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Author Topic: J.Oker's Poker (Graphic/Violent)  (Read 812 times)

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J.Oker's Poker (Graphic/Violent)
« on: December 27, 2016, 03:26:24 PM »
Hey all!
This is my story that i've been working on and trying to find an artist for. It is intense, violent, and graphic. It is also being more detailed so when it does get illustrated it will be easier for the artist!

Chapter 1

An overview map of Spade City is being shown while a voice speaks from a distance in a computer-like, digitized tone. From the map you can see the oval-like shape of the island. The river that runs through the middle in a "/" line. There are three bridges over the river, two close to the edges, and one in the middle of the river. There are streets and ports/shipyards drawn out over the City's figure with a map key on the bottom right of the image.

"This is Spade City. A corrupt, crime-run city where the only rules that exist are created by the inhabitants themselves. The police are no match for the violent crime bosses in the city-"
the image zooms onto island's left side with territorial lines placed on the terrain.

"- The left side of the island is the more... 'urban' side of the island. The street signs are covered in spray paint and street justice is the only justice that exists."
The map zooms in on a larger territory of the left side.
"-Police come nowhere near the Yakuza members who behead their betrayers in the streets of what is racistly' named 'Chinatown'."
The zoom shifts over to another territory.
"-Or when a mother and her daughter open the front door to see their loved father in his chair with his neck cut open in 'Little Italy'."

Map zooms out to an overview again.

"- No, no. The police stay on the right side of the island."

Zoom into the right side. The buildings and suburbs show the right side to be a richer, livelier area.

"The huge 'Downtown' spans over 70% of the right side."

Zoom in on downtown, the far end of the right side is out of view.

"The downtown is a host to all. Owned by the wealthy McMasters' family, the downtown's underground drug trade and secret corruption aren't handled by the police-"

Show photo of an elderly man giving a manila envelope to a detective with an SCPD badge on his waist.

"As they too are bought off by the McMasters' wealth."

Move image to far end and show lush trees, beaches, and dense suburbs.

"This is where the wealthy live. Mansions and same looking homes are all that surround this area... Aside from the beach."

Zoom out into a farther map and show Spade City off the coast of what looks to be New York.

"There are two bridges that lead off the island to the coast, but neither bridge is completed. The populace, which totals around 1.5 million, rely on shipping for all goods and trade."

Keep image but add strong storm clouds around the island and a heavy ocean storm rage on the waters.

"As the weather is so harsh, travel by air is nearly impossible. Only the bravest ships make it off the island, as well. Many have lost their lives in the waters around the area."

Picture starts to zoom into a harsher neighborhood in the downtown of the Left side. Image stops at the front door of a meat store run by an Italian-named family.

"Gionni's Family Meats" the sign says. Image moves to an upstairs window and then moves inside. It is the bathroom to the home above the deli. It is a small, quaint bathroom. A bathtub rests on the left side of the room with a blue shower curtain that pulls around it for shower use. The toilet is on the wall opposite the door, where the window is above. The sink and mirror are on the right side of the room with a dresser next to the door which swings inward with the door going towards the shower.

The bathroom is filled with steam and the curtains start to open.

A clock above the wardrobe comes into clearer focus and shows that it is 6:53 PM. A hand comes out of the shower curtain and grabs a towel off of the towel rack near the toilet, on the wall next to the bath tub.

The hand pulls the towel into the shower, and then a young man steps onto the bath mat in front of the tub. the steam is starting to clear but it is still foggy so you can only make out an outline of his body. As the shape starts moving towards the sink with his towel around his waist, the steam starts to dissipate towards the bottom of the room and moving up as he gets closer and closer to the sink.

You start to see a clearer view of him from the back. He is around 6'1 in height. Black hair, extremely wet from just stepping out of the shower. The hair looks almost stuck to his head as it takes up most of the back of it's shape. You see his body is fit, somewhat muscularly sculpted, but not too the extreme.

from behind the head you see the mirror as the steam continues to dissipate even more. He begins to dry his head and hair with the towel.

Move image to the toilet and show signs of his phone ringing and vibrating. His hand reaches for it, a smart phone almost iPhone-like, but not quite. He puts the phone to his ear over the towel as the image is from behind his head again. This time, the steam is gone and a full image is shown.  But just of his collar, neck, and a towel wrapped head.

"I just got out of the shower Tommy, why are you rushing me? The casino doesn't even open for another hour and a half." The voice comes from under the towel.

"But we gotta be there early! We gotta be first on them crab tables! I'm feeling lucky tonight!" An aggressive, but not too deep voice shrieks from the phone.

"Ugh. I'll call you back in a while." He moves his thumb to the red circle on the phone and hangs up.

He sits his phone down and begins to pull the towel off of his head. As it slips you get your first glimpse of him.

His oval, but almost almond, face is the adorned with a slightly-too long nose and a pair of green eyes. His face has an almost grimace look to it, but is filled with more obvious distaste than anything else. His lips are in a half-frown half-straight shape and his eyes seem blank.

He looks in the mirror for a while. Staring into his own reflection with a pondering look.

"If I don't win anything tonight, I swear dad's going to pay for it. Just because he's the boss and i'm his son doesn't mean I have to do everything he wants-" Turns from the mirror and starts walking towards the door, all the while putting his towel back on.

"-He wants me to go to the casino? Fine. But he's not getting one penny of what I bring back-" Opens the door- "Especially if it's that Grand Opening prize!"

He walks through door and closes it behind him.
Black Panel

The man from the bathroom walks down the last steps of a black stairwell into the meat shop. His black hair is slicked back behind his head. He is now wearing black dress pants with a nice pair of formal shoes. A white dress shirt and a Suit top. It looks nice and almost matching, but you can just tell that the top and bottom are different. He has his hands on his tie as he's pulling it up to the base of his neck.

Three middle aged men in suits are around the shop, as well as a woman behind the counter.

"Aye ma'." The young man says as he comes into view.

"Yes Mike?" His mother responds.

"Ayo Angela, don't give him the satisfaction. We're running late and he's just trying to kill time." Says one of the men. He's standing over a tall bar table with his keys in his hand. "Let's go. It's time to have fun, right Michelangelo?"

"Hey *censored* you, Jimmy! Don't call me that!" Shouts mike as he walks towards to counter where his mother is standing. "Hey ma, I'll be out late after the casino. The boys want to get together. That cool?" Jimmy laughs in the background during the last bit of dialogue.

"Why are you asking me, Mike? You're 20. You can make your own decisions." His mother chuckles.

"I know, I know. I'm just being polite Ma'." Mike says as he starts to back from the counter and walk towards the table where Jimmy is. "It is your house-"

"-Actually, it's my house." His father emerges into scene from the stair case. His father is an elderly man with a well-fit business suit on. His face is distinguished and his Italian heritage shows. His hair is turning white, but remains a nice gray with it's short-cut and his beard. The beard is thick and goes from his sideburns to his upper lip, around his mouth, and down his chin. But cleanly cut before reaching the neck.
"Now, you boys better not lose all of that money i'm giving you tonight. I do expect some sort of profit." His father says. "We gotta start bringing more cash in. We're losing territory and i'm sick of it." His voice booms through the silence that encased the room.

"Yeah, yeah Boss. We'll bring ya back double!" The man near the door says.

"That's what I like to hear!" says the Boss. Mike turns towards his father. "Try and have some fun tonight, Mike." He turns and walks back up stairs.

"Alright boys, let's head on out." Says Jimmy as he starts swinging the keys and moving towards the door. "We've got a fun night ahead of us" He says as his head turns towards everyone else. His glasses have just the amount of light glinting off of them and his blonde hair seems to be shimmering in the light emanating from the sun retreating to the other side of the planet for the night.

Black Panel

I'll edit and add more soon. Just wanted to start and getting some pictures in people's minds! And yes, they are an italian mob family  8)