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Author Topic: Anthony's good bye (and thankyou) post to MangaRaiders. Year TimeSkip Post  (Read 1752 times)

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Not really any need to continue rambling on from the last post - but for those that had worked with me when I joined MR (the massive team we had of artists and writers all trying to collab LOL) I had begun to start drawing without copying and looking at things - the work was elementary at best, and so I made an oath to stick to a road of practice until I reached my goal - now I have different goals in art, ones that make money, however I feel it's wrong to continue posting my non-manga work here on a manga forum. :) So a farewell post was in order

Oh, and health wise I'm doing much better! :)

So, my versions of characters - creating a portfolio of disney and marvel/dc chars, though I'll branch out!

Latest piece - finished today, My version of Elsa, Frozen - Disney

Realism study

Think that's enough. There will probably be a way one can reach me if anything, advice or a chat - but otherwise I wish everyone the best here, always. x

It's been fun!

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