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Author Topic: things i use for traditional ink with a weak wallet  (Read 485 times)

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things i use for traditional ink with a weak wallet
« on: October 17, 2016, 03:58:56 PM »
(NOTE: not knowledgeable with inking by hand, if the way i clean my nibs are bad, let me destroy my stuff...)

i really REALLY want to do some traditional inking, get the nibs, the ink... crap im out of alcohol...

NOTE: i know it is recommended to use a lighter on your nibs.... i have bought 3 g-pen nibs and destroyed 2 from the lighter trick, so instead i wipe em with alcohol before every use, gives a nice flow and if the nib rusts JUST BUY A NEW ONE you can get some really cheapy chinese ones online, they worked til i burnt them... not telling you to do this, i just personally find it easier cause im too stupid or dissatisfied by the way my pen is flowing so i burn it again and screw them up

now, i recommend getting a manga making kit, you get all your essentials basically, this does cost a bit of money but you can find some under $50 (i have the Bakuman promo beginners kit, i paid i think around $25 for it on amazon)

as for paper.... printer paper... maybe those little art books you find at the dollarstore

COPICS.... screw em, they are too expensive, i got 3 and my end bill was... $30 so no, the way to get a decent amount is to either buy them tol you are 40 to finally have a good amount or get into some contests that have the bundles as prizes, also screw Micheal's they are too expensive and have nothing... atleast the one in my town is like that

now heres the one i would call a really good piece of advice... the poorman's drafting table, now lets say you have no money for one and also no room, get a TV tray, or tv table... you know what i mean, more so the white ones
that fold up, you can change how much of a slant the surface and when your done with it, you can just use it as a table or fold it up and put it in the closet for next time, that is pretty much what i use.... if i did traditionally which i dont, the amount i paid for it... absolutely nothing... someone in my apartment threw it out and i took it home and fixed it, score (but they are cheap none the less)

maybe you can find it useful maybe not, i just wanted to help out

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