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Author Topic: [Free] Modern Attack on Titan soldier character request  (Read 400 times)

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[Free] Modern Attack on Titan soldier character request
« on: December 05, 2016, 12:33:00 AM »
So to explain what I mean by a "modern" AoT soldier basically what I'm saying is a hybrid of the AoT human uniform and our world's modern military combat uniform.

This was actually brought on because I play airsoft in my near-nonexistent free time and about 3 or more months ago I was at a game and when crap hit the fan I got separated from my assigned unit and ended up pinned down inside of a building with these three guys who were all buddies, they weren't an official team or anything but they all had Survey Corp patches on, hilariously enough I was actually running my Hellsing Organization loadout so it made for a good amount of laughs and a lot of TFS Alucard quoting "Bitches Love Cannons!" "You Cheeky Dick Waffle," etc.

Anyway, it got me thinking it might be cool to put together a full-on theoretical Survey Corp cosplay/loadout. I mean really I can kind of pull it off just by getting a Survey Corp cloak and patch and then just wearing that over my regular kit but I'm curious to see what you guys can come up with in character drawings. The only thing that I'd really request as a guideline is that you definitely include the Survey Corp green cloak. (I love that thing)

And if you're in need of some inspirations/ visual references here's a few pictures

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