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Author Topic: Same Scene, Different Story  (Read 4878 times)

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Same Scene, Different Story
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:43:54 AM »
I thought it'd be fun to do a few writing prompts to keep ourselves from getting rusty (or to pretend we're not procrastinating). Basically, I'll give you a basic premise for a scene, then you just need to write your interpretation of it. Get creative and have fun with it. What I'd like to see is just how different someone else will write compared to others and what common themes we may see. Doesn't need to be a long piece, just go with what you thinks best.

So the only rules I can think of is that you can't change anything from the outline. But anything that's omitted you're free to play with! :D Feel free to submit your own prompts, but I'll get us started with a super simple one.......

SCENE: "A man is spotted while riding the train and pursued"

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Re: Same Scene, Different Story
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2017, 09:19:49 AM »
The search never ends, they tell me it can last for years, they tell me I can go to my grave still looking. I tell them they've never wanted anything as bad as me, my inner desire, the longing, NO! The deathly burning passion to find him. The Muffin Man.

I never thought this day would come so soon but as I boarded the train to make my way to work, a dead end job filing office papers and serving coffee to thankless bastards, my eyes exploded. In the 8:30 AM huddle of human flesh was one man.

He was chubby, with a big old Italian mustache and stupid chef's hat that towered so high it not only put my dreams in the shadows but threaten to destroy the very sunlight I had come to love. His eyes where closed but he still had the sick grin. The sick grin of a kind man, putrid. He had a blue striped shirt and a big apron that simply read "I Am Boss".

The smug prick. The absolute bastard. I wanted to smash that Italian face in right now. The catchphrase burnt holes through my very heart and soon enough ripped to the flesh and blood. I felt my very internal organs spinning to the sounds of a symphony playing the pages from a 7th graders music book, all on different parts. But as this smug pile of human feces went to grab something out of his pocket I knew it was him.

It was the muffin man.

I had to wait, crowed between layers of smelly people in dead ridden expression with their eyes gorilla glued to the blank lcd reflection of screens so vapidly vapid I could vaporize them and suffocate an apartment building with the fumes. As the train stopped this Italian prick handed a little girl a muffin, he was smiling at everyone. They seemed to love this man, but did they know, he was the muffin man?

"HEY!" I called out to him, as soon as he saw me he dropped a tray of muffins he was handing to a school teach and ran. I busted through the crowd as we ran down the station. This man was running so fast I could barely keep up but my homegrown desire to find the muffin man propelled me like riding on the wings of 84 dreams all of them fulfilled and never lost never broken and never split.

We soon left the station and ran down the streets of Yellowknife. This prick, why was he here? Soon enough he tripped on a homeless person and fell to the ground, dropping muffins everywhere. I jumped on top of him and punched him in the face. "I KNOW THE MUFFIN MAN!" I screamed, "YOU KILLED MY FAMILY!" 'IT'S-AME-AME-MAMI-MI-A-AHH!" he screamed back in Italian. Why the f*ck was the muffin man Italian.

"I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" I yelled, he smashed a blueberry muffin in my face and pulled a pistol out of his pocket. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" he screamed as he shot delightful chocolate sauce on my face. I smiled, we walked to the homeless shelter with the man he tripped over in tow and served muffins to everyone. Baking smiles and rejuvenating the community, just me and the muffin man.

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Re: Same Scene, Different Story
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2017, 02:28:33 PM »
Kyle Rains sat on the aisle-side seet on the train, looking over his shoulder every now and again. He knew he was being followed, but he knew not by whom nor why. A sing-song voice beside him asked, "Whatcha lookin for?"

This voice belonged to Olivia Wells, who was currently under Kyle's protection. "I'm just checking," Kyle answered, "You never know if someone might come looking for-"

"Oh, come on," Olivia interrupted, "We've made it this far without getting spotted. What are the odds we'll be found out now?"

"You'd be surprised."

The train continued to move along the tracks, and Kyle was beginning to feel a twinge of motion sickness. "I'm taking a walk," he said to Olivia. Standing up, he walked to the back of the car to look for a restroom. As he did, he passed by a man in a black bowler hat and suit. "Strange," Kyle thought to himself, "but I've seen stranger."

After visiting the restroom, Kyle walked back to his seat, but was surprised to see two men in bowler hats sitting where he had left Olivia. "Not good."

"Whatever do you mean?" a silky voice behind Kyle asked. Turning, Kyle faced a pale woman in a mink coat. "Carmillia?" Kyle exclaimed, "What are you doing here?"

"I happened to be in the area, and my 'helpers' saw you and your little friend, so I thought I'd invite you to share a drink."

Kyle had not anticipated this encounter at all. He thought that maybe he'd run into Hyde or some other "human", but he had not expected that they'd send her. "I'd love to, but I'm six months sober, and I'd rather not jump off the wagon now," he said turning away from the vampiress, only to see the men in bowler hats blocking his path.

Things were not looking good for Kyle. He'd need some kind of miracle to get out of this. Fortunately, that miracle came in the form of a man bursting into the train cart behind Carmillia with a pistol in his hand. "Kyle Rain," the man bellowed, "You're a dead man!"

This was all the distraction Kyle needed to shove the two bowler hat men out of the way and make a break for the other car. Hearing gunshots, Kyle refused to turn around to see if he was being chased. Closing the door behind him, Kyle paused to take a breath. "Well, now what?" Olivia's sing-song voice asked from behind Kyle, who jumped in terror.

"Where the hell have you been?" he demanded, "Carmillia is on the train and-"

"I was in the restroom, man. No need to yell."

Banging on the door behind Kyle signaled the need to move on. "We need to get off," Kyle stated.

"Oh, brilliant!" Olivia snarked, "We'll just get off at the next stop in ninety miles."

"You know what I meant."

The banging turned to further gunshots as Kyle and Olivia continued to the back of the train. The door finally broke in, and the bowler hat men fell flat onto their faces as the man with the pistol stepped over their corpses. "I'm coming, Kyle!" he shouted.

It was fortunate no one bothered to get in their way as Kyle and Olivia busted down doors to escape the gunman, until they finally arrived at the end of the train. Kyle pulled out his own pistol, saying, "Okay, I'll cover you, just get the Door open."

Olivia nodded and began to get to work as Kyle fired at the gunman, who had long since run out of bullets. Firing twice, Kyle hit the gunman square in the chest, but the man was unfazed. "It seems like that won't work," Carmillia's voice hummed from over Kyle's shoulder.

"*censored*!" Kyle hissed as he heard Carmillia and turned to face her.

"I'm hurt you declined my offer," the vampiress stated, "but it seems that you are in need of assistance."

"You tried to kill me!" Olivia said, still working on opening the Door.

"And I apologized profusely afterward," Carmillia said without a hint of sincerity.

The gunman slowly got closer, and Kyle was running out of bullets. "Fine, what do you want?" he said as his clip emptied.

"Ten years."


"Oh, come on," Carmillia said, "I can't go back to Limbo. It's too nice here to go back to that *censored*hole."

"I've got the Elixir," Olivia said, giving up her efforts, "You can have it if you help!"

"Deal!" Carmillia sang as the world distorted around the two humans. Kyle and Olivia suddenly found themselves standing outside an aquarium in what appeared to be New Orleans.

"Well, that happened," Olivia said as she leaned against a nearby lamppost.

"Damn vampires," Kyle said, "If she wasn't after us, she shoulda just said, but no, she had to be vaguely threatening."

"Hey, wait a sec," Olivia stated, "who was that guy?"

"No clue," Kyle answered, "Don't really care."

There was a silence for a moment as the two thought for a moment about what had just happened. After a while, Kyle said, "Hey, while we're here, wanna check out the aquarium?"

"Eh, why not?"

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Re: Same Scene, Different Story
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2017, 09:13:09 PM »
Alone he sits, confused and panicking in the brightly lit cabin. The train chugs along, blissfully unaware of his circumstances, almost as if by mechanical design. Alone, he ponders in his beautiful black suit, as if chosen to contrast his glowing white seat. The panic deepens as the journey continues. An hour passes with no end in sight, a journey of uneventful torture. The window blinds, locked from within. No escape, no knowledge of where he is going. Alone, he tries to stand from his seat. Alone, he fails to stand. The panic deepens further, the frustration sets in, the panic sets deeper. Alone he must sit, waiting. Wondering. Thinking. Thinking of where he must be, where he must be going. The train begins to slow, the panic alleviating with each second. He peels his head around his seat, looking once again to the cabin behind. Brightly lit still, just like his. He stares, as if drawn towards it. Lights out from a far cabin. The momentary alleviation gone. Lights out, spreading like a virus, consuming each cabin before his. Panic sets in again, worsening with each blackout. Finally, he spots it. It spots him. He is stuck to his seat. It gets closer, he gets calmer. The figure, familiar. Black suit, long, slim extremities. Its face is covered. “Who are you”, he asks, no longer alone, but twice as scared. “I am”, it groans. “Do you know where you are”, the creature asks. “I know I was alone, but that’s all I know.. I’m scared, I’ve been here for hours. Please help me.” The creature kneels down and faces him, slowly removing its face cover. “You know who I am, I have always pursued you. You all will always try to evade me, but eventually you always give in.” Slowly, the creature gets on the floor. Slowly, everyone walks the dinosaur.
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Re: Same Scene, Different Story
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2017, 07:28:33 AM »
This is a nice idea, and I love what everyone has put up so far  :ninja: Here is my entry:

“I need a favour.” She said

“You know I can do them.” He replied

Rustle. Rustle. Rustle.

“Although you might feel a slight prick.”

Jab. Click. Slip.

Absolute euphoria. Eyes wide. Room closing in. She smelled sweat. She felt sweat. She had the sweats. Alice felt like a goddess. Alice felt like a newborn. Encased in warmth, the girl-turned-woman couldn’t decide if she was controlling her existence or being controlled by her high. She stretched out on a beaten leather sofa and sighed a good sigh.

Only that it wasn’t a sofa. It was a gold table. And it wasn’t a sigh, it was spices coming from her mouth. The colours of her vision danced wildly before dying into a new scene, that of a grey office. Sense hit her numb head like a bag of bricks. She was in the room, both body and mind.

“Dude.” Escaped from her mouth.

“Enjoying your little euphoria?” A green skinned man with a wispy moustache and mismatched eyes said “Got a lighter by any chance?”

“Uh, yeah.” She blinked, reached into her pocket and handed the zippo over.

He grabbed it with long, hairy fingers. The green man lit a cigarette in his mouth. Then he lit the room on fire. Like ripples from a pond, the flames bounced across floor, wall and ceiling, revealing colour.

Purging the grey room away revealed a rail track with a red hot glow. Alice the urban nomad and her green friend stood underneath a sky of grey and earth of brown.

“I can’t burn the sky! It’s too far up!” He cried

Rumbling toppled the duo over. The gentle sky watched passively as the troubled earth shook and threw dust into the air. A train appeared in the distance heading towards the two.

“Name’s Gibbs.” The green man pulled tightly on his leather jacket which was adorned with badges; pacifist, nazi, illuminati, all colours of the political and philosophical rainbow “Just follow my lead, and you’ll live.”

Right leg, left leg. Right on the tracks, left common sense behind. The unlikely duo were in the path of the oncoming train, its conductor sticking his wrinkled face out and shaking his fist.

Gibbs told Alice about his purpose here. This train was an election and there's mad person riding it. Many generations have tried to stop the train before, to stop this said mad person, but all have failed. Gibbs is the latest in a long line of volunteers.

The conductor could be heard screaming, tearing clumps of his hair out, revealing pearl earrings.

"What makes you think you can stop it this time?" Alice asked "Others who tried have died."

"This time is different." Gibbs smiled a sad smile "This time we're not alone. We have a better chance stopping it together."

The last thing they heard was the conductor, “Don’t stand in the middle of the road! You’ll get hit on both sides!”

Alice didn't feel her body being torn to pieces and accelerated bloodily around the globe. She didn't see Gibbs jumping out of the way in time. She didn't hear the conductor laughing heartily.

It took less than a minute for her body parts to end up in the same destination.

Which destination?

All roads lead to Rome.

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Re: Same Scene, Different Story
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2017, 04:56:40 PM »
*news intro plays*
Welcome listeners this is radio bas bringing you the latest news.
Today we will be following professional pedophile(likes kids) john Lewisham in his daily life and the horror that disturbed it.

*train sounds* oh god I already feel him watching me, disgusting absolutely disgusting, Lewis says while shaking.

I really hate these guys you know.  These filthy perverted dogs.

I am trying to relax here and take a look at these beautiful kids playing.

Its not filthy at first you barely notice them.

But look when I try to set my bait to capture one of these fine younglings you will notice the.

Jhon fails catching the young specimen.

You see I cant do what I love out here with these perverts over there.jhon points to the end of the pathway.

He is pointing at an middle aged man wearing an brown trench coat and normal jeans.

AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED NOW!!!. He yells while pointing at his green colleague Gibbs.


While john desperately try's to catch one of the kids. We will interview his personal stalker.

Good day sir. He respond with an hello and keeps his attention on the raging pedphile.

This is geralt  hope. Professional pedophilelifile.

So you like pedophiles geralt. He enthusiastic replys with. Heck yess I love them!!

The way he moves the desperation on his face its godly I love it!!
This listeners created an three way love cycle.

You see the pedophile over there running after kids and there you see the pedohiliphile running after him.

This phenome is destroying the peace every where.

That's all for today folks see you tomorrow when we will be following the mysterious life hamster hoarder.

I am in a weird mood today.

Further information I do not own Gibbs. Gibbs is property of green beverage.

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Re: Same Scene, Different Story
« Reply #6 on: June 30, 2017, 08:14:08 PM »
He took a seat on the empty seat of the train gratefully, rubbing his shoulders. He has had a long day at work, and was definitely ready to kick back for the rest of the evening. The train, which was usually crowded, only had a few people on it, but he wasn't complaining. The quiet environment and open cart was a perfect environment for his trip back home, where he would kick back on his couch and watch some television before going to bed. Feeling awkward just sitting there, he took out his phone to occupy himself.

To the man's dismay, it was out of power. Slightly crestfallen, he stowed his device back into his jacket pocket. Sitting there and unsure of what to do, he began to inspect the few people that were around him. The female to his right was quite charming, but she was too young for him. Rather, he was too old for her. Further down, two kids were playing with their parents. The man smiled at this-- he always was fond of children. There was a old lady off to his left, but no one caught his attention more than a young teenager at the very rear of the car. When the man had glanced over, the teen had immediately broken his eye contact, which by itself was quite suspicious. Upon further inspection, the man remembered seeing the boy earlier.

The teen was a rather muscular male with a scar along his arm. His shirt and pants were made of rags, which were ripped and dirty. He looked like one of the street thugs that the man seen in the movies.

A chill ran down the man's spine as he realized that this boy was following him. Nervously, he glanced back at the other passengers, whom have taken little notice of both him and the teenager. He wondered if he should confront his follower, when there still was people around. He decided not to, however. It would look bad if he was to stir up a scene on a quiet ride home.

The man decided to get off a stop before the one he usually took. He definitely didn't want to lead the teen to his house, and was panicking on the train knowing that the boy's eyes was staring at him. He wondered if he should run. The teenager definitely looked like that he was looking for trouble. Daringly, he stole a glance over his shoulder.

The teenager was indeed pursuing him, walking at an alarmingly fast rate. The man thought about running, but knew that that would only alert his stalker that he was aware of the situation. Stupidly, he decided to challenge the boy. He stopped in his tracks and turned, almost defiantly, towards him. The teenager was shorter than him, but much broader. He had a hardened look, which had an unnerving aura.

"D-Do you need something?" He asked hesitantly. He had lost all the bravado that he managed to muster seconds before.

The boy didn't reply, but dug into his pockets and pulled out a wallet. The man recognized this to be his own, and he took it, confused. There was an awkward pause as the man struggled to comprehend what just happened.

Suddenly, the teenager blurted out, "I'm sorry."

The man raised his eyebrows. He now was feeling much more comfortable, due to the friendly tone of the boy. Judging from the turnout of events, the man thought, the boy was merely returning his wallet to him.

"I had to spend some of your money," the boy said sheepishly. "I couldn't afford to ride the train otherwise."

The man looked at the teen, and the at the wallet, before he bursted out laughing. It was a laugh of relief and amusement.

"Son," he said, "may I treat you to dinner? It's been a long day for me."

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Re: Same Scene, Different Story
« Reply #7 on: September 17, 2018, 09:01:36 PM »
The man stood at the back of the subway train, his music had taken him out of reality. He was in his on zone, so much so, he hadn't notice the two men who had approached him. They tap him on the shoulder, bringing him back to our realm.

"Hay, We know what you can do." One of the suited man shouted through the sounds of New York City.
"You know... Phase running."
Hay watched as the suits reached into their jackets. He was already 5 feet off the ground before they could pull out their guns. Their suits were quickly stained with an imprint of Hay's boot. The suits were now in a predicament, with their target now on the run, holding him at gunpoint was no longer an option. They sprung to their feet, this simple arrest was now a full on chase.

The suits ran closely behind Hay. The cart wasn't very long, but the crowd made it seem so. Music filled the air as the sax player song continued. It reached a sudden end as Hay tripped over his tips. "Watch your step." The musican, in search of his change made a barricade for the two pursuers. One made it thru at good pace, the other fell onto the floor, starting an unwanted fight with the musican over the coins.

The doors opened and Hay flew out. Waiting around the station was another suit. He was on the look out, but Hay had slowed down to blend in, fooling him. The two sharply dressed men met up, one out of breath.
"It was a simple hold up, what happened Jay?"
"He hit us before we could pull out the gun."
"You're suppose to already have the gun out. Rookie mistake."
"There he goes Mike!"

The train was already pulling off. " Damn, I'll have to phase run." Mike sprinted through the crowd, color meshed together. Everything became a blur and Mike surfed it. This was Phase Running, blending the world into one fluent object, making your way to your destination before putting it back. He ended up putting the world back together in the middle of the next station over. The throbbing high lingered, but he managed to spot the same man he was chasing before. He managed to tackle him before he could see Mike. Mike turned him around and looked into his eyes.

"You're not Hay..."
"Who the fu*k are you people!"

This was redemptions for failing the writing survival challenge.

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Re: Same Scene, Different Story
« Reply #8 on: February 03, 2019, 02:13:41 AM »
SCENE: "A man is spotted while riding the train and pursued"

Richard thought he was finally free and could relax a little so he shifted into a comfortable position and focused his attention the trees, birds and various blurs of the outside enviroment around him, he watches the shifting enviroment from the otherside of the window lost in thought. Down the other end of the carriage there are two men in black suits carying lethal weapons.  they smirk as they spot Richard, one of them lowered his arm and reached for his gun. Time began to become distored everything was moving slow noised were muffled and hard to understand, Richard casually strolled up to the men kicked one into the side of carriage and with the other he took the gun from the holster, looked up blankly and  said "well, it is a shame, if your openent was anyone else you may of just had a slight chance of winning" "ugh everytime the same mistakes its as if they never learn" Richard grabs the arm of the frozen man and bends it out of place dislocating the entire arm.

Time has began to move again, screaming in agony from the pain the man whos arm had been dislocated spots Richard punching out the window he was gazing at before "Damn him" with the bit of strength that the man has he rips of his arm "If its come to this, fine" The man drinks from a strange vial, as his strength slowly starts to return to him he raises his head revealing his firey red eyes now filled with the intention to kill he smirks to himself grabs his gun with his remaing arm and shoots the guy he was with "sorry, but the brat is mine" the mans physical strature is slowly mutating enhancing his senses and physical capabilities, he runs towards the window that Richard had smashed and jumps. Using his new found strength he digs his fingers into the side of the train denting the carriage but allowing him stability to hang on, he begins frantically looking around " ah found you", he spots Richard running on top of the train in the opposite direction with hardley anny effort he pulls himself up and begins to chase Richard.