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Author Topic: Power Trip  (Read 658 times)

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Power Trip
« on: April 06, 2017, 10:55:49 PM »
This is a reboot of a story I wrote in high school. I hope you guys like it, because I know I enjoyed every second of writing this. Will add more chapters as I write them.

The story takes place in a world where Enhanced people with superpowers began to appear after WWII. The story follows a pair of high school students, each with their own Enhancements, who accidentally uncover a supervillain plot and must team up with a mutant runaway to stop it.

Characters -

Ben Robinson
- Enhancement - Super Speed

Ashley Thompson
- Enhancement - Projection

- Enhancement - ???

Edit: Chapters 1 and 2 have been moved to the first reply to make room for the plot synopsis.
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Inspiration from the strangest places is often the most welcome.

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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2017, 03:02:45 PM »
Chapter 1
On a cold December morning, Ben Robinson stood at the entrance to Meta City High School with an exhausted look upon his face. Today marks the fifth time this month he’s been late for school, and the thirteenth time this year. He knew he was going to get crap for it, so before going inside, he mentally prepared himself for whatever scolding waited for him.

Stepping inside, the first thing Ben encountered was Ms. Walker, as expected. “Care to explain yourself” she asked with an extremely annoyed tone.

“I’m sorry,” Ben replied, “I must have slept through my alarm.”

“Excuses aren’t going to work after, what is it, five times?”

At this point, Ben was used to this. Ever since he found out he was Enhanced, he’s been letting himself slack off when it comes to getting to places on time. Who needs to wake up early when you can just run faster than sound through the streets

“I’m sorry, Ms. Walker. It won’t happen again.”

Ms. Walker sighed. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Get to class.”

The rest of the day was uneventful, or at least as much as it could be. Even so, Ben knew that today was the last second chance he was getting. If he was late again, he’d fail the school year and would have to either take summer school or repeat sophomore year.

“Something wrong, Ben” The voice of Colton West shook Ben from his worrying. Looking at the clock on the wall, the school day had ended, and everyone had already left to go home.
“Nothing I can’t handle,” Ben responded with a weak smile.

Colt didn’t look too convinced, but he didn’t pressure Ben any further. “So, any plans for the weekend” Colt asked as they left the school.

“Probably just gonna hop online and play Doomsday Legends.”

“You have that game too” Colt groaned, “That game came out a month ago, and I still can’t get my hands on a copy!”

Ben laughed a little. To be completely honest, he was never as big a fan of the Doomsday franchise as Colt was, but he just enjoyed the new angle that Legends brought to the series.

“So,” Colt pressed, “Who do you play as Ivan Bloodknight Caahl!”

“I mostly play as Noir.”

“Of course you’d play the speedster!”

“What’s that supposed to mean”

Colt jumped a little. “Well, eh, I was just referring to your…”

“My what” Ben asked, “My Enhancement”

There was an awkward pause before the two friends burst out laughing, easing the tension.

As they continued on their walk home, Ben and Colt continued to talk about their various niche interests. However, when they began to cross a street, Ben paused for half a second. In that second, a car began to speed through the crosswalk. Ben only had time to turn to look as the car came ever closer at speeds too fast to avoid. In that moment, just as the car was about to hit him, a bright flash of light filled his vision.

“Hey,” an almost disinterested voice inquired, “Are you alright”

Ben opened his eyes and looked around. He could have sworn that he was about to die right there, but there he was, alive. Of course, he was also hovering in the air above the street, covered head-to-toe in a shimmering red light. Looking down, Ben saw her, the girl who had just changed his life forever. “I- I’m fine,” Ben sputtered.

“That’s good,” the girl said as she lowered Ben onto the sidewalk in front of her.

“Ben, you idiot!” Colt shouted as he rushed to his friend’s side, “Why didn’t you run”

Colt was right, of course. Ben should have run, but in the moment, fear caused him to freeze.

“Thanks,” Ben said to his rescuer.

“That’s alright,” she said, almost timidly turning away. Then, the girl ran away and made her way into an alley out of Ben’s sight.

That was only the beginning of Ben’s relationship with his rescuer, who he later learned was Ashley Thompson, a girl who sat behind him in his Algebra class. Ever since that day, Ben had developed an enormous amount of admiration for her, as well as a sense of debt to her. However, he never could find the words to properly express his gratitude for her actions, nor could he ever find the proper moment to pay her back for her heroism. For two months, Ben struggled to find the proper way to finally speak with his rescuer, and for two months he has suffered the agony of Colt’s teasing.

“Why don’t you just ask her out already” he would always ask, to which Ben would always insist that it wasn’t like that. After all, his admiration was closer to hero worship than physical attraction. Though, Ben would always think privately to himself, it would be nice to have a girlfriend.

The real story, of course, didn’t really start until a Friday afternoon in February. Ben had just gotten home from school, climbing all eight flights of stairs to the floor his family’s apartment was on. As he stepped into his apartment, he could hear his father shouting at the television in the living room. “You idiots! How could you let them just get away.”

“Something happen, Dad” Ben asked as he put his bag away.

“Those morons at the E.N.T. division just lost two members of Prometheus!” Carl Robinson shouted from the other room, “I can’t believe my old team would let this happen.”

Walking into the living room, Ben got a good look at his father, who sat in his wheelchair in front of the TV with a diet soda in his hand. “Why don’t you head over there and give them a piece of your mind” Ben teased.

“I would,” Carl lamented, “but they always tell me, ‘Oh, Carl, you need to go home and rest! Leave it to us!’ Like I haven’t spent the past five years resting already!”

“Give it a rest, honey,” Ben’s mother, Erica Robinson, said as she walked in from the other room, “You know they’re doing their best out there without you.”

Ben smiled as he thought of the good old days before his father got in that accident five years ago. But as he recalled those days of his father’s heroism, a new thought entered his head. “The warehouse district. 436 PM.”

“What” Ben thought to himself, “Warehouse district”

“Something wrong, Ben” Erica asked, noticing her son’s confusion.

“Oh, no. I’m fine,” Ben reassured her. However, in the back of his head he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen, and it was going to happen soon.

Chapter 2
The next morning, Ben was still sound asleep by 1030, as per his family tradition of sleeping until noon on Saturdays. However, a loud thud on his bedroom window quickly shook him from his sleep. Ben’s first thought as the noise woke him was whether or not he should even bother with the noise. After all, people threw rocks at the fire-escape outside his window all the time, so this wasn’t especially unusual. But as he was thinking, a second thud at his window finally got him to get out of bed and investigate the noise. Lifting the blinds for the window, Ben was very surprised to see Ashley sitting on the fire escape outside.

“What are you doing here” Ben asked as he opened the window, careful to not wake his parents.

“I wanted to get your help with something,” was Ashley’s response.


“Yes. I found something in one of the abandoned warehouses by the river, but I need you to be there while I’m getting it. A lookout.”

“What is it you found”

Ashley looked at Ben with a bored, yet irritated gaze. “If you want to know,” she said, standing up, “then you’d better come along.”

Ben had second thoughts about going, but the then remembered that this was the perfect opportunity to pay Ashley back for saving him those two months ago. “”Fine,” he said, trying to hide his enthusiasm, “I’ll go.”

It took five minutes for Ben to get dressed and five more for the two of them to walk down the fire-escape to the street level. Then the two walked along the sidewalks of Meta City toward the warehouse district. The whole trip took about an hour on foot, landing them at the warehouse district at around 1145. Once there, Ben began to think that coming along was not his best idea.

The warehouse district was surrounded by high fences topped in razor wire. The gate inside, while open, was not inviting. “Come one,” Ashley said, tugging on Ben’s arm, “We’ve got to get moving.”

The inside of the fence was just as unsettling as the outside. The grey buildings around him looked as if no one had been around to clean them in years. Some of the warehouses had their doors knocked in and others had broken windows. It was clear that whoever owned these buildings didn’t care what happened them.

Arriving at a warehouse that appeared mostly intact, with the numbers 130B on the side, Ashley finally began to slow down. “We’re here,” she said.

There was a heavy chain and lock on the door, but that didn’t seem to bother Ashley. She held a hand over the lock and a red light began to cover the lock. After a second or two, the lock and chain fell to the ground. Ashley walked into the building, and Ben reluctantly followed.

Inside the building was a dark, dusty room lined with rows and rows of large metal crates. There was hardly any light, but Ashley insisted that they should continue further. Ben was incredibly nervous of his surroundings, especially when he hears a noise that sounded like footsteps on metal. He almost wrote it off as his own footprints, but he suddenly remembered that he and Ashley were walking on concrete. “There’s something else in here,” Ben whispered to Ashley, who didn’t seem to be bothered by the noise.

“I know.”

“What is it Rats”

“No,” Ashley answered, still not afraid, “It’s much bigger.” Ben hoped Ashley was joking, but she gave no indication as to whether or not she was.

Arriving at another door chained close, Ashley once more unlocked it with her mysterious power. Ben, wanting to distract himself from his fear, decided to inquire about it. “So, you have an Enhancement”

Ashley answered immediately, “Yes.”

“What is it”

“Professionals called it ‘Projection’. I can ‘project’ solid light into the world around me.”

“That sounds cool,” Ben mused, “Mine’s ‘Super-Speed’.”

For the first time ever, Ben heard Ashley laugh. “You, the one who’s always late for class, have ‘Super-Speed’”

“Yeah, I do,” Ben insisted.

“If you had Super-Speed,” Ashley said with a cruel smile, “then why didn’t you get out of the way of that car yourself on the day I saved you”

Ben knew she would never believe him, so he just dropped the conversation. However, Ashley continued to laugh over this until she suddenly got very quiet. “Is something wrong” Ben asked.

“Quiet,” Ashley whispered harshly. Both of them had stopped walking, but the sounds of tapping against metal continued. Soon, the tapping changed to scraping, as if something in one of the metal crates was trying to escape.

“There,” Ashley said, pointing at a crate in front of them, “That’s the one we open.”

The time was now 1205. Ben was afraid that something would be inside the crate when they opened it, and he was even more afraid that it would be the source of the extra footsteps echoing across the warehouse. Even so, he helped Ashley open the crate to reveal what was inside.

“What” Ashley shouted in confusion as she looked into the apparently empty crate, demonstrating her second real emotion of the day, “But it was in here yesterday!”

Ben looked around them, nervous that whatever was in the crate had gotten out. “Maybe this is a different crate.”
Ashley shook her head and pointed at the crate. “No. This is the right one.” Ben looked in the crate to see large, parallel scratches along the walls and a pool of dried blood on the floor of the crate.

Suddenly, a loud howl could be heard throughout the warehouse, the sound of some creature shrieking in pain. Ben took a step backward, but he looked at Ashley and saw that she was once again showing no fear. Figuring that he shouldn’t be afraid either, he looked around and tried to give an air of courage. However, he still didn’t see anything in the dark warehouse.

Another loud roar echoed through the building, but this time, it was much closer. Ben and Ashley turned to see a large, human-shaped creature standing on two legs atop one of the nearby crates. The creature roared once more before jumping to the ground, just a few yards in front of the two teens. “I think we ought to get going now,” Ben whispered to Ashley.

“No, this is what we came for,” Ashley said, stepping forward.

The creature turned to Ashley, who was walking slowly to it. Baring its teeth, the creature snarled and stepped backward. “It’s okay,” Ashley said, “I’m here to help you.”

There was a slight pause. The creature, for just a brief moment, seemed to understand that there was no reason to attack Ashley. However, that moment passed as the creature raised its clawed arm and swung at Ashley. Finally showing fear, Ashley screamed as she felt something grab her hand and everything became blurry.

Ben and Ashley were suddenly standing outside Ben’s apartment building. “What,” Ashley stammered, “What just happened”

“That thing was going to take your head off!” Ben gasped, “I had to do something, and this was all I could think of.”

“Wait, so you…” Ashley pulled out her phone to check the time. It was 1210.

Ben smiled as he continued gasping for breath. “I told you I had Super-Speed!”
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Inspiration from the strangest places is often the most welcome.

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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2017, 03:12:20 PM »
Chapter 3
The time was around 10:35, and Justin was only then waking up from his slumber. Rolling off of the couch, he began to look around the apartment for something to do. His first thought was to play Doomsday XII on Challenge Mode, but then he remembered that Rick had already took the save file, and he’d have to erase one of the other saves to play it.

It was boring being alone in the apartment, but this was how Justin spent most of his days. They didn’t let him wander outside much, and he definitely didn’t plan on starting to go to school. Even though he was only fourteen, Justin felt that he’d already learned everything he needed to know by now.

Craving nourishment, Justin went into the kitchen and began to dig around in the fridge. Finding a plastic bowl of leftover spaghetti meat sauce, Justin licked his lips and began to eat it straight out of the container. As he feasted, the voice of Ana Song rang through the apartment. “Good morning!” she sang with a disturbing amount of enthusiasm.

“Morning, Ana,” Justin said after shoving a spoonful of spaghetti sauce in his mouth.

“Justin, what are you doing?”


Ana sighed in disappointment, but she knew arguing with Justin over something like this was pointless. After all, it’s not like he’d actually stop stealing leftovers if she asked.

“So, do you have any plans for today?” she asked, hovering over Justin’s shoulder.

“Nothing in particular, why?”

Giving a wide smile, Ana said, “Well, it just so happens that I’ve been commissioned to make another sculpture, and since you’re not busy-”

“Oh, I just remembered,” Justin said as he gulped the last of the leftover sauce, “I’ve got that thing I’ve got to be at.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Ana insisted.

Justin rolled his eyes. “The last time I helped you with a sculpture, I ended up getting your stupid silver in my hair, and it wouldn’t come out for a week!”

Ana smiled in embarrassment. Her Enhancement, Silver Touch, let her body excrete a silvery fluid that she could manipulate and even harden to make her sculptures. Unfortunately, the silver has a tendency to get everywhere.

Leaving the apartment, Justin knew he had to find something to do to fill his day. But what, he thought to himself, would be exciting enough?

As soon as he stepped into the streets of Meta City, that question was answered. A familiar scent filled his nose, and Justin almost had half a mind to go back inside. “It can’t be,” he thought, almost out loud, “Not here.” To Justin, this smell meant certain doom, and he knew that he couldn’t risk getting caught. However, his curiosity got the better of him, leading him to go off in search of the source of the scent.

By 11:00, Justin’s trek led him to the nearby warehouse district, a place Justin already had an instinctual mistrust of. Refusing to allow this quest to go unfinished, he ventured into the complex of buildings and tried to figure out which of them the sinister smell came from. Eventually, he found it: a warehouse locked tightly with a chain.

“Huh, chains,” Justin said out loud, “Always a good sign.”

Justin felt that just going through the door would be too easy, and thus he decided to climb in through a broken window. Inside, the musky smell almost overwhelmed Justin, bringing about feelings he had long since repressed.

“Who’s in here?” he demanded. His voice echoed through the warehouse, but his shout was left unanswered. “Fine,” he muttered, “We’ll do it your way.”

Walking atop the metal crates lining the warehouse, Justin surveyed the dark room with caution. “I know you’re here,” he said with a smile. Justin knew he was enjoying this. The thrill of the hunt. The question here was whether or not he was the hunter.

A buzz in his pocket distracted Justin from his game. Pulling out his phone, Justin saw that he received a text from Rick, one of the other two roommates he had. Not bothering to even read it, Justin put away his phone and began to look around once again. A subtle noise came from deeper within the building. “Ah, there you are,” Justin said with a smile.

After climbing over a chain-link fence with a locked gate – an indoor fence, imagine that? – Justin came across a large metal crate, and a feeling that he didn’t understand washed over him. On one hand, he wanted to run away and forget this place existed. On the other, he’d already been here. His scent would be trackable. He might as well finish this.

Approaching the crate, Justin shouted, “Hey, I’m right here!” Nothing happened, but Justin knew whatever was there heard him. A rustling came from within the crate.

“Oh, so you’re in there, huh?” he thought, noticeably more cautious.

The crate was, like the fence gate and the entrance, locked with a thick chain. Justin extended his hand and gulped. His right arm erupted in pain as it shifted from the arm of a normal teenage boy to an arm tipped with a set of razor claws. Enduring the pain of the transformation would make him stronger, he was always told.

With a single swipe, the chain was cut, and the door began to open. Inside was something that would have terrified anyone besides Justin. A large, hulking beast with matted hair and piercing eyes. Its mouth was full of sharp teeth, and its claws were just like Justin’s. Spines like a porcupine lined its back, and its tail flicked with irritation.

“So, I assume you know who I am?” Justin said as he leaned on the opening door. The creature only looked at Justin in disinterest.

“Not a talker, huh? I can respect that.”

The beast took a step toward Justin. Laughing, Justin waved his transformed hand. “I wouldn’t do anything stupid. After all, we’re two of a kind.”

A roar escaped the jaws of the creature. “Fine,” Justin said, feeling a sharp pain as his left arm transformed like the right, “We’ll do it your way.”

Justin stood bravely before a monster twice his size, waiting for it to make the first move. The monster, too, seemed to be waiting. Suddenly in a burst of speed uncharacteristic to its size, the beast rushed toward Justin, knocking him out of the crate.

Standing to his feet, clothes torn where the monster’s claws him. “Oof, that definitely hurt.”

The beast stood on two legs before Justin. Snarling, the monster rushed toward him once more, but this time, Justin jumped onto the beast’s back and grabbed the monster’s back with his clawed fingers as best as he could. “You know what really sucks about this?” Justin asked the monster, referring to his transformed arms, “It’s not the pain. It’s the lack of thumbs.”
Howling in pain, the beast rammed its back into a nearby crate, trying to knock Justin off. However, Justin kept his grip, despite the spines jamming into his body and his general lack of thumbs. The creature, still wanting Justin to release it, ran back into the crate it had left and slammed its body against each of the walls around it. Eventually, Justin fell in a pained daze.

The creature, not satisfied with simply being free of its pain, began to slam its claws into Justin’s body, pounding the teen into the metal ground. Tiring itself out, the beast left the cage and wandered elsewhere in the warehouse to rest from the battle it had just won, leaving Justin unconscious on the ground.

Let me know what you think so far.
Inspiration from the strangest places is often the most welcome.

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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2017, 11:21:19 PM »
Chapter 4

“We need to go back.”

“What? Are you crazy?” Ben wanted to shout, but he was still recovering from running three miles in two seconds, so he simply didn’t have the energy to respond how he wanted. Instead, he half-whispered it instead, so it didn’t really have the effect he was looking for.

Ashley looked back in the direction of the warehouse district. “Manny wasn’t like that when I saw him last. We need to help him.”

“Manny?” Ben, “You mean that thing that attacked us?”

“Well, he wasn’t like that before,” Ashley insisted.

There was a brief moment where Ben thought about the situation. He knew that there was a monster, apparently named “Manny”, in the warehouse district, and he also knew that he and Ashley probably shouldn’t run into it again. But he also knew that Ashley would go back, with or without him, so he relented.

“Fine,” he said, “Let’s go back.”

This time, the trip to the warehouse district took just as long as the first, but Ben felt the hour-long walk drag by as he dreaded seeing that creature again. However, when they arrived at around 1:30, the gate into the warehouse district was locked shut, from the inside of all places. Ashley was kind enough to lift Ben over the gate with her, but the question of who locked the gate was ringing in Ben’s mind. After all, it wasn’t locked before.

“Hey, scrubs!” rang a voice from behind the pair. Ben turned to face the newcomer to see a shorter boy in a spinning a golf club behind his head. “Here to join the fight?” the boy smiled.

“We’re just here to get something,” Ashley said with a level head, “We have no interest in any fight.”

The boy smiled and began to lean on his club. “Bummer, I was hoping for a little backup for my rematch against that stupid thing in 130B!”

“You fought him?” Ashley asked, her eyes almost glowing.

“Yeah, that thing really beat me up badly, too. I even had to get a new shirt!” the kid lamented with an air of sarcasm, “But I’m sure I can get Round 2!”

Ashley stood in front of the kid, a red energy swirling around her. “I won’t let you attack him,” she declared.

“Listen, that thing tore up my shirt,” the boy said, swinging his golf club in front of him. “I’m not going to just let it get away with that.”

Ben could feel the tension between the two in front of him, and he certainly didn’t want them to suddenly break into a fight. He quickly stood between them and shouted, “Hold on, let’s just talk this out for a moment.”

“I really don’t have time for that,” the kid said, “I’m really on a tight schedule right now.”

The tension seemed to get higher, but a sudden explosion erupted from behind them suddenly ended all hostility as the three teens turned to face the blast.

From a cloud of black smoke came three cloaked strangers. On the left was a tall and lean man with a scar across his face. On the right was a younger woman, probably still a teen, with a white streak in her black hair. Standing in front was a man with a leather jacket with a missing sleeve. His hair was a dark red, but the tips seemed to have burned black.

“Would you kids happen to know someone named Justin?” the man in front asked with burning eyes. He looked over Ben and Ashley, but somehow, the third kid had already left.

“Was that kid Justin?” Ben thought as the man with the burnt hair stepped closer.

The taller man crossed his arms, and in a surprisingly smooth voice, he said, “These kids don’t know anything. Let’s just leave.”

“No!” the first man said, “We can’t go back empty-handed.”

“We know he was here,” the girl said, “If we can pick his trail back up, we can find him.”

The man with the burnt hair sighed and began to turn away, but a voice rang out from behind him. “Hey, looking for someone?”

“You!” the man said, turning to face the kid named Justin.

“Me!” Justin shouted with a wide smile.

The tall man with the scar rushed at Justin, his arm suddenly bulging with muscle. Justin, however, deftly dodged the attack and hit the man in the back with the golf club. The girl pulled out a pair of pistols and shouted, “Don’t move, or I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” Justin asked, “You’ll shoot? I’d like to see you-”


The girl’s left pistol went off, smoke pouring out of the barrel. Justin stood with a look of shock on his face. The bullet barely missed hitting his head, but he still was mortified. “You shot at me!” he shouted indignantly, “You can’t just shoot at me while I’m talking!”

The girl raised her second pistol and said, “I’ll shoot again, if you’d like.”

In the blink of an eye, Ben did the stupidest thing he had ever done. He ran up to the girl with the gun and snatched her weapon from her hands. He then grabbed Justin and Ashley and practically carried them over a hundred yards away, behind a dumpster.

“What the heck?” Justin said, sounding disappointed that he was no longer in danger.

“That was close,” Ben said, sitting himself on the ground, “You almost got shot just there.”

Justin laughed, “Oh, come on. They won’t really shoot me. They need me.”

“What for?” Ashley asked.

Shrugging, Justin replied, “I dunno, but it can’t be good, whatever it is.”

“Alright, then who were they?” Ben asked, wanting to know the names of his attackers.

“The tall guy’s called Strongarm. You can probably guess why. The other guy’s called Inferno. He can make fire. The girl’s new. She smells weird though.”

There was a silence as Ben tried to determine his next course of action. He could try to get out without being seen. After all, Strongarm said that Inferno should leave them alone. However, after what he did, it’s not likely they’d be as merciful as originally planned. Before Ben could make up his mind, Ashley said, “How can we help?”

Justin smiled. “I can handle Strongarm and maybe the girl. One of you will need to distract Inferno, though.”

Ben responded hesitantly, “What do you mean?”

“What do you think?” Justin said, “We’re bringing the fight to them!”
Inspiration from the strangest places is often the most welcome.

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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #4 on: April 18, 2017, 11:58:00 PM »
Chapter 5

Inferno stood at the gate into the warehouse district, waiting for the three teens who escaped earlier to show themselves again. He wouldn’t move until he had caught Subject 009, currently known as Justin, and returned him to Inferno’s superiors. Wendigo was very helpful in tracking down Subject 008, but he had never thought she would find the Chimera. “Do you think he went out another way?” Strongarm asked, standing a short distance from Inferno.

“I doubt it,” Inferno said with a scowl, “There’s razor wire all along the fence. If he tried, we’d see the vibration as he got stuck.”

“One of those other kids has some kind of Enhancement,” Strongarm said, “It could be likely that it could be used to get over the wire.”

Inferno’s frown got wider. “If they get out, Wendigo can track them down again.”

“Them?” Strongarm said, “We’re only after-”

“We can’t allow witnesses. That’s an order from higher-ups.”

“Well, if they said not witnesses, then I guess-”

Strongarm was interrupted by Wendigo jumping down from a nearby rooftop. “I’ve finished scouting the area. There’s no sign of the target, but the other two are by the riverside.”

For the first time today, Inferno smiled. “Good, then let’s move in.”

Ben was incredibly unsure of this plan. Mostly because he was being used as bait, but he didn’t really have much of a choice if he wanted to get out. He was too exhausted to try to make a break for it by himself, and he definitely wasn’t leaving Ashley behind, who seemed to be taking being bait much better than he was. “So now what?” Ben whispered.

“We wait one of those three shows up and distract them,” was her monotone response. She was much more expressive before Justin appeared. Ben liked that. “Wonder why she’s like that,” he thought as he stood on the river’s edge.

A sudden fireball flying past his head almost made Ben fall into the river. Turning, he saw Inferno and Strongarm walk around the corner. Inferno definitely lived up to his name. His arms were burning a bright yellow and his jacket produced a smoke that filled the air. “That was a warning shot. I won’t miss again.”

A red ball of energy hit Inferno square in the chest, knocking him backward, but he still stood. Ashley stood nonchalantly in front of Ben with her arm held out. “I was wondering which of you had an Enhancement,” Inferno said with a grunt, “Wonder what the chances are that you both have one…”

Strongarm swung a grossly enlarged arm at Ashley, but she created a rectangular shield in front of her and Ben. “Now what?” Ben asked as the wall she made began to crack under repeated punches.

Ashley struggled to maintain the barrier between them and Strongarm. “We have to stall for Justin.”
“But what if he doesn’t come back?”

After another punch, Strongarm broke through the shield and stood over Ashley and Ben. “Surrender quietly, and we will not harm you,” he said as he towered over the two teens.

A rock was thrown at the back of Strongarm’s head, breaking instantly. Strongarm turned to face his assailant. Standing on a nearby rooftop was Justin, wearing a golf bag on his back with three golf clubs held inside. “Huh, would you believe that I was actually aiming for the river?” he laughed from his perch, “Go figure.”

Inferno extended an arm to Justin and fired a blast of flames toward him, but Justin quickly jumped out of the way. Landing between Inferno and Strongarm, Justin drew a 9-iron from his golf bag and began to lean on the club, asking “So, which one of you wants to fight first?”

At that moment, a katana blade burst though Justin’s chest. Standing in shock, Justin turned to see Wendigo standing behind him. “Really?” he groaned, “A katana? It’s not even a stabbing weapon!”

“What the hell?” Inferno hissed at Wendigo, “We want to capture him, not kill him!”

“I’m not dead!” Justin shouted, but no one was really paying attention. Ben and Ashley were quickly making their escape while Inferno and Strongarm yelled at Wendigo for almost killing Justin.

“Don’t yell at me, they’re getting away!” Wendigo said indignantly.

“Crap,” Ben whispered. He and Ashley ran into a nearby warehouse as Strongarm began to chase after them.

As this happened, Justin began to lean against a wall to try to push the katana out of his chest. However, Inferno pushed his hand on the hilt of the sword, preventing it from budging. “That looks pretty uncomfortable,” the villain said with a half-smile.

“You have no idea,” Justin said, “I’m pretty sure I’m bleeding internally, and this really itches!”

“Well,” Inferno said, “I’m sure the doctors at Prometheus can fix you right up.”

Justin laughed nervously. He was pretty stuck at the moment, but he had a plan. It would be unpleasant, sure, but it would work.

Taking a deep breath, Justin dropped his golf club and grabbed the sword with both of his hands. He then bit down as hard as he could on the katana, shattering it into pieces. Now given a little extra room to move, Justin turned to his opponent and swung a clawed hand at Inferno’s face. Unfortunately, Inferno caught hold of Justin’s wrist before it could hit its mark.

“You’re out of options. Just give up.”

Justin smiled. “You saw what I could do to a metal blade. You think holding my wrist will stop me?”

Inferno’s eyes widened. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“I have, and I will!”

With that, Justin bit hard on his upper arm, severing the whole thing from his body. Afterward, everything went black. Inferno stood over Justin’s unconscious body. “What kind of stupid plan was that?” he thought as he bent over to inspect the body.

A sudden twitch escaped Inferno’s notice as he attempted to pick the body up. But as he touched Justin’s body, a clawed hand darted forward and gripped his throat. “What the hell?” he choked, looking at Justin’s twisted face. He no longer looked human, more resembling some angered animal. “Wendigo!” he shouted as he struggled to get out of the monster’s grasp.

Wendigo had only just noticed Inferno’s plight, as she was watching what was going on in the warehouse. She aimed her pistol at Justin’s head and fired what would normally be a lethal shot. However, with inhuman reflexes, Justin released Inferno and moved out of the way of the bullet.

Now focused on the smaller Wendigo, Justin let out a deep roar. “Take him down, Wendigo!” Inferno demanded, “Use lethal force if necessary.”

Smiling, the girl answered, “With pleasure.”
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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #5 on: April 21, 2017, 12:02:49 AM »
Chapter 6

Rushing into a nearby warehouse, Ben and Ashley began to look for a place to hide. However, Strongarm followed behind, his heavy steps echoing throughout the empty building. “There’s nowhere left to run,” the giant said, watching as the two teens duck behind a metal create, “Just come quietly.”

Ben and Ashley were cornered. There were no crates in this building, and Strongarm blocked the only exit. Ben, still too tired to try to make a run for it, quickly came up with a plan. “Ashley?” he asked.

“Yeah?” she responded, not taking her eyes off of Strongarm.

“What time is it?”

“Really?” she asked, “What does that matter now?”

“Just tell me!”

Ashley pulled out her phone. “It’s 2:20.”

“Then I’m gonna stall for ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes?” Ashley began to ask, but Ben wasn’t listening. He was instead running at Strongarm as fast as he could manage. Attempting to deliver a punch to the giant’s gut, Ben slammed his fist into a wall of muscle that might as well have been a concrete wall.

“I don’t have time for this,” Strongarm muttered as Ben jumped backward, holding his aching hand in pain. Ready to end this encounter, Strongarm reached out to grab Ben, but Ben quickly moved out of the way, this time punching the mammoth man’s face, only to meet the same result.

“It’s no use, kid,” Strongarm said, watching Ben hold his hands in pain, “My Enhancement, Adjustment, lets me
alter my bone and muscle density. My bones are harder than steel right now. It would be unwise to try a third time.

“So that’s his thing, huh?” Ben thought, moving again to punch Strongarm in the face with his right hand.

“Like I said,” Strongarm growled, preparing for the impact, “It’s no use!”

Suddenly altering his speed and trajectory, Ben began to swing his left fist toward Strongarm’s stomach with all of his remaining energy. The impact was swift and powerful, sending Strongarm flying out of the warehouse before the giant had a chance to react.

Ben’s hand ached as he watched Strongarm stand back up. “That was unexpected,” he said, “But it won’t work twice.”

There was some truth to what Strongarm said. Ben definitely could not pull off what he had just done again, but not because he lost the element of surprise. No, the real reason was he was just too tired. It was almost too much to stand, but he couldn’t let it show.

“Oh, yeah,” Ben bluffed, “I can do this all day.”

“Really?” the giant said with a frown, “Then I’ll have to step up my game.”

Strongarm’s arms shriveled, but his legs grew in length and bulk. Lowering his head, the enormous man began to charge head-first at Ben as fast as a small car. Thankfully, the giant’s head slammed right into another red wall created by Ashley, who stood over Ben’s now collapsed body. She looked at her phone. 2:23. "So much for ten minutes,” she said with a sigh.

Wendigo smiled as she watched the altercation. It all happened so fast, but she knew Ben had no energy left to act. As soon as he fell to the ground, she readied herself to apprehend the boy as well as his red-headed companion who currently stood beside him. However, Inferno’s calls for help shifted her attention. Jumping down from her rooftop perch, she saw Subject 009 had Inferno’s throat in his grasp. She fired one of her guns, but the beast evaded the attack.

Subject 009 let out a deafening roar, but Wendigo stood her ground. “Take him down, Wendigo!” Inferno demanded, recovering from being choked, “Use lethal force if necessary.”

Wendigo smiled and said, “With pleasure.”

Taking out both oh her pistols, she began to unload her magazines into Subject 009, who never moved from where he stood. The beast growled with irritation as the bullet wounds rapidly healed. “Hmm,” Wendigo thought after both pistols ran out of ammo, “Maybe that wasn’t the best first approach.”

Subject 009 rushed toward Wendigo, but she was ready. Thinking quickly, she threw a smoke grenade at her feet and disappeared in the cloud that appeared. The monster paused for a moment and smelled the air around it. Suddenly, another hail of bullets came from behind him. Snarling in anger, Subject 009 turned to face his assailant, who was now holding both of her pistols in his face.

“If you can still hear me,” Wendigo said with a smirk, “then you’d better change back before I blow your head off!”

There was a brief moment where it seemed like Subject 009 understood what she was saying. He took a step backward and lowered his arms. However, instead of transforming back into a more human form, he turned around and jumped away, from rooftop to rooftop. Wendigo was about to pursue, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“Not now,” Inferno said in a tired, defeated voice, “We’ll retreat for now. Grab Strongarm. I’m sure he needs medical attention.”

Wendigo wanted to protest. She was sure she could catch up and stop Subject 009’s escape, but she instead complied with her orders. Finding Strongarm’s unconscious body, Wendigo picked him up and carried him out of the warehouse district, still itching to finish her fight.

“I can’t believe we did that!” Ben exclaimed as soon as he and Ashley were a safe distance from the warehouse district, “Did you see that, Ashley?”

Rolling her eyes, Ashley responded, “Yes, I saw you nearly break your hand trying to punch a human wall.”

“Come on, it was cool. Like a real superhero or something.”

Ben was ecstatic. He had really beaten a real supervillain, albeit with Ashley’s help. But now what?

“Well,” Ashley said, beginning to walk away, “I’m going home. I’m sure in all that racket, Manny had to have gotten out.”

“Yeah,” Ben said, remembering the whole reason he had left his home, “I guess we did leave the gate open. If he wanted to leave, he’d probably be gone by now.”

Ashley wasn’t listening, though. She was already walking away. Ben wanted to stop her, but he couldn’t find the strength to stand up. Resigned to his immobility, Ben pulled out his phone. “Guess I ought to call for a ride home…”


At precisely 2:30 pm, a bright light appeared in the warehouse Ben and Ashley faced Strongarm. From that light appeared a girl with golden hair wearing a dusty jacket over a flannel shirt. "Hello?" she asked into the empty building, "Ben?"

Sighing, the girl pulled out a pocketwatch and double-checked the time. "I'm not late," she thought, "And I'm not early."

Looking around one last time, the girl shrugged and began to glow with a golden light. "Oh, well," she said to herself, "I guess there's always next time. After all, I've got all the time in the world."
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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #6 on: April 28, 2017, 01:18:20 AM »
I read chapters 1 and 2 and they are good. Your writing is easy to read. Short paragraphs and precise sentences. I like it buddy!

When Ben was about to get hit by a car I thought "he has super speed, why didn't he just got out of the way?" I loved that part. Despite having super powers, your hero is still a regular human.  And the irony of the super fast guy always being late is also great.

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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #7 on: April 28, 2017, 09:53:07 AM »
Thanks, glad you liked it. And yes, that was Manticore.
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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #8 on: May 01, 2017, 05:47:37 PM »
I had a read through the first chapter and this is what I thought;
-I'm not normally picky on spelling errors, but this;
"Today marks the fifth time this month he’s been late for school, and the thirteenth time this month."
Did you mean thirteenth time this year?

-I think your writing skills are quite solid. I would like a bit more description on character appearances however, unless you're presenting other visual mediums.

-As for storytelling, the setup felt a bit rushed. I'm saying that in a sense in which I wouldn't mind a more descriptive environment, relationship between characters and tension. Describing the scenery through the Five Senses will help immensely in engaging the reader. Having a slower or more detailed development of Ben's attraction to Ashley would give more insight into his character as well as hers. Additionally it would feel more organic.

-Couldn't get much of an idea on Colt's character. I'll have to read chapter 2 for that I think.

I hope that's good feedback. Otherwise I'll look forward to reading chapter 2 when I have time.

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Re: Power Trip
« Reply #9 on: May 01, 2017, 08:44:15 PM »
I had a read through the first chapter and this is what I thought;
-I'm not normally picky on spelling errors, but this;
"Today marks the fifth time this month he’s been late for school, and the thirteenth time this month."
Did you mean thirteenth time this year?

Yes, that was my mistake. Thanks for catching that.
Inspiration from the strangest places is often the most welcome.