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Author Topic: Lines Never Crossed  (Read 589 times)

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Lines Never Crossed
« on: December 30, 2016, 03:54:43 PM »
Update: 1/21/17
- I will not be adding any more of the story to this thread until further notice. Reasons will be disclosed when the decision is made regarding the continuation or discontinuation of the public updating of my work.
Update: 9/10/17
A falling through with a partner I had, and now I'm back to my work being purely my work. Please take your time and read the short excerpt of my story below (It is essentially the first chapter.)

It's written in novel format, as that is something of the intention of it. I've been told (And I do also believe) it could make a great manga/anime. Anyhow, this is chapter one of my current project, be sure to drop feedback, positive or negative and I'll do what I feel necessary to improve it.

Note: The goal is for me to improve it, not make it particularly more agreeable to any one audience.
Please enjoy the read!

"Hey, Creda, wake up..."
"Ugh...What is it...?" I groaned groggily, swiping at him feebly to go away.
"Not so loud, not so loud. Come look at this." Ein, walking as if he were on broken glass, started off. I considered, for a few moments, whether it was worth it or not to bother with following him. After convincing myself that it might be something important, I dragged myself along behind him. He checked to make sure I was still following him throughout the house periodically; it was best that he did, as I had half a mind to go back to sleep. After about a minute of following, I was fully awake and fully irritated.
"Ein! What the hell are we doing!?" I shouted in a whisper.
"Shhh!" He breathed, finger over his lips. I swore a curse on him under my breath and followed a little further. We arrived at our master's door, which was partially open already.
"Eiiiiiiiinnn..." I warned.
"Nono, we're not here to do anything wrong," he tried to assure me. "I just wanted you to see this." He gestured for me to look inside. I thought it over for a moment, considering I had already wasted my time by tagging along, finishing the journey couldn't be much worse. I slowly peaked in, afraid my presence alone would be enough to wake him, indifferent to what I saw.
My master had somehow worked his way from under his blanket, his face smothered into the pillow and rear in the air, almost as if someone had placed him there in that position. I sighed, and slowly cracked the door as I pulled my head away to glare at Ein. He was smiling at me through the dark room, dimly lit by the moonlight that found its way through the curtains from the high windows. "So, thoughts?" he asked.
"I think this was a bigger waste of time than I initially imagined." I turned and  walked back to my room, Ein followed, mumbling something that I didn't care to tune into. "Try not to roam the house in the middle of the morning." I yawned a bit and closed my door behind me, sliding back under my blanket, waiting for sleep to overtake me.
I knew it was useless; it's useless for me to try and sleep after being awoken, regardless of the time or length that I slept. My body simply wouldn't allow for me to return to the dreamworld. "Oh well..." After laying for what felt like eternity, I got up and changed my clothes into my usual outfit, a tailored waistcoat, black pants, and black shoes: standard butler dress. I much preferred it over my sister's choice of maiden wear; What had begun as a joke on calling our guardian “Master” Seinous became habit. After making sure it was perfect, I left the room, leaving the door slightly open. It was still rather dark, even though the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon. I stood in the hallway a moment, looking out the window, reflecting on my life and those of my siblings. It had been some time since our life had changed, but there were times like now where I would wonder what would've happened to us had master Seinous not found us...
Or even how different things would be if he were someone else.
Oh well, no use being concerned about it now. I began walking to my sister's room, checking to make sure she was awake. Knowing the door would be unlocked, I knocked and opened the door a moment later to find her looking at me looking at her as she stopped. She was only just beginning to get undressed.
"Why did you stop...?" I asked.
"It took me a moment to process who you were." she said calmly and continued to change clothes. I sat on her bed, looking out the window, watching the sun making steady progress over the horizon.
"What do you think we should do for breakfast?"
"Personally I have no preference, and given that Seinous wouldn't think too much about it either, I say we make whatever."
"Alright. I suppose we'll just make pancakes and eggs or so."
"Whatever works," she sighed as she slipped into her blouse.
"Do you want to go wake Ein or should I?"
"It doesn't really matter to me. I suppose I can." she pulled up her leggings and put on her shoes.
"I'll go get breakfast started then." I walked out of the room as she was checking to make sure her outfit was in order. As I walked past master Seinous' room, I noticed the door was cracked as I had left it, so I knew I could have breakfast ready before he would be awake. I quietly made my way down the stairs, skipping steps along the way. Once at the bottom, I looked behind me; It's not as if I thought someone was following me. I just thought that I should look behind me...
Strange. Maybe I should've tried harder for those precious minutes of sleep.
Thanks, Ein. Though it isn't a mansion, the Seinous estate isn't exactly modest.  There lies a terrace out front, as opposed to the back. The purpose of which is to overlook the fountain out front, which itself was not large, and the city of Greous. The house had been built on the outskirts of the city, rather than any common residential area.  Anyone who chanced upon it gained a bit of insight to the owner's personality a bit just because of the location.. Otherwise, from a  personal standpoint, I can say the estate wasn't too strangely designed.  The house could probably be registered as an official landmarker due to the black bricks that were placed every so often throughout the gray brick structure. These things are still stored in the back of my mind, because of how cautious I was when what's left of my family arrived here, 8 years ago.
"Creda, we'd like to eat sometime today..."
I looked at her for a moment, deciphering her words before realizing that it was Cicilene standing in front of me. It was a wonder how I could forget that silvery cascade of hair that descended past her shoulders, or even her reflective oceanic eyes that I could lose myself in if I ever so desired. She stared at me intently, long enough for me to feel uncomfortable.
"Yeah...yeah, sorry." I responded and nodded slowly.
She continued staring at me for a few moments longer before helping me prepare all of the cookware necessary for today's breakfast. After I addressed her concern of my mind wandering off, we set the table together. I would look at her from time to time, reveling in how my younger sister had grown throughout the years. How she had evolved from the shy, helpless little girl that I once protected, into a mature adult, able to take care of herself with or without my assistance.
Of course, my assistance was always available.
When we finished making sure that everyone's plates were arranged properly and the table to our liking, I followed her, as I typically did, up the stairs.
“Hm?” She didn't turn around.
“How tall are you?” I asked curiously.
“I don't remember off the top of my head.” She replied, still facing forward.
“I suppose...”
“I think we're about the same height though, so just use your own measurements.” she assured me.
“Yeah. About.” I idly mused.
She was similar to me in stature, our bodies developed lean for combat in contrary to the housework that we did. Although our brother had become relatively muscular through the training Master Seinous took us through every morning, my sister and I were less on the muscular side. Through training, and a bit of scientific tests, courtesy of a colleague of Seinous', my family and I were able to realize limits beyond the average person. We didn't think of it as super human, but the capabilities are extraordinary. I continued looking at my sister, reaching out a little to play with her shimmering hair. In the sunlight it shined, and in the moonlight it glowed. Lene didn't take any notice and continued walking at an even pace, my presence confirmed behind her by the movement of her hair. She stopped abruptly and knocked on the door in front of her. I heard a groan come from beyond in answer.
“The table is ready, if you'd like to eat Master Seinous.” Lene called.
“...Alright. Thanks.” We heard the creak of the wood as he climbed out of bed. Having completed our tasks, we went back downstairs. Neither my sister nor I went to re-awake Ein, as we knew he would beat Master Seinous downstairs without our assistance.
Cicilene stopped at the foot of the stairs in the foyer.
“Say, sis, have you ever felt as if your will isn't your own?” She turned and asked.
I looked at her, eyebrows slightly furrowed at the thought. “When we lost our parents, I can say that what moved my body at the time felt more as if I were on auto-pilot than my own thoughts. Since then, I can't say I've ever felt outside of my own control.”
“I...suppose.” Given the way she responded, it hadn't sounded like I had given her the answer she was looking for. I didn't say anything else as she turned around and walked towards the dining room. Once we had settled at the table, we heard the pace of footsteps that signaled Ein coming down the steps. We looked at the stairway from the table and saw him hop down the last few steps. He looked over at us, his hazel eyes scanning the table to assess what his meal would consist of.
“Pancakes, eggs, sliced fruit, and breakfast sausage.” Lene commented, looking directly at him.
“Alright then...what number am I thinking of right now?” He challenged her.
“Two.” She promptly answered.
“...Fine, I surrender to your mind reading skills.”
“I've only been your sister my whole life, Ein. It's not terribly hard to tell what goes through that head of yours.”
He shrugged and looked over at me. “Creda, morning.” he nodded.
“Good morning, little brother.”
As Ein sat down, the sound of the staircase signaled Master Seinous' arrival on the ground floor. He looked over at us and smiled, a bit sleepily, eyeing his approval of the assemble in front of him. Before taking his seat next to Ein, Master Seinous stopped and smiled at our brother. He patted him on the shoulder, a foreboding sign to be sure, and sat. He looked at us for a moment, and we held his gaze.
“Thank you, Cicilene and Creda, for making this fantastic meal.” He beamed.
We both nodded in response.
He continued his smile of delight as he looked back down at his food. As he picked up his fork, we all followed suit, waiting on him to make verdict of the meal in front of him. He scooped some food onto his fork, as his estranged nature was wont to have him do, and slowly ate his capture. He continued this pattern, slowly and deliberately taking small amounts of food into his mouth, knowing my sister and I were waiting on a verdict. Ein had already begun eating his food, knowing that the situation was the same as any recent morning. I looked at Lene, who was eyeing Master Seinous, and tapped her shoulder.
“You know our own food is getting cold and that's probably what he wants, right?” I warned her.
She looked at me for a moment, her eyebrows raised a little, “Well, it's not as if we can't reheat it.” she whispered.
“By we, you mean you; I'm not waiting any longer.” I grabbed my own fork and stabbed through the eggs. As I bit it into it, my suspicions were confirmed. I glanced at Master Seinous, who had yet to say a word about his food. I knew he was just stalling for our food to get cold. To what end, I couldn't say. I glanced back at my sister to find her still anxiously waiting on a reply. I let her be and continued eating my food, knowing what lay in store for her.
After finishing my food, I noticed that Master Seinous was just now about to finish his plate. Cicilene was leaning on her hand, her elbow propped upon the table. She looked at him with high disdain, having become aware of his plot long ago, but unrelenting in her persistence. Our eyes met as I glanced at her again and she let out a deep sigh. As if on cue, Master Seinous scooped more food into his mouth and spoke, mouth half full, “Breakfast was delicious, thank you, ladies. So, who wants dish duty?” All eyes intersected on Ein who knew he was already delegated before the vote was cast. He stood, circled around the table to gather plates and left into the kitchen. Cicilene looked down at her food with complete disinterest. She picked up her plate and took it into the kitchen. Master Seinous pushed in his chair and started back up the stairs. “Usual exercise in two hours. Don't tire yourselves out before then!” He called.
I walked into the kitchen to the sound of running water and the sight of my sister pacing behind my brother, who was ignoring her presence. She looked up as I came around the corner.
“You know, he could be less of a jerk about handing out a simple compliment.” She fumed.
“It's not as if he wouldn't have told you how the cooking was if you had just eaten your own plate.” I reproved.
“I guess...” She looked steadily upwards for a moment before snapping her eyes back at me. “Hey, you want to go spar”?
“Are you sure that's the best of ideas on an empty stomach?”
“I'll take an apple with me if you're so worried.”
“If you really want to, then sure. Just don't cry when you lose...” I warned.
Her gaze fixed upon mine with fire in her eyes. “I won't let you win so easily,” she smirked.
I shrugged in response, trying to hold back a smile.
She paced past me and walked up the stairs. A few moments later, I followed, continuing past her room and down the hall into my own. I tied my hair up into a ponytail and clipped my bangs to the side, behind my ears. After rummaging through my closet for a bit, I found my training suit. Made of a special material, that Master Seinous refused to share with us, it negated cuts and stabs pretty well, yet it didn't do much to protect against pure impact. I slipped into it, zipping it closed in the back. After adjusting in the mirror, I left my room, door ajar, and continued to my sister's. As I raised my hand to knock, she opened the door, hair still down as she preferred it. She looked at me for a moment, before stepping out and closing the door behind her. “I'm ready when you are,” she said.
“Lead the way, challenger.”
I followed her down the hallway, already playing with her hair. A habit I couldn't break, it was likely a habit for her to ignore it by this point.
We passed through the, now, empty kitchen and on out the backdoor, where the sunlight greeted us accompanied by a sizable field of lush, green grass. We didn't have any plants aside from the grass, nor did there exist a fence that barred us or outsiders. In the middle of the humble plain lay a small building, similar in structure to a dojo but not quite so small. It served as both our storage area and indoor training facility. As we made our way to it, Ein called out of his room window “10 bucks on Creda's win.” Lene glanced backward, and I took a moment to thank the stars that she didn't have a projectile ready. I opened the door to the storage area, and Lene stepped inside immediately locating our weapons. She took a moment, eyeing me levelly, before deciding to toss me my sword scabbard before tossing me my sword. I caught the scabbard and spun it deftly to catch my sword. I heard rapid clapping momentarily, before my sister picked up her own pair of shortswords. She opened the connecting door between the storage area and the dojo, walking in ahead of me. I walked to where she had already chosen as her spot to sit, and sat in front of her, putting my weapon on the floor beside me.
We began helping each other stretch, making sure that every muscle got its fair share of attention.
“Alright,” She said as she stood up, swords in hand.
“Whenever you're ready,” I smiled as I stood with my own sword and scabbard in hand. Due to my style of fighting, I would always maintain my sword in my sheathe unless the situation called for me to do otherwise. We stood for awhile, as still as statues, eyes locked on to one another. In a moment, Lene had flicked her wrist, her scabbards only halfway to the floor, one sword nearly through my chest. I sidestepped in time to see her following very closely behind it. She swiped across from the opposite side I just stepped from and I narrowly had time enough to parry the swipe and knock the blade from her hand. Undeterred by being weaponless, she balled her already free hand, punching me hard in the ribs, forcing me to recoil a bit off balance. In her moment of advantage, she quickly stepped and grabbed the sword from the wall, dashing at me again. I brought my blade up, above my head and blocking the strike indefinitely and kicked her in the stomach, forcing her to back off. She took a moment to catch her breath. I took the time to do the same, watching as she walked over and grabbed her other sword off the floor.
“You're going to have a rough time winning if all you have is defense.” she mused.
“Maybe. But that doesn't mean I can't.” I retorted. I knew she was right, however. I couldn't hold her off forever. Not only was my defense not superb, but her offense was. She looked at  me for another moment before stepping slowly forward. I watched for a moment before deciding to take the initiative, chancing a sweep that her eye couldn't possibly catch before it landed. Only, she did see it and hopped over me, nearly catching my shoulder with her blade as she did. I back-stepped away from her and slung the scabbard at her. Although she caught it, as I had expected, she couldn't react fast enough to the next slash that landed squarely in her ribs. Pushing through the pain, she spun off the impact and came down hard with her shortsword on my left arm. Grimacing, I let it hang somewhat limply to my side. I continued holding my sword out in my right hand, wishing I hadn't thrown my sheathe. I know she needed just as much time as I did to recover and decided to take advantage of our low stamina. I rushed forward with a downward slash and was met with her shortswords blocking my path. After attempting to overpower one another, we broke off momentarily only to meet with another slash. Several times our blades clashed, her stepping forward, knowing my advantage lay in the range my single sword had over her shortswords and me stepping backward with the same knowledge in mind. The sweat that had beaded on our brows were now starting to find its way down our faces. We continued, though, through our exhaustion and became a flurry of swords. After breaking off once more, I came at her with an upward slash. She blocked it with her own two swords and began to overpower me. I allowed myself a small smile before summoning some reserves of strength and driving my sword down into the floor, throwing her off balance. I stepped forward, bringing my left hand, closed, up into her solar plexus and followed immediately with my right hand, hitting her square in her chest with all of my might and knocking her hard into the wall. She made impact with a small, yet not unheard, gasp. My blood lust left me as I saw my sister begin writhing on the ground in pain, unable to do anything, but catch her breath and bear it. I ran over as fast as my body would allow me, and comforted her. After awhile, most of the pain had subsided and she simply laid in my lap, staring at the ceiling.
“I suppose I still can't beat you.” she sighed.
I smiled down at her while playing with her hair, “I wouldn't go that far. That was mostly a last ditch effort on my part.”I assured her.
“Well, you know what Master Seinous would say if he had seen it. It would have to be something like--”
“A means to an end is as important as the end. But not in battle.” Master Seinous walked through the open door.
I looked at him, slightly alarmed that I hadn't noticed him. “How long have you been here?”
“Long enough to see one sibling spoiling the other.” He teased.
I scoffed at him and returned my attention to my sibling who lay with her eyes closed in my lap.
“You know, you should really invite me along to see these little sparring matches of yours.” He said.
“It's not as if you don't know we're in here. As well, you could just ask us.” I suggested.
“Where's the fun if you don't invite dear ole' Seinous?” He smiled.
“It's not as if it benefits us any if you watch...”Cicilene opened her eyes and looked at Seinous rather lazily.
“On the contrary, I might be able to provide with further tips or techniques.”
“We've been doing this for nearly eight years. I can't see how much more you would have to teach.” I responded.
“” He stood there for a moment; I assumed he was considering if there was anything he hadn't taught us already. “What if I told you I could tell you more about the stones in your chest?” Cicilene moved so quickly I almost thought that she had been standing in front of Master Seinous during this whole exchange.
“What do you know!?” Her eyes gleamed. I still couldn't really understand why she had such fervor for the subject. I could tell by the slight shift in Master Seinous' eyes that he had only been wanting for attention, and he had gotten more than he bargained for. Ein had walked through the door, but decided to keep his presence unknown in order to stay out of the conversation.
“Well, they're actually gems! Not really stones, for one,” he said.
I saw the disappointment written all over Cicilene's body before I heard it in her voice; “I didn't imagine you could be so useless...” She slumped back over, grabbing her weapons and sheathes along the way, and sat next to me. I pat her shoulder comfortingly and watched as Master Seinous and Ein stretched.
“Does it make you uncomfortable to think there's an unnatural element to your body?” My sister asked.
:Not really. Life goes on, as far as I'm concerned. Being an experiment beats dying of hunger gods know where.”
“I don't know about that, sis.”
“It's a little late to think about it now, don't you think?”
“I don't feel like it is.”
“Well, the gem is attached to our hearts. I don't think getting them out is really an option.”
“Come on, Creda. People get their hearts replaced all the time. I'm sure we could get rid of these if we wanted to.”
“Hearts are natural. Attaching some type of rock to it is not.”
“It's actually closer to a crystal.” Master Seinous chimed in, him and Ein now standing in front of us.
“Going to have yourselves a sparring match now that you two are done stretching?” Lene taunted.
Master Seinous glanced at Ein, who looked rather uninterested in the ordeal, and cleared his throat. Before he could speak, I cut him off, “I want to see you two fight. I think it would be extremely...educational, master.” I joined in.
“That's two against one, sir.”  Lene leaned back, her smug smile plainly in view.
I looked at Ein as if I were feeding my thoughts to him, though I knew he had accepted that he couldn't get out of it.
“Fine, fine. Come on, let's just entertain the women of the household.” Ein sighed.
I looked on, truly curious of the outcome. While our mentor is great at fighting, having fought and lost to him in the past, I still couldn't get past the overwhelming thought that Ein is...well, capable. One misstep and Master Seinous could be on the floor. Unlike us, he wouldn't be able to shrug it off.
“If we have to do this, don't hold back, kid.” Master Seinous said in an even voice.
“I hadn't really intended to.” He responded.
Ein was now standing across from Master Seinous, who had taken a fighting stance. His hands were up and he was evenly balanced on his feet. Ein had taken a similar stance, though he had more weight on his forward leg, clearly intending to take the offensive.
“So, who's going to win?” Cicilene nudged me.
“Well, I don't really know. In terms of max capabilities, Ein possesses that of over twenty times more than Master Seinous, but Master Seinous is our mentor.” I thought aloud.
“Should be interesting.” I could see the excitement emanating from my sister.
“Whenever you guys are ready!” Cicilene called.
Ein and Master Seinous had been staring each other down while we were talking. Ein crouched a little lower, preparing to start his offensive. Just as his body tensed, Master Seinous threw up his hands and said, just as evenly as he had spoken before “I surrender.”
Ein, who had already tensed, almost fell forward as his momentum threatened to overcome his balance. I didn't feel as surprised as I may have thought I was. Cicilene, now emanating disappointment again, looked at Seinous with high disbelief. He turned to us, his hands still raised. “Understand something, there's no need to fight pointless battles, especially when that battle is lost before it begins.” He walked towards us; Ein also followed to sit with us. “If I were to fight your brother, I would not only lose, I would likely end up killed if he didn't hold back.”
“But you've beaten me before...” I responded, somewhat embarrassed at having to admit that.
Master Seinous looked blankly at me.
“Creda, honestly.” I caught his foot and pushed him backwards as he tried to catch me off-guard with a swift kick that would've definitely knocked out the average person. “Now think about that. You all know there are few people who could hold their own against me in hand to hand combat. However, augmented humans like yourselves break the boundaries of human reason. Even should I be able to land a hit, it's very unlikely that any of you would feel it.”
“Then explain 7 years ago.” I demanded.
“That's just it. 7 years ago, you were still a young teenager, not much in control of your body, much less of your augmented capabilities. Not to mention, you hardly knew as much as you know about fighting. I couldn't hold a candle to you even if you closed your eyes and tied both of your hands behind your back.” Master Seinous looked at me, his stern gaze piercing my psyche. It made me feel smaller, even shameful. I couldn't come up with a reason as to why I hadn't ever even considered that I lost due to such simple reasons. At the time, I thought that perhaps he was just that skilled. It made sense, thinking back.
“Look, I'm only your mentor, not your superior. You should've realized this the first time you destroyed this building fighting each other.”  He looked at Cicilene and I when he said that. Ein preferred not to fight, even in terms of sparring. Somewhere along the ride, I assume he also decided that he would never fight me. I asked him to spar me once when Cicilene wasn't up to it, and he responded “I've seen the ending for that scenario. No, thanks.”
“Now, let's go over some fundamentals because it's already almost past training hour.” Master Seinous said, clapping his hands together once more. “Now, what is  number one, children?”
“In attempting to take a life, your own life becomes forfeit.” We responded monotonously.
“And number two?”
“Battles should be won as swiftly as possible. No good comes from giving the enemy time to think.”
“Number fooooooooour?” He asked dramatically
Nobody said anything. We just stared at him for a few moments.
He cleared his throat, “Number three, is definitely what I said.”
I gave him a pointed glance as I synced with my siblings. “Losing is not an option. Chivalry is a death warrant. Winning means living.”
“Now!” He made an unnecessary flaunt as he reiterated the question, “Number fooooooooooour”!?
“Fighting is only a means to an end.” We all sighed. Cicilene laid back and Ein stood up. Before I had time for my turn, Master Seinous announced “Tomorrow we'll be expecting our favorite visitor, so try not to embarrass me.” He walked out of the training hall and into the field. Hearing a sigh, I turned and looked at my sister as she stood up.
“Great.” She started taking her swords to the storage room before I stopped her, taking them from her.
“You should polish these more often, but I'll do it for you this time, sis.” I suggested.
She looked rather dazed as she nodded, and walked out of the training hall.
“You know, I didn't even get to use my weapons.” Ein muttered.
“Who would you have fought even if you did?” I giggled.
“...I suppose that's fair.”
I walked to the storage room and returned with the sword polish and cloth. To my surprise, Ein was still in the training hall, leaning against the wall. “Got lost trying to find your way back to your room?” I taunted.
No response.
“Hey, still breathing over there?” I drew both of Lene's shortswords and set one to my side with the sheathes.
“Huh? Oh, yeah. Just thinking.” He responded.
“About?” I kept my eyes on the blade, making sure to polish every millimeter.
“Technically we're not human, huh?”
“Technically? We still bleed and die, and I don't think any of us have lost our humanity; Have you lost some type of emotion or human empathy?” I glanced at him.
“No, of course not.”
“Then worry not, little brother. We have only gained since we've been with Master Seinous and there's still plenty of life to live. You don't need to worry about technically being human or otherwise.” I started polishing Lene's other blade after carefully placing the first in the sheathe. There was silence from the wall for awhile.
“Do you not worry about anything?” He inquired.
I stopped for a moment, laying the blade in my lap with the cloth underneath. “I worry about things just like you and Lene do.” I looked towards him. “However, I worry in the direction of finding the solution rather than asking if there's a problem. Problems don't disappear until they're solved.” I picked up the blade and refocused on my work. “Besides, Ein, it's my job to take care of you two. If I didn't worry, who would?”
I heard the door open as he walked out, closing it behind him.
For a short while, I sat, polishing the weapons. When I finished, I returned Lene's to the storage room. Picking up my own from the floor and stood in the center of the room.  Concentrating, I took a deep breath and quickly drew the sword, slashing fives times in front of me before sheathing the weapon. I only heard the sheathe and unsheathing of the blade.
I did it again, slashing in five separate directions this time. Again, the slashes were silent.
Over and over, between five and nine slashes, I would practice this. Again, again, again;until I heard the hum of my blade during one of the slashes.
I kept my breathing as steady as I could even though my heart was begging for a greater intake of oxygen. While fatigue hadn't necessarily kicked in, I could feel my concentration slipping. I laid on the floor, holding my sword above my head. I watched my blade, sometimes spinning it, sometimes rotating it.
The sword had been especially made for me. It had a couple of different metals mixed inside of it, courtesy of the same man who was kind enough to implant these crystals in our bodies. Part of which is the crystal that rested in my chest. I looked it over, the titanium blade, the steel handle that I would wrap when I wasn't wearing my gloves. Single edged, it had taken me some time to get used to flicking my wrists in the proper directions. Several times I had tried swiping at my sister with the back of the blade during our sparring sessions. It was a normal sword, overall, but the gem fragments inside and the weighted handle are what set it apart from others.
I put my sword back in the sheathe and stood. I returned it to the wall prongs and closed the storage room door behind me. As I left the training hall, I looked up at the sky, covering my eyes from the sun as it began its descent towards the far horizon. I sighed a bit of relief that I didn't overdue it to the point that the sun was already set when I returned to the house. As I walked across, I looked towards Ein's room at the window that overlooked our small plot of grass. His room was empty, yet the curtains were open. I continued on into the door to find my sister sitting at the table, laying face down on her hands. When she looked up to see me, she immediately stood.
“Let's go into the city.”
“Sure, I suppose. Let me shower and get dressed first.”
“Hurry, hurry!” she demanded.
“How long have you been sitting there, anyway?” I asked on my way up the stairs.
“...Long enough.” She responded, her voice slightly wavering to embarrassment.
I continue on, shaking my head at her stubbornness. I pulled some jeans and a plain white t-shirt from the dresser next to my closet. After gathering my undergarments, I showered cursorily, knowing that I would probably be in line for another shower later tonight. My sister waited, somewhat impatiently for me at the bottom of the stairs.
“Are you finally ready?” She said, making no attempts to hide her annoyance.
“Oh come on,”  I said as I gently clapped my hand on her head, coming down the stairs. “I didn't take all that long. I even rushed, to a degree.”
“To a degree.” She repeated.
“Well, I could've not taken a shower at all and you could be walking around with a rather unsanitary sibling.”
She shrugged and turned towards the front door. I followed behind, stopping her for a moment. “Hey, let's not run today, we can just walk this time.”
“Eh. I suppose if you really want to...we can get there in not even a fraction of the time if we just sprint though.”
“No, not this time. I'm just in the mood to relax.”
She continued out the door and on past the terrace. I knew how desperately she wanted to simply get there, but I really was disinclined to sprint into town,or do much of anything else that required any amount of effort in the moment. The city lay sprawled in the distance. At least  fifteen klicks out, when we did go into the city, it was usually only for visiting old faces. Having grown up outside the city after our transference, my siblings and I would sometimes return just to see how things had developed and even to work. I would often times get lost in my reflection of my life as a teenager when we would volunteer around the market area. I looked at my sister for awhile, her naturally long and silver hair blowing in the breeze. My lovely younger sister used to be something of a baby, crying over the smallest things; I had never seen someone literally cry over spilled milk before her. Now she is practically an adult in all manners of the word.
“Creda.” Lene had slowed her pace so she was now by my side.
“Lacreda.” She mused. “Do you remember when you and Ein were trying to find us food to eat and all I could really do was whine because my stomach kept growling?”
“Of course I remember; I remember almost every single moment that you were being an annoying child.” I assured her. “Why do you ask?”
Her face reflected the offense in her tone as she spoke, “I was just wondering, really. I think I was a little too young to remember most of the time we spent roaming before we came to the Seinous estate.”
I looked back at the modest outlook of the house that belied its occupants. It hadn't really occurred to me that my sister ever really considered those things. Maybe that was because when I spent time with her, she was usually a little all over the place. My younger sister embodied a good deal of what I embraced, and almost the opposite of what I expressed. Perhaps I would've been more like her had I not grown up caring for her.
“Hey.” Cicilene interrupted my thoughts, staring closely at me. “What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing, little sister. Nothing important.”
“You usually call me little sister when you're not telling me the whole truth.”  She sighed and turned away. “But, I suppose.”
I hugged her and lifted her, squeezing her mildly. “I love you, sis!” I yelled as I shook her from side to side.
“I'd love you more if you let me go!” She responded, struggling in my grasp.
I released her and she laughed a little. “Guess you'll always retain that same old you.”
I smiled at her in response and we continued on the side of the road toward the city. I would always be me. I am whoever I need to be for the sake of my younger siblings.
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My intentions are to serve myself. Helping you is just a by -product of that.

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Re: Lines Never Crossed
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Honestly, I was only hoping to get some general sense of how readers feel about  the work, but seems I'll have to stick strictly to people I can contact, at this rate.
My intentions are to serve myself. Helping you is just a by -product of that.

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Re: Lines Never Crossed
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I'm aware this thread is old and the story has been revisited, a little revised, but not terribly restructured. If you find yourself with some free time, I'd appreciate if you could give it a skim. Just knowing other people decided to take a bit of time to read it is enough for me. If I couldn't evoke a response, then I must not have a good enough story here.
My intentions are to serve myself. Helping you is just a by -product of that.

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Re: Lines Never Crossed
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I read it.  I found that while reading it i had to go back to figure out who was talking in the dialogue.  Not a good sign if you have to stop reading and be like who said that.  There was a switch there?   Needs some major overhauling so it flows better.