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Author Topic: The Great Shepherd  (Read 284 times)

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The Great Shepherd
« on: May 20, 2017, 04:20:30 PM »



Shepherd: Come my sheep...Come to me.

The sheep come.

Shepherd: Excellent. Now, into the barn, so that I may attain your wool!

The sheep stand on two legs, and turn to their shepherd. Their eyes are round and bleeding red, their pointed tongues lick thick black human lips.

Shepherd: What is this? What is going on?

The sheep bay loud and rasp, until their wool sheds off, revealing naked limbs with twisted muscles and hearts pounding underneath thin flesh.

Shepherd: Graaaah! Such horrid noise...( He gasps at the sight around him) Monsters! Help! Help!

Sheep: silence.

This sheep had only locks of wool on the top of bare skull, and covering male privates.

Sheep: It is not you we seek, but the great devine of the vine.

The sheep fly away, one by one, disappearing into the sun.

Do not tell sheep you wish to take their wool.

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