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Author Topic: Jinoo (Warning:This story is for mature audience only) Best story ever! Maybe...  (Read 4516 times)

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It's Sunday. But I still work. Here's chapter 27.

Chapter 27: Going Smoothly.

Jinoo: Now how do we find that narwhal...

Calvin: Wait, Jinoo.

Jinoo: What is it?

Calvin: Why is the country called The Land of The Free if it has police?

Jinoo: They're there to protect others' freedom. What's the point of freedom if you get murdered or something like that, you know? However, the police there are corrupt.

Calvin: Oh, I see.

Jinoo: I'm just going throw a Stun Grenade in the water.

Calvin: Hopefully we can find one.

Jinoo throws one in and shocks a section of the water. Many fish float up as they struggle to swim. They find a monstrous whale with a large horn.

Jinoo: There it is!

Jinoo flies to it. He tries breaking it off, but it was too hard. Jinoo places a C4 and blows it off. He grabs it. Suddenly, a giant fish jumps up and swallowed everything, including Jinoo.

Calvin: Jinoo!

Before the fish lands back into the water, Jinoo punches through a tooth and flies off.

Jinoo: Woah sh*t! Let's go!

They fly back to Tauheed.

Luscious: Wow, that was fast. I was worried I might had to grab you guys again.

Jinoo and Calvin laughs.

Luscious: Now, your 13th quest. Give me the gem of the of the Abyssal Spirit.

Jinoo: Aight.

They fly to the Abyss. Jinoo finds a dark purple ghost with gems on it's forehead.

Jinoo scans it: Abyssal Spirit's Base Stat Total: 700,001.
Endurance: 1
Strength: 0
Intellect: 580,000
Mentality: 0
Dexterity: 120,000

Jinoo: Ok, the strategy is the same for the Dire Wraith.

They summon their Soul Allies. Jinoo sets up a bomb shelter and goes up to the spirit. Calvin throws a molotov. The spirit dodges.

Abyssal Spirit: You dare attack me?

The Abyssal Spirit goes through Bomb Shelter. Jinoo dashes away and throws a cooked grenade. But the spirit was unaffected.

Jinoo: Sh*t, I forgot.

Jinoo throws out mines.

Jinoo: Now we should run around.

Jinoo and Calvin runs around. The spirit went through again. Calvin throws a molotov at it, but it dodges.

Jinoo: It's too fast!

Calvin: We gotta find a way.

Abyssal Spirit: Abyssal Blast!

The spirit destroys the bomb shelter. Jinoo creates another one.

Jinoo: It can't come close to us. It's now going to hit us from a distance.

Calvin: Sh*t, we need to figure something out.

Jinoo: Calvin, why don't you drink your special alcohol? You would be as fast.

Calvin: Oh. For some reason I forgot that my Base Stat Total was this high. D*mnit. This drains a lot of my energy though.

Calvin drinks his special alcohol. His stats multiplied by ten. He rushes out at the spirit.

Calvin: Dragon's Breath!

He blows fire at the spirit. The spirit dodges.

Jinoo, thinking in his head: Why is it dodging that attack? Perhaps it's weak to fire?

Jinoo goes to Calvin.

Jinoo: Why is it dodging your fire attacks?

Calvin: Well, after a bit of mixology, my new alcohol can now attack the mind and body when mixed with fire.

Jinoo: Oh, good to know. I got a plan.

Jinoo whispers the plan to Calvin. He walks around behind the ghost.

Abyssal Spirit: Your plans won't work on me. Mind Haunt.

Calvin is unaffected.

Abyssal Spirit: What? Why can't I attack your mind?

Calvin: Because when I'm max drunk, magic that attacks the mind does nothing to me.

Abyssal Spirit: Fine then, Abyssal Blast!

Calvin dodges it. He throws molotov in front of the spirit.

Abyssal Spirit: You missed. Are you too drunk to aim?

Calvin: Nope, that's where I wanted it to land.

Jinoo surprises the spirit from behind. The Abyssal Spirit gets startled and dashes back, where it goes into the flame.

Abyssal Spirit: AAAHHHH!

The Abyssal spirit is dead, leaving its gem only.

Jinoo: Whoo! That's right!

Their Base Stat Total rose by 90,000, which made their Base Stat Total 650,000. Jinoo picks up the gem. Calvin eats his sober pill.

Jinoo: Good sh*t. Let's go!

They fly away to Tauheed.

Luscious: Good job. You have two more things you need to collect. This is going smoothly. I'm glad things aren't going badly now.

Jinoo: Yeah, it seems we got a lot stronger.

Luscious: Good. Now bring me the rune of a Black Caster.

Jinoo: Aight, but I wanna go back to the Headquarters.

Calvin: Yeah, I need breakfast.

The fly off to the Headquarters. Jinoo encounters Sammy. Calvin went to the cafeteria.

Jinoo: Hey Sammy.

Sammy: Don't act all innocent.

Jinoo: What's wrong?

Sammy: You know what's wrong.

Jinoo: Are you ok?

Sammy: I was there at the Scarlet Witch's mansion.

End of chapter 27.

Time to go to church.
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500 views (a fifth of the view weren't totally from me)! Thank you for reading! Here's chapter 28.

Chapter 28: Dark Caster.

Jinoo: What?

Sammy: I was there to assassinate the Scarlet Witch for the quest. But you and Calvin barged in. I saw everything. I saw how Calvin died. I saw you transformed because you couldn't control yourself. I saw how frightening your power was, how Luscious couldn't even stop you. You were even stronger than when we first saw you.

Jinoo: I'm sorry. I just couldn't do anything about it.

Sammy started tearing up: When Luscious teleported you back, I went back to the Headquarters. I wanted to talk to you about your powers. I was waiting for you. But you never came back out. I tried leaving to Tauheed, but Nicole held me back. I thought you were dead.

Jinoo: Sammy. Stop worrying too much. I was just unconscious the whole night.

Sammy: Unconscious the whole night?! Jinoo! Why do you keep wanting to kill yourself?! You're going to die one day! It already happened to Calvin! Don't you think that's far enough? Do you really think Calvin wants to keep being in those situations of dying? Have you even thought about that?

Jinoo: ...

Calvin: It's fine.

Sammy: What?

Calvin: Jinoo is my friend. If there is anything he needs. I will do it for him. Just like he would do favors for me. I'm willing to do anything for him, because he is my friend.

Jinoo: And I'm willing to do the same for everyone.

Sammy: ... I just don't want you to die. I'm sorry I act all worried, but you can't expect me not to be worried. You almost died multiple times. I can't lose you, it even breaks my heart to see you injured.

Jinoo: I understand, but you have to trust me. I will never leave you like that. I will be safe.

Sammy: Then, can you promise me that... you'll come back to me every day? As long as you come back to me at the end of the day, I won't get mad or worried.

Jinoo: I promise.

Sammy: Sigh* I had to stop taking the quests because of you. I didn't want you to struggle in the quests without getting the class. So please, get the class for my sake.

Jinoo: I will. Sigh* Well, I'm going to eat breakfast. I'll see you later.

Sammy hugs Jinoo: I'll see you later.

Jinoo goes to the cafeteria.

Jinoo: Thanks for jumping in. That was really close.

Calvin: I got you.

They eat breakfast. Nicole comes over to sit with them.

Nicole: You sir, sure had quite the adventure. What happened?

Jinoo: Just a tough battle. I just wanted to rest there.

Nicole: You're lying.

Jinoo: Well, ok I was unconscious the whole night.

Nicole: What?! That's terrible, don't make it sound so casual!

Jinoo: Well, I'm still alive.

Nicole: I guess so. Just be careful, alright?

Jinoo: Aight.

Nicole leaves.

Jinoo: Let's start our next quest Calvin.

Calvin: Fine.

They flew to Dogeurtehtsieiryk. They look for the Black Caster. They land.

Jinoo: Now where would we find a Black Caster?

Black Caster: Right here.

They turn around. A huge man with a black cloak and a black rune on his back.

Jinoo: I was totally not expecting a Black Caster would look like that.

Black Caster: Well, there are two variants of us. We're just stronger.

Calvin drinks. Jinoo scans him. Black Caster Base Stat Total: 800,000.
Endurance: 200,000
Strength: 90,000
Toughness: 200,000
Intellect: 100,000
Mentality: 200,000
Dexterity: 10,000

Jinoo: Well, at least he's not fast.

They summon their Soul Allies.

Black Caster: Black Screen.

The caster's defenses boosted to the max. His defenses multiplied by 10, but his health was cut by half.

Jinoo throws his grenades. He boosts his strength to the max. However, it still wasn't strong enough.

Jinoo: Sh*t, I need a crit.

Jinoo sets up a Bomb Shelter.

Black Caster: Black Boom.

The caster sends a black ball of energy that exploded on impact. However, it did nothing to the Bomb Shelter.

Black Caster: What?

Jinoo: Hehe, he doesn't know that my Bomb Shelter is immune to explosives.

Calvin: How are we going to get a crit? We need to find his weak spot.

Jinoo: Or we can hope we are lucky.

Calvin: Sh*t, we just gotta keep hitting him.

Black Caster: Black Flare.

The caster burns out the Bomb Shelter. They just stand in front of each other. Jinoo summons his Grenade Launcher. They exchange attacks.

Jinoo: Keep attacking! We'll get a crit somehow!

Jinoo keeps shooting his Grenade Launcher. Calvin keeps throwing his Molotovs. The Black Caster keeps using Black Flare. They just keep attacking.

Jinoo: Sh*t! I'm out of mana!

Calvin: Me too!

Black Caster: Me three.

They clashed into close combat. They're just dealing 1 damage each hit. They are starting to get exhausted.

Jinoo: I got enough mana. Hopefully this works. Calvin! Get away from here!

Calvin dashes away.


Jinoo hits a crit and destroys the Black Caster.



Calvin: That was so clutch!

Jinoo picks up the rune.

Jinoo: D*mn, that was close. I was going to pass out from exhaustion.

Calvin: Me too!

They laugh and they fly off.

Luscious: Attaboy! This is going great! You need one more item. The Grimlord's contract.

End of Chapter 28.

Since we got 500 views, LET'S GO FOR 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 VIEWS! Jk.
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It's been a while... Chapter 29.

Chapter 29: Grimlord

Luscious: Careful about this monster. He will be the strongest you have faced so far. Once you kill him, he'll leave a scroll. Good luck and try not to rage. He should be in a cave which leads to his underground palace. His cave usually has a blue rune on top. You can find it near the Abyss.

Jinoo: Aight. Let's go.

They fly to the borders of the Abyss. They find a cave with a blue rune on top. They enter in and they see a portal. They go in and walks into a grand hall. All the way at the end was the Grimlord.

Jinoo: This is like a final boss battle in a video game. Except we're facing a regular monster.

Calvin: Yep. It's sad we've been struggling with them.

Jinoo scans the Grimlord. Grimlord's Base Stat Total: 1,000,000
Endurance: 500,000
Strength: 10,000
Toughness: 200,000
Intellect: 10,000
Mentality: 200,000
Dexterity: 80,000

Jinoo: What's with its pitiful attack stats?

Grimlord: Carbon Monoxide.

The Grimlord fills the hall with carbon monoxide. Jinoo and Calvin falls asleep.

Grimlord: Muscle Burn.

Jinoo and Calvin's body is burning.

Grimlord: Radiation.

The Grimlord radiates a deadly toxic mist. Jinoo and Calvin contracts the poison.

Grimlord: Grim Nightmares.

Jinoo and Calvin receive nightmares. They are losing health slowly, but painfully. When the carbon monoxide cleared, Jinoo and Calvin wakes up, breathing heavily.

Jinoo: Sh*t! That was the worst dream ever.

Calvin: F*ck, my body burns!

Jinoo: Mine too! I feel like I was poisoned too!

Grimlord: Time to die. Slowly.

Jinoo and Calvin summons their Soul Allies. Then Jinoo reach for his medicine.

Jinoo: Good thing we have this.

The Grimlord rushes at Jinoo and took his medicine. The Grimlord vaporized the medicine. Jinoo lands a punch. He boosts his Strength. Calvin drinks his Healing Jager. He is now fine and his stats boost.

Grimlord: Oh? I see. This is not going to be as easy. Limiting Cap.

Jinoo lands another punch. However, he doesn't get his boost.

Jinoo: What?

Grimlord: My Limiting Cap prevents you to have anymore boosts.

Jinoo: Sh*t. My body is aching and burning, I can barely hit as hard. This poison is also killing me slowly.

Grimlord: Carbon Monoxide.

Calvin falls asleep again. Jinoo puts on his gas mask. He throws a Shock Grenade. The surprised Grimlord get paralyzed.

Grimlord: How inconvenient. You guys are a pain in the as*. Grim Nightmare.

Calvin loses health due to the nightmares. Jinoo throws a Flashbang. He stuns the Grimlord and landed multiple hits. However, it wasn't too much damage. The Grimlord regains focus.

Grimlord: F*ck you. Annoying piece of sh*t. D*mn it, I have no choice. This is going to take a lot out of my mana. Pain Acceleration.

The rate of damage the poison and burn increases. Jinoo groans in pain.

Jinoo: Sh*t, I'm dying. Bomb Shelter!

The Carbon Monoxide clears. Jinoo sets up a Bomb Shelter to protect Calvin. Calvin wakes up.

Grimlord: Radiation.

The Grimlord radiates deadly toxic mist. Calvin rushes at him.

Calvin: Drunken Fist!

A critical hit, but still wasn't enough.

Grimlord: Muscle Burn.

Calvin dashes at him again. He throws another Drunken Fist.

Grimlord: How are you not affected?!

Jinoo: The only way to break through my Bomb Shelter is to damage it. Non-damaging moves have no effect. Explosives have no effect. Best if you use that sword.

The Grimlord slashes at it.

Jinoo: You have to at least deal 10% of my health worth of damage in order to break through. However, it will take you forever to break through due to your pitiful attack stats.

Grimlord: Fine then, I'll just wait for you to die so your Bomb Shelter goes away.

Calvin surprises the Grimlord with his special alcohol. The Grimlord gets very drunk.

Grimlord: Sh*t... Can't focus...

Calvin lands another Drunken Fist. The Grimlord gets knocked out. Calvin poured alcohol on the Grimlord's face and he wakes up. Calvin gives him a sober pill. The Grimlord is dying. Calvin gets out of the Bomb Shelter.

Calvin: What are your last words?

Grimlord grins: You made a mistake.

End of Chapter 29.

I'm back. After a day.
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Wow, 30 chapters already? I'm hustling. Here's Chapter 30.

Chapter 30: Brink of Death.

Grimlord: Health Swap.

Calvin and the Grimlord changes health status. Calvin is now paralyzed and dying, while the Grimlord is fine.

Calvin: F*ck me. I'm a cocky idiot.

Jinoo and Calvin were dying.

Jinoo: Sh*t. Is this the end?

Calvin: Probably not. Some crazy sh*t is going to happen and we'll live.

Jinoo: Why aren't you drinking your Healing Jager?

Calvin: I'm out of mana.

White aura steams out of Jinoo.

Jinoo: Sh*t...

Jinoo pulls out his aquariums. He calms down.

Jinoo: F*ck. I wish Luscious here.

Luscious appears: Do you need anyt- WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED TO YOU?!

Jinoo: I'm dying. Help.

Luscious gives Jinoo and Calvin medicine. They're back to full health.

Grimlord: Who are you?

Luscious: I'm Luscious.

Grimlord: What a c*nt. Interfering my winning battle.

Luscious: What did you say?

Luscious summons her katana.

Grimlord: What a f*cking c*nt.

Luscious: You made a huge mistake, you f*ck. Stand back. This guy is mine.

Jinoo and Calvin hides back.

Luscious: Lock-On.

Luscious focuses at the Grimlord, as if she was aiming.

Grimlord: Carbon Monoxide.

Jinoo sets up a Bomb Shelter for her. She is unaffected.

Luscious: Omega Rift.

Luscious slashes at the Grimlord. A guaranteed one hit kill.

Luscious: In case you were wondering, that was my skill move Omega Rift. Although it is one hit KO, it has terrible accuracy. However with Lock-On, my attacks never miss. And that's why I'm the stron-

Luscious turns around. Jinoo and Calvin were sleeping from the Carbon Monoxide. Luscious takes the Contract. Jinoo and Calvin wake up after the gas clears.

Jinoo: Did we beat him?

Luscious: Yeah.

Jinoo: So... did I complete the quest?

Luscious: Yeah, you're done collecting the important items.

Jinoo: What are you going to use them for?

Luscious: You're going to use them.

Jinoo: For what?

Luscious: These items are needed for the portal to my coliseum, where you prove you are worthy for the class.

Jinoo: Where is the portal?

Luscious: Back at my palace.

They fly back to Tauheed. They enter Luscious' palace.

Luscious: Follow me.

Luscious takes them to a giant room with a giant portal with a barrier in front.

Luscious: Place the items on these altars in the order you got them.

Jinoo places them all in order. The barrier disappears.

Luscious: You just finished the 16th quest.

Jinoo: That's it?

Luscious: Yeah, you got 4 more quests.

Jinoo: So, what's next?

Luscious: There has been too many people going for the Paragon class.

Jinoo: And?

Luscious: I need you to kill someone who's on the same quest as you.

End of chapter 30.

I need a break.
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I was preparing my max bench for football, which was 255lbs (Over 100lbs my body weight). Now that's done, here's chapter 31.

Chapter 31: Assassination

Jinoo: Kill someone on the quest?

Luscious: Yep.

Jinoo: What if you already killed 6 dragons and an atheist?

Luscious: They have to be on the same quest.

Jinoo: So, how would I know who's on the quest?

Luscious: I have sent the list to your scanner. It should tell you whether that person is on the quest or not.

Jinoo: Ok, how would you know I completed the quest?

Luscious: Bring me their head.

Jinoo: Aight. Calvin, let's go to the Headquarters.

Calvin: Fine.

They fly back to the Headquarters. They head towards the cafeteria which was filled with people. Bobby was there talking to them.

Bobby: Hey Calvin! Can you throw away the garbage? The garbage truck is waiting outside!

Calvin ignores him, he heads to the relaxation room.

Bobby: The f*ck is his problem? Whatever, he never does anything anyways.

Calvin sits down as he drinks, his hand starts shaking.

Jinoo: What's the matter?

Calvin drinks.

Jinoo: Is taking out the garbage really tha- ohh...

Calvin: It's really f*cking bad. It brings back too much memories.

Jinoo: Calvin, I understand your feelings. But you have to get over them, you will never be as strong as you want to be if you don't face your fears. Why don't you tell others about it?

Calvin: I always try, but I have PTSD.

Jinoo: Oh sh*t... I'm sorry I didn't know. You should tell others about it though, what's going on with your life.

Calvin: I can't.

Jinoo: Why not?

Calvin: When I told you about my past, I thought I would feel better. But no. I feel worse. That man, I can't stop thinking about him. Can you help me get over this?

Jinoo: I will help you no matter the cost because you're my friend.

Calvin: Thanks tiger lily.

Jinoo: Ok, ready for my quest?

They fly back to Tauheed.

Jinoo: Woman, who is the easiest person I can kill that's on the same quest as I am?

Luscious: A Beast called the White Rabbit. She's been getting lucky with her wins. I'll send the coordinates.

Jinoo: Aight, let's go!

Jinoo and Calvin followed the coordinates. They fly to the grassland of The Zoo. They see a woman in a lingerie and rabbit ears. Jinoo scans her. White Rabbit confirmed.

Jinoo: Hey!

White Rabbit looks: Are you in the 17th quest?

Jinoo: Yeah!

The rabbit dashes at him. She throws a powerful kick. A critical hit.

Jinoo: Sh*t. So this is how she gets lucky.

White Rabbit's Base Stat Total: 400,000
Endurance: 100,000
Strength: 100,000
Toughness: 50,000
Intellect: 0
Mentality: 50,000
Dexterity: 100,000

Jinoo: Damn, she's pretty fast.

Jinoo throws a grenade, she dodges. Jinoo sets up a Bomb Shelter and Calvin comes in.

Jinoo: How do you beat luck?

Calvin: I got an idea.

Jinoo summons his tank. Calvin mounts the machine gun. He shoots at the rabbit. The rabbit dashes around. Jinoo tries to intercept her with a missile, but the rabbit dashes backwards which was where Jinoo placed his C4. Jinoo triggers the C4. However, she was still able to dodge it.

Jinoo: Lucky b*tch.

White Rabbit: Sh*t, that was close.

Calvin drinks his special alcohol.

Calvin: If tactics can't beat luck, then brute force will!

Calvin dashes at the rabbit and rips her head off.

Calvin: Heh?

Jinoo: Heh?

Calvin: Wow...

Jinoo: Well, at least we learned something. You can't be lucky if something is certain.

Calvin takes his sober pills.

Calvin: Well, here's her head.

Woman: Wait.

Jinoo: Who's there?

Jinoo and Calvin turns around. They were surprised.

Madison: Give me the head.

End of chapter 31.

I have the whole week to write. Expect at least one chapter written daily from now on. I will say when there would be a hiatus.
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Hey guys, some bad news. This script might be in a long hiatus. It might even be discontinued, only if I learned how to draw. Once I learned how to draw, I will be posting my manga here. I have not lost motivation, so don't worry. If I struggle to draw, I will be back to writing scripts. I just don't see people enjoying reading scripts. It burns my eyes as well. I prefer to read a manga than a script. However, thank you for reading my scripts, I would have never thought I would get this many views.

However, if you do like my scripts, PM me. I will write a chapter per request.
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Started drawing for my manga. This is the result of my 4th attempt.
Remember, if you want me to write more scripts, just PM me.
Here is Sammy Bukowski. More drawings will be posted in the Manga Art Gallery forum.

Thank you for your support!
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Hello, this is Debbie Dada. I am Jinoo's older sister. Unfortunately, Jinoo has passed away in a car accident few months ago. However, I will try my best to continue the story and fulfill his dream. He has the finished script, very dark story I must say, took me a while to finish reading. For those reading story, thank you. It means a lot to him. I will update when I start drawing the manga.
Jinoo Daddy