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Author Topic: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)  (Read 689 times)

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"La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
« on: June 17, 2017, 08:31:03 AM »
Feel free to give your feedback on this .

Updates here will be slower than other sites and also it'll be a watered down version of a 18+ , meaning no extreme sexual scenes , violence and profanities . Instead , I'll be using lighter depictions or even none after editing the original version .

What was initially miniature fragments of it created when I'm sleeping , now being pieced , tied and expanded for years , along with many other ideas and concepts in mind . I had no intention of writing until I get to the drawing aspect of it , but I feel like trying it out at least once , even if I have zero experience in it . So , here goes :

"Welcome , valued restless and distressed souls , to the sanctum . Feeling hopeless and empty ? Had that feeling that all that stresses and strains you've been bearing all this time starting to leak out ? Feeling absolutely misunderstood , neglected and displaced by anyone you're close with ? Or do you have a desperate feeling to turn a new leaf ? We're here for you !

We offer services and treatment to those chosen few who possess the golden ticket . The type of service and treatment varies based on our understanding with your inherent issues in life in general via observation , studies , research and a bit of wisdom on our part . You don't have to fear anything as I can assure you that it'll be the right kind of service and treatment for you . Unique only to this place , you'll be rewarded with an irreplaceable sensation and feeling , whether if it's a sensation or feeling rejuvenated , reborn , or an entirely different being . At the end of the service , the moment you leave this place , we can assure you that you'll discover new means to do what you previously couldn't do before .

I wish your newfound self and you won't ever need to visit here anymore ."

Genre : Fantasy , Mature (Not likely on here) , Comedy , Drama , Tragedy , Mystery (Could be more . I usually make stories without a solid genre in mind)

Character Bio (Certain physical bio , unless stated , are left undetermined to allow flexibility . Will have a fixed physical bio soon ... or , I could draw them out because I can and if so , wait for that) :

Name    : Ron E. Stuperd
Age   : 24
Gender   : Male

Hailing from a humble quiet village of Lehmann , currently settling in sub-urban residential area of Preogina working as an office clerk for an advertising and promotion agency situated in a ever-bustling city of Dushlam for more than five years . Constantly in a fatigued and strained state of mind and body , he has never been happy since the last time when he was in college . Claiming that he just kept traveling the road less fortunate , he blame himself internally but chose to push on just so he could earn enough money to pay for medical bills owed for the treatment for his little sister's medical bills , his college fees and his daily living expenses at the same time . His abusive parents dumped them both and taken in by an elderly couple ever since when they were young but soon left to fend for themselves a few years later - he felt guilty and took responsibility by shouldering all of that burden , both his and his little sister's .

Name   : Joshua Hazard
Age   : 27
Gender   : Male

Ron's chubby work buddy ever since his first day . A jokester and loose screw , he has been the 'battery' for Ron and his other work buddy , Alinna . However , he is ever so hard-working when he's not fooling around . Never liked his current job and never ashamed to express it but like Ron , chose to hold it just so he could put food on his table and for welfare fund for his parents . During his free time , he is a photographer , photographing mainly females , legally , at conventions and at any public fashion shows .

Name   : Alinna Zhu
Age   : 26
Gender   : Female

Ron's other work buddy . Always serious in nature , she had an almost bland expression most of the time . Despite that , she is friends with Joshua , who had a complete polar opposite personality to her for quite some time . Although she likes her current job , she dislikes her current chief/boss and had plans on quitting if she's still under his wing after the current major project she's in and open her own small business with her savings . Her parents owns and runs a retail business of their own and had enough savings to support a person for a lifetime , but she chose not to use it and try to earn her own on her own will , even if the job puts a major strain to her mind and body .

Chapters - TBD
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The site's still new , so help the site grow !
Also , it's a site where I'll give my critique to those who want one . So , do join if you want one . I might offer it here too . PM if you wanted one .

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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2017, 09:56:19 AM »
Chapter 1 : Emergence

A series of shadow arts depicting a tale of the mysterious golden ticket that grants the bearer a wish that no one could explain it in detail .

Narration : The golden ticket - aside from it's gold-like coating , seemingly ordinary to the present society , wasn't remotely ordinary at all , according to those who possesses it . All those who had them had no explanation as to how it ended up in their possession but they had no heart and intention to rid of it at the same time . These holders shares roughly similar issues , either with work , life or both - in a state of desperation , looking for means to relief all that years of bottled up stress and fatigue . In their sleep , they experienced a dizzying headache that ends with a surge in magnitude that forces them to wake up from it , only to find themselves in a white room with a single large and heavily ornate , golden door . Human curiosity kicks in - they would open the door to know what's behind it . What welcomed them was a blast of sheer pleasure , happiness and tranquility - they're immediately drawn into it and the door behind them slowly closes . What happens behind the door remains unexplained - no one had any recollection of it , not even a vague flashback , only the feeling of waking up to the real world , totally rejuvenated - as if they've been reborn again . Throughout the whole time where this phenomenon was active , such experiences are often dismissed by the public as hallucinations , fairy tales and preachings of an insane man spreading propaganda and chaos . Until , when mankind began becoming more intellectual and more self-aware of the differences between reality and fantasy .

In the nineteenth century , the phenomenon re-occurred . No one would believe it at first but as more and more began experiencing it and came back with an entirely new self so discernible to people who're familiar with the person, it's difficult not to anymore - a spark in curiosity and interest was made .

Personal experiences breeds rumors , rumors feeds on human curiosity and speculation - blooming like wildfire , eventually becoming international headlines , more and more experiencing the same thing start coming forth - conspiracy theory and paranoia ensues , a perfect recipe for pandemonium . But even before the inevitable were to begin , the phenomenon stopped - no one had experienced it anymore . It wasn't long before cracks begin developing within their credibility that only grows with the endless supply of false claims and ramblings of the "delirium" , slowly deteriorating in time . The final attempt at a hurrah amidst all of these madness came from a team of firm believers of the phenomenon - the Society of Truquility is born . Established in 1988 , almost a decade after the pandemonium , it dedicated itself in debunking myths and lies and exposing truths and facts behind this phenomenon , they've conducted countless research and surveys , going around the world looking for the 'First Generation' - a group of witnesses who sparked the whole thing to help shed light on this phenomenon once again . Consistent as it was , none had anything that would give them a step forward , all but one person , a retired historian with old documentations of this phenomenon . It became more intriguing to them that this phenomenon , that was once thought as a 'freak occurrence' , has happened before , on and off , for a long time . These old documents they had - accounts of experiences that happened to certain few philosophers who also had similar issues in life and encounter , speaks of :

"A golden scroll resting on my table ;
Out of place and had no use for me , I tried to dispose of it ;
I ... can't , I just can't ;
Why do I had that need to keep it ?"

"In a out-of-world experience , I was in heaven ;
Majestic , glorious and well-decorated was the portal that stands before me , things of fairy tale ;
Curiosity made me pry the door open with all my strength ;
Temptation drew me closer to the embrace of 'Breath of the Goddesses' ;
Apparitions that had very pure presence stood alongside the deep red carpet by the doorway ;
Greeting me like royalty ;

Everything starts to fade to white the further I traverse into an unfamiliar territory ;
Only to be woken up , feeling anew , feeling ... young , again ."

Such breakthrough reinvigorates back a half-dead motivation ... but it was short-lived . A series of leads that lead to only dead-ends forced the abandonment for more answers , putting the myth to sleep for good ... but for how long ... will it occur again ?

In a black background , voices echoes within alongside sound of feet being dragged on the ground ...

*Sound of something thick being closed*

Male voice : That concludes it ...

Female voice : *Giggles* I want to hear more of the story !

Male voice : Maybe later ...

Female voice : ... you leaving again ?

Male voice : ... it's just for a moment ... I'll be back soon .

Female voice : ... umm ... I'll wait ...

Male voice : ... you still got something else to say ?

Female voice : *Long pause* ... please come back .

Male voice : I will . Bye .

"... I will ... wait for me ..."

November , Year 2123 - In someone's grossly untidy bedroom on a cloudy , early morning , the loud ringing sound of an alarm bell echoes throughout the room . A boy , seemingly having a dream of sorts as he mutters incomprehensible lines , opens his lazy but strained eyes to welcome the day half-heartedly .

??? : Huh ... dreaming again ...

He got up in a sluggish manner , revealing his scrounged up face , as if he's still feeling tired as he scratches his disheveled hair unenergetically to start of his new day .

A series of scenes of him doing morning chores , starting with the trip to the bathroom , dragging his still asleep feet there . He takes a brief look at the mirror while squeezing the toothpaste onto his toothbrush and proceeds to brush his teeth , washing his face and fixing up his hair ... all in a lazily manner . Even dressing himself up in his work attire seems like a lot of effort to him , all while having a slumped shoulder . He then makes his way to a coffee brewery machine , brew himself a coffee and seats himself on a counter stool facing the coffee machine and sips on his coffee ... lazily as well . As he does his daily routines , he passes by areas of his house that , aside from the living room , showed evidence of disregard - dust collecting on surfaces of furniture , appliances and even small objects like newspapers and books , as if it hasn't being interacted with for years .

"Yes , that's me - the uninteresting Ron A. Stuperd . Funny name , right ? I won't stop you though . It's not like I can go back in time and get mad at my parents for giving me such name ... I hope I could though ... . Age 24 but feeling like I'm 50 , "omega" male , currently working as a clerk in an advertising agency for close to four years now . Before I worked here , I was working in a fast food restaurant , switching jobs between a cook , dish cleaner ... you know . I've self-taught myself by frequently visiting book stores and reading the books there , but I have to put it aside for this current job which is , strangely , physically and mentally heavy on workload , far more than my previous job . And I thought that the more wealthy type of job , the less labor I had to put on ..."

*Honking sound from outside*

Upon hearing the call , he took his briefcase and make a run for the cab , starting his day in his life like any normal human being would .

Ron : Ah , yes ! Just a second !

In a cab , on its way to work . Skyscrapers , trees , billboards of many types , sizes and colors and people of all walks of life wheezing by the moving vehicle , Ron doesn't seem to care as he stares at the horizon having a blank but a subtle depressed look on his face , as if he had something playing in his mind , keeping him disconnected with reality .

Cab Driver : Same s*** at work , Ronny boy ?

Ron : Uh-huh ? Y-yeah , same s*** , Danny man . Same s*** ...

Danny : Man , you've got such endurance ! Hahahaha !

Ron : Nah , not really . I'm sure everyone has it too .

Danny : Man , don't downplay it , man . I mean , we had it much better than you are , you know ?

Ron : Maybe ...

All the while during the conversation , Danny glances at the rear view mirror to see Ron from time to time . Noticing that he doesn't even budge from the pose he was in throughout the whole time he is riding in his cab , he can only shake his head at his obliviousness and resumes driving him to his destination .

Danny (Thought) : ... *sigh* ...

A bird's eye view of the bustling metropolis of Dushlam at noon , several dozen cars wheezing left and right on roads , streets and highways . Hundreds and thousands of pedestrian of all walks of life , social status and wealth walk along the pedestrian lanes , littered with flashing ad boards and signboards either on the surface of a building facing the roads or on ground level , seemingly going on with their daily life . Slowly zooming into one of the office building - Hoff's Advertising Agency - and closer into one of the cubicle where Ron work in at , in a zombie-like state , on a brink of dozing off to sleep while working . A loud slamming on the desk nearby shook him up , making him look around in a frantic manner , trying to find the source of the sound .

Ron's boss : No ! I will not hear any excuses from you ! Either you get this done on time or you don't and if you don't , I'll cut your wages .

Disgruntled employee : Ugh ! You can't -

Ron's boss : What ? Not happy ? Okay then . You're fired ! Now , get out of my face ! I've got no time looking at your lazy face !

Disgruntled employee : Tch ! FINE ! I WAS ABOUT TO !

The disgruntled employee then stomps his way to his work cubicle , packing up all of his belongings and makes a hasty exit , furious . Whispers among employees are heard right after that ...

Worker 1 : There goes another completely sunken in the quicksand ...

Worker 2 : A rather enticing quicksand though . It never fails to keep attracting new victims to it . I wonder if the higher-ups knew about this or not ...

Worker 3 : Our boss's a d*** , all right .

Worker 4 : A d*** that gets hard the moment there's a pretty lady working here . But that's always short-lived though , it doesn't take long for them to drop the towel and run away .

Worker 3 : Indeed , indeed ... but we have one here though .

Worker 4 : She won't last . Trust me ...

Worker 3 : Nooo ! Please don-

Ron's boss (Furious) : *Slams fists on desk and got up* Who was it !?

Worker 1 - 4 : Eeep !

Ron (Thought) : *Sigh* I wonder ... if I ... no , just keep up with what you do . Everything will be all right ...

And so he worked on as usual until the sun can't be seen in the horizon anymore . Many of the staff had left , leaving him and two of his close colleague friends behind their respective cubicle . Attempting to stay up and finish up a part of the project on schedule , he preps himself and his two remaining friends cups of warm coffee .

Ron : Here you go , Joshua and Alinna , your 'energy drink' !

Joshua : Bah , another cup of that vile muck ! Well , I can forgive that since it does keeps me awake finishing up our boss's mess , eh ?

Alinna : Reality check - We're assigned under his wing . Complaining about it and you'll definitely lose your job .

Joshua : Tch ! ... To be frank though , you're able to tolerate his witless actions at handling his workforce and projects , Ron . You were calm all this while throughout the whole time under his wing , even when you were so close to the incident this afternoon .

Ron : Uh , thanks .

Joshua : I'm being dead serious here , Ron . Most of those who worked here don't even last as long as you do . They'll either break or snap , just like that guy this afternoon .

Ron : But you two do though .

Alinna : We wanted to , but we can't .

Joshua : Let's just say it's personal for now , both me and Alinna . But I got a feeling that you're the same as us ...

Ron : Maybe ...

Joshua : *Sigh* Man ... I'm jealous that my friend had been assigned to the Research and Resource department . I mean , everyday , he wears a happy face and is always shining so brightly ...

Alinna : Apparently , many other departments had it good too . It's only our department that is the complete opposite . The workers in our department hadn't had any day-off for many , many years due to the back-to-back projects we've been getting .

Joshua : Yeah , I agree ! I mean , imagine if we actually do get our day-off or even week-off in-between projects .

Ron : What would you do with that ?

Joshua : Resume doing what I'd wish for before I applied for this job , of course ! As a photographer , I need to capture the beauty of my chosen subject before it begins to wane out ! *Strikes a passionate pose*

Ron : Uh-oh ...

Alinna : Here we go again ...

Joshua : *Talks in a poetic manner* Oh , the mankind greatest inventions , that fair skin only heavenly beings would only have , those seductive eyes tempting anyone who dare to strike a gaze at them , those silky smooth hair that flutters with the wind in the most elegant manner , and those curves , those girths , they're ... GRRRAAAAAAHH *drowned in overflowing feeling of passion and happiness*

Ron and Alinna : ...

Joshua : Say , A-

Alinna : No .

Joshua : *Cries* Ahhnggh ~~ Your ICE cold response , how mean ~~~

After letting out a few jokes and laughter here and there , they went back to their respective cubicles to resume work .

Ron : ... hmm ? A golden card ? Who does this belongs to ?

He checks out the card he found lying on his keyboard thoroughly , trying to look for information as to what it is and who it belongs to only to reveal that both sides of the cards are blank . Assuming that it's just some random card that was dropped from nowhere , he decided to just tuck it into his back pocket and resumed working .

Midnight , outside the office building

Ron : Bye , guys ! See you guys back in Devil's Kitchen (Writer's note : Avoiding copyright violation) tomorrow !

Alinna : Goodbye . *waves*

Joshua : Hahahaha ! Nice one ! Bye-bye !

Totally drained and sleepy , he staggers to a nearest taxi stand , calling for one and rides it back at his rather tiny compact home in a small town of Preogina , about a few kilometers away from his office . With his half-opened eyes , he watches on the life and environment of a late light city passing by outside the window . Upon reaching home , he welcomes it with his usual way :

Ron : Howdy , homie ...

Like clockwork , he does the similar routines after coming back from work - taking a bath , gorging on light snacks he bought from a nearby convenience store , putting on his pajamas and goes straight to sleep , all within the confines of his bedroom . As he took off his trousers , he remembers having a golden card inside one of the pocket and so , he took it out and placed it inside the pocket of his sleeping pants .

Ron : Damn , I've never felt this much urge to take a nap before in my life ! I feel like I coudhh ... zzZZzzZZ ...

In the midst of a rapid drowning into deep slumber , an out-of-this-world experience is being played in his dream - the feeling weightlessness while being bombarded with circular waves of black and while with shades of gray in-between , as if he's being transported into a bottomless portal . An unknown jolt to his dream state woke him up only to find himself in a white room with an ornate , golden door right in front of him .

Ron (Dazed) : ... urgh ... Where am I ? ... *pinches self on the cheek* ... not a dream ... hello ?

Hours gone by as he continuously attempt to call out for anybody nearby , he blindly dashes in all directions only to realize that he's not making any sort of visual distance and position from the door . A worthless effort , he sat down feeling exhausted from all of the running about while screaming his lungs out .

Ron : Just ... how big ... is this room ? And why is this door 'stalking' me ? *stares intently at door* ... should I ... open it ?

A sense of cautiousness creeps into his mind the closer he is to the door , attempting to open it . Greeted with a blast of soothing and pleasuring wind , he never felt so relaxed before in his entire life . The bright white wash of the surroundings starts to diminish , slowly revealing what's beyond the door - A pristine white counter placed in the center of a series of light-toned doors tagged with numbers . Several potted shrubbery and trees placed in-between the doors with a couple of it on top of each corner of the counter table in an oddly symmetrical , uniform manner . Behind the counter table , a elegant-looking lady with glossy and wavy light blonde hair , dressed in a Gothic-Victorian-like outfit that is out of the fashion norm seen from his world he was from . She had a very fair , illuminating complexion , almost blending into the white walls surrounding and a vibrant red lips . Concluding that it's the only person in the area , he walked to the front of the counter , confronting her .

Ron : Um ... uh , hello ?

Mysterious lady : *Looks up and smiled elegantly* May I see your verification ID ?

Ron : I want t- ... what ?

Mysterious lady : Do you have this golden card with you *shows him a sample card in question* ?

Ron : That card ? I don't think I ha -... *passes hand at the pocket where the card is* huh ? Since when did I ... *hands over the card* is this the one ?

Mysterious lady : Yes , may I have it ?

Strangers to each other , he kept an apprehensive watch over every actions she had made . He took a quick glimpse behind the counter when he handed over the card and realizing that there are no machinery needed to scan or even process and extract data from the card . Surprised by it , he looked at her only to be struck dumbfounded - she was just staring at the card for a second and -

Mysterious lady : Your identification has been approved . You may enter door one to receive the deserving 'treatment' you're looking for . *smiles elegantly*

Ron (Stupefied): ... o ... kay ?

Complying to her request without even questioning anything , he opened the door and gets a ... "bright" welcome .
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2017, 09:50:38 AM »
Chapter 2 : Guidance (Water downed)

In a rural village situated by a hillside , several hundreds of mud huts and wooden houses of an Oriental-architectural design are concentrated in groups in a sporadic manner , surrounded and divided by palisade walling and fencing . Few dozen nomads are seen outside doing daily chores - herding , farming and drying clothes , to name a few . On one particular hut , a woman was thrown outside to the ground of the hut by an angry guy .

Angry man (Furious) : What kind of wife are you !? What's these ? *throws a plate filled with food at her* Pile of dung !? I want it boiled , not FRIED !

Angry man's wife : For-*Cough* ... forgive me . I'll remember *cough* ... to serve it boiled for you ...

Angry man : Are you freaking kidding me !? I've told you many times already AND YOU STILL DO THIS TO ME ! Are you deaf ? *Raises hand* Do you want me to-

Angry man's wife : Please forgive me ! I beg of you , spare me ! Have mercy on me ! I promise I'll do exactly as you said !

Angry man : Tch ! What a waste of energy and now my hand's starting to hurt ! Get out of my way , useless trash ! I have to go somewhere else !

Strutting away to a meeting like a mad bull , leaving his battered wife lying on the ground , cursing his way out of the scene . She staggers back on her feet and into her hut to tend to her wounds and get cleaned up before resuming her daily house chores . Sweeping the mess her husband had made and she felt responsible for , a few residents nearby watched her as they have near inaudible conversation among each other .

Village man 1 : Again with his antics ...

Village man 2 : Barbaric as ever , the village chief's son , huh ? I wonder if his father did anything to stop all of this ...

Village man 1 : He's no longer the chief , remember ? His son greedily and arrogantly took over the title from him after he stepped down due to old age . You think even if he's still a chief , he'll be able to talk senses to him ? I doubt it ...

Village woman : I feel very sorry for the lady there . The only daughter of a power-crazed , fame-hungry family who is a complete opposite of what we thought ...

Village man 2 : Yeah , I couldn't agree with you more . She helped me with catching several sheep that got away from me in the middle of the rain . I was surprised by her actions and I just couldn't thank her enough for that but what aches me the most is that right after that , her horrible husband came and dragged and kick her back into his hut . All I can hear in there are her screams of pain ...

Village woman : That's horrible ! Why wouldn't she just escape and come to us ? She could've done it now , you know !

Village man 1 : Think of her situation and the current position in all that mess . For a kind and caring person if it weren't for the abuse , you think she could ? You think we're capable of it ?

Village man 2 and village woman (Solemn) : ...

She took a look at them and smiled back at them . They returned it and made a hasty dispersion . She noticed the expression worn on their face , the same expression she had seen for several years ...

"Those sad and pitiful stares again ... do they pity me , or do they fear me  , I can't tell myself - I can't understand . No , I have to keep a tight mouth and a bounded legs and arms on myself just to avoid anymore trouble . No more trouble , not for my husband , not for my family ...

A series of past events from her perspective that starts from when she's at a coming-of-age to the current time

I ... I fear uncertain outcomes for taking steps that are outside of what I've been told and advised on . I just couldn't oppose anything my parents had made me do , say and act , just the same way I just couldn't oppose anything my husband had done for me , be it for the right or for the wrong things ... right ? wrong ? I don't even know what's right or wrong . All I know is that whatever my parents do , say and act on , it's for "my sake" and if it is for me , they're doing the right thing - that's the right thing , right ?

I've been obedient to my parents , willing to offer my life and soul to them - a 'puppet' for them to control , it's all for my sake - the right things to do . They fed me , dressed me , cleansed me , mannered me the way a women would to the society , I am , according to my parents , the 'destined' one - a role model , appease their needs for life for it will bring "happiness" and "prosperity" to me just as much to my parents and to all . This is my fate and I'm being told to not go against it .

What if ... what if I'm right ... am I right that they're wrong ? Are they ? I can't tell , I can't see - everything's so blurry - my head hurts ! No , please don't hurt me ! I'm sorry for questioning you ! I'm sorry !

It's all my fault , ALL MINE !"

Flashbacks was interrupted by a loud sound of a breaking pottery in the background . In complete darkness , she was thrown out of the hut by her enraged husband .

Angry man's wife : GAAHHAAHH ~~~ *Wails a loud cry of pain*

Angry man : Such insolence ! You broke my prized vase ! Are you mocking my position now !?

Angry man's wife : N-no ! I ju-

Angry man : SILENCE ! I had enough of your excuses ! I don't want you on my bed from today onward ! Sleep outside , like who you are right now to me !

Angry man's wife : ... yes .

Angry man : *Slams door behind him* Curses ! If it weren't for the fact that your parents are close friends to me and of good ranking and wealth , I would've kill you off for that !

Groveling in pain , she gathered whatever belongings he had threw out and struggled her way to a nearest barn in a bone-chilling night to avoid catching cold . Upon reaching in the interior of a barn and sat on a pile of hay , she noticed something golden close to the surface of the pile of hay she's on . She picked it up and stuffed it into her tattered shirt and endured the frost-biting winds and pain for the rest of the night . Still believing that she had crossed their trust and goodwill , regret starts sinking into her mind , slowly converting into fear , permeating into her physical pain , intensifying it . She couldn't hold back the trembles and her will to live on ...

Angry man's wife : S-so-sorry ... I'm s-s-sorry ... I'm ... s-so ... orr ...ry ...

Murmuring her final words , her visions became blurrier and darker - she falls into a deep sleep . A boundless darkness that seems to last for eternity , a feint sound can be heard from a distance . She drifted towards the sound , a glint of light , slowly expanding and becoming brighter can be seen - temporarily blinding her . Everything looks white initially , she starts seeing blurry apparition approaching her from a distance . She couldn't make out the apparition but noticed that it's directing her to a door , gesturing her to open it . Upon opening it , she was welcomed with a soothing wind , seemingly pleasant and comforting .

By a seaside , sparkling fine sand stretches to an infinite distance along the teal , crystal clear sea . Few palm trees are strewn along the beach with corals , starfishes and few coconut fruits littered on the soft sand .The lady stands in the middle of the scene , adorned in a white dress , looking around aimlessly while a light , soothing breeze blows right at her , fluttering her dress and hair in a pure , delicate manner . A guy from a distance with a vibrant scarlet hair is seen walking towards her .

Angry man's wife : Where ... am I ? Where is this place ?

Scarlet-haired man : The place where souls seek temporary asylum from their current life .

Angry man's wife (Nervous): ... w-who are you ?

Scarlet-haired man : You don't need to fear me . I'm here to offer my services .

Angry man's wife : Services ? I didn't ask-

Scarlet-haired man : You seek closure to your doubts , hesitations and choices .

Angry man's wife : ???

Scarlet-haired man : Those wounds on your body is telling me that , wounds inflicted by people whom you couldn't go against - your husband .

The wound she had on her made her realized that she's not feeling any pain from it . The lack of pain from the wounds in addition to the fact that the scarlet-haired man knew of her abusive husband shook her in a state of silence , unable to initially believe nor trust him at first . Feeling a divine , omnipotent presence emanating from him for a short amount of time , she began to feel at ease and began trusting him enough to be open about her past .

Scarlet-haired man : Have a seat . You're free to open up to me about your troubles while I'll ease your burdens this souls is having , physically and spiritually .

She sat in comfort on the soft sand and began opening up her bottled-up troubles in her life to him . As he caress her arms and back in a gentle manner , she could feel all of the weight from what she felt throughout her life being lifted away and a build-up of warmth slowly filling up the gaps , a sensation so overwhelming , she felt in a state of trance , feeling light and born anew .

Scarlet-haired man : *Points towards a bright star at the horizon beyond the sea* Go towards that star . Make your way there and you'll find your answers .

Sinking to the bottom from the feet up slowly , she makes her way to the star , picking up her pacing . The drowning sensation slowly encased her vision in darkness . Within the darkness , she could hear voices around her . Mustering her willpower to push through the darkness , she regained consciousness in an unfamiliar place

In a large room , she lays in the middle of straw mat flooring , red wood-framed , white plaster-walled room . Next to her , a monk watches over her

Angry man's wife : *Gets up* ... where am I ?

Monk : You're in a monastery located by a snowy hillside , in one of the public sleeping quarters .

Angry man's wife : A monastery ? How did I end up here ?

Monk : We brought you here . We found you in the plains at the base of the hillside not far from here . We were on a routine patrol around the area when we noticed you staggering towards the monastery all wounded , dirty and tattered before fainting . We have tended to your wounds , so you're fine now . May I know how you end up there ?

Angry man's wife : ... I don't know myself . I only can recall a surge of determined feeling of the need to flee from the village I was from . All I can remember is repeating the phrase in my head "make my way towards the star" ...

The monk walks towards the quarter balcony then pointed at a star . She got up and walks towards the monk to see what he's pointing at .

Angry man's wife : Yes , that's the star ... it's right above the monastery ...

Monk : My intuition was right after all ... where are you going ?

Angry man's wife : I might've made a wrong choice again for being here . My husband would get mad at me if I leave his side again and my family ... my parents , they ... they loved me , all of them ... I need to get back there , please !

Monk : ... okay , but before that , come with me .

Angry man's wife : ???

He leads her to a large mirror on the other end of the room . In a kind and modest tone , he asked her to stand in front of the mirror and to look at her reflection

Monk : I'm going to ask you this question , is the lady in front of you , all bruised , a lady who's being loved and cared for by your husband , let alone by your family ?

Angry man's wife : ... I ... I don't know .

Monk : I was in a similar situation like yours . I can't understand why I had so much determination to listen to my own mind to go for the star above us , but I don't care at time ... I just ran and ran until I fainted right in front of the monastery's main gate .

Angry man's wife : Then , you ...

Monk : Yes , I had a troubled past as well . I'm ousted by my own parents and being left walking on the streets , all the way to the otherside of the world . Then , how it ends is the same way you have . I must ask you this , do you have a golden ticket with you before you made your way here ?

Angry man's wife : I ... had it , but it's no longer with me . Strange ...

Monk : Don't worry about it . I just needed to know for sure that you were guided by a same , unexplained outside force the way I was before . Now , I can confirm that it's true after all .

Angry man's wife : I ... don't understand ...

Monk : This monastery was built by a group of monks as an answer from the divine to establish a 'sanctuary for people who seeks a new life' . The residents who resides here all were guided by that unknown force and all of them had troubled past as well , just like you . Now they're all monks , just like me , who gained a new perspective of life and on a path of enlightenment . Thanks to the unknown force's initial guidance , we're able to start a new life , a life that is free from the past we sought to end it . When that unknown force guided you to this place , you're not wrong to follow it . Those who came here guided by the unknown force are often too lost spiritually and emotionally to fix it by themselves . You're here for a life-changing resolve and we're here to help you with that .

Angry man's wife (Hesitant) : Then , was I right to be ... here ? Do you have the answers to all of my doubts , hesitations and choices , if I was right or wrong about everything ?

Monk : You're right to heed the advice you've gotten to come here . Any longer , and you may no longer be alive . Those wounds are not an act of love . Even the toughest of love would not inflict this much injury . So no , they're not loving you at all , as a doting wife and a daughter to your parents . Finally , you don't have to return back to where you belong anymore fearing that you will get into trouble , hoping that it'll get better sooner or later . Your life's invaluable , it cannot be bought back . If they love and care for you and values your life , care and loyalty , they wouldn't hurt you this much to begin with , right ?

Brought into tears after hearing it out , she can finally rest in peace knowing that she was doing the actual choices , decisions and actions that were genuinely right . She begins carving her path , a new path , the path where she had long believed that it's the right path for her .

Monk : By the way , I'm Donnie Zhu . Nice to meet you , miss ...

Angry man's wife : Mu Ying Na ... umm ... Mr. Zhu  , I know it's a bit too much to ask after all of this , but could you do me one more favor ?

Donnie Zhu : Yes , what would it be ?
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
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Chapter 3 : Message

A worms-eye view of Feuller General Hospital to a patient room with the curtain drawn up . A patient is lying on the bed , seemingly lifeless .

Nurse : *Knocks on the door* Miss Layla , it's time for your medication . Miss Layla ? *Shakes her out of sleep* Oh no ... *runs out yelling* CODE BLUE ! CODE BLUE !

*Sound of the ringing alarm throughout the floor*

A series of back-and forth scenes between her in the emergency room getting resuscitated by several doctors and nurses and her end of her past life .

"... I guessed I may have taken my last breath . The general populous would surely think that it's wrong to give up on life just like that , leaving your loved ones behind . I know it's wrong and it's being heavily weighed in my mind . I've thought of it in my bed , during the painful series of chemotherapy , throughout the situation of feeling weak and nauseous for weeks , even months after that , unable to eat a single grain of rice , too weak to even get up and even walk , in my deep , long sleep , "Should I live on or not ?" ...

I can't recall how long I've been in this hospital , stuck in this very bed that had developed a depression in the shape of my frail , thin body . How long has it been ? Aside from being in this very bed all of my life , that's all I can remember . Shut off from the world beyond my room door - I'm no longer exposed to any changes in the world and it's society , I can no longer grow and aged mentally the way a normal human being would .

Truth be told ... I don't want to be here . I feel lonely and unsafe here with unfamiliar people passing by the door taking a peek at me . I want to be next to my brother - he's the only family member I had in my life that I can lean on for safety and trust - he's like my father to me . I can vaguely recall having parents ourselves , but I don't even know even now ... where had my parents gone to ? All the while without my parents , me and my brother have been wandering aimlessly in the streets slowly accumulating dirt and grime , homeless , hungry , thirsty . My brother has been taking care of me all this while without the presence of my parents - he would pick up scraps of food from any food stall and restaurant tables for me to eat , seek any shelter or even make one out of large boxes to keep me dry and out of the nasty sunlight . We've been living like this , with my brother constantly making a trip out and back with me waiting with anticipation for what he may bring back everyday ... for I don't know how long , that I do not know of . But then one day , an elderly woman approached us ... "My-my-my , how long have you both being out in the streets ? Come with me , darling ...", she spoke to us in a gentle manner and brought us home to take care of us - my brother said that we finally had a "mommy" ... but that was short-lived .

"Mommy" disappeared and never came back , leaving behind her house . She even left behind enough money to pay for everything for many , many years ... did she left us for good ? No , I'm sure she'll be back , just like how my brother would ... always . Still , we became lonely once again , but at the very least we don't have to wander on the streets emaciated and dirty and we're still together . "I will find a way to make things right ..." he spoke to me while we're at a place with people dressed in black . I gave him a smile and rooted for him as he left me back at home shortly after , still not knowing what he meant but I know he meant well and because of that , I'm willing to wait for him as usual , hoping for the best . Then one day , he came back running , panting from exhaustion and yelled by the opened front door of our house , "I've found a job !" . "The work starts today , so I'll be leaving after this after telling you this . Wait for me !" he yells in excitement as he ran off to work for the day . Without waiting for me to congratulate him for his success , I'm left with no choice but to send my regards from within by waiting for his return . Days turns to weeks and soon it became months , a few year had passed by , everything seemed normal . He would always come back late evening , with a book or two on one hand and packed food on the other and we had our time together with those two and sleep on the same bed together and he'll leave wee early in the morning to work .

... until everything seems to turn dark , it's as if I had spent days in a deep sleep . I can't recall anything , only to have the first glimpse of me in the hospital . My brother was seated next to me holding my hands , trembling in fear with tears running down his cheeks . He looks sad ... no , worried . What's he worried about ? "I'm going to make everything better , for both of us ... I have to ... I must , this time ... or I ... I ..." he cried next to me . I tried to ask him why but again , he made the same promise ... to get rid of the "monster" and asked me to wait for his return again . And so I waited for his return ... again . "Monster" , he mentioned ... is "Leukemia" the monster he's talking about ?

He did come to be with me the day after I was hospitalized for a few days , renewing his encouragement he had given and having some conversations with me , resuming reading story books together , but I can see him struggling to make time to visit me and everytime I see him face-to-face , his eyes starts to become empty . Eventually , his ever increasing infrequent visitation is being replaced with letters . "Sorry , I couldn't come to visit you . My new job pays me better but it's a very tight on schedule . So I write this letter for you ," is written with every letter that was delivered to me , along with words of encouragement but with every letters he wrote to me , I can 'see' the 'strain and fatigue' in them , and it's as if he's already 'blind' - every letter I've received ... has his feelings for me slowly fading away ? Am I ... am I no longer in his mind ? I want to know why ...

In her room in a hospital close to a year ago . Layla is seen having several IVs attached to her while laying upright in bed .

Doctor : *Enters room* You call for me , Miss Layla ?

Layla : ...

Doctor : Is there anythin-

Layla : Did my brother did this ?

Doctor : Huh , your brother ?

Layla : Ron ! Did he sacrifice everything to see me get well by being in here ?

Doctor : Uh ... yes . He paid for the fees for your treatment and your accommodation . He wished for you to be better and we're here to make it happen .

Layla : ... I refuse anymore of this treatment ...

Doctor : Huh ? But miss-

Layla : The last time my brother was here , he's slowly not being the brother I used to know ... loved and rely on ... for everything . No ... the moment I woke up here , he's behaving ...differently . He's ...

Doctor : He's just worr-


Doctor (Stunned) : ...

"And so , finally ... answers , but answers that I don't wish to hear - deep regret , fear and guilt starts creeping in ... but I have to . It doesn't help that the medications I've been consuming , the treatments I've gone through , the prolonged agony I had to go through ... all of that ... just to let me live on borrowed time just so I could wait for him for a bit more longer ? He's being sacrificing so much just to buy him those little time to spare just so he could find a way to go back the way it was back when we were still very young and vulnerable , yet strong and resilient from the bonds we had together ? He still clings to that hope that he could visit me again , a promise that got harder to fulfill the more we remain so . I ... I don't want to live like this , not like this ... . I ... I wanted to ...

Late afternoon in the same room on a rainy season a couple of weeks ago , all curtains were drawn up except for one . She is seen laying upright in bed , wearing a gloomy expression as she looks outside the window .

Layla : ...

Nurse : *Knocks on the door* Miss Layla , it's time for your medication .

Layla : ...

Nurse : ... it's for your own good . It'll help to keep it at bay for much longer . Also , your next chemotherapy is scheduled for next week .

Layla : ... I refuse .

Nurse : But , miss ...

Layla : *Looks out at the window again* ...

Nurse : ... ? *sees a silver card laying on the side counter* Miss , is that silver card yours ?

Layla : No .

Nurse : Should I dispose it for you ?

Layla : No . Please leave ...

Nurse : ... don't forget to take your medication . *walks out of the room*

Layla : ... *Takes a nap*

In a whitewashed room with wind chimes chiming softly . A white bed is seen right in the middle of the room with a girl sitting on it , seemingly absent-minded . Several dozens ornate , large , pictureless picture frame are hung on all faces of the walls , including the floor . A jet black-haired feminine figure , dressed in a Victorian-Gothic style dress is seen walking towards the girl from behind .

Layla : ...

Jet black-haired lady : *Sits next to Layla* Something's troubling you , ma'am ?

Layla : ... who are you ?

Jet black-haired lady : I'm the person whom you're looking for for answers that would help you move on .

Layla : ... answers ... to what ?

Jet black-haired lady : Your heart needs . Have no fear , it's just between you and me ... *gently hugs Layla* so feel free to open up to me .

"Her hug feels so ... comforting , it's as if I'm being hugged by my brother all this time . I ... I want to open up to her ... maybe ... maybe she do hold answers I'm looking for . I spilled out my whole , about my past life , about my condition and the grim reality of me dying without being able to see my brother , my ever-growing guilt towards him - everything . She listens to all of me wholeheartedly , putting on a gentle , pure smile for me . I've never felt this much at ease ever since I've hit a new low by the fact that I'm dying soon . When I question my brother's situation and what he's been doing that he couldn't visit me at the hospital , she points me at one of the large , pictureless frame and asked me to look at it . A picture starts displaying on it and it began to animate itself as if I'm watching a video . Several other pictureless frame starts displaying the same thing - a video of him , my brother , working as hard and diligent as ever , from day to night , wearing a drained expression . Everytime he returns home , he was always seen stumbling and staggering around the house trying to get a bearing of where he's going - he's beyond tired , he immediately goes to sleep everytime he just had his hand on it . In his sleep , I can hear him murmuring out the similar lines , "I will come to visit you , just wait for me ... stay alive" . My heart aches so badly just by watching that I felt like I'm to be blamed for putting him in such a depraving state . An uncontrollable flow of tears starts flowing down my cheeks , I don't know what can I do to help ease his pain ..."

Jet black-haired lady : How about writing out your feeling towards your brother ? How grateful you are , your understanding of your brother's sacrifices , your own feeling throughout your whole time without him by your side and why you've decided to upheld such resolve . Why not do so before it's too late ? It's best to let someone who is close and dear to you know about this , right ?

Layla : But , I did it many times before . For some reason , he doesn't seem to 'read' them ...

Jet black-haired lady : Then try again .

Layla (Hesitant) : But ... why ?

Jet black-haired lady : No matter how far down you've fallen into the rabbit hole , as long as you don't give up in trying , you will eventually be out of it .

Layla : ???

Jet black-haired lady : The light shine the brightest to those who never gives up and tries the hardest . Life's short , so it's always best to treat everyday as if it's your last . So write another one as if it's the last letter you've made and one day , someone might deliver that to the person whom you want message to get to . *smile*

Layla (Hesitant) : ... *nods* you're right . I should give this one more try ...

Jet black-haired lady : *Graceful nodding* As a reward , a small parting gift from this place and from me ...

"She began to hug me more intimately - a comfort so overwhelming , it's suffocating ... but I liked it , it make me feel ... happy and at ease . She whispered in my ears phrases I couldn't understand myself . As she continues chanting it close to my ears I can see my surrounding started turning bright white before returning back to normal - a very familiar interior greets me , the ceiling of the room in the hospital . I got up from my bed , sitting myself upright recollecting myself to what happened in that flash . I remember something important ... I must write it out before it's too late ."

Nurse : Did you call for us , Miss Layla ?

Layla : ... May I have a pen and several pieces of paper , please .

Nurse : Okay , I'll get them for you . *returns back a few minutes later* Here you go , miss ... you seem brighter than usual now , what happened ?

Layla : Nothing much . I just feel slightly refreshed after a short nap ...

Nurse : Okay then . I'll take my leave now .

Layla : *Nods head* ...

"And so I kept writing and writing ... and writing ... (Trailing away into an inaudible/unreadable words/sound)"

A week later , in the same room that's currently being tidied up by the same nurse who was in charge of tending to Layla , who is no longer occupying the room . She wore a depressed expression , as if she'd had lost something dear to her .

Nurse : ... ? *Discovers something under the pillow* What's this ?

A letter was found snugged underneath the pillow . A note was attached to it and it was for the nurse :

"To the nurse who had taken care of me all these years ,

I know I've been not responding the way that is desirable to you for the past few months . I just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate everything you've done for me all this time . It's just that I was very lost after hearing a prognosis of my health from the doctor and what my brother had done for me all this time and I just don't know what to do afterwards . So , I deeply , humbly apologize for my ill-manner .

If you had stumble upon this note , then you must've seen a letter tagged along with it . Could you do me a favor and send this letter to my brother who works in an advertising agency in the city of Dushlam ? I've included his name and the company name where he works at . I'd greatly appreciate it ...

- Layla"

Nurse : *Bittersweet smile* I will , Miss Layla , I will ...
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Quick Update)
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I'm temporarily withdrawing Chapter 1 . I need to add something that may alter the entire chapter itself . It'll be back soon . Until then , have patience .

Chapter 4 will be posted here soon .

Edit : Chapter 1 updated . Chapter 4 under proofreading .
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
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Chapter 4 : Dreaming (Watered down)

In the bedroom of a house , zoomed slowly at an alarm clock that lies on top of the side table which eventually rang a piercing ring that fills the entire bedroom . A hand is seen reaching for the alarm clock to turn it off , but not from the bed . The person of the said hand reveals himself as Ron , already all dressed and groomed up for work .

Ron : Okay , this alarm bell confirms it - I definitely woke up very early . Strange ... I don't feel tired at all . Was that dream real ? Enngh ... no matter . Now I need to deal with this unusual extra free time I'm having . Maybe I should watch TV ...

He makes his way to the kitchen and preps himself breakfast . As he is in the middle of brewing coffee , he came to realize ...

Ron (Thought) : No bread ? No butter spread as well ... strange . Did I forget to buy them ? And why is the toaster so dusty ...

And so Ron drop the need to make toast and just brings his coffee down to the living room and sat it on top of the coffee table . Knowing that he still have time to spare before his transport arrives , he decides to watch TV to kill time .

TV : "Right now on World News - Ulan Kush Police Force had launched a raid on a rural village of Zamblamid , some 110 miles north of the capital city of Ulan Kush around midnight last night over credible information being given to them of a village houses a terrorist that poses a threat to the country's safety . A lady , in her mid-20's , claiming to be the wife and a victim of continuous domestic abuse of the target states that after watching a TV crime show that listed the world's most wanted criminals , she notices that her husband and abuser is on that list and her male friend , who was with her at the police HQ , encouraged her to offer that information to the nearest police HQ . Her friend , Donnie Zhu , in his mid-30s , was worried for the witness's and the villagers safety back at the monastery where he resides and the village where she came from and encouraged her to get the help of the police to ensure that the wanted fugitive is caught and locked up for good ..."

Ron : *Sips coffee* ... plain , white rooms , a very ornate , giant , golden door that seems to follow me regardless of where and how much and far I've ran , an exotic-looking lady that's not from my era and the perplexing surge of vitality I'm currently experiencing currently ... I'm still on the fence whether if what I've experienced is actually a dream or not .

It wasn't long before a honking of a cab is heard , signalling the time make his way to his workplace in Dushlam .

Cab driver : You're awfully shining lively there , Ronny boy ! Care to tell me how ? I want some of it too .

Ron : Oh , you know who ...

Danny : Darn it ! How am I going to get that from her ? Hahahaha !

Ron : You know , you kept mentioning 'her' every once in a while whenever I'm with you in a lot of conversations . Just who is 'she' exactly though ?

Danny : Beats me , I don't know of her myself . I only of her from one of my chatter-mouth friend of mine . According to him , she had the looks and figure so smoldering hot and captivating beyond the beauty standards this world had !

Ron (Thought) : I would've described the lady I've seen in my dream roughly the same way . I wonder if it's pure coincidence or not that the person he mentioned before had the similar dream ... or that if it's not a dream all this while .

Danny : He also says that it's like a dream to him . In addition to the lady mentioned , he also recall being in a white room so white , whiter than snow , that he couldn't even see the walls around him . He also mentioned being greeted by a gargantuan golden door the moment he woke up . He couldn't remember everything else after that though ...

Ron : How's that got to do with me though ?

Danny : Well , he and you had that similar thing going on - it's like you're both are newborn . Believe me , that friend of mine is already in his sixties and had the energy and libido that of a teenager !  I'm very sure that he must've drank dozen cans of energy drinks too many but now you too are giving off that SHINE ! You're soooo bright ! Hahahahaha !

Ron : Heheh , maybe so !

A brief pause of silence came right after that ...

Danny : Say ... are you sure that you're all right there ?

Ron : Uh ... yes . Why ?

Danny : You sure ? I mean , you're currently so out of your character . You were always looking out the window wearing a dead blank expression all this time you're in my cabbie ...

Ron : (Maybe I'm out of character ...) Maybe just like you said , I may had consume too many energy drinks ? I'm fine , I can assure you .

Danny (Suspicious) : O ... kay , if you say so . But if you need any help or a belly to lay your heavy head on , call me . 100% guaranteed satisfaction , says not me !

Ron & Danny : *Loud laughter*

In the same department of Hoff's Advertising Agency several hours later , in the very same cubicle , he is seen working at speed where most people would deem it as 'inhuman' . His action was being watched by co-workers nearby , including two of his work buddies .

Ron (Thought) : I'm so full of energy , this project that seemed physically and mentally impossible to get it done in a week feels possible . uurrrrRREEAAAHHH !!! I'm burning !!!

Joshua and Alinna (Dumb-strucked) : ... *Looks at each other in complete confusion*

Alinna : Did you-

Joshua : I did not !

Several hours later , he walks out to the front desk and drops a tall stack of completed paperwork and digital data in front of his boss , busy texting on his phone , startling him briefly .

Ron : *Declares it to the workers of his department impulsively* Here you go , boss ! All done and done ! Now , we all can have our ho-

Ron's boss : Good , now we can start another huge project I've procured . The deadline's set in 3 months , so we'll start it off immediately .

Ron (Disbelief) : ... what ?

Ron's Boss : You heard me . Off you go .

He looks back towards the workers of the department . He witnesses no traces of excitement , nor disappointment from their boss's orders - the atmosphere's the same as usual , as if they're used to such treatment . During his state of disbelief , two people stood up and walked out from the cubicle and out of the department's main entrance door . One of them just so happens to be Alinna , who approached him and whispered a few lines among each other on the way when the boss isn't watching .

Ron : Have ... have I done something wrong here ?

Alinna : You did nothing wrong . They actually appreciated your effort but feels like it's for naught because they knew full well of his demeanor .

Ron : Where are you going ?

Alinna : I've vouched to quit this job if nothing's changed after this project's done . I'm just done with his heartless acts ... I wish you and Joshua the best of luck in this . Don't worry , I'll keep in touch with you every once in a while .

Ron (Unhappy) : ...

And so he walks back to his cubicle , feeling an ever-building weight on his shoulder as time passes by , going through 'hell' all over again ...

Male worker : This needs to be done by today . Can you help me out on this ?

Ron : Okay !

And again ...

Female worker : We need ten thousand copies of this 200+ page documentation by today . Can I lend your hand ?

Ron : Okay .

And again ...

Ron's boss : I'm sure you can get this done as quick as you did with the previous project , right ?

Ron : Yes ...

And again . Overworking himself more than usual , all of that energy he had this morning soon wane out , reverting back to the old , drained self .

Joshua : Hey , Ron ! Can you-

Ron : *Sleeping* ZzzZzz ...

Joshua : *Whispers* ... Good grief ...

In a vast , white room with a large , golden , ornate door beyond the horizon . He stands in the middle of the room .

Ron (Thought) : I'm back here again ?

He makes his way through the same big , ornate golden door towards the counter , all while rummaging through all of his pockets for the golden card , annoyed .

Ron : Can you PLEASE tell me where am I now ?

Mysterious lady : *Looks up and smiled elegantly* May I see your verification ID ?

Ron : W-what ? Tch , fine ! *Presents her with the card*

While not being watched by Ron , she paused momentarily realizing something's wrong with what she's 'reading' . Just before he shifts his focus on her , she immediately pretended that nothing's wrong and went on with the normal procedure .

Mysterious lady : Your identification has been approved . You may enter door one to receive the 'treatment' you're looking for . *smiles elegantly*

Ron : ... *Enters the door dissatisfied*

She watches his movements until he's out of her sight , slightly confused . She takes another look at the card to make sure that it's just a fluke , only to confirm that there's something wrong with it . She walks away from the counter and enters a non-existent door , knobless and without any physical signs that indicates an existence of a door , behind the counter .

In a dark room , dimly lit with candles on ornate candle stands and chandeliers . In-between two candle stands , a large Victorian-styled sofa .

Ron is seen pacing back and forth in front of it , seating on the sofa once in a while , waiting for another person to answer his questions . A feminine figure is seen walking towards him , dressed in a black , heavily-patterned gown and having a deep-dark red , glossy , long hair that touches the ground .

Ron : Now where am I ? All these bizarre things are starting to give me a headache ... *Holds head firmly* I want out of this ...

Dark red-haired lady : You're in a place where lost souls find relief and an escape from their current life . We provide answers to people like you , whatever form it may be , be it spiritually , mentally or physically .

Not satisfied with just that as an answer , he pushes his luck by sending off flurry of questions , catching her by surprise . She finds it funny - she chuckled slightly and sat close next to him , with her arm extended to the further end of his shoulder , pulling him closer to him in an intimate manner

Dark red-haired lady : You're really all over the place . I guess you wanted me to get started with the treatment then ...

Ron : Wait , what are you talking about ? What ki- !!! You're getting too close to me , too close !

Dark red-haired lady : Kindly remain calm . I won't hurt you ...

The rather aggressive and seductive approach being made by the lady made Ron uncomfortable as he slowly backs off to the corner . Unable to avoid the inevitable , he closes his eyes and prayed internally that it's just a dream he's currently experiencing . A feint voice that slowly got louder can be heard by him as he struggles to comprehend the situation he's into , his mind starts turning blank and vision dark , slowly falling unconscious ...

Joshua : Ron ! Time to wake up , Ron !

Ron : Mmngh ... *Jolted up from slumber* No , don't touch ME !

Joshua : Touch you ? I wasn't even touching you at all .

Ron : *Sweating and flushed* Hah ! hah ... hah , Joshua ? Alinna ? I'm ... I'm back !

Joshua : Back from where ? You were here , sleeping all the way late into the night . Good thing you dozed off when most of them went home already .

Alinna : Are you okay though ? You've being behaving very abnormally today . The pace at which you work today is inhuman to me and now you're all sweaty and flustered , even in your sleep . May we ask why and what happened to you ?

Ron : I-I'm fine , but I ... I don't know myself . I had a ... dream , a dream that is so real but it logically isn't at the same time last night and it's happening again just now .

Alinna : A dream ? What kind of dream ?

Ron : I was in a vast white room , with a large , golden and ornate door . And when I enter through the door , there's a lady sitting behind a counter-

Joshua : A lady ? How does she look like ? *Gets gouged by Alinna* Owowowwow ~~~

Alinna : Let's end it there for now before someone here decides to let his fantasy run wild again . We'll resume where you left off when this "Fat Lute"'s out of the picture .

Joshua : How ... cold ... of you ...

Ron : Okay ... but what are you doing here , Alinna ? I thought you've resigned already . Non-employees are not allowed to be here at this time .

Alinna : I haven't submitted my resignation letter to him yet , or rather , I'd rather submit it to someone else other than him . I'll do that tomorrow .

Joshua : And we're done discussing something here . So , we had to wake you up ... or do you intend to sleep on and-

Ron : No , no , no ! Thank you lots for waking me up .

Outside Hoffman's Advertising Agency , late night . Alinna and Ron is seen standing under the taxi stand in front of the building . A taxi is seen slowly approaching them at distance .

Ron : *Holds head with both hands firmly while struggles to stay upright*

Alinna : *Watches Ron holding his head while struggling to stay upright* Here , take these . I don't need them anymore . *gives Ron her headache pills*

Ron : Just how-

Alinna : It's part of the job hazard working under that person . Let's just say that I got a forewarning to have them beforehand .

Ron : You sure you don't need it anymore ?

Alinna : *Shakes head* You can have it . I'll be off now . You take care now ! *Boards the taxi and leaves*

Ron : U-umm .

As soon as Alinna leaves , Ron takes in one to help relieve the dizziness and boards on to a following taxi back home soon afterwards .

Roughly half an hour later , in front of the front door of Ron's house .

Ron : Howdy , homie ... *opens door* what a wild day to ... day ...
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
« Reply #6 on: June 29, 2017, 01:26:36 PM »
Chapter 5 : Disbelieving

In an unknown white room , series of mysterious orbs are seen floating mid-air surrounding a female figure , seated in a 'Seiza' manner meditating , dressed in a white-silver gradient one-piece gown with gold vine , leaf and flower design spiraling upwards the gown , wearing a heavily intricate designed Ayam-inspired hat (Writers note : It's hard to describe it's design without actually drawing it out) with it's veil that droops all the way to the ground on a pearl-white hair . In a foreground , a silhouette is seen walking towards the seated female figure

White-haired lady : You seek my attention ?

Mysterious lady : *Presents a golden card*

White-haired lady : *Takes the cards and examines it* Why is this still here ?

Mysterious lady : I don't know myself . I've identified this card and it's from the same owner who made his appearance to this place twice .

White-haired lady : ... interesting .

Mysterious lady : What should we do ?

Silence plays in the room for several minutes as the white-haired lady thinks . She frowned for a moment as if she's uneasy about something but soon she delivers her decision .

White-haired lady : I've decided . *Turns focus at the mysterious lady* Obtain the physical card . Look for him if needed .

Mysterious lady : Understood .

And the mysterious lady slowly closes her eye , slowly covering the scene in darkness . As she re-opens her eyes , she ends up on the street outside the mid-low wealth residential house that belonged to Ron . Having the presence and appearance that is a rarity to the public , passerby are often stopped in their track en sight , mesmerized . Oblivious to her surrounding , she stood there for a while staring at the location objective .

Mysterious lady : This must be the place ...

A flashback scene in a form of recollection of directions that was given to her by a hooded figure of the objective's location .

Mysterious lady : *Looks around* ... everything's new , different from before ...

She makes her way to the front door of the house , knocks on the door and waited , only to get no response for minutes . She had once considering asking the people around her for assistance , but realizing her current position , she had to think of other ways to obtain the card without the involvement and further exposure of her presence to the public .

Mysterious lady (Thought) : ... breaking in is the only thing I can do . The card in question ... I hope that it's in there .

And so she began fiddling and meddling with whatever she can physically interact with and get to like an inexperienced explorer/adventurer would , all while looking around for a possible opening she can get into . After several dozens of attempts , she manages to find a way in through an unlocked backdoor slider that leads to the living room .

Mysterious lady : This is his ... settlement ... *Shakes head lightly* the card ...

And so she began ransacking the living room and the kitchen of Ron's house for hours . Before she could proceed to the bedroom ...

Ron : Howdy , homie ... *opens door* what a wild day to ... day ...

Mysterious lady : ...

Eye contact .

Ron : I guess it's really a wild day . I must've end up in a wrong house *closes door to check the house number plate* ... I'm definitely in the right house ... *opens door*

Mysterious lady : *Stares at him at distance* ...

Ron : I think I'm not fully awake yet , or maybe it's because of this headache of mine ... *Closes door again , gives himself several wake-up slap and opens the door again* Howdy , hom-

Mysterious lady : *Stares at him at distance* ...

Ron : *Slams the door and rubs it* Omomomo , abra kadabra alakazam , hocus pocus , amitabha ! *Swings the door open at speed*

Mysterious lady : *Standing in front of the door* May I have your identification ID , please .

Ron (Shocked) : *Falls on the ground hard from the surprise close-up* YEEEAAAAGH !!! Wh-wh-wh- ! You're that lady in my dream !

Mysterious lady : You ... recognized me ...

Ron : Of course I do . You're that lady who looked past me like I'm a ghost ! You responded like some A.I. receptionist in my company ! What the hell you're doing in my house !?

Drowned by his loud-toned series of questions , she had no means of reasoning her motives . Knowing that it's futile and in possible trouble because he recognized her , she reached for a satchel stashed in her dress , poured and blew out a powdered substance from it at him , knocking him unconscious .

Ron (Drowsy) : What ... did you do to ... me ... ?

Mysterious lady : I believe it's best to explain it back there . I'll look for your identification ID to help you get there .

Ron (Drowsy) : Wait ... st- ... *Passed out*

In a white room , a coffee table is seen located at the center of the room in-between two sofas , all decorated in a Victorian-Gothic style . Ron is seated on one of the sofa .

Ron : ... Not again ? Not again ... I need to register myself to the psychiatric ward . I think I'm going insane ...

??? : I've been told that you knew of one of our family member .

Ron : *Startled* Who is it ? Where are you !?

Without any notification or his awareness , the person making the mysterious voice appeared just right across him , seated on the sofa that was once unoccupied .

White-haired lady : It's a first time I've had a 'soul' who came here having able to remember one of us and made a visitation twice ... or three times , counting in this one .

Ron : *Shocked* Wha- where did you came from ?

White-haired lady : Kindly calm yourself down first .

Ron : Wha- How am I supposed to calm down here !? You magically appeared right under my nose !

White-haired lady : Alright . How about now ? *Places a burning incense on the coffee table*

Ron : *Inhales and exhales the smoke* ... a little bit (No , better ! My headaches gone completely !) ... but I still need to know what the f*** is going on ! I need clarification .

White-haired lady : Alright , let me first say that we're not here to mean you any harm . Our only goal of being in your presence is to have a conversation with you , if you don't mind ... *Claps hand twice*

Mysterious lady : Yes ?

Ron (Thought and Shocked) : Wh-wha-what !? Where did she pop out from !?

White-haired lady : Two soothing cup of tea , please .

Mysterious lady : Yes . *walks off*

Ron (Suspicious) : *Sees the mysterious lady's departure to no end* ...

White-haired lady : Now , to show our deepest regret in doing anything that made you feel not at ease , you may inquire us about anything and we'll inform you the best we can . So , what would it be ?

Ron : O ... kay . Firstly , who are you ? You , that lady who was here and that one lady with super-long hair who kept touching me abrasively ...

White-haired lady : We do not have a name . We've been here for so long that we don't need one . We hadn't call each other by our names since .

Ron : Then , how am I going to refer you as ?

White-haired lady : If you need one , it'll take a while to retrieve it . Someone here is looking for it right now .

Ron : "Looking" ... (It just can't get anymore weirder than this ...)

White-haired lady : Before you lay down anymore inquiries , would you kindly accept our proposal first ?

Ron (Suspicious) : O ... kay , what is it ?

White-haired lady : Since you're able to identify us and possibly know of this place and what we do here , I would like you to keep everything that you see , hear and know of in absolute secrecy .

Ron : Huh ? It's not like the people wou-

White-haired lady : I wish that you'd not take this matter lightly . Can you do that for us at the very least ?

Noticing how serious she is about this matter and all the bizarre things that happened all this while , he can't help but feel like he's in a pinch . But no matter how hostile-like the position he is in and his initial perception about her and her 'family' , he can't feel any true harming intention emanating from them . He thought of it hard and for minutes ...

Ron : ... alright , I'll keep this a secret .

White-haired lady : Thank you for your consideration . By the way , as for our names , it looks like I do not have a name , but you can call me 'Libra' .

Ron : Li ... bra ? After the star sign ?

Libra : It would make things much easier to explain my existence and to what I do here .

Ron : I still find it rather odd for it to be a name , but okay ... the other two I've mentioned ?

Libra : I don't know what you meant by the person with a "soup pearl-long" hair you're referring to , but the person who was here just now , her name is Atramille de Surquouis .

Ron (Thought) : Another bizarre name ...

Libra : And that answered one of your inquiries ... anything else ?

Ron : I do , actually ... a lot . First off ,  souls ... care to explain that to me ? Am I ... dead ?

Libra : No , you're not dead . When people like you come here , only your soul will get transported to this place . Your body will still be where it was . After you've gone through our service and treatment , your soul will be returned back to your body .

Ron : *Big sigh of relief* Thank goodness . I thought for a second there that I actually had a life of a cat ... uh , I'd prefer if you call me by my name . My name's Ron .

Libra : Names of souls aren't important to us . However , your existence is an exception . It's a pleasure to meet you , Ron .

Ron : O ... kay . Now , where am I ? This place's so ... white .

Libra : You're where souls come and see-

Ron : No , not that . What I'm saying is this place - its ... workings . Is this some sort of ... night club ?

Libra : "Night club" ?

Ron : You know , a place where people would go to at night for fun times like clubbing , get ogled by lots of hot girls ...

Libra : ???

Ron : (Okay , I get the feeling that they're not from my era . Time to turn back time ...) I mean ... uh , is this some sort of a ... tavern or brothel ?

Libra : You could see it as such , as our services may be associated with such workings . However , this is not a tavern , nor a brothel .

Ron : Then what is this place then ? Does it have a name or something ?

Libra : It doesn't have a name , but some souls who came here before had kept mentioning and associating this place as being a sanctum . Perhaps it is such to you as well ?

Ron : A sanctum , huh ... that kinda makes more sense . Then I should call this place 'The Sanctum' then .

Libra : Whatever you desire it to be to fill in those blanks , if it helps you in clearing anything that fogs your mind as of now , I'll gladly accept it . So , allow me to welcome you again ...

She got up , gives a slow and graceful bow in front of Ron and raised back up wearing a pure and bright smile , she offers her hand and re-welcomes him , "Welcome , Ron , to 'The Sanctum' ! We welcome you with open arms , ready to be at service ." . He could only be mesmerized by her gestures and presence when she greeted her , silencing him at that moment ...

To be continued ...
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
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Chapter 6 : Wary

Libra : Welcome , Ron , to 'The Sanctum' ! We welcome you with open arms , ready to be at service .

Ron (Mesmerized) : ... ah .

Atramille : Tea is being served .

Libra : Come and sit with me . I might need a bit of your side of the story on this later on .

Atramille : Yes . *sits next to Libra*

Libra : Ron , do you need any more questions answered ?

Ron : *Snaps out of his daze* A-ah *Ahem* , about the service . Care to explain that to me ?

Libra : Certainly . We offer services that varies between individual souls we've specially invited . From consultations in new insight and directions up to easing you from pain and grievance in your current life , it can range from simple private confessions to direct administration of comfort , pleasure and happiness , either physically , mentally or emotionally . We only offer this services to souls we personally invited that are deemed dire in need from all forms of intoxicating struggles of life - strained , drained , depressed , defeated , lost , cornered , either physically , mentally and/or emotionally .

Ron : Does that explain me having the out-of-body experience where I felt like a newborn ? And all the 'raunchy' acts going on here ...

Libra : I'm afraid I can't understand what you're trying to say . The purpose of the services we offer is to give people like you extra needed means to fight on with struggles in life .

Ron (Thought) : That didn't help explaining what I've gone through at work not long ago . It also doesn't explain the headaches that doesn't go away after taking in the pills . I just hope it was definitely their doing just so I can get them to fix this issue and all of th-

Libra : Questions ?

Ron : A-ah . How do you know that I'm ... suffering from something ? Among the billions of souls ...

Libra : Our seeker seek you out .

Ron : *Frowns* ... "seeker" ... ?

Libra : Yes .

Ron : How exactly ?

Libra : Unfortunately I don't know how myself . She volunteered to assists us in our cause and sadly none of us ask of her name nor how she does it because we sense no ill-intention behind everything she does .

Ron : (That totally didn't help at all ...) So , how do I exactly end up from where I'm from to ... "here" and then ending up back there ?

Libra : *being offered a golden card by Atramille* With this , the 'Golden Card' .

Ron : That still don't explain how I end up in a place that can only exist in my dream ...

Libra : Allow me explain it the best I could . This card is a vessel that holds one's silenced will - a vow to find the silver lining in the cloud . The vessel that is the very card you see here is a seal that represents one's struggles of life , be it current or lifelong . Our duty here is to break the seal and release the silenced will within . The seeker will manifest it within the reach of the bearer and serves as a connection between where you were to this place . It's up to the bearer of this card to decide if it's time to come here or not . However , we only invite people like you here once .

Ron : But the thing is that I don't want to and I've came here three times already .

Libra : That's why you are here now . I hope that you've the answer we need to resolve this issue .

Ron : Sorry about that though . I thought YOU might be able to fix this . I just want this be done with just so I can get on with my life ...

Libra : My deepest apologies goes to you for the problems we've caused . I hope that you'll forgive my decision in handling this and asking th- ... Atramille to bring you here again . This is the very first time this has happened and we're trying our best in solving this but we currently have little to nothing to go with .

Atramille : Ron , how do you know of me when I was in your home ?

Ron : Isn't it normal to recognize a person the more we stumble upon each other ? Speaking of that , why the need to keep all of this a secret though ?

Libra : This place simply does not exist in your world . Just describing about its existence alone will be beyond anybody's comprehension capabilities - you will be more confused the more we explain it . However , I hope that you understand our reasoning for such secrecy just by getting to know our role and this place does for the people we've invited .

Ron :  *Sigh* Fine , I'll keep it a secret . Now that we've come to an agreement , I want to go back and to not return here again ... won't I ?

Libra : *Points at the golden card on the table* I'm afraid that as long this card still exist , there's always the probability that you may wake up in this place again .

Ron : Can't you prevent this from happening ? Can't you just close the front door ? Heck , can't you close down this place until it's being resolved ?

Atramille : I'm afraid none of the proposed solutions will keep you away from this place , so as long the card exist .

Ron (Frustrated) : *Got up* Then , just dissolve the freaking card , can't you do that !?

Libra : We can't do that by force . I sincerely apologize from the depths of my heart for any inconveniences we had made lately .

Ron (Unhappy) : *Sat down hard* ...

Libra : We came ill-prepared for such situation and what we've been doing thus far may have put us all in the same fate as Ouroboros . *Mutters to self* I pray it doesn't end up like before ...

Ron and Atramille : ???

Libra : *Shakes head* No ... it's nothing . I'll inform the seeker to cease all activities and invitations until we find a closure to this problem . Until then , I've come with a few solutions to buy some time for both of us .

Ron : And what would that be ... ?

Libra : if you do end up coming back to this place again , you are free to accept the service we offer or not to . This room will be yours to be in when you wish not to accept our service for whatever reason it may be . But in my opinion , the services we offer helps in getting you back to where you belong better than the unconventional way . I hope that you do consider taking one instead .

Ron : (Not that your service is bad , but it's definitely highly questionable and dubious , that's for sure ...) Whatever works ...

Atramille : Do you find our service not to your liking ?

Ron : N-not really . (Did she just read my mind ?)

Libra : Now that we've come to a temporary closure , I suppose that you wish to return to where you belong ?

Ron : Yes , please .

Libra : Lay down and close your eyes , please .

Complying to the request , he slowly lays down on the couch and closes his eyes . He felt the breeze coursing across his face , soothing and fragrant . He then felt something touching his cheeks in a gentle manner - he woke up from that .

Ron's bedroom .

Ron : *Wakes up* ... I'm back . I'd pray that it's just another bizarre dr-

Atramille : Welcome back .

Ron (Froze) : ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! *Shrieks in utter surprise , instinctively throwing himself to the bed board*

Atramille : Is there something wrong ?

Ron : Y-y-you're here ! How can you come out from my dream ?

Atramille : I can assure you that you're not dreaming .

Ron : You were in my head , in a white room , you were seated next to ... to ... her name ... her name ... ah , LIBRA !

Atramille : They're all real .

Ron : B-b-b-

Atramille : I would like you to clam yourself down before stating your point . *Brings out the same incense that was in the room before*

Ron : *Unintentionally took in a strong whiff of the scent* Wh-wh ... *sigh* ...

Atramille : Now you may state your mind .

Ron : Just how you can be in two places ? Is there a two of you , or something ?

Atramille : I do not have a twin . Again , I can assure you that you're not dreaming .

Ron : Alright , fine . Then why are you here ?

Atramille : Libra sent me down here to keep watch over you , to make sure nothing bad were to happen to you . I'll be here until the issue is resolved .

Ron : So basically ... you're staying here ... with me ... ?

Atramille stood up gracefully and offers Ron a bow and curtsy , lifting the sides of her dress slightly with both of her hands , she greets her .

Atramille : Yes , Atramille de Surquouis , at your service . I'll be in charge of your well-being while I'm on duty mission as per Libra's request until further notice .

Ron (Thought) : Ah ... my life's as attained a new level of nonsense ... I can hardly tell what's real and fantasy anymore . What am I going to do now ?

*A familiar honking sound is heard right outside of his house*

Ron : ... IT'S ALREADY TIME FOR WORK ?! F*** , I'm late for work !!!

Atramille : ... ?

Ron : Where's my briefcase !? Where is it !?

Atramille : ... do you need my help in-

Ron : *Ignoring Atramille's offer of assistance* S*** , I forgot to take my suit out of the washing machine ! F*** it , I'm wearing my old suit *Dresses himself up in a frantic manner* !

Atramille : ...

The chaotic situation continues as he is seen dashing in all directions within his house , trying to get himself ready for work . Atramille stood in the middle of it confused while observing his frantic actions , wheezing by her throughout the whole time of chaos . She is seen occasionally following Ron wherever he goes .

Atramille : ... do you need me to do anything-

Ron : You stay here ! *Shuts the door behind him*

Atramille : ... yes .
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"La Sanctum" Club (Update post)
« Reply #8 on: November 04, 2017, 01:27:26 PM »
Along with a new chapter, I've made possibly some really big updates to date.

Chapter 1
- Removed vital info being revealed via conversation with the cab driver, replaced with a short chit-chat.
- Expanded office scene to put more emphasis on "Show vs. tell".

Chapter 4
- Toned down the humor to bare minimum.
- Slightly expanded house scene.
- Slightly altered the cab scene. Replace key hint with another for clarity on current plot as opposed to hinting to the overarching plot.
- Added a key hint that I've forgotten to add in ... if you'd noticed it. Added to the end. I can't believe I didn't add this in ...

Chapter 5
- Reworded certain parts that was overlooked for the sake of consistency.
- Trimmed off expositions that are currently not needed.
- Slightly toned down Ron "being culture-shocked" and added slightly more dissatisfaction and suspicions for the sake of consistency.
- Incorporated key hint added in chapter 4.

Chapter 6 reflects the changes made .
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
« Reply #9 on: November 07, 2017, 01:42:00 PM »
Chapter 7 : Madness (Watered down)

Ron : You stay here ! *Shuts the door in front of him*

Atramille : ... yes .

Outside of Ron's house .

Ron : Huh , a new cab driver ? Where's Danny ?

Cab driver : He's busy with another customer . He called me to pick you up .

Ron : Do you know how to get to where I work at ? Hoff's Advertising Agency in Dushlam , and get there fast !

Cab driver : Yep , hop on in !

The sound of a vehicle on the move can be heard back inside the house as Atramille continues to give a blank stare at the front door , as if she had something going on in her mind .

In the same white room where Ron was and has left not long ago .

Libra : ... did you sense anything ?

Atramille : He's hiding something from us .

Libra : I see ... I assume that you had a suggestion in mind .

Atramille : Allow me to watch over him . Whatever he may be hiding that he's unwilling to tell us or may not know about could solve the issue at hand .

A period of silence ensues as Libra considers Atramille suggestion heavily . The sound of an unusually large antique clock moving gears and pendulum can be clearly heard echoing throughout the room until Libra speaks out to break it .

Libra : ... you've got my permission . Wear this *presents a ornate bracer with a jewel that glows an odd dark hue* . You might need this when you're away from here for a long time .

Atramille : Much appreciated .

Libra : You may leave and good luck .

Atramille : *Nods and walks away*

Libra (Thought) : ... I hope that I've made the right decision ...

The scene fades to black , returning back to where she currently is .

Atramille : ... *turns head to look around the house in a slow manner* ... this place requires my attention first .

A series of scenes of Atramille doing house chores throughout the whole house , from cleaning up the floor , dusting off dusts and reorganizing inventories and miscellaneous back to their respective places the best she could (Writer's note : She's not familiar to a lot of things she discovers . So , you get the picture) . She also did meticulous searching while doing the former , as if she's looking for something .

She makes her way into Ron's bedroom and proceeds into initiating house chores . She stumbled upon a picture frame that had fallen down from the side desk while she's in the middle of sweeping and noticed that there's a picture slotted in it - a picture of him and a girl on bed in a hospital , a facility she isn't familiar with . She stares at it for a moment , as if she trying to pick up something from it , "Strained expression ..." she mutters to self and then resumed her duties . She makes her way to his personal desk and discovers a piece of partially written letter and an envelope . Knowing her duties , she read the letter to see if it holds any clues that she needs .

"Layla ,
Feuller General Hospital ,
Block 12 & 13 , 23rd Rochdom Street ,
56660 , Feuller District ,

My bestest besty best buddy and sister I've ever had in the entire universe , the adorable Layla ! Sorry that I couldn't visit you again today . Yeah , I know , I'm making lots of excuses . The work here is forever full and packed that I just couldn't make time at all . Even my off-days needs to be put on hold ! I'm sure that one day , I'm going to get that free time and I'm going to use all of that free time to pay a visit . Till then , wait for me ! Here's my written force of encouragement to you - even if I'm not there right now , I've plucked out my soul and shot it at your place . It's there alright , or else I'm not being miming here at work ... yeah , dumb joke . Anyways , all I can say is just as I am keeping my promise strong , so you stay strong , stay fit , stay lively !

Oh , I've got something to say ," (the letter ends here , incomplete)

She also notices several crumpled up papers underneath the desk . She picked them up and unravel them , realizing that they're letters as well , most probably rejected by Ron himself . As she read them , she noticed that despite being written differently , they all had ... "Same underlying messages to his sister ..." . Picking up the relationship between Ron and Layla , her sister and how close they are , she made an attempt at looking for letters made by Layla , despite her unfamiliarity with the new environment , but to no avail . Realizing that this is all that she could gather in information and clues , she collected all of it and kept it with her and resumes doing her chores and investigation elsewhere .

In the living room .

Atramille : *Spots and picks up a TV remote control* ... what's this ? ... 'turn on' ... *presses the button*

The TV turns itself on , blasting off sounds that startled Atramille into a jumping flinch . Panicked by the situation , she presses any random buttons in a frantic manner , making the TV change channels and lowering and raising it's volume before managing to turn the TV off .

Atramille (Panic) : *Deep breaths* ... I've finally got 'the beast' under control ... it seems like this 'black box' is used to control that beast . I need to better understand in handling it .

She studied and experimented on it for close to an hour and succeeded in better controlling 'the beast' .

Atramille : So this controls the type of 'faces' 'the beast' displays and this controls the intensity of its 'roar' . The 'faces' this 'beast' displays seems to be realistic . It is as if I'm witnessing a scene of somewhere else without being there in the first place ... interesting .

And so she ends her remaining day watching TV , all the way until night ... until the knocking of the door is heard .

Alinna : The door's opened . Lay him down on his bed , please . It's to the right from the living room . *Turns on house light*

Danny : Yes , ma'am . Damn , he's light as h- *Halts his progress* ...

Allina : ??? What's wro- ...

Danny and Alinna stood there in silence as they're greeted by an unfamiliar face .

Atramille : *Got up and bowed* Welcome , dear guests , to Ron's house . What can I do to help yo- ... is that Ron ?

Alinna (Suspicious) : ... Mr. Danny , you go on ahead and tend to Ron . I would like to have a talk with this person .

Danny : Right'o !

As soon as Danny brought Ron into his bedroom while being watch by both of them , Alinna begins questioning Atramille , feeling suspicious of her presence in Ron's house .

Alinna (Suspicious) : Who are you exactly ? Why are you in my friend's house ?

Atramille : I'm his personal maid . I was invited by Ron to tend to his needs that he had no spare time to attend to .

Alinna : Personal maid ?

Atramille : Yes .

Alinna : *Approaches Atramille wearing a suspicious expression* Really ?

Atramille : *Senses that she knew she was making up stories just from the body language* ... yes .

Alinna (Thought) : A personal maid ? Only people of wealth can afford maids and butlers and Ron is not a rich person to begin with . I know that he prefers being living alone so having someone under the same roof is totally not him . And that outfit ... I've seen several cosplay designs , thanks to Joshua , but this ... it's very antique ... and very genuine . My own personal maids don't even dress themselves like that ...

An eerie atmosphere of silence presses down the living room as Alinna kept giving Atramille a leering stare , having more suspicion than before after Atramille's recent reasoning . Atramille who caught up the sense of trouble early on slowly show signs of nervousness as she fears that her cover may get blown , jeopardizing the secrecy of her and the 'Sanctum' activities by exposing them to people like Alinna . Just before Atramille could begin to talk , Danny came out of Ron's bedroom to see what's going on .

Danny : He's sound asleep in bed now . Say , who is this pretty lady ? And why the silence ?

Alinna : ... it's nothing . She claim to be his personal maid .

Danny : A maid , huh ? Never seen one dressed like that though ...

Alinna : I'd figure so ...

Danny : Okay then , it's late now . Time to take you home , Alinna .

Alinna : *Nods* ...

Alinna walks out of Ron's house with Danny , giving off a last glare at Atramille . As soon as the door closes right in front of her eyes , she sat down and lets out a big sigh of relief .

Atramille (Thought) : ... crisis averted . Mankind has changed a lot since my last time here . It's worth remembering in the future ... I need to check on Ron's condition and deliver this information to Libra .

Back in the same white room with a Victorian-styled coffee table in-between two sofas , Ron is seen laying down on one of the sofa , slightly curled up,  sweating and asleep . A lady is seen kneeling next to him , clothed in jet black , body-fitting dress with white frills on each ends of the arm and neck and ruffled lower half that reaches all the way to her feet that covers all of her body , topping a jet black picture hat with white and red flowers all bundled on one side of it with a patterned veil covering her face with a decorated eye-patch in a semi-transparent manner , with her sky blue hair bleeding slightly below her shoulder line and outwardly . She is holding a handkerchief , used to wipe off Ron's sweating face with an incense burning not far from them . From a distance , Atramille is seen walking alongside Libra , engaging in a conversation .

Libra : Ron is hiding something more than what we had assumed and concluded , even before we 'invited' him ?

Atramille : It's possible . There's something that may contribute to the abnormality issue , but I can't confirm it without further involvement with Ron and the world he's in . I mean no ill-intent , but I believe the seeker may have made an error in judgement .

Libra : I understand that don't mean to belittle our seeker's judgement . Rest assured that she'll agree with you as well as she had already begun seeking out any possible reason behind her own misjudgement upon hearing the news . But right now , we may have a more severe problem at hand ... *Approaches a seated lady with a sky blue-haired lady tending to Ron* how's his condition ?

Sky blue-haired lady : *Shakes head*

Libra : ... send him to my private quarter . Atramille , lend her a hand . I'll get everything prepared here and be there shortly .

Sky blue-haired lady & Atramille : *Nods*

Ron : *Murmuring in agony as he's being taken away* ... wait for me ... I'll visit you ... happy ... together ...

The sight of Ron writhing in agony blows away the serene and calm expression off Libra as she began to show signs of a worried mother . Her head began to lower slowly as she remained speechless at the situation , all while having a strained and blank expression as if she fears something .

Libra : ... Atramille .

Atramille : Yes ?

Libra (Hesitant) : ... continue on with the progress .

Atramille : *Nods*

Transitioning scene begins with a camera zoning in to Ron's face before zooming out to a bird's eye view of his room with Atramille next to him on his bed at night . A single table light nearby slightly illuminates the bedroom .

Atramille stares at the writhing Ron as if he having bad dreams , wearing a serious expression as she think of ways to help him in some way or another and at the same time , establishing a better relationship with him for minutes .

Atramille : ... perhaps 'the beast' may hold answers to what I needed to do .

Morning , in Ron's bedroom .

Ron : *Wakes up abruptly , panting* Hah ! Hah ! Hah ... *sigh* , a dream ... work .

Wiping off his sweat , get gets himself ready for work . On his way out to work , he spots the motionless Atramille who is currently fixated at the TV .

Ron : I'm going out to work . You stay here .

Atramille : ...

Ron : ... *Exiting house , eyes squinting in confusion* did anything happened during the time I wasn't aware ? ... Egh , nevermind . As long she doesn't interrupt with my daily life any further , then I'm fine with it ... I hope ...

Inside Hoff's Advertising Agency .

Ron : *Presses his head with both hand* ... ugh , this headache is killing me ... *pops a headache tablet*

Joshua (Whispers) : You don't look good . You could use a break , man .

Ron : I'll get the boot if I do that .

Joshua : Oh ... totally forgot about that . That devil ... *resumes working*

Ron (Thought) : ... I want this pain to end ...

And thus he wades through the pain to finish his work for the day ...

Back at Ron's house in the middle of the night .

As soon as makes his way to the living room , he is greeted with an unwelcomed guest , Atramille , who didn't budge a muscle from where she were the last time he saw this morning , still fixated at the TV . "... is she even human to begin with ... wait , she ain't one already . Ugh , my head hurts too much to even ponder about it ..." he whispers just before ending his day in bed .

Days gone by as normal for Ron with the exception of the constant encounter of Atramille still having her whole attention on the TV everytime he's out and back from work . Not too bothered about it and not wanting to know why , he doesn't question her intentions and lets her do whatever she wants as long it doesn't interrupts with his daily life , until ...

Two weeks later ...

Ron : *Opens front door* ... !?

Otherwise sporting a kitchen apron from his house , Atramille greets him in an unusually awkward , bubbly manner ... naked .

Atramille : Welcome back , master ! What can I do for you-nya-

*Loud slamming of the door* *Thunderous distancing footsteps leading away from the house*

Late at night , a full view of a moonlit high wealth stone marble mansion with a fusion of a modern and Greek-inspired architectural design , one of the room on the second floor can be seen well lit . A shadow of a person is seen passing by the lit window .

*Creaking of chair*

Alinna : *sigh* ... no leads . I should've gotten her name before I left . I'm done for today ...

*Ringing sound of doorbell being made below*

Alinna : ??? Who could be visiting me this late at night ...

Wary that she lives alone in a large mansion , she grabs a pistol from her drawer for she might be greeted by someone hostile . Cautious and quiet , makes her way down and towards the front door . The moment she opens the door , she was nearly thrown to the ground by a falling person , falling flat to the ground like a wooden plank . Having recovered from the close call , she checks out who it was .

Alinna : ... Ron ?

Meanwhile , back at Ron's house ...

Atramille (Thought) : *Sitting in front of the now turned off TV* Did I do something wrong ?
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
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Chapter 8 : Exposed

In a pitch black background , a series of voices echoes within that is again accompanied by the sound of feet dragging on the ground ...

Female voice : RonRon ? *Barely audible*


Female voice : ... RonRon ? *Barely audible*


Female voice : ... Ron ... Ron ... ? What's wrong , RonRon ? Why am I- *Audibility gradually got clearer*

"RonRon" : Everything's going to be alright .

Female voice : RonRo-

"RonRon" : I'm going to make everything better , for both of us ... I have to ... I must , this time ... or I ... I ...

Female voice : RonRon ... what are yo-

"RonRon" : Wait for me ! I'll be right back and get rid of the "monster" and bring home the big treasure chest we both wished for !

Female voice : W-wait ...

*Sound of distancing footsteps that differs from the ongoing dragging footsteps sound in the background*

"... I will be back ... just wait for me ..."

The pitch black scene soon turned into a blurry blob of colors that soon clarifies itself into a scene of a wooden , ornate tester with curtains on it's side being drawn , allowing sunlight to shine within it .

Ron :  ... where am I ?

Alinna : You're feeling okay now , Ron ?

Alinna greeted Ron from the couch , holding a book with bookmarks and photos pinned in-between pages on one hand while facing right at the bed where he is , all dressed in an extravagant sleeping gown with her hair free to flow with the breeze .

Ron : Alinna ? Wait , how did I-

Alinna : You were right at my front door in the middle of the night and you literally fell down flat right in front of me . I nearly shot you there for scaring the living s*** out of me . *Holds up the gun in question*

Ron (Scared) : *Gulps*

Alinna : That is now over . However , when I dragged you all the way here , I'm surprised that you're very light .

Ron : ... I didn't realize I'm thin .

Alinna : VERY thin . I can feel your rib bones as I carried you here . You seriously need to take care of your health more . *Points at the end table opposite of her* Your meal's on the table over there .

Ron (Mesmerized) : Th ... these foo- ... I'm not worthy for the-

Alinna : *Puts up a serious tone and looks* Eat it .

Ron : *Sweats and startled* Y-yes ! *Gobbles up the meal*

Alinna : *Sighs and shakes head* Good grief ...

And so Alinna resumes reading the book in hand while Ron gobbles up the meal being offered like a hungry animal . Halfway into the meal , he caught a glimpse of one of the picture pinned in-between the pages of the book she's reading , a picture of her when she was young and a guy .

Ron : Umm ... the picture ...

Alinna : ??? Oh , this ? That's me when I was still a small kid .

Ron : That guy ...

Alinna : That's my big brother . We haven't talked or met for more than ten years already .

Ron : What happened to him ?

Alinna : No clue . My parents told me that he had a big business that needs handling oversea . *Tch* What a blatant lie ...

Ron : They're lying ?

Alinna : This was his personal house that I regularly visit . All of his belongings I saw when I was here the last time is still here . *Got up and took something from one of the drawers* Also , if he was on a business trip , he would've brought this with him *Flashes his travel passport* . Luckily , I've managed to convince them to let me have this place before they put it up for sale . I can bet you that they're trying dispose evidences of his existence as if they don't even acknowledged his existence .

Ron : Oh ...

Alinna : *Closes the book in hand with a loud thud* Now that I've spilled my personal life issues on you , it's time to spill yours out . Are you really okay there ?

Ron  : *Startled* E-eh ? What do you mean ? I'm fi-

Alinna : *Approaches Ron real close with a suspicious and slightly intimidating look* You're NOT okay . Muttering the same lines over and over again , sweating a pool of sweat that we had to keep changing the bed sheet throughout the whole time you're out - that's not okay in my book . No more excuses , no more avoiding . It's time for you to tell me , right now .

Back at Ron's house .

The humming sound of a running refrigerator and clicking sound of an wall-mounted clock were the only sound that makes up the otherwise sheer silence of the house . Atramille can be seen sitting on the couch with her head slightly lowered as if something weighing her down . Several knocking sound on the sliding window door is being made , prompting her to get up and make her way to the source of sound . Standing on the other side of the door , a hooded figure greets her

Hooded figure : *Presents a piece of paper* The location you requested ...

Atramille : Much appreciated .

As quick as the meeting was held , the hooded figure disappears to the back of the building wall . Having obtained what seemed to be a crudely drawn map , Atramille studies it thoroughly for several minutes before she walks out of the house and makes her journey towards the unknown .

Back at Alinna's "mansion" .

The room was unusually silent as it's supposed to expect some sort of conversation between Ron and Alinna after she 'demanded' that he'd tell her what going on with his life that led him to such state . Instead , Ron had his head turned away from Alinna's concerned expression in hopes that she doesn't continue on talking about his personal life . She shook her head in disbelief as if she didn't get what she'd hoped for . An awkward atmosphere starts enveloping the room as no one hasn't spoken anything still ...

Flashback scene of the interior of a night bar with a signboard 'Catnip' mounted at the top of the counter , currently filled with people seemingly drowning themselves in happiness , either by singing their lungs out at a nearby karaoke corner , chugging in tankards after tankards of beer uncontrollably or having a group chat among themselves all while having some laughter , being serious or anything in-between . The focus of the scene is then directed towards a table with six people , who wore the same company name tags , engaging in some sort of conversation .

Male staff 1 : And then he ends up ... behind bars . Serve him right for not acting modest towards people around him .

Male staff 2 : Wow , buddy ! You don't even care if he's your brother .

Male staff 1 : Nah , it's just a few days only . Besides , I did warn him of his misdemeanor , only to get scolded back at . Well ... justice have been served . That's life ...

Female staff : Still a big brother at heart , huh ... that's sweet of you still sharing this with us .

Male staff 2 : Hey , that's what friendship is for . I hope that your brother regrets it after that .

Male staff 1 : Thanks ! I hope so too . Say , Joshua and Alinna , is that the new 'sacrificial goat' we saw a few months ago ?

Joshua : Yep , we both became friends with him as soon as he worked alongside us all . We just had to ... he looked so 'fragile' when we met him face-to-face , despite his positive-like energy .

Alinna : Go ahead , Ron . Introduce yourself to them as well .

Ron (Hesitant) : U-umm . A-ah ... I ... I ...

Joshua : Nervous , eh ? Then allow me to introduce ourselves then . I'm sure you know both of us by now - I'm Joshua , the self-proclaimed leader of this small circle of miserable lads who gather around to let out some steam and get some life advice from other members in this group , especially from me because I'm the Messiah of Wisdom !

All but Ron : We'd never wanted your tainted wisdom , "Pervo Donna" !

Joshua : *Curls at the corner , depressed*

Male staff 1 : Well ... I'm Zachiel , been working in the 'Hell's Cook Pit' that is the marketing department under that self-absorbed 'Satan' ...

All but Ron : *Nods in acknowledgement of the representation of the department and the section chief*

Alinna : Lets keep it concise and state the following ... Your name , accumulated work time , reason for remaining in the 'Hell's Cook Pit' and a life struggles you're willing to share .

Zachiel : Right . Six years , can't leave because I'm still looking for a job suited for me . As you've heard , Ron , I have a brother who had 'respect' issue and that he's entitled to be a d*** and spreading his idiocy wherever he goes . My parents are too pre-occupied with their interest to even 'educate' him , leaving me to do all of it ... *sigh*

All but Ron : Amen ... bless you with better future .

Male staff 2 : Fallon's muh name . The most senior among the people at 10 years of clocked work-time .

Female staff : But still make lots of 'Doodoo' mistake ...

Fallon : Sez you ! Oh ... *Ahem* I couldn't leave due to lack of academic qualification to get a better job . My family's already poor to begin with and we had a lot of brothers and sisters to boot . So I made the sacrifice by not accepting any funding from my parents and worked my butt off in 'Hell's Cook Pit' , just so that the younger ones get it and have a slightly better life . Also , I want to further my studies ... I hate being called a 'Doodoo' ...

All but Ron : Amen ... bless you with better future .

Alinna : Need financial aid , Fallon ? I can still spare you some .

Fallon : Thanks , but I'm okay for now . I'll look for you when it's dire .

Female staff : Name's Kaleen . worked for 5 years . I'm a single mother of three beautiful daughters . Had a terrible husband , terrible accident and now , single and a massive debt to pay off , thanks to lawyer fees and house mortgages . I halfway done on that ... now that I'm rid of that guy .

All but Ron : Amen ... bless you with better future .

Kaleen : By the way , I'm only 22 . 19 when I had my first child .

Ron : U-umm . I got a question though , why did you all tell me about your personal life ?

Joshua : Why not ? All those who worked in that same department as you had issues in life that can be seen as ... dire , hence the alternate title for the department , 'Hell's Cooking Pit' .

Alinna : You can already tell the similarities in the level of severity from all of their stories . This humble little circle exist to help each other out . There are other circles just like ours being made as well but held their meetings elsewhere .

Joshua : So , what's your reason working in Hoff's Advertising Agency ?

Ron : Nothing in particular . I just need money and just so happen to find this job .

Alinna : Is that ... all ?

Ron : Uh ... yes ... ?

All but Ron : *Looks at Ron with a dubious expression* ...

Ron : *Shocked by their intense gazing* Heh ? I mean it ! That's all !

Joshua : *Shrugs* Wwwhatever then . Alright then , let's party on !

Fallon , Kaleen and Zachiel : Oh ~~~ !

Ron : O-oh ...

Alinna : *Continues to stare at Ron* ...

And so they drown themselves in booze to forget all their troubles . While they danced themselves to the karaoke corner , Alinna went back and sat next to Ron , who sat still at the same spot , feeling out of place , and puts a hand on his shoulder , comforting him .

Alinna : Just to let you know that we're here to help each other , as friends . If you need one , feel free to look for us , okay ?

Ron : U-umm ... I'm fine still the way it is ...

Alinna : ...

"And that never came at all . We all know that you needed help in something , but what's keeping you from asking for one and be open with your problems with people whom you've been with for almost six years already ? You even lost that 'energy' you once had the first day we saw you . How long are you going to keep going like this ..."

Flashback ends .

Alinna and Ron : ...

Alinna : *Deep sigh* ... alright then , time for you to give me your reason as to why you came here .

Ron : Uh ... I don't know myself . I just ... have to ?

Alinna (Puzzled) : Huh ? Really ?

Ron : S-sort of . After all of these unexplained freakish abnormalities I've been experiencing recently , especially whoever that person in my house has been doing and behaving , I just had that urge to just get away from it ...

Alinna : Let me guess ... is that person your "personal maid" ?

Ron : Personal maid ? *The thought of Atramille dressed up almost like one by default came into mind* Ah ! Her . Yes , away from her ... wait , you knew her ?

Alinna : By coincidence . You probably can't recall all of it because I and your cab friend of yours , Mr.Danny brought you home from a night bar not far from your workplace ... Stone.Cold.Drunk , you were . I never knew you're a drinker .

Ron : Ugh ... I've relapsed ...

Alinna : Don't bother knowing and telling the details , all I want is her name .

Ron : (I remember about the promise but it didn't mention about keeping names a secret ...) Atramille de Surquouis .

Alinna : What kind of ... nevermind , that's all I need to know . Now , what are you going to do now ? Remain here ? I don't mind you settling in this room a little longer until she's gone .

Ron : Yeah , I think I'll ... wait ... how long have I been here ?

Alinna : You were out cold for about two days . The doc-

Ron : WORK ! I NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK !!! *Runs out of the room*

Alinna : Returning to your home ? She'll most probably be waiting for you there ...

Just the thought of having to face the same person whom he ran away from in the first place makes all muscles and joints stiffened , freezing him motionless instantly just before he exits out of Alinna's line of sight .

Alinna : *Sigh* ... you can borrow my brothers working suit . It's similar to what you wear . I'll make a call for a chauffeur to come and send you there .

Ron : *Nods gratefully*

In front of Ron's boss's desk inside Hoff's Advertising Agency .

Ron's boss : You're fired .

*An out of place sound of a pen dropping onto the floor being made among the usual quiet office environment*

Ron : ... heh ?
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Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
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Chapter 9 : Breakdown

A slow zoom towards Ron's boss's desk from a distance before snapping into a single shot of Ron .

Ron (Disbelief) : W ... wait , I heard that wrongly , right ?

Ron's boss : Nah , you heard it all right . You are fired .

Ron (Shocked) : ... wh ... wh ... wh ...

Ron's boss (Abrasive) : "Wh , wh , wh , wh ~" You want your why ? 2 days of absentee - UNACCEPTABLE !

Ron : B-but I have reasons for my absence ! *Presents him with a doctor's MC given by Alinna*

Ron's boss (Annoyed) : *Snatches it , tears it into tiny pieces and tosses it back at Ron's face* inexcusable ... you want a "what" now ?

Ron (Anguish) : *On the verge of tearing up* Pl-please , I promise I'll work harder than usual . I-I-I'll even take on other people's job t-

Ron's boss (Infuriated) : *Slams palm onto his desk , startling all of the people in the department* Are you f***ing deaf or what !? I'll tell you "WHO" is the boss here - ME ! And if I say you're fired ... YOU.ARE.FIRED !!! So , "WHEN" are you going to get out of my sight !? Don't ask me for more "WHY"'s , it's final !

Ron (Anguish) : *Attempts to kneel on both knees* But , pl-

Ron's boss : OUT . NOW !

Ron (Stunned) : ...

Ron's boss : *Sat down and turned his back towards Ron , ignoring his presence* God damn bunch of rebellious workforce . If it weren't for the company's policy , I'd be better off purging the entire department to get fresh recruits and pray that I get the juicy kind ...

Having to swallow and digest something so vile , the now mentally devastated Ron stumbles his way while shaking his head in utter disbelief back to his cubicle to pack all of his belongings and leave the workplace ... indefinitely . His close work buddy in a cubicle nearby , Joshua , tried to confront and comfort him but stopped in his track the moment he witnessed just how far deep the 'wound' is , caused by his boss's decision . Joshua can only sit back down and watched him slowly walking away out of the department's main door , randomly letting out short laughs along the way and can't help but to feel enraged by such acts .

Outside of the same building . A limousine is seen parked just outside the building , Alinna and a chauffeur is seen waiting by it .

Alinna : ... prepare to lend me a hand .

Chauffeur : Yes , milady .

They didn't have wait for long to be greeted by Ron carrying his belongings in a box , clearly in severe anguish just from the expression and body language he is having on . He could only make a few step before tripping over his own foot , causing him to make the remaining steps a painful series of rolls and bumps , spilling out the contents in his box everywhere . Ending up flat on the concrete floor , he starts chuckling maniacally while repeating the phrase "They're right ... I'm a failure" continuously , with the bleeding on his head bleeding off to the floor .

Alinna : Get him into the car now . We're leaving this place immediately .

Chauffeur : Yes , milady . *Carries Ron up and places him on the back seat of the limousine*

Alinna (Thought) : I need to pick up his belongings too .

After the last item has been collected , Alinna rushes back into the limousine that's rearing to go , but not before taking one more leering , enraged look back at the building .

Late evening , on the same location , Atramille is seen walking towards the building , passing by and attracting several dozens of employee's gazes and attention entirely , resulting in several mishaps along the way .

Atramille : *Looks around the reception floor of the building for Ron* ... doing this will not yield me needed results in a unfamiliar world . *Looks around for people to ask*

Joshua : *Stretches his arms upwards* Huarrgh ! Man , what a horrendous day today . Just when I thought that bastard couldn't stoop any lower than he already is , THAT happened ! That a****** , I'll be sure to see that the plan in hand will be successful and exact revenge for all of the victims , including Ron ... he took it real hard , I hope he's oka-

Atramille : *Bows slowly* Pardon my intrusion , monsieur . I've overheard you that you mentioned a person I'm in the search of , Ron . Do you know where he is ?

Joshua (Thought) : ... wow , what an exquisite masterpiece from the past . How did this eluded me all this time ? I ... I can't keep myself contained . I ... I think I'm going to-

Atramille : Monsieur ?

Joshua : *Snaps out and give a courteous bow with one hand crossing the lower abdomen* Why pardon my ... impoliteness , mademoiselle . I just got momentarily blinded by your beauty as is such a sight to behold .The breeze from the air-conditioner of this building had further accentuated the already goddess-like beauty by making your long hair dance to-

Atramille : ...

Joshua : (Oh snap ! I've done it when I shouldn't have !) *AHEM* Yes , I know of Ron . I think he went back home ... I think . Wait here , I need to confirm something first .

Joshua makes his way to the receptionist's counter to get some information . Atramille follows him soon after not far behind . Having learnt the last time that nearly everything she has seen and heard would always be new to her , she's decided to try a different tactic by pretending that she knows whatever new information is given to her and come up with a workaround to avoid having to inquire clarification of said information with her current knowledge she had in order to accomplish her current goals .

Joshua : Apparently my friend came here to pick Ron up and went the opposite direction where Ron's house is . Sorry but that's how far I can assist you on this . I don't know where she lives ... but maybe someone do .

Atramille : May I know the person in question ?

Joshua : I'd say the cabbie who regularly transport him here and back .

Atramille : Would it be okay for you to establish a contact with me and the "cabbie" in question ?

Joshua : Uh , I don't think you need me to . He'll regularly stop by here to pick Ron up without fail . I think it's around this time where he might be at the front building , waiting . So , I'd suggest that you wait out there .

Atramille : Thank you for all of the help you've offered . I'm truly grateful for it ... perhaps you could listen to another request from me ?

Joshua : What would that be ?

Atramille : I believe I might not be able to identify the person in question among the populous . Could you perhaps spare some of your time and help pointing out to the said person for me ?

Scene being switched with a background setting of heaven/paradise with cupids encircling Joshua , blowing their trumpets the sound of victory with a beam of light illuminating him as if he's being blessed with fortune .

Joshua (Fantasizing) : (This ... is this my chance ? Yes , yes , YES ! Thank you , heavens !) *Speaks in gentleman-like tone* Why , how can I refuse the cry of a beautiful maiden such as you . I shall keep you accompanied in times of trouble until you attain what you're looking for . Onward to paradise , my highness !

Atramille : *Stares at him , not amused* ...

And thus she waits for the person who has leads to Ron's whereabouts ... all while keeping an oblivious attention towards an ongoing ogling pesters of Joshua , who is so deep in his delusions , flowers and glitters of diamond dusts encircling him can be visually seen , blinding him from anything that's happening around him in reality . She didn't have to wait long before the cab driver in charge of taking Ron back and forth from his house and workplace arrives , seemingly looking disappointed . When both Atramille and Danny met eye to eye outside the building , they realized that they've met once before .

Danny : Damn ~ , if it isn't that pretty lad I've encountered back at Ronny's place . What brings you here ?

Atramille : Greetings , monsieur . I was in search of Ron's whereabouts as he was missing for several days . I've been informed by this person *points at Joshua* that a lady friend of his took him in the opposite direction of where his house would be . Perhaps you might know what I need to know ?

Danny : A friend of his , huh ... ah , "that" lady ! You've met her as well not long ago !

Atramille : You mean the lady who was with you a few days ago ?

Danny : Yes , her ! She's Ronny's best friend ... well , according to what she said during a brief conversation before we arrived at Ronny's house . Since you said that she brought mah Ronny boy to where she lives , I suppose I'll be heading there then .

Atramille : Could you take me with you to the destination ?

Danny : Why , sure ! Take the seat next to me . I'll waiver the fare , just for you ... uh , name ?

Atramille : Atramille de Surquouis is truly grateful towards your kindness . *Seats herself next to Danny*

Danny : Wow , talk about the relation between your expression of gratefulness and your name sounds like to me !

And so they being their departure and make their way towards the designated destination , leaving the still-on-could-nine Joshua behind ...

Joshua : Ah , Atramille de Surquouis , what an elegant name to heighten your beauty to beyond goddess's level ...*Snaps out of reality* wait , that name sounded familiar ... *Looks around for Atramille* ... !!! *Internal wail of despair that screams "MY CHANCE HAS EXPIRED ALREADY ?! NOOO ~~~ !!!"*

Inside Alinna's house , in one of the few dozens bedrooms that emanate beams of luxury , with large , draping red curtains partially covering the few very large , decorated castle-like windows that dots the two corners of the lavender white walls , with pillars of Greek-inspired designs partially embedded within the walls and the corners with set distances from each other . An ornate tester (Writer's note : Wiki it . It's part of a bed that debuted during the medieval/renaissance times) with equally ornate posts that makes up this four-poster bed made out of what seems to be exotic wood sits against the center of one of the wall , basked by the sunlight from the windows on two sides during daylight , nestled in-between two very large dressers and end tables with a working desk with it's corresponding chair is placed at the opposite , all of similar constructs and degree of decor . A hand-painted porcelain table lamplight sits on one of the end table with it's lights turned on , signifying dawn and soon darkness that is the night . Ron is seen sitted upright but slumped , with his back lying on the headboard of the bed , lifeless with eyes blank and cold as if his soul has left his body completely , still muttering the same phrase at a near inaudible volume . Next to him , Alinna and one of house nurse she had commissioned to look after him . She wears a very pained expression as she looks at Ron's currently miserable condition that's slowly deteriorating before her .

Alinna (Solemn) : ... he must've wanted to keep the job so badly , but why exactly ... nurse , tend to him . I have meeting with someone that I have to attend to . Let me know if anything happens .

House nurse : Yes , ma'am .

Alinna makes her way out to do attend a meeting .

Outside the same house , a taxi is seen just parked in front of it not long after Alinna's departure .

Danny : Well , here we are . Go talk with the butler there and say that I sent you here and give your reason . I'll be waiting here for you and Ronny boy .

Atramille : I will do as you say and thank you for your service . I am indebted . *Walks off to talk with the butler standing by the door*

Danny : *Makes a parting gesture* Okies , time to kill some time ... *Goes to sleep*

Atramille : Pardon me , do you know of a man named Ron ? The information I've gotten so far suggests that he'd be here .

Butler : Yes , he is here . May I know why you're here , madam ?

Atramille : I am his personal maid . Danny , the person in the "cabbie" sent me here to meet up with Ron .

Butler : Ah , a personal maid of his ? You may enter then . I believe he may need every help he could ...

Atramille : (That worries me ...) Thank you for your permission . Where could I find him ?

Butler : Second floor , take the corridor to the left . He's in the room right at the end of it .

She bows in gratitude and makes her way to where Ron is . Upon reaching , she collects herself and regain her poise and composure before she opens the door to the room . Upon opening the door , she finds only Ron inside the room , in bed , still having the same body posture , language and facial expression and makes her way to his side , cautious as ever as the door slowly closes behind her .

The scene instantly switches the moment the sound of the closing door is being made , to a full front view of a night bar , Catnip . Alinna is seen entering the bar and seats herself in one of the enclosed table surrounded by walls on three sides with chair built right into them , inside the area , Joshua is seen taking a sip from his cup .

Alinna : *Drops seated on chair and lets out a big sigh*

Joshua : What's the matter ?

Alinna : ... it's Ron . Things had gotten worse for him . Right now , he's in my house , looking like a dead husk of an insect .

Joshua : Damn ... never thought the grim expectation of getting fired was that hard on him .

Alinna : Me too ... I just don't know exactly why still . All I know so far is that since he is parent-less , he's paying for his little sister's medical fee .

Joshua : So you've decided to get your hands dirty , eh ?

Alinna : Don't even think for a second that I'd enjoyed it , okay ?

Joshua : Whoa , chill there *orders a drink for her* ... if you didn't do that , I would've done it instead and would never take pleasure in doing so . I mean , we'd sort of agreed about what we thought about it , right ?

Alinna : *Sigh* ... you're right .

Joshua : But if it weren't for him , we wouldn't have made the plan , right ?

Alinna : *Nods* So , let's get on with the updates to this plan . What do you have on your end ?

Joshua : Maybe it's just me , but that twat seemed to be desperate . The way he dismissed Ron is on a different level ... getting fired for 3 day sick leave ? Instead of making someone to leave on their own ? Weird ...

Alinna : *Takes the drink from the server and drank it* It's most probably his "inherent needs" hasn't been fulfilled yet .

Joshua : Yeah , good reason . The only girls left working in the office are the ones that looked like men - totally not to his taste ... how rude of him . Tch !

Alinna : Now I don't know who the girls in the office should be worried about , that a**-hat or you ?

Joshua : How rude . You know you shouldn't have left-

Alinna : Too much triggered nerves , no thanks . Besides , he'd probably had no interest in making any sort of approach towards me after that 'incident' ...

And so both Alinna and Joshua took one big gulp beer of their tankard and let's out a big sigh before resuming their conversation .

Joshua : This plan ain't going anywhere ... what an outlandishly unachievable goal .

Alinna : Please don't add anymore salt upon my wounds ...

Joshua : Sorry , sorry ... *Both hands up*

Alinna : Look ... just from that recent update , I can tell that the plan's fine - we're exploiting that weakness of his and that's a start . All we need now is the right person to infiltrate it and start scooping out all of his dirty little secret . That's why I asked your help in finding one willing to volunteer and I'll provide all the tools needed to get them .

Joshua : I know , I know , it's jus- ... hmm ...

Alinna : What ? You've found someone in mind ?

Joshua : Maybe ... no , she's perfect ... no , WAY too perfect ...

*Background switches with a garden of roses , with petals falling behind him*

Alinna (Annoyed) : *Kicks Joshua's knee hard*

Joshua : Owww ! Oh ... *Clears throat* I met a girl that makes a perfect lure to get him hooked . That beauty ...

Alinna : *Warms up for the next beating*

Joshua : Woah , woah ! I get it ! I mean , ain't that a good sign that I fall fantasizing about the beauty in question ?

Alinna : *Sits down and drinks again* ...

Joshua : *Clears throat again* This beauty in question , I stumbled ... no , more like she went up to me asking about Ron's whereabo-

Alinna : *Stood up in a flash* Stop there ! She asked for Ron's whereabout ? What's her name ? How does she look like ?!

Joshua : *Startled* Uh ... s-she looked like a maid , probably of a high ranking and serving a really powerful or wealthy person from the medieval age ... uh , what's her name ... her name , ah ! Atramille de Surquouis ! That's her name . She'd probably be at your house by now-

Alinna's eyes starts displaying tell tale signs of fear as she kept hearing Joshua's ongoing talk about Atramille the moment he mentioned her name . In the middle of listening , she dropped her tankard on the table , spilling the content on her and him , causing him to stop talking about Atramille .

Joshua : Uh ... did I ... sorry ?

Alinna (Shocked and Angered) : You've got to be f***ing kidding me ! *Gets up , grabs her belongings and ran out of the night bar in a hurry*

Joshua (Confused) : ...

Alinna : *Backtracks back at the front door of the night bar* Are you coming or not , Joshua ?!

Joshua (Confused) : Ah , coming ! Bartender , I'll be back to pay the bill ! *Runs out to Alinna and leaves with her*

Bartender : ... that's the 128th time this had happened this year ... I think I should move my business elsewhere . *Continues wiping the counter* What miserable bunch of customers ...
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