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Author Topic: Winter Season 2017 : First Impression Reviews & Dicussion  (Read 9251 times)

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Re: Winter Season 2017 : First Impression Reviews & Dicussion
« Reply #45 on: December 31, 2017, 12:02:42 PM »
At 13 episodes Love Live Sunshine's second season had concluded the Sunshine series. I've been following the project since the first single two years ago and had a fair bit of investment in the franchise. As I wasn't there for the first series until the movie I was excited at the prospect of another generation, and indeed I love the Aqours characters. The first season was bumpy and full of drama, but also full of promise and overall felt me feeling positive for the second season, and now at the end I can say...

It was alright.

Sunshine season 2 broke away from the original Love Live, in fact it tries it's hardest to never mention or reference Muse. Which is good. But as season 1 had too much drama, season 2 had way too much cheese. Love Live is a cheese factory, and there where a few moments so cheesy they turned cringy. The same few things are repeated over and over, it never feels like a realistic group of girls but rather a bunch of characters with a variety of running jokes and traits. They talk of the same things, shining! Radiance! and they treat their school like it's a beloved part of them. I mean I get it, small town, small school and they don't want it close but my God I think they love the school more then they love themselves.

Some parts where slow, and sometimes it just took a deep too far into cornville. However when the series was on, IT WAS ON! This season had plenty of fantastic single episodes. From the cute Yoshiko and Riko dog episode, to the great Dia focus episode, and the awesome arc with Saint Snow that paid off in a most brilliant song sequence in "Awaken The power". It could be super fun, and though the characters repeat their jokes too much it never stops being amusing when Yoshiko goes off on her chuuni Deviantart era 2008 scene kid My Chemical Romance is her favorite band rants. I love Yoshiko, and Dia with that mole. It's fun when they goof off.

Love Live does not have a grounded take on things, the world spins around Aqours. CHIKA MAKES A PAPER AIRPLANE FLY ACROSS THE LAKE ALL THE WAY TO THE SCHOOL ROOFTOP JUST BY YELLING. Much like that time in the original that Honoka clears the sky by yelling at it. I don't know what's up with these two gingers, but they have powers that should be studied and feared. Things went hammy a lot, like when they actually did the Grease flying car thing. YES. Mari's van just starts flying in the sky like it's fricking the end of Grease, I mean it's clearly a fantasy moment but...IT WAS PUZZLING.

Still between all the cheese, corn and ham there is a good heart and a lot of cute, funny and amusing bits. The details are still there. The songs where much better in this season, we had many decently memorably moments and the outfits where good also. The series seemed to try a lot harder in this aspect, instead of first season's plain boring tracks.

The last episode could've been a lot better though, it had a chance to make for an emotional ending but instead it went full cheese. Like, it was a fun scene at the end but they had this perfect payoff, Chika could've just went on a little monologue when she was alone and it would've ended so well, but no. This is Love Live, MARI, DIA AND KANAN LEAVE THE TOWN BUT COME BACK JUST TO DO A DANCE IN THEIR OLD UNIFORMS. "Oh wow it's nice in Italy, time for my new life, oh I guess I'll just fly back to Japan for a little dance!", silliness.

Overall the season had it's problems, but it was fun as well. It's mixed up, there was a lot good like Saint Snow, the fun episodes and the songs, but a lot bad like the OVERLOAD of cheese. I think Sunshine as a whole was a good project, it atleast did things a bit differently from the original so it was a fine follow up. It was atleast a full ending, like boom goodbye. So if they did a movie it'd be weird, but they'd try anyway. So in the end it was maybe 7/10 but could've been a lot more.