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Author Topic: The God Killer Chronicles  (Read 611 times)

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The God Killer Chronicles
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:23:28 PM »
So this is my newest attempt at a story. Beginnings are always the roughest for me. So I think I will push on and the revise later. Also I feel it seems longer than it actually is because of the first person narrative.


The God Killer Chronicles

   Zane (Last name Unkown), age 14, height 5'10, weight 150lb, build athletic, hair dark brown.

   Zane dressed in a dark brown tunic was walking down the street of a large city called Magnus, the streets were paved with stone, the shops had large amounts of food, guards were spread thin.

   Zane (Narrative): This city was perfect for a punk like me, I moved in and out of crowds with little to no one noticing me. I would walk up to vendors and with my speed take a few items off the top of their stands without any one even batting an eye. Of course sometimes I would test myself, move slower and see if anyone noticed. Half the time I wondered if the world even knew I existed. Of course the other half I was mostly spotted by a guard or honest pedestrian and confronted. A day like today.
   Now I do not know exactly how I do what I do, and I have only ever heard of a few people talk about it, but what I did was magic, I called for a dark energy deep inside my being, my eyes would glow a subtle red, and then the person I was looking at would freeze up, almost as if turned to stone. It would last for about a minute or so. Sometimes if things got really bad I could even make people sleep, or toss them around no more difficult then tossing an apple core into a waste can.
   I lived my life pretty freely as I had no family or friends. Most people seemed to be unable to stand by me for to long without getting freaked out or pissing me off. I had no memory from beyond four years ago. But everything changed when I ran into this old man.
   A large man, 6'4, 220lbs, white hair (aged), equally white and long beard, and a very muscular build.

   This man was my worst nightmare, but he also saved my life so there is that. It all started later in the day after arriving in the city aforementioned called Magnus, after I had pilfered enough food for the day I was looking for a good place to call it a night when I got a peak of the old man now it was not the man himself that drew my attention but the sword tucked into his belt. Now I could not see the sword as it was sheathed, and had a cover over the handle but it gave off a strange aura. The aura seemed to reach out and around the old man, it had a “smell” to it, something familiar yet ancient well before my time. After a moment it seemed to stretch out towards me. I booked it not wanting to draw any attention. But I could not get the aura's smell out of my nose, so I tailed the old man, he visited a brothel, and then took up residence in a nice inn down the road.
   It was very late at night when I scaled the side of the inn climbing several stories up, I used a bit of my magic to open the latch on the window and let myself in. Years of burglary, and stealing kept me quiet as a mouse, that combined with my inhuman speed and most people did not even notice they were robbed until a day or so later.
   The wash room was dark, and empty, hardly used. I could sense the aura in the next room. I slid the door open to yet another completely dark room, of course part of my unknown physiology was that I could see in even pitch darkness, now not like the sight of a normal individual during the day but I could tell one object from the next, see distances, and even intricate details although not in color. Almost as if all my other senses compensated for my lack of vision and  granted me a new type of “sight”. The old man lay asleep, snoring softly, his prized sword lay against the wall next to his head, not even a full arms length away from the old man. Like a cat in the night I slowly, slower than I normally would have, crept towards the sword. Unlike during the day the aura seemed to just be contained to the sword, it did not reach out for me. I grew closer and closer, reached out my hand, and touched the clothed hilt.
   Taking a quick glance at the old man, who still lay at  my feet asleep, I moved the sword to me. I unwrapped the hilt it was a fine looking katana hilt, wrapped in a dark design. I gripped the hilt, then just as I started to pull the blade, the aura pulsing to match my increasing heart rate, I suddenly noticed the old man standing in front of me, his eyes glowing a slight hue of red, and he shouted
   “No you fool” I was a bit perplexed as it was very rare I did not notice something withing my field of vision, especially a hulking old man standing up from a laying position. The old man reached out for me, he was quick, but I used my increased speed stepping back several paces.
   Expecting to be several arms lengths away, even with the old mans insane reach, I started to pull the blade, again I had misjudged this elderly man he was upon me, moving quickly, hand reaching out to grip the blade. Before I could move it he grasped at the center of the sheath. My first instinct was to simply pull the blade from his grip, I never met another person who could match my strength, I always seemed stronger than a hundred men, did not like to use physical force as it usually ended in a bloody mess, but when I tugged the blade removed perfectly still. Now questions ran through my mind: who was this man? Was he like me?
   My next instinct was to go to my magic, I tried to use my sleep spell, my eyes glowed in the darkness accenting the old mans red eyes. I could feel the spell penetrating into his skin but for some reason the spell failed splashing back out of the pours of his skin. So I did the next best thing, I kicked him square in the gut. Only he was prepared for that too. Now I could tell he was not as fast as me, maybe it was are age difference but he still managed to block my strike taking little to no damage.
   Now it was my turn to feel something I had not ever felt in the four years I had my memory; pain. The old men struck me with his free hand right in the face. It hurt but I manged to keep my ground, I attempted a second kick but that was just a feint, I twisted through the air, breaking the old mans grip, and taking the blade with me.
   Now the space of the entire room separated us. I started to pull the blade, again the pulse of the aura matched my heart beat, and again the old man spoke out
   “It will kill you, kid” he was not angry, in fact his tone was calming. I had nothing to live for so I figured what the hell. I pulled the sword from the sheath, the aura of the sword, and the smell intensified a million times over. The aura enveloped me completely, my already enhanced senses went hay wire, I could smell, hear, and feel everything within nearly the entire city. Quickly a pain shot up my arm, as if fire, lightning, and ice were seeping in under my skin. I yelled out in pain, gained some composure, and asked the old man
   “What the hell is happening?” I noticed that the old man was shielding himself in an aura of his own, the paint was peeling from the walls, and all the items in the room were flying about. After what felt like an eternity but later turned out to be only a minute I managed to sheath the sword. I passed out instantly from shock and pain.
   I awoke to sunlight, and the smell of cooking soup. “Where am I? What happened?” Not expecting anyone to reply, the voice of the old man came from the other room
   “You nearly killed yourself, and possible everyone in this city is what you did”. He came around the corner with a plate of food, some sort of meat, and potato soup. He spoke to me again “Boy that there sword is known as God Killer, it can just about kill anything. Only thing is you have to be powerful enough to wield the damn thing, only know of about ten such beings in all the known worlds. Now how the hell some boy managed to pull it, untrained, and live is beyond me. But something tells me you're not just another boy now are you?” I contemplated my answer for a moment, then decided to tell him the absolute truth. I shrugged. I had no idea what I was or who I was. Even my name was made up by me, I picked it from some tough looking guy I saw in some city years back. “Well then for breakfast, I say you owe me a few answers. What's your name? Where you from? And who taught you how to use magic?” I continued to eat, then spoke up
   “Zane, my name is Zane, at least that is what I call myself, I don't know anything about my past, and I taught myself magic”.
   “Never heard of such a thing, and so powerful too. You could be a true prodigy with some discipline. How about you join me, and I will show you all the potential you have? You can become several times more powerful than you are.” I looked him up and down, eat more food then replied
   “Nah I am good, I was just curious about the aura around your sword was all” The old man looked defeated but accepted what I had told him.
   “Okay boy, my name is Koga, if you ever change your mind just come find me. And a warning to you, eventually someone like me will find you but will not be as nice and welcoming as I. There are forces out there you have yet to find.”
   We parted ways and I started to head west out of the city.
   “Screw this place and that old man thinking he is so powerful.” Although I could not get the thought of the sword out of my mind. Even at the west gate of the city I felt it's presence unlike before. I was just about to exit the city when all of a sudden I felt a the pressure of what I believed to be a person. Unlike anything I ever felt before, it was powerful I knew that much. I looked around and for the first time noticed the West gate was empty, no people around, no guard, not even rats. The pressure was overwhelming I could not tell the direction it came from, then several men jumped out from hiding. How did I miss them? Each looked like military, middle aged, short hair, wearing various colored breast plate, red, blue, green, lined with gold, and black cloaks. Two of them held spears, two of them held swords. The pressure came from none of them.
   Each was fast, not as fast as the old man, or myself for that matter. But still fast enough to make me have to move. I dodged easily enough, but they were right on top of me. Then as I made a dash for the gate, the ground collapsed below me, a man came up from the earth, this man looked like the others, but was much larger in stature.
   His hand lunged out at me, gripped me by the throat, and then he slammed me to the ground. I kicked him hard in the gut, he grimaced then I flipped him over my head breaking his hold. Thinking I had a momentary victory the two spearmen lunged at me, one hitting my left leg, the other right into my side, I screamed in pain for the second time in one day. These were not normal spears either, as they made contact with me surges of electricity pulsed from the spear heads. I manged to grip the spear heads, remove them from my body, then pick the men up and toss them away like rags. I checked my wounds, they were already healed up although the pain still lingered. I now moved as fast as I ever had before. Then I felt the pressure directly atop me. In the flash of an instant I saw a man in front of me, this was the pressure, he had the same military look about him, accept he was covered in scars and he had a look to him that showed something demonic behind his persona. He held no weapon though a katana was at his side. He jabbed, lightning fast, I barely dodged. Then he kicked I blocked, then he landed a blow in my torso followed by a knee to the face. Then he lifted me up by my ragged shirt, and proceeded to pummel me relentlessly.
   “What do you want from me?” I asked. He smiled, whistled, and then all five of his men came over and started probing me with there weapons. I started to fall unconscious but my own healing factor was keeping me awake through the pain. Then it all stopped. The man dropped me, I was confused until he spoke.
   “Koga this has nothing to do with you, leave.” It was the old man standing down the road. He had that red look in his eye.
   “No, let the kid go he is of no concern to you, I will be taking him from here on out.” Koga started to approach. I could tell the old man put some fear into this group, as they all slowly backed away. My wounds were nearly healed at this point I thought about running but fear was keeping me in place.
   “Koga you cannot protect him from all of us, we will have him.” Then they vanished as quickly as they had come. The old man was next to me now. I looked up at him and asked
   “Who where they? How were they so strong and what did they want from me?” The old man grinned and then answered
   “If you come with me, train, in dew time you shall have your answers”. He reached out a hand to help me up, I gripped it then replied
   “Okay”. Fear of more bastards like them kept me from saying no.

End Chapter 1

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Re: The God Killer Chronicles
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 07:00:47 PM »
A good read. When do you plan on releasing the next chapter?
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