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Author Topic: (collaboration) Manga Artist wanted  (Read 2183 times)

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(collaboration) Manga Artist wanted
« on: September 18, 2016, 09:44:57 PM »
Title: Demon Hunters Academy

Kihaku ookami- Black jacket, white t-shirt, skinny blue jeans with holes in the knees, white and black sneakers stiff spikey hair. he likes to be alone and listen to his music a very nonchalant doesn't really care about anything

Kuma yakashi- long sleeve black shirt, mask from the nose down, tan pants, white sneakers he has white hair hanging down with red eyes. he very cocky and thinks he is the best and strongest demon hunter in the academy

Ren ikemura- camo jacket black t-shirt camo pants and army boots. he has a blonde crazy hair blue eyes about 6foot3 and very muscular. he thinks he to good and to strong to be partnered up with anyone

Arashi kimura- white and black stripped shirt with white pants and white shoes brown hair sticking up and hanging down likes to laugh and likes to have fun

DHA is a school full of students who have magical powers, the students are separated into 3 different classes bronze class silver class and gold class bronze class is for new comers in the school and they are in a training cycle silver class goes on mission that helps them contain their powers and summon their weapons gold class is a very powerful class that have mastered all their magic and can summon their weapons with no problem. the underworld are sending demons to earth in human form so they can work on taking over the world, demon hunter academy is preparing them for that moment. our 4 main characters from the silver class are the strongest in the school they just don't know their full strength yet. lets see how they do when they take on the Demon king.

IF any artist are interested in my Project comment Below or PM me and we can start working immediately