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Author Topic: LiarGirl - Vocaloid - Miku x Luka - Rated T  (Read 991 times)

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LiarGirl - Vocaloid - Miku x Luka - Rated T
« on: February 07, 2017, 11:23:24 PM »
(Just so you know, I've already posted this on FF.net)


"Why did you make me feel this way? I really did love you - I still do, and I hate it. I was always there for you, and you were sometimes there for me. I guess it's my fault for lying to you about my feelings. But now you know the truth."


Miku continued to lazily doodle as she lied on her fluffy bed. It was June already, and she missed her best friend terribly.

How long ago has it been since her friend was laughing right beside Miku about some crazy cat video? How long has it been since Miku vacuumed up a stray pink hair out of her carpet?

Two months.

It wasn't as if her friend was too far away that it was impractical to meet up with her. She lived a mere ten minutes from Miku's house. What frustrated Miku was that her friend was busy. Always busy. Miku remembered the day that they had both received their confirmation letters to their high schools. Both had been excited to spend their remaining three years of school together at Crypton High, a private school that they both had dreamed of going to since they were first years in middle school…

Miku threw her leek-shaped pillow across her room. As if Fate would be so kind. Fate had a different plan, it seemed, as Miku didn't get into the high school of her dreams as she had wanted. Even with her friend's superb tutoring skills, Miku was simply no match for the demanding entrance exams of Crypton High. Her friend went off to the legendary Crypton High, known for producing some of the world's top psychologists, engineers, mathematicians, and strangely, singers, while Miku had to go to a public high school. It wasn't bad, really - it was still a prestigious school that attracted many teenagers, many of those teenagers later going on to be successful – but Miku really wanted to be with her friend.

Who was busy. Always busy.

"I'm sorry, Miku, but I have to study for Latin. Not to mention Calculus and Chemistry," her friend had told Miku as gently as possible.

"Oh! That's okay, I understand," was what Miku had told her with her usual cheery tone. But Miku didn't understand why her friend couldn't simply talk to her for ten minutes without excusing herself to her studies. Miku herself went to a high level school and always made time for her, even when she had a major test to be studying for.
Miku flipped over onto her stomach and sighed. Her friend was actually more than simply a friend. Rin and Len, the twins, were her friends. Meiko and Kaito were friends, and also acted as her older siblings. Even Neru and Haku, who were usually off in their own world together, were Miku's friends. But no.

Not Luka.

Luka was always special in Miku's heart, and occupied a very large space in that fist-sized organ ever since they had met in first grade. Miku smiled as she became nostalgic.


They've known each other for ten, long years. More than half of their lives so far. They had been enemies at first, simply because Miku had accidently chewed on Luka's favorite pencil that featured little pink octopi on a teal background.

How silly and simple those times in elementary school were.

To make up for her wrongdoing, she had invited Luka over to her eighth birthday party. Luka had accepted, much to Miku's surprise, and the day came soon. Miku had worn a pale blue dress with ruffles and her favorite Mary Janes, and her hair was done up in a braided half up so it looked as if she were wearing a crown. Luka had came over an hour late and brought a gift for Miku, and the tealette had opened it and found a photo album. Miku's mother hurried them along and as soon as Miku was about to blow out the candles, Luka smashed Miku's face into the cake.


Miku giggled. Cake had been up her nose and she was crying her eyes out, but eventually they made up after the incident. That same photo album that Luka had bought for Miku was now full; she really needed a new one.
Middle school came in a flash, and Miku and Luka were suddenly clothed in school uniforms. Miku remembered the day as exciting; no longer would she have to wear that hard, bulky backpack, and she finally got to wear a school uniform to show that she could handle responsibility. Miku also remembered that day as the first time Luka had worn a bra. The older girl who had once been shorter than Miku had suddenly grown six inches taller and had curves all around her slim body.

"Do you think it's weird?" Luka had muttered self-consciously, so unlike her calm and mature personality. Miku had merely gave an encouraging grin.

"I think it's wonderful! I wish that I would start growing too! Be proud of your body," she had told her. Admittedly, Miku was a tad bit jealous of the fact that Luka had started puberty before her; she was the more experienced and mature of them both, after all. But Miku didn't think much of it after they had walked off to school together as usual.
Until boys began noticing.

"Hatsune-san," Miku's classmate said, capturing Miku's attention. It was Kamui Gakupo from 1-C. What was he doing in their classroom during homeroom?

The purple haired boy clasped his hands together and bowed before Miku, his long ponytail following his action. Miku had gaped at him in surprise. What was he doing?

"You're childhood friends with Megurine-san, right?" Miku had nodded her head to confirm this statement. The tall boy pleadingly looked up at Miku.

"Do you think you could help set me up with her?"


Why did Miku agree? Why had she been nice to that boy?


After a fun-filled first year in middle school, the calendar was creeping towards March. While Luka had grown a larger chest and had begun to lose her childish face and figure, Miku had only grown a few inches in height and hair.
"M-Miku," Luka stuttered quietly. Miku grew alarmed. Luka never stuttered except when there was an extremely pressing matter at hand. Miku had patted the spot next to her on her bed.

"Gaku… Gakupo…" Luka began as her eyes started watering. Miku began to panic. What was causing her best friend in the whole entire world to cry?!

"He cheated on me!"

Those four words had caused Luka to sob heavily onto Miku's lap as she cried over her ex-boyfriend. Miku remembered that she had rubbed her back comfortingly, whispering reassurances as she planned to murder that now-arrogant guy.


But she didn't.


"It was all a misunderstanding!" Luka had said excitedly, her blue eyes shining in excitement.

That was what Gakupo had claimed again after he was caught making out with the school president, two weeks after the first 'misunderstanding.'

And yet once more, Miku was stroking her friend's wavy pink hair soothingly, as the girl whose body matured faster than her mind stained Miku's new blouse with tears and snot.

Miku warned her friend not to go out with that Gakupo anymore, and the pinkette promised that she would never go near that player again.

Five days later, Luka was seen hugging Gakupo's arm as the two walked down the hall to Algebra.


Miku smiled bitterly at that memory. Yes, that tall boy had managed to sweet talk her best friend once again. It only took a few more months for Luka to figure out that she didn't want to be with a guy that loved her for her body.
And here they were in high school. Miku now wore a black sailor uniform with white stripes, and Luka wore a skirt, blazer, and white polo shirt (that was two sizes bigger to accommodate her large chest size). Miku joined the school orchestra, and she sometimes sang at various events. Luka joined the science club and was invited to a senior class trip overseas in America. Miku was the class president of her grade. Luka was the student body president of her entire school. Miku kept her hair nice and long at her thighs. Luka had cut it so that it fell just below her waist. Miku stayed the same. Luka had changed.

All of a sudden, Miku's phone began to vibrate repeatedly. Thinking it was her friend Rin, Miku picked up the phone after a seconds of vibrating.

"Heya, Rin-chan," Miku greeted her blonde haired friend. There was a sound of confusion on the other end, and Miku repeated her greeting.

"Miku?" a mature voice said tenderly. Miku bolted up. Surely, it couldn't be…

"It's Luka. Are you available?" It was! Luka had called her!

"Ah, um, Luka! I haven't talked to you in a while! And you never call, so I thought it must've been Rin, or maybe even that Piko guy, and I just didn't expect you, and I-" Luka's sudden hearty laughs broke off Miku's ramblings. Miku closed her eyes and soaked in the wonderful sound of Luka's beautiful voice. How she had craved it all this time. It was like Miku was a flower that had been trying to survive in the shade, and Luka had shone a beam of sunlight upon her.

"Miku, it's just me. And now that summer break is coming, how about I come over to your house? I did so well in my classes that I got exempt from the final exams. Isn't that great?" Miku's heart swelled. More than she knew…

"That's amazing, Luka! I knew you could do it! After all, Luka is much smarter than me!" Miku praised the pinkette. Luka merely giggled and humbly claimed that she wasn't really that smart, and Miku was the one who helped motivate her to do well.

"So, how are your parents? Still out of town?" Luka asked once the two had finished their argument on whether or not Luka was naturally gifted or was a hard worker. Miku flopped to her back and swished her legs across her unmade bed.

"Mom and Dad are fine, but they're kind of stuck in Beijing right now. They're in really bad traffic, so they're going to be delayed by a couple of days to France." Luka tsked tsked good-naturedly.

"Well, they're living the dream, right? After all those years sleeping over at your house and hearing your dad go on about saving enough money to travel the world, they finally did it." Luka paused for a second. "How are you doing, anyway? It must be hard not seeing them." Miku shrugged, although Luka wasn't able to see the gesture.

"I'm fine. Remember my cousin Gumi? The one who's in college over in Kitami? She checks on me every weekend to make sure that I have food and stuff like that. So I'm not starving or living like I'm homeless," Miku told Luka, chuckling to herself. She was really fine. She wasn't too lonely or anything. Rin came over, and she brought her brother, Len, along most of the time, so Miku usually had a good time… when she wasn't thinking about her. When Miku realized that Luka wasn't speaking anymore, she asked the pinkette if anything was wrong.

"Mm, not really. There's always these guys in all my classes that keep hitting on me. They even organized a fanclub based on me. Can you believe it?" Miku was silent. Then she spoke carefully.

"Luka… is it alright if I call you back? I just realized something." The other end grew quiet.

"Luka? Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here. Don't worry, Miku, I understand. I'll call you later to work out plans for the summer, okay?" Luka said cheerfully. Miku smiled into the phone.

"Yeah… I'll see you later." After Luka clicked off the phone, Miku gazed at her smudgy screen until it turned black due to the lack of activity. Slowly, Miku stood up and walked up to her full body mirror, placing her hand on the thin silver frame. She was much the same as she was in middle school, Miku realized, even after all this time. She still had that round, cute face, and she stubbornly had her knee-length teal hair uncut and in high pigtails. Surprisingly, Miku noticed that she had grown longer legs and now had well-developed hips that caused her skirt to flare out cutely.

'We've really grown up, haven't we?' Miku thought, fondly caressing the edge of her mirror. 'Even I have, just a little bit though. You grew to be less naive, and I, I grew to learn to accept myself.' Miku smiled bitterly to herself. She really was disgusting, but she loved herself for it. She loved girls… more specifically, she loved Luka. Past tense. She couldn't allow herself to love her best friend, so she buried her feelings in a hole so deep that even she couldn't retrieve them. She could still love her friend, but only in a friendly way…

Who was she fooling? She was still in love with Luka. There was no denying it, Miku realized, even to herself. Her heart still thumped when Luka called her, and she was constantly thinking about the pinkette. No doubt, it was love, and Miku wished that it wasn't. The fluffy feeling was there, and she couldn't do anything about it until she did something about it. Miku knew the solution was right in front of her: confess her love to Luka. But something was holding her back, and that was the very possible possibility of being rejected. The tealette didn't know if she could handle that well.

'Stupid love, always getting in the way of things…' Miku muttered in her mind as she flopped onto her bed and buried her face in her covers.


"Miku, what's wrong?" Luka asked her friend. The twin tailed girl swung her shorter legs on the bench and sucked on her popsicle without responding. She was wearing a printed pink tank top and pastel blue shorts, and she looked as if she was struggling with something. Luka continued to lick her chocolate chip ice cream, chewing on a few on the chips as the dessert melted in her mouth. Miku was usually so cheerful, and here she looked as if she was choosing between skydiving into an active volcano or petting a rabid shark. Luka gave Miku a worried look, but chose to stay silent. The two enjoyed themselves outside the ice-cream parlor on a nearby bench, and the warm weather had brought out all sorts of rambunctious children. Luka focused on a pastel pink haired girl with braids and a blue haired girl with long, low twintails. It may have been her being nostalgic, but she couldn't help but notice how much they looked like herself and Miku.

'We were pretty cute kids, weren't we?' Luka thought, humming happily as she watched the two girls play. But a few minutes after watching them, Luka's eyes widened suddenly and her jaw dropped slightly. Those two little girls… just…

"Rana-chan!" the blue haired pouted as the pink haired one grinned cheekily. Rana placed another kiss on the little blue haired girl's cheek, and she became flustered.

"Lapis-chan is too cute. I'll make her my wife one day!" Rana proclaimed, as she flashed a sunny smile, holding her fist over her chest in a heroic pose. This only succeeded in making Lapis even more flustered, and the small girl began to blush. Luka tore her eyes away from the scene, a bit uncomfortable. It wasn't as if she had anything against that sort of thing, but the way those two interacted… was almost like how Miku and her had acted when they were kids. But know Luka knew why most adults had frowned upon such behavior in public…

Luka coughed and started biting into her cone. This wasn't the time to be having such thoughts. She was here to spend time with Miku, her very best friend whom she, admittedly, didn't spend enough time or effort to hang out with. It wasn't completely her fault, though; her parents wanted her to have a better life and go on to college, so Luka needed to stay on top of things and be an alpha girl. But of course, all good things came with a sacrifice.

"Luka, I'm done," Miku announced, holding up the damp wooden stick that had once been encased in a blue raspberry popsicle. Luka nodded to acknowledge Miku and finished off her cone, savoring the bit of melted vanilla that had settled at the bottom. Luka licked her lips and wiped her mouth with a napkin, then stood up and threw away her trash.

"Do you want to go to your house?" Luka asked the tealette. To the pinkette's surprise, Miku shook her head. Luka bit her lip. This was strange indeed. Miku always wanted her to go to her house, probably because she was all alone. "Then, where do you want to go?"

Miku shrugged her shoulders. "I don't care really. As long as I spend time with you, I'll be fine, even at a playground," Miku said cheerfully, although her eyes held a guarded look. Luka glanced at the tealette again but decided not to press it. There was always the chance that Luka was wrong about Miku's mood, although she severely doubted that she was wrong. Her assumptions were pretty spot on, not to mention Miku pretty much wore her heart on her sleeve.

"Let's go to my house, then," Luka suggested. Miku only nodded her head in agreement.


Pink. That was all Miku could see. Pink walls, pink covers, a pink rug, a pink jacket hanging on a hook. Luka was always a girly girl, so she loved such fragile colors. Miku knew that Luka had a fondness for lavender and baby blue as well, but pink was her ultimate choice. Miku had always favored the more bolder palettes, such as turquoise or crimson. Their favorite colors suited each of them well - Luka was feminine, womanly, while Miku had always been a bit more rough and self-reliant. Luka flipped on the A/C unit by her window, and the two sweated profusely as they waited for the room to cool down. Miku took a moment to admire the white summer dress Luka had worn for today, and unconsciously dropped her eyes to her chest. It really wasn't fair… And Miku would love nothing more than to see a little more of her decollete…

Miku dug her toe into the plushy carpet while looking away from Luka. She was doing it yet again. Miku felt disgusted for thinking such a thing of her friend, but if she didn't have those urges, then it wasn't love, right? Miku bit the side of her cheek to keep herself in check, but not hard enough to cause bleeding. This was just a normal day with Luka, nothing more…

A lump formed in her throat, and to Miku's horror, she felt tears beginning to emerge from her tear ducts. 'Nonononono…' Miku thought, frantically trying to find a happy place for herself. She thought about Rin's perverted joke from two days ago. She thought about her balding principal's attempts to regrow his hair. She thought about ice cream. Ice cream… the fruity, artificial taste was still there in Miku's mouth from earlier. When she and Luka had went out to get a treat to cool themselves down.

An hand waved nervously in front of Miku's face. The twin tailed girl blinked in surprise. She didn't even know Luka was trying to get her attention all this time.

"Miku." Those two syllables made her heart jump, but not in a good way. That voice had an almost demanding voice. The owner of that beautiful voice wanted answers, most likely. Miku felt her hands be taken into Luka's, and the pinkette seemed to examine them. Then she gave them back to the tealette.

"Something is definitely wrong. Don't try to lie to me and say everything's alright. I can tell things are not alright. So cut to the chase and tell me what's going on." Miku cursed under her breath and avoided Luka's gaze. She had been caught, and she couldn't even deny her that there was nothing wrong at all, because there was something wrong - with Miku, at the very least. Luka could read her expressions well most of the time, and this time was no exception. At times Miku had found that particular skill of Luka's to be comforting whenever she had a problem and didn't want to bring it up - but now it backfired against her.

"Nothing is wrong," Miku attempted to deny anyway, trying to stall the undeniable future from happening now. Luka narrowed her eyes, and Miku widened her own. Was Luka… angry at her?

"You're not leaving this room until you tell me what's going on." Miku swallowed, her throat dry. She knew Luka had the strength to hold her in here, but Miku could always wait. So the tealette crossed her arms underneath her chest and stared down at Luka, the pinkette following suit in a similar manner.

"Nothing is wrong." Everything is wrong.

"There is something wrong, and you need to tell me." You're right, but I won't tell you.

"I was just feeling a bit down today, that's all. It's because we never see each other often." I'm totally lying, and you can see right through me, but what I said is true.

"... Are you sure that's it?" I'm a liar. I've been hiding my feelings from you, and that's not fair to you. But I can be selfish so you'll never have a reason to hate me.

"Yeah…" I'm so sorry, Luka. You must think I can't trust you at all. Please don't look at me with that expression. Please…

Luka gave Miku a hurt look, knowing that her best friend was lying to her. It wasn't the first time the tealette had lied to her, but it was the first time that Luka couldn't understand why Miku was lying to her. Everybody lied - Luka herself lied, and if she didn't lie, she exaggerated - so Luka could understand the occasional white lies Miku made up. But this time… Miku wasn't giving in like she usually did.

"Alright then. I won't force you to tell me. But just know that I'll always be here for you and I will listen to you. It's not good for someone to hold in their feelings," Luka decided to say. Maybe she could coax it out of her. Maybe not today, but soon.

Miku looked upon Luka with a guilty face. She still couldn't lie to her after all this time, but she would do her best to put it off until one day she wouldn't be able to put it off. But today… was not that day.

"Thank you for understanding, Luka…"


Miku went home a little bit after that. When she entered her room, the first thing she did was let out all the tears and the unspoken confessions she had been storing inside herself. They gushed out unceremoniously, and Miku sank deeper into her bed. This was stupid. She should give up on her. But she couldn't give up on this love. It was too late to do that now.


Months passed, and Miku could feel herself slipping away even further from Luka. They had spent summer vacation together, but it seemed that those days had disappeared forever. Luka was even busier, and Miku only got an email every two weeks or so from the pinkette. Whenever the tealette did get a phone call, it was always rushed and Luka would talk about many things that Miku had no clue of. Her best friend had a whole other life in that school, based upon academic excellence and popularity, and while Miku had good grades and good friends, it wasn't enough. Miku yearned to be with the one she liked, her very best friend, the one with the caring and kind personality, the one with the killer body, dammit! Why couldn't Miku just tell her how she felt!? This was self-inflicted torture that Miku was going through, and she couldn't pull herself out of it whenever she got in contact with Luka. It hurt… It hurt, it hurt, it hurt so much…

'How can I go on like this for the rest of my life if I'm suffering just from being away from her?' Miku wondered, a bit spiteful in attitude. She was so angry, yet she was broken inside at the same time. She loved her dearly, yet she couldn't even be near her. It hurt…

Whipping out her cell phone, Miku dialed a very familiar number, her fingers already tapping in the numbers out of habit. She needed to talk to her no matter what. She couldn't hold in these feelings to herself anymore.

"Miku-chan? What's up?" Gumi said, after a few rings. Miku squirmed in her seat and her palms began to sweat. Hopefully Gumi was okay with homosexuality…

"I have a little bit of a dilemma. Will you hear me out?" Gumi clicked her teeth in playful disapproval.

"What, is it a boy? C'mon, Miku, let me in with the juicy gossip!" Gumi eagerly goaded the tealette. "Is he a hottie? Will you introduce him to me? How about I-"

"It's not a boy," Miku deadpanned, and the greenette on the other line fell into despair.

"Hehh? And here I thought I could get myself a boyfriend to make Lily jealous…" Miku snapped to attention at this. Lily? Who was Lily, and why would Gumi want to make her jealous?

"Um, have I met this Lily before?" Miku asked. Gumi gave a 'nuh-uh' to answer her question.

"She's my new girlfriend. I just met her a week ago. But she's so distant and chill, I thought that I could make her just a little jealous so I can see how much she likes me." Gumi began laughing at the other end of the line.
"But maybe she's secretly a psycho and she'll go all yandere on me, so that might be a bad idea. I like yanderes, though."

Miku processed this information. Since when was Gumi a lesbian? This seriously confused her, especially after the fact that Gumi didn't really seem to care who she told. It was as if Gumi was… proud?

Miku felt as if her heart was floating right now. If her cousin didn't care about homosexuality, previously having been a straight girl, then maybe Luka would have the same reaction? It really wasn't good for Miku to keep lying to herself and to Luka. It was now or never.

"I'm going to confess to Luka. Thanks, Gumi!"

"M-miku, wha-" Miku ended the call quickly and threw on a black military style jacket and a matching set of blue gloves and a scarf. There was no time left. If Miku didn't do this now… she might go insane. Or she might become disillusioned.

As Miku ran to Luka's house, the sound of her feet echoing through the neighborhood, her throat tainted with the taste of blood, her cheeks and ears nipped by the frosty air, Miku felt her heart pound with excitement. She couldn't wait to tell Luka what she had been holding in all this time. Love wasn't something to be afraid of; it was a game of chance, to see if the one you liked would love you back or not. To see if you would ever fall in love with that person you never would have thought possible. To see if your feelings weren't a lie.

And as she stood before the dark door of the Megurine household, Miku smiled weakly to herself as she knocked softly against the wood with her thick gloves. She had to give her love a try before she collapsed onto herself. This was the only way she could ever find out if her love would be reciprocated.
Knock knock knock.

"Miku? What are you doing here?" A sudden urge to see her.

"I see. Do you want to come in, then?" Most definitely. It was cold outside.

"Do you want some hot chocolate to warm you up?" Yes, please. With the extra cream and marshmallows.

"... Are you ready to tell me what you've been keeping to yourself?" She should have done it a long time ago.

"Ah… out with it, then." Alright then.

I love you, Luka. I love you so, so much.

"Luka, I have something to tell you..."


I fell in love with my best/childhood friend, and I kept it hidden for years. I only managed to confess to her about a month ago. This fanfic is basically what it feels like to be in love with your best friend. It's a guilty, bittersweet, nostalgic kind of feeling.
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Re: LiarGirl - Vocaloid - Miku x Luka - Rated T
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2017, 11:43:37 PM »
Ah, this takes me back all right. I also used to crush terribly on my female friends growing up, although this doesn't capture all of it for me, per se, because I didn't so much confess so much as...well...kiss her on her birthday. It turned out pretty well for the most part.

I notice some point of view changes here and there, and I can follow it as entering a stream of consciousness for Miku, but I like how the breaks in the stories make it so breathable with the shifts. Your writing may not be 100% there and people will probably b*tch at you about grammar and all that nonsense, but hear me out: you have a pretty good basis. Besides, you wrote from experience, and that adds emotion...even if the things in this fic are a little sudden and not built up. It's fanfiction, so it's a bit more forgiving of a media to work with.

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Re: LiarGirl - Vocaloid - Miku x Luka - Rated T
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2017, 11:49:24 PM »
Thank you!! Honestly I didn't think anyone would actually read it :'D

I love criticism as long as it's helpful, so please, feel free to point out grammar errors and such!

(Unfortunately things didn't go so well for me. She's not really talking to me and she got a boyfriend... :/)
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