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Author Topic: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove  (Read 4867 times)

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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #15 on: October 10, 2016, 05:22:27 AM »
Give me one moment to think of something... I hope you're well-versed in weapons and unit types  ;D
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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #16 on: October 10, 2016, 05:25:34 AM »
I'd like to say I am after years of playing RTS's  :sure: I'm a pretty fast learner though

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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #17 on: October 10, 2016, 05:28:56 AM »
FPS and RTS here. To be an expert of warfare, one must become both General and Soldier  :ninja:
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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #18 on: October 10, 2016, 05:34:57 AM »
This is true. I play FPS's quite a bit but most of them are set in modern times, like ARMA or Battlefield, so I'm not sure if they would help me in the gun department given the relative time setting of this universe, but I do always lead and win the matches in Battlefield, even when the other team has the advantage. Maneuver warfare helps a lot

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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #19 on: October 10, 2016, 05:48:46 AM »
Here is the scenario you requested. I ripped it off one I'm currently developing, but it'd be interesting to see what you'd do with it  8)


The location: Villeute. A small communal town located in Hadia's eastern grasslands.

The Unionists have begun their advance up North from their safe haven in the southern wineries and into fertile farmlands. From there, the rebels plan to seize the granaries that have been stockpiled from this year's harvest to help feed their armies for the months to come. With the harvest, however, comes the winter weather, and so it has been nothing but cold, wet, and unrelenting rain for the past few days. Villeute is one of the closest towns to Unionist-held territory, and so the Legion of Terra is ordered to capture the town and seize its supplies as the rest of the forces move around to prevent anyone from escaping. The Hadians had anticipated such a move, and so had been packing the food supplies onto flatbed trucks in preparation to ship them back behind their own lines. The Legion must stop the Hadians before they have the chance to escape with the supplies.

And so comes a tricky situation. Timing is everything. If the Legion fails to cut off the Hadians inside Vileutte within a certain time frame, the food trucks will certainly escape, and any other supplies left will be destroyed. If the Legion succeeds in cutting the Hadians off from escape, but fails to capture the granaries and the Hadian State Army Headquarters located in one of the abandoned farmhouses in time, then Hadian reinforcements will arrive, and the Legion will be forced to retreat. If the Legion succeeds in both the capture of supplies and the taking of Villeute, then they must hold off the Hadian reinforcements until the Unionists arrive to back you up.

If you need more details, feel free to ask  ;)
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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #20 on: October 10, 2016, 05:59:16 AM »

I think that's all the detail I need to start it off. Nice, challenging conditions too.

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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #21 on: October 10, 2016, 08:30:06 PM »
Welp, here's the first part of this battle.

I'm not even actually sure if 37mm infantry guns exist in this universe, but I figured, surely, there must be some sort of infantry gun in existence by now.

Their method of attack here was one I utilize often in FPS and RTS games  :ninja: There's always a front, where most of  the battle takes place. I'm always one of those few people that hooks around to the side on any given map and flanks the enemy. Basically, a frontal assault to attract most of the enemy reinforcements, and a two-sided pinch to either cause confusion or "pinch" an objective.

The Battle of Vielleute: Part 1
Xenia: Damn this rain...

This tale of blood and thunder begins in the weeping Hadian countryside, not too far from the Legion's objective. The skies were almost as dark as night with how thickly the clouds covered the sky and rained upon the lands. Dirt roads, lengthy patches of trees, and communal farming sites were all soaked with heavenly water.

Gordon: Xenia, what's the hold up?

Xenia: Nothing, sir. Command gave us hope the rain would let up to manageable levels, but it's only been getting heavier as we walked. It's going to make scopes useless since they'll just fog up in this weather.

Xenia's blue eyes were tired yet ready, and her brown hair was neatly tied up under her helmet. The two were not alone, for Xenia was one in a troop of 32 legionaries quietly converging on a nearby town through the trees, including the bearded and hoarse-voiced Gordon.

Gordon: Scopes off then. We're just about to reach the town.

A nearby soldier chimed in.

Legionary: Sir, treeline ends just ahead. We should stop here.

Gordon gave the signal for everyone to stop, and the attack was prepared.

Gordon: Xenia, take Team 3 and hook around the left. Team 4 will hook around to the right. Teams 1 and 2 will spearhead the assault from the front.

Xenia: Understood, sir.

Aided by the cover of trees and their camouflaged cloaks, Xenia formed up with 7 others and traversed around to the left side of the communal town. With all teams in place, Teams 1 and 2 looked down the sights of their rifles at the unsuspecting Hadian troops ahead. Some of them were on guard, trying to keep themselves warm, while others hurriedly threw supplies into loading trucks.

Legionary: Center of Gravity, sir?

Gordon: The only one I can see is a possible escape through the rear of the village, but this rain is going to give them hell when they try to move the trucks. Defenses shouldn't be a problem. Team 4 will be able to cut off the rear in a timely fashion. Let's do the honors.

Three fingers in the air.



A volley of rifle fire rung out from the trees like thunder, peppering the Hadian troops guarding the front. What little calmness the Hadians had erupted into chaos as they ducked behind sandbags and soaked village houses. The men packing the trucks did not stop. They only hurried their task.

Xenia: It's begun.

Legionary: We should go-

Xenia blocked the soldier with her arm, fiercely focusing her gaze on the road going through the village.

Xenia: No. Wait a little bit. We need to let them move the bulk of their reinforcements move to the front so we can pinch the loading trucks from the side. There's still Team 4's diversion too.

Legionary 2: Well they better hurry, damn it. Wait too long and those trucks will try to escape.

The firefight at the front raged on, with the legionaries hugging the trees for cover as bullets from the Hadians' return fire whizzed by their ears, chipping wood off of the soaked tree bark. Gordon carefully poked his rifle out from cover, popping off three shots through the window of one of the houses ahead and just barely missing a Hadian rifleman inside, who ducked behind cover.

Legionary: Sir, we're going to move over to the right to spread our fire!

Gordon: Go! Team 1, cover them!

As they moved, the godsend of a diversion from Team 4 finally manifested in the form of a thundering explosion on the side of the town. Smoke arose from the burning buildings ahead and rubble rained down from the sky, alerting the Hadians to their position.

Hadian: Move! Enemies trying to insert from the side!

Xenia: There it is. Now we can go!

A group of Hadian riflemen broke off from the front to defend the town from a side attack, only to find the site of the explosion empty. Not a single Legionary to be found. The dozen or so soldiers were perplexed, and confusion in battle lead them to paranoia. They looked around and around, but saw not a thing in the heavy, misty rain.

Hadian: What the hell?! Where are they?!

Legionary: Peek-a-boo!

Before setting off the charges, Team 4 moved further down the side of the town, as to approach whatever reinforcements that broke off from their rear. The Hadian riflemen realized this all too late as they drowned in gunfire and fell to the ground. With that, Xenia and her team were able to begin pinching in through the side of the village, meeting in with little resistance as most of the defense was now concentrated and spread out on the front.

Xenia: There they are! Stop them!

The team of 8 tucked themselves into alleyways between houses as the Hadians guarding the trucks fired on them, only to receive fire from behind as Team 4 made their way up the side of the town.

Legionary: Now that's some beautiful timing!

The Hadians were forced into a position where neither side was safe. Bullets struck them in the back from behind, and through their cheeks in the front. Many of them laid dead in the mud and rain in just a few seconds as the remaining cowards to fell back down the road. Both teams moved in and seized the trucks.

Xenia: That took a little too long, don't you think?

One of the troops from Team 4 chuckled as they shut the engines of the trucks off.

Legionary: We went as fast as we could without being detected. I just hope 1 and 2 will be alright.

Xenia: They're the ones equipped for a long firefight, they should be worried about us instead. Either way, we'll both drop off half of our team here and get them behind. That leaves 8 to secure the trucks and 8 to assist in the frontal assault.

Legionary: Let's do it then!

Xenia, of course, opted to move up and join the fighting ahead. Teams 1 and 2 were slowly gaining more ground as Xenia and the other legionaries came in from behind, ducking outside of the windows of houses where the Hadians took cover. Now dangerously close to the enemy, Xenia could hear the frantic commands of the Hadians, their yells for more ammo, and even the cartridges falling onto the wooden floors as they returned fire.

Xenia took a grenade from her belt, signaling the other legionaries to line up along the windows and prep theirs as well.

Three fingers in the air.

Two fingers.


The pins were pulled and the grenades thrown in synchronously, like a choreographed dance.

Hadian: Sh*t! Grenades!-

The Legionaries covered their heads and smoke and bone fragments ejected from the windows, then proceeded to infiltrate the first house.

Gordon: Looks like they're moving in now! Concentrate fire on the other houses! Don't let them escape!

It was quick inside of that house. You storm in, you check your corners, you shoot anyone wearing a uniform that isn't yours. Xenia did this as she approached the stairs, quickly popping out of cover to nail a Hadian engineer in his chest. He tumbled down the stairs, unresponsive and bleeding. Now she could see the features of humanity in her enemy, their dirty skin, the color of their eyes, the length of their hair.

Legionary: Clear!

Xenia: Up the stairs!

Their soaked boots left wet prints as they cautiously stormed up the stairs, checking the rooms for any remaining soldiers. Xenia slowly approached the closed door to the master bedroom, halting in her tracks and signaling the men behind her to be quiet. She removed her fist from the air and wrapped her hand around the grip of her rifle. A shadow beyond the door revealed itself from what little ambient light could be seen from underneath.

A deep breath.

A single shot through the door.

With that, she could hear someone plop down on the ground. The team stormed in to find a young Hadian soldier on the ground, his eyes rolling back into his head as the red stain on the chest of his uniform grew larger.

Legionary: Kid can't be older than 16, man...

Xenia: If it has a gun, it's an enemy. End of story. Is that it?

Legionary 2: Yeah, the house is clear.

Xenia: Let's meet up with the other teams. The rest of the Hadians probably fell back to the granary down the road.

The gunfire outside was brought to a halt. It seemed the assault was successful. The teams met out in the middle of the street and the unforgiving rain after the houses were cleared. Annoyingly, it seemed the rain was starting to get in everyone's boots.

Gordon: Are those trucks secured?

Xenia: Yes, sir! We left 8 to secure them!

Gordon: Good! The remainder of the enemy fell back towards the granary! We should-

Legionary: The hell is that?!

The soldier pointed everyone's eyes to a curious plume of black smoke in the distance, rising up towards the storming heavens.

Legionary 2: Hey, that's the direction of the granary!

Legionary 3: Those psychos are trying to burn it down?!

Xenia: Sir!

Gordon: Move it out, go! Stop them immediately!

All of them stormed down the street with great haste, their collective footsteps sounding like the thunder of a cavalry unit. They had finally met up with the troops assigned to the trucks up the road.

Legionary: Trucks are unloaded and secured, sir!

Gordon: Fall in and move up! We've got to stop them from burning down the granary!

But then came the bullets, striking Gordon in his leg and killing several legion troops. The sudden hail of gunfire came from Hadian reinforcements coming down the road, using the sandbags and buildings for cover. The constant snap and whistle of bullets split the legion troops onto opposite sides of the road, leaving the dead and wounded right in the middle. As they returned fire, the sound of Gordon screaming in pain felt more like a baby crying in the distance to Xenia.

Legionary: God damn it! What do we do?! We've got to rescue Gordon!

Xenia: Leave him!

Legionary 2: What did you just say?!

Xenia: We cannot rescue any of them under this amount of fire! We need to keep them busy from the front and systematically pinch them from the side! Divert 8 troops on each side and shoot them from the alleyways before they get the same idea!

Legionary 3: You heartless little-

Legionary 2: Ahh! Damn it! Do it! The fire won't stop until we do!

Covering their movement, Xenia peeked her rifle over the corner of the ruined house, securing a masked Hadian in her sights and sending a round through his head right as he haw her.



She popped out again, firing another shot at an engineer just before he could toss of a grenade.

Hadian: Get back! Get ba-

The explosion from the grenade swallowed up 6 of the Hadians and shrouded them in a mist of blood and smoke.

Legionary: Up ahead! Enemy cannon coming down the road!

A small infantry gun rolled down the road, shielding it's two operators with its iron fins. The operators wore balaclavas for their faces, and gloves to protect their hands from hot shell casings.

Hadian: Loading!

The chamber was slid open, allowing for a 37mm round to be loaded in. The operative closed the chamber as the other adjusted the cannon.

Hadian 2: Set!

Hadian: Fire!

The first round blew up behind the team on the other side of the road, showing them in dust and debris. Their ears rang and popped from the explosion, but they were lucky not to be killed.

Legionary: Screw this! She's right! Hook around and take the bastards out! Go!

The chamber lever was pulled, sending the cartridge flying out from the smokey chamber.

Hadian: Loading!

Hadian 2: Adjusting!

Xenia: Damn! We need to move!

Hadian 2: Set!

Hadian: Fire!


That round was just lucky enough to kill two of the maneuvering legionaries, robbing them of their legs and lives. Xenia bit her lip as she ran between the houses, up the side of the road.

Xenia: Damn it! They've split us! You guys keep going and shoot them from the sides! I'll get up in one of the houses!

Legionary: Who the hell put you in charge?!

Xenia: Just do it!

Xenia ran off, slinging her rifle on her back as she climbed into one of the broken windows of the houses.

Legionary 2: I hate that cunt, but she's the only one with a plan right now! Keep moving!

Xenia rushed up the stairs of the house, making it up to the 3rd floor. The master bedroom provided just enough cover and openings for her to shoot through, giving her a perfect line of sight on the street. As soon as she cracked open a window, the chill of the rain and the crack of gunfire caressed her senses.

Xenia: Beautiful. It should be fine to use the scope in here.

She reattached the scope to her rifle and set her sights upon the masked operators of the 37mm infantry gun.

Deep breath.


The loader was shot through his head, splitting it wide open in a red, gory mess. The other operator freaked, but was shot in the back as he tried to run by Xenia's follow up shot.

Xenia: Damn, he's still moving.

Through her scope, she could see the operator struggle to crawl to cover. His struggle was put to and end by a second shot to the back of the head.

Xenia: Alright, Xenia...Alright...from this position, I can support the pinch on the right side.

The Hadians anticipated they would divert from the main road and apply a pinch strategy. They diverted some of their own troops to meet them on the sides and halt their advance, resulting in firefights on both sides that seemed to go nowhere. At least until Xenia chimed in.

Xenia: Ah, what a shame. You're kind of handsome. Sorry, man.

One shot went through a rifleman's neck, sealing him to a fate of bleeding out in the mud.

Xenia: Next one...

In a beautiful stroke of marksmanship, Xenia shot one of the Hadians through their shoulder, and the bullet passed through to strike another one through the cheek. Both of them fell over wounded, unable to keep fighting. With her support, the Hadian troops halting the advance on the right were forced to fall back for more cover, allowing the legionaries to push onwards.

Xenia: Alright, time for the left side.

The legion troops on the left took whatever cover they could, behind ruined buildings and between the rows of muddied farms and crops. Every time one of them would pop up, a bullet would force them back into cover, effectively pinning them down.

Legionary: Damn it! Toss some grenades!

Pull the pin.

Throw like hell.

The booms of their grenades eased up the Hadian fire, killing 2 of them. All of a sudden, the Hadian riflemen started to drop to the ground, one by one. Xenia's rounds were being delivered with such precision and speed, they too were forced to fall back.

Legionary: Hey, she did it! Move up while they're retreating! You two, commandeer their infantry gun and hit those sandbag positions!

Use a pinch to get out of a pinch. With the advance finally moving up, Xenia ran out of the house to link up with the advancing troops, now closing in on the granary. The rain was on their side, as it made maintaining a fire hot enough to consume the entire building much more difficult than the Hadians had time for.

Legionary: Xenia! We're moving up!

Xenia: I see that! I'll give you cover fire!

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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #22 on: October 11, 2016, 12:22:41 AM »
37mm guns do exist, but it's an awfully large round to use against infantry.  :unsure: That's the type of round you'd fire more often at light vehicles or aircraft for instance, although in some cases they are used against infantry typically firing High Explosive munitions, normally mounted atop armoured cars or tanks.

The battle moved quite fast!  :o By the time I was just getting into one part, the fight had already moved onto another sector!  :glare: Xenia seems to be quite the bossy one, despite the fact we have no idea what her rank is in comparison to the other soldiers. There also seems to be a bit of conflict, though it does feel a little forced in some parts  :unsure: This is coming from the guy who made a character who literally reeks of conflict (Daina Allens, anyone?  :sure: )

One thing to keep in mind when talking about soldiers is that there is a very strict formality in terms of referring to someone's name. Often you would either call them by their rank or last names. First names you almost never do since there's the chance of mixing someone up with another, especially when there's hundreds of soldiers on the battlefield and you only do call them by their first names in informal occasions. Secondly, when it comes to who gets put in charge when the squad leader is killed or incapacitated, a second-in-command is already designated within the squad so that the unit can automatically switch orders on the go without the confusion of whose orders to follow. Not having that down on Day One is bad planning by the Military Command, and is essential if you want things to work the way things are with the least setbacks.

I could go on-and-on about Military Organization and Structure, but that'll take ages to explain. That and I doubt you're willing to go that thorough for a story, unless you want me to  ;)

Last but not least, Xania pretty much seems like a Rogue to me  :-\ There's quite a lack of regard for her fellow comrades and she often goes out on her own solo. In real combat situations, members of a squad almost never acts solo. One of the most vital lessons you learn in Boot Camp is "Never Be a Hero." I know, it's ironic, but it's important to both the success of the squad and for command reasons that you don't have people running around doing whatever the crap they want just because it seems like the best course of action to them. To the Squad Leader, that'd be the equivalent of someone running out of cover and blasting away when the Squad Leader specifically orders you to hold fire and wait with the squad. That would call for some serious disciplinary actions  : :confused:

That having been said, it's amazing Xania managed to single-handedly turn the tide of battle!  :ohmy: You don't see that very often, and for very good reason. Aces don't win wars, good generals do. Aces can only influence the tide of battles and that's pretty much it. They can carry the team, but it doesn't really matter if the entire unit is losing outright due to poor decisions by field commanders or officers. Even sheer brute force is enough to put down even the best of aces. There's a reason you don't see me write about how Daina Allens, who is considered one of the best, if not The Best, of the Stormtroopers winning battles all on her own despite her astounding kill record. She simply can't. One bullet is enough to end her life and that's what makes coordination and teamwork vital to her success. Without the help of her comrades, Daina Allens might very well be cannon fodder like everyone else. Kind of tragic if you think about how the very reason she managed to survive eight years of war is by exploiting the deaths of her friends and colleagues  :( That might or might not have played a part in her rather cynical view of the world, but I digress  ;D
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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #23 on: October 11, 2016, 12:52:06 AM »
Yeah, Xenia is purposely a very bad apple. Like one of those "Shut up,  I know what I'm doing" types of people  :ninja: I plan for her to put this entire assault in jeopardy and for her to disregard the lives of her team-mates, actually.

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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #24 on: October 11, 2016, 12:58:02 AM »
One person? Screwing up the entire battle?  :ohmy: That'd be quite a feat for a single soldier to do. You'd have to mess up in a pretty big way to swing the battle in the enemy's favour! Normally the job of screwing up goes to the officers or generals in charge of the operation  8) Single soldiers normally don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

"They got in the way... and they Died."  :ninja:

Either way, I'm intrigued to see what fiasco you'd come up with for that occasion  :D
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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #25 on: October 11, 2016, 05:36:42 AM »
My take on the Battle of Villeute. Although a rather small communal town, Villeute encompassed acres-upon-acres of flat, cultivated land that had drilled itself through the dense woodlands surrounding it. With towering hedgerows, vast expanses of open land, and battered stone buildings making up this huge battlefield, Villeute makes for a interesting mix of urban and field combat.

I might or might not continue on with this, depending on my mood... no promises  :sure:

Assault on the Farmhouse Part 1
The rain poured hard that day, the sky blanketed gray as thunder roared and lighting casted itself out from the cracks in the clouds. The paved streets flooded with streams of dashing water, each drop berating the ground with no rest.

Though the sky drizzled relentlessly upon every inch of earth, filling every ditch and drainage to their brim, the Stormtroopers that sat waist-high in muddled water in their small ditch did not move a muscle, for they were watching the large farmhouse that laid no more than fifty meters away from them. Their eyes were set on the Hadian troops who patrolled the area, their deep-green raincoats shielding them from nature’s wrath as they stood by fence gates and doorways, marching to-and-fro, and occasionally moving sacks of wheat into closed-canvas trucks parked in the small outdoor overhang.

They stood watching, waiting, anxious for their time to strike. Some of the troops were beginning to shake and stutter from the cold, one even struggling to hold his sneeze in.

Just then, the sound of quick footsteps pattering the mud ground approached. A stormtrooper covered in thickets and leaves hustled his way into the trench, careful not the splash the water as he scampered in.

“No heavy weapons, just a dozen or so armed guards. They’re busy loading wheat from the granary,” the soldier reported.

“Good work,” Sergeant Hemsley acknowledged. He took his wrist collar and pulled it back, revealing a small wristwatch. The hands slowly ticked their way to three. He turned his head to the left, where a nervous Daina stood, shaking uncontrollably from the freezing water.

“You okay, Private?”

Daina returned his gaze and hastily nodded, struggling to keep her hands on her rifle, her dark, short, unkempt hair just barely hanging above her eyes.

“Just a bit longer...”

Sergeant Hemsley looked down the line of the sunken ditch, his troops doing the best they could to keep their composure. He glanced further down, past the end of the ditch and onto the open field of the farmhouse, where another Stormtrooper squad laid in hiding, hugging their bodies close to the huge bundled haystacks scattered around. Together, they numbered around twenty men. But even with their superior numbers and tactical advantage, the uneasiness of battle was written across the young faces of the troops, for to many of them, this was their first.

Hemsley gazed back at the farmhouse, the Hadians still unaware of their presence. He pulled back his sleeve again and saw the time had ticked to three. The thunder struck.

As if the sky had shattered the earth, a shrieking explosion ripped through the outside overhang, smashing the roof inward and igniting the trucks parked there. A huge ball of fire unravelled as more explosions blasted away at the farmhouse. The Hadians ducked for cover as they came to the realization they were under attack.

“Wait for the mortars...” Hemsley said, his arm held out to keep anyone from charging in too early. He carefully observed the intervals between each mortar barrage, taking mind not to lose count, waiting for the right moment...

“Now!” he cried out. All at once, the squad leapt out from their watery holes and dashed for the stone wall ahead of them, a whole fifty meters away. As they did, a thick blanket of white smoke poured onto the farmhouse, perfectly timed with the Stormtroopers’ charge just as Sergeant Hemsley anticipated. The other squad had also began a mad dash for the farmhouse, zig-zagging between the haystacks as they kept pace with Hemsley’s squad. The Hadian troops, dazed by the sudden mortar fire, coughed and wheezed as they fanned the blinding-white smoke out from their eyes. Officers hastily barked orders as more troops hustled out from the farmhouse and took positions along the stone wall perimeters, though they could not make out anything within ten feet of themselves.

Still, the gunshots came.

Through the thinning smoke and the drizzling rain, Hemsley and his squad opened fire upon the distinct silhouettes of the Hadians’ round helmets, spreading themselves out among the ground so as to cover as many angles as possible. One pop after another, the bright flash of muzzles shot clear through the drenched scenery as the two forces exchanged shots. Hemsley’s squad had taken cover behind the field’s haystacks, just a mere twenty meters short of the wall as the wind scattered what was left of the white smoke.

“Damn... too short!” Hemsley cursed.

“Perhaps we should’ve called for more salvos...” one of the troops said.

“Too late for that. The mortars would be repositioning right about now.”

The sky lit up as the distant rumbling of artillery and gunfire rang out just a few miles away. The main assault had begun.

“Just in time too...” the Sergeant muttered. “C’mon! We gotta take this farmhouse and meet up with the rest of the main force!” He gazed over to the other squad a distance away, preoccupied by enemy fire. Hemsley lifted his arms and signaled over. From behind one of the haystacks, one of distant squad’s men lifted his arms and responded to Hemsley’s signals.

“Alright...” he nodded. Hemsley slowly glanced out from behind his cover only to be met by a hail of bullets flying right at him. He quickly ducked back as the bullets whizzed dangerously close to him. “Son of a-! SMGs!” He shouted. “Keep your heads down!”

One of the Stormtroopers caught the warning too late as he was already leaning out from cover, and snagged a bullet in his arm.

“Aaagh!” he cried, dropping his rifle and stumbling back into cover. His comrade next to him immediately began dressing the wounds.

Daina loaded another strip into her rifle and quickly popped out to take a shot. Training her sights on one of the Hadian soldiers with submachine-guns, Daina fired her shot just as the soldier caught wind of her, right through the man’s skull. She pulled back as the others began firing at her general direction.

“Wiley! Take Allens and Peterson with you and flank right!” Hemsley shouted amid the crackling of bullets.

“Yes Sir!” Wiley confirmed.

As Daina cycled the next round, she glanced over to her right to witness Hadian troops opening the fence gate and dashing for the ditch on the far right.

“Sergeant!” she yelled, gesturing over to the Hadians scurrying past.

Hemsley looked over and nodded in acknowledgement. He turned back to Wiley and patted him on the back. “Go!” the Sergeant ordered.

Wiley dashed over to Daina and Private Peterson’s cover as the rest of the squad gave volley fire to the enemy ahead, his back bent and head low as he did. He slid right into the two soldiers’ cover, the mud kicking up from his boots before propping himself up.

“You two, follow me!” demanded Wiley.

Daina and Lee wasted no time hustling behind Wiley as the three backtracked toward the water-filled ditch. Their uniforms were soaked down to the last fiber as they once again jumped into the freezing cold, sloshing their way through whilst keeping an eye on the Hadians attempting to outflank them as well. Sprinting from cover to cover, the Hadians approached the ditch until they caught sight of the three Stormtroopers inside it. They stopped and took aim.

“Heads down!” Wiley yelled as the first shots whizzed past the ditch. The two privates bent down just as Wiley said those words. A few bullets ricocheted off the tree trunks behind them and plopped into the water.

“Sergeant, your ear...”  Lee pointed.

Wiley ran his palm over his left ear and raised his hand to his face. It was blood-red. “Don’t worry about that, just keep moving! I’ll hold here and keep them pinned. Don’t let them get in here, understood!?”

“Yes Sir!” they nodded.


Wiley stood to meet him, only to be met with incoming fire. Two of the Hadians trained their rifles at him whilst another was seen moving further down towards the ditch. Wiley crouched back as the bullets whizzed past again, dangerously close to him. He quickly popped out and lent a shot at the Hadians, forcing them behind their haystack before immediately retreating behind the safety of the ditch again.

Daina and Lee hustled over to the other end of the ditch, mindful not to draw attention to themselves. Wiley did his best to keep the Hadians’ guns drawn to himself, although there was only so much he could do before the enemy ignored him for the more immediate threat his comrades posed.

One of the Hadian soldiers stayed his position and popped shots at the cornered Sergeant from afar, keeping him pinned for the other two to make a dash between the haystacks. Sergeant Wiley peered out from his cover. A bullet whizzed by. He tried again. Another one fired, only this time, it nailed the rock his head hid behind. Wiley knew the next shot coming could kill him. That man in the field need only wait to see the top of that green hat peer out once more.
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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #26 on: October 11, 2016, 06:29:44 PM »
Obviously, you did a better job than I did  :clapping:  This felt a lot more..."tactical"? As in, a more precise attention to detail in the narration, which is a great thing for these kinds of chapters.

Oh, are their rifles fed ammunition through clips? For Xenia, I was picturing something similar to a Gewehr 43, so that the gun is actively fed during firing. Not sure how much a detail like that matters. I would imagine both kinds of rifles are used anyway.

 :ninja: Okay, I must admit for this chapter: I know nothing about trying to snipe at a long range in ridiculous weather and wind. All I know is that it would be difficult to place a shot correctly, there are multiple things you need to know like wind speed, direction, BC, distance to target etc. etc., and you usually have to shoot several inches into the wind if you want it to hit anything living.

Battle of Vileutte: Part 2

Heist: Okay, this is Dr. Heist of the Psychological Evaluation department, and I am here with...what's your name again, miss?

Xenia: Xenia [REDACTED]

Heist: Xenia [REDACTED], got it. Okay, the tape is rolling, so let's just jump right into it. It's imperative that, after experience on the field as been attained, that the psychological well-being of all of our troops is measured, accounted for, and then acted upon. I'm going to ask you a series of questions pertaining to your mental well-being, and I want you to answer honestly, alright?

Xenia: I understand.

Heist: So, looking at your records here, you've been involved in various fights along the Hadian front. In the last 6 months, have you experienced any anxiety?

Xenia:...No. Not really.

Heist: Have you felt restless, agitated, or tense in the past 6 months?

Xenia: A little agitated, yeah.

Heist: About what, may I ask?

Xenia: I don't really remember. It was something unimportant, a small problem.

Heist: Okay. Have you had trouble sleeping, falling asleep, or staying asleep?

Xenia: I was never much of a sleeper. I always stayed up late into the night since I was a teenager.

Heist: Have you experienced- and this is all in the same time frame- any cold or hot flashes, nausea, or sudden increase in heart rate?

Xenia: My heart rate increases whenever I get up out of bed. Getting into bed, as well.

Heist: Have you experienced a traumatic event in the past 6 months?


Heist: To what extent? Were you the direct victim? Did you witness it happen to someone else? Did it happen to someone you know or love?


Xenia: It was just...the result of my job.

Heist: Can you elaborate?




The boom of the 37mm brought Xenia back to the present. The Legionaries were successfully using the gun to blow apart the fortified front of the burning granary, forcing them to fall back inside.

Stasi: Cease fire! Do not fire directly on the granary! Move into to secure it and douse the flames!

The voice of Corporal Stasi, an exceptionally reserved man, capable of leading the legionaries even without Sergeant Gordon. The two young lads operating the gun did exactly as told, joining in the assault on the granary. They closed in as the wounded tried to barricade themselves in, hoping to buy more time to destroy it rather then let it slip into enemy hands.

Legionary: Hell yeah, better Stasi takes over then that girl back there. Something is off about her, man.

Legionary 2: Yeah, you're telling me. Bitch should be reprimanded big time, man.

Stasi: Teams 2 and 4, hit them through the windows! You there, help me line some grenades along the door! We're blasting it open!

Legionary: Yes sir!

The diverted teams ducked to stay out of sight as they crossed the windows, while Stasi and one of the privates stuck grenades between the door handles. The wooden door didn't stand a chance against them.

Legionary: Fire in the hole!


At that moment, the two teams stood up and shot everyone they saw through the windows, armed, wounded, young, old, and weak. Silence filled the granary and blood stained the floor. Stasi, Xenia, and the rest of the group outside moved in, noting one last, wounded Hadian soldier resting on the heaping, flaming mound of grain in the back.

Legionary: Clear!

Legionary 2: Granary clear!

Stasi: Move that last one and douse the flames, go!

Buckets of water were already in place inside of the granary to collect water leaking through the ceiling. They came in handy for soaking the flaming grain, walls, and support beams. Though it annoyingly filled the place with the strong smell of burnt grain and wood, the building and most of its contents were secured. Just one more...

Xenia: Just one more.

Xenia raised her rifle at the wounded soldier no different then she would if he were just a mere practice target. The other soldiers kept quiet as he screamed and begged for his life to be spared.

Xenia: Permission to take the shot, Corporal?

Stasi: Asking permission now, are we? How unlike you.

Stasi turned around, fidgeting around with something neither Xenia or the Hadian could see. As Stasi finally turned back around, the Hadian, just for a moment, could see barrel of his service pistol being pointed right at him. First came the flash of the gun, then the bullet that stroke him through his head, flooding his nose and ears with blood as he slumped over. The granary was deathly silent after that shot, but not a single one of them turned away. Stasi holstered his pistol and faced his troops.

Stasi: Alright, now we've just got to move across the fields and get to the Hadian State Army headquarters. Team 1, I want you to move the 37mm gun inside, as well any wounded we have. We'll use this granary as a medical wing. Get to it.

Legionary: Yes sir!

8 young men dutifully rushed outside to accomplish their task, opening the granary up to the never-ending pounding of rain and occasional roars of thunder as they left.

Stasi: Teams 2 and 4 will advance on the target. Be sure to keep a wide formation.

Legionary: You got it, boss.

Stasi: Team 3, I want you to stay here with Team 1. Put your best marksman upstairs to provide sniper fire from the window.

Xenia: That would be me, Corporal.

Stasi: Get to it then. 2 and 4, we're moving out now. Let's get going.

As half the group sallied out for the final stretch, Xenia and an accompanying soldier climbed up the ladder to the attic, making themselves "comfortable" on wet, creaky wood, with just a single window to peer through. The man accompanying Xenia took off his helmet and shook out his soaked, black hair with his hand. He put his rifle off to the side, taking one of his scopes from his pouch. Xenia watched as he poked the scope right outside the window, using it to get his sights on the advancing teams and the Hadian Start Army headquarters up ahead.

Xenia: What's your name?

An aged face, the man must've been in his late 30's.

Bundy: Private Bundy.

Xenia nodded as she reached in her pocket for a chocolate bar.

Bundy: Chocolate?

Xenia: Helps me calm down and concentrate. Military chocolate tastes like crap though.

Bundy: Mind if I have a bite?

Xenia: Yeah, I do. You can lick the wrapper after I'm done if it makes you feel any better though.

Bundy: Hmm...so you're a rogue AND a bitch. Great to have you on board.

Xenia took the first bite of her crunchy chocolate bar, absolutely hating it and absolutely loving it at the same time.

Bundy: Alright, looks like they're making their advance. I don't see anyone surrounding the army headquarters.

Xenia: Private Bundy, is it?

Bundy: What?

Xenia: How many people have you killed?

Bundy: What kind of stupid question is that? Would you please focus on the task at hand? I thought you said chocolate helped you concentrate.

Xenia: I just want to know, because your shaking.

Bundy's hands and arms indeed shook beneath his cloak. His deep breath indicates to Xenia that she may have stepped on a nerve with such a call-out.

Bundy: I'm not shaking because I'm a coward. It's just ridiculously friggin cold and wet. I'm starting to wonder if all of Hadia is this depressing.

Xenia: Hmmm...

What seemed like such an easy advance turned dire as a shot crackled through the air, and both of the advancing teams hit the deck, staying hidden in the cornfields and tall crops. Xenia put aside her chocolate bar and hurriedly stuck her rifle out of the window, feverishly scanning the army headquarters for a shooter.

Xenia: Did yous where it came from?!

Bundy: I didn't see jack! It had to have come from the upper levels of the farmhouse ahead!

Xenia: Scanning...let me know if you spot someone.

The rain began to sound like a million ticking clocks pressuring Xenia into finding the shooter. Her crosshairs passed over window after window until, finally, a Hadian sniper revealed himself as he fired another shot at the advancing team.

Bundy: There! 4th window from the right, 3rd floor!

Xenia: I see him.

Bundy took note of the swaying of the trees and crops. The wind was getting more intense.

Bundy: The wind is going to go through those tall crops like a comb. It might make them more exposed down there, and it'll also make landing an accurate shot harder at this range.

Xenia: Can you get me the angle of the wind?

Bundy: About...45 degrees.

Xenia: Speed?

Bundy: About 40mph, going by natural indications. Maybe a little more.

Xenia: That's fine. We'll start with a factor of 10.

The sniper popped out of a different window this time, on the left side of the farmhouse. The third shot rang through the air, slightly overpowered by the booming winds. As soon as he revealed himself, he was gone again.

Bundy: He switched windows. 2nd from the left, same floor.

Another shot rang out from 2 windows across, striking one of the Legionaries below in his shoulder. His nearby comrades held him still to keep his squirming and screaming from revealing their exact position.

Bundy: Two shooters! There are two! The 2nd is two windows over from the 1st!

Xenia: I saw that. 45 degree angle winds at an estimated 40mph. I need you to do the math and figure out exactly how much I should compensate at this range.

Bundy: Got it.

Bundy took out his handy notebook and pen, hurriedly solving the most important math problem of his life.

Xenia: Damn...my scope is starting to fog. I know this isn't exactly like baking cookies with your mother, but can you hurry up?

Bundy: Doing my best here!

Two more shots rang out from each of the snipers. Their shots were becoming much more accurate by the second, splattering mud and corn over the heads of the troops. Stasi kept his head down low, along with everyone else who wasn't trying to get nailed by the snipers.

Stasi: Damn it, hurry up!

Bundy put down his pen after writing out the math so fast that only he could really understand anything he wrote down. To anyone else, it would just look like a child scribbled in his notebook. After what felt like an eternity for Teams 2 and 4, the first shot from the granary window, barely missing one of the snipers.

Bundy: Shoot 2 more inches into the wind. You were nearly there.

Xenia: Alright...

Xenia fired another shot, landing a bullet in the shoulder of the first sniper right as the second spotted them and fired back. Both Bundy and Xenia ducked their heads away from the window as it struck through the wall behind Bundy, swayed away from its target by the ferocious winds.

Bundy: Nail the son of a bitch!

Xenia pulled the trigger, landing a round just shy of the sniper's helmet. A second shot followed, striking the wall of the inside of the farmhouse just as the Hadian sniper hid behind the wall. Just a second earlier, and it surely would've struck him.

Xenia: God damn it!

Bundy: Relax, you got one of them. You're almost there, just be sure to nail him next time. Wait a minute...

A squad sized force of what was perhaps the last of the Hadian troops in town sallied out, taking cover by the stone walls as they tossed grenades into the cornfields in unison.

Bundy: Sh*t! Infantry taking cover by the walls!

The grenades were lucky enough to land in a few pockets of legionaries, exploding and killing several from both teams.

Stasi: Open fire! Open fire!

Xenia ran back to the ladder, calling out to Team 1 just as they had returned with the gun and wounded.

Xenia: Hey! Teams 2 and 4 are pinned! How many rounds do we have for the 37mm?!

Bundy: You want to use the gun?! We'll essentially be firing over their heads!

Xenia: If they have any sense, they'll fall back to put some distance between them and the enemy!

Bundy looked outside of the window again as the gunfire continued to erupt and crackle through the air. It seemed Team 2 suppressed the enemy as Team 4 fell back. They took turns covering each other's escape, stopping to suppress and hide in the tall crops.

Xenia: See?! You guys, open the rear doors and put a round in the front of the farmhouse!

Legionary: On it!

Xenia picked up her chocolate bar, taking another huge bite and setting her sights on the last remaining sniper, hoping to keep him from nailing any of the legionaries as they retreated.

Xenia: Keep your eyes on the troops at ground level. Make sure they're not aiming at us yet. I've got to take out the god damn sniper.

Bundy: I've got you covered.

Xenia: Come on...just poke your head out...

The Hadian sniper switched windows without Xenia even noticing. His rifle peeked out from the very first window on the right side and sent a round right through the window and into Xenia's arm. She fell back, dropping her rifle as she clutched her bleeding arm. Though she merely felt the force of the bullet at first, the pain settled in when she saw blood, and realized she had been struck.

Bundy: Hey, are you okay?!

Xenia's groaned in annoyance more than pain as she took cover beside the window.

Xenia: I'm alright! It's just a flesh wound!

Xenia was too tense, too possessed by the adrenaline of the battle to lay down her rifle. She picked it up again, aiming through the window and scanning for the sniper, even as blood dripped to the floor from her arm. Even in the cold, Xenia worked up a sweat.

Xenia: You think you're soooo clever, don't you? I'll get you back, you Hadi son of a bitch.

The doors below them had opened. Team 1 sallied out and prepped the 37mm for firing, with two soldiers operating it. The rest of them formed a column on the sides, providing extra covering fire for the retreating teams. The soldier operating the loading chamber pulled the lever, releasing the empty shell and tossing it into the granary. He slid a new round in and shut the breach block nice and tight.

Legionary: Loaded!

Legionary 2: Set!

That one, accursed Hadian sniper, who had now become Xenia's mortal enemy, peeked out once more from the window, firing off a round at the two operating the infantry gun. The metal fins protected them with the unmistakable sound of a bullet bouncing off of the metal.

Bundy: Now!

With all of the conditions and necessary corrections in mind, Xenia fired off the last bullet in her magazine. Firing into the wind ensured the bullet would drift into the intended target. In the longest moment in her life, Xenia kept her eye looking through the scope until she saw a white puff of smoke around the sniper from the impact of her bullet, followed by him falling to the floor.

Xenia: Got you!

Legionary: Fire!

Immediately after the sniper fell, the 37mm gun boomed as it fired a round right through the entrance of the farmhouse, dazing those right outside and killing those shooting through the windows.

Stasi: Nice hit! Send two more in there! That should soften them up!

Legionary: Yes sir!

The chamber was opened, and the empty shell ejected. The loading legionary speedily slid another shell inside the chamber and shut the breach block.

Legionary: Loaded!

Legionary 2: Set!

Legionary: Fire!

The gun rocked the two soldiers as it fired, ripping apart the stone walls and Hadians behind them. With their defenses withering away, they retreated back into the farmhouse, filing in and covering each other as the teams all continued to fire at them.

Once again, the chamber was opened, and the shell tossed aside.

Legionary: Loaded!

Legionary 2: Adjusting...set!

Legionary: Fire!

The last round went right through the front door, leaving the house wide open for the other teams to storm in.

Stasi: Move in! Go! Go!

Bundy and Xenia watched as teams 2 and 4 stormed in through the smoking entrance, the flashes of their gunfire flickering through the windows as they popped off any and all survivors. They waited...and waited...and waited...until Stasi and 4 other men came out calmly, giving the thumbs up Teams 3 and 1.

Xenia: That's it! They got it!

Bundy took a massive sigh of relief, running his hand through his hair again as Xenia took another bite of her chocolate.

Bundy: It's over...it's finally over!

Xenia: For now, anyways. You know, you're not a bad spotter.

Bundy: Yeah, and you're not a bad shot. We should probably tend to your flesh wound, huh?

Xenia: Oh, that's right. I had almost completely forgotten I got shot. I guess that's normal when you're in a tense situation.

Xenia laid her rifle against the wall and called out to the team below tending to the wounded.

Xenia: Hey, I'm shot over here! Oh god, it hurts so bad! I'm dying!

Bundy: What are you doing?!

They all knew she was just exaggerating.

Legionary: Shut up and let me get you a band-aid!

Xenia smiled as she walked towards the ladder, holding her arm as she passed by Bundy. It was right there and then that he laid eyes on the chocolate bar that Xenia hadn't finished. He picked it up and waved it at her.

Bundy: Hey, you didn't eat all of it!

Xenia: That's fine, you can have the rest.

Bundy: Seriously? Man she's weird...

The happy and satisfied Xenia continued her banter with the combat medics as they took a look at her arm to assess the damage.

Xenia: So, what do you think, Doc? You're gonna have to amputate it, aren't you?


That slap went right to the wound. It honestly felt a lot more painful than the initial shot.

Medic: You'll be fine, you dick. We just need to clean it up and wrap it up nice and tight.

Xenia: I knew it! It's terminal!

Outside of the farm house, Stasi and the troops were finally able to sit down for a moment and catch their breath. Even now, it continued to rain without an end in sight.

Stasi: Let's count up the dead and wounded, and decide how to proceed from there. We were told to stay and defend this town at all costs, so make yourselves comfortable, too.

Legionary: Yes sir, we'll link up with Team 1 and see if we can get a body count.

Two of them went off towards the granary as Stasi kept watching the rain. For now, the men could rest.


Heist: I'll ask again. Who did this traumatic event affect? You do not have to tell me exactly what it is.


Xenia: Everyone. It affected everyone.

Heist: But did it happen directly to you?

Xenia: No. To several fellow soldiers.

Heist: Has this traumatic event given you any feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, or made necessary activities such as eating or sleeping more difficult?

Xenia: In the past 6 months?

Heist: Yes, that's the time frame.



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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #27 on: October 12, 2016, 01:58:49 AM »
Well, since my main focus is writing a story revolving around Interwar Period warfare, it's only natural that I do my fair bit of research so I know what the bloody hell I'm talking about when writing ;D My writing style might also be attributed to the fact that I watch quite a lot of war films... and the ones that try to play their main characters like they're a Rambo spin-off often kills the immersion for me  :unsure: That and realism shooters like Rising Storm or Insurgency  8) (Props to anyone who plays those games).

Yes, those rifles are stripper-fed 5-round shooters. They're not semi-automatics, and although they do exist in the Hadian Civil War, it's only really ever used by the more elite units. Definitely not your typical grunt  :D For the Hadians, they'd probably be using a rifle similar to the Berthier rifles.

The Legion of Terra is a bit mixed though... some use rifles similar to the Gewehr 98, the Lee Enfield, or the Lebel, depending upon your service branch (Grenadiers, Voltigeurs, and Fusiliers respectively)

I'd say it's alright though to mix things up here-and-there for your writing, since you aren't all too familiar with my world to begin with  8) It's practice for coming up with immersive battles anyway, so give it a knock or two when you need it  ;) I'd be happy to help in that regard.

For my excerpt, on the other hand, I do have to give some explanation for the things I chose to include in my writing. Entertain me, if you will  ;D

First off, let me explain that whenever I begin to write, I do a long session of thinking and analysis to myself before I even jump on board with the idea of putting it out on paper. Does this make sense? How would this play out if it were a motion picture? What would others do in this situation? What are the cause-effect, action-reaction? etc. etc.
Basically in my perspective, if the scene doesn't look good if it were turned into an anime, for instance, or there is a lost in direction with the plot, then it definitely isn't something good and therefore has to be reworked or scrapped. Even the small bit I posted for Villeute may not even be in the final version!  :o (That may or may not attest to the fact I barely update any of my writings here... but I digress  :sure: )

Moving on! Let's get down to my thought process.

The Hadians are definitely not incompetent. They are a well-trained, well-experienced military with hundreds of years of warfare under their belt, and is one of the major players in arms development. They consider every possible angle just as much as the Terran or Unionist Commanders do, and will put every resource available to them to obtain victory.

With the established premise that the Hadians are about as equal a match as the Terrans and Unionists, you can expect them to counter just about every move the rebels make. The Hadians are aware the Unionists would try to take the farmlands after seizing the wineries down south, and so made efforts to seize the food supplies before the rebels could get to them. The Hadians did not move the food beforehand simply because they didn't expect to lose the wineries in the first place. Now that they're rushed for time, the Hadians has had to take drastic measures to move the food. High Command could simply burn the food, but that would be a waste not to use the food for themselves. That, and depending on foreign allies to compensate for food losses isn't good for the long run either.

The rain spoils everything, however, as trucks can't move properly in the muddy road. Efforts are made to get tracked vehicles around, but that'll take some time to arrive. Couple that with the fact the food are stored in granaries, not packed in bags or barrels. The State Army has to pack everything themselves to transport the food. So... the idea is that you pack as much food as you can, put them all into one location that's easy to protect, and wait for the tracked vehicles to arrive. And if the rebels come, simply blow the building up and the rest of the food with it. The only problem is packing the food fast enough to get them to the warehouse.

And that's when the Legion of Terra intercepts them. During the packing process. The Unionists, with their greater numbers, are tasked with creating a siege around the farmlands to prevent enemy movement in-and-out of the area. With the area locked down, the Legionnaires can operate without the entire State Army bearing down on them.

All Armour Units supported by the Legion's Fusiliers are committed to the assault in the heart of the town, where it is expected the bulk of the Hadian garrison is, and where the largest batch of food supplies are located. Taking the town means a good position to hull down for the expected Hadian counterattack that'll occur when reinforcements arrive. In the meantime, other Legionnaire units are ordered to clear out the remaining positions outside the town of Villeute in coordination with the main assault. Heavy weapons, such as mortars and machine-guns, are provided to assist with this task. Timing is essential, as the Legion must ensure every Hadian position is locked down to give the best chance of taking the food supplies in a timely manner.

The Hadians, taken by surprise at the sudden appearance of enemy troops all over the area, must quickly organize and assess the situation to effectively deal with the chaos that arise from the battle. Small victories in each skirmish helps to alleviate part of the chaos, and so it is up to the field officers to win the battle for Hadia. Once a distinct line is drawn between themselves and the rebels, the Hadians can reorganize their forces to push back the attackers.

Now down to the squad level... Daina Allens is a Private during this time in the war. A new recruit inducted into the Stormtrooper Unit. The experience is not all quite the same as her time in the Unionist Militia, so don't count on her to carry the squad as much as she does later in the war. Instead, it's down to Sergeant First Class Jeff Hemsley to lead the Stormtroopers to victory in this firefight at the farmhouse. In his arsenal lie two squads of Stormtroopers, a total of 20 soldiers. Mortars aid with fire support to soften the enemy, but because of their limited numbers, the mortar teams must re-position to other areas to make the best of their use. Each squad is equipped with 2 submachine-guns, with the rest of the squad given rifles and grenades.

Submachine-gunners are positioned in the front to provide suppression fire across the entire enemy line whilst the more numerous riflemen either provide assistance to the submachine-gunners or flank around the center to give cross-fire. This the Stormtroopers do, but as stated before, the Hadians aren't incompetent, and so they do exactly the same thing. It works to the Hadians' favour since they're in a better-protected position, hunkered down in the farmhouse rather than in the open fields. How it goes from then on is left to up to the next part  ;)

Excuse my babbling, but that's the jist of my thought process whenever I sit down to write. It comes with being a total warfare otaku.  8)
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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #28 on: October 12, 2016, 02:58:20 AM »
Ah, gotcha, gotcha. Yeah, that's quite in depth. I had a feeling you were an avid watcher of war films. I remember reading one of the works in this thread and getting a Saving Private Ryan vibe. Seems like you have a quick RTS match in your head for these  8)

I knew when you said "heavy rainfall" that that amounts to thick mud, which then amounts to trucks not being able go anywhere. Glad I at least got that right, though it makes me wonder if the counterattack force is going to have armored, track vehicles that are capable of moving efficiently and make the job harder for now smaller force of Legionaries. That's actually why I included the 37mm, and of course, the anti-tank capabilities of the appropriate units. I was going to also use mortars to kick off the assault but then I figured a nice chunk of the Hadians defending it would be in or around the buildings. If they're expecting a sizable counterattack after they've taken the town, wouldn't they want their cover to not already be blown to bits?  :hmm: Also didn't want the Hadians to be able to infer the capabilities of the Legionaries just from looking at the town. That kind of gives me an excuse for them to be a little more reckless with their armor.

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Re: Excerpts from Op's Writing Trove
« Reply #29 on: October 17, 2016, 12:59:19 PM »
I read your second excerpt, about the man with the revolver named Frank. Funny thing is I've been watching Daredevil Season 2 again with The Punisher in it. Seemed oddly fitting.

It was strange how the scene started in a ghetto and then the narrator started using really cultured English. Normally it read well but the 'broken olfactory appendage' thing was a bit much so sometimes you might need to tone it down.

I was surprised that he brought out a revolver though. He sounded like a slasher type or just a vampire down right. It's interesting that the narrator hasn't completely revealed what he means by prey yet... I think? I may be bad at picking up on clues.

I always like random forays into peoples' writing. That was a good one.