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Author Topic: Jinoo (Warning:This story is for mature audience only) Best story ever! Maybe...  (Read 4298 times)

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Another one.

Chapter 13: Kyrie is God?

Jinoo: Calvin, wait! What did you say?

Fallen Angel: Kyrie is the true God. Cough*

Jinoo: Kyrie Sweg Perkins?

Fallen Angel: Gasp* You know him?

Jinoo: He was my best friend.

Fallen Angel: Where is he?!

Jinoo: He became a Demon. I killed him.

Fallen Angel: Gasp* Y-you b*stard! You will be doomed! Doomed forever!

Jinoo: What do you mean?

Fallen Angel: You'll see, you fu-

Calvin smashes his face in.

Calvin: That's enough.

Calvin drains the blood in the large container.

Jinoo: I wonder what he means by that?

Calvin: Probably some nonsense. Let's head back.

They fly the plane back to Tauheed. They turn in the items.

Luscious: Yes, excellent.

Jinoo: Woman, I need to go talk to you for a moment.

Luscious: Sure, come into my palace.

Jinoo: Calvin, stay here. I'll come back soon.

Jinoo sits down on a sofa. Luscious sits on his lap.

Luscious: Is there anything I can do for you sweetheart? Perhaps we can go to my bedroom.

Jinoo: Luscious. There was something weird that the Fallen Angel said.

Luscious: What do you mean?

Jinoo: He yelled out that Kyrie is the true God. You know what he means by that?

Luscious: To be honest, I'm puzzled actually. I didn't know Kyrie was a God.

Jinoo: Yeah, and he said the world is doomed because I killed Kyrie.

Luscious: Well, maybe you shouldn't have killed him.

Jinoo was considering whether he should tell the truth. He decided to keep Fujita a secret.

Jinoo: I didn't know, he attacked me in the first place. I killed him in self defense, I didn't mean to do it.

Luscious: Listen, what happens to the world doesn't matter. What really matters is the Afterlife. Which is why you should be with me.

Jinoo: I am going to stay with Sammy forever.

Luscious: And you'll come back to me once you realized you made a mistake.

Jinoo: I will not regret it, no matter what happens.

They both leave the palace.

Calvin: Hey! What'd you guys do?

Jinoo: I had a question about the Kyrie person, it seems that she doesn't know.

Luscious: Yes, it really confuses me. Anyways, your 3rd quest. Gather 10 bundles of Kush.

Jinoo: Really...

Calvin: Sh*t, that's going to be hard to get unless you're an atheist. Where can you get them?

Luscious: Either from The Land of The Free or in the jungles of Dogeurtehtsieiryk.

Calvin: Let's go to that Demon place again.

Jinoo: Wait, I need to go back to Constantine. I need to do something.

Calvin: Fine. We need to locate the jungle anyways.

They fly to the Headquarters.

Jinoo: Hey, I need to go talk to Fujita. You find the jungle.

Calvin: Fine.

Jinoo finds Fujita in the relaxation room. He is looking at the aquariums.

Jinoo: Fujita, I need to talk to you.

Fujita: What is it?

Jinoo: During a quest, I encountered a Fallen Angel. He said you were "the true God".

Fujita: What?

Jinoo: Yeah, I don't know what that means. But everyone believes that I killed you, just to cover up your identity.

Fujita: Oh, that was good.

Jinoo: The Angel said that the world doomed because I "killed" you.

Fujita: To be honest, I'm quite clueless. I didn't know any of this.

Jinoo: How did you not get noticed by the Demons?

Fujita: Well, I did change my name and I decided to be alone. Then I left.

Jinoo: Oh, that's right. Wait, then why does Luscious know you as Kyrie?

Fujita: I decided to use my real name in the Afterlife.

Jinoo: Oh. What did you do so far?

Fujita: I have been here all day. I just like how fish swim by.

Jinoo: Oh. Aight, I'll see you later.

Fujita: See ya.

Jinoo comes to look at the globe.

Calvin: Well, here's the jungle.

Jinoo: Aight, let's head there.

Calvin: Wait. Jinoo, did you realize that Dogeurtehtsieiryk is "Kyrie is the true God" backwards?

Jinoo reads it out.

Jinoo: Now that's really f*cking suspicious. Especially when the country was name by the Demons.

Calvin: Perhaps, Kyrie was a Demon God?

Jinoo: Hmm, maybe. Perhaps you might be correct. Let's go back to Tauheed.

They fly back to Tauheed. Jinoo and Luscious go back in the palace to talk.

Jinoo: Luscious, did you realize that Dogeurtehtsieiryk is "Kyrie is the true God" backwards?

Luscious thinks a bit: Oh, I haven't realized that before.

Jinoo: Do you think that's kinda suspicious? Especially when it was named by Demons?

Luscious: Hmm, perhaps he was a Demon God? But then I would know...

Jinoo: And I killed him.

Luscious: That's right. Well, you're going to figure that yourself. I don't care anymore because he's dead.

Jinoo: Oh well, I'll see you later.

Jinoo and Calvin flew to the jungle of Dogeurtehtsieiryk. They found bushes of Kush.

Jinoo: Sh*t, that was easy.

They grabbed the bundles and flew the plane.

Calvin: Man I haven't ate all day.

Jinoo: I know, this is the last quest for today.

An alarm is sounded.

Jinoo: What's going on?

Calvin: Sh*t! We're outta gas!

The plane dips down.


They crashed, but they still survived.

Jinoo: Oh, we're at the beach again.

Calvin: Sh*t, how are we going to get back home?

They heard something eerie.

Calvin: What was that?

A figure pops up from the darkness.

Jinoo: Uh oh.

End of Chapter 13.

Yay, this is now a hot topic.
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I just read Ch4. I think you are doing well. You are going to complete your story at this rate.

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I just finished my homework. Chapter 14 is here. By the way, thank you KeanFox!

Chapter 14: Stranded.

Calvin: Oh my God, f*ck my life. I wanna go home!

The figure reveals itself. It's a ghost.

Calvin: AAAHHHHHHHH! Am I tripping or what?!

Jinoo: Can we kill it?

Calvin: Do you have your phone?

Jinoo: No, I never had a phone in my whole life.

Calvin: Sh*t, I left mine back at the Headquarters. How are we going to get home?

Jinoo: There's something else going on you know!

Jinoo scans the ghost.

Dire Wraith. Base Stat Total: 10,001
Endurance: 1
Strength: 0
Toughness: 0
Intellect: 5,000
Mentality: 0
Dexterity 5,000

Jinoo: Even though I can kill it easily, I'm going to have trouble hitting it.

Dire Wraith: Boo.

Jinoo and Calvin: AAAAAHHHHHH!

Jinoo throws a grenade. It doesn't affect it. Calvin Belly Flops it, he just went right through it.

Jinoo: Sh*t, can we even kill it?

Calvin: Let's try magical attacks. Dragon's Breath!

The Dire Wraith wasn't affected.

Calvin: Sh*t! I don't think we can kill it.

The wraith turned invisible.

Calvin: Sh*t! Expand your aura! We can sense it coming with our aura.

Calvin gets possessed. Jinoo punches Calvin. The wraith escapes.

Calvin: Sh*t! Thanks Jinoo. I realize it doesn't have a lifeforce. I should have known.

Jinoo: F*ck, how do we kill this thing?

Calvin: We need to try pure magical attacks. Not the ones that do physical damage. I don't think it can be affected by physical damage at all.

Jinoo: Well no sh*t, it's a ghost. We can't even catch it anyways.

Calvin: Sh*t, do we just run?

Jinoo: It will easily catch us.

Calvin: Sh*t, if only I can paralyze it...

Jinoo: Wait, I have my stun grenade.

Calvin: Oh good! Now we have to find a way to hit it.

Jinoo: Bomb Shelter!

Jinoo forms his Bomb Shelter.

Calvin: Now what?

Jinoo: I don't know. I have to think.

The wraith suddenly pops up through the wall.

Dire Wraith: Boo.

Jinoo and Calvin: AAAAHHHHHHHHH!

They ran away with the Bomb Shelter. They stay hidden.

Jinoo: Ok. That gave me an idea.

Calvin: What is it?

Jinoo: This might be risky, but if we can pull it off we can paralyze it.

Calvin: Ok. I trust you.

Jinoo cooks a Stun Grenade. The ghost pops up again. Jinoo moves away with the Bomb Shelter, the ghost is back outside. As Jinoo throws the stun grenade out, Jinoo and Calvin were protected while the ghost was paralyzed.

Dire Wraith: AAAAHHHH!

Jinoo: Got him!

They check outside. They saw the ghost fade away as the shock killed it. Jinoo and Calvin's Base Stat Total rose by 3,000.

Calvin: Atta boy!

Jinoo: Sh*t, let's build a campfire. We might be stuck here.

Calvin: God*mnit, hope we see someone who can save us.

They see a plane coming towards them. Jinoo recognizes it.

Jinoo: Oh f*ck, it's The Free.

Calvin: That's good, we can stain their plane!

Jinoo: That's right... good idea! Let's hide. We'll ambush them.

The Free landed. One person comes out.

Jinoo: Oh psh. It's Dori.

Jinoo scans her. Dori Zoey's Base Stat Total: 8,400

Jinoo: Yeah, thought so.

Calvin: You can just throw a stun grenade at her.

Jinoo: How about sleeping gas?

Calvin: Oh! Do that instead.

Jinoo: Ok, let's move in.

They close in on her. Jinoo cooks a Sleeping Gas Grenade. He rolls it.

Dori: Oh what the f*ck!

Dori falls asleep.

Calvin: Awesome!

Calvin takes her keys. They head to her plane. However, it was a one seater.

Calvin: Sh*t!

Jinoo: Ok, here's what you do. You can't take that to our city because there's a tracker. Take it to Tauheed instead. Turn in the bundles for me. Wait there until you get a ride from someone else. You have a higher chance than here. Make sure you destroy this plane. Once you get a ride, go back to the headquarters and get another plane. Bring extra fuel.

Calvin: Can't you just hitchhike?

Jinoo: I rather not. There's barely any oxygen up there. I would not be able to be up there for an hour. Plus the plane is going past mach 1. The wind would just rip my face.

Calvin: Fine. I'll come fast as I can.

Calvin flies away. Suddenly, Dori already wakes up.

Jinoo: WHAAAT?! Already?!

Dori: You made a mistake. Prepare to d-

Dori realizes Jinoo.

Dori: Gasp* No f*cking way.

Jinoo: Yes b*tch. I'm back alive.

Dori: What are you doing here? How are you still alive?

Jinoo: I'm getting the Paragon class. Oh, and I was revived.

Dori: Who revived you?

Jinoo: It don't matter. I'm with the Chosen now.

Dori: Y-you traitor!

Jinoo: Traitor?! Me?! You people are the ones who killed me! I'm going to get my revenge now! Starting with you!

Dori: A weakling like you beating me? Psh, what's your Base Stat Total?

Dori scans Jinoo. She is shocked.

Dori: What?! 10,900? How did you get this strong?!

Jinoo: I trained.

Dori: Oh.

Jinoo: Time to die.

Dori screams as she runs away. Jinoo lets her go.

Jinoo: I'll deal with her later.

Then Jinoo realizes.

Jinoo: OH SH*T! She's going to expose me!

Jinoo runs after her.

End of chapter 14.

Get her!!!
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Yay I just finished my research paper on pornography! (I had to get a parent's signature :D). Here's chapter 15.

Chapter 15: Finding Dori

Jinoo: Come back, b*tch!

Jinoo runs after Dori. He is catching up to her.

Dori: Stay away from me!

Jinoo tackles Dori. Jinoo mounts on her torso. He goes for the ground and pound. Dori tries to slide under, but Jinoo presses his crotch on her face so she couldn't escape.

Jinoo: Oh, that's awkward.

Dori muffles: Oh my, it's so big!

Jinoo:  :unsure:. I hope Sammy isn't watching.

Dori brings up her legs and hooks them around Jinoo's neck from behind. She pulls him back. Jinoo flips over and grabs her legs. Jinoo spins and swings Dori around. He slams her into a boulder. Dori stands back up.

Jinoo: Father, I pray thee for Luscious!

Luscious: In trouble, sweetheart?

Jinoo: No, I got this.

Dori: You have some nerves hurting a girl like that.

Jinoo: Well, we never were friends.

Dori: Never were friends?

Flashback to the past. Jinoo was 20.

Dori: Jinoo?

Jinoo was sitting on a sofa. He didn't say anything.

Dori: Your mother invited me to come over. She's worried about you.

Jinoo: Dori?

Dori: Yes?

Jinoo: What do you wanna do today?

Dori: Oh. Just hang out with you. I miss talking to you, it has been a while since you hung out with Fujita. It's been a decade.

Jinoo: Oh.

Dori: I know you're still sad about Fujita, but you have to get over it. It's been 2 years since his death! Are you really going to spend your whole life just to mourn for one person?

Jinoo: I cared about you guys, but all of you are too evil. I have no feeling for any of you anymore.

Dori: But we still care about you! You're about to be our king. Is this how you are going to act as a king? Are you really going to be that selfish?

Jinoo: I guess I can brighten up a bit then.

Dori: How about I take you out for lunch? We gotta a lot of catching up to do.

Jinoo: Ok.

Dori smiles: Such a cute kid. Let's go!

Back to the present.

Jinoo: That's right, we were never friends.

Dori: Are you f*cking kidding me...

Jinoo: No. I am going to eradicate all of you! For what you have done to me!

Dori: Jinoo! It was an accident!

Jinoo: No it wasn't!

Dori: What do you mean?!

Jinoo: I know the truth Dori! Don't try to fool me.

Dori: I'm not fooling you!

Jinoo: I'm not going to take this bullsh*t!

Jinoo throws a grenade at her. Dori dodges.

Dori: Why are we fighting?!

Jinoo: To get my revenge!

Jinoo dashes after her. Jinoo misses his right jab. Dori backs away.

Dori: What makes you think that we killed you?!

Jinoo: Oh I don't know! Maybe the Goddess of Sins told me that you guys controlled the Bioweapons to kill me!

Dori: Goddess of Sins?

Luscious: That would be me.

Dori: A true Goddess?

Jinoo: You guys killed me because you guys thought I was a threat! I just wondered if God was real and you guys killed me for it!

Dori: I didn't know that...

Jinoo: Don't bullsh*t me! I know yo-

Luscious: Jinoo, she's not lying.

Jinoo: What?

Dori: Only some knew that you were killed on purpose.

Jinoo: What? Then Luscious, how do you kn-

Luscious: The people who knew kept quiet about this. But it was mainly your father who planned this. People do know, but they don't want others to cause a riot so they kept quiet. Dori doesn't know because your father didn't trust her. She was your friend.

Jinoo: Really?

Dori: Yes, I had nothing to do with it! I would never do such thing to you.

There was a moment of silence. Then Jinoo asks a question.

Jinoo: Dori, do you believe in God?

Dori: Oh please, spare me Jinoo, I did nothing wr-


Dori: ... No. God has never been with either of us ever, even during hard times. Because he doesn't exist.

Jinoo: Then, I am going to kill you. The eradication of The Free is necessary for my revenge. Your death is necessary for the glory of God!

Dori: Jinoo... if that's what you want, you'll die trying! Martin!

Her Soul Ally appeared.

Luscious: Oh, an artificial one.

Martin: Yes?

Dori: Help me get rid of him.

Martin: Sure.

Dori boosts up. All of her stats double.

Dori: Throw a grenade at me.

Jinoo: Sure.

Jinoo throws a grenade. Dori takes damage, but she shakes it off.

Jinoo: Wait, where's my boost?

Luscious: I just realize if you die, I get to be with you.

Jinoo: You b*tch!

Dori: Better kill you quickly before by boost runs out.

Jinoo: Just give me my boost!

Luscious: I would be paying attention if I were you.

Dori kicks Jinoo. His left arm and ribs shatter. Jinoo spits blood.

Luscious: Told ya. Now we wait.


Jinoo: Pain...

White aura steams out of Jinoo.

Jinoo: Pain... this is why I have power.

Luscious: What?

Dori: What is this?

White aura covers Jinoo's body. His aura intensifies.

Dori: What the f*ck?!

Luscious: Incredible power. His aura stings me.

The aura seems to form a giant armor.

Dori: His Base Stat Total is rising like crazy!

The armor was complete. His armor was enormous, white and gold. He had a giant sword, long and wide. Dori is shocked.

Dori: Is this the work of God?

Jinoo: ...

Dori: Is God truly real?

Jinoo: ...

Dori: I'm guessing that's a yes. Jinoo, I believe God is real now. I'm glad I was your friend, Jinoo. There is no reason to fight. You helped me open my ey-

Jinoo slashes her in half.

Luscious: Ugh.

Jinoo stares at Luscious. Luscious just stands there and takes a picture with her phone. Suddenly, Jinoo reverts back to normal and passes out.

Luscious: Hmm, I'll take you back home. I need to know why you have Satan's powers.

End of Chapter 15.

I have no school tomorrow. Time to write some more chapters.
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Another one. Here is chapter 16.

Chapter 16: Mysterious Powers

Jinoo wakes up. He sees Luscious piggyback riding him into her palace. He gets off.

Luscious: Oh? You awake now?

Jinoo: What happened? My vision went white... oh sh*t, did I die?!

Luscious: No.

Jinoo: Oh. Good.

Luscious: Jinoo, we need to talk.

Jinoo: About what?

Luscious: You transformed into a giant with white and gold armor. Take a look.

Luscious shows her the picture she took on her phone.

Jinoo: Woah, that was me? I look so cool! Wait, what happened to Dori?

Luscious: You killed her.

Luscious shows another picture.

Jinoo: OH! God, you can at least warn me...

Luscious: The reason why I wanted to talk to you was because this is the power of Satan.

Jinoo: What? I have Satan's power?

Luscious: Yes, I am trying to find out how you got them. I can't talk to Satan because he and I have a very bad relationship.

Jinoo: How?

Luscious: Satan is not who you think. He is the God of Righteousness.

Jinoo: What?!

Luscious: Yeah. Originally, I just controlled sins and he controlled righteousness, but he's not doing his job at all. God told me to maintain both. So, I have to maintain both of them.

Jinoo: Oh, so what am I going to do now with these powers?

Luscious: You're going to figure out how you got those powers. That power of yours is very dangerous. We can't let that happen again. If those powers have control over you, it could mean the end of the world.

Jinoo: I thought you said only the Afterlife matters.

Luscious: Yes. But you can't maintain the Afterlife if the world ceases to exist. God made that contract so he wouldn't neglect the world.

Jinoo: Oh. What was my Base Stat Total?

Luscious: I don't know, I wasn't paying attention but it was a scary ass amount.

Jinoo: Oh. Well, can I proceed from the quest?

Luscious: Yeah, Calvin is still out there. He turned in the bundles for you.

Jinoo: Aight. Let's head out.

Jinoo and Luscious head out.

Jinoo: Wait, did Dori say anything when I transformed?

Luscious: After she saw your powers, she believed in God.

Jinoo: What else?

Luscious: Then you slashed her in half.

Jinoo: What?! Why?

Luscious: Well, you did have the powers of Satan. Satan doesn't like God as well.

Jinoo: Sh*t, Dori... I better find the true origins of my power before it gets out of control.

Luscious: That seems to be a good idea.

They They walk through the portal. Calvin comes up to Jinoo.

Calvin: Jinoo! What happened?

Jinoo: Long story, but this woman brought me here.

Calvin: Can we go home?

Jinoo: If we get a ride of some sort.

Calvin: Sh*t.

Jinoo: So no one came here?

Calvin: No, some demons, dragons, and beasts came here to accept her quests, none of us were here.

Jinoo: Godd*mnit. Hope they aren't worried.

Calvin: No, I hope they're worried so that they would come look for us.

Jinoo laughs: Well I guess so in that case.

Calvin: So what happened back there?

Jinoo explains.

Calvin: Powers of Satan?

Jinoo: Apparently.

Calvin: How is he the God of Righteousness?

Jinoo: I don't know, we gotta find out about my powers.

Calvin: And how are we going to do that?

Jinoo: I don't know, but we did find some crazy sh*t today. I wouldn't be surprised if one day we found Satan.

Calvin: Well, true. I'm actually looking up for it.

Suddenly a helicopter comes. It's Skyla.

Calvin: Oh thank God!

Skyla: What are you doing this late!

Calvin: We crashed a plane because it ran out of fuel. We were stranded on Dogeurtehtsieiryk. Then an atheist came and I stained her plane. Jinoo was teleported here. I don't know what happened to him.

Jinoo: Long story.

Skyla: Ok, but everyone is worried about you guys back at the Headquarters. They thought you went obsessed and insane over the Paragon class! Come on, let's go home.

Calvin: Oh, finally!

Jinoo looks back at Luscious, then he goes in the chopper. They fly off.

Calvin: So, what quest are you on?

Skyla: The 8th one.

Jinoo: What?! We're on the 4th one!

Skyla: Well, you did take too long on the 1st quest and you were stranded.

Jinoo: Sigh* Godd*mnit.

Skyla: Don't worry, the first 15 quest don't matter. They're merely just chores and errands for the woman.

Jinoo: What?!

Skyla: Yeah, the last five proves if you are worthy of the class.

Jinoo: Sh*t. Anyways, we gotta hustle Calvin.

Calvin: F*ck, yeah we do.

They make it back to the Headquarters. Nicole sets up a meeting.

Nicole: Alright! You're going to explain what happened! We were so worried about you guys!

Calvin explains everything.

Nicole: Oh, I see. What happened to you Jinoo?

Jinoo explains.

Nicole: Powers of Satan?

Jinoo: Yeah, but Luscious is helping me control it.

Nicole: Ok, that's one problem out of the way. Now, the other.

Jinoo: The other?

Nicole: Yes! You killed one of the members of the Constitution!

Jinoo: Sh*t. Dori...

Nicole: Right now we have to focus on the Paragon class. Fujita can take care of them if they chose to invade us.

Jinoo: (Dori, I'm so sorry.) Sounds good I guess. Well, Calvin and I gotta eat. We're starving.

Nicole: Alright, have a good night. Meeting dismissed.

Jinoo talks to Sammy.

Jinoo: How are you doing, darling?

Sammy: Good, sounds like you had a long day.

Jinoo thinks of Dori.

Jinoo: Yeah, I just killed one of my friends back in the day.

Sammy: Oh... I'm so sorry.

Jinoo: Nah, you don't need to worry. Killing her was necessary for my revenge.

Sammy: Oh, that's right. Well, I'm glad you're making progression.

Jinoo: Yeah, but not so much for the quests.

Sammy: But you seem like you got a lot stronger.

Jinoo: Yeah, I did killed a lot of sh*t today.

Sammy: Let's see your Base Stat Total...

Sammy scans him. She gasps as she was shocked.

Jinoo: What is it?

Sammy: Jinoo... since when was your Base Stat Total one trillion?

End of chapter 16.

Aight. Time to sleep.
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Just woke up, here's chapter 17.

Chapter 17: A New Day

Jinoo: What?!

Sammy: Just kidding.

Jinoo: Oh. I was just happy for a second, now I am sad.

Sammy: Aw. But still, 14,000? You have gotten a lot stronger.

Jinoo: Woah! It's that high already?

Sammy: Yeah! You're as strong as me now.

Jinoo: Ohhh I caught up!

Sammy: How did you get this strong already?

Jinoo: I guess it's from killing that dragon and that atheist.

Sammy: Aw, I should have came with you! Can I join you?

Jinoo: Nope.

Sammy: What?! Why?!

Jinoo: You would be a nuisance.

Sammy getting pissed: Oh, I see how it is. Next time you see me, you're going to be surprised.

Jinoo: Yeah, surprised of how much weaker you've gotten.

Sammy smiles: Oh Jinoo... what can I ever do without you.

The next day. Sweg smacks Jinoo in the nose.

Jinoo: Ow, my nose. Was that necessary?

Sweg: Meow.

Jinoo pets the cats: Well, I gotta wake up.

Jinoo gets out of bed and changes his clothes. He leaves his dorm. Calvin waits outside.

Calvin: Mornin'.

Jinoo: When did you up?

Calvin: I'm an early riser.

Jinoo: Oh. Well, let me get some food and wash up a bit.

Calvin: Fine with me.

Jinoo eats and washes up. Then, he leaves to Tauheed.

Luscious: Your 4th quest is to bring me a Fear Feeder's venom. They're venom is extremely toxic, but boiled with the right ingredients, it can be used as a great medicine. Here are some gloves and a container. The rest of the quest is going to be located at Dogeurtehtsieiryk. So from now on, you can assume it's at that place. Find some caves or dens with dark white webs. Mostly found in jungles.

Jinoo: Sh*t. I hate spiders.

Calvin: Who doesn't?

They flew to Dogeurtehtsieiryk. They went into the jungle. They find a huge den with webs.

Jinoo: F*ck me, a den that big? That's a huge ass spider.

Suddenly, a thick string of web shoots out and attached to Calvin. The web drags him in.

Calvin: Oh sh*t!

Jinoo runs after him: Calvin!

Jinoo stops, the spider is twice the size of Jinoo.

Jinoo: Sh*t.

Calvin is fighting back. Jinoo gets stuck in the webs.

Jinoo: Sh*t!

Calvin is pressing his feet against the Fear Feeder's face. He takes out his torch and lights it.

Calvin: Dragon's Breath!

Calvin takes a swig and blows fire at the spider. The spider screeches.

Jinoo scans the spider. Fear Feeder Confirmed. Base Stat Total: 15,000.
Endurance: 3,000
Strength: 3,000
Toughness: 2,000
Intellect: 3,000
Mentality: 3,000
Dexterity: 1,000

Jinoo and Calvin is moving slowly.

Jinoo: Sh*t! These webs are slowing me down.

Calvin: Dragon's Breath!

The web is too strong and thick.

Calvin: Sh*t.

Jinoo and Calvin calls for their Soul Ally.

Jinoo throws a grenade. The spider dodges it.

Jinoo: F*ck, I need to hit it so I can boost my Dexterity!

Calvin: I'll corner the spider, so cook up a grenade.

Jinoo nods as he gets ready. Calvin throws a few molotovs to create a wall of fire. He traps the spider into a corner. Jinoo throws the grenade. The spider tried climbing out of the corner, but the grenade explodes. The spider falls into the flame. The spider screeched as it dashes around. Jinoo boosts Dexterity.

Jinoo: Ok, I can move a little bit more now.

The spider wraps around itself with its web. It became a cocoon. The spider was healing.

Jinoo: Sh*t! That's not good.

Calvin drinks: Hold it off for a bit. I need to get drunk so I can boost my stats.

Jinoo summons his grenade launcher and shoots the web repeatedly. The web break open and the spider jumps out at him. Jinoo keeps shooting it. The Spider flies back and creates another cocoon. Jinoo boosts his dexterity even more.

Jinoo: Good, now I can move as fast.

Jinoo puts on the special gloves. He shoots at the web more and the spider rushes at Jinoo again. Jinoo rushes too and punches the spider. Its fang flies off. Jinoo picks it up and puts it into the container. The spider grabs Jinoo.

Jinoo: Tactical Nuke!

Jinoo destroys the spider. Suddenly, tons of baby spiders ripped out of the spider's abdomen and chased Jinoo.

Jinoo: OH SH*T!

Jinoo picks up Calvin over his shoulder and runs away. The spiders keep chasing them.

Calvin: Dragon's Breath!

Calvin burned all the spiders away. Calvin eats his sober pill and they hop onto the plane to Tauheed.

Jinoo: We also brought the fang.

Luscious: It seems you faced a giant ass bugger, haven't you?

Calvin: Yeah, it was twice the size of me.

Jinoo: Yeah, it was really fat.

Calvin: Shut up! You're scrawny!

Jinoo: To you I'm scrawny!

Calvin: Well at least I ain't f*cking ugly!

Jinoo: I ain't ugly!

Calvin: Yes you are!

Jinoo and Calvin sizes up to each other: Grrrrrrrrrrr!

They backed off and turned away.

Luscious: Ok. Now your next quest.

End of chapter 17.

I got a dentist appointment.
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Sh*t , I fell asleep again. Well, I just woke up, here's chapter 18.

Chapter 18: Spooky Scary Skeleton

Luscious: Now for this quest, you have 2 choices. Go kill 50 Undead Skeletons and give me their bone dusts. The bone dusts are for my Cerberus. This counts as one quest. Or you can kill the Skeleton Titan for its bone dusts and one tooth. The tooth will be important soon. This counts as 2 quests. You get more work from the first option since you still have to kill the Skeleton Titan, but you can complete it faster with the second option.

Jinoo: I have to do the second option. I need to get that class fast. I'm way behind.

Luscious: Ok. Here's a large container with a grinder for the bone dusts and bag for the tooth. Look for tall figures while you're flying.

Jinoo: Aight, let's go!

They fly to Dogeurtehtsieiryk. They look for tall figures. They fly further and find a huge skeleton.

Jinoo: Holy f*ck!

Calvin: How can we defeat that?

Jinoo scans it. Skeleton Titan confirmed. Base Stat Total: 100,000
Endurance: 30,000
Strength: 25,000
Toughness: 24,000
Intellect: 0
Mentality: 20,000
Dexterity: 1,000

Jinoo: What the f*ck?!

Calvin: OH SH*T!

Calvin tries to move out of the way, but the giant skeleton destroys their plane. Jinoo and Calvin lands through a tree. The giant tried to stop them, but they dove out the way.

Jinoo: Sh*t! Its stats are massive!

Calvin and Jinoo summons their Soul Ally. Suddenly, the giant skeleton's stomp created a massive shockwave. They fly back as they were stunned. The giant skeleton stomps again. Calvin comes in front Jinoo and stops the stomp.

Calvin: Give me my alcohol!

Jinoo takes a bottle and pours it into Calvin's mouth. Calvin drives the giant skeleton back and pushes it off its feet. The giant skeleton falls on its back.

Jinoo: Woah! That was amazing!

Calvin: F*ck him up!

They charges at the giant skeleton's skull and started bashing it in the face. The skeleton swipes them off its face and stands back up. Jinoo throws a grenade in its mouth. It explodes and knocks a tooth out. Jinoo grabs it and puts it in the giant bag.

Luscious: Choose your stat categories. You have 18 boosts.

Jinoo: The punches count too?

Luscious: All successful hits count.

Jinoo: Awesome! All of it on Strength.

Jinoo's Strength is multiplied by 10. Jinoo throws a grenade at its ankle. It explodes its foot.

Calvin: Drunken Fist!

Calvin takes out its other ankle. Jinoo jumps up.

Jinoo: Tactical Nuke!

Jinoo blows up the skeleton. The Skeleton Titan has been slain.

Jinoo: Whoo!

Jinoo and Calvin's Base Stat Total rose by 10,000.

Calvin: Woah!

Jinoo: D*mn! Look at our stats! Now, let's collect its bone dust.

Jinoo and Calvin grinds the bones down. They were finished.

Jinoo: Sh*t, we're stranded again.

Calvin: Nooo! Why does this keep happening!

Jinoo: Aight, let's go back to that beach.

Suddenly, an army of skeletons show up.

Jinoo: Oh, we got company.

Calvin: Well their Base Stat Total is 1,000. We can wipe them out.

Jinoo: Yeah, there's only like 50 of them.

Jinoo throws a grenade and it takes out a quarter of their army.

Jinoo boosts his Strength. His Strength is now multiplied by 10.

Jinoo: What? I still have my stat multipliers?

Luscious: Your stats will reset after you eliminate everyone hostile to you now.

Jinoo: This should be a breeze.

Jinoo throws another grenade and Calvin uses Dragon's Breath. The skeleton army is gone and Jinoo's stat multipliers reset.

Jinoo: Luscious, can you teleport us?

Luscious: I can only teleport you.

Jinoo: Aight. Teleport me back to the Headquarters. Imma go get another plane. Calvin, go back to that beach where I can pick you up.

Calvin: Fine with me, I'll be there.

Calvin takes a sober pill.

Jinoo: Luscious.

Luscious: Ok.

Luscious teleports him to her bedroom. She takes off her bikini top.

Jinoo: Godd*mnit Luscious!

Luscious: I'm just kidding.

Luscious teleports them to the Headquarters' hangar.

Jinoo smiles: Quit playing.

Luscious kisses him: Better hurry.

Jinoo: Better put that bikini top back on.

Luscious looks.

Luscious: Aw come on, you don't wanna look at these?.

Jinoo rolls his eyes and laughs. He hops into the plane and flies away to the beach. He sees a horrific sight. Calvin laying on the ground, bloody. Six dragons were on the scene. Jinoo hops out.

Jinoo: Calvin!

The dragons look up. Jinoo kneels and checks on Calvin.

Jinoo: Sh*t! Calvin!

Calvin: Hey there tiger lily. I got too drunk.

Jinoo: F*ck, you'll be fine!

Calvin: I hope so. But these dragons' Base Stat Total are around 100,000. I don't think you can handle six of them.

Dragon #1: That's right! Your friend speaks wise.

Dragon #2: It's best if you would give yourself up.

Dragon #3: Man, that guy we just beat up was a bit strong though. At least, we took care of him.

Dragon #4: And now it's your turn.

Dragon #5: Will you give a good fight like your friend? Or will you just perish?


Jinoo remembers the six people who murdered Kyrie. He gets furious.

Jinoo: How dare you...

White aura steams out of Jinoo.

Dragon #1: Oh? You mad now?

Jinoo: I WILL F*CK ALL OF YOU UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon #2: Bring it.


White aura swallows Jinoo. His aura bursts. Jinoo transforms.

Dragon #1: What the f*ck?!

Calvin: Jinoo?

Jinoo brings his sword up, dashes at the dragons, and beheads all of them with one swing. Jinoo powers up.


Luscious comes out of nowhere and knocks him out from behind. Jinoo reverts back to normal.

Luscious: Sh*t. This is getting out of control.

Jinoo wakes up at the palace.

Jinoo: Sh*t, did it happen again?

Luscious: Yes. What's scarier is that you are getting used to your powers.

Jinoo: Where's Calvin?

Calvin: Right here.

Jinoo: Calvin, are you ok?

Calvin: Yeah, thanks to her.

Luscious: Sh*t, you better start controlling yourself. One day, I won't be able to stop you.

Jinoo: I'll try to control myself.

Luscious: Good. Keep the tooth, you'll need it later. Now, your seventh quest.

End of Chapter 18.

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Wrote this before school, here's chapter 19.

Chapter 19: Aquarium.

Luscious: You need to get a scale from a Hydra. The use is for later. Here's a bag for it, you will keep the scale. Look for lakes. I brought the plane here so you're not stranded here.

Jinoo: Aight. Let's go Calvin.

Luscious: Wait. Calvin, stay outside. I must talk to Jinoo alone.

Calvin: Fine.

Calvin leaves.

Luscious: I asked Samantha to give you a gift. Go to her first.

Jinoo: What's the gift?

Luscious: It's a surprise, but it's to calm you down before you go haywire and start killing everybody.

Jinoo: Oh, ok. It better not be trap though!

Luscious: Sweetheart, this is a serious matter. Go meet Samantha.

Jinoo: Ok, fine.

Luscious kisses Jinoo: Stay safe.

Jinoo leaves.

Jinoo: Calvin, we're going to the Headquarters first. Sammy has something for me and we need to get more fuel for the plane.

Calvin: Fine.

They fly back to the Headquarters.

Calvin: Jinoo, I gotta tell you about something.

Jinoo: What is it?

Calvin: When you killed those dragons, you said something concerning. You said 'The world must end by my hands'.

Jinoo: Sh*t, really? What else?

Calvin: Luscious knocked you out and and flew the plane back to Tauheed. Nothing else.

Jinoo: Sh*t, I hope I can control my powers.

Calvin: I hope so too.

Calvin gathers extra fuel for the plane and Jinoo meets Sammy.

Sammy: Honey! Are you ok?

Jinoo: Yeah, I guess I am.

Sammy: Luscious told me everything. She told me to make this for you.

Sammy hands a key chain with two glass boxes filled with water. He sees tiny fish.

Jinoo: Is that an aquarium?

Sammy presses the up button which enlarges the glass boxes. Jinoo looks into it.

Jinoo: Wow!

Sammy presses the down button to minimize it.

Sammy: This is to calm you down before your rage consumes you.

Jinoo kisses Sammy: Thank you, Sammy. I love you.

Sammy smiles: I love you too.

Jinoo farewells as he leaves, but Sammy stops him as she runs up to him.

Sammy: Wait!

Sammy kisses Jinoo: Don't get hurt.

Jinoo smiles: What are you, my mom?

Sammy giggles: Stay safe!

Jinoo: Aight.

Jinoo hops into plane with Calvin and flies to Dogeurtehtsieiryk by a lake.

Jinoo: Now, where is that Hydra?

They found loads of body parts.

Jinoo: Oh God, looks like most people didn't have a good time.

Calvin: Where is it?

Jinoo: It's probably in the water.

Calvin: Sh*t, we're going to need to bait it out.

Jinoo: Well, they like juicy meat. You should bait them out.

Calvin: Fine.

Calvin jumps into the water. He stays under for a good minute.

Jinoo: Sh*t, hope Calvin is fine. Should I look for him? Nah I'll just wait until the water turns red.

Suddenly, 9 heads pop out and Calvin is in one of the mouths, pushing the jaws away from closing.

Calvin: Attack!

Jinoo summons his grenade launcher and shoots it. The Hydra goes underwater to dodge. It rises back up and spits out Calvin.

Calvin: Ugh, its breath sure does stink.

Jinoo and Calvin calls for their Soul Allies.

Jinoo scans the Hydra. Base Stat Total: 150,000
Endurance: 80,000
Strength: 10,000
Toughness: 23,000
Intellect: 20,000
Mentality: 13,000
Dexterity: 4,000

Jinoo: Sh*t, what's mine?

Jinoo's Base Stat Total: 80,000
Endurance: 10,000
Strength: 22,000
Toughness: 14,000
Intellect: 15,500
Mentality: 14,000
Dexterity: 4,500

Jinoo: Ooh sh*t! I'm strong as hell!

Jinoo throws a stun grenade in the water. It shocks the creatures underwater and most of them float up. The Hydra is paralyzed.

Calvin: Dragon's Breath!

The Hydra burns. Suddenly, another Hydra pops up. It was much bigger. The two Hydras fight, but the bigger one was much stronger. The bigger one slashes all of the other Hydra's throats. Jinoo and Calvin's stats boosts by 300,000. The Hydra roars at Jinoo and Calvin. Jinoo boosts his strength.

Calvin: What the f*ck? Why did it do that?

Jinoo: The bigger one probably thinks the shock came from the smaller one.

Calvin: Seems likely.

Hydra's Base Stat Total: 400,000

Jinoo: Sh*t! Calvin! Let's go for the smaller one and find his scales. I don't think we can handle the big one!

Calvin: Fine!

Jinoo and Calvin jump in. The water is crystal clear. They see dead Hydra at the bottom. Suddenly a huge shadow shows up and they look behind. The bigger Hydra was chasing them. They tried swimming away, but the Hydra was too fast. Jinoo gets in one of the mouths and holds the jaws apart with his body. Calvin does the same. The Hydra goes back up to the surface and spits them back out. Jinoo quickly throws a grenade in one of its mouth. The head explodes. Jinoo boosts his Dexterity.

Jinoo: Calvin! I got an idea!

Calvin: I know! I saw!

They both jump back in to get the dead Hydra's scale. Jinoo is a lot faster now. Calvin gets in one of the mouths. Jinoo almosts get the scale, but the bigger Hydra's tail whips him out of the surface.

Jinoo: Sh*t. That hurt.

Calvin throws a molotov in one of its mouth. The Hydra screeches and goes back into the water.

Jinoo: Here! Take these grenades! Your molotovs won't work because of the water.

Calvin: Well, I don't think we need those anymore.

Calvin shows his Special 200 Proof Alcohol. The Hydra pops back up. One of the heads started attacking the others. Then, it all became a huge fight within each other until one head lives. It was the drunk one and it's heavily injured. Jinoo runs up to it.

Jinoo: Tactical Nuke!

Jinoo slays the Hydra. He dives in and rips of the scale, which took a lot of effort. Jinoo swims back up and puts it into the bag. Jinoo and Calvin's stats boost by one million.

Jinoo: Holy f*ck. We are so strong!

Calvin: Whoo! I'm glad I went this adventure with you!

Jinoo smiles. They went into the plane and brought back the scale.

Luscious: Wow, you guys are getting a lot stronger at a really fast rate.

Jinoo: Yeah, I couldn't do it without you though!

Luscious smiles: So, your next quest.

End of Chapter 19.

Hope you enjoyed this!
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20th anniversary, here's chapter 20.

Chapter 20: More Spiders.

Luscious: Unfortunately, this monster is a spider.

Calvin: Godd*mnit.

Luscious: You need the Abyss Weaver's fang. The use is for later.

Jinoo: You always say the use is for later. What are we going to use it on?

Luscious: It's for a quest, which is why it's important to keep it. However, I can hold your stuff for you.

Jinoo: Yeah, can you hold all of our stuff?

Luscious: Of course.

Jinoo gives her the items.

Luscious: Like the Fear Feeder, look for giant caves with webs. Except their den is much larger and their webs are pure white.

Jinoo: Larger caves? Sh*t. Aight, let's go.

They fly back. They search for giant dens with pure white webs. They only found Fear Feeders' den.

Jinoo: Where is it?

Calvin: Probably in the Abyss.

Jinoo: Oh. Hehe.

They fly to the Abyss. They find a giant cave with pure white webs. They get out of the plane.

Jinoo: Holy f*ck, that's a giant cave!

Calvin: Oh man. This is gonna suck.

Suddenly, a thick string of web shoots out at Calvin. Calvin dodges, but the web attaches to the plane. Then it pulls in the plane. Jinoo chucks a C4. He detonates it and the plane blows up. Then they heard a huge screech.

Jinoo: That's not good.

Calvin: It could be if you want to damage it.

Jinoo laughs: Oh. I meant that the screech was very loud, meaning that there is a giant spider. You know what, whatever.

They walk in. Bunch of cocoons everywhere. The plane was destroyed.

Calvin: Wait, why did you destroy the plane?

Jinoo: ... Well, it was about to get destroyed anyways.

Calvin: You don't know that!

Jinoo: Well, whatever is done is done.

Calvin: F*ck, we're stuck here again.

The Abyss Weaver crawls down. It's bloody from the explosion.

Jinoo: F*ck me.

Calvin: That is one gigantic as* spider.

The spider screeches at them. Jinoo and Calvin summons their Soul Ally.

Jinoo: Let's see how strong you are.

Abyss Weaver's Base Stat Total: 400,000
Endurance: 90,000
Strength: 50,000
Toughness: 50,000
Intellect: 190,000
Mentality: 10,000
Dexterity: 10,000.

Jinoo: Calvin! Use your Dragon's Breath!

Calvin: On it!

Calvin uses Dragon's breath, but it was too fast in its web.

Calvin: Sh*t, it's too fast.

Jinoo: Hold on Calvin, I got something! Get out of this den!

Calvin throws a molotov and runs away. He burned one of its leg. The spider rips it off and grows a new one.

Jinoo: Oh God... Well, time to die slowly.

Jinoo wears his gas mask and throws Poison Gas. The spider suffocates as Jinoo leaves.

Jinoo: And now we wait.

Some time later, Jinoo wears his gas mask again and decides to head in. He finds a enormous, new cocoon by the spider. Something was wriggling in it.

Jinoo: Did that spider laid an egg sac?

Jinoo quickly tore of the fang. Suddenly, thousands of baby spiders came chasing after Jinoo.

Jinoo: FFF******CCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!

Dozens of them latch onto Jinoo. He screams.

Calvin: Jinoo! What's going on!


Jinoo ran as a whole army spiders chased him.

Calvin: OH SH*T!

The spiders latch onto Calvin. They were running around until they fell into a giant pit. The spiders died on impact, but Jinoo and Calvin still lives.

Jason: God, that was scary! Lucky for Luscious not being here.

Jinoo: Where are we?

Jason: The Underworld.

Jinoo: Can we escape?

Jason: Yeah.

Calvin: How?

Jason: Through River Styx.

Jinoo: This river?

Jason: Yep.

Jinoo: Sh*t, I feel sick...

Calvin: Me too.

Jinoo and Calvin looked at their bodies. They're covered in spider bites.

Jinoo: Sh*t, we've been poisoned.

Calvin: I can barely move... I feel like I'm dying.

Suddenly, a bunch of Demons ambushes them from one side. Jinoo and Calvin runs, but encounters another ambush from the other side.

Jinoo: AHH! SH*T! We're surrounded!

Calvin: Sh*t, this is the end.

Suddenly, thousands of Demons attacks Jinoo and Calvin and started ripping their flesh. Jinoo and Calvin couldn't fight back.

Jinoo: Sh*t... Calvin, is this the end?

Calvin: Maybe. But Jinoo... are we friends?

Jinoo: Of course buddy... I have never had such a great time with a friend before. Why do you ask?

Calvin: I never had a friend before.

Jinoo: Oh that's right, you didn't like people.

Calvin: Yeah...

Jinoo: Well, I accept being your friend.

Calvin: Then I can die peacefully...

Suddenly, white aura bursts from the crowd. Jinoo transformed. He roars. Then, he saw his key chain of aquariums. He grabs Calvin and flies out of the Underworld. Jinoo lands and he reverts back. This time he is conscious.

Jinoo: Where the f*ck are we? Oww, sh*t.

Jinoo lays down.

Jinoo: Oh, we're back into the Abyss. Sh*t, I can barely move... and I'm bleeding out.

He looks at Calvin.

Calvin: I think you were better off killing those Demons when you transformed. Or at least fly somewhere further.

Jinoo: No, I think we are safe now.

The Demons fly out of the Underworld and charged at Jinoo and Calvin.

Jinoo: Sh*t. This is the end... See ya in heaven, buddy.

Calvin: I can die... with my only friend.

Suddenly, in a flash, dozens of demons were sliced in half. A woman stands in front of them.

Jinoo: Luscious?

End of chapter 20.

Anniversary over.
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What's 9+10? 21!

Chapter 21: Flight lesson.

Luscious gave him medicine to cured the poisoning. Her eyes were teary.

Luscious: You idiot.

Jinoo: Hey, Luscious...

Jinoo wipes the tears of her cheek.

Demon: Sh*t! It's Luscious! Retreat!

The Demons run away.

Luscious: I can't stay at my island for a godd*mn second without worrying about you. I always have to come and get you when I'm giving out a quest.

Jinoo: I'm sorry.

Luscious: It's ok, sweetheart.

Jinoo: I think I'm still bleeding out...

Luscious: Sh*t, I came unprepared. I only gave you the medicine to cure your poison.

Jinoo: I wish I can fly. So that I don't get to be stranded here.

Luscious: Don't worry, I'm going to teach you how to fly.

Jinoo: Oh, that's a good idea.

Luscious: I told Skyla to come here. She should be coming soon.

Skyla comes with a high speed plane. She runs to Calvin.

Skyla: Sh*t, Calvin! Are you ok?

Calvin: I'm dying.

Luscious: Sh*t, I need to get the other medicine.

Jinoo: Thanks for asking me if I was ok.

Skyla: I'm going to take you back to safety, ok Calvin?

Calvin fades away.

Skyla: Calvin! No, no, no!

Calvin wakes up again: Oh sh*t, I almost passed out. Where's my Healing Jager?

Calvin takes out his Healing Jager and drinks it. Calvin is back to 100% health.

Calvin: Well, that's better.

Skyla hugs Calvin.

Calvin: Skyla...

Skyla: I was so worried about you. You looked so bad. Thank God you're alright.

Jinoo: Wow, she still never asked me if I was fine.

Luscious teleports.

Jinoo: And now I'm forever alone.

Luscious comes back. She gives a pill. Jinoo's wounds healed up.

Luscious: Skyla, take Calvin back to my island. I'll take Jinoo.

Skyla: Sure. Elisa, I need a helicopter.

Elisa: Sure thing.

Elisa turns into a helicopter. Skyla and Calvin goes into the helicopter and flies away.

Luscious: Jinoo, it's to the point I'm worried now. That aquarium was kind of a bad idea. You are starting to gain conscious under your power because of it.

Jinoo: But I don't remember anything.

Luscious: Soon you will have conscious, but you will be evil.

Jinoo: Why will I be evil?

Luscious: I don't know, but with the power of Satan's, it is most likely.

Jinoo: What should I do then?

Luscious: Try looking at your aquariums before you transform. It might calm you down before you transform.

Jinoo: I'll try.

Luscious: Sigh* I wish I can just hand over the class, but we both know why we can't.

Jinoo: I know. But doing these quest helps me have a great time with my friend, Calvin. I never had this much fun back then. Plus, it got me a lot stronger.

Luscious: I know, just be careful though. I can't bare to see you in that state anymore.

Jinoo: Can you give me medicine during the quests? I feel like that would help me a lot.

Luscious: Sh*t, I should have gave you them from the start. Let's head back to my place.

Jinoo: Aight.

They teleport back to Tauheed. Jinoo meets Skyla and Calvin. Luscious comes out in her cloak.

Luscious: I'm going to teach you how to fly. This could be really important. Especially for you two.

Jinoo: Yeah...

Skyla: Really?! That's great! I would love to fly! That's like my dream come true!

Luscious: All you do is direct your aura towards the ground, as if your aura pushes off the ground.

They push their aura off the ground and they fly up.

Jinoo: I'm flying!

Skyla: This is incredible!

Calvin: Am I really drunk?

Luscious: Now push your aura even more.

Jinoo and Skyla fly up. Calvin doesn't get much higher.

Calvin: I can't fly up as high. I'm using too much energy!

Jinoo: That's because you're fat! Hehehe!

Calvin: Shut up the f*ck up!

Luscious: You spreading out your aura too much. Just direct at one spot.

Calvin focuses his aura on one spot, he flies higher.

Calvin: Wow!

They fly around for a bit and drop back down.

Luscious: Wow, I didn't even have to tell you how to change directions. I'm impressed.

Jinoo: Now, what's the next quest?

Luscious: Uh uh, not after what just happened. You need some rest. Go eat dinner and sleep. Come back tomorrow.

Jinoo: Ok.

Luscious: I want you to fly back to Constantine. I'll make sure Jinoo's Soul Ally, Luscious, looks over you so you won't get into trouble.

Jinoo: Aight.

Calvin: Last one there is a rotten egg!

They all fly back. Luscious smiles.

End of chapter 21

It's actually 19.
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I can't sleep. I hope writing chapter 22 will help me though.

Chapter 22: Relationship Problems.

Something smacks Jinoo. He wakes up.

Jinoo: Ok, which one of you p*ssies did it?

The cats were sleeping. Jinoo looks the other way. It was Sammy. She was crying.

Jinoo: What's wrong darling?

Sammy: Luscious told me everything. How can you be so reckless?

Jinoo: I'm sorry, it just happened.

Sammy: Don't make it sound like it's a not a big deal. You would have died.

Jinoo: But I didn't.

Sammy: Stop it.

Jinoo: What do you want me to do?

Sammy: I'm coming with you from now on.

Jinoo: I'm sorry, but you can't.

Sammy: What?! Why?!

Jinoo: For Calvin's sake!

Sammy: What about him?

Jinoo: He never had a friend until now. You would just ruin it for him.

Sammy: What?

Jinoo: I'm sorry! Calvin never liked people for some reason.

Sammy: Ok, what about me? What would happen if I was in danger?

Jinoo: You're strong! You can take care of yourself.

Sammy: You're seriously making this a choice between friend or girlfriend.

Jinoo: Bros before hoes.

Sammy: What did you say?

Jinoo: Nothing.

Sammy: Fine. Go hang out with Calvin. It seems I worry too much. You don't even care about me as much.

Sammy leaves.

Jinoo: I wish things were so much easier.

Luscious appears: Hey sweetheart.

Jinoo: Hey.

Luscious: How's your relationship?

Jinoo: F*ck off.

Luscious: Is your relationship not going well? You could come to me.

White aura steams out. Luscious becomes frightened.

Luscious: Calm down Jinoo...

Jinoo's aura fades.

Luscious: Sigh* I'm going to give you some space. Come to my island if you need me, ok?

Luscious leaves. Jinoo grins.

Jinoo: Thank you steaming hot chocolate! (Where the f*ck did this come from?)

Jinoo finds Calvin.

Calvin: You ready?

Jinoo: Yeah.

Skyla: Calvin, why don't you come with me?

Calvin: Jinoo is my friend. I can't leave him behind.

Skyla: Seriously, even after what happened?

Calvin: Oh please, we won't get hurt this time.

Skyla: Fine, stay safe.

Skyla leaves.

Jinoo: I thought Skyla hated you? Well, anyone really.

Calvin: I don't know what's going on.

Jinoo: Pretty sure Skyla is in love with you.

Calvin: I think so too. She's pretty hot though.

They laugh.

Jinoo: Aight, Let's go.

Jinoo and Calvin fly to Luscious.

Luscious: Ok, you need to get a Dark Sorcerer's chain. They wander near the Abyss. Here's your medicine.

Jinoo: Aight.

They fly to Dogeurtehtsieiryk.

Calvin: Thank God we don't need to worry about being stranded.

Jinoo: Or spiders.

Calvin: That too.

They walk near the Abyss. They find the sorcerer.

Calvin: Hey! B*tch a*s! We gon' stain your chain!

Jinoo: Let's see his Base Stat Total.

Dark Sorcerer's Base Stat Total: 500,000.
Endurance: 10,000
Toughness: 5,000
Intellect: 300,000
Mentality: 175,000
Dexterity: 10,000

Jinoo: Oh, this guy is perfect for us. Just need to kill him with a grenade.

Calvin: This guy is fast though.

Jinoo: We'll find a way.

Dark Sorcerer: You guys don't stand a chance against me.

Calvin surprises him with a Drunken Fist. It lands, but the sorcerer parries.

Calvin: I won't hold back next time.

The sorcerer was critically injured.

Dark Sorcerer: You b*stard. That really hurt! Transformation Ritual!

The sorcerer transforms.

Jinoo: Uh oh.

End of Chapter 22

Time for sleepy.
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LeBron James. Chapter 23.

Chapter 23: Dark Sorcerer.

The sorcerer transformed, he became sleeker, but with a large mask and scepter. His Intellect, Mentality, and Dexterity doubles.

Dark Sorcerer: You shouldn't have done that. Prepare to die.

Jinoo: We need to slow him down.

Calvin: How are we going to do that?

Jinoo: Distract him. I'm going to lay down some Bouncing Bettys.

Calvin: Wait, you have to tell me where they are though. I don't want to explode!

Jinoo: Don't worry. They only detonate if they sense someone hostile to me.

Calvin: Oh, ok.

Jinoo and Calvin call for their Soul Allies. Calvin drinks.

Calvin: Ok. Let's see what I got.

Calvin pulls out his Special 200 Proof Alcohol.

Calvin takes a breath: Hope this doesn't backfire.

Calvin drinks it. His stats increase to the max.

Calvin: Ok. I'm about to f*ck you up.

Jinoo places a Bouncing Betty behind Calvin. Calvin steps back behind it. Jinoo sets up a bomb shelter.

Dark Sorcerer: Dark Thunder.

A huge thunderbolt strike at the Bomb Shelter, but Jinoo and Calvin disappeared.

Dark Sorcerer: What?!

Calvin: Behind you.

The Dark Sorcerer turns around. Calvin kicks the sorcerer. The sorcerer parried, but he was sent flying to the Bouncing Betty. It detonates, but the Dark Sorcerer was still alive.

Jinoo: What?!

Dark Sorcerer: Thanks to this chain, there is a chance where I take no damage.

Jinoo: Sh*t.

Jinoo boosts his Dexterity.

Dark Sorcerer: Black Hellfire.

The sorcerer burns Calvin. Calvin groans in pain.

Jinoo: Calvin!

Calvin: Don't worry, I've been training in the furnace for a while. This is nothing.

Dark Sorcerer: Dark Thunder.

A huge thunderbolt strikes Calvin. Calvin falls face down.

Jinoo: CALVIN!!!!!

Dark Sorcerer: One down, one to go.

Jinoo falls down on his knees.

Jinoo: Why does this keep happening. Why?

White aura steams out. Jinoo takes out his aquariums and just sits there, watching.

Dark Sorcerer: What are you doing?

Jinoo puts away his aquariums. Jinoo scans Calvin's health. He's still alive, but unconscious.

Dark Sorcerer: Oh? He's still alive? Looks like I held back. Next time, fight someone your own strength. Don't pick fights with the big boys.

Jinoo: You cocky son of a b*tch.

Dark Sorcerer: Oh please, you don't stand a chance against me.

The Dark Sorcerer walks forward. He detonates a Bouncing Betty.

Dark Sorcerer: Oh sh*t!

The mine explodes, but the sorcerer took no damage.

Dark Sorcerer: Phew. That was close.

Jinoo: Lucky b*stard.

Jinoo boosted his Dexterity again. He was now as fast as the sorcerer. Jinoo dashes at the sorcerer and fights him close combat. He landed a couple of hits. Jinoo's mentality multiplied by 5. He was able to withstand the sorcerer's attack comfortably now.

Dark Sorcerer: Cheap b*stard with a broken ability. Dark Haze!

Both of their stats reset to normal.

Jinoo: What? What happened?

Dark Sorcerer: I reset everyone's stat multipliers. Now you are at a clear disadvantage.

Jinoo: Godd*mnit.

Dark Sorcerer: Time to die. Cold Death!

Before the sorcerer uses his attack, Calvin jumps up and shoves a bottle of his Special 200 Proof alcohol. The sorcerer became very drunk.


Calvin's punches the sorcerer so hard, the sorcerer exploded on impact.

Calvin: You didn't hold back b*tch. I was just waiting for a surprise attack.

Dark Sorcerer: DARK SOUL.

The sorcerer's soul rose. It was ball of dark light.

Dark Sorcerer's Soul: How? How did you keep your stat multipliers? I used Dark Haze! Your stats should have reseted.

Calvin: As long as I am drunk, I will always keep my boosts.

Dark Sorcerer's Soul: Oh. Very well. Well, time to die. Self Destruct!

The sorcerer's soul begins a countdown. However, Calvin grabs the soul and crush it with his hand. The Dark Sorcerer is dead. Jinoo and Calvin's Base Stat Total rose by one million. Their Base Stat Total was now 3,600,000.

Jinoo: We came a long way since the beginning.

Calvin: Yep.

Jinoo takes the chain from the bloody pile. Jinoo took the medicine.

Calvin: Wait, why didn't you just used that on me during the fight?

Jinoo: You were unconscious.

Calvin: No, I was faking it.

Jinoo: Then if I gave it to you, that sorcerer would have known you are conscious, then your surprise attack wouldn't work.

Calvin: Oh I guess so. But my surprise attack would still have worked since his Dark Haze didn't affect me.

Jinoo: Oh, that's right. Anyways, what's done is done.

Calvin: I guess.

Jinoo: By the way, why didn't drink your Healing Jager?

Calvin: I was max drunk. If I drank more, I would be intoxicated.

Jinoo: Oh. At least we beat him.

Calvin: Yeah.

They fly back to Tauheed.

Luscious: Perfect. I'm glad I can see you fine. I was worried.

Jinoo: What's with these hard as* monsters we have to fight?

Luscious: You're just unlucky. Those monsters are usually a lot weaker than the ones you faced.

Jinoo: Godd*mnit. Well, at least we got stronger.

Luscious: That's good. Keep getting stronger. You will surpass everyone.

Jinoo: Ok.

Luscious: Now, your 10th quest.

End of chapter 23.

Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan.  :biggrin:.
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Do you like Katy Perry? Chapter 24.

Chapter 24: Dark Horse

You have to bring me the Abyss Stallion's horseshoe. You have to go to the Abyss again.

Jinoo: As long there are no spiders, I'm fine.

Calvin: Hope we can find a weaker one. I'm sick of dying.

Jinoo: I hope so too. But we'll fight the first one we see. By the way, here's the chain.

Jinoo hands the chain to Luscious. They fly away to the Abyss. They search from above. They find a dark armored horse with flaring hooves. They blocks its path.

Jinoo: Aight, let's see.

Abyss Stallion Base Stat Total: 600,000.
Endurance: 200,000
Strength: 100,000
Toughness: 100,000
Intellect: 0
Mentality: 100,000
Dexterity: 100,000

Calvin: For f*ck sake. I doubt this is weak one.

Jinoo: D*mn, it fast as hell and has high health.

Jinoo's Base Stat Total: 360,000
Endurance: 50,000
Strength: 100,000
Toughness: 50,000
Intellect: 75,000
Mentality: 70,000
Dexterity: 15,000

Calvin's Base Stat Total: 360,000
Endurance: 50,000
Strength: 110,000
Toughness: 50,000
Intellect: 70,000
Mentality: 70,000
Dexterity: 10,000

Jinoo and Calvin summon their Soul Allies.

Jinoo: We need to find a way to hit it.

Calvin: Why is everyone so much faster than us?

Jinoo: I don't know, but we seem to pull through.

Jinoo places Bouncing Bettys. Calvin drinks.

Calvin: We'll find a way to kill it.

Calvin throws a molotov. The horse charges at them and they move out of the way. The horse struggles to turn around.

Calvin: That's it! It's momentum is too high!

The horse charges at it again. Jinoo sets up his Bomb Shelter. The horse rams through it. As it turns around, Calvin use Drunken Fist. It lands and the horse was knocked down. It stands back up. Its defenses and Dexterity doubles.

Jinoo: What the f*ck?

Abyss Stallion: It's my ability Stamina. My defense and Dexterity boosts whenever I get hit.

Calvin: Sh*t, we'll never hit it.

Jinoo places more Bouncing Bettys.

Jinoo: Just run around in circles. Its ability will be its downfall.

They run around in circles. However, the horse was so fast, it was able to focus and charge at them with high speed. The horse trucks Jinoo.

Jinoo: Sh*t!

The horse kicks Calvin and he lands on Jinoo.

Jinoo: Ow...

Calvin: Sorry.

Jinoo: This is gonna be hard.

Calvin: We need a plan.

Jinoo: Drink your special alcohol. I'll place C4s.

Jinoo created a Bomb Shelter around Calvin. Calvin drinks. His stats multiplied by ten.

Jinoo: Now run around. I'll detonate the C4s.

Calvin runs off. The horse chases him. As soon Calvin gets to the C4. Jinoo detonates it and the horse was hit, but unfazed. Jinoo boosts his Strength.

Calvin runs back to Jinoo. He gets in the Bomb Shelter.

Jinoo: Sh*t. This is going to take forever.

Calvin: We need to get a critical hit.

Jinoo: Even with a critical hit, we can't get passed those defenses.

Calvin: No. Critical hits bypass defensive boosts. With the doubled power, we should kill it in one critical hit.

Jinoo: Ok. Wait... sh*t. I'm out of mana. I ran out when I placed those Bouncing Bettys.

Calvin: Then you need to hit it. A successful hit will let you regain your mana, especially on crits.

Jinoo: How am I going to hit it?

Calvin: You'll just have to find out.

The horse breaks through the Bomb Shelter. Jinoo surprises it with a cooked grenade. It damages all of them. Critical hit to the horse, but it doesn't kill it yet. Jinoo boosts his Strength. The horse's ability activates.

Calvin: Can you at least warn me?

Jinoo: Sorry.

The horse charges at them.

Jinoo: Well at least I got all my mana back from that crit. Let me try something new.

Jinoo summons a tank.

Jinoo: Why didn't I think of this before? Well, now all my mana is gone.

Jinoo shoots at the horse. The horse was too fast though.

Jinoo: Oh, it's still too slow.

The horse rams into the tank. The tank had a dent. Jinoo presses the self destruct button and runs away.

Jinoo: Calvin! Run!

The horse looks up. The tank self destructs. Critical hit. The Abyss Stallion is dead. Their Base Stat Total rose by a million.

Jinoo: Phew! That was close.

Calvin was smoked up.

Calvin: Next time you should tell me your plans before you do it.

Jinoo scratches the back of his head: Hehe, whoops.

They grab the horseshoe and fly away. They land in Tauheed. They hand in the horseshoe.

Luscious: Good job! That's a big as* horseshoe though. Probably the biggest I've seen. Seems like you faced a tough one.

Calvin: Yeah, like always.

Jinoo: That was a lot less stressful than the other fights though.

Calvin: True that.

Luscious: Now you're half way done. Here's the 11th quest.

End of Chapter 24.

Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse.
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25th anniversary already. Chapter 25.

Chapter 25: Strand of hair.

You need to bring a strand of hair from a Scarlet Apprentice. She lives in a red mansion.

Jinoo: Aight. Calvin, I'm going back to the Headquarters. I need to check on Fujita.

Calvin: Ok.

They fly to the Headquarters. Jinoo finds Fujita by the aquarium.

Jinoo: Hey, buddy. How long have you been here?

Fujita: The whole time.

Jinoo: Aight, I was just checking on you. See you soon.

Fujita: See ya.

Jinoo walks down the hall. He encounters Sammy.

Sammy: Jinoo!

Jinoo: Darling, how're you doing?

Sammy: I'm sorry I got angry at you last time.

Jinoo: Oh, no biggie.

Sammy: I guess I got a bit too jealous.

Jinoo: Oh, no I'm sorry for not bringing you along. I just didn't want you hurt.

Sammy : I know, but I just wanted to you to be with me only. I guess I'm starting to become like Luscious.

Jinoo: Definitely not. You're nowhere near that.

Sammy: Well, now I understand how Luscious feels. I don't want to be like her.

Jinoo: Luscious is only like that because her previous love left her. I'm still here for you.

Sammy: Oh, I see why she acts like she does. Anyways, I trust you to be on your own adventure. I was just worried about you.

Jinoo: I'll try not to die.

Sammy: Stay safe. Don't die on me.

Sammy kisses Jinoo.

Sammy: I'll see you later.

Jinoo: See ya.

Jinoo leaves and meets Calvin.

Jinoo: Let's go.

They fly to search for a red mansion. They find a giant one.

Jinoo: This is one big as* house.

Calvin: I hope it doesn't mean that she's super strong.

They land. They open the gate and walked in. There were guards. Jinoo summons his grenade launcher and destroys everyone. They walk into a room where the Scarlet Apprentice was waiting.

Scarlet Apprentice: Oh. Didn't expect humans to be here.

Jinoo: Can we just have a strand of hair from you?

Calvin: Oh yeah, like she's going to give it to you.

Scarlet Apprentice: Here you go.

The witch gives Jinoo her strand of hair.

Calvin: Oh. Nevermind. That was easy.

Suddenly the doors behind them close.

Scarlet Apprentice: Silly boy. That wasn't a gift. That was to activate my ability.

Jinoo: Aight, I guess it won't be that easy.

Jinoo scans her. Scarlet Apprentice's Base Stat Total: 600,000
Endurance: 290,000
Strength: 0
Toughness: 100,000
Intellect: 10,000
Mentality: 180,000
Dexterity: 20,000

Jinoo: Aight, she's the same speed as I am.

Calvin: I'm still slow...

They call for their Soul Allies. Jinoo throws his grenade. The apprentice parries. Jinoo boosts his Dexterity.

Jinoo: Yes, now I'm faster.

Scarlet Apprentice: Oh? This may be difficult.

The witch throws knives and cuts them.

Jinoo: What the f*ck?

Scarlet Witch: Blood Boil.

The apprentice uses her magic. Their blood was boiling.

Jinoo: What the f*ck?

Calvin: Sh*t, I feel like I'm burning.

Scarlet Apprentice: Blood Vacuum.

The witch drains their blood through the cut.

Jinoo: What? Where are these attacks coming from?

Scarlet Apprentice: Although my attacks are weak, I can heal from any attack I make and they never miss. These attacks are made for you to die slowly.

Jinoo: Sh*t. Not good.

Their visions become hazy.

Calvin: I'm feeling sick... Drunken Fist!

The punch lands. She drains more blood from Calvin.

Calvin falls: Sh*t...

Jinoo: Calvin!

Calvin stands back up. He drinks his special alcohol.

Scarlet Apprentice: Not a good idea when your blood is boiling. You'll die at a much faster rate.

Calvin: I'll just kill you before I die! Drunken Fist!

He lands the punch. However, he couldn't give full strength.

Scarlet Witch: Die. Blood Intoxication.

Calvin falls down as he was unconscious.

Scarlet Apprentice: Oh, look at that. He got too drunk. Blood Vacuum.

The witch drains his blood.

Jinoo: CALVIN!

Jinoo scans his health. Calvin was dead. Jinoo brought out his aquariums.

Scarlet Apprentice: Poor fella. Shouldn't have drank. He would have lasted much longer if it weren't for that. Anyways, what are you doing?

White aura steams out of Jinoo.

Jinoo: I use this to calm down my rage. But I cannot do that. I WILL F*CKING OBLITERATE YOU INTO SHREDS!

White aura bursts. This shocks the apprentice. Jinoo transforms.

Luscious: Not on my watch!

Jinoo glares at her. Luscious stops as she was frightened.

Luscious: Sh*t, this is the end.


Scarlet Apprentice: W-WHAT IS THIS POWER?!

Jinoo revives Calvin. He glares at the apprentice. She gasps. She unlocks the door.

Scarlet Apprentice: You can leave now! Please spare me!

Jinoo: No. (Savage!)

Jinoo splits her in half vertically. Jinoo roars as he keeps smashing his sword at the apprentice. Now, he was just chopping at a bloody mess.

Luscious hits him: Stop it Jinoo!

Jinoo turns around. Luscious backs away.

Luscious: Oh sh*t...

Calvin steps in front: JINOO!

Jinoo looks at Calvin. He reverts back to normal and collapses. Jinoo falls into Calvin's arms.

Calvin: Sh*t.

He looks at what's left of the apprentice.

Calvin: Ugh!

Luscious: F*ck. This is getting really bad.

They took him back to Tauheed.

Luscious: I'll wake him up with my magic.

Jinoo never woke up.

Luscious: F*ck! Jinoo, wake up! JINOO!

End of chapter 25.

End of anniversary.
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Warning: Super dark chapter about Calvin's past. Chapter 26.

Chapter 26: Calvin

The next day, Jinoo wakes up.

Luscious: Jinoo!

Jinoo: Did I kill her?

Luscious hugs him. She's crying.

Jinoo: What's wrong?

Luscious: I thought you died! You were unconscious the whole night! I thought you were dead...

Luscious cries on Jinoo's shirt. Jinoo pats her back.

Jinoo: Didn't you want me dead?

Luscious: Yes, but I just can't bear to see you dying!

Luscious bawls. Jinoo thinks of Sammy.

Jinoo: Does anyone know about this?

Luscious: No, only Calvin so far.

Jinoo: Calvin?! He's alive?!

Luscious: Yes. When you transformed, you revived him.

Jinoo: Thank God! Where is he?

Luscious: He's outside.

Jinoo runs out. He sees Calvin crying.

Calvin: Jinoo?

Jinoo: Calvin.

Calvin: Jinoo!

Calvin hugs Jinoo.

Calvin: I thought you were dead!

Jinoo: No. It takes more than that to kill me.

Calvin smiles.

Luscious: Everyone were so worried about the fact you were gone. I told them you were going to stay over here.

Jinoo: That's good. Now, can we start our next quest?

Luscious: Absolutely not!

Jinoo: What? Why?!

Luscious: Your powers... they're taking control over you.

Jinoo: What?

Luscious: I tried to stop you last time. But I couldn't. You were too strong.

Jinoo gasps: Did I hurt you?

Luscious: No. But just one glare, I just knew I couldn't stop you. I can't risk you transforming again. It's to the point where you will destroy the world.

Jinoo: What happened afterwards?

Luscious: Calvin stopped you somehow. He just yelled your name and you reverted back to normal. Then, you passed out.

Jinoo: Then he can stop me again! I trust him!

Luscious: No! I can't let you go on to destroy the world anymore! Those powers of yours are taking a lot out of you.

Jinoo: Luscious. There's a reason why I have these powers. I don't know it, but it's there. It's my destiny. If I don't get stronger, I will never know the true origins of my power. I must know the truth. So please, Luscious. I trust Calvin to stop me if it happens again.

Luscious: Fine, but you better come back safe to me.

Jinoo: Aight, so what's the next quest?

Luscious: Get the horn of a Grim Narwhal. They are located in beaches.

Jinoo: Aight.

Luscious kisses Jinoo: Stay safe sweetheart.

Jinoo: I will! I promise.

They fly off.

Calvin: I thought Sammy was your girlfriend?

Jinoo: It's complicated.

Calvin: Oh.

Jinoo: Anyways, how are you feeling?

Calvin: I'm feeling better, especially after you woke up. I thought you were a goner.

Jinoo: Yeah, I'm sorry I made you worried.

A moment of silence. Then Calvin speaks up.

Calvin: Jinoo, since you're my friend, I want to tell you about my past.

Jinoo: Sure.

(Warning: This is when it gets really f*cked up. You've been warned! If you do keep reading, try to visualize the scenes. Thank me later.)

Calvin: When I was young, I used to live in Judas which is way south in the Land of The Chosen.

Jinoo: Isn't that a really f*cked up place? Usually the people there flee to our country.

Calvin: Yeah, but only in the past. The people there were very racist as they believe in nationalism. A city of Asians. My father, who was Asian, was a governor there. He fell in love with a Caucasian woman. They had a triplet, I was one of them. I was yet to be born. When the others found out about my father's relationship, they hung my mother. They gutted her as they took us out of her belly.

Jinoo: Ugh! Holy f*ck!

Calvin: They laid us out on a table. They were going to kill us as well for not being pure Asian. The executioner stabbed one of my brother.

Jinoo: Oh God, how do you remember all of this as a baby?

Calvin: My father told me and he showed me the video of the execution.

Jinoo: F*ck me, you watched the video?

Calvin: Yeah. I can still remember the knife stuck in my brother. As the executioner takes out the knife and proceeds to stab my other brother, my father cuts his head off. He took us and ran away to the Land of The Free, where we can do whatever we want. Supposedly.

Jinoo: To what District?

Calvin: District 10.

Jinoo: Sh*t, the bad part of the country. Although, that's right next to the Capitol. Fujita came from District 10.

Calvin: Yeah. But fast forward to the time I was 6, a former governor who was my dad's friend kidnapped my brother and me. The man found out that we were his friend's son. The man despised my father after my father left. The man followed my father to kill him, but found a better opportunity for himself. He took us to his basement... and stripped us naked. He tied us up and raped my brother.

Jinoo: Oh God, what the f*ck!

Calvin: My brother bit the man's genitals. The man took a knife and slashed my brother's throat right in front of me.

Jinoo: F*ck. This is so f*cked up!

Calvin: He was about to go after me next. Suddenly, the ropes the man used to tie me somehow broke off. I bashed through the locked basement door and jumped through a window outside. The man came after me, but was faced by a police officer who happened to be there. He was beaten and arrested.

Jinoo: Sh*t. Things got better though, right?

Calvin: A little bit. But ever since then, there was never a year I was never shot at.

Jinoo: Sh*t. That's still bad!

Calvin: I know. However, one day, when I was 8, I was walking outside with my dad. We were shot at again by gang members. Then a police officer came out of nowhere and literally emptied a clip on my father with a machine gun.

Jinoo: Oh for f*ck sake! How worse can this get?!

Calvin: While the officer was reloading, my dad had a pistol in his pants' waistband. I took it out and shot the man until death.

Jinoo: Holy sh*t. First murder at the age of 8...

Calvin: I ran away. Then, my neighbor helped me hide, but not for long. Two years later, my neighbor parked next to a grocery store. I went to go buy a bag of chips. My neighbor stayed in the car. As soon as I came out, the same man who raped and killed my brother purposely drove a garbage truck at high speed against my neighbor to the grocery store. My neighbor was crushed in between. The man who killed him got out of the truck and started shooting at me. I charged at him. I was shot multiple times, but I kept charging. I took his knife and slit his gut open. I'd never thought I would see the insides of a person in real life. The man told me he would come to haunt me as he died. Bunch of bullsh*t. I tooked the bullets out of my body with the knife and ran like crazy. Ever since then, I went hiding. I did everything to survive like stealing food. I started drinking heavily.

Jinoo: How did you end up being one of the Ten Commandments?

Calvin: When I was 18, the Land of the Free was getting invaded. I hopped onto a plane from The Chosen and the pilot flew to the Headquarters. Skyla took me in when she found me. I had a pretty high Base Stat Total back then.

Jinoo: Does anyone know your past?

Calvin: No one. After I became a member of the Ten Commandments. I changed the country. Now there is only good people. The reason I wanted to tell you this is to tell you why I have trouble with people. I never had friends. I had family, but they died out on me. The society we live in is trash. The other members of the Ten Commandment lived a regular life. Everyone expects others to live the same guidelines of society. But they never look into the life of others. People grow up differently. Some grow up very different and those people are expected to live the life of the normal, even though those people don't know what the normal is. They never grew up learning it. Then they get bashed on and left behind. People don't understand each other anymore. Except you. We need people like you. Which is why I wanted to be your friend. You are caring and understanding. You are someone that's worth being friends with. I am thankful for you being my friend.

Jinoo: Wow... Calvin... I will make sure nothing happens to you ever again.

Calvin smiles: Now, let's go beat up that narwhal shall we?

End of chapter 26.

That was dark, wasn't it?
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