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Author Topic: Shinigami no Tora  (Read 1045 times)

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Shinigami no Tora
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:52:55 PM »

-By GrimmjaggerSynopsis: Evil souls are feared around the world, "Byakko" is a spirit that is used to defend humanity against those Evil spirtit known as "Jaakuna Tamashii", but a large-scale war engulfed the world causing "Byakko"'s weilder to disapear and a new era was born where both humans and "Jaakuna Tamashii" were at war...

In a small village known as "Attakai Soyokaze", a young boy was born and as quickly was left orphan by a dying mother, raised in an orphanage the young Tora was bullied by the other childrens in the orphanage, after he reached 10 years old the young Tora was awakening to the "Shinigami" power, twisting his fate, he was enrolled in a high school where none less then 200 hundreds potential Shinigami's were trained...

"I will end the war with the "Jaakuna Tamashiis"!" He claimed.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Drama

Class 1-C
'Class 1-C'
Tora - Mai - Hayato
Ryunnosuke - Asuka - Yuki
Kenji - Katsuo - Kaito
Izumi - Hina - Ayumu
Chiyo - Daisuke - Emi

Episode 1:
'The dream of a shinigami!'

In the quiet land of Attakai Soyokaze, an orphanage where children that lost their parents in the curernt war between humanity and the Jaakkuna Tamashii, spirits bound to evil and disposed of any feelings, those were the Jaakuna Tamashiis.
The Orphanage was renowed for saving the children affected by this war, although it has been doing so for the past 20 years, it was affected by a surpopulation due to the war going on.
Tora, a young 15 years old boy living in the orphanage since he was 5 years of age, he had a power that made the other orphans despise him, the power to yield Thunder in his hands.

Tora was sitting in a corner of the yard, alone he watched the other children playing various sports and games, he wanted to join them but he already knew what would happen, every time it is the same thing, they will either, start bullying him again or go play elsewhere telling to go away. The orphanage master realised Tora was left alone and approched him, but Tora was about to rush out but was grabbed on his shoulder by the headmaster.

"What is it this time Tora?" The headmaster said with a concerned look to Tora and gazed at the children nearby playing football, "penality kick" they called it, the old headmaster scratched the top of his balding head and look at Tora again. "Are they being mean to you again?" The old man then added, which caused Tora to look depress.

"...Nah, they're not..." Tora replied without looking at the headmaster, instead he looked at the sky and sighted. "I wish my parents were still alive and kicking." Tora looked at the ground and shook his head a little. "If only I could control that power, I would be able to go to this school where people are trained to become actual Shinigamis, instead of...." Tora stopped speaking when he heard the headmaster scrapping his throat.

"Tora, listen, you know how the world is dangerous, I made a promise to your parents 10 years ago to never let any harms happen to you." The old headmaster said before sitting by Tora's side and he crossed his arms before he said with a voice full of autorithy. "The war between the Shinigamis and the Jaakuna Tamashiis, you can forget about it and focus on a much more realistic dream, kid."

Tora quickly stood up and clenched his fist, gazing with determination in his eyes. "...Much more realistic dream? Ha! Don't make me laugh..." Tora turned to face the old man giving his back to the dawnig sun. "I will end the war with the Jaakuna Tamashiis!" Tora then walked toward the orphanage door, leaving the old headmaster alone.

The headmaster stand up and quickly clapped his hands and called the childrens as the sun was setting. "Kiba, Jun, your son his a hopeless one." He thought to himself and with a smile he gazed at the sky. "He is just like you were, Kiba."

As the sun completely set and the whole orphanage was asleep, a shadow was lurking around but vanished as a light opened. Tora was standing in the kitchen and looked around with a freaked out look. "Old man Ichichi? Is that you?" Tora was still looking around when a young girl stepped out from behind a counter. "K-Karin....phew, I thought someone spirit was there to take away the food..." Tora was relieved to find out it was only one of orphan from the orphanage lurking.

"...D..*mutter, mutter*" The young orphan was bleeding from her hands and wasn't able to express herself more clearly, she was about to fell but Tora rushed to aid her on her feets.

"What happened...to you?" Tora stood in shock, but suddenly he was pushed away and Karin was barely standing, although she was only 12 years old she did not seem shock by the blood she had on her hands, Instead her eyes were looking at Tora with disgusts.

"Don't you *censored*ing touch me, you filthy monster." Karin said with her finger lifted and pointing in Tora's direction. "I...You...*sniff*" She felled on her knees and started crying, holding her face with the back of her hands.

Tora turned away from the young girl and slammed his fist on the counter the young girl had been hiding. "I may be a monster...but, I can't leave anyone who needs my help, climb on my back, I'll get you to the senseis." The young girl whipped away her tears and had a tense look on her face as she started looking around the kitchen.

"It is still here..." The young girl Karin said with a faint voice that Tora heard, as quickly as he heard it, Tora turned around facing the girl.

"What is still here?" Tora asked with a concerned look around the kitchen, he suddenly realise that he felt someone watching them but was unable to see 'what' or 'who' was here. "Karin...is it a...Jaakuna Tamashii?" Tora questionned Karin to see if she may have know.

"..." She didn't answer, she was absorb in her mind by what seem to be an unpleasing flashback. Tora didn't ask anymore question but he knew they were in trouble, when suddenly he remembered that the other children may be in danger.

"We need to get to the old man..." Tora said offering his back again to Karin who had snapped from her flashback and looked at Tora with a confused look. "I'll carry you, I promise that I won't let go." Karin holded her hands near her chest but finally decided to cling to Tora's back.

As Tora walked out of the kitchen with Karin on his back, a noise coming out of the only classroom in the orphanage was heard, what crossed Tora's mind was that they needed to go by the classroom to reach the old man's room. "We have no choice I guess..." Tora said to Karin, she noded in silence to agree.
Tora and Karin started going by the classroom and as they did it, Tora could feel Karin holding tightly to his T-shirt and he felt that he needed to save her quickly.

Altough the noises coming from the classroom had stopped Tora was feeling nervous and felt like an eternity had pass when they finally reached the headmaster's room, Tora bended a little to let Karin open the door for the both of them as his hands were holding on to Karin. "OLD MAN ICHICHI!" Tora yelled as the door opened. "huh?" He reacted when he saw that no one was around in the headmaster's room.

"Where is is the headmaster?" Karin asked in surprise, she then made sign to Tora to let her on her feets which he did, as she started poking around she pointed a notebook to Tora. "What is this?" She said confused.

Tora walked to the notebook and grabbed it. "...Probably some dirty old noteboo..." Tora stood in silence for a moment and looked at Karin for a moment. "The old man...was part of the shinigami forces?!" Tora, confused, looked around the room and saw weapon's hanging over the walls of the room, katanas, shirukens, and many other weapons. "It is also written that he was asign to guard an important necklace that shouldn't fall in the Jaakuna Tamashiis hands...What is this?"

Both Tora and Karin stood in silence for a moment, when suddenly Tora remembered the situation they were in and put the notebook in his pocket. "Come on let's go to the others, it's still dangerous out here."

"...I don't wanna...go"

"Huh? Why is that?"

As Karin was about to answer, a shadow rushed in the hallway and both Tora and Karin were petrified about it could have been.

"W-What was that?" Tora asked with a karate stance ready, although sweat was starting running down his face.

"I-I don't know..." Karin rushed behind Tora holding his shirt. "I-I'm scared..."

"...Don't be s-scared o-of nothing." Tora tried to hold himself together.

"..." They both stood in silence for about a minute before Tora decided to get out of here by any means necessary. "I don't know why you don't want to go to the others where your friends are. But this place is starting to either be dangerous or scary..."

"I don't have any friends..." Karin said in a inaudible voice but Tora was able to know what she was saying.

"Don't give me that! You, Jun and Yui are always together, if you guys weren't friends then..."

"YOU DON'T GET IT...!" Karin interrupted Tora and tears started gathering in her eyes. "I-I just don't want to end getting called a loner or getting bully, so I do everything they ask me and I act like I am their friends..."

"Heh, I don't mind getting bullied or called a loner in the least." As Tora said that, Karin's tears stopped and she looked at Tora that had started smiling and didn't have any doubts in his eyes. "I just want to be me, if I get bully by people who can't understand who I am, then that's fine by me!"

Karin started smiling herself and as soon as she realised it, she quickly tried to stop doing so. "That is what a loner would say..." She replied with a harsh tone.

"HUH?! HEY!" Tora said while turning toward Karin. "That's kinda harsh..." As Tora said that both of them had started laughing.

"Ok! Let's go to the others!" Karin said with a determined voice as she walked right at the doorway.

"W-What about that shadow that is lurking?" Tora asked with an anxious tone. He then rushed to find Karin who had gone from his sight.

"No need to worry, I will defend you princess, Tora!" Karin said as Tora got near her.

"Say what!?"

"Well if you are scared." Karin started with her finger pointing behind Tora, She then continued. "Can't we just pass from there?" pointing toward the window that leaded to the front of the orphanage.

"Nah, if we do so then who is going to open the front door for us?" Tora replied while looking at the dusty window, as he looked at Karin he was able to see a shadow coming quickly at her back. "KARIN, MOVE!" but the shadow had already closed the distance.

"KYAAAAH!" Karin reacted to the shadow that had grabbed her. "A JAKUNAA T-TAMASHII, TORA RUN!"

The jakunaa tamashii was making some acute sound, a big green slime was what Tora could compared it to. Although Tora was somewhat petrifed by the jakunaa tamashii, he rushed towards it and threw the notebook at it but it only bounced back, a tentacle swiped at Tora causing him to fly away at the wall. "NGH!" Tora reacted to the impact.

"N-NO, YOU CAN'T FIGHT IT, RUN!" Karin yelled as tears started running down her face.

"...I-I sworn to myself tha..that I...would be the one who'd stop the war between the Jakunaa Tamashii's and Shinigami's...I CAN'T RUN AWAY LEAVING MY FRIEND BEHIND!" Tora stood up and electic waves started gathering at his fist. "I WILL SAVE YOU KARIN!"


Tora dashed at the Jakunaa Tamashii and thew an electric uppercut at it causing it to explode, with the impact of the blow, Karin was released and she rushed at Tora.

"Ngh.. I told you to run! *sniff*" She was crying.

"Heh, I already told you tha..." Tora was sent flying by a tentacle and the Jakunaa Tamashii reformed itself.

"TORA!" Karin screamed as she runs to Tora.

"Ngh..nng.." Blood had gush out of Tora's mouth and his hand was holding his belly.

"TORA! TORA!" Karin was screaming to Tora who had lost counciousness.

Karin was about to get hit by a tentacle when suddently an hand blocked it, the noise that the Jakunaa Tamshii made had Karin looking at it and saw old man Ichichi. "...I guess it was fate, right Kiba?" he said to himself and a brass knuckle with lava on it appeared on his other hand, he then threw a punch that cause the Jakunaa Tamashii to simply shatter itself and disapear.

"It was your dream, Tora, hehehe." The old man started to laugh.

"H-Headmaster...Tora is...!" Karin said before losing counciousness herself and falled on the ground.

"...And Karin, huh? I guess two potential shinigami would be accepted by it." Ichichi then took both Tora and Karin under his shoulders. "The Shinigami school...Attakai Soyokaze."


Chapter 1: The dream of a shinigami

'Episode 2: One step, drive it'
Shinigami no Tora

Episode 2: One step, drive it

After the wild attack that our hero Tora and Karin had to fight back, they were rescued by the orphanage headmaster Ichichi.
Now, Tora and Karin are recieving treatment from the orphanage nurse as they were told that the headmaster wanted to discuss with the both of them.

"Why are we being held like criminals?" Tora asked to the nurse and Karin at the same time.

"Are you now?" Simply replied the nurse, she had open up the window to let fresh air in the room.

"..." Karin had remain silent ever since she had woken up, she kept remembering the event that had happened during the night.

Tora had realised that Karin was bothered by what occured last night, although he understand how she might feels, but couldn't say anything to her. The attack by the Jakunaa Tamashii that sneaked in the orphanage had become a hot topic amongs the people of town, Ichichi's secret of being a Shinigami was also a hot topic.

Tora had clenched his fist and closed his eyes. "If only I was stronger..." He had let out, realising that if Ichichi hadn't arrive they probably would have been dead.

"Don't blame yourself, Tora." At that moment the door of the nurse's office had open and the old Ichichi came in.


"I, in the first place shouldn't have left to begin with..." Ichichi said before taking a deep breath. "...Anyway, no one was hurt thanks to you two." He then patted Karin's head.

"...But if I was stronger, I would have protected Karin..." Tora stopped when he had felt the old headmaster hand on his shoulder.

"Is it strenght that you want? Or perhaps to protect others?"

"I want to protect everyone, I want to stop the war between Shinigamis and Jakunaa Tamashiis making the world a peaceful place." Tora replied to Ichichi's question with determination.


"I want to be able to help out others as well!" Karin had spoken for the first time since she had woken up.

"...Very well then..." Ichichi said with a smirk. "Both of you will attend Attakai Soyokaze."

"EH!!" Tora and Karin both stood in surprise. "FOR REAL!?" They simultaneously asked.

"Of course, both of you displayed Shinigami Ki during the encounter while facing off the Jakunaa Tamashii that infiltrate the orphanage."

"Ki?" Karin asked, she had return to being in her normal state of mind.

"It's a link between a spirit and the Shinigami, although I don't really know how to use it..." Tora replied.

"That's right, boy..." Ichichi said turning his attention to the nurse who had tried to remain unnoticed. "Me and Miss Shiro are both able to use that Ki power by simply making one with our spirits respectively."

"How do we make One with our spirits?" Tora asked while touching his forehead where a bandage had been installed by the nurse Shiro.

"...Only you can find that..." The nurse answered harshly. "Mine happened when I recieved a precious katana that my mother held onto until she was murdered, everyone has a different process to go through..."

"Shiro, Tora already awokened his spirit..." Ichichi interfered in Shiro's explanation.

"W-WHAT!?" Shiro had jumped back in surprise. "THEN HOW COME HE DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT?" Shiro asked confused.


"We have to let Jinpachi take them in and hopefully they will learn how..."

"Jinpachi who is that?" Tora asked Ichichi.

"The principal of Attakai Soyokaze and an old friend of mine..." Ichichi then took out a inscription sheet out of his pocket. "If you kids wish to, you will be accepted in the top Shinigami high school in the world." He then completed while handing the inscription sheets over to Tora and Karin.

"A-Are you sure about this?" Shiro asked to Ichichi with an uneasy expression.

"..." The headmaster only nodded as an answer.

"OH YEAH I WANT TO DO THIS!" Tora shouted full of energy he completed the inscription sheet, but then realise that Karin wasn't as excited as he was, she didn't fill up the paper.

"I-I can't..." Karin said with tears gathering in her eyes. "I-I can't..." she repeated several times before she lost control of her tears."..." Shiro picked up the inscription sheet away from Karin that began crying.

"No one will force you..." Ichichi said as he recieved the sheets from Shiro.

"Don't cry Karin..." Tora started but couldn't say more.

"...You don't know how I feel...I-I am scared to fight..." Karin said unable to speak up more.


"No one will force you and besides..." Tora started with a smirk facing off the sun through the window. "I will end the war so that know one will need to fight anymore!" Tora said with confidence, Karin's tears turned into a smile as she nodded.

"That is if you learn how to use your Ki..." Shiro said in a harsh manner as she was putting on her glasses.

"Huh?" Tora was unable to answer the question asked to him.

"Tomorrow will be the entrance ceremony at the school and you will be required to be in the dorms this afternoon." Ichichi said with his eyes fixed on the inscription sheets.

"Say what? This afternoon?"

"Indeed, since Shiro is a teacher there, she will take you along, right?" Ichichi had a mocking glare on Shiro.

"She is a teacher?" Both Tora and Karin reacted as they never saw that coming.

"Of course I am..." Shiro answered, crossing her arms and turning her attention on Ichichi. "Why should I take that brat there?" She asked coldly.

"Well, if you don't then..." Ichichi started "...I might need to inform Tanaka-sensei on that matter." He completed with an evil glare.

"...Tch..." Shiro reacted "We are leaving at 5' this afternoon, brat." She completed before leaving the room.

"I-I am glad for you..." Karin said, smiling and blushing. "I am sure that you will become the strongest Shinigami ever, Tora."

"I hope you can achieve so too, kid"

"I will."


The morning sun had turn into a setting one as the clock reached 5' PM, Tora had took every belongings he had and needed. Waiting for Shiro, Tora intended to leave the orphanage without getting involved with the other kids, he knew that if words about him joining the best Shinigami school was being said then he would be feared even worst then before.

"Oi, brat!" Shiro had arrived from the orphanage's front door. "You don't want to say something to the others?" She asked, holding up some cardboxes which seemed rather heavy for a person of her height.

"...No, it's fine..."

"Anyway then, Ara should be here by now..." Shiro ignored Tora's answer and gazed at the sky for a moment.



"Who is Ara?"

"There he is."

As Tora directed his eyes toward the sky he jumped back and started freaking out as a huge red dragon was approching them. "W-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?"

"This is Ara, my pet dragon." Shiro replied without any reactions

When the dragon Ara landed, his huge body made a huge noise was created from it, even after Shiro presented the dragon as her pet, Tora couldn't move, petrified he began sweating and swallowing his own saliva.

"All right, let's go inside." Shiro said with a smirk on her face.

"W-What do you mean inside?"

"...Ara as a hole on his back where we can make ourselves home during the trip."


"COME ON ALREADY!" Shiro grabbed Tora by his shirt and threw him up on Ara's back.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Tora shouted at Shiro still on the ground.

As Shiro was about to start climbing herself, a huge noise made her interrupted her movements and quickly she had turn around to face the orphanage. Tora was able to hear the noises and was worried that a Jakunaa Tamashii had once again attacked the orphanage he searched for a way down of the dragon but was unable to find a path down.

The orphanage door opened up and the dozen of children rushed out, raising a banner where "Good Luck Tora!" could be read, the orphans then started chanting the words they had written, Tora was stunned by the words he recieved and tears filled up his blue eyes as he realised that Karin and old man Ichichi were probably at the origins of the gathering.

"All right...TAKE FLY ARA!" Shiro ordered as soon as she had reached the dragon's back, as quickly Ara was ordered, it's giant red wings slowly started to swing causing windwhirls.

Tora stared at Karin, Ichichi and the orphans, never before he had felt so much warmth from a dozens of people, Tora waved his hands at them as Ara started to take height and he and Shiro no longer were able to see the orphanage.


"Are you having doubts on leaving this orphanage?" Shiro asked with tone that Tora wasn't really able to tell if she, herself was crying.

"...No, I must look toward my dream of becoming the strongest Shinigami ever." Tora claimed whipping off the tears in his eyes. "Thank You, headmaster." He then thought to himself.

"...good." Shiro simply replied with the same tone as before and whipped her face with her sleeve.


In a city where the sun was long set, a young boy was set flying and crashed onto the ground, the young boy was barely able to look at a boy with a gloomy vibe that sent him off.

"You are a joke...Ayumu." Said the boy with the gloomy vibe, his black eyes were partially covered by black bangs and his black mid-lenght hairs were flying in the wind that had started blowing.

"...Ngh...Ha...Hayato!" Replied back the young boy on the ground.


"..croa...croa..." The crows that had gathered were the only thing the wind did not covered...


Shinigami no Tora

'Episode 3: First day and Tests!?'

Attakai Soyokaze, a school where around 200 hundreds of potential Shinigami are attending in order to achieve their dream, after studying 4 years, they will attain the rank of Shinigami. Hidden by the surrounding forrest Attakai Soyokaze was a tall and modern looking school, the windows were brightly shining, the students voice were echoed in the alongside the beautiful bird chirps, the cherry blossom road leading to the school door, the scenary was worth be seen Tora could have thought if it wasn't for the dragon Aka, who, ended up in front of the school gate sound asleep.

"...Shiro-san shouldn't we have landed somewhere else?" Tora said with an uneasy feeling. "We are blocking the school gate..."

"Whatever, it is not as if it was a school day anyway." Shiro replied to the young boy's complaint. "Beside we barely arrived in time."

"Barely in time?" Tora was confused about what Shiro could have meant since they arrived at 4'30. "We still made it way before the time the old man said."

"If we were only a minute late we would have been killed by the school administration."


"Do you believe this place is hidden in a forrest just for show?" Shiro explained as she started to pat Aka's head. "Well, unless they can somehow confirm that you are either a teacher or a student that is."

"Then they would have been able to confirm you, right?"

"I don't usually stand out, people tend to forget about me quickly." The woman said with a proud smile

"..." Tora didn't bothet commentating what Shiro just said.

Tora was surprised to find a young boy standing behind them, his hands were in his pockets, his glare was piercing , his dark black mid-lenght hair were fitting with the gloomy vibe that came out of the boy.

"You are in my way." The boy said without any emotions to it. "Step aside."

"You see that's what I meant by we are in the way, Shiro-san." Tora told the woman with his finger pointing at the sleeping dragon.

"..." Shiro had climbed on the dragon's back. "LET'S GO ARA!" The dragon raised up in the air and flew away with the woman on his back.

"I said step aside." The young boy repeated, still without any emotions, he walked past Tora and bumped him while doing so.

"WAIT!" Tora shouted. "What is your name? Mine is Tora Raij?, let's get along!"

"..." The boy stopped walking but didn't bother turning to face Tora. "Hayato...Hayato Kazama."

"ALL RIGHT!" Tora had his hand out to shake the boy's hand...

"Get lost." The gloomy young boy answered back before walking  toward the school, the majority of student that were frozen due to Ara's presence had also started doing so too.


"Hey! Hum, Tora was it?" A young girl had approached the young boy, she was a beautiful, her short blonde hair and her gentle black eyes, although it wasn't her natural hair color, they were matching her cute face.

"Y-Yeah...." Tora was blushing, fazed by the young girl, he was unable to speak up more clearly.

"Don't pay much attention to Hayato, he speaks to anyone like this."


"Oh. Hum. My name is Mai. Mai Sakurako." The young female said as the afternoon setting sun was illuminating her.

"W-What a beautiful name, hahaha." Tora couldn't find anything to say, he wanted the conversation to keep up but he couldn't think clearly.

"Thank you! "


"Um. Can I ask you something, Tora?"


"..." She started to have an uneasy look on her face, she was fidgeting, holding her hands together.  "Do you have any Shinigami Ki inside you?" Mai was blushing for some unclear reason.

"...Apparently." Tora replied to the young girl. "Why do you ask?" He asked, wondering the reasons behind such a question.

"Um. Nothing, just wondered."

"Alright! I'll go have a look at the school and it's dorms." Tora couldn't hide his excitement.

"Oh! Yeah, would you like me to give you a tour of the school building?" Mai asked with a warm smile.


"OK!  To the gym we go!"

Shiro was standing in a shadow, not bothered by the variety of trees near her, she had been watching Tora and Mai has they both finally crossed the school gate.

"What do you think of him?" Shiro asked, she crossed her arms and gazed intensively at a person standing on her left. "Ichichi definitely was approving him, but you seem rather reluctant for a first view of that kid. right, Nano?"

The man standing to Shiro's side was rather well dressed, a black tuxedo completed with both red fedora and shoes. Nano was his name, coincidentally he had earings with the Sol key shape, his short haircut led to a huge scar that started from his chin to his chest. The man was tall and well build, although his face looked like a perfect samurai, he was still in his 20s or 30s.

"Never said so."

"I've known you for long enough, Nano."

"Hmpf! Say what you want but it's not up to me to decide anything here."

"...The principal approved him, it seems rather odd to accept a student with almost zero information on his power." Shiro replied as she gazed at the sky. "What did Ichichi say to make him get accepted so easily?"

"That's Ichichi alright." Nano had a smirk and looked at Shiro. "How can the old man makes a small flat board nurse the orphans?"

Shiro snapped and threw a punch but was easily dodged by Nano. "GET LOST!" She shouted to the man.

"Heh, still wishing for a bigger upper half? Anyway see ya around." Nano grabbed a pair of red aviator goggles that was hanging on a nearby tree and wore them as he walked away.


Tora and Mai were walking inside the school to the gym, the young woman was cheerfully giving a school tour to the young boy.

"...Oh! And although you might be new to this school, don't worry too much about it, few of those who went to the nearby prep. school were able to visit here."

"I-I see, by the way. Is there anyone who still can't syncronize with their power?" Tora asked, causing an awkward silence, the young boy started sweating and feeling uneasy.

"..." Mai looked at the young boy, she seemed quite surprised about the question. "W-well they say that those who can't syncronize with their KI must attend a consultation with Nano-sensei..."


"Yes, he is a sadistic scientist..."

"T-That's a relief." Tora felt his uneasiness feeling his inner self, probably due to the fact that he wasn't able to sync his KI and would be meeting that sadistic scientist Mai refered to.

"Well since everyone at Attakai Soyokazae should be able to syncronise their KIs, no one will have to meet that guy." The young girl said with a gentle smile that stabbed Tora throught his heart.


"School backyard?" Tora asked, confused he looked around a bit.

"I'll get you there! Follow me!" Mai replied as she grabbed the boy's hand and dragged him with her.


When they finally reached the backyard, Tora was amazed at the road made cutting throught a beautiful scenary filled with cherry blossom trees and their leafs on the ground, the road leads to a podium, near it thousands of students were either confused like Tora or speaking like Mai went to do. The teachers arrived on the podium, Shiro was with them, the boy somehow hoped that she would be his homeroom teacher.

An old man with an imposing beard well fitting with his bald head, he wore a traditional hakama and garb, he seemed somehow different from the teachers standing nearby him. "Welcome to Attakai Soyokaze!" He said in the microphone.

"..." All the students stopped chatting and looked in the old man's direction.

"I am the former captain of the Shinigami military squad and current principal of this school, Jinpachi Heiwahon├Á." He said as he got the needed attention. "...And from on, you children are students of Attakai Soyokaze, which means you will need to act as such from now on and in the future..."

"Damn, I shouldn't have joined this school..." One of the students whispered, bitting his lips afterward, his oranged slicked back hairstyle weren't equally made as spiky spots could be seen, his black eyes seemed as if he was bored. "At least there some nice females, both teachers and students, which make it worth the pain...Right, Katsuo?" He then completed as he grabbed onto his necklace made with a golden 'S' on it.

"Will you shut your mouth Daisuke?" Replied a young boy standing next to the bored student, he slowoly started scratching his spiky blonde hair while his golden eyes were gazing with annoyance toward his neighbor. He seemed to be one of those arrogant and self-centered type. "Don't you talk to me again or I'll kill you." He continued with an evil smile.

"..." One of the nearby students was staring with her green eyes at the duo and seemed to be amazed by the Katsuo boy. "It's Katsuo Nenshotori, his family is well-known, it's an honor being in the class of such a celebrity!" The young woman tried to imitate the young boy by scratching her green long hime cut hair. "I want hi~m!"

"...And now, the time as come for each and everyone of you to return to the dorms, tomorrow's ordeal will probably exhaust most of you." The principal had continued his speech, although most of the students had mostly lost interest, the old man didn't seem bothered by it.

"OI!" A voice shouted causing a silence through students and teachers alike.

"..." The old principal looked through the crowd, he simply directed his finger to a tall and musclar student. "Who gave you permission to speak up?" The old man said with an intimidating manner.

"..." The short haired boy didn't replied, instead he tightened up a red headband to his forehead and brush his bushy eyebrows with his thumbs and smiled. "My father gave me the right to speak up, whenever and wherever I wanted to." He then looked through the crowd of student to see if that was a badass statement he made, but the students seemed to be annoyed by the situation he created.

"What a insolent child." Principal Jinpachi kept amazingly calm. "I will allow you to ask your question..." The students were all surprise that such an act wouldn't be punish. "But the next time you dare to interrupt me, I will deal with you, PERSONALLY." The boy fazed but regain his composure.

"My question was, how are we supposed to know in which class we are?" The musclar boy asked with less confident then before.

"You will be informed tomorrow, you should all be aware that some of you are only temporarily accepted in this academy and this very week will be of importance to those person." Jinpachi had looked through the crowd with an imposing aura.

"..." None responded or questionned the principal, instead the silence kept by the students felt abnormal after such a statement made.

"Now, you are all to head for the dorms and prepare for tomorrow, various tests will be held." The old man added before walking away from the podium.

"W-WHAT!?" The students all shouted in confusion, the silence was broken as they all crowd was dissolving itself. Tora stood in place, thoughts running wild in his head, sweating caused by the stressful words said by the principal.

"DAMN!" The young boy thought. "THE OLD MAN NEVER TOLD ME THAT THERE WILL SOME KIND OF TEST-!" Tora was at least relieved that other students seemed troubled as much as he was.

"Let's do our best together. Tora-kun!" The boy was startled by the hand that smacked his back, but he was happy to find Mai again and he smiled confidentely.




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Re: Shinigami no Tora
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2017, 12:55:24 PM »
Finally got to post my project, Thanks to Lego who actually recommanded me to write it away and post it afterwards, anyway hopefully you guys will enjoy the story!

-From your fellow Grimmjagger

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Re: Shinigami no Tora
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2017, 06:35:32 AM »
I believe it would be more interesting than that.

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Re: Shinigami no Tora
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2017, 10:16:39 AM »
Chapter 3 is released and hopefully you guys will enjoy it!

I believe it would be more interesting than that.

Thank you for commenting, it is much appreciated!

I am sorry that the story or maybe my writing style isn't to your liking, hopefully I can make it to your liking.

Can I ask, what exactly isn't to your liking?

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Re: Shinigami no Tora
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2017, 07:27:48 PM »
Write in a way you flow easily, you can always re-edit or change your writing style once all I done. Good plot btw :thumbsup:, kinda reminds me of ushio to tora :D
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