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Author Topic: Mars Malice (Experimental Workshop)  (Read 1431 times)

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Mars Malice (Experimental Workshop)
« on: February 25, 2017, 12:25:20 PM »

Excuses is what we have to be civilized. For what being dares admit that they are driven by their loins and chemicals in their brains, pumping and filling them with a hunger, the hunger to eat, to mate, to kill.

So we wear suits and ties and write letters and take walks on the beach. We have laws and justice and the gods go to sleep with pacified eyes, knowing that we will blunder and bungle but have a general desire to be better, to control ourselves.

But sometimes it only takes microwinks for everything to go to hell.

The last time this island was visited, it was to drop another couple hundred thousand beings. We welcomed them with open arms, and guns and swords in their guts.

The ones who survived helped us build more of this world.

Deevolution, they call it on the last satellite transmission that happened to come our way.

The Dark Lands, they name this metropolis of steel that sleeps in the cold bossom of an arid desert, a steel katana ready to cut anything that treats it with disrespect.

And here, respect is earned by what you can do: Sure, we wear suits when we like. We've got running lights, and bars and cars and implants that make you feel like Dali on acid.

But if you can't do some good old fighting then you're dust, my friend.

My name is Kali Ma

Welcome to Mars.

This is a workshop for myself more than anything, and an experiment. I will absolutely butcher the drawings as is custom, and I will experiment as much as possible, because I've got some clogged pipes in my flow and I need to let loose with drawing what comes to mind to increase my mileage.

The Story

- Mars is a city in the abandoned Dark Lands, a boiling pot of the worst of the worst, and the best of the best. It's all extremes here, but somehow, the city still manages to stay standing. And not everyone is interested in the downward spiral. Kali Ma, maybe, but she's a lost cause, hundreds of years old, and madder than Dionysus.

How this works

- If you've read this far, I assume you're a bit interested. Basically, I'll take a character request according to some guidelines, and you'll either fight an NPC or another person who has put forward a request, using a simple rock-paper-scissors fighting system I made for an earlier game story.

- Instead of simply writing out the battle however, I'll be drawing it.  But you absolutely have to know what you're getting so here's samples of my work.



- If you're still interested, and you want to help me out, then please send in your characters. If this turns out successful I'm definitely getting the main MR Battle Ground active, because that's an idea that never stops being fun.

I'll post the rules and stuff after this one.

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Re: Mars Malice (Experimental Workshop)
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2017, 12:43:58 PM »
I'm definitely just copy-pasting what I already made. Hey, if it works...


1- What is your name? (Short and sleek, please. You can use your avatar name.)

2.1 - How does your character fight?
2.2 - What does your character look like?

3- Occupation? (Hitman, Pizza Delivery, and everything in between)

4 - What are your goals? (Survive, Change the city, get married?)

5 - Choose a letter (A,B)

6- Speed - Power Balance? (e.g 50 Speed 50 Power or 99 Speed 1 Power)


1 Mali Ka
2 Sword with Sickle-chain at hilt
2.2  A woman with short black spiky hair. She wears a black biker vest and biker pants.
3 Queen of Mars
4 Chaos
5 A
6 60 Speed 40 Power

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Re: Mars Malice (Experimental Workshop)
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2017, 12:54:40 PM »

This will work like a complicated version of Rock-Paper-Scissors.  The best of 9 moves  wins.

The descriptions of the attacks is in terms of how characters face off eachother in a 2d fighting game, and because I'll be drawing the fight scenes they won't directly translate. But hopefully they will make sense.

Your character will by default have

HEALTH: 100/100
STAMINA: 100/100

(With the power and speed already being given in the Info)

Now: Combat!!!

After reading these options, choose your combination of attacks/defenses within the 13 moves!

ATTACKS and what they beat

A is High Attack  beats Low, Upwards & Power Attack )
* 7 Stamina, 8 damage

B is Middle Attack  (beats High, Low, Upwards & Downwards Attack )
* 6 Stamina, 6 damage

C is Low Attack (beats Middle, Downwards, Power & Lunge Attack )
*  6 Stamina, 7 damage

D is Downwards Attack (beats High & Power Attack )
* 5 Stamina, 9 damage

E is Upwards Attack (beats Low & Power)
* 8 Stamina, 8 damage

F is Speed Attack (beats ALL ATTACKS but Special, Dirty Attack . Beats Dodge )[Only works if your
fast and have more stamina])
* 4 Stamina, 6 damage

G is Power Attack (beats Middle Slash, Counter,[Very heavy on Stamina])
* 25 Stamina, 26 damage

H is Lunge Attack (beats High & Middle Attack )
* 7 Stamina, 15 damage

I is Special Move (Beats ALL Defense but Absolut Defense, Beats ALL Attacks but Speed Slash [Cannot be used consecutively. Will be revealed to opponent if used a third time])
* 12 Stamina, 20 damage


DEFENSES (Which attacks they beat)

J is Counter (two use only. Beats All Attacks but Power Slash & Special Move)
* (Half stamina used by enemy's attack). 5 damage*

K is Dodge (two uses only. Beats All Attacks  but Speed Slash)
* 5 Stamina

L is Dirty/desperate/sneak/basic Attack (Elbow, fist, knee, headbutt, eyepoke you name it. Cancels out two consecutive moves of the opponent. If you fail, you lose whatever option you used. [E.g a failed Dirty Elbow = forearm sliced off. The odds are 1/5.])
* 5 Stamina, 5 damage

M is Absolut Defense (one use)
* 10 Stamina*

N is Gaurd Break (Beats Dirty Attack and Counter. Stuns opponent for 2 moves. )

O is peace ( Only works if both offer peace at the same time. )
*failure results in 50% HP loss

Q is Runaway (Odds are 1/5)
*failure results in instant death


Choose your letter combination, or if you want you can just write 'other' and i'll deal with combat myself. (boooring and i may be biased.)

Send me a PM about your movelist

I'll start!

1K 2A 3L 4F 5G e.t.c

So that means I'll dodge, attack high, use a sneak attack,  a speed attack and then a power attack e.t.c

You can also just type out the attack names if you don't want to use letters.

Using this data I'll pitch you against an opponent and find the victor.

THEN I'll draw out the fight scene.

Will update everything with respective damage and stamina stats
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