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Author Topic: Adrian's Bane (contains swearing) Pages Coming soon, real soon  (Read 362 times)

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honestly if im not allowed to post my manga without pages, sorry but this will help me make pages, knowing people are waiting

THIS IS IT, IF I MAKE THE TOPIC I'LL DO IT, i may not have some finished pages yet but i'll do it, sure i was working on my other series, Royal. but i need to do my test run first, which is Adrian's Bane

a Shot Story Synopsis: Adrian Sanders, the most hated kid in school, was always picked on for doing disturbing things that He actually have never done, one day he is told he needs to stop a great evil from coming to the living world, The Zombie Apocalypse.

The story came after playing an EarthBound Rom Hack called "Hallow's End" back in 2014, where 3 kids need to stop the monsters from taking over the world before halloween ends, it was mostly the traveling to the real world and the monster world that sparked the idea,

the Story actually started as a Rom hack and eventually an RPG Maker Project, was originally supposed to connect to Royal with cameos and some of the cast joining the party but eventually became its own thing and dropped Royal's cast all together.

around a few months before joining Manga Raider, i decided to un-shelf Adrian and make it a test Manga since Royal was supposed to be my big manga, it eventually became my second biggest priority after working on it for a bit, eventually creating more Manga for a test run (the Short 1 volume planned Walking Disaster and the one-shot Hunter S. Thomson inspired "Gonzo" named after the genre of Journalism he created)

the beginning of Adrian was changed repeatedly with fully finished first pages, it is being changed again due to my style and change of pen settings

finished first page 1, originally had prologue

Second first page, Cameo Jr and Oliver Royal in panel 3, was trying to parody Earthbound's "Onett, A Small town in Eagleland" text box