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Author Topic: Jinoo (Warning:This story is for mature audience only) Best story ever! Maybe...  (Read 4505 times)

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Hope you find this story interesting. To learn more about me, find my post in the Welcome Center. Hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter 1: Bioweapons

At the headquarters of The Chosen, which lies in the heart of their city, Constantine, an emergency alarm is sounded as the Bioweapons approach the city.

Nicole: Alright, The Free has sent their Bioweapons to invade us. Grand Vizier Constantine, appoint an emergency meeting ASAP.

Nicole Anastasia has a nice, hourglass-shaped body. Pretty busty, too. She has long, light brown hair in a braid and gray eyes. Indeed a beautiful lady. She leads the discussions.

Grand Vizier: Yes, ma'am.

Constantine was just a old man in a business suit.

The ten super soldiers (also the government of the city), called the Ten Commandments, meet at the Round Table.

Nicole: Alright, I brought all of you guys here at the Round Table because we need to plan on how to take care of the Bioweapons.

Calvin: Bioweapons?

Calvin Erwinski, looks fat but actually pretty toned. Handsome as well. Short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Loves to drink and doesn't like people.

Nicole: Basically, zombies.

Calvin: I thought you liked the term "zombies".

Nicole: Sigh* Sh*t, it used to sound so cool though! Now it sounds so stupid. The term is so overused now.

Bobby: How about Nazi Zombies?

Bobby Bish, tall and lanky person. Has spiky, blonde hair. Nicknamed "Golden Eye" because his aiming eye color is gold and his eyesight is unmatched. His other eye is lime green. Uses heavy sarcasm.

Calvin: Ok, nothing can get worse than that.

Cookie: Yep, I remember those time when they ACTUALLY existed. Good thing we converted the Nazis back to normal, which still sucks. Now they're The Free again. At least they don't invade us as much anymore.

Cookie Monsta, a giant with big, hulking muscles. Buzzcut with a thick, puffy beard. Has hazel eyes. Doesn't feel pain.

Nicole: Alright guys, we need to focus! The Bioweapons are approaching to kill us as we speak!

Bobby: Nicole... do you realize how easy it is to kill zombies? I don't know what you are so concerned about.

Nicole: That's not it. There is something more menacing. A Bioweapon called Behemoth. It has a Base Stat Total of 10,000.

Calvin: 10,000?! What are its statistics?

Nicole looks at the data.

Nicole: Let see...
Endurance: 2,000
Strength: 3,000
Toughness: 2,000
Intellect: 0
Mind Barrier: 2,000
Dexterity: 1,000
Mentality: 100%

Bobby: Sh*t, its defenses are balanced too... it wouldn't matter what kind of attack we hit it with. But not to worry, we have Fujita... Fujita?

Everyone looks around.

Nicole: GODDAMNIT FUJITA! You f*cked us over again! When we need you, you're not here!

Mia: Well, he is never here for meetings. I don't know what you are surprised for.

Mia Malkovich, a petite with a large butt, but nothing much above. Long, blonde hair with pink eyes. Great doctor.

Nicole: True... but still, this is the toughest opponent we have faced and God knows where Fujita is! If only he didn't break his tracker. Samantha, you are the next hope.

Samantha: Next hope? Wait, are you calling me weaker than Fujita? I'm pretty sure we are the same in terms of fighting ability. We both have the Base Stat Total of 8,000.

Samantha Bukowski. Slim, but curvy body. Long, dirty blonde hair with sky blue eyes. A calm, yet extremely beautiful woman.

Bobby: Well, he does look more badass when he fights. Plus, he has the best class of all classes.

Cookie: True that.

Calvin: You're nowhere near Fujita's league.

Nicole: Alright, enough. We'll split the team. Samantha, Mia, Madison, Cookie, and the newbie Mitch, you guys will take care of the Bioweapons. Calvin, Bobby, Skyla, and I will look for Fujita. We haven't seen him for days.

Madison: Is finding Fujita really that important?

Madison Ivchenko, a petite with large breasts, but nothing much below. Long, auburn hair with magenta eyes. Knows unique magic.

Nicole: Yes, I want to see him fight again. Besides, we don't have our Soul Allies available now. They are still resting from our previous fight with the Beasts.

Mitch: What's a Soul Ally?

Mitch was the new member of the Ten Commandment after the previous member was mauled to death by a weasel.

Nicole: Sh*t, we need to get him one. Well, Soul Allies are beings sent from God to link to our souls. Although, they can't fight, they aid us with their support. They are very useful and can turn the tide of the battles easily. We are the only ones who get Soul Allies, but The Free made artificial ones. Although, they never fight since they have Bioweapons. That's why we don't know much about The Free besides a few people.

Mitch: Interesting. I'm guessing we really need them then.

Cookie: F*ck. What an inconvenient time to get invaded. Especially with someone who has a Base Stat Total OF 10,000! It would be easier with our Soul Allies. What about our army?

Nicole: Not worth sending our army, they would get obliterated. However, I have faith in you. Besides, it's a great time to train the noob. Show him what it is like to be part of the Ten Commandments. God is with you.

Samantha: Ok, we shall hurry. Let's show them who's boss.

Skyla: Those who are searching for Fujita, hop into the chopper!

Skyla Skyrlet, a busty woman with long legs. Has long, red hair with a bun on the corner with orange eyes. Loves to fly aircrafts.

As the meeting was dismissed, Nicole's group head out to find Fujita while the others fight. Samantha's group gets ready in the Locker Room.

Madison: Sigh* You gotta be f*cking kidding me. Is finding Fujita really that important? Well, at least we have you Samantha.

Samantha ignores her. They activate their classes and approach to the teleporter. Cookie turns around before he proceeds.

Cookie: You guys ready?

Everyone nods. They walk into the teleporter to travel to the outskirts of their territory, where the Bioweapons were located.

Cookie: Well, here they are. That's a f*ck ton of zombies. And a giant a*s f*cker.

Mitch: Holy sh*t, we are going to die.

Cookie smacks Mitch.

Mitch: OW!

Cookie: Stop being a b*tch, Mitch. Ok, let's check their Base Stat Total.

Cookie scans the zombies with his contacts that reads the enemies' stats. It reads 1,000. A normal soldier's stats.

Cookie: You have the Grenadier class, right? Just throw a ton of grenades at them.

Mitch throws his grenades at them. One of them rolls by the Behemoth's feet.

Behemoth: Is that a 'nade?

The grenades explode as it is raining flesh and blood. The regular zombies have been demolished, but Behemoth still stands unscratched but bloody.

Mitch: OH YEAH! That's right I'm the best.

Cookie: You know, we could have all just done that easily too.

Mitch: Oh. Way to make me feel better.

Mia: Well, don't get your ego too high, we still have to worry about that thing.


Cookie: Ok use one of your skills. Summon your Grenade Launcher.

Mitch: Summon Grenade Launcher!

A grenade launcher forms in Mitch's hands. Mitch is amazed of his new skills.

Mitch: Woah...

Cookie: Now shoot the f*ck outta him. Don't get too clo-

Mitch: CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!

Mitch charges at the Behemoth as he shoots it. Cookie comes running after him, but he is too slow due to his tanky class.

Cookie: You idiot! You'll die from the grenade's explosion!

The Behemoth quickly rushes at Mitch and throws a forceful punch. Mitch flies back and hit the ground with great impact. He lays unconscious. Cookie reads his health bar with his scanner.

Cookie: Or you'll die that way too... sh*t. Mia revive him! Everyone else, we have something even worse going on!

Behemoth: BIOBOOST!

The Behemoth powers up with his skill Bioboost, his Strength stat doubles. This raises up its Base Stat Total to 13,000. The Behemoth rushes behind Cookie and throws a punch at him. Cookie flies forward as his health reduces by a lot.

Madison: Cookie!

Samantha: One punch from him and I'm likely to die. Guess we do need Fujita after all.

Samantha teleports behind the Behemoth to use her skill move.

Samantha: Death's Dance.

Samantha unleashes a fury of blades at the Behemoth. But the Behemoth is too strong, its single punch blows through her blades and it's able to land. Thanks to the blades slowing down the punch, Samantha still lives but is heavily injured. The Behemoth turns around. It sees that Mia revived Mitch. The Behemoth rushes at Mia. Mitch stands in front of Mia to take the punch. Madison rushes to them.

Madison: NO!

Mitch receives direct impact, killing him again. However, the force was so strong, it knocked Mia unconscious. Madison reads her scanner to check on them. Then, she sees the Behemoth glaring at her.  She knew she was done for. Madison cries out in prayer.


Suddenly a beam of blue light shines down on the ground. A light so bright, it made others turn away. The bright light fades and a mysterious man and woman stands on where the beam was shining. The man had incredible aura. The Behemoth cowers in fear as the man's Base Stat Total was

Madison: O-ONE BILLION?!

The Behemoth looks at the man as if it recognized who he was.

Behemoth: JI-

The man snaps his fingers and the Behemoth explodes into a bloody mess. The Behemoth is dead.

Madison: Holy sh*t... I don't believe it... Who the f*ck is this man?

Samantha stands up and looks at the man in surprise. The man was only wearing shorts. He was average height, but lean man. He had a buzzcut and a clean shave. His eyes were neon blue, as if they were glowing. Then, she looks at the woman, hugging the man's arm. She was a slim, but busty woman. She had caramel hair and blue eyes. She was only wearing a bikini. To Samantha's understanding, the woman appears to be his soul ally. She looks at the man again, who is staring directly at her.

Samantha: Who are you?

Mysterious Man: I am God.

End of Chapter One.

Hope you enjoyed the story. This story is subjected to be rewritten for possible grammar issues. I really want this to be a manga, but I first want your opinions and criticism to see how the chapters went. Thank you for reading my story.
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Re: Jinoo (Warning: This story is for Teen/Mature audience only) Artist needed
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2017, 05:52:20 PM »
Another one.

Chapter Two: A New Member

Samantha: God?

Mysterious Man: Yes, darling.

Samantha: God... has a Base Stat Total?

Mysterious Man: Sh*t... Luscious, does God have a Base Stat Total?

Luscious: No. His power is divine.

Mysterious Man: Oh. Nah I'm just playing. I'm not God.

Samantha: Then... who are you, how are you this strong?!

Mysterious Man: My name is Jinoo Kim. How am I this strong? I'll explain later, but I must go away.

Samantha: Wait! You can't go. We need you!

Jinoo: What are you going to do about it?

Samantha: I-

Jinoo: Nothing! HAHAHAHA! Nah I'm just playing, I'll come with you.

Luscious: NO!

Jinoo and Samantha caught in surprise. They look at the Mysterious Woman.

Mysterious Woman: I will not allow you to join them.

Jinoo: But... Luscious? Why not?

Luscious: They will prevent you from getting your revenge.

Samantha: What revenge?

Jinoo: I'll explain later. But how will they stop me from getting my revenge?

Luscious: It's better if you don't know, but trust me... DON'T GO WITH THEM.

Jinoo: But what if I want to?

Luscious: YOU ANNOYING, F*CKING BRAT!... You know what, if you want to go with her, go ahead. Don't blame me what happens.

Jinoo: Oh, I will get my revenge.

Luscious: We'll see about that.

Jinoo sees the injured.

Jinoo: Oh God, let me take care of that.

Jinoo heals the injured. Samantha is amazed of his power as Jinoo heals her.

Samantha, thinking in her head: Wow, this man... he can do anything, he is the chosen one...

Jinoo looks at Mitch.

Samantha: Wait, don't revive him. God doesn't like it if we keep taking his children away from him. This is Mitch's fate, this is what God wanted.

Jinoo: Ok...

Samantha: What's wrong?

Jinoo: Nothing. Shall we bury him?

Samantha: We'll bury him back at our city.

Cookie: We shall take you in too. Meet the others. Perhaps we can make you a new member of The Ten Commandments.

Jinoo: Aight.

Luscious glares at Jinoo. Jinoo looks at Samantha.

Jinoo, thinking in his head: I see what you are thinking Luscious, but this is the path I choose and I will overcome it!

They teleport back to the Headquarters. Jinoo meets The Ten Commandments... or nine.

Cookie: Did you find Fujita?

Nicole: Of course not, that b*stard is nowhere to be found. Although, I'm guessing you handled the situation.

Cookie: Well, it was a close one. Mitch is dead and we almost died.

Nicole: Sh*t... he shall live peacefully with God. Sigh* He had great potential.

Cookie: Speaking about potential, this man saved our a*ses.

Calvin: Who's he? He don't look like much.

Cookie: Check his Base Stat Total.

Calvin scans him.

Calvin: One? You smoking kush?

Samantha: Well, don't be shy Jinoo. Show him.

Jinoo's aura bursts. His presence intensifies. The Ten Commandment look at him in shock.

Calvin: O-one billion?!

Jinoo calms his aura down.

Cookie: He is the strongest we have ever met.

Nicole: My God, he can take over the world if he wanted to... how did you meet him?

Cookie: He came down from the sky like an angel coming to help.

Jinoo: I would like to join the Ten Commandments.

Nicole: That's excellent! With you we can certainly win! He'll replace Mitch. That poor kid. What about the woman?

Luscious: I'm Luscious, I'm his soul ally.

Jinoo, whispering to Luscious: No, you're not.

Luscious, whispering back: Shut the f*ck up. Your ally, Transcendence, is dead. I have already linked to your soul. I will be aiding you from now on.

Jinoo, thinking in his head: This b*tch...

Samantha: Wait, you mentioned that you had a revenge to settle. What was that?

Cookie: Yeah, I am curious about that.

Nicole: Alright, you're going to tell us about your background info. Especially when your power is certainly mysterious.

Jinoo: I can’t. It's personal.

Nicole: Is that so? Well, I shall respect your privacy then. At least we have the ultimate weapon on our side. Samantha, show him around while we prep Mitch for a funeral. Introduction will be after the tour.

Samantha: Ok, Jinoo come with me. You too, Luscious.

Luscious: Of course.

Luscious glares at Jinoo. Jinoo smiles back. They keep walking down the hall.

Jinoo, thinking in his head: Yes... this is a great opportunity!

Samantha: I'm curious about your past though. I wonder how you got all of that power. I want to know. I have never seen anyone like you. Just... who are you?

Jinoo: Sigh* Care to go to dinner with me? I will tell you everything.

End of Chapter Two.

A date?
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Re: Jinoo (Warning: This story is for Teen/Mature audience only) Artist needed
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Another one.

Chapter three: Date Night.

Samantha: Like a date?

Jinoo: Yeah, I guess.

Samantha smiles.

Samantha: Sure.

Luscious grits her teeth. Jinoo can feel her wrath and envy.

Luscious mumbles: I will not allow such thing...

Jinoo whispers: Sorry Luscious, but this is the path I chose.

Samantha: What?

Jinoo: Nothing.

Luscious: Fine then, as you wish...

Samantha shows them the round table.

Samantha: Here is the round table. This is where all meetings happen. We discuss everything on this table.

Samantha takes them to the training gym.

Samantha: This is the training gym. This is where you train, get better. This is where you raise your Base Stat Total. There are five different sections to train each stat category.
Strength: This is how much damage on average you deal with your regular melee attacks. Physical skill moves can alter the amount of damage you do. Also, there are some melee attacks that deal magical damage, but it still classified as a melee attack. Your melee attacks gets stronger when training this stat category. Generally, melee classes benefit from this.
Toughness: Toughness is your physical defense. Melee attacks will go through physical defense first. This subtracts the attack and defense. The remaining number will go through your health. If your defense is higher than your opponent's attack, You will just lose 1 HP with every strike you receive. Magical damage-dealing melee attacks will affect your mental defense. Your defense against physical attacks gets stronger when training this stat category.
Intellect: Same concept as Strength, but with magical attacks. Magical attacks doesn't affect your body, but your mind, aka your mental defense. However, there are magic that can do physical damage, but still classified as a magical attack. Your magical attacks gets stronger when training this stat category. Generally, caster classes benefit from this.
Mind Barrier: Same concept as Toughness, but with mental defense. However, physical damage-dealing magical attacks will affect your physical defense. Your defense against magical attacks gets stronger when training this stat category.
Dexterity: Your speed, accuracy, and evasiveness improve when training this category.
Endurance, aka your health or hit points, depends on your class.
You also have Mentality. In a fight, you don’t always fight at 100%. It is impossible to keep a consistent composure, unless you have an artificial brain or you’re Fujita. There are many factors to this such as tiredness, mental weakness, status moves, etc. Mentality is shown through percentage. If you have a percentage of 60%, You are capable of fighting full on for 60% of the fight. The rest of the 40% is called Mental Fatigue, your fighting capabilities during this time depend on Spirit. Having a mentality around 85% is good.
Finally, you have Spirit. This is also shown through percentage. During your Mental Fatigue, your level of Spirit will decide how much effort you put. If your Mental Fatigue is 40% and your Spirit is 70%. For 40% of the fight, you are capable of fighting up to 70% of your effort.
All classes have the same amount of mana, we don't count this to our Base Stat Total.
These six categories add up and equal to your Base Stat Total.

Jinoo: You do realize I already know this stuff...

Samantha: Oh right. Somehow, I forgot you are now the strongest. Well, I'll take you to the locker room.

Samantha takes them to the locker room.

Samantha: This is the locker room. This is where you prepare before you fight. Normally, you would activate your class and and wear these contacts. These contacts tell you your opponent's Base Stat Total, their health, and keeps track of the things they expose such as their moveset and ability.

Jinoo: Wow, these contacts are nice.

Samantha: Yeah, I invented them.

Jinoo: Wow, you are one smart girl to invent this sh*t. I must say, I'm impressed.

Samantha smiles. She shows them the lookout, basically the security room. The quest board, where you complete missions to get rewards and boost your Base Stat Total. The relaxation room, where people relax and have fun after a hard day. Finally, the cafeteria, which was empty for now.

Samantha: Do you just want to do our date here?

Jinoo: Yes, wherever you like. Luscious, I want this just between Samantha and me.

Luscious glares at Jinoo.

Luscious: Fine. I'll go to the relaxation room.

Luscious walks away towards the room.

Jinoo: So... you want to learn about my past?

Samantha: Of course.

Jinoo: Sigh* Well... it all started when I was to become the king of The Free.

Samantha: You were... an atheist?

Jinoo: Yes, but I was an unique atheist. I always wondered if God was real.

Samantha: So, is you being an atheist the reason why you found it weird when I told you not to revive Mitch?

Jinoo: Yeah, but I guess it's like a God thing.

Samantha: So... were you the son of Jong?

Jinoo: Yes. I was to be king since my father was dying, but something tragic happened. I was killed by the Bioweapons my father created. They went out of control and they killed me. I wasn't revived though, which was strange I thought, but my people are horrible people. While my people were "fighting" the Bioweapons, Luscious took me to her place before I was headed to the Afterlife.

Samantha: Luscious? Your soul ally?

Jinoo: Not just my soul ally. She is the Goddess of Sin.

Samantha gasps.

Jinoo: Not to worry, she was created by God to keep sins in check. When I died, she found great potential in me. So she offered me great power.

Samantha: So that is where you got your immense strength?

Jinoo: Yes. She needed someone to help control the sins because she was too lazy to do it herself. She wanted to eradicate everyone except The Chosen because you guys had a good balance between sin and righteous. This is what God wanted. Harmony. Getting rid of everyone else makes her job easier to control sins. She also wanted to help me get my revenge. In fact, it was my people who killed me. They controlled the Bioweapons to kill me because they thought I was a threat. They saw me as a threat when I questioned if God was real.

Samantha: Your own people killed you on purpose?

Jinoo: That's right, so Luscious gave me great power to get my revenge. But with a contract.

Samantha: What was the deal?

Jinoo: If I fell in love with anyone else, my powers would be stripped away.

Samantha: What? Why?

Jinoo: Luscious lusts for me. She loves me for my potential that I happen to have. Now I'm trapped with her. Sh*t. Everything she does has the same reason. All because she is sinful. That's the sh*t I don't like. Well... she is the Goddess of Sin.

Samantha: Is that why she didn't want you to go with us? Because... of me?

Jinoo: Yes. But I have made my decision. I don't want to be with Luscious. The moment I saw you, I just knew you were the one. I am willing to lose my power over you. I need to get away from Luscious.

Samantha: Are you sure about this? How will you get your revenge? What about the others, what will they think if they found out you lost your powers?

Jinoo: Don't worry. I know I have the potential to be strong. I know Luscious knows it too. Otherwise, she would have killed me on the spot when she found out I fell in love with you.

Samantha: She knows?

Jinoo: Of course, she is quite sensitive to love. Especially lust.

Samantha blushes.

Samantha: You know when I first saw you, I thought you were quite handsome.

Jinoo: Really?

Samantha: You're exactly what I want to see in a man of my dreams.

Jinoo smiles. Then, Luscious comes walking towards the couple.

Luscious: You done?

Jinoo: Not ye-

Luscious kisses Jinoo and drains his energy. Luscious lets go of Jinoo. Jinoo collapses and groans in pain. Sammy falls to her knees and puts Jinoo's head on her lap.

Samantha: Jinoo! What did you do to him?!

Luscious: You heard Jinoo's contract. I just stripped away his power.

Samantha: You heard our conversation?

Luscious: Of course!

Samantha: Jinoo! Are you okay?

Jinoo suddenly brings Samantha in and kisses her.

Jinoo: Of course I am, just feeling a bit weaker...

Luscious summons her katana and points it at his throat.

Luscious: I dare you to do something stupid again, you f*cking little sh*t!

Jinoo, feeling weak and drained: Hey darling... your name is Samantha, right?

Samantha: Yeah, why?

Jinoo looks at Luscious, then back at Samantha.

Jinoo: Can I call you... Sammy?

Samantha smiles at him.

Sammy: Yes.

End of chapter three.

Love is in the air
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Re: Jinoo (Warning: This story is for Teen/Mature audience only) Artist needed
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2017, 11:45:22 PM »
I read the chapters. I like that it's easy to read. I have a clear idea what is going here. which is a good start.

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Re: Jinoo (Warning: This story is for Teen/Mature audience only) Artist needed
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2017, 07:20:23 AM »
Thank you for reading. There is still more to be revealed like the characters, but I am afraid I have to end at chapter 3. Things get a bit more mature rated as the story progresses. However, if you really want, I can write chapter 4. But for now, chapter 3 is the end.
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Re: Jinoo (Warning: This story is for Teen/Mature audience only) Artist needed
« Reply #5 on: February 22, 2017, 10:48:19 PM »
Previously, I said chapter 3 was the end, but Imma end it at chapter 4. So here it is.

Chapter 4: Regret.

Luscious: Sammy?! Making up cute names, huh? Now that's where you cross the f*cking line.

Luscious lifts her katana up and brings it down towards Jinoo's neck, but she stops.

Luscious: I can't kill you. I love you too much. Which is why I have to kill her!

Luscious lunges at Sammy, but Jinoo steps in the way.

Jinoo: I can't let you do that. You don't want to make me sad, do you?

Flashback to the past at Luscious' palace.

Luscious: Would you like to go back to your people? Get your revenge?

Jinoo: No I want to get rid of the Bioweapons first. You said they were headed to Constantine right? I'll get rid of the Bioweapons there. They'll be wondering who took them out. Then outta nowhere, bam! Just stomp their a*ses and the end.

Luscious: You know you could just kill The Free off first, the Bioweapons fail to function once there is no one to control them.

Jinoo: I know, but I'm not ready to meet my people. Just thinking about them torments me. All of my life... I had just been... alone. No one cared about me, not even Transcendence.

Jinoo slumps down on a chair. Luscious wraps her arms around him from behind.

Luscious: I understand how you feel, Jinoo. But not to worry dear, I will never leave you. I'll will always care for you. You will never feel sadness, no matter what.

Jinoo smiles.

Luscious: Now, are you ready to go?

Jinoo: Yeah.

Back to present time. Luscious brings her katana down.

Luscious: Sigh* I wasn't going to kill her anyways. She has great potential, but that doesn't guarantee that she is going to be strong. Don't disappoint me girl, you better work hard. If it weren't for Jinoo, you would have been dead.

Luscious disappears.

Jinoo: Where did she go?

Sammy: Probably in your Soul Chamber, where Soul Allies rest.

Jinoo: Oh.

Sammy: I was wondering, why don't you love her?

Jinoo: I can't keep up with her lifestyle. You see...

Flashback to the past at Luscious' palace, the first time they met.

Luscious: Why don't you wanna have sex with me?!

Jinoo: I barely even know you! For f*ck sake, is this what I have live up to for the rest of my life?

Luscious: Of course, you know how long I have been waiting for a man? I'm a virgin for crying out loud, I need you! I can't wait anymore!

Jinoo: You could literally just ask any other men, they'll do it with you.

Luscious: Yeah, but they're not manly as you are. Look at those big muscles, especially the one between your legs!

Luscious pushes Jinoo down onto her bed. She straddles on top of Jinoo.

Jinoo: Goddamnit! Leave me alone!

Luscious, taking her clothes off: Oh come on, doesn't this excite you? Especially for your first time?

Jinoo, squirming: I'll promise you I'll do it later!

Luscious: Quit struggling you b*stard!

They wrestle around for a bit. Then, Luscious gives up.

Luscious: Fine, I was going to ask for five hour sessions daily, but now it's ten hours daily.

Jinoo, staring at her as if she was crazy: Are you f*cking kidding me?! Do you not want to walk anymore?

Luscious: You don't need to walk to have sex.

Jinoo in disbelief: What the f*ck is wrong with you? Ten *censored*ing hours? Let alone 5 hours? Hell no, f*ck that sh*t, I'm going to sleep.

Luscious: Whether you like it or not, you're going to f*ck me.

Jinoo: But what if I don't want to?

Luscious: Oh I f*cking hate it when people say that sh*t. You have no choice!

Jinoo: What are you going to do about it?

Luscious: I-

Jinoo: Nothing!

Back to present time. Sammy is in shock.

Sammy: Oh God... I see now. So, how did you stop her?

Jinoo: I didn't.

Sammy eyes open wide in shock.

Jinoo: Just kidding.

Sammy, relieved: Sigh* Quit playing.

Jinoo: I left her palace.

Sammy: Oh. Why did you go back?

Jinoo: She blackmailed me, but I'm still clean.

Sammy smiles.

Sammy: Let's head back to the round table. We need to go through introductions.

Jinoo: Aight.

Sammy and Jinoo headed towards the round table. When they entered, no one was there. However, there was a note on a tablet. Sammy reads it.

Sammy: "Gone for a bit. Show the new kid our profiles through the tablet". Well, guess we have to use the tablet. Let me project it on the big screen.

Nicole's profile shows up on the screen.

Nicole Anastasia. Gender: Female. Birthdate: Sep. 9, 2041. Age: 25. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height: 5'7" (170 cm). Weight: 125lbs (57kg). Blood type: B-. Class: Paladin. Base Stat Total: 7,900. Mentality: 90%. Spirit: 90% Soul Ally: Grey, provides Justice, which allows her to bypass defensive boosts. A person who is outgoing.

Calvin Erwinski. Gender: Male. Birthdate: Sep. 30, 2045. Age: 21. Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian. Height 5'11" (180 cm). Weight: 240lbs (109kg). Blood type: O-. Class: Drunken Master. Base Stat Total: 7,800. Mentality: 60%. Spirit: 99%. Soul Ally: Jason, the more drunk Calvin is, the more his stats boost. A person with no chill.

Bobby Bish. Gender: Male. Birthdate: Aug. 4, 2044. Age: 22. Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian. Height: 6'4" (193 cm). Weight: 200lbs (91kg). Blood type: O+. Class: Sniper. Base Stat Total: 7,800. Mentality: 92%. Spirit: 50%. Soul Ally: Shmoody, Bobby's spotter, he helps him find critical hits more often. Catchphrase after every headshot: "Bobby bitch, oh yeah I'm Bobby bitch. Oh you ain't know they call me Bobby bitch, Bobby Bish".

Skyla Skyrlet. Gender: Female. Birthdate: Feb. 2, 2045. Age 21. Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian. Height: 5'8" (173 cm) Weight: 130lbs (59kg). Blood type: A-. Class: Pilot. Base Stat Total: 7,400. Soul Ally: Elesa, is able to turn into any aircraft. A very loving person.

Cookie Monsta. Gender: Male. Birthdate: April 20, 2040. Age 26. Ethnicity: Black. Height: 7'0" (213cm). Weight: 2,000lbs (907kg). Blood type: AB+. Class: Juggernaut. Base State Total: 7,700. Mentality: 95%. Spirit: 99%. Soul Ally: Kalisa, provides Shield of Kalisa, which slows down any incoming attack and reduces the damage to half when Cookie is at full health. Also provides Sword of Kalisa, which doubles his attack damage when the enemy is at full health. A person who is fearless of any attacks.

Jinoo: 7 feet tall and 2000 lbs?! He looks at least 400 lbs max.

Sammy: He’s got unique genetics.

Madison Ivchenko. Gender: Female. Birthdate: June 14, 2041. Age 25. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height: 5'5"(165cm). Weight: 100lbs (45kg). Blood type: B+. Class: Arcane Sorceress. Base Stat Total: 7,200. Mentality: 85%. Spirit: 75%. Soul Ally: Masamune, provides Reanimation, which allows Madison to switch her magic to deal physical or magical damage. Best friends with Mia.

Mia Malkovich. Gender: Female. Birthdate: July 1, 2041. Age 25. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height: 5'5" (165cm). Weight: 100lbs (45kg). Blood type: A+. Class: Medic. Base Stat Total: 7,200. Mentality: 75%. Spirit: 85%. Soul Ally: Raiden, provides Heal over Time or Damage over Time at a really fast rate. Best friends with Madison.

Samantha Bukowski. Gender: Female. Birthdate: Oct. 22, 2045. Age: 21. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height: 5'7" (170cm). Weight: 120lbs (54kg). Blood Type: O-. Class: Assassin. Base Stat Total: 8,000. Mentality: 96%. Spirit: 98%.Soul Ally: Berserk, provides Clutch, which boosts up stats when in danger. Obviously beautiful because she's the main character's girlfriend.

Sammy: This person doesn't have a profile, but we tried gathering info about him in this file. Fujita Five. Gender: Male. Birthdate: 2045. Age: 21. Ethnicity: Black. Height: About 6'3" (190 cm). Weight: Around 220lbs (100kg). Blood type: Unknown. Class: Wesker. Base Stat Total: Unknown. Last seen with 13- what?! 13,100?! When did he get this strong?! That's so frustrating! Sigh*. Whatever, I'll just get stronger. Ok. Mentality: 100%. Soul Ally: Oni Hayabusa, not much known. A very silent man. No picture.

Jinoo: Why don't you have data on Fujita?

Sammy: He kinda come and goes. He swoops in when we are danger. After he kills his opponent, he just leaves.

Jinoo: That's strange.

Sammy: Yeah. Wait, let me get a sample of your blood for your profile.

Sammy gets a sample of Jinoo's blood on a flashdrive and inserts it into the tablet.

Sammy: Ok, Jinoo Kim. Gender: Male. Birthdate: June 9, 2045. Age 21. Ethnicity: Asian. Height: 5’9" (175cm). Weight: 150lbs (68kg). What?! You’re so light! I thought you were at least 180 lbs. Well, you’re the smallest man here, guess we can’t pick on Calvin anymore. Anyways. Blood type: AB-. Class will be Grenadier. Base Stat Total: 4,000...

Jinoo: Aw, f*ck.

Sammy: It's ok, I'll train you. So, where was I... oh. Mentality: 99%. Spirit: 99%. Woah. Well there’s a silver lining. You have the best Mentality and Spirit I've seen.

Jinoo: Well, at least that’s good news.

Sammy: Finally, Soul Ally: Luscious, provides Paragon Boost. Ability unknown? Seems like you have to figure that by yourself.  Well, there's the Ten Commandments. We have Grand Vizier Constantine, the prime minister of The Chosen. He is the second highest power in government behind us. We named the city after him. The soldiers of our army each have the Base Stat Total of 1,000. And a couple of other guys to maintain the buildings. That's pretty much everyone in the headquarters.

Jinoo: 1,000? Well, at least I feel a bit better.

The rest of the Ten Commandments walk into the room.

Nicole: Hey! Jinoo! How are you feeling?

Jinoo: I'm fine I guess.

Nicole: Are you ready to kick some a*s?

Jinoo: Yeah about that...

Nicole: What's wrong?

Sammy and Jinoo explains.

Bobby: Sh*******t man.

Sammy: What's wrong?

Nicole: Oh we done f*cked up. We kinda contacted The Free that we have the ultimate person and threatened the sh*t outta them.

Sammy: What?!

Nicole: And we told them we were going to invade them tomorrow.

End of chapter 4.
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Re: Jinoo (Warning: This story is for Teen/Mature audience only) Artist needed
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Re: Jinoo (Warning: This story is for Teen/Mature audience only) Artist needed
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Ok, apparently there are people who want more because they are super curious about Fujita. So, THIS IS THE FINAL CHAPTER I WILL PRESENT. No more, but hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 5: Is this love true?

Grand Vizier Constantine shows up.

Grand Vizier: I suggest appointing a meeting about this now.

Nicole: You're absolutely right, meeting now!

They gather at the Round Table to discuss about the situation.

Nicole: Seriously? You guys just met and are already in love?

Calvin: I doubt the love is even real. Samantha's too awkward and calm. She not ready for a relationship.

Luscious pops out of nowhere, startling everyone.

Luscious: No, their love is real. I would know, I can sense their feelings. I don't know how they manage to fall in love at first sight though. It is quite fascinating.

Nicole: Yeah and way to give him a contract! Now we're f*cked! Goddess of Sins, I bet if I kill you right now, all sins would disappear! Balance, my ass!

Jinoo: No wait! You don't stand a chance! God has gave her massive power, she will kill you instantly! Trust me, I know God gave her the role to balance sins and the righteous. This is what God wanted, harmony.

Nicole: If "harmony" is what God wanted, then what's the point of this war which has been going on for millenniums?!

Jinoo: I DON'T KNOW! I don't know. This is just a losing battle. If you guys keep preaching to others who are atheist, this war will still continue as there are atheists who want to have free will with no one judging. If you stopped preaching, sins will overcome. We are in a lost cause here...

Nicole: Then what about the war against the Beasts? The Demons?

Sammy: The animals have evolved. They are now a bunch of intellectual with no morals. As animals evolve, food source becomes even more scarce. They are now smart as humans and capable of speaking our language. We need to find out what made them evolve in the first place. I highly doubt it's genetics, they evolved all of a sudden. The war against Beasts is different against The Free. There will be an end soon.

Jinoo: There are demons?

Nicole: Demons are atheists who are so evil, they were even declined by Satan himself to enter Hell after death. They now live in misery, but they are angry. They want to take over the world to get revenge against God.

Jinoo: Weird, The Free have never seen them, nor did the Bioweapons.

Nicole: They only target us, since we follow God. However, if harmony is what God wants, what’s the point of fighting them?

Calvin: Maybe God wants war? War is a good and bad thing equally if you think about it.

Nicole: Huh. Actually, that is kinda true unfortunately.

Jinoo: Wait, what about the dragons? I haven't seen them in a while.

Nicole: They withdrew from the war, they have no reason to fight.

Jinoo: Ok, so now what do we need to do about the Free?

Nicole: Either we don't invade them, which could end up badly, or you get your powers back.

Luscious: It's too late. Unless Jinoo loses his feelings towards Samantha, he can't get his powers back. With their feelings towards each other, it's impossible.

Grand Vizier: Nicole, you have a message from The Free.

Nicole: Sh*t. Read it.

Grand Vizier: "We don't believe you have this "ultimate person". You guys are liars, like you lie about God! However, we are busy at the moment. We are creating the ultimate Bioweapon. It will obliterate you. Just wait..."

Cookie: Ultimate Bioweapon? F*ck. We can't even handle Behemoth! Fujita isn't even with us!

Jinoo: No, this might be a good thing for now. The Behemoth is a one out of a million experiments. The parasite they use is very picky with its host. Once fused with its host, it becomes more dangerous. The failed experiments become zombies. It took them over 6 years to create the Behemoth. What they are trying to create is Baal, a one out of a trillion experiments. This will give us time to train. Most likely it will take a while, but we better start training. Baal is even worse than you think.

Nicole: Alright. It is nice to have the "heir apparent of The Free" on our side, we have so much info. Well, we better start training. We can't form a treaty if we can't convince the other side. We have to keep fighting. Although it seems like it's a never ending war, there will be an end soon! Every war has an end. We have to prepare for this "Baal". Grand Vizier, send them back a message. Tell them we'll be waiting. Meeting dismissed.

Meeting was dismissed. Sammy and Jinoo walked together.

Sammy: Jinoo, let's go to the training gym. You especially need training.

Jinoo: Ok!

Sammy: You will be sparring with me.

Jinoo: Sur- wait what?!

Sammy: Yep. I'll show you some love though.

Jinoo: Phew!

Sammy: Tough love.

Jinoo: Oh come on, girl! That's not fair, you'll stomp my a*s!

Sammy: Jinoo, you won't get better if you don't work hard.

Jinoo mumbles: You don't get better if you get your a*s kicked all the time.

Few moments later. Sammy has Jinoo in a kimura lock.


Sammy lets go.

Jinoo: OW! F*ck this sh*t, I'm going to sleep!

Sammy teleports in front of him: You ain't going anywhere.

Jinoo: Please! I'll do anything!

Sammy: Sigh* Ok, enough playtime for me. Let's train.

Jinoo: What?! That wasn't training?

Sammy: All I did was play around. What made you think that was training?

Jinoo: I don’t know, it really hurt though. You are very manipulative, taking advantage of me like that.

Sammy: Don't worry, I'd just wanna mess with you. You're a grenadier, right?

Jinoo: Yeah.

Sammy: Ok, let's see your stats.
Endurance: 500
Strength: 1,000
Toughness: 500
Intellect: 500
Mentality: 500
Dexterity: 1,000
Mentality: 99%
Spirit: 99%
Ok, Let's train Strength, since your grenade damage is based on body strength. Also, we'll train your defenses, so recoil from the grenades won't hurt you as much.

Jinoo gets a lift in. He is fatigued from all the heavy lifting.

Sammy: I'm impressed, you work hard for a complainer.

Jinoo: F*ck you.

Sammy: Now let's train your defense.

Sammy rolls a grenade at him.

Jinoo: Woah woah woah!

The grenade explodes. Jinoo flies back.

Jinoo: Owwwwwwwww... why did you do that?

Sammy: So you can get used to the pain. You need to endure damage to raise defense. Besides, it's a weak grenade, it won't kill you.

Jinoo: Oh, ok.

Sammy rolls another grenade.

Jinoo: Sh*t.

After Jinoo endures physical pain, Sammy puts Jinoo into "the Furnace". Jinoo is tied up and he has endure extreme heat to boost mental toughness.

Jinoo: FFFFFFFF****************CK.

After his Mentality training, Jinoo's Base Stat Total rose to

Sammy: 5,000 already? You've been working hard, I'm proud of you.

Sammy gives Jinoo a kiss.

Jinoo, tired: I'm going to sleep...

Sammy, thinking in her head: 5,000 already?! 1,000 in a day?! At this rate he'll be stronger than me in no time. He sure does have potential.

After they both shower and ate dessert, Sammy walks Jinoo to their dorm. Jinoo feels good after the shower and dessert. Then Luscious appears.

Luscious: Hey guys!

Jinoo: Girl, how you feeling?

Luscious: Guys, get in the room, I need to show you something.

Jinoo: Ok.

They get in Sammy's dorm. Jinoo and Sammy both sit on the bed.

Luscious: So, we all know that your love is real, but do you guys wanna know your true feelings towards each other?

Jinoo: Why?

Luscious: Why not, I know that you're curious.

Sammy: It wouldn't be a big deal I guess. I am kinda curious.

Jinoo: Yeah, I guess it can't be a big deal. So Luscious, what are you going to do?

Luscious: Just with a snap of my fingers, you will show your true feelings towards each other.

Sammy: Oh, that's interesting. Well Jinoo?

Jinoo: Let's see. I wouldn't mind as long Sammy doesn't stomp my a*s again.

Luscious smirks: Ok.

Luscious snaps her fingers. Sammy and Jinoo gaze into each other's eyes. Then, they pull each other in as they make out.

End of chapter five.

Sike, you ain't seeing Fujita.
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For those wanting to see Fujita, here it is :D. Sorry for trolling but this is the last chapter (how many times have I said that?). Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 6: Trouble Maker

Jinoo and Sammy take off their clothes. Luscious exits the room.

Luscious rolls her eyes: I'll give those two space.

The next day. Jinoo and Sammy wakes up early morning.


Sammy: Oh. We had sex. That was great.

Jinoo: *censored*, are we going to be in trouble?

Sammy finally realized: ... Gasp* We had sex! Nicole is going to kill us!

Jinoo: Why would Luscious do this?

Sammy: Probably to get us trouble. I guess she's trying to make your life miserable because of me.

Jinoo: *censored*. What time is it?

Sammy looks at the clock: 5:09. Usually no one is awake during this time. You can walk to your dorm.

Jinoo: Ok, I-... where the f*ck is my dorm?

Sammy: Oh, I forgot to show you. I can't show you where your dorm is at, I'm super sore. Go to relaxation room and play video games or whatever.

Jinoo: Aight, I'll see you soon.

Sammy smiles. Jinoo exits the room. He meets Luscious during his way to relaxation room.

Luscious: Hey, how was your night with Samantha?

Jinoo: Goddamnit Luscious, what are you trying to accomplish?

Luscious: Oh? Seems like you didn't have a nice night. Perhaps, I can treat you better.

Jinoo: Luscious! Why are you making my life miserable?

Luscious: Well, this is the life you chose, right?

Jinoo: No it wasn't. I was given no choice.

Luscious: Sweetheart, you did agree with Samantha to show your true feelings right?

Jinoo: Y-yes...

Luscious: Then it was your choice!

Jinoo: How did you know about our feelings though?

Luscious: I can't read people's mind, but I see expressions. When I know that a sin is being committed or intended, I can manipulate it by making it worse or reversing it to a good act. I couldn't see your expression, but Samantha. Even though she hid it well, I could still see it. How she wanted you to *censored* her badly. She's a naughty little girl. Once I realized, I planned to activate those true feelings.

Jinoo: Leave Sammy alone. I don't care about you anyways. You're a nuisance.

Luscious: What the f*ck did you just say?

Jinoo: Get out of my life.

Luscious, swinging her katana at Jinoo: How dare you say that to me!

Jinoo catches the blade, he is surprised.

Jinoo: Oh. I thought I was going to die. Did you get weaker?

Luscious turns away: To be honest, ever since I linked with your soul, my Base Stat Total became the same as yours. This is my contract with God. Like other soul allies, I can't separate from you until you die. I am now a lot weaker because of that contract I gave you. I can't believe you actually broke it.

Jinoo sits down on a sofa: Come over here girl.

Luscious sits on his lap.

Jinoo: I'm sorry that I said that to you. I don't mean it. I'm just tired, I know you mean no harm. I care a lot about you.

Luscious: ...

Jinoo: Hey, who knows what might turn out in the future. You might find a guy who is a better man than I am. I just don't fit in your lifestyle.

Luscious: Lifestyle? Is that why you had feelings to f*ck Samantha?

Jinoo: Well, I was hoping it would be later, but what happens happens. But what I am saying is, I am not the one for you.

Luscious: No, one man I loved has already left me. I am not going to let you go!

Jinoo: Who was the man before?

Luscious: I don't know. Some black dude. He's as mysterious as that Fujita guy.

Jinoo: Well, why don't you find him?

Luscious: No, I have committed to you. I am going to do whatever it takes to snatch you from her.

Jinoo: I'd like to see you try.

Luscious: Fine then, it's on.

Nicole barges in: Jinoo! You got some sh*t to explain!

Jinoo: Sh*t.

They walk over to Sammy's dorm. Jinoo sits down next to Sammy.

Nicole: What a f*cking nuisance. First you lose your powers and now you have premarital sex, which is a big crime to God.

Jinoo: Wait! I can explain!

Jinoo explains to Nicole.

Nicole: So, it's you Luscious. First you give the contract and now this. Well, if the Goddess of Sins allows it, then there is nothing I can do. On the other hand... I'm ashamed of you Samantha. How can you have such vile feelings?

Sammy: Sorry.

Nicole: Don't let this sh*t happen again.

Nicole leaves. They all sigh.

Jinoo: Way to snitch on us, Luscious!

Luscious: I didn't snitch! Everyone was able to hear Samantha screaming with pleasure as you plowed her!

Jinoo: What?! Sh*t.

Sammy: I don't mind.

Jinoo: What?!

Sammy: I love you so much, Jinoo. As long as you love me, I don't care what the others think about us. It's our love, not theirs. What they think about us is irrelevant. So please Jinoo, promise me you'll stay by my side forever.

Jinoo: I will. But we got a problem.

Luscious: Yep, I'll be taking your man soon.

Sammy: Do what you want, Luscious. But you will always fail trying.

Luscious exits: We'll see about that.

Jinoo: Well, there are some heavy love rivalry going on.

Sammy: Honey, whatever you do, don't fall for her.

Jinoo: Of course I won't!

Sammy smiles.

Jinoo: Thank God that Nicole was understanding.

Jinoo walks out to train the rest of the day.

Jinoo after training: Alright! 6,500! Phew! I had a good day of training!

After Jinoo showers, Grand Vizier Constantine appoints a meeting. Everyone gathers around and stared at Jinoo and Sammy.

Jinoo: Oh come on guys! It was a mistake.

Calvin: Attaboy Jinoo! WHOOOO! That's my boy!

Nicole: Calvin, stop it.

Calvin silences.

Nicole: Okay, I get that we might make mistakes. Yesterday was very unexpecting. However, try not to sin. There is a reason why we are the Ten Commandments. We need to set an example for our people. That is all for today.

The meeting was dismissed. They all head to the cafeteria for dinner.

Jinoo: I'm starving.

Suddenly, something swoops in, grabs Jinoo, and goes through a vent which leads to the roof. It was a man who took him. He wore a black leather trench coat unbuttoned, a black leather hoodie and pants underneath. He had his hood up and was wearing a gas mask.

Mysterious man: It's been a long time Jinoo.

Jinoo: Who are you?!

The mysterious man takes off his gas mask.

Jinoo: Gasp*!

End of chapter six.

Oh well, people are probably going to ask me to write more.
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Welp, people aren't pleased. Fine, this is the last chapter I'll do and I mean it. Here it is.

Chapter 7: Reunited

Jinoo: Kyrie Sweg Perkins?!

Fujita: The name is now Fujita Five.

Flashback to the past. Kyrie (Fujita) awaits outside Jinoo's castle. They were 10 years old.

Jinoo: Hey, who are you? Why are you crying?

Kyrie crying: My name is Kyrie. My parents stole some food because we have no money. The police came over with their guns pointing at us. They were going to arrest my parents. I don't know what happened, but my dad accidentally knocked something off the counter. Next thing I knew, my parents were murdered. They beat me up real bad, then they tried arresting me. I ran away.

Kyrie starts bawling. Jinoo hugs him.

Jinoo: Goddamnit, another case of police brutality. Here boy, come into my house. You don't look so good.

Jinoo brings Kyrie in. They meet Jinoo's mother.

Jinoo's mother: Son, who is that?

Jinoo: Mom! I thought you fixed the police brutality problem, but his parents just got murdered and he got beaten by the popo!

Jinoo's mother: Oh please, he's black. He knows how to get over hardship. He's lucky he ain't a slave by the Chosen.

Kyrie starts crying louder. This irritates Jinoo's mother and she brings out her whip.

Jinoo's mother: SHUT UP!

Jinoo's mother lashes Kyrie. Kyrie stops crying.

Jinoo: Mom stop it!

Jinoo mother's: Oh look at that, he stopped crying. That ought to shut him up.

Kyrie's presence became more intense. Black aura steams out.

Jinoo's mother: What's this?

Jinoo: Kyrie?

Kyrie's body is covered in black aura, which gave immense force. Jinoo's mother and Jinoo froze in shock. Their eyes and mouth opened wide, they were speechless.


Kyrie lost his mind, he charges at Jinoo's mother.

Jinoo's mother activates her class: OH SH*T! Great Wall!

A giant wall rises in front of her, but Kyrie was too strong. He punches through and Jinoo's mother went flying. Kyrie's rage subdues.

Jinoo: Sh*t! Come with me, we gotta run for it!

They ran away. Kyrie cries again.

Kyrie: Oh no... what have I done?

Jinoo: Don't worry, she's still alive.

Kyrie: I'm so sorry!

Jinoo: Kyrie! Stop crying and stop feeling bad for yourself! Crying is only for the weak to get stomped on. It wasn't your fault!

Kyrie stops crying: I'm so sorry...

Jinoo: Don't worry. I'll deal with it, but you have to stay hidden. We'll meet by the park everyday before school. I'll give you food and money daily from now on, ok?

Kyrie: Ok...

Jinoo: Now hide! Don't get caught! Change your ID also!

Kyrie runs away. Jinoo goes back to his house. His mother stands back up.

Jinoo's mother: Where is that son of a b*tch!

Jinoo: I killed him. He reverted back to normal and I shanked him.

Jinoo's mother: Good. Don't ever bring a black, hispanic, Arab, or Indian boy in ever again. They disgust me.

Jinoo: Ok mom...

Back to the present.

Jinoo: How did you end up here?

Back to past when they were 18 in high school.

Jinoo's friend #1: How come Jinoo never hangs out with us? He's the most popular dude, yet he likes to be all alone.

Jinoo's friend #2: He's just been hanging out with that black boy Fujita. Jinoo calls him "Kyrie" however, it's like Jinoo doesn't even know Fujita's name.

Jinoo's friend #3: Jinoo never goes to parties. He doesn't want to get drunk and high with us. All he wants to do is hang out with Fujita.

Jinoo's friend #4: We should just kill Fujita. We'll get away with it.

Jinoo's friend #5: Yeah. I want to talk to Jinoo more, he is so funny but that Fujita keeps taking Jinoo away from us.

Jinoo's friend #6: Let's kill him today.

Jinoo's friends gather around Fujita at the park.

Jinoo's friend #1: Kill him.

Jinoo's friends all stabbed him to death, then they ran away from the scene. Jinoo comes by and sees Fujita's dead body.

Jinoo: NO! Sh*t! Kyrie!

Jinoo watches surveillance. He grabs his shank.

The next day at school, Jinoo kills all of his friends involved with the murder. He was never caught.

Back to the present.

Fujita: After my death, I met Luscious.

Jinoo: Oh...

Back to the past. Kyrie spends about a month with Luscious.

Luscious: Seriously, you're going to leave me like that? I thought you loved me!

Kyrie: ...

Luscious: Kyrie! Why don't you ever talk? I barely hear you speak nowadays!

Kyrie: ...

Luscious: That's it? You're just going to be a freeloader at my place? Just to plan your revenge? I gave you the most powerful class!

Kyrie: ...

Luscious: I can't believe I fell in love with this mute! That's it! I'll make sure you never get your revenge!

Before Luscious sets a contract, Kyrie leaves.

Back to the present.

Jinoo: (Ohh, so that's why Luscious is sexually frustrated) So what happened after that?

Fujita: When Luscious or Satan banishes you or when you escape from them, you become a Demon.

Jinoo: So...

Fujita: Yes. Technically, I am a Demon now.

Jinoo: Sh*t. Is that why you hide yourself from them?

Fujita: No, I just like to be alone.

Jinoo: Oh.

Fujita: Anyways, I managed to escape the Demon Clan.

Jinoo: Escaped?

Fujita: Yeah, no one recognized me since I kept being alone. When I escaped, I went to join the Chosen, so I could get my revenge for The Free tormenting me through my whole life.

Jinoo: You never show yourself to The Chosen though?

Fujita: There was another reason why I came here. I was a slave here.

Jinoo: Oh... sh*t.

Back to the past when Fujita was 4. He was making loud noises while playing.

Owner: Can your kid shut the f*ck up?!

Kyrie's father: Sorry. Shh, come on now, get to work.

Kyrie kept playing.

Owner yelled as he grabs his whip: That's it!

The owner whips Kyrie repeatedly. Kyrie cries loudly. Kyrie's father came rushing at the owner.

Kyrie's father: Stop hurting my son!

The owner punches Kyrie's father. Kyrie stops crying.

The owner: Oh? You mad now?

Black aura swallows Kyrie as he gets furious.

Owner: What is this?!

Kyrie jumps up and twists his owner's neck.

Kyrie's father: Sh*t! Oh God! Kyrie! Let's get outta here!

Kyrie's father grabs his wife and kid to The Land of The Free.

Back to the present.

Jinoo: Oh God... how come you didn't tell me about this?

Fujita: Because it still torments me.

Jinoo: F*ck. Is that why you're always silent?

Fujita: Yeah. I came here to kill my owner, but I forgot I already did. So I just joined the Ten Commandment to achieve the rest of my revenge.

Jinoo: Sh*t, you had a really rough time.

Fujita: ... So, what's your story?

Jinoo explains everything.

Fujita: Ok, looks like we both have a revenge to settle.

Jinoo: Yep. I'll introduce you back to the Ten Commandments. I'll explain everything. They will understand how you became a Demon. I mean, I was an atheist as well.

Fujita: I guess... I'll meet them.

Jinoo: Good, but keep your mask on. Luscious is actually my soul ally.

Fujita: What?! I can't go then!

Jinoo explains everything.

Fujita: Oh, I suppose I don't need to fear her if she got weaker. Ok, I'll keep my mask on, I will never take it off. Just don't mention my real name.

Jinoo: Got it, now let's go.

Fujita: Jinoo...

Jinoo: Ya?

Fujita: Thank you.

Jinoo: Huh?

Fujita: Even when no one cares for you, you still care for others. That is a trait rare among humans. I will never forget you, I owe you so much for what you have done for me in the past.

Jinoo: You don't owe me anything. As long as you are happy, I am happy.

Fujita smiles.

Jinoo: Now let's go, shall we?

Jinoo and Fujita walks into the cafeteria. Everyone stares at Fujita.

Jinoo: I would like to introduce Fujita.

Cookie: Hey! Where the f*ck were you against the Behemoth!

Bobby: How did you find that f*cker?

Nicole: Where have you been hiding, you b*stard!

Everyone except Sammy and Luscious started yelling at Fujita. Jinoo silences them.

Jinoo: Hey! Let me explain!

Jinoo explains Fujita's past as The Free. He lies about how Satan banished Fujita.

Calvin: So, you're a Demon now?

Fujita: ...

Jinoo: Yes, but his story is similar to mine. We are all against The Free.

Nicole: Ok, but from now on Fujita, you can't hide from us. We need you. You are our best hope against our enemies.

Fujita: ...

Nicole: Both of you, go study the Bible. You need to learn the word of God. You will have a test on it soon.

Jinoo: You hear that Ky- I mean Fujita? Let's go study together, like old times!

Luscious: Wait.

Jinoo: What is it?

Luscious: Fujita. Take off your mask.

End of chapter 7.

There you go and the end.
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You know what, I enjoy writing these. I'm going to keep writing whenever I feel like it. Here is the end of the Introduction Saga.

Chapter 8: Testing Day

Fujita takes off his mask, his face is completely different.

Luscious: Oh. Nevermind.

Jinoo: Aight! Let's go study!

Jinoo and Fujita immediately leaves the room.

Jinoo: Holy *censored*! That was close!

Fujita: I think I peed a little.

Jinoo and Fujita laughs.

Jinoo: How did you do that though? That was clutch!

Fujita: It's my skill move Shapeshift. I can become anyone I've seen before. I can also copy their Base Stat Total.

Jinoo: What?! That's OP! You can copy the strongest person and destroy everyone!

Fujita: Not exactly. The only con to this skill move is that I can only copy weaker opponents. It's not really for combat.

Jinoo: Aw, but it was so hype though. Well, at least it's useful. Just like what happened today!

Fujita: Yeah, I guess so.

Jinoo: Let's go to my dorm to study. I haven't been there yet.

Fujita: Ok.

They reach Jinoo's dorm. It was the same as Sammy's. Massive bedroom. A giant bed, giant desk, giant walk-in closet, giant everything. And 3 cats...

Jinoo: Cats?

Fujita: They're our pets, they wander around the headquarters. They were saved by the Beasts.

Jinoo: Oh, what are their names?

Fujita: They are named based on who saved them. The Toyger is named Bobby. The black cat is named Sweg. The Russian Blue-Siamese mix is named Cookie. I think they like you.

The cats purr against Jinoo.

Jinoo: For some reason, cats always seem to love me. Anyways, let's study.

They read the Bible. Fujita takes off his mask and hoodie to drink some orange juice. Jinoo realizes a bar code brand behind Fujita's neck.

Jinoo pointed at the brand: What is that?

Fujita: Oh, I don't know. I think I got it when I was a slave.

Jinoo: Oh.

They finally finish the Bible after 4 hours.

Fujita as he leaves: Bye.

Jinoo, sleepy: See ya!

Fujita leaves. Jinoo drink his orange juice. Then, Sammy walks in.

Sammy: Jinoo?

Jinoo, sleepy: Ya?

Sammy: Are you sleepy?

Jinoo finishes his orange juice: Not anymore.

Sammy: Good.

Sammy holds Jinoo's hand and brings him to his bed. Sammy pull Jinoo on top of her and brings his face in. Jinoo covers Sammy's mouth.

Jinoo: Oi, you don't want to get in trouble again, do you?

Sammy: Oh, sorry. I guess I got carried away.

Jinoo: Meh, I wish we can somehow soundproof the room.

Sammy giggles: I wish that was the case.

Jinoo kisses Sammy: I want to get some sleepy though.

Sammy: Ok.

Jinoo tucks himself in bed. The cats cuddle with him.

Sammy: Oh? The cats seem to like you.

Jinoo: Yeah, I like them too.

Sammy smiles: You ready for the test tomorrow?

Jinoo: I guess, is it easy?

Sammy: Meh, it's short but it ain't multiple choice though.

Jinoo: Sh*t. Well, I'll pass it!

Sammy smiles: Of course you will. Now good night.

Sammy kisses Jinoo and leaves the room. Bobby approaches to Jinoo.

Jinoo: What is it buddy?

Bobby smacks Jinoo in the face and backs away.

Jinoo: Ow! What the f*ck?

The next day, Jinoo and Fujita takes the test.

Question #1: What are the Ten Commandments?

1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
2. You shall not make idols.
3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5. Honor your father and your mother.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet.
Hmm. We seem to break most of these... balance I guess?

Question #2: Why did God create the world?

For His glory. He creates people in his own image to glorify him. He created the world to sustain life.

Question #3: Why does sin exist?

The first humans ate the fruit from the forbidden tree as they were deceived by Satan. The fruit corrupted the humans with sins. Why the tree was there is unknown.

Question #4: What is The Chosens' goal?

To live life with the faith of God. To spread word about God and his glory. This creates faith in God.

Question #5: How do you get accepted to Heaven?

You must have faith in God that He is your father.

Question #6: Why don't we see God?

To test our faith if we are worthy to get accepted to Heaven.

Question #7: Why do atheists exist?

Because their faith is not strong enough to realize that God is real.

Question #8: What is marriage and what its purpose?

Marriage is when a man and woman becomes "one flesh". God has created marriage to provide the world his love for man and woman. Marriage is means to serving and glorifying God. It is also to create another generation of people, so that the population of God's creation can go on.

Question #9: Why shouldn't you have pre-marital sex?

God wants to reserve sex for marriage because sex is a beautiful thing. Sex bonds the couple closer than anything else. Sexual purity should be maintained for marriage. Sex should be with one true partner, it should not be used so recklessly.

Jinoo: Welp.

Question #10: Why should we eliminate The Free?

They do not deserve to live on God's creation and receive the Glory of God.

Jinoo turns the test in.

Jinoo: Phew, that was easy.

Nicole grades the test. In a few minute she handed the tests back. Jinoo and Fujita both gets 100%.

Nicole: Congratulations!

Jinoo: Yay!

Fujita: ...

Nicole gives them handbooks.

Nicole: These contain the rules of the Ten Commandments. You are now considered new members of the Ten Commandment.

Jinoo: Yay!

Fujita: ...

Jinoo and Fujita walks to the relaxation room. Jinoo looks at the aquariums.

Jinoo: Phew! Today was a boring day.

Fujita: Yeah, nothing much really happened.

Jinoo: Ya, but look at them fishies though! I want my own aquarium! It's like being God, but of fishies!

Fujita smiles. Skyla comes in.

Jinoo: Skyla?

Skyla: Come to the Round Table, we have a meeting.

The Ten Commandment gather at the Round Table.

Nicole: Guys, I have some extraordinary news.

Bobby: What is it now? More Bioweapons perhaps? Seriously, it's to the point where it's as old as Nazi Zombie. The past hundred meetings has been about zombies and I'm sick of this sh*t!

Calvin: Yeah! Why not give it a different name? How about “Retards" since they're dumb as bricks and a bunch of failures!

Nicole smacks Bobby and Calvin.

Bobby: Ow! What was that for?

Calvin: Ow! I was just kidding!

Skyla: Oh my God, Calvin you have no chill. That was so rude.

Calvin: Eat me.

Skyla: Sorry, I'm on a diet, fata*s.

Calvin: What'd you call me? I'll sit on Elesa and break her into pieces, so that you'll never fly again!

Skyla: You fat f*ck! How dare you say that! I'll drink all your liquor!

Calvin: You don't dare!

Skyla: I’ll drop you you off to Judas so you can live your miserable life there.

Bobby: Calvin is half caucasian, they’ll kill him on the spot.

Skyla: Exactly.

Skyla and Bobby laughed. Calvin became very sad however. Skyla and Bobby does not see this though.. Jinoo feels bad as he sees the sadness in Calvin's face.

Skyla: You know just kidding right? You know we love you.

Calvin: Yeah… I know...

Nicole: Stay focused! Anyways, it's not about Bioweapons today.

Bobby: It's about vampires.

Nicole: A new ultimate class appeared.

Everyone except Jinoo, Calvin, and Fujita: WHAT?!

End of Chapter 8.

End of Introduction Saga. Now we begin, THE PARAGON SAGA!
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Now we begin a new Saga.

Chapter 9: A New Class

Jinoo: Ultimate class?

Nicole: Yes. All classes are equally good, no class is better than the other. They all have ten skill moves. However, there are ultimate classes, which has more skill moves. 2 weeks before you joined, there was an ultimate class called Manipulator. However, it was taken by the The Free. Although, that class won't be as strong as this new one.

Jinoo: What's the new class called?

Nicole: It's called the Paragon class.

Jinoo: How do we get it it?

Nicole: There is a mysterious woman on an island called Tauheed. With Skyla's Soul Ally, we can get there in less than an hour. The woman provides a series of quests, to see who is worthy of the class. The more quests there are, the better the class. The Manipulator had five quest, the Paragon has 20.

Bobby: Twenty?! That's going to take a while.

Nicole: Remember, the person with the most potential is chosen by the woman to take the quests.

Jinoo: Oh, then it's obviously me. Just kidding.

Nicole: It's definitely you, but you never know. So we better train our a*ses off for this.

Everyone except Fujita and Calvin went to the gym to train. Calvin stays in the Round Table. Jinoo looks at Calvin before he leaves.

Calvin: The f*ck you looking at?

Jinoo: Aren't you coming with us?

Calvin: Nah, I like to be alone.

Jinoo: C'mon man, why don't you work out with me?

Calvin: F*ck outta my face.

Jinoo: C'mon, why don't you do something with someone for once?

Calvin: Can you get da f*ck outta my face?

Jinoo: What's wrong?

Calvin: Nothing, now f*ck outta my face.

Jinoo: Yeesh. Aight then, if you need anything, you can talk to me. I'll see you later.

Calvin: F*ck off.

Jinoo leaves.

Jinoo, thinking in his head: What's up with him? Either something happened to him in the past or he's a plain old a*shole.

Jinoo enters the gym.

Jinoo: Better stay away from defense.

Sammy: Uh-uh. You're training with me now.

Jinoo with sad face: Nooooooo...

After every finished training, Everyone gained 200 stats. Except Jinoo who gained 1,000 and Sammy who gained 500.

Nicole: Wow, Jinoo. Nice job, you've been training really hard. You really do have potential. Now you're even stronger than some people here.

Sammy: You're never going to be stronger than me though.

Jinoo: We'll see about that.

Jinoo slaps Sammy's butt.

Nicole: Alright, shower up. We are going to Tauheed to get more info about the class in about an hour.

Jinoo looks for Fujita. Jinoo finds him in the relaxation room. Fujita is looking at the aquarium.

Jinoo: Sup buddy, how're you doing?

Fujita: You training for the class?

Jinoo: Ya, why didn't you train?

Fujita: I like my own class.

Jinoo: Oh, good for you.

Fujita: Plus, I don't wanna meet the mysterious woman, she's creepy.

Jinoo: Oh I see.

Jinoo looks at the aquarium.

Jinoo: I want my own aquarium.

Fujita: Why? We have one here.

Jinoo: Yeah, but I wanna control my own little world. Like God.

Fujita: Did you forget about the First Commandment?

Jinoo: Oh please, it's just fishies.

Fujita: Well, I can see why you like them. They do help relieve stress.

Jinoo: Yeah, but I want my own!

Fujita: Ask Sammy. She's the smartest person here. She can help you invent a special one.

Jinoo: Really? Ok, I'll look for her!

Jinoo leaves to find Sammy. He finds her in her dorm.

Jinoo: Sammy, I want an aquarium!

Sammy: Oh. That's quite odd. We have 2 in the relaxation room you know.

Jinoo: Yeah, but I want my own.

Sammy: Why?

Jinoo: Because I want to be God of my own fishies. I wanna see what's it like to control my own little world.

Sammy giggles: Sigh* You are one cute kid. I'll see what I can do for you.

Jinoo: Yay! Thank you so much!

Jinoo kisses Sammy. Nicole walks in.

Nicole: Hey!

Jinoo gets startled.

Nicole: Were you about to have sex?!

Jinoo: No, of course not. I just kissed her because she's my girlfriend.

Sammy giggles: You sure about that?

Jinoo: What?!

Sammy: I'm just kidding.

Nicole looks at them with suspicion: We're going to leave now, Let's go. And make sure you don't leave the door open next time.

Jinoo scratches the back of his head: Hehehehe.

Everyone except Fujita hopped onto Sammy's chopper and flew to Tauheed. They meet the mysterious woman. She was wearing a large cloak with her hoodie over her face.

Mysterious woman: Greetings, are you ready to accept the first quest?

Nicole: Yes. Which one of us have the most potential? (It's obviously Jinoo).

Mysterious woman: No need for that sweetheart, everyone gets to participate.

Nicole: What?

Mysterious woman: This is the last class I will sent out, so everyone gets to participate.

Nicole: Oh, I see. Well, at least all of us gets a chance.

Mysterious woman walks toward Jinoo: However, this man. I can sense very high potential from him. I must borrow him.

Nicole: Go ahead.

Jinoo: Ok.

They walk into a portal which lead to a giant palace.

Jinoo: Hmm. This place looks familiar.

They walk in. Jinoo looks around the palace.

Jinoo: Yeah, this place really does look familiar... OH SH*T, IT IS FAMILIAR!

Jinoo looks back at the mysterious woman. The woman takes off her cloak.

Jinoo: Gasps*

End of Chapter 9.

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Chapter 10 is here.

Chapter 10: The Mysterious Woman

Jinoo: Luscious!

Luscious: How are you doing, sweetheart?

Jinoo: What are you doing here?

Luscious: What do you mean? I'm here to help you.

Jinoo: Like how?

Luscious: I'm going to help you get this class.

Jinoo: Couldn't you just give it to me right now?

Luscious: That's just going to make others suspicious. Plus if I gave it to you before, your friends would ask how you got that class and you would tell them. Then they would be begging me and I wouldn't want that.

Jinoo: So, what about Fuj- Cough*

Luscious: What was that?

Jinoo: So is this the strongest class of all?

Luscious: To be honest, no. It is the same strength as a class I gave to someone. I don't remember what it's called.

Jinoo: Who did you give it too?

Luscious: My previous love.

Jinoo: And he left you, right?

Luscious: And now I love you. You are going to end up with me.

Jinoo: Why don't you just find your previous love?

Luscious: He's a demon. He's probably dead, I couldn't find him.

Jinoo: What was your relationship with him like?

Luscious: It was before I desired sexual relationships. I loved him. He was a very loving man, he took care of me. I had a great time with him. Until when my sexual desire grew strong for him, he left.

Jinoo: And was his name Kyrie Sweg Perkins?

Luscious: Yes, it was- wait, what?!

Luscious grabs the collar of Jinoo's shirt.

Luscious: How do you know of him?

Jinoo: He was my best friend back in the day. I killed him before I died.

Luscious: Really? That's hot. Too bad, you killed him. When demons die, they become a monster. Unless brought up for second chance by God, monsters perish forever when they die. If you would have found Fujita instead of killing him, I would have just left you alone for him. Now I have moved on to you. You're going to be living with me.

Jinoo: We'll see about that.

Luscious: Yes, we will.

Luscious puts her cloak back on and they both head outside.

Nicole: What did you guys talk about?

Jinoo: I don't know, I didn't listen.

Nicole facepalms.

Luscious: Your first quest is to get a confirmed kill. It could be anything. This is to prove you are willing to continue. The bigger the kill, the bigger the reward. However, bonus will be given if you slay Vars, the wandering dragon. He has been eating too much animals lately. The population is going down, the only animals that will be left are the Beasts. He is located at Tercessnogard, the land of Dragons. He is an outcast, you should be able to kill him without consequences. I have sent the objective to your scanners, it should tell you who he is. Kill him and you will be rewarded greatly.

Bobby: Hey guys, I killed a squirrel!

Luscious: That counts. Your quest is complete.

Bobby: Yeah!

Nicole: You can't advance to the next quest without us!

Luscious: Why not? Everyone is on their own.

Skyla, kills a bug and flies away in her chopper: So long, b*tches!

Nicole: Sh*t. Alright, you heard her, everyone is on their own.

Calvin: Hey Jinoo, wanna work together?

Jinoo was surprised.

Nicole: Did you not hear what I said?

Calvin: No one cares, Nicole!

Nicole: Fine, I'll just kill a little bug or something while you can struggle killing that dragon.

Mia: I'm going to help Madison get the class. I'm not interested in the class because everyone needs a doctor!

Madison: No one is going to stop me when I'm never going to die.

Jinoo: Sammy, are you going to join us?

Sammy: No, I'm going to be stronger than you and Fujita.

Sammy kills a bug and completes the quest.

Jinoo: Aight, good luck with that.

Calvin: Let's go kill that dragon!

They dash across the water to reach back to the Headquarters.

Jinoo: Calvin, what's up? You seem to be in a good mood today. At least from last time.

Calvin: Just a good day.

They finally reach the Headquarters. They are tired.

Calvin: Pant* I am not going to run that far ever again.

Jinoo: Yeah, definitely.

They look at the globe.

Jinoo: Aight, So we have 5 continents. There's The Land of The Chosen. Going to the left, we have The Zoo, then Tercessnogard! Alright, it's not a big continent, so it shouldn't be as hard as searching in other continents. 

Calvin: We could use the plane. We should get there in 2 hours.

Jinoo: Wait.

Calvin: What?

Jinoo: Is it really a good idea to work together? What are we going to do at the end?

Calvin: I don't really care about the class. I need my class so I can unlimited booze.

Jinoo: Oh, fair enough. Let's go shall we?

They fly toward Tercessnogard.

Jinoo: What the f*ck is that smell? Did you fart?

Calvin: Absolutely.

Calvin farts again.

Jinoo: Ugh!

They land.

Jinoo: Stinking b*stard.

Calvin: Let's find that dragon shall we?

A dragon comes swooping in. Its roar shook the land.

Dragon: Tasty humans for me!

The scanner reads him. Vars confirmed.

Jinoo: Well, that was easy. Now we gotta kill him.

Calvin: Father, I pray thee for Jason!

Calvin's Soul Ally appears.

Jason: I shall give you guidance for your fight.

Calvin drinks: Yeah, I don't care about that class when I got all this booze around.

Jinoo: So... Father, I pray thee for Luscious!

Luscious appears: I shall give you guidance sweetheart.

Luscious disappears.

Jinoo: Wait! Where'd she go?

Jason: You have Luscious as your Soul Ally? She's the ultimate Soul Ally! Don't worry when she left. She can still guide you no matter where she is at unlike us other Soul Allies. This should be a breeze.

Jinoo: I hope she is helping me, because LOOK AT THAT BASE STAT TOTAL!

Vars' Base Stat Total: 21,500.
Endurance: 15,000
Strength: 1,000
Toughness: 2,000
Intellect: 1,000
Mentality: 1,500
Dexterity: 1,000

Jinoo: What's mine?

Jinoo's Base Stat Total: 7,500
Endurance: 1,000
Strength: 2,100
Toughness: 700
Intellect: 1,600
Mentality: 700
Dexterity: 1,400

Jinoo: Ok, I can only deal about 1,000 on average. That's going to take awhile.

Calvin: Don't worry, dragons only have high Base Stat Total because of their endurance.

Calvin's Base Stat Total: 8,000
Endurance: 1,300
Strength: 3,000
Toughness: 1,000
Intellect: 0
Mentality: 1,500
Dexterity: 1,200

Vars slashes at them. They dodge it.

Calvin: We can't keep dodging forever, you know how to parry right?

Jinoo: Yeah.

Calvin: Good, Drunken Fist!

Calvin throws a heavy swing at the dragon. It took a considerable amount of damage. Jinoo threw a grenade at Vars. It did average damage. Suddenly, a hologram pops up in front of Jinoo. It showed a list of stat categories and Luscious' voice was heard.

Luscious' voice: Choose a stat category.

Jinoo: Calvin, what's this?

Calvin comes over.

Calvin: What is that?

Jinoo: I don't know, it told me to choose a stat category.

Calvin: Choose Strength.

Jinoo chose Strength.

Luscious: Thank you for choosing.

The hologram disappears. His Strength is multiplied by 1.5.

Jinoo: What the f*ck?

Calvin: Woah! That's OP! Throw another grenade.

Jinoo throws another grenade, this time it did more damage. The hologram pops up again.

Luscious: Choose a stat category.

Calvin: That's awesome! Every time you attack, you can boost a stat category!

Jinoo chose Strength. The multiplier was added by 0.5 and now his Strength was multiplied by 2.

Jinoo: Summon Grenade Launcher.

Jinoo shoots Vars six times. Vars parried but still took a lot of damage. The hologram pops up.

Luscious: Choose a stat category, you have 6 boosts.

Jinoo chose to boost Toughness six times.

Jinoo's Toughness was multiplied by 4.

Calvin: D*mn, now you can withstand his physical attacks.

Vars: F*cking Hax. Nova!

Jinoo dodged the ball of energy. He shoots Vars 10 times. Vars parries them all, but is critically injured.

Jinoo boost his Strength 8 times and Mentality 2 times.

Jinoo: Tactical Nuke!

A atomic bomb was dropped from the sky. Vars dodged, but was still hit from the explosion. Vars was dying.

Vars: You f*cking cheap as*es. I'll show you the power of a dragon! Dragon Rage!

Vars begins to transform. His Base Stat Total skyrockets.

Jinoo: Uh Oh.

End of Chapter 10.

Finally you saw some action, right?
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Here you go.

Chapter 11: 1st quest.

Vars became even buffer. His Base Stat Total changed.

Vars' Base Stat Total: 40,000
Endurance: 10,000
Strength: 2,500
Toughness: 10,000
Intellect: 2,500
Mentality: 10,000
Dexterity: 1,000

Vars: Warmth.

Vars is back to full health.

Jinoo: Sh*t, those defenses though. If he doesn't parry, I can only deal around 5,000.

Calvin: Just keep shooting him and boost your Strength.

Jinoo keeps shooting Vars. He boost his Strength 10 times. His Strength multiplied by 10, which equalled 210,000. Jinoo's strength is boosted to the max. Jinoo throws a grenade. Vars parries, but took too much damage.

Vars: Cheap as*. Such broken ability.

Vars' aura intensifies.

Vars: Draconversion!

Vars became sleeker. His stats changed.

Var's Base Stat Total: 400,000
Endurance: 6,000
Strength: 17,500
Toughness: 100
Intellect: 17,500
Mentality: 100
Dexterity: 4,200

Jinoo: Holy f*ck, those attack stats though! At least I can kill it with one hit now.

Calvin: Yeah, but good luck hitting him with that speed of his.


Jinoo: What should we do?

Calvin: Oh I know! Just kill other things, that way you can get your Dexterity up!

Jinoo: That's a great idea!

Jinoo kills a bird. The hologram shows up. Jinoo chooses Dexterity.

Jinoo: Umm, Calvin. There's a big problem.

Calvin: What is it?

Jinoo: My multipliers reset for some reason. I only have the Dexterity boost. I think I lose it every time I switch opponents.

Calvin: Oh sh*t.

Vars come dashing at them at high speed.

Jinoo: Bomb Shelter!

Jinoo loses 10% of his health to create his Bomb Shelter. Vars destroyed the Bomb Shelter, but Jinoo and Calvin took no damage.

Calvin: Oh! I have an idea. You can keep using Bomb Shelter and I can heal you with Healing Jager. We can tire him out and kill him!

Vars dashes at them again. Jinoo uses Bomb Shelter. Vars destroys it. Jinoo uses bomb shelter again.

Jinoo: No! I can't drink.

Calvin: Just do it for now! We're going to die!

Jinoo: I'm not drinking! I'm a good boy!

Calvin: Are you serious? Sh*t. We better come up with something fast before we die.

Jinoo: Wait. This might work.

Vars destroyed the Bomb Shelter again. Suddenly, Jinoo pulls out his Grenade Launcher and shoots at Vars 4 times. Vars parries, but is at half health now. Vars is surprised.

Vars: You sneaky b*stard!

Jinoo's Dexterity is mutiplied by 3. Jinoo's Dexterity is now the same as Vars.

Jinoo: Yes, I can dodge his attacks now.

Vars dashes at Jinoo. Jinoo dodges and shoots at Vars. Vars dodges.

Vars: Oh, I'm not going to eat you raw anymore. I'M GOING TO F*CKING COOK YOU INTO A F*CKING DISH!

Jinoo: Good, cause I'm cooking too.

Jinoo throws a cooked Flashbang. Vars get dazed.

Vars: AHH F*CK, MY EYES! Outrage!

Vars dashes multiple directions at high speed.

Jinoo: Sh*t, that attack boosted his speed. At least it's temporary.

Vars unexpectedly skims Jinoo. Jinoo takes massive damage.

Jinoo: Aw f*ck.

Calvin: Jinoo! Sh*t!

Vars skims Calvin. He takes massive damage. They both lie on the ground.

Jinoo: Sh*t, we're gonna die, are we?

Calvin: Yep, it was nice knowing you Jinoo. At least we died with a purpose. To feed a dragon.

Jinoo: That sounds nice. I'm glad he got to eat something cooked...

Vars regained conscious.

Vars: Time to f*cking die.

Suddenly Vars changed back to normal.

Vars: Oh? My time is up. Good thing it ended at the perfect time. Like you said, your death was not in vain. At least I get to eat cooked-

Jinoo: This cooked grenade!

Vars: What?!

Jinoo hurls the grenade at Vars face. A critical hit.


Vars: OH SH*T!

Vars exploded into chunks. Jinoo and Calvin's Base Stat Total increased by 30,000.

Jinoo: Calvin, we won!

Calvin laughs: Yep, that was one hell of a fight.

Jinoo: Woah, our Base Stat Total rose like crazy!

Calvin: Well, the more stronger the opponent, the more stronger you get.

Jinoo puts Var's head in a bag.

Jinoo: To Tauheed!

They get on the plane and flew away.

Calvin: Jinoo, I got a confession to make.

Jinoo: What is it?

Calvin: I could have destroyed the dragon easily, but I left the fight to you.

Jinoo: WHAT?!

Calvin: I was curious of this potential that people claimed you had. And so far, you are going to be a strong one.

Jinoo: Oh... thank you. But from now on, you have to help me!

Calvin: Fine.

Calvin farts again.

Jinoo covers his nose: NO! You f*cking d*ck!

They reached Tauheed. They turned in the head.

Luscious as mysterious woman: Wow, I didn't think anyone could do it. Many elite warriors died fighting against Vars.

Jinoo, thinking in his head: Oh, so this b*tch tried to kill me. So I can be stuck with her in the Afterlife! F*CK THIS BITCH!

Calvin: Jinoo killed him all by himself.

Luscious: Is that so?

Jinoo: Yes. You can't kill me, woman.

Luscious: I don't know what you are talking about. Anyways, here's your reward.

Luscious gives a giant chest of gold.

Jinoo: Holy f*ck! That's a sh*t ton of money!

Calvin: Wow! That fight was so worth it!

Jinoo: Yeah, especially if you did nothing!

Calvin grins: Hehehe!

Luscious: Now I present to you, the second quest.

End of chapter 11.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter.
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Here you go.

Chapter 12: 2nd Quest

Luscious: Your second quest will be to kill these three types of monsters. The first is the Abyssal Golem, I want you to bring an ounce of it's blood. Their blood has unique nutrients to help grow these special flowers. These flowers can be used to create a special alcohol.

Calvin drools.

Luscious: The second is the Molten Buck. They have three hearts. These hearts are used to provide essential nutrients for my Cerberus. Try to be careful on this one, I don't want the hearts all damaged.

Jinoo: Guess it's your kill then.

Calvin: Yep.

Luscious: Finally, you must kill a Fallen Angel. They were Angels serving God until they became evil for some reason. So God banished them and they roam around here now. I need a gallon of blood from them. Also has essential nutrients for my Cerberus.

Jinoo: Where are they located?

Luscious: Dogeurtehtsieiryk. Demon's territory.

Calvin: What a troublesome name.

Jinoo: What kind of f*cking name is that? Are there any specific areas?

Luscious: Check volcanoes for Molten Buck, The Abyss for Abyssal Golems, and Fallen Angels should wander around. Here are some containers you need to store the hearts and blood. I sent the objectives to your scanner.

Jinoo: Aight, let's go.

They fly back to the Headquarters. They look at the Globe.

Jinoo: Doguer- whatever is at the right of our country. The nearest volcano is on a beach. The Abyss is a triangle around the Underworld, located in the center of the land.

Jinoo grabbed the coordinates.

Calvin: Wait, hide the treasure chest first. Let's put it in your room.

Jinoo: Oh, that's right.

They put the treasure chest in Jinoo's dorm. Jinoo pet the cats.

Calvin: Let's fly now, shall we?

Jinoo: You better not fart again!

Calvin: Fine! I just did that to tease you.

They reach the volcano.

Jinoo: Let's look for that deer, shall we?

They wander around, then they see the Molten Buck.

Jinoo: Alright, let's see his Base Stat Total.

Molten Buck's Base Stat Total: 900.

Calvin: Psh, let me take care of this!

Calvin runs after the deer, Calvin is faster than it.

Calvin: Come here, b*tch! Belly Flop!

Calvin slams on the floor and creates an earthquake. The deer flies and slams against a boulder. It dies as it lands on its neck. The deer's lava skin hardens. Calvin's Base Stat Total rose by 100.

Jinoo: Aight! Let's gut him!

The hearts were still warm. They scooped the hearts in the container.

Jinoo: Now, the Abyss.

They fly to the Abyss.

Calvin: What a dark, eerie place.

Jinoo: Too creepy.

Suddenly, an Abyssal Golem scares them.


Jinoo: Let's see...

Jinoo scans the golem. Abyssal Golem confirmed. Abyssal Golem's Base Stat Total: 50,000.

Calvin: I got him.

Jinoo: No, I got him.

Calvin: No, I got him!

Jinoo: NO, I GOT HIM!



Jinoo and Calvin rumbles. The golem becomes furious.


Calvin: Fine, let's both kill him.

Jinoo: Fine.

Jinoo throws a molotov and Calvin throws a molotov. The golem burns to death. Their Base Stat Total rose by 1,000.

Calvin: My molotov is better.

Jinoo: No it's not, my molotov has explosive in it.

Calvin: That ruins the purpose of a molotov. Mine contains the most flammable alcohol.

Jinoo: Well, at least my molotov did the killing.

Calvin: No, mine did!

Jinoo and Calvin sized up to each other: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

They stopped. Jinoo walks to the golem.

Jinoo: I feel like this is too easy.

Jinoo gets fills the small container with the blood.

Calvin: Yeah, too easy.

They walk towards the plane, then they see a dark angel. Jinoo scans him. Fallen Angel confirmed. Fallen Angel's Base Stat Total: 11,000.
Endurance 1,000
Strength: 0
Toughness: 1,000
Intellect: 5,000
Mentality: 2,000
Dexterity: 2,000

Calvin: This one is mine.

Jinoo: Fine! I'm just going to watch you fight.

Calvin: Hey! B*tch as*!

The Fallen Angel looks.

Calvin: I want your blood b*tch!

Fallen Angel: Has Luscious sent you?

Calvin: What?

Jinoo: No, a mysterious old woman did. (Oh sh*t!)

Fallen Angel: Old woman? Very well, I shall kill you.

Calvin: Father, I pray thee for Jason!

Jason appears: I shall give you guidance.

Fallen Angel: Oh? You are part of the Ten Commandment? What disgraceful people.

Calvin drinks: You just mad because God abandoned you like your father!

Jinoo: OOOHHHHHHH! F*cking reeeekt! Wait, do you even know if his dad left him though?...

Fallen Angel: How dare you bring up my past! Angel's Darkness!

A shroud of dark mist went towards Calvin. Calvin lights a torch.

Calvin: Dragon's Breath!

Calvin takes a swig and blows fire at the shroud. The shroud burns away. Calvin takes another swig, his stats rises.

Fallen Angel: Oh, I see. The more drunk you get, the more your stats rise. You better not get too drunk though.

Calvin takes another swig: I have high tolerance.

Fallen Angel: Mind Relax!

The Fallen Angel's Intellect and Mentality boosted.

Calvin: Ha! Useless! Belly Flop!

Calvin lands on the Fallen Angel. The Fallen Angel parried but became paralyzed.

Jinoo: Woah! What happened?!

Calvin: My Belly Flop has a chance to paralyze, which cuts the opponent's Dexterity in half and the opponent sometimes can't attack because of it.

Fallen Angel: Sh*t, this isn't good!

Calvin: Calvin's 200 Proof Alcohol! Take a chug!

Calvin made the Fallen Angel chug a whole bottle of his special alcohol. The Fallen Angel is now drunk out of his mind.

Calvin: Now he has a chance to attack himself. With paralysis, he has a very low chance of hitting me.

The Fallen Angel hits himself. He's on the floor helpless.

Calvin: Drunken Fist!

The Angel was dying. Calvin gives him a pill that Calvin uses to make himself sober. The Fallen Angel became sober.

Calvin: Any last words?

The Fallen Angel: God is a phony! He will doom this world!

Calvin: Ha! What a pitiful answer.


End of Chapter 12.

What does he mean by that?
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