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Author Topic: BLOODLINE  (Read 350 times)

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« on: May 11, 2017, 06:45:55 AM »
I have been work with this story since last year around november. I originally wanted it to be a manga and I still do, but I haven't been able to find an artist that can help me and that for free (might open a thread abt this matter) and just for the funs of it. So instead, for now, I decided to put it up as a story till I find someone that want to collab with me.

Now for the story, I'm just a noob, so if you have any feedback you can leave them in the Discussion thread.

This story takes place in a dimension where the humans live. They live happily and some live with hatred for others. Everything on earth is normal and perfect. However, Earth isn’t alone. In another dimension lives all kinds of creatures. The world which was different from earth. In this dimension lives werewolves, mermaids, fairies, elves, chimeras, dragons and much more. There was a law that said no Creatures should cross the line to the human world. Thus, there was a man that took this warning as a challenge and fled to Earth. This world was new to the man and started to investigate the world unknown to him. He looked very different to the humans and learned how to change into a human. There he went to a college and became fascinated with how the humans lived and their way of living.

Soon after he had graduated he became a professor. On the day of the graduation, he saw a white light. He followed that light and found a woman knelt down beside a puppy. She was petting him and gave him food. This melted the man's, heart. The woman looked up and saw him and they fell in love with at first sight. Soon after, they got married and lived happily. The woman was also from the other side of the earth. Years passed by and they got a baby girl. She had the black hair of her father and the green eyes of her mother.  They both loved her so much. At the age of 1, they noticed some things about their daughter. She showed signs of releasing powers without knowing it. This was a big problem. No one, except for a few, knew that a Demon had married an Angel. They both had knowledge in enchantments and spells and tried everything they could to seal her powers away. 

Before the girl was born, many creatures started to descend to earth. They learned to live with humans and some wanted to find peace with them. There was some that didn’t want to have anything with the humans to do. It didn’t take long before the creature smelt this new smell. It was stronger for the Vampires, the bloodthirsty vampires. They felt that the baby girl's blood was special and they wanted it. Her parents did studies and made some experiments. The results came out positive and they knew she would be in danger. Her father received something saying his daughter was in danger and that she held something important. Her parents took action and when she was old enough, they sealed in all her powers away. Sadly, her mother's life was lost.

After many years, their daughter moves from LA to Tokyo where her parents lived. There she attends High School. She hasn’t been there for long, but strange things start to happen and what that had been hidden from her, comes back to her once again.
~ Chapter 1
~ Chapter 2
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« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2017, 07:09:52 AM »
~ Chapter 1 ~

There was a white light and was soon followed by the darkness. Surrounded by both, I was unable to do anything. In the distance, three tall figures stood before me, but they were blurry for me. I reach my hand out to them and simultaneously, the figures reach their hand out too. Slowly, a teardrop falls lonely on my cheek and soon my consciousness fade away...


It was six in the morning and I changed into my new school uniform. A simple black one-piece dress with a white shirt that had a black ribbon at the chest area. I put my silky long black hair in two low ponytails and tied it with pink ribbons at the end. Watching my reflection in the mirror, I smile to myself. Putting on my shoes, I head out of my apartment and head for my new life in a new place.

The school building was huge. The area the school is located was bigger than the building which made me watch it with awe. I stepped in on the school grounds and it made me nervous. Being the new kid isn't always easy. With that in mind, I went to the principal's office.

The principal, a middle-aged man, stood by the window when I first entered the office. The room was big and had many shelves with many books. There was a red sofa and at the end was his desk. I silently walked towards him and then he turned around and gave me a big smile. I wanted to be polite, so I smiled back.

"Welcome to Sakuraki High School" he greeted and came out from behind his desk.

He had reached his hand out and I took it and shook it.

"I am glad to be here" I replied, with no emotion.

There was a knock on the door. The principal smiled and told the person outside to enter. Curious, I looked to see who it was. A young tall man entered. He wore a suit, it didn't seem like the school uniform boys wear, and he had short blond hair with his long bangs covering his right eye.

"And this must be our new transfer student?" he looked at me with his sea blue orbs.

"It is nice to meet you," I said, then bowed down in respect.

"He will be your homeroom this semester," the principal stated. I stood straight and nod.

"Follow me," he said then exited the office.

I bowed one last time to the principal and followed my homeroom teacher.

I waited outside, waiting for my cue to enter the room.

"...today we have gotten a new transfer student to our class," he said and I entered the classrooms.

As I walked in, I could hear murmur among the boys. I stood one foot away from the teacher and faced the other students.

"Now, introduce yourself," he said.

"I am Sakuya Kuroshima," I told them. "I have come here from America and I am going to live here till I graduate".

Then my homeroom teacher patted my shoulders and told me my seat was at the far back by the window. I quietly went to my seat and sat down.

"Then, I hope you will befriend her and you all get along with her," he told them.

A few nodded in response.

"Let's be friends!" someone said from my side.

When I turned around, I saw the smiling face of a pink haired girl. She had long hair and had dark green orbs. I didn't give her a response but followed the class until the first period ended.

It was lunchtime and I sat far back in the cafeteria and ate my lunch alone in peace. Many of the students sat together, chatted and laughed. It was too noisy for my taste, but I chose to ignore them. I had a simple salad sandwich and freshly pressed orange juice. Beside from that, I had sweet dumplings. Thinking it won't get any noisier, by the entrance of the cafeteria, several boys made a ruckus, gaining the attention of others students, now watching them as I. However, I didn't move. Several of them were hitting a kid but no one was helping him. So this is how Japan is like, I thought.

Getting a bad first impression of Japan I was ready to dislike this school and that was when I heard an ugly grunt. I stood up and slowly walked towards the group that had gathered around to watch. A tall young man had punched the bully right in the face and sent him flying to the other side of the room. Loud cheers came from the students and told him to beat the *censored* out of the bully. He chuckled, grabbed another by his collar, raised him up high and threw him to the first one that he had hit earlier. I had a sarcastic grin on my face and left the cafeteria, the noise making me annoyed. Just as I exited, another tall man with silver hair tied in a high ponytail entered the cafeteria.

"Hey now, we can't have a fight going on now or you'll get in trouble" was the only thing I heard when I left.

Next class I had was physical education. We were outside on the field and we had all changed to our P.E. uniform. It was a gray t-shirt and shorts, and they had black patterns on them, the black color showing us which class we belonged. Minutes later, a man, with many other students arrived. The pink haired girl, from homeroom, came running towards me and hugged me out of nowhere. I hadn't seen her first when I got to the field, so I assumed she is late. Her action left me speechless and I just stared at her.

"Hi" her voice was cheerful as she said so. I had no idea what to do.

"Hi..." I replied.

She looked so happy her face beamed with a bigger smile. Why is she smiling? No one usually gets happy when they see me; I am taken aback by her actions. The sound of clapping took me back from my thoughts and the coach spoke up.

"Today the class from the new block will join us," he looked at all of us. "Their teacher had other business to attend to so I am in charge of her class"

Suddenly I heard a loud shriek and all the girls from my class had gathered around two boys that weren't from our class.

"Hm?" I got curious about what was going on when the pink haired girl beside me said,

"Those boys are the most handsome in this entire school." she had a big smile on her face herself. "Well, boys from the new block are and almost- no every girl on this school is head over heels in love with them"

Typically, all girls was like this. It was annoying to see them like this, clinging to somebody they never will get. The boys around them looked annoyed too, many of them angry. It didn't surprise me much and I didn't care. As I was about to look at them one more time, one guy locked eyes with me. I remembered he was the man who had beat up those bullies in the cafeteria earlier. I looked closer at him and he had brown-red messy hair and had deep purple orbs. For a second his orbs shone. Then it disappeared. When he smiled, little fangs were visible.

"Ah~," I heard from beside me. "Isn't his smile so hot, especially with those little fangs sticking out?"

The pink haired girl watched him with dreamy eyes. Something about his presence made me uneasy but shook off the feeling that was building up inside me. Beside him was the man who I had seen entering the cafeteria when I was leaving. He noticed me too and he gave me a smile. I didn't react. Irritated by what was going on, the P.E. coach clapped his hands and gained everyone's attention.

Both classes were divided into two groups, one girl's and one boy's group. The girls did different activities from the boys. We were paired two and two, and I was with Fumiko, the pink haired girl. She paired up with me, she was happy, and I found it a bit cute. We were doing small warm-up exercises and the boys were running 50m and some of the girls had stopped their warm-ups to watch them run. I was observing them too, and some weren't fast.

"Let me push you now Sakuya," Fumiko asked and I gave her a nod, sat down, and stretched while she pushed my back. "Wow you are so flexible" she pushed me more.

When I sat up again several girls started screaming again and I turned around to the boys' side and saw the two boys from earlier getting ready to run. They were chatting with each other, looking like they made bets. They got in their positions for their turn and this got my attention. I watched them carefully. A student from the boys' side readied the timer he had in his hands and told another student he was ready. The one standing on the starting line counted down. Just as he was going to say go, both of them ran at top speed and got to the other side. My eyes widened. Beside from myself, I had never seen anyone run this fast. It surprised me so much that I didn't know I had stood up because Fumiko tugged on my arm from where she sat.

"Are you okay?" her eyes told me she was worried.

I shake my head, my head turning back to the two boys. They bumped their fists together and went back to the others while two new runners got ready on their mark. Fumiko must have understood why I had gone silent because she stood beside me and laughed softly.

"They have always been this fast since day one," I turned around to listen to her. "Students from the new block are all like this both boys and girls. It's a mystery, to be honest,"

This news got my curiosity up and I wanted to know more. According to what she told me, it looked like the kids from the new block was special. Just as I was pondering about this, the coach told us, girls, to get over, while the boys walked to our place. Fumiko and I walked behind the other girls and we passed by the two boys. Just as we crossed paths, an electric shock went through my body and I felt on my knees holding my left eye. Panicked, Fumiko called my name and sat beside me. I shook my head off the feeling of dizziness.

"Sakuya are you okay?" she was worried.

I took a deep breath and stood up.

"...I'm fine" I walked towards the others and Fumiko quickly stood up and jogged behind me to catch up.

I slightly turned around, and I noticed the Silver-haired and the brown haired boys had been watching. They had serious expressions but turned around. I turned around too.

We were going to do the same exercise as the boys had done, and the girls started to complain. The coach told us this year's P.E. grades counted as much as the other important grades and that shut them up. I was stretching my arms and did a little jogging until it was my turn to run.

"Sakuya!" I turned around to the voice and found Fumiko waving her hands at me. "Watch me!"

I stopped my warm-up runs and focused on her instead. She got herself ready along with another girl and they both ran as fast as they could when they got their cue. Fumiko reached first and jumped in the victory. She came running towards me, sticking out her tongue and posing her victory pose. I found this girl strange but she was different. The coach called out my name and somebody else and we stood by our starting point. I tightened the ponytail and was ready to go. The girl beside her sent a flying kiss to the other side and that's when I noticed the boys were looking at us.

"Poor girl, how is she going to beat Masami?" whispered one to another.

"I know right, Masami is the fastest among us girls, especially in the old block," said another.

Is she that fast? I watched her one last time before I chuckled. She noticed me chuckling and made a statement.

"You can't beat me, newbie," she challenged, then she flipped her hair.

I ignored her remark and focused on the running lane. I took in a deep breath and waited for Fumiko to say go.

"Go~!" Just as those words escaped, I ran past Masami and got to my goal in seconds.

I let out my breath and turned around, only to find people staring at me, even the boys. I casually walked over to Fumiko, asking her about my time. She showed me my time.

"Hm, new personal record," I said more to myself then was hugged by Fumiko.

"Wow," she hugged me tighter. "Where did that come from?"

I couldn't help but give her a little smile.

"Looks like you have a new competitor Masami-chan!" yelled one of the boys and the rest of them laughed.

Masami turned a deep red and stomped her way towards me.

"How dare you!" she yelled. "How dare you embarrass me in front of everyone!"

"You are embarrassing yourself," I told her.

She was more pissed and looked like she wanted to crush me badly. The coach told us the class was over and Fumiko and I left Masami behind us end went back to class to change. On the way Fumiko said,

"You are so cool Sakuya!" then she pouted. "I want to be fast too"

I watched her as she ran her way towards the classroom and I followed her.
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« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2017, 07:29:08 AM »
~ Chapter 2 ~

Classes ended in the blink of an eye. What Fumiko had said earlier still lingered in my ears. The 'new' block as she had referred it to, had many students that had inhuman capabilities and they were special. To me, it seems like this school is hiding something. Wanting to know more about the school history I decide to hit the library before I went home. I had learned from Fumiko that the library was located near the new block but I had to walk a few meters to reach it. I entered the building without a second thought and asked the librarian where I could find old newspapers. She gave me the directions and I went straight there. I checked from the oldest papers. They were about the new block and about when it is to be constructed.

"2003?" I put the newspaper back and searched for papers from 2003. "This happen 16 years before I was born..."

 I gathered every article from that year to 2005. I found myself an empty seat by the tables and deepened myself on the facts. In 2003, the head of the school and some foreign man made a contract. It said they would work together to build the best school in all Japan. Then the rest of it to 2004 was about the construction of the new block. I got to the last page of the 2004 news. That's when I read something interesting. December 15th, an accident happened. Who the killer was, is still a mystery. It appears the victim had his blood drained from his body. There was a picture of the victim's corpse. Pale skin and a shocked expression. It looked like he was tricked and it got him killed. Something bothered me about this incident. I had a feeling I had heard about the same story somewhere in Italy in Rome. I was only two years old and I could remember what my parents had said that night. My parents and some other people had said that incident was predictable as if they knew it would happen sooner. Meaning they knew something about the case. I thought that I could ask father later when I got home but abandoned that thought quickly. I couldn't find any more information about the school so I decided to stop for the day and went straight to the apartment.

Soon as I got home, I decided to take a quick shower to clear my thoughts. I got out of the shower all changed and with a towel around my neck, sat in front of my laptop, and started doing my homework, but I couldn't concentrate. The incident from years ago still bothered me. To think that my parents could be involved in this gave me heavy shoulders. I gently patted both my cheeks and stood up to get some coffee. I let the water boil, and sat down on a nearby chair and sighed.

Minutes later, I heard a knock. Thinking that it was nothing I waited for the water to heat. Then I heard it again. I stood up, annoyed, and slowly walked to the entrance. The knocking grew louder and louder and soon turned to banging. I jumped in surprise and really started to reconsider if I should open or not. With a knot in my throat, I slowly opened the door. No one was there. I breathed out and stepped outside to see if anyone was there. Sighing in relief, I went back in again. Then something soft and cold touched my shoulders. My body froze. Gulping down the fear that was building, I turned my head around and saw a tall figure. He wore glasses and had a friendly smile on his face.


He hugged me and fell speechless. Dad wasn't supposed to come to Japan. He said he would come right after he had dealt with his business in LA. I was happy to see him but at the same time confused.

"Aren't you supposed to finish your work in LA?" I questioned him as soon as he sat down on the couch.

He took off his coat and took a sip from the newly made coffee I had made for myself.

"It finished sooner than I expected," he said. "I will work at the office here, so I will manage both businesses here and in LA" I sat down opposite him.

"How's school?"

"It's okay," I nibbled on a cookie I had placed on the table. "They are all weird"

Dad laughed, which made me pout.

"What's so funny?"

"You remind me of your mother," he looked nostalgic. "She was like you too when we went to high school. She would easily be annoyed by other students"

I had to smile at that.

My relatives would always say I reminded them of my mother. Remembering her smile made me fall silent. I could feel my chest tighten. I wanted to ask him how she had died, but he would always tell me the same story, that she died in a car accident. A part of me didn't believe in that story but I had to.

"Your mother really adored you" he set the cup down. "I really wish she is watching over you and see you grow"

I stopped my tears from coming.

"No one can change the past Papa..." I blinked a few times.

Dad stood up and I watched him.

"No use in crying for something that happened in the past" he sat beside me and I hugged him. "Your mother will always be here with you".

Just as he said those words, my heart sunk and I couldn't help it but cried in his embrace. I let out small sobs and he patted my back.

Next day my father walked with me to school. He said he had to speak with the principal. He wanted to know about the school and its system. It didn't make any sense but I let him do, as he wanted. He seemed happy to walk me to school. It may be because he never had the chance to see me to school when I was younger because he was always busy with work then. The thought made me a little happy too, but I didn't want him to leave his work from something as silly as walking me to school. We arrived at the school. I went straight to my homeroom and dad went to the principal's office. When I entered the classroom, Masami greeted me. She gave me her I-want-to-crush-you smile. I ignored her and sat on my seat. She came over to me and smashed her hands on my desk, getting the attention of the others in the classroom and some that stood outside the room.

"Really, if you don't want to embarrass yourself more than last time," I began. "You better leave before it gets worse".

She clicked her tongue and stared at me.

"Boy, this is going to be a scoop" another nearby student yelled.

She leaned down and peered into my face.

"This school will only have one cute and athletic girl," then pointed at herself. "Me"

I wished to stomp on her toes, but I wanted to remain cool. By the corner of my eye, I could see how worried Fumiko was for me. That's when I heard several gasping and screaming. Masami had raised her hand to hit me. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side, readying myself to get the blow. Nothing happen. I opened my eyes and saw somebody holding Masami away from me, holding her hands down. When I saw clearly, it was the silver-haired man from yesterday. All the girls started fanning themselves. Masami's face was red, so red you would think she would explode.

"Oh, my!" one of the girls said. "It's Kei!"

We heard a big commotion by the classroom door. Everyone turned around and saw the brown-red haired boy. He was sweating as if he had been running. He walked up to Kei and he leaned on him. Masami looked ready to cry. Her crush was there and she clearly didn't want to look stupid in front of him. I looked at the both of them. Unable to take it, Masami shook herself free from Kei grip and ran away. I watched her as she ran out of the room.

"My lord," Kei said, looking directly at me. "Why are all girls like this"

I was confused and spoke without thinking.

"What do you mean?" I looked up at him. "I warned her"

Both started laughing, not in a mocking way, but with warmth. I tilted my head. I hadn't noticed, but I had taken all the attention from the other students, and the girls didn't look happy. I sighed.

"If you will please, could you leave the classroom? You are disrupting the class"

They hadn't noticed that the class had begun because our teacher stood there waiting for the commotion to calm down. Both turned around to face the teacher and bowed down to him.

"We are sorry sensei"

I watched them as they quickly exited the classroom. As they left, I could feel the stares of the female students on me. Until the class ended, I had gained the hate of the girls in my class.

It was lunchtime. Instead of going to the canteen to eat, I went to the school rooftop. I had overheard some girls talk about the rooftop and thought I'd take the chance. When I arrived, no one was there. I was all alone and by myself. I sat down on a bench and quietly enjoyed the scenery before me. From up here, I could see Tokyo more clearly. The tall buildings and the traffic. It was peaceful. I poked a hole with a straw on the milk carton and took a sip. I stared at the clear sky and thought about what a peaceful day this was. I closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh air.


My eyes fluttered open.


I stood up and then I rushed down the stairs to the building. Then I heard more screaming and people begging for help.

"What is going on?" I yelled as I entered the closest classroom.

Students sat beneath their tables and holding for their dear life. I rushed over to the teacher, who was calming down the students.

"Sensei, what happen?" she looked at me with scared eyes.

"A-A man in black just burst into the classroom and asked for someone named Hitomi"


"Who is she?" she managed to say lastly before she fainted.

She must have been scared. I left the classroom and ran down to the second floor where my homeroom was located. Just when I got in, an ugly noise came from the blackboard. A huge bird, a raven, was scratching the blackboard. No one was in the classroom and I decided to rush out. The bird noticed my presence and it started to come after me. I stood there and my body froze. Bad timing body! I yelled to myself and tried to move. It got close enough to clash at me when somebody had grabbed my hand and started to run. It was the homeroom teacher. The one side of his sleeve had torn off and had blood on it.

"Sensei, what are you doing here and why are you bleeding?" I fired my questions at him.

"We don't have the time to chit chat," he was breathing hard. "We have to get out to the others"

He was still holding my hand tightly.

We ran as fast as we could, with the raven behind our heels.

"What is that?" I knew it was a raven but the creature is too abnormal and I couldn't help myself but ask.

"A Raven servant" he didn't look back as he said so.

"A what?"

"The servant of a Demon"

"What did you say?" I was stunned. "Did you say a demon?"

He clicked with his tongue.

"We don't have time for this" he speeded up a bit and I almost fell.

Soon as we got out Fumiko came running to me and hugged me. I looked at her face and her eyes were red. She had been crying.

"Sakuya!" she sobbed. "I thought something happened to you"

She buried her face on my chest and I patted her head.

Every student from the old block was outside. They were scared and all of them panicked. I looked around me. Few of the teacher looked calm, their expressions told me they were annoyed by what was going on. Some had seen the big Raven I had seen earlier and they all sat on the ground, blocking themselves from what was happening.

'The Servant of a Demon' was playing in my head repeatedly. I was wondering what he meant by that. Fumiko seemed to have calmed down and she went to the other students to calm them down. Soon after, the students and the teachers from the new block came out. Some students had bruises. It seemed like they had been in a fight. I was watching them closely.


Our homeroom teacher ran up to them. They seemed to have a long conversation and he looked irritated by what he had heard. He scratched his head in frustration and looked at us. I still kept my eyes on them.


Something exploded far in the old block and everyone held their head in fear. I and everyone else from the new block looked in the direction of the explosion. Smoke arises from the area. I looked up at the sky in that direction when something dark was up in the sky. I squinted my eyes to see what it was. It was a man in black. My eyes widened at what I saw. He had grown wings on his back. Dark and big.

"A demon..." I murmured to myself but it seems like some of the kids from the new block heard.

They all turned to my direction. I felt slightly uncomfortable and just stared at the man in the sky. He got closer and closer to us. I couldn't help but stare at his wings. When he got close as to when I could see him clearer, I saw that he was watching me. I could feel his eyes. They were burning. Burning for answers. He gracefully landed in front of me and I stood there not thinking about running, which I should be doing. He got closer to me and reached out his hand to my cheeks. All I could do was staring in his eyes. The color of glowing red captured me and made me unable to move. Someone jerked me back and pulled me away from him. He grinned and whistled. The big Raven stood by his side and shape-shifted to a man. My eyes widened in shock.

"Are you okay?" I heard close to my ear.

I had forgotten someone had rescued me from the man. I turned around, saw a man with golden long hair, and had different colored eyes, a blue, and a silver. I felt flustered and replied to him.

"I am" I stood up then bowed to him.

He smiled. As he smiled, I could see a little fang stick out from his teeth. It reminded me of the brown-red haired boy from earlier. The others from the new block, as well as the teachers, came rushing to us. I thought it was getting too quiet and I turned around to look at the other students from the old block. I found them unconscious.

"What happen to them?" I asked.

"We put them to sleep," the man with the different colored eyes said. "But I must say it is a surprise to see someone stand even after the effect started working".

He looked at me with amusement. There was a cold breeze. A shock wave went through my body and I fell on my knees. I could feel pain from my left eye. I crunched down into a ball and cried in pain. The man in black laughed loudly.
Writing is LOVE, Writing is LIFE