest and treats them like 'masterpieces' and utmost respect !

Genna (Dubious) : *Sarcastic jeer* Yeeeah ... riiight ... toootally ...

Joshua (Annoyed) : SECOND , she ain't no office lady . She's a bona fide maidservant .

Genna : *Snaps her head facing Atramille , shocked* What ?! Don't tell me-

Atramille : Would these be considered a success ? *brought out a business card with written address and phone number behind it that once belongs to Ron's boss* .

Genna : *Turns head towards Joshua in a jerking manner in a state of utter disbelief and shock* ...

Joshua : *Sweats* I can relate to such ridiculous result ...

Genna : *Regains composure* So ... what are you gonna do after that ?

Joshua : Gather proof , of course . But this time , I also need to track down letters my buddy Ron's sister had made for him .

Genna : What letter ? Who's Ron ?

Atramille : Ron is a close friend to Joshua and Alinna . The letter is the reason why I volunteered myself on a plan Alinna once proposed , executed and failed before . To atone for the sins I had committed towards Ron , one of our patron , it has became a highest priority of mine in the search of the letter written by his late sister .

Joshua : Dear , no need to look for the letters here anymore . The letter might be in a void between here and the hospital . This service who're supposed to be in charge of delivering letters to us hasn't been delivering any for years now . It's safe to assume that it's long being discontinued .

Genna : It's still running .

Joshua : Heh ?

Genna : You heard me . It's still active , just that it had a major revamp in the system .

Joshua : But ... why we weren't informed about it ?

Genna : Public broadcast speaker broke down at the time the announcement was made . Because of that , your boss should be the one to deliver the news . Huh . Shocker ! All the more reason to hate him now , yes ?

Joshua (Aggravated) : F***ing hell ... don't bother reminding me about that . I'm enough pissed ...

Genna : Anyways miss , since the letter you're looking for is important to you , why don't we pay them a visit and retrieve the letter from there ? Chances are is that it might still be there .

Atramille : *Nods in appreciation* I'd appreciate it .

Genna : Follow me .

Inside the Mail Organization and Distribution Department of Hoff's Advertising Agency , Joshua , Genna and Atramille is seen standing in the middle of it , surrounded by steel racks on all four corners of the wall of the room . In front of them , an elderly man with grey hair and beard , dressed in a grey vest , black-white striped shirt and grey trousers is seen in the middle of sorting parcels , mails and letters in front of a bag filled with more of it , all piled up in the middle of a large desk surrounded by a few other staffs .

Genna : So , you're saying that the only people responsible in delivering and distributing the letters to all of the employees of the company are the department chiefs ?

Joshua (Angry) : F***ing hell AGAIN !

Mail sorter chief : Ya heard me . The ever growing size of this company and everyone's being too busy with work to come down to our counter to claim it had forced the CEO to alter the system . Now we deliver bundles everyday to each respective section chief and let them deliver the letters to their staff before the arrival of their staffs . Here , just look at this ! *Gives the logbook to Genna and Joshua*

Genna : *Reads the logbook* Hmm , how detailed ...

Joshua : Hey ! Are you s-

Mail sorter chief (Angry) : *Slams fist down on table with force , rattling all objects placed on the table* Attitude , boy ! And LISTEN ! *Thumps on another logbook placed in front of him repeatedly* THIS logbook is a written prove that your boss DID collect all of it . ALL . OF . IT . Don't ever think that we're negligent in doing our job , Ya got ME ?!

Atramille : *Stepped in* Our deepest apologies in advance if our presence and tone had made you feel much displeasure , monsieur . But if you may , even if the letters were no longer in your possession , I'd still like to know if you happen to stumble upon a letter meant for a person named Ron ?

Mail sorter chief : *Simmers down* See ? That's politeness and being considerate ! Lad , I need this person's full name . There's bound to be more than one 'Ron' working here . Just sayin' ...

Joshua : Ron E. Stuperd . Also , forgive my outburst *bows* .

Mail sorter chief : Apology accepted . *Looks at the direction of one of the staff on a far end of the table* Eyy' , ya heard him there ! Found any hit ?

Male staff : Yes , chief ! There's more than a year's worth of letters being stored here , with the last one being delivered close to half a year ago . Status ... unclaimed . All was accounted for and included in stack number 2304 .

Joshua : But he received none of it , the same goes to everyone in our department ...

Mail sorter chief : What ?! How irresponsible of your section chief to do that ! Time to file a report to-

Atramille : *Places hand on the mail sorter chief's hand in a gentle manner* Could you hold it back temporarily , monsieur ? It might make things more complicated .

Joshua : Eh ? Why not ?

Atramille : Shock and awe , blitz tactic . In order for the plan to go smoothly , it's best that he doesn't know that he's being targeted upon again . The last thing we want this plan to go through is a renewed and heightened defense from his end . In addition to that , this information will prove very vital for Alinna's cause as she is looking for means to gain leverage for her case .

Joshua : *Still speechless as he listens* ...

Genna : *Whistles in awe* Look at the strategist at work here . Kinda wonder if you're even a housekeeper to begin with ... *looks at Joshua in a mocking manner* unlike this person with brains devoted to tits and a** .

Joshua : SHUT UP !

Genna : *Sticks out tongue* I'm leaving ~ !

Mail sorter chief : Anyways , ya want me to deliver the report later ?

Atramille : Yes .

Mail sorter chief : Hmmm ~ ... if ya say so , lad . I'll withhold the report until then . Now , if ya excuse me , I need to process through all of these mails before midnight . Good luck in whatever ya'rr planning to do . *Goes back to sorting mails*

Atramille : I understand and many thanks for your cooperation . We shall take our leave *Bows and leaves* .

Joshua : Wait , I'm coming with you !

Night falls as both Atramille and Joshua arrived in front of Alinna's house to share an update on the progress made for the day with Alinna . Upon opening the door to the guest room , they're "greeted" by Alinna , slumped on a stool at the corner of the room , all pale and desaturated , gibbering words that can only be heard and intelligible up close ...

Alinna : It's impossible ... yeah ... impossible ... it's just a dream ... it's only a week ... she will not succeed ... yeah ... impossible ... I'm sure of it ... I can't be wrong ...

Joshua : Say , Atramille ... just what did do when I weren't here ?

Atramille : Nothing at all .

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 14 : Progress

The sound of the antique clock outside the guest room can be heard echoing inside the room as Alinna , Joshua and Atramille haven't spoken a word for several minutes , only staring at each other . Feeling that the silence has dragged on for far too long , Joshua decides to try and break it . He slowly but cautiously approaches Alinna from behind , extending his hand close to her shoulder . Without any warning , a blinding swing of her hand lands square on his nose , forcing him to leap away and curls and writhe in pain .

Alinna : Oh , so the icky sensation I'm feeling was from you all along ...

Joshua : *Muffled speech , holding onto his bleeding , broken nose* And I'm glad you're not totally out cold again !

Alinna : *Displays her fist* Need further assurance ?

Joshua : And deal with Atramille all by yourself again ? I'm in !

Alinna : *Pales out from that thought* Eep- ! Okay ! OKAY ! Please help me out ! *Grabs Joshua's shoulder , begging* I can't take all the insanity these ! My brain just can't ! *In tears*

Joshua : Then calm down there first , will you ?!

Alinna : *Hic* I ... I-I ...

Joshua : *Sigh* I get it . What they are , they've been up to and how they've been able to do and achieve what could be inhumanly impossible , it totally don't make sense for someone of your high intellect mind - I feel you now . But now's not that time to blank out from such thing . *Points above them , where Ron is currently , hinting and reminding Alinna of their priority*

Alinna : *Looks above , realizing the reality and her priorities* ... U-uh . I get it .

Joshua : Now you get it , time to get this started . As per your request in the letter , I've observed everything that has happened during the working hours and ... well ... he took the bait .

Alinna (Shocked) : *Stood up instantly* WAT !? (Writer's note : Spoken in an eastern accent)

Joshua :  There you go again ! (Though I did too at that time ...)

Atramille : In addition to the success in question , I would like to thank you for agreeing to our request in procuring the necessary materials required in order to increase the success rate , mademoiselle Alinna .

Joshua : Huh ? Just what exactly ?

Alinna (Distraught) : *Hands planted on each side of the head , shaking head while letting out hysterical laughter every now and then* Bunch of ingredients , ingredients as bizarre as the name itself ... so she brought her other "friend" down here to show me what the hell it is ... *having delirium breakdown* yeah ... unannounced , unexplainable appearances again ... yeah ... insanity ...

Joshua : (She's mentally broken now ...) "Friend" ? Your "friend" , Atramille ?

Atramille : *Nods and points at Alinna* She's right there .

Just like how Aundlexia made her appearance in front of Alinna and Joshua , a lady with black hair that extend just over her shoulder that curls inwards at the end of it , clothed in jet black , body-fitting dress with white frills on each ends of the arm and neck and ruffled lower half that reaches all the way to her feet that covers all of her body , topping a jet black picture hat with white and red flowers all bundled on one side of it with a patterned veil covering her face with a decorated eye-patch in a semi-transparent manner , with her sky blue hair bleeding slightly below her shoulder line and outwardly , "magically" appeared behind Alinna , startling both of them once more . While still in a state of shock and delirium , she stealthily positions both palm close to her nose before she could see and react . The act caught her by surprise soon after realizing it , gasping from being startled before sliding down , out and away from her . Just as she positions herself behind Joshua , she began to wobble and faints soon after .

Joshua (Enraged) : *Goes to Alinna's side , checking on her condition* Just what the hell did you do to her ?!

Atramille : I can understand that you find our sudden act to be hostile . Rest assured that she is alright . She just took a whiff of an aromatic scent brewed by my sister .

Sky blue-haired lady : *Nods* ... aromatherapy .

Joshua : "Alright" ? She's out cold ! How can I believe what you said there ?!

Sky blue-haired lady : ... too potent ... ?

Atramille : ... another miscalculation ?

Half an hour later ...

Alinna (Groggy) : *Regains consciousness* Unghh ...

Joshua : Alright , she's up now . Both of you , apologize now !

Atramille : *Bows along with the sky blue-haired lady* I sincerely hoped that you'd forgive me for my act- ...

Alinna : Forget it ... whatever you did there ... I ... I can't bring myself to hate you for it .

Joshua (Surprised) : Woah ? Zen mode Alinna ? Alter-ego Alinna ?

Alinna : Shut it . Anyways , save that apology for later . Get the discussion going , please .

Joshua : Okay then . Who is she ? Some sort of ... witch ?

Sky blue-haired lady : *Trembles in fear upon hearing the word 'witch' , hid behind Atramille* ... have mercy .

Atramille : *Comforts her , puts up a serious face and stance in front of Joshua* I can understand that her recent actions and what she does fits the image that of a witch but I can vouch my existence that she isn't one of them . Please do not associate her as one who sold their soul to heretical beings . It wasn't her choice that she chose such path and masters in an art that had been perceived as taboo by you .

Joshua : *Feeling guilty , taken aback from Atramille's serious front* Uh , I ... didn't know it was a bad thing to call her as such ... uh , sorry ...

Alinna : (Scary ...) L-l-leave the introduction aside and resume with the report . Atramille ?

Atramille : *Nods then presents her with a business card with something written on it given to her by Ron's boss* Here .

Alinna : *Inspects the card given to her* ... this is his home address and ... his phone number ? Did he invite you or something ?

Atramille : Yes , he invited me to dine with him at his place .

Alinna : Alright , so he did ... *shocked* wait , to his house ? That early ?!

Atramille (Confused) : Is there a problem ?

Alinna : Nononono , not at all . I mean , that's good news ! Not according to plan ... but it's the result I'm lookng forward to ! Did you accept his proposal ?

Atramille : Yes .

Alinna : Great ! As nonsensical and shocking as I see it , I don't care ! An opportunity for us to frame him and possibly the entire company for all of the mistreatment and abuse towards all of the staffs in PD Department is now within' our grasp once more !

Atramille : But what about the letters ?

Joshua : Yeah , about that ... apparently him directing the letters to the company was because he might have learnt of the mail delivering service the company had established was still active - both of us went to the department in charge and confirmed this ourselves . However ... there's a change in the delivering system . No longer they will handle with delivering them personally , it's the department chiefs .

Alinna : I see ... it all makes perfect sense now ... all of it . Why the staffs no longer receive their mails out of sudden , why he had a sudden flip in personality ... why he couldn't bring himself to fire me after finding out about my actions ! I might've made a slip somewhere but all it takes is just one wrong move ... just ONE ! F***ing sleuth roach !

Joshua : But strangely , he still took the 'bait' *points finger at Atramille , indicating that she's the 'bait'* .

Alinna : *Scratches head* I find it too real to believe ...

Atramille : Your skepticism is understandable . Even with all the precautions I have taken to make sure that failure rate is low overall , there's always a possibility that such prospect might happen . However , it is a risk I'm willing to take , a risk that is overshadowed by the more serious case at hand that I am personally am responsible for it to happen in the first place . *Places hand close to her heart* When that time comes and I'll gladly offer my life to satisfy it ... whatever the fate dictates .

Alinna : What ... precautions are you talking about ?

A series of projection scenes of Atramilles mind when she was being asked to offer her hindsight after the success of the plan .

Atramille : My request for your assistance in teaching me ways of your life , even if the learning curve is impossibly steep is one of them . Without your guidance , with my current overall understanding , skill set , and experiences , it's almost certain that I might get caught . I appreciate your efforts and suggestions by sacrificing your wealth to grant me the best possible disguise but after the last failure , there's a possibility that he had his full awareness focused towards people who had appearances that of high social status or worst any new faces that exhibits the slightest acts that is deemed questionable in the slightest . You were aware of it as well the day after the failed attempt , hence why I made the request I've stated before along with a couple more , one of that is that you dressed me in appearances no grandeur to that of a middle-class citizen but with an extra criteria that it accentuates a female's sex appeal better , with the other being that you'd allow me to invite someone from my circle who will be essential in maximizing the success rate of the plan overall . The ingredient she had requested was needed to concoct a concoction that is perfect for the cause and goal of the first phase of your plan and I requested that she concocts something very potent but easy to conceal its existence and effects from public senses other that the intended target . All of it was in order to further bolster the success rate and drastically reducing the chance of fail- ... *Serious and determined expression* no , it must not fail ... at all cost .

Atramille's speech , a well-thought speech that can only come from someone with and who had experience and knowledge in covert and tactical operations , spoken with such intellect and charisma stuns both Alinna and Joshua still speechless .

Joshua (Flabbergasted) : *Whistles in awe* Woah ... she was spot on about you .

Alinna : What are you talking about ?

Joshua : Oh , I didn't tell you about it . In addition to all of that well-thought out preparations on her part , she also did all of that back when we were at the location where the letters we were looking for were supposed to be at . You already knew of the change in the system and what had that a*****e had done to the letters already but I forgot to tell you the part where the chief department in charge of the mailing service was about to send a report to the CEO directly about that a*****e's violation of responsibility and privacy . *Faces towards Atramille , trembling slightly* She stopped him before he could send it out , stating it might ruin the plan in hand and might prove useful when time comes . Something to do with "shock and awe , blitz tactic"

Alinna (Disbelief) : What ...

Joshua : Yeah ... who exactly are you ?

Atramille : To be truthfully honest , I don't know myself . It just happened ... instinctively .

Joshua (Terrified) : ... you and your lady friends ... you're all so full of mysteries , it's both fascinating and the same time frightening ...

Alinna : So that long silence from you when I was going through the whole history of the plan with your "sister" at that time ...

Atramille : *Nods* Yes .

And that one word response from Atramille silences the entire room . Upon hearing it , both Alinna and Joshua starts breaking out in cold sweat as to Atramille's true identity ... if she's really a maidservant ... or someone of sinister background ...

Sky blue-haired lady : *Taps on Alinna's shoulder* ... the plan .

Alinna : Plan ? ... yeah , that's right ! I completely forgot about it . *Clears throat* Since he actually took the 'bait' and brought you to his place , we can proceed to the 'main dish' of the plan ... but now that I think of it , I think it's still impossible to make him blurt out information on the letters whereabouts ... even if he's stone cold drunk .

Sky blue-haired lady : *Taps on Alinna's shoulder again* ...

Alinna : Huh ?

Sky blue-haired lady : ... I can do that .

Alinna : How ?

Sky blue-haired lady : ... necessary ingredients .

Alinna : ... again ?

A few days later , inside one of the many rooms of Alinna's house that was once empty , which now sits a large cauldron in the middle of it on top of stacks of burning firewood with a couple of tables with paraphernalia , some familiar but lots of odds to all , and strewn about are equally odd-looking oddities that looks like ingredients of sorts , something out of a fantasy . A sky-blue haired lady is seen standing in front of one of the desks . The only door leading into the room is seen being opened , Alinna and Atramille walks into the room towards the sky-blue haired lady .

Atramille : I'm here to collect them . The time has come ...

Sky blue-haired lady : *Presents her with a perfume bottle filled with dull-colored liquid and a two different but equally strange-colored tablet* ...

Atramille : Many thanks . I shall take my leave now . *bows and leaves the room*

Sky blue-haired lady : ... farewell .

Alinna : *Watches Atramille leaving the room* ...

Sky blue-haired lady : *Taps on Alinna's shoulder to alert and offers her a satchel filled with some unknown powder* ... here .

Alinna : Ah , thanks . (Hope this can force Ron to get much needed nap without any intervention from any of us physically ...)

*Sound of knocking on door*

Alinna : *Turns around facing towards the knocking sound* Who's th-

??? : As good as your intention may be , I recommend that you'd not do that .

Alinna (Startled) : Wah ! My- no ! Libra !

Libra : Oh my ... I thought I've made sure that I informed you of my forthcoming beforehand .

Alinna : That's my butler's job ! Didn't you inform him of your coming first ?

Libra : *Ponders for a moment* ... oh , I forgot about that . I'll keep that in mind .

Alinna : *Sigh* ... seriously , you all are real bunch of mysterious weirdos .

Sky blue-haired lady : ... "weirdo" ?

Libra : Putting that aside ... don't lull Ron into sleep .

Alinna (Angry) : What ? Are you asking me to further let him suffer more from sleep deprivation ? Even death ?!

Libra : I'm aware of that but I fear something even worse might happen if he ever takes another slumber ...

Alinna : That's an outrageous request coming from a ghost like you ! *Grits teeth* You'd best give me a god damn good reason for not allowing me to do so ...

Libra : Your anger is justifiable and as the matriarch of my brethren it warrants much needed reasoning . Ron , like all of our patrons can only visit the sanctum through special means - their souls will be transported instead of their physical body and only after they're deep in their sleep , with the help of the golden card in their possession . There , in the sanctum , they will receive an appropriate service according to their current struggles in life and once it's done , they'll be sent back to their physical bodies . Ron's a special case ... . Made dire due to unforeseen series of events I didn't pay much heed and importance the moment it occurred and tried to prevent . Our patron's soul will only make their visit to our sanctum once and once they've done so , they can never visit it again as the golden card dematerializes right after their return . That wasn't the case for Ron ... the golden card never dematerializes . Because of that , everytime he goes into slumber , his soul will always end up in the sanctum and with each appearances , it became increasingly difficult to 'encourage' his soul to return back to his physical body . I've exhausted all options and methods in preventing his visitations to the sanctum ... but all had but kept his soul away from the sanctum , all but one method , *expression turned solemn and pained* one that I wished I never had to do ... ever ... but in order to make sure that it doesn't get anymore dire than it should , I made that decision to prevent him from falling asleep again .

Alinna : *Throws fist down , discontent and enraged* That still doesn't sound comparable and make sense at all !

Libra : That I would agree on if it was from a human's point of view . But it's not much different from that if his soul does not return back to his physical body anymore . Think of it like an unconscious person but it last for as long as it remains soulless .

Alinna : *Pales out* ...

Sky-blue haired lady : *Pays respect to both Libra and Alinna before leaving the room with a smoking incense tray in hand* ...

Libra : *Looks towards the sky-blue haired lady leaving the room* Without her expertise and assistance , his soul would've latched onto the sanctum for eternity , unwilling to return back to his physical body ... unable to see him like you would , should and wanted to . When I heard that she was summoned to your side by Atramille , I asked her to do her best to keep Ron alive . She gave me her words ... giving it her all in ensuring that Ron's vitality doesn't wane out and leaves for the afterlife , just like she tried her best in 'encouraging' his soul to return back to his physical body everytime he ends up in my sanctum *Turns around facing Alinna with a mellow smile and expression* ... I'm sure Atramille is too .

Scene transition to the series of events and activities of Atramille , dressed in a dark velvet , silk gown with a deep neck and back plunge and a pair of semi-transparent deep red veil drooping down to the elbow hanging from the shoulder and a small bundle of velvet lilies tucked in-between strands of light blonde , wavy hair that seem to emit a light radiant as it reflects the moonlight beaming on its surface . A large , golden armlet studded with gemstones , mainly black opal is worn on one of her arm , entering into the backseat of a cab and being taken to her next plan's location , with a few back scene of where Alinna and Libra is .

Libra : Beyond doubt , I can tell that you can't help but to question her every actions that you and Joshua will find it unlike her . All I can is this ... have faith in her and her intentions . She probably had to set aside her feelings , her regrets ... and the most telling one , her guilt ... all for the sake of keeping her focus solely on duties she was entrusted to handle and accomplish , both mine ... and yours . That unwavering , undying devotion to whatever duties she was entrusted to ... *gives one last mild grin and exits the room* that's so like her , always giving it her all . I wonder why ...

Watching the departure and the closing of the door before her , she stares beyond the emptiness of her thought that was once filled with disillusions of the activities Libra and her 'sisters' the she had seen as disrespectful and insensitive , finding means to repent for her anonymity towards them all alone in the room ...

Alinna (Thought) : ... Atramille ... I may have gravely misunderstood her actions . She , Libra , Aundlexia and the girl in sky blue hair ... they're just doing what they could on their part ... just so Ron could live a normal life once more ... Joshua was right all along ... it wasn't them who were being childish and immature all the while ... it's me ...

A mid-transition scene to a full view of a high-class two-story modern villa at night . Several high-powered spot lights beaming on all four corners , further emphasizing the marble white concrete walls and the dark brown , wooden veranda and sidewalks . A marble gazebo with a Jacuzzi visible from the outside is seen standing out in the backyard , surrounded by well-maintained carpet grass that extends all the way to the front yard , dotted with stone slabs and several exotic-looking trees and shrubs . One side of the villa's wall is made out almost entirely of clear glass , allowing a clear view of the living room of the house , where a male figure is seen walking around in it . Atramille is seen standing outside and in the foreground of the scene , next to a parked taxi , staring at the building before walking towards the front door .

*Sound of opening door*

Ron's boss : Come on in , sweetie ~ ...

Atramille : *Bows and walks past him*

Ron's boss (Thought) : *Takes a deep whiff of the fragrance trail being made by Atramille and stares at her in a flirtatious manner* My , my ... such bodacious and exotic figure ... befitting such provocative dress of choice , Atramille de Sekiss ... (Writer's note : He can't pronounce her familial name properly . Totally given . I dare you pronounce it without my help .) *shuts door after Atramille had entered*

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 15 : Karma

In the living room of the villa owned by Ron's boss , romantic lighting lights up the room , with soothing orchestral music being played from an expensive looking set of stereo surround sound speakers , in an attempt in raising the 'romantic' atmosphere . On the glass coffee table surrounded by glossy black sofa set , a plate full of assorted chocolates and other mouth-washer bites , accompanied by a bottle of fine wine and a couple of crystal wine glass , all looked luxurious and exquisite that only the rich and famous could afford and enjoy . Atramille is seen seated before it and next to her with his arms stretched out , seemingly relieving himself .

Ron's boss : *Takes a deep breath* Hahh , I'm stuffed . I gotta say ... you look stunning ! *Takes a deep whiff near Atramille's neck* ... and you smell ... exotic . What's your secret to such alluring pheromone ever since the day our eyes met ?

Atramille : Thank you for your compliment , monsieur . *Light smile* It wouldn't be a secret if I told you in the first place ... don't you think ?

Ron's boss : My , my , my ... you know how to keep a gentleman like me attached to you for as long as you want . Anyways , forgive me for even questioning your personal secrets . I'm just a bit ... apprehensive with anything happening around me due to ... well , it's a secret *snide and lustful smirk* . Oh my , where are my manners ~ ! Name's Wuhrer ... *kisses Atramille's back hand* Mr. Wuhrer . (Writer's note : A homage to James Bond)

Atramille : I'm curious ... Mr. Wuhrer , why would a decent person like you who did nothing wrong would need to be apprehensive with his surroundings ... could you perhaps enlighten me with your problem ?

Wuhrer (Apprehensive) : ... do you know of Alinna Zhu ?

Atramille : "Aleena Shoe" ? *Tilts head in confusion*

Ron's Boss : Hurmmph ... (Strange ... I can't shake off that feeling that she might being truthful about not knowing her . Oh well ...) . Wait here , be right back . I'll bring something that might enlighten you . *Runs off into his bedroom*

Atramille : *Bows* Certainly ...

The moment Wuhrer's enters into his bedroom , Atramille began meddling with her armlet , revealing a couple of different but otherwise strange-colored tablet stored within a small compartment inside the armlet . She immediately consumed one of the tablet and dropped the other into the drink that of Wuhrer's , swiftly dissolving itself completely without leaving a trace of its existence . She then pulled out a bottle filled with dull-colored liquid from her purse and began masking it all over her in a very light coating before returning back to her idle state , awaiting Wuhrer's return .

Wuhrer : *Closed the room door and makes his way towards Atramille with a box filled with papers* ... okay , I've brought them . But ... (Hurrrm , even though I believe that she has no relationship with that eyesore , why am I ...)

Atramille : *Approaches Wuhrer and offers him the drink spiked with the diluted strange-colored tablet* I can understand that what you are going to show me are meant to be kept private . *Approaches him even closer and more intimately* Would a nice , long exchange in conversation be a good start be a good start for you ?

Wuhrer : *Heavy breathing , blushing* W-w-w-why sure , that sounds good ! S-sh-shall we ? *Takes a gulp of the drink in an attempt at recomposing himself* (Woah , that allurement of hers got stronger that I'm starting to get a boner . Is she ... courting me ?)

Three hours later , midnight ...

Wuhrer : Hahaha , right ? If it weren't for the change in the mailing system , I wouldn't had found out about her plan ! Damn , that b***h is good ... but not good enough to outwit my intellect and power !

Atramille : I'm curious ... you're not worried at all . For someone with such respectable intelligence , you're aware about telling such secrecy to complete stranger like me , don't you ?

Wuhrer : Hmm ? Now that you mention it , *scratches head , confused* ... hmmmgh , I don't even know myself . I just feel like I can trust you ... yeah , I do ... do I ?

Atramille : *Nods with a mild yet mysterious smile* Allow me to offer you the 'solution' to all your problems ... *Approaches Wuhrer in a very seductive manner , with one of his arm wedged in-between her chest while placing her mouth close to his ear and whispered in an erotic manner* I can tell , your restless eyes says it all . I'll offer you "that" and you can decide when you want it and in return , I want your trust in me ... that's it . *Picks up a piece of chocolate bite and shoved it into his gapping mouth , following up with a kiss on the cheeks* What do you think , Wuhrer . The . Great ?

Wuhrer : *Gulps down the chocolate , fidgeting and nervous* ...

Atramille : *Slides away from Wuhrer and settles down in the other corner of the sofa* I'll await your call ...

Wuhrer (Thought) : That proposal really is one-sided ... nah , who cares . All that matters is that she knew what I truly wanted from her and she gave me the green light ! *Tight clenching of both fist , cries and grins internally in joy* THE TIME HAS COME ! I'M FINALLY GOING TO GET IT !

Atramille : So , wha-

Wuhrer : *Stood up instantly* DEAL !

Atramille : *Stands up and smiles* ... lead the way .

And so , Wuhrer brings her into his sleeping chamber , all psyched up for the long awaited "action" he longed for , especially from someone like Atramille ...

Inside Wuhrer's bedroom , Wuhrer is seen lying on his velvet bed that could fit half a dozen of him , robed in a white fur sleeping gown , looking up at the lavender white ceiling in a state of daze , whistling gleefully as he awaits his much desired 'reward' . A set of side-tables and front trunks hugging the sides and front of the bed , with a marble work desk being placed at the opposite of the bed , with a safe right under it . Several posters of girls in suggestive dresses and poses are on display all over the front of the work desk and wall-mounted lamps illuminates the posters and the room a dim warm light , creating a romantic and erotic atmosphere .

Atramille : *Approaches Wuhrer on his bed* May I sit ?

Wuhrer : *Heavy breathing and gulps deeply* W-w-why sure !

Atramille : ... *Sits on the bed , back facing Wuhrer*

Minutes of silence passes by with Wuhrer grew increasingly antsy , fidgeting around as he's restrains himself from doing something indecent as he had his gazes fixated on Atramille's exposed back of her dress as she's preoccupied with mending her hair , catching glimpses of her side breast every now and then , challenging his restraints in his lustful urges . Unable to hold back any longer , he lunges towards Atramille , hugging her from behind with one hand tucked inside her dress , groping and fondling her breast while the other wraps around her waist in a lustrous embrace as he began breathing and sweating heavily as a result from drowning himself in lust . Before he could land his first kiss on her , she had one of her hand raised right at his face , with the other pulling his hand away and out of her dress .

Atramille : I have something that just came in mind ... a proposal . Do you have room for one more small request from me ?

Wuhrer : *Face flushed red* W-wh-why sure ! What is it ?

Atramille : Not long ago , I went to the mailing department to obtain a letter meant for me but unfortunately they told me to look for you to get them .

Wuhrer : Oh ? You wanted your letters ? Well , *scratches cheek* I could but ... uh ...

Atramille : *Lays down on bed next to Wuhrer in the opposite direction* Please ?

Wuhrer : *Makes a full sweeping gaze of Atramille laid next to him in a rather enticing manner* ... alright then , only for you ...

Seeing this as an opportunity for Atramille to find out where Wuhrer stashed the rest of the letters , she had her focus and sight on every movements and action he makes , without arousing his attention as he sat in front of a safe that was placed underneath his work desk and opens it . Although she couldn't get a clear sight of him pressing the access codes , she's able to catch on and memorized certain buttons he had pressed before the safe's being opened . Letters and mails pours out as he digs and sifts inside the safe for the letter she requested for . Her expression turned sour as she witnessed before her very own eyes just what kind of person he is , confirming all of Alinna's claims and accusations of him . Realizing that she is in the middle of her duties , she calms and recomposes herself and continues playing her role while he is still busy looking for it .

Moments later ...

Wuhrer : *Closes safe and turns around* Whew , took a while but here it is , your let- ... -ter ...

... A partially covered but otherwise naked Atramille leaning on a headboard in a sultry gesture and stare welcomes him ...

Atramille : Can I have it . Right . Now ? *Waves for Wuhrer to come to her*

*The sound of a flipswitch being flipped*

Wuhrer : *Throws the letter away and leaps onto Atramille , while undressing himself* Bon Appétit ! Here I come ~~~ !

Atramille : Nyaa-hah !

And so Wuhrer , fueled by the built-up , overflowing sexual drive , advances onto Atramille , ravishing her every erogenous parts like a lustful madman . He began indulging himself by sinking his face on her breasts and cleavage , occasionally rubbing on it as his hands does all stimulation to further arouse her - sliding , pinching , fondling and groping , every action sends an electrifying sensation throughout her body , she twitches and fidgets constantly , unable to hold back her moans and groans . However , the irresistibility of her pronounced breasts before his eyes had pushed him over the edge of sanity as he began sucking and kissing on them aggressively accompanied by his relentless fondling in a voracious manner .

Atramille : You're an animal ! I feel god-awfully good !!!

Wuhrer (Elated) : Damn right you do ! I'm a GOD when it comes to pleasing the ladies !

Atramille : Why not skip to the main course of the day ? *Rubs on her soaking wet v****a* Look , you've stimulated me so much , my p***y's rearing to be 'destroyed' by your big , hard d**k ! *Groans* ... ngghh , hurry up ...

In a rather comical way , Atramille's erotic plea for his 'embrace' pumps Wuhrer's libido up , turning him into a literal "ball of fire" , further overloading his sexual desire . Without a moment to pause , he rammed his raging hard p***s riddled with veins that's raring to pop at any moment into her soaking wet v****a with brute force , knocking her back and onto the headboard of the bed , forcing her to let out a loud scream from such impact to her insides , bringing her a blast of sheer pleasure and orgasm upon penetration . A surge of sheer bliss starts coursing through his p***s and eventually envelops his entire body and mind , blocking all means of thought and reasoning . Like an animal in heat with mating being the only thing he had in mind and nothing else , his hips began thrusting instinctively at an increasing pace and intensity , to the point where the heavy bed they're on begins rocking and creaking , straining to fall apart . A series of moans and groans and straining sound of the bed they're on trying to bear the aggressive movements saturates the entire room as the rapid pounding continues on , slowly drowning in lust and pleasure ...

Atramille : *Endless release of groans and moans of pleasure* Ahh ! Nghhh ! Ngaah ! SOOOOO GOOD !!!

Wuhrer : F***ing *censored* , the insides of you feels too heavenly , I can't stop myself from violating them anymore ! Oh sh** , I'm- *Howls* !!!

The scene pans in a direction away from the current event , revealing the other end of the room , offering a panoramic view of the entire room . Atramille , still in her dress , is seen standing by the work desk on the other end of the setting , observing Wuhrer humping his pillow passionately and vigorously , thinking that he's still having sex with her as he moans , groans and screams sexual-related vocabularies alone in his bed .

Atramille (Thought) : *Watches Wuhrer unamused* ... too potent again , but regardless ... *turns around and toward the safe beneath the work desk* ... that 'shiny' box .

Atramille seats herself by the safe in silence , trying to recollect anything she saw not long ago that are vital in unlocking the safe . In her recollection , though not in clear view , she's able to see parts of it through a gap in-between his arm and torso , and fortunately , part of the keypad . Focusing on his finger movements to see what button had been pressed , she able to make out part of process and password . Upon pressing the first button of the partial password she had memorized , the beeping sound being made made her realized that he may have pressed more buttons than what she had seen . Putting herself into a zen-like state of mind , she concentrates on key things she may have disregarded but it came out blank . Looking around for another possible clue to help her figure out the full password for the safe , she discovers a lamp mounted on a wall nearby shining at her . She doesn't seem to mind it at first but as she noticed the direction and placing of the shadow being casted off her body as the result of that lamp . Curious , she places her finger close to the safe and discovers that the shadow is being formed by her fingers in an intriguing manner that seemed vital to her , prompting her to go back to her zen-like state of mind but having her focus on the shadow being casted by his hand onto the safe . Though it wasn't a clear cut , it was still enough for her to make out the remaining buttons being pressed behind his torso by tracking the position of the shadow in-line with the buttons visibly seen with her naked eye and the distance the shadow is from the buttons . With what could be the complete and correct password in mind , she pressed the remaining password on the keypad - "Enter" , "9" , "8" , "0" , "4" , "2" , "8" and then "Enter" again . The loud beeping sounds made by the opening safe startles her , prompting her to take a swift glance back at Wuhrer in bed to check if he was alerted by the beeping sound , only to be relieved that he's still busy with his "activity" . Thanks to his rather 'loud' activities in bed , she turned her focus back to the safe that's now being partially opened by the spilling of contents contained within' - huge piles of letters , along with several oddities that she isn't familiar with .

Atramille : *Stares at the pile* ... I should look for it now ...

*Sound of creaking wooden floor nearby*

Atramille (Startled) : Who goes there ? *turns head towards the source of sound*

??? : It's your cab driver .

Atramille : *At ease* How were you able to get in here , monsieur Danny ?

Danny : Through the sliding door by the living room . It wasn't locked . Say , you're planning on taking back all of these ?

Atramille : I had planned to .

Danny : Well , sorry to break this news to you but ... don't .

Atramille : Why ?

Danny : Well , I'm no law enforcement officer but I've known enough through documentaries that in order to accuse someone effectively , you'd need proof of evidence . Just from the meeting I was involved in last time , I can tell Alinna wants some means to sue her company she once worked in . *Plucks out a letter with a name he's familiar with* Ooh ? Ain't these person one of my regular customer ? God , that's awful not receiving them before he took his own life . See ? Concrete evidence .

Atramille : I understand but Ron's sister's letter is still of an utmost importance that I must retrieve as soon as possible . Ron's life withers away as time passes by and we currently had very little left to spare .

Danny : Hmm ... alrighty then . I'll help you out but only look for the letter in question . Remember to leave the rest alone .

Atramille : Understood . I'll do as you say .

Danny : *Stares at Wuhrer* Let's get the search going now and be done with ASAP before that horny loony snaps out of his perverted wonderland ...

Atramille : ... I couldn't agree with you more .

A couple of hours later , back at Alinna's house , Atramille and Danny is seen following the wirings that snakes all the way into the slim gap beneath the door of a room .

Danny : Yo , good news , we've suc- ... cessfull- ... uh , Alinna ?

Alinna , all greyed out having her soul knocked out of her seats in front of several high-tech surveillance equipment and instruments , hunched on the chair lifeless , seemingly unresponsive to their arrival for a brief moment . In a slow and jerky manner , she turned her head towards Atramille , confounded and shocked pale like a corpse . She trembles her way towards Atramille , resting her hands on her shoulder with a rather light smacking impact upon reaching . She tried to construct a sentence in her rather shaken state of mind , in tears and drenched in sweat .

Alinna (Stupefied) : I don't know ... how am I ... thank you ... ? You ... you all ... what ... what are you ? ... tell me now ...

Danny : Say ... just what went on while I was away ?

Atramille : Nothing happened .

Meanwhile , back in Wuhrer's bedroom , where it's shown that he's still at it ...

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 16 : Justice

A full frontal view of Alinna's stone mansion basking under the searing morning light on the following day , columns of mainly Corinthian order acts as support beams for the building itself , the floors and its flat-top , well-ornate white roof . White marble-granite blocks of near-perfect geometric shapes makes up the walls in-between the columns , leaving parts of the columns visible in the exterior , with series of equally highly-ornate arched windows dots its surface . In front of the building , a large marble statue stood in front of the building and a centerpiece of the scene with the driveway made of cobblestones encircling it . A well-maintained hedges forms a natural divider between the driveway , the mansion and adjacent gardens surrounding the mansion and a forest of spruce that surrounds the entire mansion . An unknown vehicle is seen making its way to the building .

Alinna's butler : Oh , a guest . *Approaches and readies himself to greet the person in the car*

A dark-glassed lady with a charismatic stature and posture , dressed in a black work suit with its matching tie and trousers emerges out of a luxurious car and made a quick scan of her surroundings before being welcomed by Alinna's butler .

Alinna's butler : Oh , Lady Vanessa , it's been a while !

Vanessa : Is my little sister at home ?

Alinna's butler : What business do you have with her , madamme ?

Vanessa : I'm here because she called me to meet her . The reason is classified .

Alinna's butler : Understood . She's in her bedroom .

Vanessa : Thanks ! *Walks into the mansion*

Vanessa strides her way up to the second floor , but immediately changed her pacing and movement as soon Alinna's room is within sight as she tip-toes slowly towards the door . She stood there for a brief moment and starts taking in deep breath and-


The roaring howl of a lion rocked the entire mansion off of its foundation , rattling the life of those within the vicinity - the maidservants and butlers , cooks , gardeners , utility workers and the person most affected by the "calling" , Alinna , who squealed incoherent vocabularies the moment she hears it . Ron , who was nearby , is still curled in the corner , muttering to himself and Alinna's personal butler by the door , wasn't fazed by Vanessa's actions

A short side solo-shot scenes of Ron and Alinna's butler who was by the door .

Alinna's butler : *Sigh* That's very Vanessa Zhu . Ah , memories ...

Back at the scene where Vanessa is ...

Vanessa opens the door leading into Alinna's room to inspect on her . Stationeries were strewn about around , with blotches of spilt ink from a toppled over inkwell staining the carpet flooring and its all over Alinna as well , with few small pieces of paper stuck on certain parts of her face as a result of the ink . She is seen on her rear on the floor in the middle of the mess as a result from the sudden screaming made by Vanessa .

Vanessa : *Snort* ... gotcha .

Alinna (Furious) : It's not funny at all ! Didn't you get the memo at all ?!

Vanessa : Oh ? I thought it was so that I don't startle you like this everytime we meet ?

Alinna : You think I'm the kind of person who would joke around freely ?! We were all keeping our activities as discreet as possible because I got a friend of mine here who is having a mental breakdown nearby ! Thanks to you , he might go through it again !

Vanessa : A-ah , my bad , my xiao meimei (Writer's note : "Adorable" little sister) , my bad , okie ? I can't help but to pull a quick prank on you . So don't be mad at me , pleeease ?

Alinna : *Turned away dissatisfied* Hmph !

Vanessa : Awwh ~ . But it's also your fault too , you know ? I miss you so much ... *pouts* I feel very lonely ever since you last contacted me , sooo lonely . Paperworks , meetings , business travels ... *presses two fingers together on and off*

Alinna : ... fine , I'll forgive you . Just stop welcoming me in such a manner , will you ?!

Vanessa : *Sticks tongue out* Teehee , yee ~~ ! I promise I won't ? !

Alinna (Skeptic) : *Picks up a box filled with what looked to be tapes* (Your cringy behavior says otherwise ...) Anyways , here ! *offers them to Vanessa*

Vanessa : Oh ? What's this ?

And so Vanessa began listening to the tapes , plugging both ears and had her focus on what's being recorded in them . She had her serious expression on her face for a period of time until at one point , her expression began distorting into a state of disbelief as cold sweat began forming on her exposed skins . She continued on listening until the very end and when it was done , she pulled out her earphones with the last expression still being shown as if it was already frozen onto her permanently .

Vanessa (Disbelief) : ... Allie (Writer's note : Alinna's nickname) , is what I'm hearing now ...

Alinna : Yes , you heard it right . Your much needed 'leverage' ...

Vanessa : But , this is too real to be true . It's like this person literally unhinged , blurting out without a single care in mind of the consequences !

Alinna : Yyyeph ...

Vanessa : What did you-

Alinna : It wasn't me .

Vanessa : ... then who was the lady in the recordings ?

Alinna : A monster .

Vanessa (Puzzled) : A ... monster ?

Alinna : Monster , mythical beings , ethereal manifestations of god , whatever it is you wanted to call them , that is if you do encounter them , if anything , it's anything but human . They're the one pulling the vital and important strings on the defunct plan of yours while I provided the gadgets you've given to me before that they quote "not familiar with but otherwise be of use to them" . If you're not convinced yet , why don't you meet the mastermind behind the success and ask her yourself ? She even asked you to act now .

Vanessa (Shocked) : H-hold it ! What's the rush-

Alinna : "Better execute the attack now or risk the chance of a failure again" ... *Shakes head in total disbelief* don't ask me why or how she knew you'd be in no rush to pursue immediately into delivering the coup de grâce but I had to agree with her suggestion . So , you'd best act quickly or he might find out about it and begin thwarting your plan once more . Oh , if you do want to thank her still , don't bother looking for her ... she will come to you instead .

Vanessa : *Creeped out* ... o ... okay ... *leaves the scene*

Alinna : *Sees her big sister's departure* ... *deep sigh of relief and satisfaction* ... finally ... *gazes at the ceiling above* ... Ron ... hang in there until then .

Several days later , back inside Planning & Development (PD) Department ...

Life goes on for the staffs working the department , mundane , burned out and unlively , all but Wuhrer , doing what he'd always do the moment he was assigned as the chief of the department , having his legs perched on the workdesk seemingly in a state of bliss , preoccupied with the handheld device in hand ... until the CEO stormed into the department unannounced , accompanied by a couple of law enforcement officers , catching all , especially Wuhrer , by surprise . Clearly mad from his flushed red facial expression dotted by bloated veins alone , he makes a beeline towards Wuhrer's work desk , seemingly in an attempt at confronting him .

Wuhrer : *Hid away his handheld device before the CEO had a chance at spotting it and stood up immediately* B-b-boss ! ... and cops ?

Company CEO : Wuhrer , you are fired , effective immediately . *Signals a go ahead directed at the police officers behind him* Arrest him .

Wuhrer : Heh ? Fired ? Arrested ? Is this a surprise prank for me ?

Company CEO : Do I look like I'm in the mood to pull a prank on you ?

Police Officer : You're under arrest under second-degree negligence-

Company CEO : Don't even bother to listing the crimes he committed and names of the affected ones .

Wuhrer : Wha-what are you talking about ? I did noth-

Company CEO : *Pulls out a report written by the Chief Management of Mailing Department* I do now . Take him away ! I want to have a talk with the staffs here in private . *Sees Wuhrer being taken away*

Wuhrer : *Struggles to set himself free* That's baseless accusations ! You've got nothing on me - none of you all do ! NOTHING !!! I'll be set free soon and I'll get even with you and everyone in this sh*tty place for putting an innocent gentleman like in the hell HOLE !

The live arrest and removal of Wuhrer , fuming from the "false" accusations made by his CEO , out of the company to be taken into custody caused a commotion among all the staffs currently present within the department , a never heard before situation for a department that was known to be eerily silent . Most of the staffs expressed their disbelief and surprise over the sudden booting of Wuhrer off the company , even more so when he is also arrested , otherwise they had a grin and elated expression on their faces . Joshua , who is in the midst of the "celebration" , just smiles along , knowing that the person he and Alinna wanted to see finally getting justice being served to him on a platter and he glances towards Atramille every once in a while , as she is seen observing the situation occurring right before her eyes , as if she's accessing it .

Company CEO : ... *Clears throat* everyone , please calm down and be seated . I would like to make an announcement . First of all ... *Bows a full 90 degrees* ... my deepest , sincerest apologies to all of the staffs of this department for all the suffering he had caused that I wasn't being informed of and condolences to the victims of his doings that took their lives . It was irresponsible and neglectful of me as the CEO of Hoff's Advertising Agency for not making sure that all those who work under this roof are to be treated with care and respect , something that is a core for all company's health . I should've made a routine visitation but instead I relied on the reports given by my the representative of each department ... and placed too much faith on their words and duties . *Bows again* I deeply regret this decision of mine ...

The CEO's sudden act of bowing in front of them , expressing his deepest regret and guilt for his shortcoming and for what Wuhrer had done to the staffs of his department that he hadn't realized it sooner in addition to that he took his time to come down here to deliver his feelings about the situation caught the entire staff in the department in complete surprise , silencing them up .

??? : *Stood by the entrance* Apology alone had very little compensation value in nullifying the damage caused by his actions .

Company CEO : What do you expect me to do then ... "Corporation's Harbinger of Death" ? Raze this company down to the ground and be part of the remnants of companies you have set your eyes on and ruined as well with your authoritative and influential power of your family's name ?

Vanessa : First , if you already knew that I'm a daughter of a very influential family of power , let me remind you as to who ratted out the mole behind your company's dark reputation for the past several years . If you got the memo then refer to me by my name - Vanessa Zhu ! Consider this as a warning or I'll go ahead and do exactly what you think I am going to do if you're feeling lucky , then you can go ahead and call me by that "title" and rot along with those failures of businessman and entrepreneurs because that's what they resort to while not admitting to their own cowardice and immaturity , blaming everything but themselves for the failure in keeping their own company afloat , so that makes point number two . Third , yes I'm here because you're on my radar but no , I came here for these people , not you and your company's pitiful demise from the wound being inflicted by that person . That fault's on you for quote ,"placing too much faith on their words and duties" . Power is the most dangerous tool mankind can get hold to and because of that , it has ways to corrupt the wielder . You shouldn't had given too much power to your right-hand men and leave them do their thing unsupervised .

Company CEO : ... I-

Vanessa : If you still believe that I'm here for this company ... *made a charismatic approach towards the CEO* you open to my ... "propositions" ?

Company CEO : What ?

Vanessa : I know , I know ... "It's rather rude and disrespectful for someone who had zero relations and ties with my company to make any form of propositions , demands and requests . Therefore , I will reject any propositions of yours" , right ?

She then pulls out and flashes a portable tape player and proceeds into playing it , seemingly in a taunting manner . What's being played is an audio conversation between Atramille and Wuhrer , where it plays the part of the conversation where Wuhrer reveals his plot at defaming the CEO into retirement . And as soon as it was being played , she stops it and glares at the CEO with a menacing , darkened gaze and expression , as if she is peering deep into his soul .

Wuhrer : That CEO is so oblivious of what I've been scheming , that I had no problem building up my case in order to frame him .

Atramille : What kind of case are you talking about that you're in the middle of building ?

Wuhrer : It's an attack on his reputation by tarnishing his Achilles heel , the company itself . It's his father's company after all , so it must've been hard for him to maintain and keep watch over it . So what I did first is to add more burden by taking in lots and lots of projects . With more projects comes with more workload for the employees in the company and thus , more paperworks for him . It went swimmingly as he began giving more power to the department chiefs over control of their staffs . That's when I began phase two , which is-

*Tape player stops playing*

Vanessa : Need another reminder ... again ?

Company CEO (Pale) : *Given in to her terrifying gaze* ... state your proposition ... please .

Vanessa : Glad that you got the message . NOW ... *offers him a sheet of paper listing the "demands" made by her for the CEO to adhere to*

Agreement of Responsibility

This agreement is created in response to the success of a nearly a decade old plan initialized by the agreement proposer , Vanessa Zhu , with the goal of finding out the source/root cause of all the rumors , allegations and dark reputations that stems from this company and means to pursue a lawsuit against the company (if it were the case) and/or the person responsible for smearing the same bad reputation onto a company under the supervision of Vanessa Zhu , Miracle Pharmaceuticals , which nearly garnered bad press worldwide .

The goal of this agreement is to offer means for the CEO of Hoff's Advertising Agency , under the proposer's (Vanessa Zhu) terms , means of reparation for all the damages his company had suffered due to the actions of Wuhrer Gordolla that had gone unsupervised and unmoderated for nearly a decade by offering a joint effort between the CEO of Hoff's Advertising Agency and the Chief Advisor of Miracle Pharmaceuticals , Vanessa Zhu , both affected by Wuhrer's countless act of unruly , inhumane misconducts and tyranny . The agreements are :

1. You will hereby to submit your resignation from your position as the CEO of Hoff's Advertising Agency effective within a month to Vanessa Zhu personally . Replacement CEO will be decided by Vanessa Zhu or representatives of her trusted right-hand men via a board meeting through voting , not on the basis of next in-line promotion (Vice CEO , for example) . Your history , achievements , acclamation and contributions to the company before the creation of this agreement will remain .

2. In addition to your resignation , you will be offered a new position that puts you in a temporary position that is considered as "indirect involvement" to the company , as a hired guest supervisor (an unofficial position exclusive to the oath/contract to the company itself) to serve alongside me (Vanessa Zhu) who will assume the position of chief advisor for the newly-elected CEO to take the reign , once you've submitted your resignation letter to Vanessa Zhu . Your position will be treated as a job and therefore , will be given monthly wages (will be set upon employment) and mandatory retirement bonus for when you officially retire from the job .

3. The revenue income generated and reserves will be split 10/90 to you and the other to Vanessa Zhu , the proposer of said proposition . The profit and the reserve money Vanessa Zhu owns and control will be funded to a charity focused on aiding the victims of (mainly) Planning & Development (PD) department once managed by Wuhrer by offering them a lump sum of wealthfare and healthcare funds accordingly (monetary compensations) .

4. You are do your part and fulfill these duties given to you by Vanessa Zhu as part of the reparation process of company's reputation and integrity (or if it was beyond reparation , damage control would have to do) :
- Retrieving/relinquishing seized possession(s) currently owned/held by Wuhrer , bundles of letters and mails ceased by Dushlam Police Department via reporting an appeal/pardon . Upon a successful claim , you are to deliver them (personally) to their respective recipients , or the representative of recipients who are either permanently incapacitated physically , mentally or pronounced deceased (Which is claimed to be true) .
- Making an official apology statement/speech to/for the current employees working in the Planning & Development (PD) department in the most direct , truthful and honest manner . This also extends to the public media , should they decide to cover it .
- Claim responsibility in reparation process and fulfilling the proposal given by Vanessa Zhu by making use of the company's reserves to pay for the wealthfare and healthcare to those affected .

5. You are to immediately assume a low profile and remain silent from here upon signing this agreement on anything pertaining to the case at hand , about the agreement itself and your personal opinion and statements about it unless being asked to by Vanessa Zhu and any of her trusted associates for legal and safety reasons .

Upon agreeing to this agreement , you are hereby relinquishing control of the company to Vanessa Zhu , who will be in charge of the reparation upon the eviction and arrest of the root cause of the company's current state that the public has established it as . Pray that it wasn't too late ..."

Beneath it , two underlined spaces on each end meant for signatures to be signed on , with one being signed by Vanessa herself while the other was left blank , meant for the CEO of Hoff's Advertising Agency's signature and an additional note scrawled on by someone .

"I want you to seize control of Wuhrer's personal bank account and use it to pay off one of my friend's outstanding debts he had accumulated throughout his years of suffering working in that damned department under his merciless grip , along with those permanently affected heavily by his "actions" .

- Alinna Zhu , the person responsible for ratting out the person responsible for the gradual and ever-rotting state of your company's integrity and reputation ."[/font][/size]

Company CEO (Baffled) : ... this "demands" are outlandi- *got interrupted by the sight of Atramille , who stepped in-between them out of thin air* ... who are you ?

Atramille : Pardon me for interrupting into your conversation but as part of the worker working in this department , I would like to offer my story that may help better your perception on the discussion at hand , if you don't mind .

Company CEO : ... alright , I'm listening .

Vanessa (Thought) : ... is she the one my sister was talking about ?

Moments later after Atramille is done telling her story to the CEO and Vanessa ...

Atramille : I have done my part and therefore , take my leave now . *Bows and leaves*

Vanessa : Well ?

Company CEO : That's ... not what I wished upon my own employees when I took over this company on behalf of my deceased father ...

Vanessa : I take that as you finally see the fairness of the agreement , considering the amount of "garbage" and "faeces" he had dumped and smeared all over your company , while you are being as blind as a bat to not realize it , quoting that from your Chief Management of Mailing Department I've just talked to before coming here . *Whistles out calling for someone*

Vanessa's man : *Enters the scene and presents her with a mystery box* Here you go .

Vanessa : Flip the box here with care , please . Thank you ~ ? . *Reveals its content - more tapes similar to what he had in possession and a tall stack of papers* Here , sir , is just a tiiiny fraction of his "mess" . Personal top priority copies , of course . Had to reason real hard with the cops just to get exemption for all of these ...

Company CEO : *Inspects the pile* Company feedbacks , police reports , eulogie- ... wait , eulogies ?!

Vanessa : From the family members of the deceased former employees from this department . Some of them even went public , didn't you know ? Were you living under the rock when all of this is happening around you ? "Reasons , reasons , reasons" ... you know what , you can simply not sign the agreement and let you deal with thi-

Company CEO : *Signs the agreement , disgruntled but out of own free will* ...

Vanessa : *Shrewd smile* ... hmph . It's a deal then . *Snatches and rolled the signed agreement paper* The gears are now set into motion ... *points at the crowd of employees of the department* starting with them . *Waves and leaves the scene*

Upon leaving the scene and the company CEO all to himself with the crowd of restless and agitated employees of PD department , he began getting swarmed by comments and complaints by them causing him to panic as he tries his best at damage control , alerting the rest of the employees nearby into investigating the commotion occurring within their vicinity . Meanwhile , as Vanessa makes her exit out of the building , she stumbles upon Atramille standing under a taxi stand , waiting for an available public transport to take her somewhere and immediately approaches her .

Vanessa : *Taps on Atramille's shoulder* Excuse me , miss .

Atramille : How may I help you ?

Vanessa (Hesitant) : Uh , you ... are you th-

Atramille : Yes .

Vanessa : ... heh ? I haven-

Atramille : I came forth to the scene because after much proper observation and listening in on your conversation , I can conclude that you're the person Alinna had been referring to whenever she brought up the plan as a topic to discuss . I presume you must be her elder sister , is that correct ?

Vanessa : *Sigh* Then both of us was right . She said you would come to my attention instead of looking for you and I assumed that person was indeed you walking into our negotiations . Yes , I'm his elder sister , Vanessa Zhu .

Atramille : *Bows and curtsy* Atramille de Surquouis , at your service . If you'll excuse me , I must hurry back to Alinna's side to resolve another pressing matter at hand before it's too late . *resumes wating for her transport* .

Vanessa : Ooo ... I'm heading there as well . I'll take you there instead .

Atramille : *Bows* Much appreciated . *Got into her limousine with her and drove off together to Alinna's house*

Night , inside the main hall of Alinna's house , Alinna , Libra and her 'sisters' who had payed a visit before is seen waiting for someone or something to come by the door in a very solemn manner .

*Creaking sound of a door opening*

Vanessa : I'm back .

Alinna : Oh ... how it goes ?

Vanessa : *Two thumbs up* Better than I've expected .

Alinna : Oh ... good then .

Vanessa (Confused) : Aren't you supposed to be rejoicing over this ? *Looks around , noticing a crowd of people not familiar to her , looking all tense and gloomy* ... everyone's so gloomy here ... just who are these people ...

Atramille : *Bows , walks past by both Vanessa and Alinna and made her way upstairs* I'll be going to him now to deliver the news .

The eerie and suffocating silence persists even after Atramille left the scene and on to the second floor and eventually to the room where the still-deranged , half-dead Ron resides , without any known update on his current status of his physical and mental health for more than a month . Not one of them had that will to even speak out a word in the scene , not even Libra nor Alinna , to answer anything , to speak of what that is to come next that must happen above them that will break the will and minds of the unprepared . Unable to take the silence for long , Vanessa began questioning the reason behind such drowning and ominous atmosphere ...

Vanessa : *Whispers* Pssst , Allie ... don't you think you should tell me why ... like , now ?

Alinna : ...

Vanessa : *Whispers in frustration* Come on , Allie . You can't leave me hanging clueless when I'm already here , you know !

Alinna : *Points up* ... him .

Vanessa : Your friend ? Why him ?

Alinna : *Deep long sigh , filled with sorrow and fear* ... I'll keep it short and brief .

On the second floor of the same building , Atramille just made it up to the second floor by the stairs . She then takes a long , heavy walk along the moonlit corridor beaming from the glass arch roof above it that run through doors and doors of closed rooms and potted plants placed on top of pedestals on both sides before reaching to the unilluminated end of the corridor and at the front door of the very room where Ron was last seen and currently is in , where the natural lighting from the moonlight doesn't reach , and freezes on the spot .

Atramille stood motionless for minutes , lost in thought in front of a door leading to an isolated room where Ron resides , being guarded by one of Alinna's maidservant . An eerie and frightening silence freezes the entire room a stale , cold atmosphere , enough to make the composed Atramille sweat in fear of what unforeseeable yet undeniably ugly outcome lies upon delivering the letters she had in her hand to him as she hesitates on opening the door right before her . She walks away from the door and basks herself under the moonlight for a moment to relieve her from the tension and worries , allowing her to recompose herself before making another attempt at completing what she had set herself to do all the while . She gave the maidservant a nod , prompting the maidservant into unlocking the door and leaving the room in haste - she musters up her courage and determination into the opening of the door . Musty , damp odor jets out of the room , blasting it right at her the moment the door's opened as she briefly held her breath in to wade it it . Greeting her by the corner end of the room is Ron , slumped lifelessly by the wall , with IV tube attached to his arm and wearing an adult diaper instead of a regular pants . The stand holding several IV and other unknown medical fluid and the now-burnt out incense made by the sky blue-haired lady lies next to him , an indication to his current health .

Atramille : ... Ron ... I've brought something for you ...

Manga page count : 22-24
Online proofreading count : 0
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 17 : Memories

Flashback scene of an unknown rural slums of few dozens rundown shacks and huts surrounded by plains of tall thatch and sparse concentration of trees 16 years ago . The scene in question focuses on one particular shack , riddled with holes and signs of decay from the environment . The scene finally snaps to a close-up shot of a family photo , all happy and smiling , inside a wooden frame placed on top of a drawer slowly pans out , revealing the insides of a rundown wooden shack . A couple is seen quarreling against each other physically and verbally as they threw household items at each other , causing them to be strewn all over the place , broken , bent or in shambles with a number of them flew near or onto the little boy's back as he covers a little girl underneath him from flying debris . The boy is seen putting on a pained smile as he looks at the little girl , visibly trembling and crying from the horrifying terror that unfolds right before their own presence , fearing the worst .

Middle-aged lady : *Hurls a plate towards her husband* How dare you come back here AGAIN ! Leave us ALONE and rot along with that WHORE !

Middle-aged gentleman : Same goes to you ! What kind of example you're trying to be , HUH ?! Being a gambler and drug addict while making our children go begging on the streets to feed your addictions ! "GOOD example" to you , HUH ?! You've got to be kidding me .

Middle-aged lady : "MY" good example is that I took care of the kids by putting food on the table for them while you whore yourself out EVERY F***ING DAY ! All that bills goes right up her p***y must've felt better than seeing me and your children happy , do you ? HUH , DO YOU ?!

Young girl (Terrified) : *Weeping uncontrollably* I'm scared ! I'm scared ! I want to ... to ...

Young boy : *Grins in pain* Everything going to be fine . Just ... stay under me . I'll find a way out of here ... I promise .

As the couple feud continues to intensify in violence and destruction , the young boy is seen comforting and protecting a young girl under his body from the heinous scene unfolding in front of them , attempts at making an escape , waiting for the right time to do so . As soon as the escape opportunity presents itself to young Ron , he grabbed her by the waist and sprinted out of the house . In the middle of a chilly night , they're forced wait it out under such brutal environment until the situation dies out . Only a brief moment had passed and he notices her shivering from the cold as she fell asleep from mental fatigue , he wrapped her in a tight embrace in an attempt at keeping her warm as he himself slowly succumbed to the bone-chilling cold of the night , gazing towards the star , reminiscing something in his mind .

"... they're fighting again ...

*Deep , sorrow-filled sigh*

Why do they fight ? ... Ron don't understand .

We used to eat , play , gather and sleep together .

... used to ..."

Young Ron gave a forlorn look at her little sister in his embrace , still shivering from the cold night ...

"Until the moment she joins us .

... my little sister ... why ... what did she did wrong ?

I don't understand ... I ... don't ..."

And so they spent the night sleeping under the freezing moonlight , struggling to keep each other warm . A flashback memories of the times when he , being the only child of the formerly happy family came plays in his dream , reminiscing moments that he can longer enjoy anymore ...

"Mama ... papa ..."

And soon after , those memories began fading away and another memory of the moment when he confronted his mother , all bruised and battered from what could be from an abuse from her husband as of recently , seated in a slumped manner with her head being held by both hands facing down as she stares at the surface of the table with trembling and hysterical eyes .

Young Ron : Mama ?

Ron's mother (Delirious) : I should've known *manic giggle* ... I should've not trusted him ... I should've not loved him at that time ... ... I should've not strayed off the path I was on ... I shouldn't have ... *manic giggle*

Young Ron : Ma ... ma ?

Ron's mother : *Turns her attention towards his son , emotionally wrecked* Son ... do you love your mama ?

Young Ron (Stunned) : ... !

Ron's mother : ... do you ... ? *Stood up and swept the contents on the table off* ANSWER ME !

Young Ron (Terrified) : !!! I-I-I-I-I do , I DO !

Ron's mother :  *Hysterical laughter for several seconds before pausing and taking in a deep long breathe* ... aaah , you appreciated my love , my devotion ... my sacrifices , my all ... for the family . *Snaps head towards her son with manic gaze* Say ... are you ... betraying me as well ?

Young Ron : *Trembling in fear* H-h-h-how can I do that , mama ? You're my mama and I love mama and-

Ron's mother : Then ! *Immediately kneels before her son and hugged him* Please ... don't stray off the path . Stay by my side ... just the two of us ... please ... please ... please ...

Young Ron : I will not , mama ... I will not .

"... but mama never do the same for her own daughter . It's as if she wasn't in her mind ...

I tried asking mama ... many times ... mama never answered back ...

Keep reminding me again ...

So I do as she say ... so that we all can be together again like we used to ... forever ... but ..."

Young Ron was then woken up by a sound of door being closed nearby . Greeting him in his wake , his father , with his dark brown , spiky hair all messed up , along with stains and torn fabric all over his blue shirt , black suit and his matching trousers from the recent tussle and brawl with his estranged wife was just by the door .

Young Ron : ... papa ?

Ron's father : Shhh , keep it down ... *Give a nudge stare at his daughter* you too .

Ron's sister : *Nods* ...

Young Ron : You okay there , papa ?

Ron's father : I'm okay . Here , something to keep you warm . *Gave his children each a cup of warm milk*

And so both young Ron and his little sister , properly insulated by blankets given by their father , sips on the warm milk as they keep their father accompanied in complete silence .

Ron's father : *Scratches on head* ... I feel sorry for you two . I might've brought much trouble by bringing both of you into this world to begin with .

Young Ron : What you mean , papa ?

Ron's father : *Sigh* A child like you will never understand ... but I can't help but to fear not being able to and when you're old enough , to confess the reason for our fighting ...

Young Ron : Papa ...

Ron's father (Gloomy) : I'm not being a good father ... and soon , I won't be ... listen , Ron . I want you to be her papa and take good care of her from today onward . Make sure she's shining around you , okay ?

Young Ron (Shocked) : Why you say that , papa ?

Ron's father : Just do as I say ... until my return back from work ... *got up and left them behind* ... until then ... I hope .

And I did what papa told me to ...

... but papa never return ... why ?"

A month later , morning , both young Ron and his little sister seen being kicked out of their home by their enraged and deranged mother .

Ron's Mother : How dare you justifying your use of the money I asked you to collect for me to put food on the table being used to get her this piece of junk ?! *Tosses a torn-up teddy bear onto the ground and grinds it with her own foot* Get the f*** out of this house . I don't bear children of a big time cheater and liar !

Young Ron : But sh- *Screams in pain after being stomped onto young Ron's exposed wounded back from the last incident by his mother* GYAHAH !

Ron's sister (Shocked) : Stop it ! You meanie !!!

Young Ron : *Stops young Layla* I- ... I'm fine . *Grins* Everything's all right ... don't worry .

Ron's mother : "Everything's all right" my foot ... hurh , like father like son , taking that whore kid's side over ME ! You can go f*** her , make her your f*** mama for all I care ! You are to never return here EVER AGAIN ! *Slams door behind her*

Ron's sister : Why are yo-

Young Ron : *Stops young Layla once again , shakes head* ... forget it ... come , let's go ...

Ron's sister : U-umm ... okay .

Facing with the cruel reality of the lost of their only shelter and "safe haven" from the outside elements behind , unable to return for good , they're forced to embark on an aimless journey with no goal in mind . They walked along uncharted roads and dirt path , through unknown places , terrain and environment that are treacherous especially to kids for hours , like lost lambs desperately looking for their flock to return to . She continued to cling firm out of fear onto young Ron's tattered shirt , despite feeling exhausted and in pain from the long walk , fearing that she will lose her bearings and the only one she knew ever since she was born , fearing he might vanish unknowingly ...

Young Ron (Thought) : I can't allow anymore sad things ... must not make her unhappy ... stay on the path ...

Ron's sister : Uhm , where's papa ?

Young Ron : Huh ? Oh ... mama said that papa's not coming back anytime soon ...

Ron's sister (Sad) : ... no , I don't want that . I want papa with us ...

Young Ron : *Grits teeth upon hearing her pleas for a moment before relaxes* ... don't worry . Didn't I tell you that everything's going to be fine ? See ?

Ron's sister : ... see what ?

Young Ron : See me ? You want papa ? I can be your "papa" for the day ! *Attempts at imitating his father's voice rather humorously* Go ahead , call me "papa" . Go on , go on , go on ~

Ron's sister : *Giggles* You funny , "papa" !

Young Ron : *Smiles* There you go . All happy again ... (... I can tell she's barely hanging on keeping up with me , walking aimlessly ... I need to do something ... something ...)

And his thoughts trails off into silence ...

Two years later , a bird's eye view of an unknown rural commercial district , several paved streets and roads criss-crosses through small , single and double-storey shops consisting of restaurants , thrift stores , bars and other sorts with streetlights , public trash bins , an assortment of vehicles and pedestrians of all walks of life dots the streets , roads and sidewalks on a busy afternoon . In the alleyway behind one of the restaurant , "Golly's Diner" , young Ron and his little sister is seen on a run from something or someone , carrying with them cardboxes , several plastic wrappings and a bag filled with scrap food .

Store owner : Get out of here , you filthy squatters ! *Throws a boot at them*

Young Ron : *Gets hit in the back by the boot* Ughh !

Ron's sister (Shocked) : Papa ! You okie ?!

Young Ron : C-codenames ! Our codenames !

Ron's sister (Startled) : Eek ! Sowwy , RonRon !

Young Ron : *Smiles* Nevermind me , let's make our escape , okay ?

Ron's sister : But-

Young Ron : Don't worry about me . Look , we've got a new enemy above ! *Points at the gloomy clouds hovering above them*

Ron's sister : Yeep !

Young Ron : Run like the wind , LayLay !

Ron's sister : *Pretend injured after feeling several drops of rain on her skin* Agh , I've being hit !

Young Ron : Quick , to our homie !

A view of a rickety shelter of soaked cardboxes under a large tree at the top of a mound , carpeted in grass and flowers in the middle of a rain , young Ron , completely drenched is seen erecting a plastic sheet above his little sister's head with branches and cardboxes , keeping her dry , as a temporary solution as their shelter no longer has the structural integrity to house them under for shelter from the downpour .

Young Ron : Welp , there goes our homie . Got to gather new boxes afterwards ...

Ron's sister : You okie there , papa ? That hit on your back must've hurt lots ...

Young Ron : Hahahah ... yup , I'm fine . Didn't I tell you ? Don't worry about me . Everything's fine !

Ron's sister : B-but ...

Young Ron : *Impersonates a grown man* No pain , rain or cold shall bring me down . I'm a MAN ! *Snorts*

Ron's sister : *Laughs hysterically at his impersonation* ... hey , I got something to say .

Young Ron : Hurmm ?

Ron's sister : Me confuse ... everybody in the place we go to often keep calling each other with weird callings . Mathilda , Luca , and you , Ron ...

Young Ron : Oh , you meant a name , huh ? (My parents hadn't given her a name ever since she was born ...)

Ron's sister : So , what's mine ? Is it LayLay ?

Young Ron : Hurmm ... *deep in thought for quite a while* ... Layla . Yeah , that's your name . Your codename's after that as well , like mine .

Young Layla : "Layla" ... *giggles in happiness and huddles close to young Ron* I like it ! *Took a deep yawn and fell straight to sleep*

Young Ron : *Watches her taking a nap* ... I'm glad you did ...

The never-ending downpour of spine-chilling water droplets took a toll on young Ron's weakened and tired body as he struggles to keep the plastic sheet in place . It wasn't long before he succumbed to the cold as he passed out leaning onto the big tree behind , letting go of the plastic sheet cover as it now only covers her , exposing him to the weather . He began to hear voices in his dream , waking him up in the middle of what could be just a white room , surrounded by a field of light colored flower . He began looking around for the source of the sound and notices a blurred figure approaching him , prompting him to make a cautious retreat away from it .

??? : You do not have to fear me . I'm here to bring forth a ray of hope that'll guide you to what you're looking for ...

Young Ron : W-w-who are you ? Stay away ...

??? : I'm the one whom you seek for answers to your problems in life .

Young Ron : Problems ? With my life ? What are you talking about ? Everything's fine to me . I'm doing just fine !

??? : ... your answer you seek ... has arrived ...

Young Ron : What are you talking about ? Wai ~ ... *Scream trails off , scene blacks out gradually*

Young Layla : Papa ! papa , papa , wake up !

Young Ron : *Wakes up* ... ummh , oh ... what is it ?

Young Layla : *Points in front of her* Lookie there .

Standing before them , an elderly women dressed in a one-piece loose , thick dress , frail from the appearances alone . Being held up by a single wooden cane , she presents them a spare umbrella for them to use to shelter themselves from the rain . She offers them a delightful smile of the old as she greets them .

Elderly woman : Hello there , sunshine .

Young Ron : *Backs off , held young Layla in his embrace* ...

Elderly woman : There , there now , sunshine . Young don't have to fear me ...

Young Ron : I don't trust you ...

Elderly woman : You fear me ... understandable . By the way , I know of you ... and her .

Young Ron : ... what ? How ?

Elderly woman : I pass by these area every other day . My home is just downhill . Your daily life is being played within my sight on a regular basis enough to know that . Where are your parents ?

Young Ron : ...

Elderly woman : There , there now , no pressure in answering it . Say , why don't the both of you come and stay in my house ? I'm sure you'll fare better under a proper shelter .

Young Ron (Apprehensive) : ...

Elderly woman : *Smiles* I've got homemade cookies waiting for you back there .

Young Layla (Happy) : Cookies ?! Yay !

Young Ron : Laylay !

Young Layla : She's a nice person because she offers cookies !

Young Ron : ... but-

Young Layla : You no trust me ?

Young Ron : No ... it's just ... *a momentary pause* ... okay .

Young Layla : *Jumps around in joy* Yee !!! Papa approves her kindness !

Elderly woman : *Giggles* Off we go , sunshines .

Still cautious as ever , young Ron is being "forced" to follow the elderly woman back to her house by young Layla as she firmly held his hand , leaving behind their dilapidated cardboard shelter soaked by the rain in a state of disrepair . Young Layla starts humming unrecognizable lullaby as they walked slowly along a dirt pavement that cuts through a stretch of thicket towards a small rural settlement out on the horizon in front of them . As they reached in front of a wooden-plaster , single-storey bungalow , they were greeted by a short-haired lady , dressed in a red-white patterned blouse and a white long skirt , waiting outside the house , holding a pot in her hand .

Short-haired lady : Oh , you're back , Miss Gail .

Gail : Oh , if it isn't Frisse .

Frisse : I've brought you what you need ... and who are these children behind you ?

Gail : Oh , them ? Some lost souls whom needed my care . I've stumbled upon them many times as my make my trip back and forth from shopping always playing around the large tree on top of that mound .

Frisse : Oh ... *looked towards a terrified young Ron a short distance away from Gail* ... awww , don't be afraid of her . She's the nicest lady within our community . She took care of my children before while I needed to go somewhere else for a long time . I'm sure she'll take good care of you two *grins* .

Young Layla : *Jumping* See ? See ? See ? I told you she's a good person !

Young Ron (Apprehensive) : U-umm ...

Frisse : Anyways , I've got to go . I'll get some spare clothing for them tomorrow . *leaves the scene*

Gail : Oh , how sweet of you . I appreciate your kindness ! *waves* ... come , sunshines . Let's get you all cleaned up and well fed first .

Young Layla (Happy) : Yay , Food ! Me hungry !

A series of scenes depicting young Ron and Layla being taken care of by their new surrogate mother , Gail in her house .

With the care of their newfound surrogate mother Gail , both young Ron and Layla had their first proper , full meal in years around a small wooden table that was meant for a small family of four , filled to the brim with mouth-drooling meals fit for a banquet like soups and stews , proteins , carbohydrates and greens , gobbling them up in a insatiable and messy manner in pure bliss of a properly filled tummy are they're being monitored by Gail , smiling throughout the moment . Soon after the wholesome meal , she led them to the bathroom for much proper cleansing of body . Seated down on a foot stool , she began scrubbing both young Ron and Layla thoroughly until they're pristine clean , free from dirt and germs they've accumulated for years being exposed to the outdoors while both enjoyed their first ever tingling and ticklish sensation of being scrubbed and wiped all over , unable to contain their laughter every now and then . She also took her time drying them up with towel and hair drier before dressing them up with spare clothing she had in her house . Throughout the whole time under her caring and gentle care , young Layla had being showing a very broad , gleeful grin and humming harmoniously to the occasion while young Ron is seen watching over her once in a while as he put on a rather modest smile . After much drying up , she ends the night with getting them into bed by using an unused room of her house , tucked them in their bed and offer them one last kiss on their forehead before leaving them to sleep peacefully .

Young Layla : *Giggles to self for several seconds before turning towards young Ron* Papa , you've been staring at me a lot ...

Young Ron : Ah , sorry about that . Did that bother you ?

Young Layla : *Nods quickly several times* You creeping me lots .

Young Ron : Ahahahah . Sorry about that ... I'm just reaffirming something .

Young Layla : Liaffiming something ?

Young Ron : *Nods* Yep ...

Young Layla : What is it ?

Young Ron : *Smiles and pinches young Layla's cheeks lightly* This smile confirms it . Keep smiling on , okay ?

Young Layla : Oh . Okies ! *Goes to sleep*

Young Ron (Thought) : "Happiness" ... huh ...

A series of scene depicting the happy moments of young Ron and Layla enjoying life alongside their surrogate mother , Gail .

And so they spent their lives under the loving care of a cheery surrogate mother , Gail as both young Ron and Layla begin their journey into discovering the feeling , sensation and pleasure of fun , freedom and happiness like any children do - zipping around the compound and nearby the house with abundance of energy and spirit , rolling around the lawn grass together while laughing together , playing with butterflies flying around the flowerbed nearby , having loud yet cheery conversations together around the dining table and by the front porch , having a springy stroll around the countryside alongside their surrogate mother , regular dose of bedtime storytelling for them , to name a few , a time gleefully spent unhindered , unrestricted and fully for days , weeks , then months and even for the entire year or two . One day , they had an unexpected call for a photoshoot of the three together by their surrogate mother to be taken by Frisse . After the picture had done processing , she then presented it to both young Ron and Layla for them to admire , putting on a bright smile as they take a look at the photo of them smiling brightly that was taken not long ago . As they were ogling on the picture , he notices Gail making her way out and to the backyard for her routine relaxation and followed her there .

Young Ron : Ummh ... Aunt Gail ?

Gail : Just call me Gail , sunshine . Say ... you're Ron , right ?

Young Ron : Yes .

Gail : Ah , pardon my rudeness for forgetting your name . Old age does mess with memories , after all *light laughter* ...

Young Ron : I-it's fine .

Gail : And your little sister ... Layla , right ?

Young Ron : Yes . I gave her the name since my mama and papa never gave her one .

Gail : Goodness gracious me , how terrible ...

Young Ron (Thought) : ... Aunt Gail didn't remember the conversation she had with me just a week ago ... I don't understand .

Gail : Say , what brings you here ?

Young Ron : *Nods with a light smile* ... it's nothing , just here to say hi .

Gail : I see , I see ...

A moment of silence ensues as Gail resumes enjoying the background of a coming sunset while young Ron kept looking at her for unknown reason ...

Young Ron : Ummh ... Gai-Oh- Bwuergh ! *Gets gored by young Layla*

Young Layla : There you are ! TAG ! *Gores young Ron to the ground* Catch me if you can !

Gail (Happy) : My , my , my ...

The sudden sound of something being shut with force is being made , turning the scene of both young Ron and Layla playing a game of tag in the backyard while Gail watches over them all happy a pitch black before the gradual sound of rain and the ringing of ceremonial bells can be heard within the darkness ...

Manga page count : 28-30
Online proofreading count : 1
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+) + Thread update (see first page)
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Chapter 18 : Cursed

The scene began in complete darkness accompanied by torrential sound of rain and the ringing of ceremonial bells that slowly reveals itself soon after of a memorial site for people to pay respects for the dead in a drizzling , gloomy afternoon , three years later . A small crowd of people dressed in black gathered around a casket with the name 'Gail' engraved on the cover in the midst of being lowered awaiting proper burial . Among the crowd , young Layla is seen holding young Ron's hand while she looks at him , both clearly had grown closer to adulthood .

Young Ron (Solemn) : *Mindless and lifeless gaze at the casket* ...

Young Layla (Thought) : *Stares at young Ron's face , concerned* ... papa ...

Young Layla kept a curious but pained eyes at young Ron , motionless and dead and blank in expression while the people who were there mourning began leaving the area one by one until there's no one left there , except for the both of them . The remaining natural light that lit up the scene soon starts fading away , consumed by the growing dark clouds which led to much heavier downpour , soaking young Layla and Ron completely . They've remained there ... motionless and unchanged for minutes that felt like hours . Losing the fight against the cold from being soaked for too long , the same can't be said for him as he seemed unfazed , she tried to call out her brother , only to have a disgusted as his wrinkled severely and gradually while still retaining that dead stare at the casket for a moment before slowly looking down towards her . His empty yet haunting stare frightens her , promptly stopping her from calling him out .

Young Layla (Terrified & Hesitant) : *Forced grin and trembling* Papa , you okay ?

Young Ron : ... fine ... everything's going to be all right ...

Young Layla (Thought) : Papa , you're scaring me ...

Young Ron : *Turned head in a slow and lifeless manner away from young Layla and walks away* ... everything's fine ... as long I don't stray from the path ... we'll always be together ...

Young Layla : *Coughs several times* ... papa ...

"Everything's fine" , "As long I don't stray from the path" , "Together ... forever" ... he mutters to himself as he walked away from his little sister , distraught and lifeless as young Layla stood there motionless and displaying signs of being sickly , unable to bring herself to be by his side no more like she used to before the passing of Gail as she can only watch him slowly distancing himself without a trace of awareness or familial care and love to even comfort his little sister , let alone take a look back or even call out for her to come along to his side , something she'd internally wished he do at the very least . And so she waited , waited and waited until he vanishes from her sight under the thick veil of shower , even knowing already that he will never turn back and be by her side like always , she kept on waiting ...

"... papa ...

What happened to papa ... ?

... why did papa leave me alone ?

... please ... don't leave me ..."

She wept and begged in her mind until her body can't take it no more and fainted on the spot ...

Moments later , inside a bedroom of someone's house , a large bed covered in white sheet nestles in the corner next to an opened window with its complementary curtain flutters from a cool breeze billowing into the room . Frisse is seen seated by the bed , currently occupied by young Layla , with an oil lamp placed next to it on top of a wooden side-table .

Young Layla : Unngh ...

Frisse : Ah , take much rest , dear . You're having high fever from fainting under the cold shower .

Young Layla : Aunt Frisse ... . Papa ... where's papa ...

Frisse : Sorry , dear . When I found you , he's nowhere to be seen , not even here , in my late-friend Gail's house .

Young Layla : ... papa , where are you ... please don't leave me ... *started tearing up*

Frisse : There , there now ... he'll be back , trust me . Now , get some more sleep ... (Just where did he disappeared to ? Leaving her like that ...)

A series of scene of young Ron wandering aimlessly around the rural residential and semi-urban commercial districts , distraught and lifeless . At one moment , he began smiling , albeit in a creepy manner as if he is smiling out of insanity .

"Papa did came back to me and kept me safe and happy like always ... but papa didn't remained by my side for long . Everytime papa came back to me papa looks so sweaty , sometimes papa is covered in all sorts of icky stuffs all over ... but everytime ... papa is always so tired . The time we spent together got shorter ... most of the time papa is either out somewhere or fast asleep from being too tired . Papa even never take a bath before going to sleep and the clothing papa papa had on was all weird ... I've never seen such clothing .

But otherwise , papa always returns my happiness like he used to , like always ...

... always ."

Four years later , in a poorly-lit alleyway at the back of a restaurant early afternoon where young Ron , now had grown into his mid teen dressed in an attire of the restaurant staff is seen hauling a big and heavy rubbish bag over and into a large dumpster .

Male staff : *Screaming from inside* Shift change ! Shift change ! All morning shift are to check out within an hour !

A call out has been made , marking the switch in shift , but he continued to work for the entire hour before ending his work shift . After scanning his ID , he sprinted without hesitation out and passing by several buildings , pedestrians , street and city landmarks , utilities and commercial banners , all the way to the front of a large bookstore , Eligor's Fine Books . Through the window and by the counter , an elderly man with greyed-out hair and short beard in black vest ,white shirt and brown trousers is seen seated onto a stool , is seen in the middle of writing something on a small notepad . Behind him seated by a narrow staircase , a teenage girl , from the slender figure and the notable chest , despite her head being concealed by the flooring for the second floor , is seen in preoccupied with a book in hand .

Bookstore owner : Ah , if it isn't Ron . Looking to purchase another book for a read together with your little sister ?

Young Ron : I don't know yet . Can I browse through your collections first ?

Bookstore owner : Go right ahead .

And so he began browsing through aisle after aisle of books stacked and arranged on bookshelves of towering heights , imposing and intimidating especially for a youngster like Ron as if its closing or even raring to topple over onto anyone who gazes onto it for too long . Assorted types and kinds of books can be seen being sold in the bookstore , from old to new , wafer-thin to dictionary-thick , comic books to educational textbooks for all ages and ideals . Somewhere along one of the many secluded aisle , he idles in front of stacks of what seems to be a collections of thick-covered brown , vintage books and began browsing through all of it for minutes . One particular book , old-fashioned , worn-out book with a large golden title in front of it - "The Golden Pass To Utopia" caught his attention , prompting him into picking it up and headed straight towards the cashier counter to make a purchase .

Bookstore owner : Ah , this book ... how intriguing that you picked that up .

Young Ron : It was ?

Bookstore owner : Before it was just a fairytale storybook , it was once believed to be a telling documentary of a mythical phenomenon .

Young Ron : *Smile* I'm sure she'll be happy to read it along with me .

Bookstore owner : Oh , how sweet of you . I hope you keep spending as much time you could spare with your little sister , okay ? That'll be 1000 herskels (Writer's note : Roughly $1.50) . Half price discount for regular customer .

Young Ron : Thank you ! I'll be off now , bye !

Bookstore owner : *Waves him goodbye* Bye ~ .

Teenage girl : Pops , who is he ?

Bookstore owner : A regular customer . How unusual for him to be even working at his age ...

Teenage girl : ... I agree too .

A human perspective full view of a partially decrepit , wooden-plaster , single-storey bungalow nearly devoid of color all worn out by nature , surrounded by overgrowth with garden flowers jotting out of it indicating signs of lack of maintenance . The concrete pavement that leads to the garage are riddled with cracks and chips with overgrown lawn grass bleeding over the sides of the pavement . The interior of the garage is barely visible from thick concentration of dust kicked up by wind entering it as if the garage door hasn't been closed for years . Young Ron is seen running towards the front door with a book he purchased not long ago from the bookstore and a bag of packed meals in hand . Young Layla , grown up like a freshly bloomed daisy , dressed in a white one-piece dress , stood by the front door waiting for someone's return as she dazes towards the sunset sky coughing occasionally .

Young Layla (Elated) : Papa ~~~ ! *cough* Welcome back home .

Young Ron : Are you okay ?

Young Layla : *Nods* Perfectly fine . Don't worry ! *Grins*

Young Ron (Hesitant) : ... are yo-

Young Layla : Perfectly fine ! *Pouts*

Young Ron : Okay , okay . Come , let get to eating before we get to a new storybook I've picked up on my way here .

Young Layla : Ya- *coughs hard* !!!

Young Ron (Worried) : Are you sur-

Young Layla : *Hands up , stopping young Ron from finishing his question* I screamed too hard there ! *grins and blushes* .

Young Ron : *Deep sigh of relief* You got me worried there for a second .

Young Layla : Teh heh !

In a dimly lit bedroom , the ceiling lamplight 'struggles' keep the room constantly well lit . Young Ron and Layla is seen seated on a bed meant for adults , happily reading the book Ron bought not long ago together while having their meal .

Young Layla : Ooo ... so interesting . I wonder if we can get one of it ... *looks at young Ron motionless with his eyes partially opened* ... papa ?

Young Ron (Thought) : ... why can't I shake off the feeling of de ja vu ?

Young Layla : *Shouts close to young Ron's ear* PAPAAA ~~~ !

Young Ron (Startled) : AAA ~~~ !!!

Young Layla : *Pouts in anger* ...

Young Ron : S-s-sorry ? Just feeling very sleepy right now . Aren't you too ?

Young Layla : Uh-huh .

Young Ron : Okay , let me tuck you there ... and there we go .

Young Layla : ... um , papa ?

Young Ron : Yes ?

Young Layla : *Turns away from young Ron* ... nothing . Nighty-night ...

Young Ron : ... *Shrugs off and goes to sleep*

And sound asleep he is the moment he laid his head onto the pillow , while being watched by his little sister with a sad expression . She then hugged him from behind and pressed her forehead onto his back as she began to tear up and sobs but her cries didn't wake him up at the slightest bit ...

"... I can't do it ... I can't say it . Aunt Frisse ..."

The scene where both young Ron and Layla is transitions into a flashback scene of her seated up in a bad condition , coughing and hacking in a disturbing and horrifying manner while being tended to by Frisse .

Frisse : You're not getting any better ever since when I brought you back from the cemetery unconscious . I need to tak-

Young Layla : No- *Coughs and hacks from sudden raise in voice , followed by taking in deep breaths* ... no , please . Papa must not know that I'm gone ... papa must not know I'm not okay !

Frisse : Bu-

Young Layla : NO ! *Coughs* ... papa must not know , papa shouldn't ... or else , or else ... papa'll end up like before , back then . *Shedding tears* ... I don't want that ... that's not papa I love ! *Curls up and buried her head behind her legs under the cover of her arms , crying*

Frisse (Solemn) : *Forlorn expression as she watches young Layla , helpless* ...

"... I can't ... I must be happy for papa ... I must ."

The next day , in front of young Ron and Layla's house late evening ...

Young Ron : (Hmmm ? She's not waiting for me by the doorway ...) *Looked around the compound* Laylay ? ... where is she ?

In an ever increasing state of fear , young Ron yells throughout the house looking for young Layla's whereabouts . Upon entering their bedroom , he discovers her still in her bed . Thinking that she may sound asleep , he tip-toed towards her and jolts her up but she didn't get awaken from it . His act of shaking her up causes her entire body to move and shuffle around like a rag-doll , her body felt cold to the touch of his hands , he began to panic . Distraught as he feared for the worst , he carried her lifeless body out of the house and ran towards the nearest known hospital , still very exhausted from his day job as he struggles to inhale every breath while keeping his frantic , hasty pace without dropping her or falling over .

Inside the emergency ward waiting room of Feuller General Hospital ... few hours later . A doctor is being accompanied by a nurse as they exited the emergency room and immediately gets greeted by a distraught young Ron , still drenched in sweat from tiredness and fear .

Young Ron (Desperate) : Is she okay ?! Tell me she's fine !

Doctor : Yes , she's stable for now . She ... she seems to be very anemic (Which is odd for her age . What's causing it ... ?) .

Young Ron : Th-thank you for the good news ! Can I visit her now ? Please ? I need to be by her side ... forever .

Doctor : Not yet . We're still running a few more tests to make sure she doesn't have any other undiscovered or underlying illnesses . Please be patient until then .

Young Ron : ... I'll wait right here . *sat himself down on one of the chairs by the ward*

Moments later , most of the lights in the room had been turned off as to allow the patients to sleep .

Doctor : *Wakes young Ron up* Mr. Ron ?

Young Ron (Groggy) : Umhh ... doctor . What's the result ?

Doctor : *Sigh* ... Leukemia ... final stage .

Young Ron : Huh ? Leukemia ?

Doctor : It's a form of life-threatening cancer . Give or take , six months to a year to live ...

Young Ron : W-wait ... you're kidding me ... right ? You're telling me ...

Doctor (Solemn) : ... I'm sorry .

Young Ron (Despair) : No ... no way . This must be a lie , a dream ... why me again ... why us ... *drops down onto his knees , trembling in tears* ... I did what you asked me to . Why ... I don't understand .

Doctor (Thought) : *Averts gaze and walks away* ...

Young Ron : No ... *shakes head violently* NO ! She's perfectly fine ! *Ran in front of the doctor and grabbed him by the collar of his coat* Aren't you a doctor ? Cure her of "Leukemia" ! DO IT !!!

Head nurse : Sir ! Stop what you're doing this instant !

Young Ron : *Lets go of the doctor* ... sorry . But please ... I beg of you ...

Doctor : ... though in her current state the chances of curing her illness is very lo-

Young Ron : I'll take it !

Doctor : (Can you afford it in the first place ? I can tell it's impossible ...) ... the treatment's expensiv-

Young Ron : I don't care ! I'll take in more jobs , even if it cost me my life ... whatever it takes to return to the way it was ... the way we were , I'd do it ! Just give her the treatment !

Doctor (Solemn) : ... *Deep sigh* alright . *Pulls out papers for the treatment from his file in his hand* Fill up these form for the approval . We accept deposits of a minimum 10% per treatment cost . If you wish to see her , she is resting in room 444 .

Young Ron : *In tears , relieved* Thank you ! *Fills up the form*

Head nurse : *Whispers* Are you sure it's the right thing to do ?

Doctor : Hospital policy . He has the final say on this matter ... much to my dismay .

Inside room 444 of the Intensive Care Unit inside Feuller General Hospital , young Layla is seen seated upright with her back resting against the hospital headboard , with several IV tubing attached to her hands located by the window .

Young Ron : *Swings the door wide open* Laylay !

Young Layla : RonRon , You're here ! ... why am I here ?

Young Ron : Everything's going to be alright !

Young Layla : RonRon ?

Young Ron :  I'm going to make everything better ! for both of us ... I have to ... I must !

Young Layla : RonRon ... what are yo-

Young Ron : Wait for me ! I'll be right back after getting rid of the "monster" infesting our base ! Wait for me ! *Runs off*

Young Layla : W-wait !

"Like always ... like always ... like ... always ... *tearing up*"

As she clutches one of her hands close to her chest with much agony and pain having to to accept her fate and the outcome she longed to keep it hidden and away from realization , away from his brother's mind ... she can no longer hold back her tears and cried out the entire night .

Inside the receptionist hall of Feuller General Hospital , young Ron is seen ransacking and flipping browsing through numerous newspapers and magazines taken from all of the racks on the floor .

Ron (Thought) : *Skims through the 'Jobs and Application' section of a newspaper , looking for available job* ... just what did I do wrong to deserve all of this ? Why can't I see it ? Why can't I understand still ? Why ... WHY ?!

The scene gradually gets consumed by darkness that prolongs for the remainder for the page , as if nothing had happened after that for a long time , but gradually returns back to the same room where young Layla is , seated upright facing young Ron , seemingly in the middle of a conversation .

Young Layla : It's been a year already . Why can't we return back home ?

Young Ron : The "monster" had adapted and my current attacks no longer works on it . *Smiles* I need more time to prepare the means to attack that . We'll get it back from it and then , we can go back together like always . So , please wait for a while longer .

Young Layla (Gloomy & thought) : ... you're lying , aren't you ?

Young Ron (Nervous) : Uh ... is that a problem for you , LayLay ?

Young Layla : *Shakes head* ... it's nothing . *Grins* If you say so , RonRon . I'll wait !

Young Ron : *Sigh of relief* Okay then ... I'm leaving now . I need to attend a "meeting" with someone ASAP .

Young Layla : U-uhm ... *nods* . Come back soon .

Young Ron : ... *Bittersweet smile* I will ... *leaves room*

Young Layla (Solemn) : *Watches him leaving the room* ... please ...

"... after that time ...

After the "meeting" ... that "meeting" , whatever had happened after that ...

Tomorrow , a couple of days , several days , a week , a few weeks and then a month ...

Those were the time papa were together with me , but everytime papa were with me ...

Papa grew more distant from me ...

Papa grew more and more tired ...

Papa often struggle to keep up with me to read a storybook together ...

Papa hardly ever smile along with me like papa used to , make funny jokes , play along , or even have a long , happy talk , just the two of us ...

... papa ... what happened to papa after that "meeting" ?"

A month later , late night in the same room ...

*Sound of door opening*

Young Layla : *Turns focus towards the door , expecting young Ron to greet her* Welcome back pa- ... pa ... .

And as expected , young Ron greets young Layla ... but not in the way he would before she was hospitalized . With his thin and frail body and facial expression , drained of all the energy and spirit he used to have , he struggles greatly to make his way towards young Layla lying in her bed with much effort , on the verge of collapsing midway , The horrific sight threw pales her into a state of deep panic , prompting her to get out of her bed in an attempt at help him out .

Young Layla (Horrified) : Papa , what happened to you ?!

Young Ron : *Stopped young Layla , smiles unenergetically* ... just ... tired ...

Young Layla (Solemn) : RonRon ... why ...

Reluctant , young Layla remained in bed and watches the struggles of young Ron in despair and grief as he dragged a nearby chair next to her bed with much effort and struggle . He then sat with force , as if he couldn't bear to stand for another second and collapsed by the side of the bed next to her .

Young Ron : Sorry , LayLay ... I forgot ... to bringgh ... strry ... booh ... *fell asleep*

Straight into a deep sleep he goes under as he is being watched over by young Layla with a pained and sombre expression . She places her trembling , frail hands onto his head and caresses his disheveled hair and sweaty forehead in a gentle manner , an act of comfort she could only offer for being helpless in the situation , as tears starts falling down from her eyes . She wept on for the remainder of the night under the company of the moonlight beaming onto them in their bed , illuminating them among the pitch-black darkness of a bleak , bland room ...

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Chapter 19 : Emotions

A worms-eye view of Layla in her bed of her room inside Feuller General Hospital in the middle of writing a letter with a back wall lamp shining onto her from the back .

As Layla is writing the letter , she is struck by a sudden urge to cough , reactively reaching and pulling out several sheets of tissues to cover her mouth , knocking the tissue dispenser down onto the floor . The cough persist on as signs of blood can be seen permeating through the tissue , weakening it to the point that her last few blast of coughs of air , saliva and blood punches through it , allowing several droplets of blood to drop onto the letter she had invested precious little time and feelings she had writing it , causing her to immediately panic . In desperation , she attempted to to wipe it off before it leaves a permanent mark on it .

Layla (Thought) : *Panics* No please , don't do this to me right now ! I don't want papa to see this stain on my heartfelt feelings ! NO !

Endless flow of tears streams down her cheeks as she kept trying in vain at wiping the bloodstains off the letter , only to be made worse , unintentionally smudging the bloodstains further with her trembling hands , spreading onto the written parts of the letter . Realizing that the stain is not going away , hysteria and delirium began clouding her mind , crippling her mental state as she struggles to keep her sanity and looking for means to get whatever she is trying to achieve done .

Layla (Thought) : *Scratches and held firmly onto her head* What should I do ? What should I do ? Whatshouldidowhatshouldidowhatshouldido ?! I ... I don't know what to do now ! *Coughs* I ... my time's coming ! No ... nonono-NO ! *Gazes towards the ceiling , tearing and sweating in panic , fear and confusion as if she seeking help from someone or something from the "heavens"* Please ... what should I do ? I don't want papa to know about "this" . I don't want papa to feel more pain ... *clenches onto her chest* because it hurts me more ... it hurts ... it hurts ...

The never-ending flow of tears rolls down her cheeks and eventually all over her neck and upper chest from her trembling , confused but blank eyes caused by her constant rubbing in an attempt to contain it as she kept staring at the ceiling .

"... write these feeling you had out as if it's the last one you'll ever make ..."

She recalled that very advice in her mind , the very advice that made her realized her reason in writing the letter and what gave her one last push into completing it as she pushed through her emotional turmoil , withholding it back with all her remaining might from drowning into a deep state of sorrow and anguish that she might be able to escape if it does happen .

"That was the last time I've seen your face ... but felt like a long time since I've last seen one that warms and eases my heart , papa ...

So much regret , so much ... . I should've conveyed my true feelings at those moments in time . Papa ... my most reliable and trustworthy person I can lean upon for a better life , hear my plea ... just this once .

... stop .

This "journey" both of us had embarked on ever since I was still a toddler ... your constant assurance that everything's alright , even if it causes you endless pain ... even if it meant distancing yourself away from me ... even if it cost you your own happiness and life ... I can't bear to see all of it anymore . I can understand your ongoing assurance you showed to me . You always give it your all to make sure that I don't experience anymore bad things after that incident ... that I'm being treated with care and love I had not gotten ever since I was born ... that no form of harm befalls onto me . This I can understand , appreciate , respect and most of all , love ... but why go this far ... ? Why ?

If you're still on this "journey" to make sure everything's going to go back the way it were ... stop . Stop lying to me , papa , you knew ... I known of it already ... all of it , long before I was placed in this place .

I'm scared . These ... chills I'm constantly being feeling ever since I knew of my illness ... it's so cold , yet I'm sweating from it . My fingers ... the sole of my feet ... they're cold and numb to the touch and my heart ... it's hurts more and more with every heartbeat . Everything's so dark but I'm helpless in stopping its advancement . I can see an opened door before me and I can no longer resist the temptation to walk into it ..."

A reservoir of darkest of feelings shatters her already weakened last mental fortification as it began flooding her mind uncontrollably , drowning her again once more in her internal sorrow and anguish for the rest of the day as the room slowly dims away into total darkness completely and gradually ...

"... papa , what I truly wish is not to be with you together like we used to back in those happy days of our lives , not just . Papa's happiness is my source of happiness ... I'm content with just that .

Even if I won't be there to had it ... as much as it pains me to go through with such reality ... even if it doesn't reach to you today ...

... let it go ...


"Ron ..."

*Sound of paper hitting a surface nearby*

The black scene gives way in a way that a straight-edged silhouette dropping down , revealing Ron standing in front , clearly enraged and in a state of distraught .

Ron : ... what is this ...

Atramille : *Stunned for a moment* ... It's ... a letter . It's for you from your s- ...


Atramille : But I can vouc-

Ron : *Throws a letter in his hand at Atramille's face* She's not DEAD ! She's NOT ***KING DEAD !!! How much more damage do all of you - EVERYONE ! How long are you going to make us suffer ?! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEAVE US THE F*** ALONE ?! Because of you all , everything's ... everything ...

Atramille : *Grabs hold of the letter thrown by Ron* But this letter was given to me by a nurse who worked in the hospital where your sister was . So , it cannot be a fals- *Gets hit by a vase on the forehead , shatters upon impact*

The impact of a vase onto Atramille's forehead signals the end of any non-hostile attempts into reasoning and talking with Ron anymore as she she was forced to read his every disregarded and violent acts of trashing and flinging more objects towards her that may further cause her more harm . Slowly but eventually , she inches her way through the chaos to get a hold around his waist and immediately restrained him by folding his arms close to his body while minimizing his movement around the room with all her strength she could muster as he repeatedly attempts to break free from her grasp while screaming the same lines .


Atramille : *Struggles to restrain Ron , continues receiving beatings from him* B ... ut I w ... asn't ... ngghh !

Ron (Distraught) : THIS IS ALL A LIE !!! BUT- ... but WHY ?! Why can't I deny it ?! I didn't notice it ! WHY ?! The signs ... that line ... she kept reciting it everytime ... everytime ... every- ... *Slowly slumps down onto the floor with Atramille , starts breaking into tears* why ... what have ... what have I've done ? Layla ... she ... she's- ...

Atramille (Solemn) : *Hugs Ron in a sympathetic and emphatic manner*  ... my deepest condolences ...

Ron : *Facial expression disfigures rapidly , a stream of tears flows down from his eyes* LaaAYLLLAAA ~~~ AAARGH ~~~ !!!

The wailings of Ron's lament of lost and loneliness towards the mortifying and bitter reality of the loss of his only family member reverberates throughout the mansion with echoes so haunting and depressing , it miraculously call forth a downpour , further enriching the current atmosphere in the scene , with the clouded moonlight dimly lit them from the only window of the room , casting a long shadow that stretches a limitless distance towards bleak darkness that soon unveils itself a new scene where a pale-looking figure is seen in a great distance curled up into a ball with his head buried within in a middle of a field of grass and flowerbeds , bleached by the intensity of the lighting leaking from fissures formed around the ceiling and walls of dark , jagged crystals from the ongoing tremors rocking the scene a low hum . Fragments of the walls and ceiling of a spiky and boulder-like in shape ranging from pebbles to the size of an asteroid can be seen raining down onto the field and onto the pale-looking figure , endangering the pale-looking figure , covered in scrapes , bruises and cuts all over from previous inflictions from the falling fragments but doesn't seem to have any pained reaction to it . As the pale-looking figure remained curled on the spot motionless while taking occasional hits from falling debris of the crumbling ceiling and walls around , a bleached but , blurred figure with silky , shoulder-length , dark-brown hair with facial features veiled by both intense lighting and hair made an entry out from the intense lighting in a distance walking towards the pale-looking figure . The mysterious figure pauses just in front of the pale-looking figure and observed in silent for a moment before seats next to the pale-looking figure .

Pale-looking figure : ... who is it ... ?

Mysterious figure : It is I , Ron . We've met before .

Ron : ... that voice ... *slowly raises head , revealing a sunken face partially covered by a crumbling mask , wearing a defeated expression and a black eye with tears rolling down from the eye* ... why are you here ... ?

Mysterious figure : I'm here to guide you , as usual .

Ron : ... what is the point ... all of it ... *buries head behind his legs and arms* ... gone ...

Mysterious figure : *Slightly sombre expression* ... all is not lost .

Ron : ... please end my life ...

Mysterious figure : ... I'm afraid I can't do that . It would only shatter your little sister's heart and wish .

Ron (Thought) : ... lies ... all lies ... I don't understand why ...

Silence looms on as the mysterious figure kept Ron accompanied amidst the chaotic event still going on around them . But as time passes on , things took an unexpected development . Fissures on the ceiling and walls of dark crystals began to slow down to a near halt and fragments of it rains down lesser onto the fields around them . Rumbling sounds and tremors began to subside to sublime level of intensity . True silence ... no billows of wind , no singing of birds ... not even the sound of rustling grass can be heard behind what was once chaotic strings of destruction .

Ron : ... why ...

Mysterious figure : Hmm ?

Ron : ... why me ... everything happened because of me ?

Mysterious figure : Everything happens for any and many reasons and it's not only for one and only because of you .

Ron : ... lies again ...

Mysterious figure : *Sigh* ... it may sound so to you but like a certain someone else who was once close to you had stated ... "A child like you will never understand ...-"

Ron (Stunned) : *Raises head and looked towards the mysterious figure* "... but I can't help but to fear not being able to and when you're old enough , to confess the reason for our fighting" ... that was what my papa had said . How were you able to ...

Mysterious figure : *Gentle smile* I've been watching you ... and Laylay as well .

Ron : Laylay ? ... only I knew of her name ... it can't be ...

Mysterious figure : ... I hope that would absolve any thoughts of me lying about it .

Ron : ... then ... then why did she-

Mysterious figure : It's not your fault for her passing ... and everything else you felt you're responsible for .

Ron : But ... how can it not be ? Everything bad only happens to them ... always , around me . Everytime ... whenever I did something-

Ron is startled into silence by the sudden embrace by the mysterious figure and not a word is being spoken for a brief moment in time . As the tranquility plays on during those moment , gentle billows of wind had the flowers and grass dancing in unison throughout the field . Fragments of dark crystals which was part of the walls and ceiling began disintegrating and eventually being kicked up by it , creating a magical-like effect to the scene as its fine , sparkling dusts envelops the whole area .

Mysterious figure : Didn't I tell you ? Everything happens for many , many reasons and for any reasons too ... too many that it may not even yours to be held accountable to begin with ...

Several flashback events of when Ron's parents were fighting with each other while being watched by him from behind the door , his father leaving him and young Layla , covered in blanket , in the middle of the night outside the shack , him getting kicked in the back by his mother while she watches the act in horror , both of them standing in front of a recently-covered up grave with a depressed looks on their face drenched under the rain and a split scene of Layla unconscious in her bed with tubings and IV fluids attached onto her while being treated by several doctors and nurse nearby and a pale-looking figure with a expressionless mask seated in the middle of nothing gazing towards an endless horizon of pure darkness .

"They fought not because you nor Laylay's very existence . It's only an adult thing would do and only adults would understand ... conflict happens . They had problems themselves , problems that caused an unsealable rift unless some sort of agreement that both could get behind to that never came to be . Because of that , either one of the two is forced to make a move to make sure it doesn't continue in front of the both of you ...

Your papa did just that ... but it was years too late . Him not returning back wasn't because of your fault ... nor it was Laylay's . He had his reasons ... and he did his best  to fulfill his part of his role in your life ... imprinting a sense of hope into both you and your little sister's life that he may return back to you one day without harboring any sense of resentment .

But your mama couldn't accept it , emotions began ravaging her mind and judgement . She had to blame someone or something for the travesty that had befall onto her life .... someone to shoulder her burden , a mean of escape from all of it . You were just unfortunate to be her outlet too all of that but it was none your fault . You were at that time just doing what a child would do ... too young to understand her erratic , rampant and destructive behavior and actions towards you and your little sister .

Against such odds , you had to do what's best to ensure life for both for yourself and for your beloved little sister and assumed the role of an "adult" without understanding life of an adult from adults themselves . You placed your inherent understanding and experience as a placeholder to fill that void . It was never meant to ... it wasn't the right kind of ideals to begin with and with her passing , it came as a shock to that ideals you thought was perceived as the right one , an "adult" one . You kept blaming yourself for all that had happened so far , yet still rendered incapable at understanding why ...

... it was at that moment that your mind left behind its husk of an adult body behind to face reality alone . Fearful , withdrawn and weakened , it meanders an endless but ever shrinking loop ... bound , trapped and lost ..."

Flashback ends , returning back to the scene of a crying Ron leaning himself onto the mysterious figure's embrace .

The mysterious figure hummed a soothing tone while stroking the disheveled hair of a weeping Ron , shuddering and wailing under the embracing cover of the mysterious figure's body filled with much nurturing care and love , an attempt at healing his shattered mind and soul , as the scene soon encloses itself in darkness . The weepings of Ron and the humming of the mysterious figure can still be heard within the darkness , invoking a sense of bittersweet yet comforting feel within the darkness ...

"... it's not your fault ... it never was . The wheel of fate never stops turning and everything in life's fate are bound to that . You were just doing your best to make all ends meet but fate had been cruel to you all the while ... it had been , ever since you were born . You're a tough boy for going through all of that for a long time , taking blows after blows ... but in the end of the day , you're still a young human being and you can only take so much beating ...


"Let it go ... let me go . It's your turn ... be free and be happy for me ." ... that's her final , earnest and heartful wish for you ..."

The scene goes on for an unspecified amount of time with the gentle breeze kept kicking and stirring the powdered form of the disintegrated dark crystals which were once part of the walls and ceilings of the scene , creating a mesmerizing spectacle of shimmering glitters all over the scene , with the grass and flower dancing along to the wind . The remnants of the dark crystal walls and ceiling soon completely disintegrates and joining along with others , revealing an endless span of crystal blue sky , fluffy-looking white clouds and field of more dancing grass and flowerbeds with a few saplings can be seen sprouting far into the horizon . The area around the mysterious figure and Ron soon turned into dirt and without any sensible explanation , a dirt path is being carved from where they were .

Ron : ... ummhh ...

Mysterious figure : Feeling well rested now ?

Ron : Did I ...

Mysterious figure : Yes . You were quite a deep sleeper . The breeze in here is chilling cold ... or was it just me .

Ron : ... oh .

Mysterious figure : *Points towards a dirt path before them* Are you ready to walk on a new path ahead of you ?

Ron : *Silence for a moment* ... I'm afraid .

Mysterious figure : What is it you're afraid of ?

Ron : I ... I don't know . What if I stray off the path again ? What if all of that had happened happen again ...

Mysterious figure : It won't happen .

Ron : But , mama said-

Mysterious figure : A path is unique to the individual themselves . It is never dictated nor determined by anyone other than themselves . Good or bad , rough or smooth , dark or light ... that is for you and only you to choose to walk on . That's what led to events , incidents and misfortunes that had happened around you ... to your papa , your mama , Aunt Gail ... your little sister Laylay and to you yourself , Ron .

Ron (Dumbfounded) : ...

Mysterious figure : *Light giggles* To put it simple , You weren't straying off the path at all . It's nearly impossible for it to happen to anyone .

Ron : *Droops head* ... even so ... I don't know where to start ... or how ...

Mysterious figure : *Got up and walked a few steps in front and gazes towards the sky* ... "them" .

Ron : Huh ? Who ?

Mysterious figure : ... your "answer" .

Ron : What ? I don't understand . Who are "they" you speak of ?

Mysterious figure : *Began fading away , consumed by the intensification of the ambient light* Someone you knew ... for a long time ... and a certain lady . They're waiting for your return , Ron . Therefore , I must leave now ...

Ron (Panic) : W-wait ! Are you leaving ?! I'm still in the dark ! How do you know of my name ?! Who are you ?!

And the mysterious figure turned around , giving Ron one and only glimpse of the mysterious figure face - a fair woman with subtle wrinkles , a dimpled smile , features that of a middle-aged woman , partially covered by her front hair , no longer obscured by the bright lighting . She gave him one final , heartwarming smile that brought him into tears once more , and answered to his plea one last time before fading away forever , never to be seen again .

Mysterious figure : I'm the person who blessed you with that name before- ... *vanishes away*

Ron : Wait ! Don't leave me yet ! PLEASE !

The sudden departure of the mysterious figure brought Ron curling down onto the dirt and cried on once more alone in the middle of the field as it slowly being enveloped entirely by whiteness . Echoes of what sounded like a conversation can be heard from afar coming closer towards him with an increased clarity as the white background began dissipating away , gradually revealing a new , somewhat familiar surrounding .

"Ron ... ? Ron ? Ron's coming to be ..."

"He's waking up ? Thank goodness !"

" What ? He's waking up ?! Move away , I got to-"

"There , there now , miss . Let them do their job first . Responsibility . I'm gonna be outside now ..."

"*Tch* Fine . I'll keep quiet by the sideline ..."

"Say that to your perked-up t-thuUORGHH !!!"

"Say that you're not Perv-O-Donna and I'll give you true hell ..."

"... keep quiet . Ron's regaining consciousness . Please leave us alone for a short while ."

Early morning , inside a bedroom , a chandelier lit up a bed , the only object in an unusually empty room , where Ron is seen resting on , accompanied by someone dressed in a unusual maid outfit at the side . The window of the room is missing , as if it was removed in some way or another , allowing a chilly night breeze to blow freely into the room .

Ron : ... this place ...

??? : You're inside Alinna's mansion , in one of her vacant sleeping chamber .

Ron : *Turns over to see who is he talking to* Atramille ... *pulls up blanket* ... cold ...

Atramille : Forgive me for my incompetence . I was unable to seal nor fix the broken window in time . It was the one thing I failed to do when I managed this room .

Ron : Huh ... ? I don't understand ...

Atramille : When I first made entry into this room , it was as if there was a major struggle happening between two giants . Furnitures broken , windows shattered , doors battered ...

Ron : *Notices wounds and bruises on her face and hands* ... were you a part in it ? Those wounds ...

Atramille : Yes . It was inflicted upon by yours truly .

Ron : H-have I ... ? Why can't I remember anything at all ? Still , I'm sorry fo-

Atramille : No need for an apology . It is I who should be doing so ... *got up and bowed in a deep , apologetic manner before him* I'm truly sorry for-

Ron : Wait , hold on there ! I don't understand ! Everything's so hazy ... *discovers several crumpled pieces of paper that had been unraveled flat lying on top of the blanket before him* what are these ? *Stunned* This ... are these ... ?

Atramille : It was from your late little sister , Layla . I'm truly sorry for bringing such desponding news to you on such unwelcoming time .

Ron : What ? ... wait , I- ... I remember now . You were-

Atramille : Yes . I might've inexplicably opened a reservoir of what could be describe as a Pandora's box , condemning me , my sisters and our cause with a sense of insensitivity and obliviousness to its reason of its sealing and concealment . Delivering this news to you was what made me realize just how far deep I am in that guilt for committing such sinful act . I thought it was the least I could do in satisfying the void in your heart ... *caresses her wounded face* it's evident it hasn't and wasn't enough . These wounds ... testaments to my complacency to your griefs , pain and suffering that were present long before mine and our intervention into your private life , these is what we must bear for life . If our departure from your sight and life , like you yourself and mademoiselle Alinna had being advocating for all this time be what you're wishing for , the I shall do s-

Ron : Stop !

Atramille (Anxious) : But if I don't do so , won't your soul still be-

Ron : It doesn't matter ! So , don't !

Atramille : But I must do so . Or you will never be at peace-

Ron : *Slams fists down onto the sides of the bed with force* AND THAT WAS MY FAULT !!!

Atramille (Stunned) : ...

Ron : You heard me alright ! That fault's on me ... mine all along ...

Atramille : ... but-

Ron : I- ... I was a fool ... naive ... stubborn ... and afraid . Very afraid ... afraid of loss , afraid of change ... afraid of the unknown and everything that wasn't part of the path my mama had told me to follow on . I kept thinking it was all because of me for all that happened , then maybe ... maybe the answers might come to me ... maybe I will come to understand it all , *gazes at his own hands* I believed that I'm an "adult" ... but I'm not . I wasn't all along . I'm still just a child ... heart and mind . Because of that ! ... because of that , I- ... I ! Laylay ... I'm so sorry ... I'm so sorry ... I'm so sorry ...

Drooping down his head in an attempt at concealing his vulnerability from Atramille , Ron broke down into tears once more as teardrops falls onto the letter held with his trembling hands . Feeling sympathetic and equally responsible for what she had done towards him , she sat herself next to him in his bed with arms wrapped around his slim torso and laid her head next to his , giving him much needed sense of sympathy , love and care for his loss .

To be continued ...

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 20 : Reborn

Daylight break of the morning , in the same room where Ron and Atramille is , where he is seen sleeping onto her lap face down , basked under the light of a new day .

Ron (Thought) : ... ummhh ... this smells fragrant ... and firm ?

Atramille : How is your rest , Ron ?

Ron : Hummh ? Atramille ? ... !!! *Removes his head off from her lap and away from her upon realization* (Why am I-) I slept again ?

Atramille : Not counting the time when you've drained your strength to the point of sleeping , you've only slept once ... or does the former counts as you sleeping ?

Ron (Flustered) : *Scratches head* (So was the time with that mysterious lady a dream ?) No , nevermind  ... how did I-

Atramille : *Taps onto her lap and on one of her shoulder close to her chest , indicating where he slept on all the while* You cried yourself into slumber . Was my service satisfactory to you , Ron ?

Ron : *Flushed red* (I-I-I w-w-was o-o-on ...) I-i-it was fine . T-th-thanks ...

Atramille : But your stutterings dictates something else .

Ron : N-n-no , not that ! Not anything at all ! It's ... *deep sigh* it's just that ... I've lost my only motivation and will in life so I'm feeling very empty and lost within . I ... I just don't know how to continue on living for my little sister's wish , I'm too inexperienced and immature in life . How am I going to do this ... or where do I begin at all ? All by myself ... ? I just ... it feels no different than death itself .  I ... I ... *clenches fist , trembling in fear*

Atramille : *Held onto one of his hand with both of hers* "You needed someone to be the new pillars that will support you on ." ... that's what I had in mind when I read your little sister's last wish I had unearthed during the search .

Ron : Wait , what ? I don't understand ... what are you talking about ... *pressed head with both hands in confusion , groans in pain* ...mmfhh ...

Atramille : *Grabbed hold of both of his hands and placed it down onto his legs in a gentle manner* Who I am before and what role I had in your past is of no importance and a thing of the past . I'm well aware of your needs in gaining back part of your past self back to fill in the holes in your heart but I insist that you do not seek your past in your current state of mind and health .

Ron : ... then just how am I going move forward then ? I've got nothing in life right now that motivates me to live on ...

??? : All you have to do first is to just take your first step .

Ron : *Turns his focus towards the source of an unknown voice* ... who- ... Alinna ?

Alinna : *Sighs and made her way from the doorway to the room towards Ron* At the very least you knew of me . That's a start ...

Ron (Confused) : Why are you here ... *looked around the room* ... where am I ?

Alinna : You're in my house . As for the rest of the detail , you will ... or should I say it's only a matter of time before the past would come back and fill back up that void ... soon , eventually . Until then , take her advice . I'm not looking forward to another breakdown from you ...

Ron : U-umm ... still , I don't understand . What do you mean by what you said before ?

Alinna : Hurmm ... hard to explain . I only know based on experience ...

Ron : Experience ?

Alinna : You probably don't have any memory of that time for reasons , so I'll bring it up again for clarification purpose . I was in your position before ...

Ron : You ... were ?

Alinna : Well , sort of . Can't tell if he's still alive or not ... he , as in my big brother .

Ron : What happened to him ?

Alinna : He just vanished . Never return ever since . This was his house before I snatched it away from my parents attempt at selling it away in a hurry ... and for good reasons . His belongings are still here , all of it , signs that he was ousted out of the family and into the world he had to now face with only his bare fist ...

Ron : What's that had in common to-

Alinna : He's the closest person I've ever had to being my father ...

Several scenes of Alinna's past life . The first one of her in front of a crowd , all in black silhouettes at the foreground of the scene seemingly discussing something as they're being watch in silent by her , expressionless . The following scenes are of when a certain guy with a scruffy-looking short hair , donned in a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans barged into the scene seemingly infuriated as he lashed out in front of the crowd and thus an argument happened with her watching it unaffected .

Alinna : ... being the youngest daughter of a family of white-collars , business and management of a successful company and investments are the only thing I'm exposed to during my time when I was still a little girl ... how I had to keep a top grade , picking up industry know-hows from adults I don't know of , keeping a professional and formal mind and posture in everything in front of everyone while putting a permanent seal on all of my personal interests and emotions that might cast even a slightest doubt or contradictions ... all of that for the sake and honor of the family name and pride . These burden got thrown onto me for no good reason ... all because the only son in the family , my big brother , didn't live up to their expectations . Free-spirited , rebellious , dreamer and a child-at-heart , he despise the suffocating world of business , filled with formality , code of conduct and technicalities , he rejected the family's will in taking over their throne of their businesses in favor of life free from any restrictions and boundaries , freedom to choose his own path ...

Ron : ... path ...

Alinna : *Notices Ron deep in thought* Have I struck the right chord there ?

Ron : You ... did . I ... I often reminded myself of that ... my path ...

Alinna : *Sigh* ... figures . My intuition was right then .

Ron : Huh ? What do you mean by that ?

Alinna : Do you still remember your last job ?

Ron : *Serious expression as he digs into his mind* ... Hoff's Advertising Agency ...

Alinna : Why did you decide to work there in the first place ?

Ron : ... I ... I ... needed money ...

Alinna : Let me rephrase that . What had driven you , a high-schooler at that time , into taking up a job meant for adults ?

Ron : *Places one hand on forehead having a strained expression , struggling to answer* ... to ensure happiness ... but I don't understand ...

Alinna : *Lifts hand up , preventing Ron from breaking down once more* That's all I need to know . If it had to do with the path you've chosen , clearly it wasn't yours to begin with . Or else , your goals , your motivation and most importantly , the sacrifices you're willing to make would've been crystal clear to you even before you started working in that company at that age . *Looked towards the ceiling , deep in thought* That's what my big brother understood ... that's what he taught me , "Live a life of a child of your age . Live it to the fullest of heart , or you'll regret not having such life and forever living on having such feeling of emptiness of self ... forever unhappy and unsatisfied ." . Such is life ...

Atramille : You looked troubled , mademoiselle Alinna .

Alinna : *Frowns* Don't try prodding into my private life now ...

Ron : Still ... still , Layla ...

Alinna (Unhappy) : Look , I understand that the loss of the only person in life is too mortifying for you to take in and you can't help but to mourn and drown yourself into a deep state of sorrow . However , you'd better not lament about it for too long .

Ron : But-

Alinna : *Lifts one of his hands in front of his eyes out of the cover of the blanket , revealing the emaciated physique of his own body* This is a reminder to that , should you keep up with that . People close to you can't help but to feel hurt just by the sight of it , especially your own little sister .

Ron (Pale & Sombre) : ... I ...

Several solo shots of each character and where they are and currently doing being mentioned by Alinna .

Alinna : Got it ? It's the reason why I brought you to meet up with that group and the reason we're here for ! Me , your personal "chauffeur" Danny downstairs (What a loud sleeper ...) , Joshua who can't be here due to work but was here not long ago ... *looked towards Atramille* ... and most importantly , the people responsible in blessing you a second life . If it weren't for them , heaven knows how devastated she might've felt if she knew how your life ended then ...

Ron : *Lowers head* ... I'm very sorry .

Atramille : The best kind of apology for this is to accept the hands of everyone else who had been by your side all the while .

Ron : What hands ?

Alinna (Annoyed) : *Pinches both cheeks , stretching them out* THESE hands . You still got us , so stop being a hermit . And most importantly ... *Pulls him closer to her face* DON'T you DARE having even a thought of ending your life . EVER ! Got me ?

Ron : Owwowow !!! I gofh eet !!!

Alinna : *Releases her grip off his face* Good ! Now that's settled ... *smiles while letting out a sigh of relief* ... welcome back , Ron .

Ron : *Smiles with a child-like expression* U-umm ... thanks .

Atramille : *Raises hand* I would like to announce something on my end as well .

Alinna : Huh ? What is it ?

Morning chirps of birds ... a silent and peaceful atmosphere around the mansion was soon rocked by a sudden screams of disbelief from both Alinna and Ron , shocking the surrounding bird away from fear and causing the building and the trees and shrubs around to tremble from the intensity .

Alinna : Are YOU f***ing kidding me right now ?! You're planning to-

Atramille : Yes . From this day onward , I , Atramille de Surquouis , shall serve by Ron's side until he's deemed satisfied . *Got up and gave a graceful curtsy and bow in front of Ron and Alinna* I hope that you'll find my service up to your satisfaction ... Comte Ron .

Ron (Flustered) : Bu-bu-but I don't understand all of this ! Just why though ... ? I'm happy that I'm already seeing a new light in life !

??? : I beg to concur .

Alinna : *Turns around , discovering someone standing by the doorway* Libra ?! Wha-

Libra : It was her suggestion and I believe it's beneficial for both parties ... so I gave her the permission .

Ron (Confused) : Li ... bra ? But you don-

Libra : *Makes her way next to Atramille* "Look like her" ? It's understandable . This is just a vessel to house the me you knew back in the sanctum . Otherwise , I simply can't exist in your world .

Alinna : You still don't make any sense to me and you still refuse to explain it ...

Libra : Some things are best left unexplained . As for your confusion , Ron , I shall explain . *Pulls out a golden card* To put it simple , this .

Ron : Golden ... card ? Seems familiar ...

Libra : Indeed and it just so happened to be yours .

Ron (Confused) : Mine ???

Atramille : *Whispers next to Libra's ear* I'm sorry to say this , mother , but as of currently his mind is too shaken and wounded to recall anything from the past . There's a good possibility that he may not remember anything for an undetermined time .

Libra : *Whispers* I see ...

Alinna (Aggravated) : A-HEM !!! May I know what more "secrets" you're planning to hide from me ? I thought that we're clear about not doing so .

Libra : It's understandable that you seek truth and answers behind the reasons and purposes of our presence and our activities around you and Ron but now is not the right time to get into exposition . I promise you that when the time comes , I'll grant your wish .

Alinna : What ? Why can't you even just give a hint or word of it ? Why not now ?

Libra : It's not that I don't want to , but condensing two hundred years of history and background information about us would be nigh impossible to do right now .

Alinna (Shocked) : Oh , you've established yourself for two hun- ... WHAT ?!!!

Libra : Your shock to learn of this minute fragment of us comes at no surprise to me ... but I hope that would be sufficient enough to put aside this matter and not talk about it for now .

Alinna (Befuddled) : ("Two hundred plus years" is only a "minute fragment" of your "activity history" ?!) ... fine .

Libra : Many thanks . Allow me to re-introduce to you both about this card in much digestible form . *Placed card on the bed* This is a form of invitation , allowing entrance into our sanctum where you'll receive appropriate service from one of our capable sisters . Once you've completed it and returned back to your world , this will cease to exist .

Alinna : Then why is it still here ?

Libra : That's a good question and the very reason why we're here , in your world . Initial thought suggest that the issue lies within Ron himself but it was at best an assumption based upon the findings Atramille had discovered within Ron with her 'gift' . I placed my faith in her judgement and let her deal with the issue down in your world in my stead .

Alinna : Well , something went wrong to the point that you drove him raging insane ...

Atramille : I apologize for what I might have done to cause him much-

Ron : N-n-no , don't be ! It- ... it is I who should be apologizing , eventhough I still do not know what I might've done that time . *Ponders for a moment* If anything , rather than apologizing ... *bowed in his bed at Atramille and Libra* ... uh , thank you ... for whatever you've done so far ... ?

Alinna (Shocked) : Heh ?! You're thanking them ? What for ? For triggering your mental breakdown ?

Ron : *Scratches cheek* It's- ... I don't know . It's just that my heart tells me to be thankful to them .

Alinna : Well , if you say so ... still ... *gazes towards the card placed on the bed in front of Ron with an uneasy expression*

Libra : That's where I draw upon another probable theory or two . It could be the problem lies on our end ...

Alinna : *Points finger at Libra in an accusative manner* There ! I told you it was yo-

Libra : *Stops Alinna's conversation with a raise of her palm at her* It could also be possible that Ron desires more than what that card , your unspoken inner will and desire , had shown us .

Ron : My ... inner will and desire ?

Atramille : You desire "Comfort and happiness" .

Alinna : That's ... awfully vague .

Libra : Indeed ... same can be said for millions of other recipients we have invited .

Alinna (Shocked) : Millions ?! Then why Ron , of all people ?!

Libra : That I do not know of , which is why I allowed one of my sister to stay by his side to continue on at breaking this enigma since she has been doing a good job with the last task . While I shall make my return back to the sanctum and seal the gateway to ensure that no more of souls like Ron will happen again and maybe ... just maybe , you won't wake up back there ever again .

Ron : Are you telling me ... as long as the card still exist , I might ...

Libra : *Nods and frowns from uneasiness* ... let's pray it doesn't happen anymore .

Atramille : *Looked around as everyone is silent and then looked towards Ron , who is deep in thought as he had his attention on the card , having a fearful but serious expression* ... I'm awaiting for your answer , Conte Ron .

Ron : *Startled by her request* A-a-ah , right ! ... right . I ... I guess I do need to lean on you all for support , especially on you too ... okay . But ...

Atramille : You have something in mind , Conte Ron ?

Ron : First off , drop that 'Conte' or whatever it is ... feels out of place to me .

Alinna : Agreed . What's with 'Mademoiselle' and 'Monsieur' honorifics ?

Atramille : Understood . I shall not use such honorifics . But how am I going to address you as ?

Ron : Just by my name , like everyone else too ...

As he repositions himself in his bed , he felt something tucked under his bed , prompting him into pulling it out . In his hand , several pieces of paper with a picture attached to it , materials collected during the search for clues for his problems by Atramille and the others , piqued his interest as he began browsing them in silence .

Ron : ... there's something else I 'felt' like I must do as well ...

The scene of a sunny afternoon sky slowly pans down to reveal what looked to be an abandoned , severely dilapidated , wooden-plaster single-storey bungalow with the roofing of an opened garage next to it warped and on the brink of collapsing , covered in dust , webbing and moss barely visible behind thick and tall grass that seemed to have overgrown over what looked to be shrubbery with a few blossoming flowers on them . Alinna , Atramille , Ron and Danny is seen standing outside in-between a mailbox filled with uncollected letters , mails and newspapers and a washed-out sign that reads "For sale" .

Danny : Well , here we are , Ronny boy ! Wow , mother nature's about to finish its job to this house . How savage ...

Ron : ... howdy , homie ...

Alinna : ("howdy homie" ?) *Sighs* It was a real struggle , locating this place with no leads other than that one picture in hand .

Danny : Lucky that as a cab driver , I had comrades that had trips to this place . Still this place is soOOoo faaAAar away from your shabby house in Preogina ... *sigh* ... damn ...

Atramille : Ron , may I know the reason in returning to this place ?

Oblivious to Atramille's inquiries , Ron slowly waded through the tall grass towards the rotting front door of the house . Curious as to what is Ron up to , the rest soon followed behind him as he opens the door with a loud , squeaking and creaking sound . Inside , dusts and webbing , with some parts thicker and denser , carpets the entire household objects and furnitures , walls , ceiling and floor , began kicking up from the light breeze entering from the opened door , causing Alinna and her companions to cover their face to avoid inhaling them directly . Ron , unfazed by the cloud of dusts , cautiously wanders around the house as if he is trying to find something , with each footsteps he took on the wooden flooring creaks and strains as if it's rearing to break . He eventually wanders into what seemed to be a bedroom which had the same fate as the other rooms , thus identifying certain objects within it is difficult without removing the thick layer of dust on them . He walked towards what vaguely looked like a bed , dimly lit by the only broken window of the room coated in vines , moss and dust and carefully removed the dust collected on top of it , revealing a moth-eaten blanket with what looked to be dried up small droplets of blood stains the top , causing Alinna and Danny to react in a horrified manner .

Alinna : Ron ... that bloodstain . C-could it be ...

And once more , Ron did not respond to Alinna's inquiries as he resumes dusting off the remaining dusts on the surface of the bed . An unusual bulge appeared near the edge of the moth-eaten blanket after the dusts around it clears away . Careful as to not kick up more dusts , he lifted up the part where the dent is to reveal what looked to be an old-fashioned book with a large golden title in front of it - "The Golden Pass To Utopia" , seemingly in good condition despite its worn-out looks , preserved and sheltered from the wrath of the natural environments . He gently picked it up , spent some time looking at it with a forlorn expression and eventually held the book tight and close to his chest with tears soon began rolling down the wrinkled cheeks of his bittersweet smile as if the book in his hands had sentimental values that's dear to his heart .

"Layla ...

... I'm sorry ...

... I'm just ... sorry ..."

Manga page count : 22-23
Proofreading/correction count : 1
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 21 : Reunion

In a dimly lit bedroom covered in dust , moss , webbing and vines , with its interior structure and furniture showing signs of decay and potential structural failure from the effects of mother nature , Ron is seen by the bed , recently being dusted off and interacted with by him , standing by the bed lit by the only light source coming from the broken window  opposite of it with a book held close to his chest seemingly had an emotional breakdown as signs of tear can be seen carved right down a thin layer of dust and webbing collected onto him . Alinna , Atramille and Danny is seen watching in silence behind him , partially covered in dust and webbing as well .

Atramille : *Looked at Alinna with an intent of her approval , given a go sign* ... Ron ? *Pauses for a moment* ... Ron ? Are you okay ?

Ron : *Shakes head and wiped off tears from his face* ... ummhh ... yeah , I'm fine . Sorry about it ... I just ...

Danny : Don't sweat it , Ronny boy . Take all the time you need . We'd be fine just watching your back , ya know *grins* ?

Ron : *Light and brief laughter* ... thanks ... but I'm done here . We'd better leave here before this entire house caves onto us .

Alinna : Totally agree .

And they cautiously make their way out of the house . While they're at it , they had a brief conversation with Ron .

Atramille : Ron , may I know why you came to this place for the book in hand ?

Ron : ... it was the last good memory I had with my little sister that I myself had nearly forgotten . That letter I read and that one picture attached to it while I was back in her house ... I'm ever so grateful and glad that it reminded me of that one promise I had made ... it pains me to know that it's the only thing I can remember . *Despondent* How awful of me ...

Atramille : Please do not blame yourself for what had happened that is out of your own control .

Ron : ... yeah , sorry . I shouldn't be lamenting on about the past .

Alinna : So , what are you going to do with it ?

Ron : *Gazes up towards the sky and ponders for a moment before putting on a bittersweet smile while clenches firmly onto the book in hand* ... I'm going to fulfill that promise together for one last time .

Alinna : *Sighs* ... such a devoted brother you are .

Ron (Confused) : Am I ?

Alinna (Annoyed) : Stop being so negative , will you ?

As they're having a lighthearted conversation all the way to their transport , a short-haired , middle-aged lady in a flower-patterned , elderly-looking , one-piece dress with a red cloth belt tied around the waist and a sunny hat on her head is seen approaching them from the roadside with a piece of paper in hand .[/font]

Short-haired lady : What brings you here , young ones ?

Alinna : Ah , we're here to retrieve my friend's belonging that was left behind . He said that he used to live here with his little sister .

Short-haired lady : Oh ? Someone who used to live with late miss Gail ? *A brief browsing on the people around Alinna before pausing at Ron* ... you must be Ron , am I right ?

Ron : How do you know my name ? Who are you ?

Short-haired lady : Oh , can't recognize me behind my flabby feature ? It's aunt Frisse , miss Gail's neighbor friend .

Ron (Confused) : Aunt ... Frisse ?

Atramille : Before any misunderstanding were to happen , Ron isn't being rude for not remembering you , made- ... aunt Frisse . He's been hav-

Frisse : *Puts up a hand and nods* I understand .

Alinna : Huh ? How ? We haven-

Frisse : Layla ... she knew about his papa's problems all along . She told it all to me ... lamentingly . She gave me this ...

Frisse offered them folded piece of paper and upon unfolding it , it reveals to be a drawing , with names written on top of each stick figures with distinctive but otherwise abstract and simple features and expression that differs between individuals . The stick figure of aunt Gail with a halo on top of her head , having a dimpled smile , an abstract depiction of an elderly wrinkles on the forehead , signature silver-white hair bun holding onto a walking stick is drawn on the far left , next to a stick figure of Layla herself with a large smile and an out-of-place , sad-looking eyes . She is seen holding the hands of a stick figure of a faceless Ron with a bracketed question mark next to his name . The space where the face should be drawn on showed signs of excessive erasing , with the paper within it is rough and unusually thin . On the far right end on the drawing is a stick figure of Frisse , having an abstract short bob hair and a smiling face . They were drawn with a background of what seemed to be the front yard of the house where they lived in , the same kind of house seen in the picture and the very house they're currently at , with Frisse is drawn just outside the property behind the shrubbery fencing . As they're in the middle of previewing it , Alinna's expression turned dark as if she might've discovered an uneasy meaning behind the drawing .

Alinna : Miss Frisse ...

Frisse : *Nods in disappointment* She tried to reach out to his papa many times but is just too afraid to do so .

Alinna : *Deep sigh* ... I see .

Frisse : *Had her displeased gaze towards Ron* ... where were you ? Where was papa she wept for all those years ?

Ron (Sad) : I ...

Danny : Ma'am , please calm down there . We can understand your disappointment over Ron . Right now he's jus-

Frisse : *Raises hand once more* I told you already , I already know all of it . Layla passed away , right ? I got that news from a frustrated nurse from Feuller General Hospital looking for him .

Danny : That nurse , huh ? (Mad respect for her unwavering determination at locating Ronny ...)

Alinna : Why are you displeased over his actions ?

Frisse : Young lady , how long have you known Layla for ? Ever wonder why did she entrusted me with that drawing of hers instead of offering it to her papa directly ?

Alinna : *Speechless , unable to answer* Urk ...

Frisse : *Sighs* I'm just glad that he came back . That's what all of us who were part in your life then had wished for , especially her before she suddenly disappeared along with him . She begged for it ...

Ron (Despondent) : *Lowers head* ... sorry .

Frisse : *Sighs once more* Don't cry over spilled milk . The past is the past ... it's time to move on , assuming that you've done paying proper respect of her passing . So , where is her resting ground at ? I'd like to pay my condolences and respect as well .

Ron (Pale) : *Breaking out cold sweat* Uh ... umm ...

Frisse (Angry) : You don't say ... *walked towards him lectures close to his face* Just what are you doing right here right now ?! This is what got her worried so much to the point of affecting her health ! Just how far your mind had wandered off to ?!

Danny (Frantic) : Ma'am , please ! You got to understand that he was sufferin-

Frisse : That is EXACTLY what got her worried sick ! *Sighs and relaxes* Just what were you up to go through such length to the point of suicidal ?

Alinna (Thought) : I've been trying to know why myself as well ...

Ron (Solemn) : ... I'm sorry ...

Alinna : *Sigh* Don't be . Let get it done now , shall we ? Do you have money for the process ... of ... *notices Ron turning pale and breaking sweat once more* ... retrieval . Let me guess ... you've got no money , right ?

Ron : *Nods in acknowledgement , feeling heavy* ...

Alinna : *Sigh once more , acknowledging his unluckiness* ... I'll shoulder the cost and transportation as well .

Ron : Bu-

Danny : *Places hand onto Ron's shoulder , stopping him* Just accept it , Ronny boy . You don't want to know the amount of money needed to do pull all of that ...

Ron : Umm ... uh . But I don't know of any cemeteries I can bury her in at ...

Frisse : I know just the right place for her . Mister , would you mind taking us there ?

With the directions to an unknown location given to Danny by Frisse , they all began their journey further into the countryside , passing by scenic views of the fields of fetch reeds and farmlands and untouched hills and the clear afternoon sunshine and sky for stunning background , eventually arriving to what looked like a large fields of grass and variety of flowers , coloring the area a beautiful rainbow with several trees dots the area . Upon closer view , gravestones jots out everywhere within the field , only visible after the grassy field bows to the force of the breezy winds that flows throughout the countryside . Frisse guides Ron and his companions through the field and uphill towards one of the few high grounds to end in front of a gravestone in front of a flowering tree , with its yellow-white flower occasionally falling down from it , blanketing the surrounding area and onto the grave itself . Frisse crouched in front of the gravestone , with a handkerchief in hand , wiping the gravestone with it and revealing a name engraved into it , "In loving memory of Gail Monterressa , May 2022 - June 2112 ..." .

Frisse : Gail , guess who I've brought along with me now ... *waves Ron to come next to her* come , Ron . Time for you to greet her for your return from your long life journey .

Ron kneels before the grave of Gail , with a solemn and sombre expression and gaze , he greets her in silence . Not to interrupt the moment , everyone else backed a good distance away from him , allowing him a moment of solitude with someone Frisse claimed to be close to him and his late little sister , Layla .

Alinna : Miss Frisse ... do you intend to bury her here ? Why though ?

Frisse : *Nods* Like she sees Ron as his papa , Gail is like mama to her . It's only right for her to be in her eternal company in the afterlife , don't you think ? It was meant for her husband but I don't think she'd mind it .

Alinna : I do mind though .

Frisse : Her husband's body was never found during the last siege into the terrorist's stronghold many years ago . She herself told me and that she don't mind it if it was someone else other than her husband , as long as it was someone she holds dear and close to her . Don't worry , the plot's being paid for already .

Alinna : Still , is Gail their mother ? Or ...

Ron : *Apporaches them from the back* We're both parentless .

Alinna : Parentless ?

Ron : *Offered them a letter written by his little sister to be read* You can read it to get her side of our life . I'll do my best to tell my side with what memory I have .

And they spent most of their afternoon reading the letter given by Ron in order to understand his life better while he sat himself not far from them on a rock looking towards the sky deep in thought .

Danny : *Wept like a baby , rubbing away tears in a widespread manner* Ronny ... my boy ... such is your life . So ... so much hardships !

Atramille : I wholeheartedly agree with your pained and sorrow-filled inner feelings . The bloodstained letter ... it's filled with such feelings ...

Alinna : Please don't fling your "sadness" onto me . I had enough of it ...

Ron : *Light smile* Eheheh .

Alinna : Still , why didn't you tell any of us about all of these ? Just by the content of the letter , I'm getting butterflies in my stomach .

Ron : I don't know why myself ... but it sounds like my little sister still remembers all of it . But then again , it's too late to ask her now , huh ...

Alinna : *Sigh* Nevermind . At the very least , you're now back on terra firma , albeit being brought back in a rather "crude" manner and not without going through many , many brutal bumps .

Atramille : My deepest apologies for what we might've done that caused you much trouble , miss Alinna .

Alinna : I'm not mocking your methods . It's the opposite ... though I wished that there were a less "crude" manner and not having to ride the pain train to get the similar results .

Ron : ... *bows with full sincerity and gratefulness* Once again , I thank you-

Alinna (Annoyed) : *Groans from frustration* Not again ... . Just how many times are you going to keep thanking us for bringing back your true self ? We get it ! Stop it or it'll rub off on everyone as very insincere and disingenuous !

Atramille : *Stern tone* I agree . The time to rediscover yourself begins right now and we're all here to help you with that . Kindly make use of our lending hands in order to achieve that , Ron .

Ron : *Shriveled from being lectured* Eep ! O-okay , I won't do it again !

After a brief but sound lecture , they pay Gail one final respect before returning back to the urban to settle with Layla's burial process .

Danny : ... you know , supporting someone morally is one thing , financially is another thing . I just hope that's all the amount you've got to deal with in life before you can make progress , Ronny boy .

Ron : ... oh .

The scene switches from where they were to the front door of Ron's house in Preogina at night , with dozens of boxes stacked in front of the doorway , blocking access into it , being lit by a single porch light . A notice is seen tacked onto the surface of one the boxes facing towards them . Their positions where they stood when they were before remained unchanged aside from Frisse which is missing , presumably having returned back to her home , being replaced with Joshua who just so happen to be by his house when they arrived .

Ron : *Feeling defeated* Outstanding back-payments and its being rented out already ... I was too late .

Alinna : Well jinxed , mister .

Danny : *Droops head , presses both pointing fingers on and off out of embarrassment and guilt* Ehehehe ... sowwy ...

Atramille : Is it possible to settle in at that very house we had been to not long ago for a time being ? I'm capable enough to prepare a room for Ron to settle in before the moonfall .

Alinna : Are you nuts ? Rebuilding it anew is one thing , repurchasing it is another . Didn't you read the sign in front of the house ?

Atramille : *Bows* (I have much to learn about this world ...) My apologies .

Alinna : *Scratches head , contemplating while letting out a deep sigh* ... you can stay in my house for the time being .

Joshua : Oh ho ~ ? Is this perhaps ... a cohabitation-in-the-making ?

Ron (Panic) : Eh ?! B-b-b-but I can't do that !

Alinna : Shut it , Perv-O-Donna ! You intend to live on the streets once more ? Just accept it , Ron . I won't charge you for rental fee and whatnot .

Ron (Flustered) : B-b-b-but w-wh-what if y-y-y-y-you and I-I-

Joshua (Whimsical) : ... how envious .

Alinna : *Blushes slightly* It's a mansion , for crying out loud ! *Points at the door of the house Ron used to resides in* One of these is like one of the many rooms in my house ! That and the servants of mine makes it impossible for any "unfortunate" encounters to happen !

Joshua : Oh , how worked up you are about it . PerhawuggGGH ! *Gets strangled by Alinna*

Alinna (Mad) : Don't jinx it any further ...

Atramille : Is the residing of Ron in your mansion a permanent one ?

Alinna : Of course not . He'll stay until he gets his own house to stay in and take you with him . (You and your "sisters" still gives me shivers ...)

Danny : Don't you think it's rather difficult to find one in the first place , especially something similar to this one ?

Alinna : My servants and influence will come in handy in that matter . So , leave your belongings here . I had already contacted them to come and transport them all to your temporary shelter . Let's go back and take much needed rest . I'm beat from all that happened in the last month or so ...

Ron : U-umm ...

Their stress-filled , emotional day ends with their trip to Alinna's house to rest up for the day , but it's a new day for Ron as he begins a new life's journey , no longer bound to taboos of people and events of the past . With the newfound insight , clarity and viewpoint , his view of the world around him changes dramatically , with what seemed to be uninteresting , everyday scenes of the metropolitan city of Dushlam under the veil of the night for his past self intrigues him as if it was his very first time seeing them up close behind the seat of the cab , turning him into a child filled with curiosity and enthusiasm , his eyes gleams to the sight of the surroundings , drooling to every sight that is interesting to him , all the way to the destination . Even the house Alinna owns got him into a state awe , despite being there before .

Alinna : *Smiles and sighs* You're creeping me out , Ron .

Danny : Ahahaha ! If you don't have children yourself , you won't understand a child's way of expression .

Alinna : Ron , tell that butler by the door to guide you to a vacant room for you and her to stay in .

Ron : A-ah , okay ! *Ran off in full spirit , with Atramille trailing behind*

Joshua : *Grins* Looks like part of the Ron we knew back then is back .

Alinna : *In the middle of settling her cab fare wit Danny* You might be right ... on initial thought though .

Joshua : Hmm ? Something else I didn't know of ?

Alinna : *Watches over Ron's interaction with her butler for a moment* His past life ... most that he hid from the world .

Scenes of each characters in the story . The first is of Ron filling the entire room with his inner child's enthusiasm and happiness as he admired and interacted with everything that he had ever done so in the past when he was there while being watched over by Atramille , followed by when he is accompanied by Alinna seated by a desk being attended to by a clerk seemingly in the middle of a discussion , with a catalogue book of variety of houses for rent placed in front of them , along with various pictures and papers tagged onto a board and stacks of files behind the clerk . The third takes place in the middle of a living room of a vacant apartment with Ron is seen looking around , gauging and processing the apartment while being accompanied by Atramille , Alinna and a real estate agent . The next is of the same place but focuses on a newly-placed desk with a front view of Ron browsing through brochures and pamphlets with a serious expression with Atramille seated next to him with a curious expression , surrounded by stacks of boxes in the background . The fifth scene is that of Ron alone walking with heavy shoulders among the crowds in the middle of the bustling streets and office buildings of Dushlam during the peak office hour where Ron is seen in a desperate need of getting accepted in the jobs he applied on multiple occasions . The scene finalizes with Ron again alone seated on a stool with a book on his lap in front of the grave of Gail , with a new gravestone being erected next to it in front of a recently dug soil with the engravings , "Layla , Miss Gail Monterressa beloved little sunshine , Ron's little angel , be blessed by the grace of the heavens , 2104 - 2123 ."

"Layla , it's me , your papa Ron ... or not . I have accepted the fact that you're old enough to act maturely . But me ... I felt like I've lost myself . I can tell , I felt it ever since ... that sense of desperation and need to relive my childhood self . You were right ... what you said in the letter , the feelings you had ... the projections you've felt , all the while . Thanks to the letter , I've realized how far lost and gone I am with life , so far to the point that I made you lost any sort of will to live on . I know it's too late to be by your side , to say that I'm sorry for all that I had done and make amends by spending what little time you had in life , but your last wish for me ... I will fulfill it for you . I'll finish that story where we left off ...

Months passed by after hearing the news of your passing ... a very "too late" news . I've grieved and lamented enough but deep inside , it yearns for more . If it weren't for the friends I had that I had forsaken all these years , I would've kept on and it feels no different than death itself . I now look up to them ... they never gave up on me and kept reaching out for me as I kept walking down the path into the void . And for that , especially for you , I will now fight for myself , strive for a better , new me , free from the chains of the past .

They saw a change in me , the better me ... the actual me that I was blinded to myself , they nurtured that side of me with all they could give . A new home , means to live another day , guidance , shoulders where I could lean on whenever I need rest and comfort ... things we're both deprived of for so long , such selfless act of kindness once thought as a curse that wrought us such accursed life . Upon my liberation from all that had bound me into an endless but ever shrinking loop under a shell , with every act , it threatens me into tears ... tears of happiness and gratefulness .

But they also told me that such grace won't last forever . Eventually , I must walk on my own two feet . I can understand ... I learnt it the hard way . Before , I don't have the answers to all of those questions that rises the moment I lost the supports that held us up and it had driven me into fear , fear that I might do something wrong that will doom the both of us . Answers came to me in a most unlikely and unexplainable way ... but answers they were nonetheless , I felt like a beam of light had lit up the path that I could not see before , I walk down that very path .

It never got to a good start . Not surprising to me since we've gone through it , haven't we ? Driven to live for another day by a single false promise , I learn that the sense of falsehood must end . It had lived long enough to offer what little hope , now it became a bane , constantly reminding me of the consequences of betraying it . I'm being blessed with a newfound mean of continuing on this unforgiving journey without you by my side anymore because now ... I had friends and I now am able to truly understand and treasure them just as much as I've treasured you all the while .

Aunt Gail , papa and of course , my dearest little sister Layla ... thank you for being there all the while .

... farewell ."

Ron : *Closes book in hand and letting out a sigh of relief* ... the end . Finally ... managed to finish this storytime with you . Promise fulfilled ... *bittersweet smile* too late for that , huh ? I know , I know ... time for me to go . *Walked away* Got to attend to a job interview . *Turned around with a cheerful smile before running off* Wish me luck ... !

Manga page count : 22-24
Proofreading/correction count : 0
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 22 : Restart

June 2124 , in a crowded commercial district plaza shrouded in thick and cold mist , Ron is seen seated on a concrete/marble bench that surrounds a tree , taking a break while reminiscing of something while pedestrians of all walks of life walks past by him , living on their daily life . An interjected flashback scene of a office building , covered in stacks of files and papers strewn all over the area and bursting out of a few of the many filing cabinets that covers a large portion of the walls , where Ron is seen seated opposite of a person of a high standing , exerting a posture of a despondent and dejected person .

Ron : *Sighs out a misty puff , low spirited* ... 84th rejection . I just can't land a job that could even barely pay for the rent for the apartment she gave to me and I haven't even count in living expenses ...

Another interjected flashback scene of Alinna lecturing Ron .

Alinna : I know overextending your dependency over my charity can be toxic but it's going to take a long time to even pay off all of the debt you had on your shoulder . What's your academic qualifications ? What work experience do you have under your belt , not counting the ones you had with Hoff's Advertising Agency , and how many years ? What's your age ? You know , you don't have to answer that - I already knew the moment you applied to work in that hell hole . Qualifications matters and you had none to start off with , so the best you can get are hard labor jobs like store clerk that translates to low pay . So , take what you will and stop feeling guilty and going hard on everything , will you ?!?!

Flashback ends .

Ron : Even if you say so , I still can't help but to feel responsible over it ... *deep sigh* ... why nothing ever go to plan ... ?

A silhouette emerges before Ron right after he is done lamenting and spoke to him in a rather commanding , feminine tone .

??? : Nothing in life is ever going to be easy .

And the silhouette unveils itself , revealing the person behind who replied to Ron's lament . Alinna , dressed in the work attire similar to what she had worn back when she worked in Hoff's Advertising Agency , stands before him with a box bag emitting warm steam in one of her hand .

Ron : *Looks up towards Alinna* ... Alinna . What are you doing here ?

Alinna : *Pulls out and offered Ron a cup of warm drink from the bag in hand* Business stuff . Now that I've got too much free time and freedom thanks to series of done dealings with a certain someone and some things ... you know ...

Ron : I do ... sort of .

Alinna : *Sigh* ... still having the same troubles , on top of still beating yourself up , like usual ?

Ron : *Slumps down , letting out a deep sigh* ... like usual . No memories of my past , still jobless ... *takes a drink*

Alinna : *Bittersweet smirk then coached Ron into getting up and walking alongside her* Anyways , I'm currently on my way to your house . This place's not the right place for something I want to talk with you .

Ron (Confused) : O ... okay ?

And they take a long walk towards Ron's rented apartment back in Preogina accompanied by the persistent , chilling mist ...

Ron : So ... why can't we have it going on the spot ?

Alinna : The conversation's best be done in front of them as well .

Ron : So it had to do with them , huh ...

Alinna (Serious) : *Serious tone* ... exactly .

Ron (Thought) : You sounded serious ... must be important then . Not gonna pry on that ...

Alinna : I keep shelving this up somehow but what's with that eagerness in job hunting as soon as you've settled into that apartment I gave you ? You know that you don't even had any formal education and qualifications to even land a job that pays as much as what you last had . Why don't invest those wasted time on getting them ?

Ron : ... I just can't . Everyone's being so charitable and nice to me and they asked for nothing , even of equal value in return ... even Atramille . She never complaint about me freeloading over her house duties and services . I may never know her enough , I just feel like I need to thank her somehow for all she had done so far ... *looked towards Alinna with a heavy expression* and you too .

Alinna : *Making eye contact for a moment before turning her focus towards the sky* ... I see ...

Several hours later , in front of a low-rent apartment complex somewhere in a sub-urban residential district of Preogina , Ron is seen by the front door with Alinna , who showcasing signs of nervousness and anxiousness .

Ron : *Opens door* Howdy hom- ... ie ...

Greeting the stunned surprised Ron , Libra in her vessel host along with five other unfamiliar ladies seated around the table in the middle of the living room . Alone with Libra , two of the five ladies seated by the desk are familiar faces to others but Ron , who was not present at the time of their appearance , Aundlexia and the lady with sky-blue hair who was in charge of offering "questionable" materials used in both keeping Ron's vitality in check and the success of obtaining evidences needed to prosecute Wuhrer for his overall inhumane acts throughout his time of power . The third lady , dressed in a black , heavily-patterned gown and having a deep-dark red , glossy , long hair , did not make her appearance in the mansion where Alinna resides where most of the events took place and were done but had appeared before in Ron's "dream" back in the sanctum , where she was seen attempting in offering him her "service" . The remainder two of the ladies , newcomers to Ron's world , one with a deep , dark brown , short hair that doesn't goes pass her shoulders , dressed in a white medieval garb with puffy shoulder-pads and elongated sleeves that frills out at the end around her hands , a leather corset jacket and a dark-brown , form-fitting trousers seated next to a timid-looking lady with unusually shimmering silver-white hair braided in a way that made her looked like a mystical elf straight out of a fantasy story dressed in a dull and plain grey robe with its matching cape and muffler holding each other's hand . They all faced towards the opened door upon hearing Ron's voice . Atramille , who used to be seen anywhere near Ron or within the house doing house chores or there to greet him is nowhere to be seen .

Libra : Oh ? If it isn-

Ron : *Closes door gently but swiftly* ... eh ... ?

Alinna (Startled) : Wuh-what ? What's wrong ?

Ron (Thought) : *Rubs eye* ... must be fatigue from all of the job hunting ... *opens door with absolute caution* it must be ...

Libra : Is something botherin-

Ron : *Slams door shut , sweating and befuddled* ... no way ...

Alinna : *Grab hold of Ron's shoulder , shaking him up* Wh-what is it ?! What did you s-

Atramille : *Makes a sudden close appearance before them* You're doing it again , Ron .

The sudden sight of Atramille right in front of the door startled the heart out of them , causing both to squeal before tumbling down a certain distance , smashing themselves into something hard lying in the vicinity of the area , knocking both out cold .

Atramille : ... have I done something wrong again ?

In the living room , Ron and Alinna , conscious but having a pronounced and well-rounded bump on their head , are seen seated on the far end of the table , opposite of Libra with the rest of the guests and Atramille herself seated on each side of the table .

Ron : *Places an ice pack onto his bruised head* ... who are these people ...

Libra : They're from where we came from , the sanctum .

Alinna (Thought) : *Leering at the newcomers with suspicious and fearful expression* ... m-more ghosts ...

Atramille : *Had her focus on Alinna for a good amount of time* ... I can assure you , Alinna , that their intention of being here is to claim souls , particularly yours .

Alinna (Nervous) : I-I-I-I-I'm not even concerned about that !

Atramille : Your trembling hands and legs dictates the otherwise . It gave off an impression that you're not-

Alinna (Agitated) : *Slams fist onto table , startling those nearby* S-s-shut up ! How could I not to begin with ?!

Aundlexia : Calm down , will you ? Didn't the first encounter enough to convince you enough to quell your worries ?

Alinna : So you say . Being dead is another thing ... *pulls out a piece of paper with a printed portrait image of Aundlexia attached onto it* ... it's another thing that after much digging around , you had such colorful history dating back centuries ago ! Now , give me a straight answer , what exactly are you all ?

Dark red-haired lady : *Picked up and studies it* ... how interesting , though it's not much of a help for such ... foreign language . Though this hand-sized portrait ... *Looked towards Aundlexia* bears striking resemblance to you ... how enigmatic , don't you think ?

Aundlexia (Confuse) : ... mother , I don't understand ...

Libra : Your confusion is to be expected . Aside from the seeker , I'm fairly certain those residing in the sanctum will not remember anything of themselves .

Dark red-haired lady : *Sweats in disappointment* Well , that didn't help much ... no offense though ...

Libra : None taken . However , she speaks the truth ... about all of you being ghosts or to be exact , lost souls . I brought you into the sanctum after discovering most of you wandering aimlessly under different circumstances , places and time . That reason in itself is mainly why none of you had any memories of self and your own past , though I believe there's more that could do so that I'm not aware of .

Alinna : *Mumbles to self before thrown into the state of shock* ... don't tell me ...

Libra : Your curiosity did indeed offer you some and if not all the answers you need . Though I would like to inform you that the sanctum and its activities dates back more than mere centuries and had offered services to a lot of patrons ... too many to count , unfortunately .

Alinna (Perplexed) : No , it still doesn't make any sense ! How is it that no one doesn't knew of your existence all the while ? There should be some sort of documentation or even fairy tales if they were there before .

Atramille : Those who went there and back will not remember that they were there before . It's part of the effect of being there , in the sanctum , though the exact reason as to why it had such effect is still unknown , even to our own mother .

Alinna : *Looked towards Libra , surprised* ... even to you ?

Libra : Unfortunately yes .

Alinna : How could-

Ron : Umm , sorry for butting in but care to make room to my already chaotic life by telling me ... why you bring them ?

Libra : Oh , forgive my ignorance to your inquiries . I believe proper re-introductions those present here are needed . I do not have a name but if you need one , I am Libra , caretaker of the sanctum and watcher of souls . I offer services to the unfortunate , suffering and lost that varies depending on each souls needs with the goal of offering them new means of life .

Atramille : *Curtsy* Atramille de Surquouis , currently a servant catering to all of Ron's needs .

Aundlexia : Aundlexia Warwinn el Fortuna ... but you already knew who I am , right *winks* ?

Alinna : Right ...

Sky blue-haired lady : ... nameless .

Ron : Huh ? You had none ?

Sky blue-haired lady : ... can't remember ... she tried .

Ron : Who ?

Atramille : The seeker .

Ron (Confuse) : Hhhuh ...

Dark red-haired lady : Name's Meredine Dane ... here to continue on where we left off , Ron .

Ron (Startled) : H-h-huh ? Me ? What is it ?

Atramille : Unfortunately , he hasn't being successful in recalling much of his past memories and therefore , may not remember about it .

Meredine : *Sighs* A shame . *Sultry and seductive tone shift* Man like you will benefit lots from ... the "services" I'm supposed to offer ...

Ron : *Squirms and breaks cold sweat upon realizing her real intentions* ... !!!

Alinna (Thought) : *Frowns from Meredine's salacious act* Highly questionable ...

Dark brown-haired lady : ... Illysses . This lady with me is Elshtine .

Elshtine (Shy) : *Nods* ...

Ron : Uh , pleasure to meet-

Illysses : *Glares at Ron with hostile intent* ...

Ron : *Squirming and sweating from her hostile leering* -you ... (... help !)

Alinna (Thought) : Vengeful spirit detected ...

Meredine : There , there now ... no hostility .

Illysses : ... *turns head away from the rest* .

Libra : *Sighs and shakes her head in disappointment over Illysses's hostile reception* ...

Ron : You know ... though I do appreciate the introductions , I still want the most is why bring them here ?

Libra : It's just an intuition but I can see to an extent , a shared fate these chosen few have to yours . *Smiles* Maybe if they were to live alongside you , both parties may find enlightenment at the end of the tunnel .

Alinna : Wait ! Hold it ! Who gave you the permission to bring in more of your people from wherever that place may be into his life ?! Didn't you consider for one extra second for his well-being ?!

Illysses : I knew we're still not welcom-

Meredine : Hush there , madamme . Your negativity ... it'll become a bane .

Illysses (Annoyed) : Tch ! The value of your "advice" is only as valuable as your very own existence - cheap and impure .

Meredine : Whatever you say ... *glares at Illysses with hostile intent* ... "honey" .

A contest of leering gazes , filled with intentions of causing harm onto each other commences before the panicking and frightened eyes of the sweat-soaked Ron , until a tap onto the table with enough force to make a knocking sound that pierces deep into the consciousness of the both of them , snapping them out of what they're currently doing , prompting the end of what could be a disaster of a meeting .

Libra (Serious) : Enough , both of you ! I do not condone any form of aggression and negativity when in presence of other beings .

Illysses (Flustered) : F-forgive my manners , mother .

Meredine : *Sighs and shrugs* Whatever you desire ...

Ron : *Deep sigh from mounting stress and pressure* ... I'm not enjoying all of this ...

Libra : *Bows in forgiveness* I understand that their hostility can be detrimental to the initial relationship but deep down within each of them lies purity , kindness and compassion ... *looked towards Alinna* the same speaks true about you .

Alinna : Urk- What ... ?

Ron : It's not about that per se ... more like my life's gotten exponentially difficult . Having to take care of more people presents more problems ...

Atramille : If you're concerned about having to shoulder our living expenditure , I can assure you won't need to bear such burden .

Ron : *Deep , long sigh* ... that only took away a grain of rice out of a sack filled with it ...

Alinna : *Pats on Ron's back then gazes towards Libra with a serious and suspicious expression* ... there must be more than just that , is that right ?

Libra : *Nod* Your intuition is accurate . The other reason for their integration into your circle is to better understand the world . I came to realize that much has changed during the time the door opens once more , welcoming them into our sanctum ...

Two-part black and white , stain-glass panels depicting people surrounding and/or interacting with a center figure , one of which or a hooded figure holding a staff on one hand and something glowing on the other , with a halo hovering above its head while the other is a person dressed in what resembles a lab coat with a book in one hand and a pointing stick pointing towards a board next to it , donning an academic hat .

Libra : During the time , I had discovered that humanity had became less inclined in believing that odd phenomenons that happened throughout the times when mankind first step foot on earth to be inexplainable , that and it had ties to spiritual and extraterrestrial beliefs . What humanity strife for , depend on and believed in are not the preachings from others perceived to be the wise , all-knowing and a representative of an ethereal , omnipotent figure symbol .... but grounded theories , research , studies and most importantly , proven facts .

A single scene depicting a massive and violent riot occurring throughout the streets , with burning houses of smashed windows and doors being vandalized and looted by unruly civilians , equipped with household tools like brooms to lethal weapons like clubs and machetes with a number of bloody brawls happening right before and around what seemed to be a female figure dressed in commoners clothes indistinguishable from others standing atop one of the many roofs of a affected buildings .

Libra : I went down to learn about all of the changes that occurred since my last time I was among them , only to be shocked of the chaos and carnage that had happened right before my very own eyes . Violence , destruction and death between two warring factions , one chanting heretical slanders towards the other party donned in masks and hoods all to familiar to me . I had to halt all activities and invitations for the sake of the sanctum's safety and secrecy , fear that it had to do with us ... and remained dormant until now .

Alinna : "Heretical slanders" ... masks and hoods ... the Cult Calamity of 1877 .

Ron , Libra and Atramille : "The Cult Calamity of 1877" ?

Alinna : *Sighs* ... not surprising that you don't know of this , Ron . High school history , 5th grade . It's being taught as a lesson on the dark side of radical beliefs had globally , though I believe it's not all the story though . Now , I'm more sure than ever after hearing from you about this , not some fake tales for the sake of pushing some sort of moral values . Looks like I'm going to bury myself under a mountain of books for a good amount of time ...

Libra : While you're onto it , are you willing to grant us another request ?

Alinna (Annoyed) : Again ... you keep askin-

*Knocking on the front door in the middle of a conversation*

??? : Ron , Joshy bro brought you extra meals !

Ron : Ah , Joshu-

Alinna (Resolute) : Request granted ! Deal with him quick ! He MUST NOT know of all of this !

Upon hearing the swift approval from Alinna , Libra gave the sky blue-haired lady a nudge of action , prompting her into pulling out a pouch stashed within her clothes and made her way towards the door at speed .

Joshua : Alinna ? Is that you ? What are *door opens before him and gets hit on the face by a pouch bursting out an unknown powdery substance* youuourgh ... *collapses flat on the ground , sound asleep*

Ron : *Checks on Joshua before looking towards the sky blue-haired lady* ... why do you have that with you ?

Sky blue-haired lady : ... protection .

Ron (Thought) : *Drags Joshua into his bedroom* Glad I didn't do anything that might prompt her into handing me the same fate as Joshua ...

Atramille : May I know why you do not wish for Joshua to know of what is happening here ?

Alinna (Pale) : You've got the wrong idea . It's not that , it's your very existence that might turn him on ...

Atramille : I don't understand ...

Alinna : Nevermind . Crisis averted for now . What is your request ?

Libra : Retrieve their lost identity .

Alinna (Disappointed) : ... hhhuuuh . (That ? I was going to do that as well along with researching on the Cult Calamity of 1877 ...)

Atramille : Are you disappointed , Alinna ?

Alinna : Stop reading my soul . Anyways , I need to go now . Ron , remember to dump him out while he's still out cold . He must not know of the new faces or there'll be more trouble for you . *Exits the scene*

Ron (Startled) : W-wait , how could I- !

Sky blue-haired lady : Mother ... your hands ...

Libra : *Lifts her hand in front of view , revealing its transparency that allows the view of what's behind her hands* Ah , I must depart immediately . *Smiles* Ron , I'll leave them in your care . I wish for a proper recovery for your wounded soul *walks out of the scene as well* .

Ron (Panic) : W-wait ! I did not ag- !

And so the two spokesperson left the building , leaving Ron to bear the burdensome tasks he was entrusted to fulfill , much to his disagreement that goes unheeded , causing his soul to escape slowly out from his battered body , mentally and physically . Aside from Illysses and Elshtine who kept to themselves exchanging words with each other , the rest watches his slow but ever degradation of color slowly muting before them , confused as ever over whatever that had happened within the last minutes of the meeting .

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
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Chapter 23 : Complications

Time passes by in awkward silence after the meeting that had gone defunct after the sudden entry of an unwanted guest had ended , with everyone minding their own business entertaining themselves , Atramille watching an unknown show being aired on the television alongside Aundlexia , Meredine is having her focus on her pedicure , Illysses is in the middle of a casual conversation with Elshtine at the far corner and the sky blue-haired lady spacing out , under the observation of the blank-minded Ron standing by the corridor that leads to his bedroom where Joshua is currently resting in , unconscious from the effects of the unknown powder , still struggling to comprehend the new developments to his struggles in life .

Ron (Thought) : *Continued on observing them in silence* ... ah , what to do ... not enough room for them , keeping them from catching more attention just for their appearances , having to teach them the current workings of the daily lives with what limited knowledge I had myself ... my stomach and head's churning from the prospect of more problems to come .

Meredine : *Notices Ron by the entryway to the corridor contemplating* ... something in your mind , Ron ?

Ron : *Snaps out* U-u-uh , no ... it's nothing *walks away* .

Meredine : *Ponders for a moment* ... hey , does he always act like that with you ... Atramille ?

Atramille : *Still had her attention on the television* As always .

Meredine : Hurmm ~ ?

Illysses : ... tch , this is pointless , coming down here , only to be some puppet of someone who's too content with keeping to himself .

Meredine : ... it's the same tale when you were up there ... cowering in an empty room ever since we brought you back ... *points at Elshtine , surprising her* ... always preoccupied with her .

Illysses : *Leers at Meredine* Mind your insidious tone .

Meredine : Same to you ... questioning mother's decisions behind her back .

The leering exchange between the two begins once more in the middle of the ignorance and obliviousness of Aundlexia , who is too preoccupied with what's being played on the television screen , inflicting fear onto Elshtine , causing her to sweat and curl further away from the possible conflict . Atramille however got up and made her way towards the kitchen ...

Inside Ron's bedroom , plain and white , with basic furnitures present within like a dress cupboard , a full set of bed , complete with its complementary side tables and a work table all lined up on one side of the wall . Joshua is seen still asleep on Ron's bed , with Ron standing by the only window to the room , observing the foggy afternoon scenery outside , deep in thought .

His ongoing deep contemplation on how to proceed with the new obstacles handed over by both Alinna and Libra was interrupted by the sound of destruction somewhere in the direction of where Atramille and her companions are . Panicking on the thought of the worst life-damning scenario coming back to bite him , he rushes out to stop whatever that is happening in the living room from worsening but what greets him was a scene where Atramille is seen with a roller right above the head of Meredine , clearly being smashed with much force down onto the coffee table face first with a swollen large , red bump at the back of her head , with the table itself suffered significant damage as well . Illysses is seen smashed through the plexiglass pane backdoor , dangling from the hole made from the impact as if she was struck by something with enough force to send her flying . Elshtine , Aundlexia and the sky blue-haired lady are clearly shaken in fear from the sight of it , sweating profusely as they tried their best to ignore or not to invoke the wrath of Atramille .

Ron (Pale) : Wh- ... what just happened here ... ?

Atramille : Quelling a conflict . Mother's order .

Ron : *Looked around to see the damage done by her and let out a heavy sigh* ... great job ...

Moments later , in the same room with the shattered hole on the plexiglass pane backdoor seen having patched up in a rather crude manner with tapes and plastic sheet and the damaged coffee table missing from the room .

Ron : Before you guys decide to further add more problems into my life , listen to me . First of all , I didn't even invited you here and you're free to return back to the sanctum . If somehow or for some reason you're not allowed or willing to return back on your own accord , that's your problem , not mine ... so don't pile your discontent and displeasure onto me . Don't even unleashed it into the public as well , be it an inanimate objects or some stranger or you'll be arrested and I still get it all in the end and if that happens , you're on your own . Got it ?

Everyone else but Illysses : *Nods in agreement* ...

Ron : Especially you , Illysses . I still don't understand your antagonistic reaction towards me but let me make this clear . I have nothing against you , or anyone else here for that matter . All I'm asking of you is to not display this act beyond the front door or you're just going to invite trouble upon you and I won't be there to help you - it's beyond my power to bail you out of your misdemeanors .

Illysses (Discontent) : *Ignores Ron* ...

Ron : *Sigh* ... fine , keep it that way if it satisfies you . Doesn't change the fact that you're still under my care , much to my chagrin in shouldering whatever additional problems you bore along with you . *Got up and makes his way towards the front door* Now , I've got to attend another job interview and won't be back until night . I expect all of you to behave yourself and not cause anymore trouble ... got it ?

Atramille & Aundlexia : Understood .

Meredine : You have my word .

Elshtine & sky blue-haired lady : *Nods* ...

Ron looked over Illysses one more time to see if she showed any signs of acceptance or obedience but only to receive the expected response - cold and feigning ignorance , she kept her attention conversing with Elshtine with her back facing him . He can only sigh at his failed initial attempt at trying to prove his non-hostility and boarded onto his public transportation to continue on his job hunt feeling defeated and heavy from the extra problems he had to deal with . Whizzing through series of automobile-packed roads and highways , steel jungles of Dushlam with the accompanying advertising billboards and electronic signs , assorted street signs , trees , traffic lights and pedestrians of all walks of life and wealth , the transport stopped by a small printing service building an hour or two later . He then made his way into the building and never came out , until ...

An hour later , near nightfall ...

Ron : *Exits building , expressing dejection through body language* ... figures . Time to- ... wait , I forgot about that "thorn" *flash image of Illysses in an image of a demon* ... *sighs and looked around* ... I remember Catnip's nearby here as well . *Walks his way towards Catnip* Best get drunk and not remember about it when I go job hunting again tomorrow ...

Moments later , Ron stands in front of what looked to be a recently closed down night bar with its neon sign "Catnip" still mounted on its front wall on top of the rustic wooden pane double-door . The bartender who used to worked in there is seen about to leave the premise .

Ron : ... closed down ?

Bartender : *Notices Ron behind him* Hmm ? ... oh , if it isn't you . Here to drown your sorrow once more ?

Ron : Uh , yeah but it looks like it had ceased its operation .

Bartender : Aye , this business's main income comes from people like you . Company's change of control and policy and rules of conduct made the worker and the work environment better and thus the purpose of this bar is no longer needed . Maybe it's for the best ... got my chance to return back to my hometown .

Ron : Oh ...

Bartender : *Observed the despondent Ron for a moment* ... there are othe-

Ron : *Shakes head* It's fine . I'll just go home instead .

Bartender : Suit yourself . Farewell . *Left the scene*

And so he stood there under a streetlight , surrounded by other commercial lots that also had been closed down along with the night bar behind him as he waits for a public transport he can hail to take him back to his rented apartment and having to face with the very situation he wanted to avoid . As he is waiting for available public transport , back in his small , lit cramp house , everyone else is seen preoccupied , with Atramille and Aundlexia still fixated at the television playing the news channel , the sky blue-haired lady grinding something with a mortar and pestle and the rest gazing towards the the light that illuminates the entire living room of the house , seemingly mesmerized by it .

TV : "Right now on Night Local News . Wuhrer Dekishznov , 33 , Chief Head of Hoff's Advertising Agency Project Development , is found guilty on multiple counts of crime , mainly on the numerous counts of negligent homicide of a number of lives of staffs working in the Project Development Department . The case started on January of 2124 with his arrest that took place in the department in front of the employees of Hoff's Advertising Agency after solid evidences of his crime was given to the criminal investigator by Vanessa Zhu , the daughter of the famous billionaire juggernaut , Guang Zhu , with the help of an anonymous former staff of the department he was in charge with . The court hearing took place on May the same year and lasted only a week and the jury presented their verdict after only several hours of deliberation , with an unanimous vote of guilty on all counts . The prosecuted pleaded not guilty and is being sentenced to multiple life sentences with the bail set to 380 million Herskels (Writers note : roughly $2.5 million) each and the chance to plea for a parole after serving ten years . The lawyers of both prosecutor and defendant and Vanessa Zhu , who was there to represent the victims of the crime , did not release any statement ."

Meredine : I've never seen something that illuminates better than an oil lamp ...

Atramille : *Fixated at the television* It's called a "light bulb" . It uses electricity to create intense heat within its heat resistant glass casing that glows bright enough to create light .

Aundlexia (Confuse) : Uhh ...

Atramille : It's function is no different than a candle , only better at its job overall . It's something I learned as part of the process of familiarizing and blending into Ron's world . I've informed mother to remind everyone of it , including you .

Aundlexia : *Sticks out tongue , scratches head in embarrassment* Oops .

Atramille : *Looked towards Illysses , serious* I strongly encourage that you do so as well or I'll relay your misdeeds to mother personally . She had voiced her reasons into bring you to Ron's side *points at the spherical gem on her own bracelet* at the expense of her very own spiritual vitality .

Illysses : *Frowns in displeasure and nods* ...

Meredine : *Sighs* ... tough , bitter cookie . Still ... I had that tingling feeling that mother's not giving the whole answer ... the closure of the sanctum , ceasing the activities ... and Ron specifically . Perhaps you're willing to shed some light for us before we might ... get into more trouble .

Atramille : ... understandable .

They all gathered around Atramille with their full attention placed on her collective explanation and clarification on things and questions that needs answering in order to ensure a better outcome for their cooperation with Ron and Libra in the near future that goes on deep into night . Ron , after the failed chance at landing a job , finally returned , battered and despondent and makes his way into his dark house and being greeted by the sight of Atramille , fixated at the television as usual watching an unknown show , surrounded by her resting companion .

Ron (Thought) : Howdy homie ... I thought they never had the need to take a nap ... *notices a number of pouches around the sleeping sky blue-haired lady* ... more ammunition for self-defense , huh ?

Not to bother their slumber and Atramille's attention , he slinks his way into his bedroom to find Joshua still sound asleep on his bed , resulting in him unable to sleep on the very bed itself . Letting out a sigh , he concedes to the outcome and rummages through his box for any available blankets and towels , took out what's available and made his way out of the room and towards the living room . Gently as to not wake the sleeping ladies , he covers them each with the blanket in hand , keeping them warm against the cold night . With one last blanket in hand , he went towards Atramille and was about to cover her with it , only to be stopped by her sudden conversation with him in a rather soft tone , startling him into dropping the blanket in hand .

Atramille : Your care is much appreciated but I'm not feeling cold from the night . It's best that you use it instead .

Ron : ... how did you sense my presence somehow ?

Atramille : I noticed you making your way into your sleeping chamber from the corner of my sight .

Ron : Oh . *Sat by the wall next to the television facing Atramille* Umm ... you said that you and your girl friends don't require sleep , why are they now ? Why don't you ?

Atramille : *Turns off television* I had a long talk on clarifications and explanations on the reasons for their stay by your side and everything about you and the events and misfortunes that ties to you , all within my timeline when I was here with you . They got ... tired from listening and once I've divulged all , they all eventually went on to their slumber .

Ron : No surprises there . My brain would be all shriveled from absorbing that amount of info ...

Atramille : I believe it was necessary in bettering the relationship , especially Illysses .

Ron : *Looked towards Illysses* Illysses , huh ... I wonder why she had such hostility towards me .

A flashback scene of both Atramille and Libra standing before Illysses protecting Elshtine with her own body , standing under a dried-out tree in the middle of a barren wasteland .

Atramille : That we do not know of . When we first found her , along with Elshtine , she too exudes the same level of hostility towards us . It was Libra who successfully convinced her into dropping her front after spending some time conversing with her but we didn't find much importance in understanding the true motives behind her aggression and overprotective nature over Elshtine .

Ron : (Protecting Elshtine , huh ?) ... was it only her that I should be aware of on such case ?

Atramille : To an extent , Meredine . However , her reasons are much more upfront and understandable even we did seek the reason behind her hostility directly . Therefore , it is not much of a concern for you .

Ron : How sure are you that she won't pull an Illysses on me and on others especially ?

Another flashback scene of Atramille and Libra standing in front of the sun beaming onto their backs , overflowing around them and onto a horrifying scene where Meredine is seen standing in the middle of a sea of skeletal remains of the deceased , absent-minded and enraged .

Atramille : We found her in a middle of a what was once a large building in the middle of what was once a large town . She stood there absentmindedly with an enraged facial expression and tears flowing down her cheeks , surrounded by skeletal remains and rubble of the ruined building . She initially did not respond to our call at first but after I went to her , calmed her down with words and offering our compassion , comfort and empathy to her wounded and sorrow-filled soul , she began to relaxed and wept onto my shoulder for a long time before Libra took her into her care back in the sanctum .

Ron : You mentioned "once a town" ...

Atramille : *Nods* It was in complete ruin . We only found her and only her shortly after Libra took me into her care .

Ron (Solemn) : Oh ... (Whoever did that must've massacred everything and everyone that breathes and moves ... she must've watched it all happening before her to the point that she was paralyzed and traumatized on the spot . She must've had the will of steel to still have her sanity ...) ... you know , since you've told them of me and my past , you'd not mind to tell me yours and theirs as well ?

Several more flashback scenes being depicted by Atramille herself of Libra's discovery of her and the rest of her companions that is now living with him .

Atramille : *Nods in acknowledgement* I had not asked my mother of my encounter with her and therefore my background is still much a mystery , unfortunately . However , after Meredine's discovery , she didn't wander on in search for more of us and took both of us back to the sanctum and remained there for an undefined amount of time ... until she had her mind made up on resuming where we both left off . Upon setting foot on the very same spot where we last were , she was astonished by the changes that had happened when we last seen and left off . What was once a ruined and desolate town with skeletal remains strewn all over now being enveloped by dense jungle , burying the past beneath dense foliage and roots . The rest of the pilgrimage is of us wandering aimlessly for years , looking for people like me and Meredine and throughout the journey , we discovered the distraught Aundlexia standing at the side of a busy trade street with commoners and traders walking by her as if she wasn't there as she kept calling them out for help that goes unheeded and the maiden with the sky blue hair was discovered curled and trembling in fear inside a severely decrepit but heavily locked wooden hut surrounded by firewood and pottery that was filled with combustible liquid , suggesting that the hut was meant to be burnt down but was unexpectedly and hurriedly abandoned , to name a few of many we had taken into our care back at the sanctum .

Ron (Thought) : ... they all seemed to have such cruel life ... *clenches shirt close to his heart , starts tearing up* ... what's this ? I don't understand why I-*

Atramille : *Notices Ron tearing up and got up to comfort him* You're tearing up . Did I-

Ron : No , not really ... just by the description of their encounter is enough to tell that they must've had horrendous life and no sane person would not sympathize on that ... but why does it feel more pronounced for me ?

Atramille : *Ponders to self for a moment* ... I believe she wishes for you to rekindle with your lost memories of the past by harmonizing yours to theirs , creating memory resonances ... theoretically .

Ron : Theoretically , huh ?

A longing gaze out of the plexiglass pane door towards the moonlight , Ron ponders to himself of Libra's aid in getting back his missing past , letting out a sigh at such thought of a possibility . His eyelids soon got too heavy for him and yielded in the end , he goes deep into slumber , ending his day with much optimism that tomorrow might shine bright for him . As Atramille watches him deep into his slumber , Illysses had already woken up , having her eyes and ears onto the both of them just as they've concluded their talks . Her eyebrow curls slightly downwards , clenching the blanket Ron had covered her with her fist and had a good look at it with her trembling eyes in silence for a moment before releasing her grip onto it and laid her head on it , supported upright by her knees and resumes her slumber .

Ron : ... hey . About that powder , how long will he stay asleep ?

Atramille : Undetermined duration .

Ron : ... pray that he's not dead then .

Manga page count : 22-24
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